Sunday, June 22, 2014

Not This Shit Again!

Yep the same old pile of shit as always. Some people have no brains between their ears and believe the 
same crap over and over and over ...

Makes you feel like this sometimes...

Katy Perry at the Rover after party. (We still don't know the source of this pic.) Of course the tabs picked up on this and had an eyewitness who said Rob and Katy were making out in public all over the place at the party.

Yeah right Rob is going to making out in public for everyone and the paps to see?
Funny how no one else saw this epic event. Probably because the eyewitness only exists in Anny Packers deluded mind. She must be on the outs with Snowflake since she had to scrape the bottom of the tab barrel known as Radar Online.

Someone needs to remind Anny Packer and her eyewitness that Katy has a boyfriend and his name is Diplo.

The weekend before the premiere she and Diplo were in Jamaica.TOGETHER.

There is no Rob and Katy.

The dipshidiots weren't happy with just Katy. They frantically searched through people on the red carpet for fresh hook up meat.

They found one.

Rebecca Dayan.

Yep Rob the manwhore was getting it from Rebecca on the red carpet and Katy at the after party. That's some staying power!

But wait there's more.

 Rob supposedly at CM on June 20th.  First we had Dakota Fanning  with him there and then the dipshidiots retread the old Imogene hook up rumor. By the way that's not a woman next to Dean in the front seat of the car. You know the dipshidiots tried to go there.

Yeah the shit is getting thick. We need to start digging.

Seriously. How can you tell where he was in the pics? You can't. We are supposed to take a tabs word for it that he was there and on that particular date? And funny I don't see Dakota or Imogene in any of the pics.

Yeah Buddy they do. Which is why we never take their word for anything.

Rob on ET

Now according to the dipshidiots  this is the second time he has said he is single so we should just give it up.

The journalist and I use that term lightly where this woman is concerned went where she shouldn't have.

Are you seeing anybody?
Rob: Uh No.

How else was he supposed to answer this? Can you imagine the follow up questions if he said yes? And NO he is not seeing anyone. He's in a serious relationship with the mother of his child. Guess he kills all the hook up rumors with that answer too. No he's not seeing Katy, Dylan Riley, Imogene, Rebecca, Kasey, or anyone else.

Are you single?
Rob: Yeah right. So exciting.

Can you imagine the meltdown if  he let that cat out of the bag? Even if he was married do you really think he was going to tell that nosy assed bitch?

He gave the the answers that would end the questions.

The dipshidiots have been waiting for going on 5 years to see Rob either single or with someone other than Kristen in a romantic situation. They still have nothing. They will be waiting a lot longer...

Now that we've shoveled our way out of the b.s Rob gave us some adorable and adorkable moments. Let's sit back and enjoy!

Rob on GMA

Thanks for helping Rob out Guy!

That was too easy. They should have given Guy a harder one!  How about what was Rob's characters name in How To be? 

Come here. I'll whisper it to you.

_ _ _ _ _ _ !

Works for me Rob. LMAO!

Rob on Seth Myers

I have no clue what he was doing. Showing us his molars?


 Oh Rob. Who needs a little brother when you have sweet pea!


Rob the rapper lol!

And I present to you Big Tub and the Tappy Cats!

Popcorn with Peter Travers


Guy trying to get Rob to sing a duet with him. Guy has a great singing voice.

Adorkable Rob! He's just too cute for words! Rob you sing great. No need to be embarrassed.

Rob on Good Day Philadelphia


Kristen is mentioned at the 2:34 mark.

Rob's  trying hard not to react. Didn't work Rob.

Word going around that Joan Rivers is getting sued by Kristen Stewart! The old bat stepped over the line and Kristen is taking action!

Gossip Cop got pissed when the Kristen fans boycotted them and left them high and dry after they posted the Joan Rivers story with a salacious headline they changed several times trying to appease the Kristen fans. No commenters. No hits. No money.

They desperately tried to back track...

Gossip Cop Will Not Stand For Lies About Our Kristen Stewart Reporting

In recent days, a vocal minority of Gossip Cop commenters on stories involving either Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart have accused us of deliberately slandering the actress.

Most level-headed people understand such bizarre allegations to be completely false and to make zero logical sense whatsoever.

A website devoted to being the most accurate celebrity news source there is — by doing everything possible to avoid the ad hominem attacks, speculation and sensationalism that other outlets use to drive traffic — does not attract business by going after Stewart or any other celebrity for no reason.

We do well by not dragging people through the mud.

That’s why, when challenged, our accusers can’t find a single example of Gossip Cop actually starting or spreading a malicious false rumor about Stewart.

Not one.

We don’t invent mean-spirited garbage.

We spend or time reporting news and cleaning up the messes left by less careful outlets — the places that do resuscitate old traumas and invent new hearsay for the sake of riling up readers.

This recent outrage about Gossip Cop grew out of a
totally innocuous article, one that was no different than a hundred
other similar stories we’ve done in which one celebrity says something
about another celebrity and we report it.

Joan Rivers happened to make jokes about Stewart — and others — in her new book.

We reported about her book.

That’s it.

Gossip Cop frequently writes about famous people’s thoughts, jokes, tweets, interviews, etc. about other famous people.

But detractors, who maybe misread the article, attacked us over the
Rivers/Stewart piece, somehow believing that we… invented Rivers’ words?
Or only reported on it because she slammed Stewart? Or used it as part
of a conspiracy to trash the star? Or… something?

It’s been very hard to figure out the specific problem… since there isn’t one.

When we report on Drake Bell making fun of Justin Bieber, no one thinks we were the ones making fun of Justin Bieber.

When we report on Charlie Sheen slamming Rihanna, no one thinks we were slamming Rihanna.

Rivers joked about Stewart, it was newsworthy — our story, after all, was based on book excerpts in the New York Post — and we wrote about it.


Twilighter got banned for calling them out on it.

We all know who it was in the red truck don't we. I'll give you a clue.

Over a year since they supposedly broke up and still sharing. What's the excuse for it this time dipshidiots? No one in their right mind is still wearing their exes things a year later.

Kristen out in L.A. with Jack and Suzie. And yes Jack is a friend of Rob's. Still sharing friends too.Yeah exes do that all the time.

 And that's about it. I would like to close it out with these beautiful words to my havenettes....

This post has brought to you by....

Rob's orange socks!


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Barbara Fenwick said...

Wonderful post hkn. I look forward to your posts everyday, so was overjoyed to see this one. Also, the poem at the end was beautiful.

I have total faith in RK, always have, always will. I love that you share my faith, along with all the others who come here.

Take care, until next time.

LizzieD said...

HKN --- GREAT POST!!! I laughed through most of it but in all seriousness, what you say is all true. Stupid fans start so much drama over nothing. I saw all kind of arguments yesterday on who was in the car with Rob (latest pics) and where the car was, blah, blah, blah ... and does it really matter? He's just a normal person (or trying to be) who goes places in cars sometimes ... end of story.


andreana said...

Good one HKN

I hope Kristen is taking that haggard bitch Rivers to task..its high time someone shuts that old has been up!too bad she can't take on that former chub famous for nothing kelly osborne as well...a twofer for kristen....yeah that's the stuff dreams are made of....lol
Nite havenettes....keep smiling girls .....

felicity said...

hkn, summed it up nicely..

new pics of rob in la.

Unknown said...

Outstanding HKN! Damn girl, you nailed it with this one! The poem at the end was seriously made for everyone here and all the ones who know and believe! Lizzie girl, love it when your twirling! Hey to all the lovely ladies posting here!HKN, your hard work is admired and appreciated! The best is yet to come!

Unknown said...

HKN!!! That was an epic post!! I've always had faith in R&K, and no one can change my mind about their relationship. It's a forever kind of love that only grows stronger over time. The paps will try to put him with any woman on the planet except Kris until the end of time. They're idiots who can't keep their lies straight. The rest of us who use our brains know the truth. Have I mentioned that I love our Haven lately? Thank you!!!!

Morning Coffee said...

HKN..wonderful post you shine at calling out the BS spreaders. They are so wrapped up in their own fantasies they can't see the truth facing them? Don't believe it...They all see all too well..but will never admit it.

I will always believe in Rob and Kristen and look forward to the day all the lying bitches have their final meltdown.

Keep up the excellent job you do HKN..we love you for it.

Morning Coffee said...

HKN ...by the way Twilighter was 1000% correct ..Gossip Cop printed that story thinking they would get thousands of hits using Kristen's name..Seems people other than the haters are finally wising up to the tabloids. They are all in it for the money.greedy assholes all of them.

Unknown said...

TERRIFIC POST! I loved how you have no problem making everything very clear, I was just amazed how people can believe gossip crap and gossip photos! I really hope that the very ugly woman on E channel has some legal bills she can't pay, and is forced to apologize, and Gossip Cop sounded very nervous! HUM? I love Rob and Kris and am so tired of the made up lies to make the hags and rags MONEY. They need to sue HOLLYWOOD LIFE and X !!!!! Kristen and Rob are not push-overs, it is amazing there are not more lawsuits.

ASFJ said...


Love, love, love it!

I wish Kristen would go after Kelly Osbourne, seriously.

ASFJ said...
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ASFJ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sherry said...

Great post! You summed it up for what has been going on- lies! Love you all!18

Vernier said...

Great Post HKN!!1 Ladies we all know the truth. Stay strong. It will all have a most beautiful ending!!!
What up Bunny?
How are you Andreana?
Felicity thank you for all the on point info. Hope all is good with you.
LizzieD and all the other Great Havenettes keep twirling.....
MC my sister of the heart. We need to talk. Love you lady...
Hey Gigi? How are you my favorite author?

Unknown said...

Hello to all the ladies of Havenettes! Sorry, I took so long. I was at church and then cleaned my whole house. And now I am doing my laundry. Anything new?
HKN- I love this posted. Great job!

Unknown said...

Mickeymackey- Thank you!
ASFJ- Thank you about my hair. As for the pink Hat. I was trying it on that Lowes was selling. Or have it on display. Just trying it on for fun.
Gigi- I hope you feel better.
Well, I better go check on my laundry.

Tbell said...

Gawd what a fun way to end my sunday evening. Loved everything about it especially the ending diddy with the finger sun because it is completely the friggin truth.

Ill have some words for from my daughter tomrw. She was pretty profound in her thoughts and we have both had several epiphanies over the last 24 hours. This movie hasnt left me and im going to see it again this week. Very heartbreaking performance by Rob and guy.

Haven ladies
Love ya dont change. I may not agree with every little thing by everyone here and I know yall all dont agree with everything I say, but I think we can all agree rob and kristen are together with their baby so everything else is gravy ladies. Life is good and will only get gooder just you wait and see.


Unknown said...

Tbell- I love your comments. Great job! Especially on the last part. I love this:

Tbell said...

Thanks arleen and like ur new haircut

NOLA girl said...

HKN - thank you for the new post! Not sure what I said early this a.m. that got my post deleted, but I apologize for whatever I did.

LizzieD - glad you are twirling!!! Spot on what you said.

Felicity - thank you as always for the info. You are wonderful.

Good Lord - that Philly IV was atrocious. None of those 3 morning show hosts knew their ass from a pitchfork... was kinda cute to see Rob's reaction though..

Arleen - when do you start your new job?

ASFJ - I think this was in my post that got deleted very early this morning, but I STILL have a crush on Pat Riley :) - ever since he was at the end of his Lakers tenure.

Gigi - you sound much better. Take care friend!

TBell - loved what you said. Can't wait to hear you and your daughter's thoughts on the movie.

Verni - how was your weekend?

MC and Susie - how are you?

Andreana - I would love to see that myself.

Merle - thank you for your kind words about my SIL!

Pookie - I said early this morning how blessed we are that you share your talent with us. Your gifts and heart are special. Loved the new song on Tumbler!!!

Rest of the Havenettes - hope you had a great Sunday and Saturday! Sweet dreams...

Unknown said...

TBell- You are welcome. Thanks about my hair.
NOLA girl- I start this Tuesday at 9am sharp.
As for the rest of Havenettes, I am going to bed now. Keep me posted. Hugs to you all! Night!

Hatersknownothing said...


I didn't delete you on purpose. I was having big time trouble with my computer freezing up early this morning. I may have deleted by accident when working on new post. I'm sorry. I lost most of post I had done last night and had to do all over again earlier today and It was a big pain.

Tbell said...


Dude try select+copy all every now and then. Or type it in word and then paste it in and then add ur gifs.

Very good post. Loved the gifs

Unknown said...

Wonderful post thanks , the best is to come see you next post have great week take care :)

Unknown said...

Hkn maybe kristen took the pic. This would explain why source wasn't listed. Lol.

felicity said...

by the way, those pics of Rob were NOT taken near Los Feliz. they were taken in West Hollywood, N. Laurel Avenue.. that's near the gym.

hope everyone will have a good start into this week

Unknown said...

For some reason these pics look old to me. Not saying they are old. Maybe its just me. Lol.have a great week havenettes and welcome new commenters.

Unknown said...

Notice in the pic of rob and kp at rover afterparty. There is a man on rob right and some one with blurry hand on left. So he and katy are talking in a group. Not just the two of them like tabs lyingly suggest.

Unknown said...

good morning,
HKN I love your new post, the heading is awesome, yes always the same shit.
I miss seeing them together, so that the whole crap once stops by the trolls. I hope I hope.
All dear girls a nice start of the week

Happygirl said...

@sanni The haters/trolls & tabs will never stop with BS. They know thst RK are together but they will never accept that.

felicity said...

@teresa.. of course they were in a group. it was the after party, shannon woodward and other friends met up with KP at the after party. this was discussed in the blogcommy's before

Unknown said...

HKN another brilliant post i have had a few off days but you have done it again made me feel alot better thankyou from the bottom of my heart, @Arleen congrats on your new job well done knew you could do it, @Gigi sorry to hear you have been unwell glad your on the mend, well to my Great,Lovely FRIENDS OF THE Haven been a rough week for me but on the mend getting back to normal, hope you all had a great weekend , Missing Rob/Kristen love you all hugs coming your way take care .

Unknown said...

that's true, this will never stop telling crap, but if they once again see together then maybe they no longer write that rob with other women.
that is always pathetic, ultimately must also kristen always hear
Difficult situation

felicity said...

hardwood work in the backyard at lf2.


cherie currie is a member of the runaways.. joan jetts band

felicity said...

juliette binoche was added to the cast of the big shoe

Unknown said...

The pics with rob in his bmw. I think they are old. Rob hair in back is a little longer than in nyc and his beard in these pics are fuller than in nyc. I think this old.

felicity said...

@TH.. doesn't matter, when those pics were taken. his beard is growing fast, he even said that he had to shave three times a day during the twilight movies. fact is, you don't see him clear enough to say, if his hair is shorter or longer in those pics, his head is in the shade of the car and he is wearing a hat..

couple of things are clear..

rob AND kristen are in LA right now. LF2 is being renovated. the bench is being carved. rob is still owning the BMW.

and the tabs are making crap up, because R/K are both in the same town at the same time.

Unknown said...

Yep tabs making stuff up so why should this be any different. Never seen a beard grow out that fast in one day. Jmo

Offline said...

Felicity - Juliette looked like she adored Kristen at Cannes. Good to know they will be co-stars in The Big Shoe. Rob & Juliette will work together again also in Childhood of a Leader.

HKN - good post!

Hope everyone gets to see The Rover.

Have a great week Havenettes!

felicity said...

some things are a coincidence.. some things are obvious


Morning Coffee said...

Good morning all...

TeresaH..My oldest son can go from a clean shaven face to a full on beard an inch long in about a week. So yeah it is possible. Though Rob is fair complected he is hairy.

Felicity... you are right makes no difference about the pictures, when where it's what 60 seconds out of a 24 hour day?

The paps can say what they want doesn't change facts..Rob and Kristen are a couple and have a child...All the lies in the world won't change that fact.

I have tons of work today...will be back at some point later..

Have a great day each of you!

Unknown said...

Week yes not one day jmod

ASFJ said...

Theresa and Felicity....I don't know about anyone else on here but I am absolutely loving the back and forth over the pics.....I get a big laugh all the time and I mean this in the nicest way. I personally think it is very cute. Gonna call you girls "The Bickersons". And I know it's done for the common good here....we ALL love RK .

Tbell said...

Omg yes yes yes to what you say!!

Im gonna add my two cents on the beard thing lol I've got a son who can shave one day and look like he's not shaved in a week the next. He has to get his hair cut every other week..no lie. This has not one damn thing to do with Rob but I just thought it was interesting to add lol.

Morning sweet ladies and remember hkn's finger pinching sun saying last night...it's 100% true!

EllenRamey said...

Thank you:)

Unknown said...

GOOD MORNING LADIES OF HAVEN, I have to say, I agree for sure and yes indeed, the business of old-new pictures just is not as important as the fact that Rob and Kristen and Number 1 baby are all home and doing something . I think changing the dates and cutting out faces and putting new ones in bothers me in their pictures together or single. I would bet the changing of their photos might have something to do with why we do not have current pictures. I wouldn't like it at all if the IDIOT PAP was changing my pictures to look different to suit their lies. JMO. But who really knows? I just think Rob blew a cork and Kristen said, Boy I do agree we no not need pictures of you and me, it's driving me CRAZY! FUCK IT! And, the pap crowd decided to call QUITS for them, but of course failed to ask them first, knowing they never ever reply to their personal life anymore and Rob always fibs because he hates answering questions about his life and will not tell the truth to a reporter that will lie anyway and they always do lie somewhere in their REPORTS. That's the game. I would never tell the press anything personal. So, we really just have to pay attention to what you see.

ASFJ said...


My son too...in two days he can look like that guy with the long nails...what's his name? Wolverine? He still handsome as hell...a dark version of Rob, even if I say so myself! Ahem.

Anabelle said...

@felicity Thank you for all the infos. Especially the infos coming from Cherri's facebook page because MY God her hardwood work I swear is the most beautiful thing I ever seen! And it's handmade ! K has such a talented and artistic entourage !

I want a bench like this one, dragon like . I'm a huge fan of Games of Thrones (just like R :)) Maybe he was the one giving the idea. ;)
Imagine the two of them on this bench ! *awww*

But did this hardwood work really needed all of this rénovation, ?

Unknown said...

Lol! Still arguing about pap pix I see... Kinda a ridiculous past-time to me...does it eprealky matter when these pix are taken? Especially pix when he's just driving and she's hanging out with friends? What difference does it make when they were taken? Do not get this obsession to constantly call OLD!!!

As for the new bench that Cherie did for K..everyone is assuming it's at LF2... But I personally highly doubt it!

Jmo... That house is not private enough for them to put something like that in...and then have the ability to use it. As we and they are fully aware paps are desperate to get proof of something regarding those two! Hence the latest aerial photos of the property!

We'll have to wait and see.. But if they were still living there and going to keep that house we would be getting pix showing them coming and going from the community and we haven't in months!

Unknown said...

Hey!! HKN...loved loved this post!

Tbell said...

Hey Mama
Thats right...didn't this lady also mention Kristen's hillside home? Isn't LF2 in a residential community?

Loved the dragon bench...wonder how I get one of those? Lol

Unknown said...

Hey y'all. How is everyone? I really like the bench. That kind of creativity takes amazing skill and an eye for detail. Wherever it is in the future, I'm sure rob and Kris will love it. Can you all imagine Sweet Pea holding onto it as she learns to walk? *happy grin* My husband is dying to see The Rover now. We might have to go together. He was talking about watching BD1 and 2 this morning. And my daughter is reading the Twilight graphic novels.
I am tickled pink that my family is into this almost as much as I am.
And since the end of April, I've lost 23 pounds! It feels wonderful.
Love to my Haven family.

Tbell said...

Congrats on 23 that is awesome! Me and my daughter tricked my husband and son into going to the HG2 movie opening night. We told them it was about a game where kids had to kill each to survive. They thought that was cool and went for it. After HG1 was over they said lets go and we said OH No we've got 1 more lol. I dont know if they'll ever go with us again lol. My boys liked twilight and bd2 but they thought others were lame lol. You are very lucky!

Morning Coffee said...

Gigi..Congrats on the weight loss..that is a significant amount.
Proud of you sweetie. My husband is going to see the Rover with me on Wed. after my dental appt I will need a distraction.

Tbell..what the heck was the name of that oil again to mix with the coconut oil for moisturizing? I was trying to tell my grandaughter she also uses the coconut oil.

Just past Kristens pool and deck her property drops off so you can see a fairly good distance..no neighbors directly behind her at all.

Cheri does amazing work and to think she uses a chain saw to do it! The other amzing thing about the bench? it's portable can go anywhere even cross country..Huh, who'da thought.

So Tbell and ASFJ we all have hairy sons except mine doesn't look like Rob, he is actually a pretty good likeness of Tom Selleck mustache and all..

Back to work for me...have been editing all am and prereading and now I am going to do some writing.

See you guys later.

Unknown said...

Loved the post. Congrats on losing the weight. Also good luck on your new job Arlene. How do you get to see the pictures of l f2?

Tbell said...

Hey lady...it's 100% argon oil foumd at health food stores. Do not get hair care products that say argon oil those are a waste of money there's hardly any argon oil in them at all lol. Tell her to be careful. I put 6 drops in hand mixed with coconut oil. When my skin is real dry ill mix body lotion, coconut oil and argon oil lol. Argon oil also gives a pretty glow to your skin. Great heat protectant for hair also lol. Ok beauty school lesson is over lol.

Morning Coffee said...

Tbell...thanks sweet girl..this time I wrote it down, my memory sucks at times.

Talk again later.

felicity said...

scary things are happening. harvey pasternak's home/gym invaded.. papz on his property, .. not leaving even when asked to go.. and harvey threatened at his own gym&home, because he said rob would not be there at this day (the pics at the gym from sunday, show that rob did come, despite harvey's attempt of keeping the papz at bay).. the pap was arrested... sorry, this is crazy..

Morning Coffee said...

felicity...where did you read this?
it's not crazy it is scary what the paps try to get away with..glad this one was arrested hope it costs him plenty to get out of jail.

Does Rob and Kristen really need this invasive crap...no wonder they are keeping things private and protecting themselves and their child.

Vernier said...

hey Ladies.... Felicity I have been out of the loop for a minute. What pics at gym. What's going on?

Unknown said...

It's times like these that remind us why Rob and Kris hide. Can you imagine how dangerous it would be for them to be seen together in public?! And the threat for Sweet Pea would be greater. For the sake of their lives, I'm thrilled they're doing exactly what they're doing.

ASFJ said...


Well that makes your son a handsome hunk in my book!


Yes it is very scary.......RK need a hedge of protection around them, and I mean spriitual. My son has told me a lot of scary stories about what papz do in Hollywood....

felicity said...

it is at tmz, they even have pics of harvey restraining the pap till the cops got there.


the pap tried to grab something from the car and harvey thought it was a weapon, since the pap threatened to kill harvey and his family. it was pepper spray.. but it doesn't matter.

pap told the cops, he did not threaten harvey, but there is a neighbour, who told the cops it was true, he heard the threat loud and clear.

felicity said...

@vernier.. http://www.imagebam.com/gallery/3klhkdvh96fl3d1kayoryi9v8hceuhtx/

there is even a cop car visible in those pics.

Unknown said...

Thanks for mentioning the Dragon Bench by Cherie Currie, it is really amazing and she mentioning she was putting a finish on it. I am feeling really sick and my pup is also sick. Sugar could not keep chopped chicken down and I could not eat dinner so I guess we are hitting the sack early . I feel that the Pattinson family is very fine and we should never allow the pap kooks to affect our thoughts, that is what is wrong with the fans. They are depressed by the lies. I would love to see the family of Rob and Kristen, but what I want is unimportant. You all have good night and Arleen, I will be thinking about you tomorrow Sweetie!

felicity said...

@sue.. hope you and you pup will be better tomorrow. sleep well

Vernier said...

Thank Felicity. I saw those in the BMW this morning. That is total crazy. I see why he keeps his family hidden and protected.....

Unknown said...

Dear Lord, please protect Rob and Kristen and their family. Please protect Harvey and his family from harm, I ask this in your name, Jesus. Amen.

Vernier said...

Scary Scandalous Shit........

Morning Coffee said...

ASFJ...Yes he is a handsome devil even at 50...the trouble is he knows it and women young and old alike gave him a head that barely fit through a doorway...I am also in agreement with you they do need a hedge of protection to surround them and I think we should all pray for that.

Vernier...baby sis sent you an e-mail late last night.

Arleen .. Good luck tomorrow ..know you will do well, proud of you for sticking with till you got what you wanted.

Sue...hope you and pup feel better reaal soon. Have a good rest.

Gigi...I agree..while I would love to see them together as a happy family...I would much rather they are safe.

BBL hugs to all MC

Angelofserenity said...

HKN - I love your post. I look forward to reading them. I believe in RK and I love reading your posts as well as all the comments. Thank you for believing in RK. You are greatly appreciated.

Tbell said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tbell said...

If you're around here's what my daughter said about the Rover...

Spoiler Alert...if you don't want to know what happened skip this now immediately. I'm serious it reveals something that happens at the end.

She laughed when the "little guy" got pissed at the guys cheating at domino's and stormed out. I asked her why...She looked at me like wtf? and said "that was funny mom, no one ever puts a midget in a movie and doesn't expect a laugh." I'm like OOOOOOkay.

We both went aaaawwwee and laughed at Rob singing.

She didn't cry when Rob accidentally killed the little girl just shocked but cried when Rob was distressed because he couldn't quit thinking about her. I asked why she's crying now and not then. She said "I expected someone to die, because he shot the door and was just shocked, but then his facial expression broke my heart and I cried for Rey but not the girl because she's definately in a better place. No kid needs to live during a time like that, being shot is the best thing that happened to her." *eye brow raise*

We both cried when Henry killed Rey. She said..."I'm glad Eric killed Henry, I didn't want one brother to die and the other live...that wouldn't be right." I asked her why and she said..."It would be hard to live in a world like that with no one who loved you." *crying right now*

On the way home at 1am she says "you know what mom? Rey didn't want to shoot Henry, he missed on purpose." I asked her how she knew. She said "he killed those guards with 3 shots right in the head." I said you're right! She says "he wanted to want to, but he loved his brother to much to do it. Henry must have been killing people a lot more."

OK Annie that's it as far as other regular stuff like she thought Rob looked like Rob when he wasn't smiling or making funny facial expressions. She said..."I never knew his eyes were so pretty...the color of the movie really made their features stand out like you could see the dirt on their face and their wrinkles, and it was really pretty in a wierd way." I asked her what she meant by that. She said "The outback is kind of ugly but things were really pretty to... like the color of their skin against the dirt, the color of their clothes against a car or the sky in the background. I don't think the movie would have looked the same if it was made in like Florida." I said well no duh they don't look the same. She said "you know what I mean" and I said Yeah I do know what you mean.

I then explained to her about cinematography and lense colors and film colors and stuff like that. Oh and she mentioned the music. She thought it was very strange and wondered why they didn't have better music lol.

Anyway, we've both talked about other lightbulb moments that went off later. We both want to see it again so we'll understand in the beginning why Eric behaves the way he does.

Anyway, thanks for mentioning wanting to know what she thought. I enjoyed sitting back and waiting for her to talk instead of me doing all the talking. She said some very unexpected things that I didn't think of. Maybe David needs to come to my town and show the film to high school kids and ask them what they think...something tells me he wouldn't be surprised.


Vernier said...

Hey MC I'll go check now. Didn't check any last night or today. Sorry sweet sis.

Sherry said...

Here's my two cents worth on JR and the pap arrest. Good for Kristen and someone clue JR in on what is a joke and what is just plain mean.

Good for Harvey's neighbor being there to corroborate what happened. Hurray that the pap was arrested. Long overdue. Poor Rob showing up during it all. At this rate we will never see them together again. Or if we are lucky the lawmakers will do something about how the paps harass and stalk stars. I will say this again that is not what freedom of the press is about.

We got home this afternoon. Had a nice time and the wedding was a blast! My husband will be starting his first surgery to get dialysis catheter moved and then after he heals and starts hemo dialysis he will go in for heart bypass surgery. Once that is done and he is healed up they will redo his perotanial(sp?) catheter and he will finally get on kidney transplant list. Then we wait. So much fun!!!! Love you all.

Unknown said...

I am LMAO. I love Twilighter, he's a wonderful attorney who wrote the Grand Punk theories in Justice for Kristen. GC did a bad thing not posting his comment, they must have something to hide. There is the First Amendment that all these tabtards count on, now maybe they'll realize the American people have the same rights. As for Kristen I really hope she follows through and sues Rivers she deserves it. Thanks HKN it was a great post as usual.

Morning Coffee said...

Sherry...I know what your husband has to go through is an awful lot and you right along side him..But thankful it's in a day and age that something can actually be done to help him...Keeping you both in my prayers from here on to a happy conclusion.

Twilighter is a successful attorney he knows the score and knows just how to nail the truth right on the head...JR knew to use Kristen's name simply exploiting her to sell her books, nothing more nothing less. Who would buy them otherwise????

Tbell...I love your daughter's perspective of the Rover it was very insightful. Younger people have a way of picking up on things we sometimes don't trake into consideration..I will see the film on Wed. looking forwrd to it.

Annie and andreana where the heck are you both?

BBL hugs

vana said...

@Tbell, just read your comments regardingThe Rover. Your daughter is very insightful.
Spoiler... Don't read
I've seen this movie 3 times now and love it more with each viewing. The relationship between Eric and Rey gives us a lot to think about and it truly is something special. I feel a lot for Eric who comes across as harsh and a victim of his circumstances but is also disgusted that he got away with his crime, it's almost like he wanted to get caught and even more so once he lost his most precious possession. I agree with that bedroom scene, Rob was really heartbreaking. I loved the music which symbolised the grit, the tension. There is so much that can be said about this movie, I just love it. Sorry for going on a bit. I just hope more people go to see it and appreciate the talent that's in this movie. It's made a huge impact on me.

So glad that pap guy got arrested.

Unknown said...

Good night to all the Havenettes! I love all your comments. Great job ladies! Well, I am going to bed now. I am starting my work tomorrow at 9am. I will check on you in the morning before work. I love you all. Hugs to you all. Keep me posted. Night!

NOLA girl said...

Hey Havenettes - Monday is nearly done!!!!

HKN - thank you for letting me know what happened. If I had done something you disapproved of I'd want to know so I would not do it again. I was pretty worried all day. I suffer from "Oldest Child Syndrome". Never really gave my parents trouble - just an occasional smart-ass remark for which I was immediately punished.

Mama Nsils - I've watched every episode of a Nurse Jackie since it started several seasons ago. I started watching it b/c Edie Falco is the lead character. She was so terrific as Carmela Soprano! Think you would like it.

TBell - Cherie did mention the dragon bench would be for Kris' hillside home. My gut says LF2 is not the final destination. I hope and pray renovations are either being done by new owners or for Rob's parents.

Gigi - congrats on the major weight loss! That is no minor accomplishment my friend!

MC - looks like you and I have hot dates with dentists Wednesday! I am in the second phase of getting another dental implant. Great luck with your procedure sweetheart! I get anesthesia - yippee!! Bella and my hubby get to take care of me.

Arleen - I will be thinking of you tomorrow. GREAT LUCK and don't stress yourself out too much! It's gonna be okay.

Susie - hope you and your pup feel better soon! Take care of yourself!

Sherry - CONGRATS ON THE WEDDING!!!! Great luck with your hubby!

Felicity - what would we do without you? Not gonna nitpick, 'cause you know a helluva lot more than me girlfriend. Why is it the photo and papper crap seems to occur when both R&K are in L.A.?

I love that HP got the best of that friggin papper and he got a witness as well.... what an asshat. It's really sad.

Pookie, Annie, andreana, RKFaith, where are you girls?

Love and sweet dreams to you all!!!! Happy Tuesday :D

Tbell said...

I feel the same way you do. Mpre info on the music. I asked my daughter why she didn't like the music and she said it made her feel irritated or nervous. I said yes sometimes I felt nervous to but I think thats what it was supposed to do. She said almost word for word "well I already felt nervous because Rey wouldnt stop those faces he was making, I had to concentrate to understand him, I kept thinking Eric was gonna shoot him or get shot then rey would be alone, I dont think I needed to music to accomplish that."

Lol im raising a hellcat! God help the man who thinks he's worthy!

Unknown said...

good morning,

felicity Thanks for your info

I am shocked when I picture the coach and this
heinous Pap see. Itis madness how far exceed this limit. No wonder why Rob and kristen to protect themselves.
Clear making the Paps no money when both are not seen together
but that really goes too far, now pull the Paps even another family with pure smh

All of a beautiful sunny Tuesday

felicity said...

@nola.. why is this shit with the pics/papz happening, when rob and kristen are both in LA?

this is soooo simple to answer..

the papz are trying to catch them.. together.

that's also the reason for the aerial pics. think about it, if rob's car would have been out front or rob being seen in the backyard... the tabs would have had enough food for even more crap stories.

i am soooo sick about it.

if someone is wondering, why we don't see them together anymore, why they do everything to avoid that..

THIS, what happened with harvey.. THIS IS EXACTLY WHY.


@sherry. keeping you and your hubby in my prayers

@arleen.. fingers crossed for you today

@vernier.. hope you feel better...

@sue.. you and pup too.

mc, pookie, sue, tb, vernier, nola, hkn, bunny.. and all of you.. have a nice day and remember.. you can only work so hard and do so much.. in the end, you only have to hands. what you don't get done.. there is always a next day

Unknown said...

Morning all hope all is well, @Gigi congradtulations on the weight loss so pleased for you,@Arleen good luck on starting your new job today ,@Sherry keeping you,hubby and your family in my thoughts,@Morning Coffee and NOLA girl good luck for the dentist on wednesday will be thinking of you both,@Tbell love your daughters thoughts on the Rover cant wait to see the movie thankyou,@Felicity thankyou for all the great info you share with us, well to all the Havenettes ,Hkn, Mama Nails hope yoou have a great day and one last note THE PAPS SUCK, love and hugs to you all,

JMF said...

Haven ladies,
Please, if you have a spare moment today would you mind sending up a prayer or good wish for my brother? He is having Cancer surgery this morning. I have 5 brothers, lost one to cancer last August and now this. I am falling apart, I can't lose him too. Out of the 5 he and I are the closest. Thank you for doing this for me.

felicity said...

@jmf.. praying for your brother, that the surgery will go well.. and that he will recover completely. also praying for you and your family..

Offline said...

JMF- My prayers & thoughts are with you also.

Annie said...

Morning all.

JMF: Praying for your brother. Hang in there.
Tbell: Really enjoyed reading your daughter's take on The Rover. Please thank her for sharing. Loved that she caught the humorous bits as well. :)
Your daughter seems to be a very perceptive young lady.

MC/Nola girl: Hi. Hi. I'm here! :):)
It's way past time that cities like LA and NYC investigate the paps and the agencies who hire them, on their activities and the tactics they use.
If Mr. Pasternak's neighbor had not been a witness to the threat, would the LA police have let the pap walk and continue his threatening ways.

Regarding JR- Notice she's the only one talking lawyers, suing and the lot.
Methinks the 81 year old doesn't like being ignored and probably hopes Kristen engages her publicly. She's pushing hard to sell that book, looks like pre -sales/ bookings aren't what she was hoping for.
Have a great day everybody. Going to grab my coffee. :)

vana said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

@JMF so sorry to hear about your brother my prayers are with your brother,you and your family you are all in my thoughts sending you lots of love and hugs.

Morning Coffee said...

Good Morning all...

Nola girl...I think I am not looking forward to the dentist..I hate the novocaine shots and rubber lips ;)
But can't take the gas..not a good reaction to it.

Tina...Thanks for the luck at dentists..How are you feeling now? I hope better..take things easier.

JMF..will most certainly pray for your brother and for you and the family.

Annie girl...Hiatus yesterday? You were missed for sure. Enjoy your coffee.

Arleen...Good luck at work today.

Everyone have a good day I will check in as I can.

Tbell said...

Praying for your brother, family and you today. Update us when you can hun.

You couldn't have said it better.

In regards to youknowwho...if this pos is doing this for publicity it would be sicker of her than her actual book imo. I pray this book tanks, she looses her job at E, and any future work.

Good luck today. Oh and ur family sounds beaitiful!

Have a wonderful day ladies

andreana said...

Hey girls!
Got a few days out of work this week and I have turned into a vegetable.....its great!

Hey nolagirl. I'm still around...just reading ..not commenting

Arleen....good luck at work today!

Morning coffee

I just left the dentist office myself..had to have a filling replaced....Not my favorite place to visit....I am sitting here
waiting for the numbness to go away


I will pray for your brother's recovery...try to stay positive!

Vernie?..Tbell.. mamanails..my fellow Sagg....north carolinian...and rkian...I read you blog every day
ASFJ...sue...HKN....new york Annie....and every other havenette in the world... love you girls!

Loved ......LOVED..the picture of the Paparazzi getting choked... next it would be fun to see Joan rivers getting the same treatment....both are vermin! LOL

LizzieD said...

JMF -- Sending prayers your way ... hope the surgery and prognosis goes well for him.

Annie said...

MC: Manic Mondays remember. :):):):)
.......Then i had to deal with Verizon!

I don't enjoy going to the dentist either but i had to have a root canal recently (my very first) For me the worse thing about it was the shot to numb you and the throbbing pain afterwards.
Good luck tomorrow and i know you will be blown away by Guy and Rob's performance in The Rover.

Does anyone here make coffee using a French press?
I just acquired one and used it for the first time this morning.......Made a very delicious cup of coffee.
I had the coffee beans grounded for use in a French press.

Annie said...

Arleen: Forgot it was your first day at work in your new job.....Good luck!!!!

Andreana: Enjoy the laziness! :):):):)

Tbell: She calls herself a comedian but i think she long ago lost the right to call herself that.....She has turned into a vile, hateful, vicious woman who hangs on to the word comedian.

Nicci said...

FYI guys, its Harley not Harvey.
What happened is awful but what's happening STILL makes the awful continue; people are posting picture of Harley grappling with the pap but HELLO the picture comes from the pap that was harassing Harley while he was fighting with the other pap. No one should post those pictures or the video. No one should look at them. That is exactly what Harley was trying to STOP when this all happened and instead of stopping it - it has become bigger than it ever would have been. And TMZ busting this story open is hilarious because it was TMZ's paps that CAUSED it. They aren't just reporting the news - they are creating it - to report it. Guess this is what they do on a slow news day. Ugh.

Sherry said...

JMF-Prayers and positive thoughts.

Arleen-Happy first day of work!

Morning to all of you lovely ladies. Have a good day. I'm up and getting ready to go work in one of my rooms at school. Lots to do. If anyone ever asks teachers don't get as much vacation time in the summer as people think. And we don't get paid for the extra time we put in either in the summer. We only get paid for 9 months. Just thought I'd throw that out there. Of course it is quiet and restful.

Have a great day. Love you all.

Annie said...

Tbell: Thought i was typing the wrong name.....Noted, Harley not Harvey.
There have been scuffles with the paps before but this is different, this pap THREATENED not only the man himself but his family.
He was arrested for good reason........I haven't seen the video but it seems it proves beyond a shadow of doubt just how dangerous and out of control the paps are.

Unknown said...

Good morning to all the Havenettes ladies! Thank you all. JMF, sending my prayers to you and your family. Hope you all have a great day.

Morning Coffee said...

Oh ladies..if my memory only served me as well as it used to the hag talking derogitorily about K is ludicrous..it's a simple ploy to perk up sales of a used up has been, that no one is interested in any longer.

Annie in my house it's me and Mr. coffee..actually I am completely ignorant about a french press...does it hug the grounds?

andreana..I am reading a good one presently...sexy and totally drool worthy. hope your mouth feels better soon.

Tbell..on my family ..I couldn't agree more. I am one proud mom and grandma.

Annie said...

Nicci; Sorry, just saw it was you commenting on the name correction and the pap.

Tbell said...

I have a question. Is the pap that threatened HP from TMZ? This happened because the pap threatened to kill HP not because they were there per say. The police would have made the paps leave but then that one pap threatened HP and that's why the struggle/fight/altercation whatever you want to call it happened. Im not defending/condoning because they are all trash, but I dont think TMZ reporters were the ones threatening. I bet we find out the guy is from X17. They are the ones who always yelled horrible stuff to rob and kristen in the past.

I think if this guy was from tmz we would have a seen a very different video. Remember the altered video of kristen cornered behind trash can? Thats what would have happened here if the guy was from tmz. Jmo

On my 3rd coffee still not awake...also I have a love/hate relationship with verizon. Since the last upgrade chrome is trash, navigation is trash, verizon navigation app is trash, phone is trash, just waiting to be able to trash verizon and go ATT lol. Be careful today :)

Nicci said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
andreana said...

Morning coffee

I am reading Firefly now....what are you reading?

andreana said...

I'm sorry that should be Fireflies in

Tbell said...

Well damn...that's eye opening...never thought about regular people becoming a pap. Well then yes we need regulation but one thing is for sure they better get on top of this before it happens. Once it starts all its really about is finding them and shutting them down. but maybe it would make paps useless and there tactics unnecessary? And there pics unvaluable? Hmmmmm something to think about.

Nicci said...

I would think that the easiest way to nip the pap-prob in the bud would be for the government to recognize that when a celebrity is photographed and their picture placed in a magazine or on a website this is an instance of their image being used "for commercial purposes"

Nobody's permission is needed when you "publish" a photograph taken in a public place UNLESS it is being used for commercial purposes. If that is the case - the Right of Publicity (to control the commercial use of one's likeness) comes into play - and then a release must be signed for it to be used.

Well in the case of these magazines and websites they are walking a fine line (IMO). The image of the celeb is NOT being used to sell a product (like soda or watches) BUT indirectly the images ARE being used to sell their own magazine or website. So they SHOULD have to have signed permission to publish the photo.

But that's not how it works right now (obviously).

Morning Coffee said...

andreana ..NO Ordinary Proposal


There's the link if you want it. It's a fairly quick read.and quite good so far.

Unknown said...

JMF-My thoughts and prayers to your brother as he undergo the healing surgery. Lots of hugs to you and your family to keep your strengths and through this long ordeal.
Sherry-sending healing prayers to your husband as he begins his extensive medical procedures to successfully to receive his life saving kidney transplant. Know you are in my thoughts and prayers to you and your family. Gigi Cullen-congrats on your weight loss! What is your secret?
Arleen-Enjoy your first day at work. HKN-love your post and you! Felicity thank you for being there for us. MC, TBell, SRWNS, LizzieD, SueMorris, love all your comments. Later!

Unknown said...

Hey you all. It's been a busy day for me so far.
JMF, you and your brother are in my prayers. Please let us know how he's doing.
Annie, my mom had a French press, and she said it made the best cup of coffee. The only drawback was the difficulty in cleaning it.
Merle, I eat very low carb foods. My dr suggested I cut them out in order to loose weight. It works wonderfully. I also do Zumba, lift weights twice a day, and walk when I can. Also, I don't snack very often.
My brother in law, David, is home from the hospital. He was diagnosed with diabetes while he was there. I took some food over to their family this morning since I know they have no time to cook now. They live with my parents, and the stress level in the house is very high.
MC, I have my fingers crossed that your dentist visit will be a painless as possible. And you have The Rover to look forward afterward.
I pray each morning that Rob, Kris, and Sweet Pea re safe. There is no way that I could live the way they do. I'm in awe of their ninja skills. Love them so much, and I love you all too!!

Unknown said...

@Morning Coffee hope you are ok after being dentist i dont like going either but i always say its a necessary evil its one of those things,thankyou for asking how i am been doctors today both my knees are swollen up i have arthiritus in them both so moe tablets for 3 weeks and waiting for a xray on them it never seems to end, well love you all,@JMF more hugs to you and your family,take care everyone.

Morning Coffee said...

Tina W..thank you love..but my appt. is tomorrow and it's a consultation visit to see which route we are going to take, to get the desired results without mortgaging the house*-*. Then off to lunch and to see the Rover afterwards.

Unknown said...

@Morning Coffee sorry for some reason getting my days mixed up,hope you have a lovely lunch and im so jealous your going to see the rover cant wait for it here have a lovely time.

Unknown said...

Dear Morning Coffee and Annie, I believe you are both right about the ugly x-comedian, JR. She wants and needs cheap advertising for her book? Her expose' ? Her immoral life? She is using Kristen as advertising. I doubt if she gets even a nibble from KS, that fish would simply eat JR. She is a much bigger fish that JR really should not have disturbed, like in a big shark eating a minnow(JR). I wonder if Kristen is hungry for minnows.?? (smile) Please know that I have been praying for your brother, JMF, and GIGI, your are a paragon of virtue losing weight at just the right time! Teeny bikini time! Morning Coffee, I feel for you, I have had dentures since I was 60 and my whole family lost their teeth about then, on my Mother's side. I also feel that Rob and Kristen will take even more caution at home and away. The whole business makes me furious and sad at the same time1 Have a really good time at the movie! How was your day Arleen? My baby Sugar seems normal, I am still having nausea, seems to be a recent flu . I am taking a cat nap, and you guys need to check out SRWN today, the kitty cat-doggie naptime pictures are very sweet!

felicity said...

~giggling like crazy

the telegraph as a legit source.. smh.. as if.. roflmao. sorry, but if anyone is taking lamey as real.. i have a bridge to sell in bavaria.. a huge one.. and that she said that the book of JR is *worth to read* says it all..

Tbell said...

Hey whore hope
First you suggested kristen should have had an abortion and now you're making fun of children who've been molested. You are a nasty creature.

Unknown said...

Hello to all the Havenettes ladies! I was on my way to work my first day on the job on the way while I am in on the bus this morning. My boss called me and told me to come tomorrow because some staffs didn't show up. And also I had to fill out some forms on online. What happen the old fashion way where we usually go down there and fill it out. Let's hope he doesn't do that tomorrow. I still have this jobs. Its my first orientations and training. Which is good to know. Now I am all set for tomorrow. This morning I was piss when that happen. Thanks to one of the twitter had to cheer me up. Now I feel alot better. Anyways, how is everyone.
anaís lisbella- Quit reading or clicking that. Because that is a tabs. If you click that then don't come here. This here is tabs free and gossip free. If I were you I would boycott that. Because for one I don't believe it. Its bring nothing but lies and hate. For one I am not going to click or read it. Because I am against all trashy tabs. Can't stand them.
Sue Morris- I hope you feel better. Sorry you had the flu bug.
Well I hope you all have a great day. Keep me posted. I am going out with my friends for hour and then come home and sleep. For tomorrow.

Unknown said...

The tele...hahaha. ..the tele......hahaaaaaa...telegraph. ..hahaaaaaaa aah..lol.

Thanks for the laugh lol.

Hey take that telegraph article and use it to wipe your butt.
Nice to know its good for something.

Hey felicity.

Annie said...

Hey Tbell: What's new?

Sue Morris: Yes, I believe so. Notice not a word from Kristen's team. the ONLY one talking is JR.

I'm going sit back and read, watch, listen to all the great reviews Kristen is getting for her roles in Camp X-Ray and The Clouds Of SIls Maria. Read about buyers and distributors trying to outbid each other for Still Alice and American Ultra.......Happy fan! :):):):)

In contrast I will watch JR continue to grovel and beg for book sales and bookings. :)

Sherry said...

Hope, you need to watch your mouth. There is such a thing as libel which is what Kristen could sue for. You are also skating on thin I with some of your comments. Just het out of here. Kristen's lawyers wouldn't go after this if it would hurt their client. Just go somewhere else where your opinion is appreciated.

Sherry said...

Sorry. Meant get.

Tbell said...

Nothing much just got out of tumblr alive lol.

If you've ever read Last Tango in Forks by Awesomesauce76 just got an update she's pulling it in 2 weeks. it will be published fall 2014 in 2 books. I started it at a time when I couldn't stand any more angst so I let it go by the wayside. Anyone have it in pdf? She also wrote The Single Game, Blood and Lust and Brazillian Chocolate. Very good author.

Hatersknownothing said...


I erased one of your comments by mistake when I was deleting Hopeless. Sorry.

Morning Coffee said...

I see see I won the lottery I missed the trolls...LOL

hey girls...Just stopped in to say goodnight..busy day tomeorrow won't be on I don't think till the evening.

Sweet dreams to the haven ladies.

Unknown said...

Good night to all the Havenettes ladies! I love all your comments. Great job! Thank you all.
One thing like I said don't trust trashy tabs. I don't read or click them period. Because they are nothing but trash and money. Its all they care about is lies, money, and most of all is hate. As for Joan Rivers, I could careless about her. I don't like her or can't stand her. Never have and never will. I don't have sympathy for her period. Its how I feel about her. Sorry. I am just telling you all how I feel about that loud mouth trash.
Rob and Kristen are my favorite person. I am on their side.
Well good night you all. Hugs! Keep me posted. Night!

NOLA girl said...

Hey to all the Havenettes - Happy Tuesday!!!

Mama Nails - those gifs of the puppy trying to teach the baby to crawl were the cutest thing I've seen in many moons. Thanks for sharing!

felicity - thanks for the explanation - by the time I get on here I'm so brain-dead. It's just kinda goofy taking pics of either Rob or Kris driving - not to mention dangerous. How the heck can the paps be on someone's private property legally? Down here, you would shoot them, then drag them into your home before the police arrive. In some instances, you may get the cop to actually help you drag the trespasser into your house : D. After Katrina, it was not unusual to hear gunshots at night - especially the first couple of weeks when there was no electricity. At the entrances to subdivisions, large pieces of plywood had the words "Trespassers and looters will be shot - private property."

I just hope to God LF2 has been bought by/for someone else.

JMF - hang tough. Is this the initial surgery? Cancer is serious, but not insurmountable. I will add you and your family to my prayer list. Just take it one day at a time and ask God to give you strength to get through each day. I have one brother, and it's just him and me. I know how I would feel if I was in your shoes. Find out all the facts and hopefully he wiil allow you to put together a game plan with him and his family. It will make you feel less of a victim. Don't be afraid to get 2nd and 3rd opinions and ask questions. Keep in mind though, the final decision is up to your brother. It's his life.

Pooks, Verni, - you okay?

andreana - hope you are enjoying your down-time! Not only do we share the same feelings about KP, but JR as well. Fist bump!

MC - have a great day tomorrow! I am actually getting propofol (we used to call it milk of amnesia) b/c my screw for my implant is getting put in. I'll come home and sleep a good chunk of the p.m. Bella will take care of me :)

RKFaith, I have missed you. I hope you are well my friend, and that you're just taking a break.

Susie - glad Sugar is better! Now you need to. Take care of yourself!

Arlene - great luck tomorrow my dear!

A week or two ago, Drew Barrymore wore a t- shirt that read "Mother of Dragons" while she was holding her 2 girls. It was related to Game of Thrones. Wonder if Kris' dragon is somehow related to GOT as well?

All Havenettes - sweet dreams and Happy Hump Day!
Big hug for each of you!

Anonymous said...

Lol. No.

Happygirl said...

@white Do us a favor and stay away with your stupid question. If you believe what the haters/tabs say then there is no hope for you.

JMF said...

Morning Haven Ladies,
I cannot thank you enough for your prayers and wishes for my brother. I waited until late last night for word as to how the surgery went. He lives in NC and went to Duke. Excellent hospital and staff. Long story short, he had 12 wks of chemo and radiation before this operation and they were 6 hours doing it. Took part of his stomach, liver, took his gall bladder. Outcome is good! I even spoke with him for a few minutes last night. Long road of recovery and more chemo. But the power of prayer! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything yesterday.

vana said...

JMH glad to hear that surgery went well. Prayers, love and lots of positive energy for you and yours on this road to recovery. Your brother is in good hands. Take care, lots of love

Sherry said...

Morning all. JMF glad to hear about your brother. Prayer does work wonders.

HKN thanks for deleting the stupidity. I honestly didn't think they could come up with anything to say this time. Geez!

Headed to another funeral today. Friend of our daughter and son-in-law. Then taking Grandson to ball practice.

You ladies have a nice day.

Go get them Arleen! Happy for you.

Love you all.

Annie said...

Morning all.
JMF: Wonderful news. People often underestimate but yes, the power of prayers.
HKN......No worries.
Gigi: I'm enjoying the French press coffee, which i had tried it sooner.
Agreeing with your mom.:)

MC: I would say enjoy your day but you have that dental appt thrown in BUT slso seeing brilliant performances inThe Rover....It evens out....Hahaha...Enjoy your day! :)

Tbell: Still recovering from Tumblr? :)

Everyone have a great day!
It's warm and muggy here today, rain later this evening.

Lisa G. said...

Arleen, just wanted to wish you a great day at your new job.

Lisa G. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Good morning to all the Havenettes ladies! I love you all. Thank you Lisa G, Sherry, and the rest of the Havenettes ladies! Hugs to you all. Keep me posted when I get off from work. Hope you all have a great day!
JMF, my prayers are still with you and your family. Later

Unknown said...

Happy Girl, I agree with you there about the White over there. She needs to quit believing those trashy tabs and included those trouble makers. Well I am off. Hugs to you all.

Unknown said...

@JMF i am so happy for your brother you and your family keeping you all in my prayers and thoughts big big love and hugs for you all, hello to the haven family been busy here again so just a quick glance hope you are all having a great day be back later hugs to you all.

Unknown said...

JMF-Great news about your brother! Will continue to pray for a speedy and smooth recovery. Gigi-love the Magnolia in New York! Can hardly wait for the next chapter! Saw Dean on the RC with Justin Theroux and Jennifer Anniston. Justin is starring in HBO's The Leftovers. Later!

Unknown said...

Morning y'all! What's shaking? I posted an update for Magnolias in New York...
You're in my prayers, MC! I hope it all passes by quickly and you can enjoy the movie.
Arleen, how is your new job? Exciting? Fun?
Where are you RKFaith! We miss you.
And Sweet Pookie...please drop by soon.
It's a gorgeous day here. My kids are having a blast at VBS learning about the fruits of the Spirit. I finally took some brownies for the teacher's lounge. Need to get my kids in a few minutes, but wanted to tell you all I love you.
It's a wonderful time for Rob and Kris. Can you all imagine the love in that house? It makes me want to dance. BBL

Tbell said...

Morning yall

Lol on dean. He used to be jennifers regular before rob happened. Dean has a little time off before rk get busy again so I guess he's not cheating on rob lol.

Glad to hear you are talking positively about brothers future recovery. Sounds like a tough road ahead for him but he's in great hands! FIL went to md anderson and know about wonderful Duke and everything they do there! Such a blessing to live near such a great facility!

Welp sweet ladies have a seriously beautiful day...

Tbell said...

Omg gigi
We posted at same time and said morning yall...jinx...you owe me a coke! Lol

Unknown said...

"hands Tracy a coke* Tee Hee!
JMF, that is some of the best news I've heard in some time. So very glad that your brother is well on the road to feeling better.

Unknown said...

GOOD MORNING HAVEN LADIES & husbands , I saw a note on Mama Nails about a picture of Susie and the gang going for Tacos with a maybe shot od Kris and Rib, anyway, this made my day. Honestly I am still feeling stinky, but Sugar seems ok. Hope today you get to work Arleen, have a good one! MC tell us about the movie, and I guarantee, I am going to bubble up when we go. Back in bed drinking diet pop. Getting calls from family and just had my lawn mowed by mowing company. I have always felt like prayer was real and if two are more agree then the prayer is heard. I also feel Rob and Kris are as happy as can possibly be. So happy that your brother is doing well after surgery, JMF, hang in there and remember to always say thanks to the man upstairs. Watching rock concerts and keeping Sugar entertained, she loves hard rock, and is dancing around.

Unknown said...

Should have said Kris and Rob, also in the taco trip picture.

Tbell said...

Go to my tumblr just posted pic lol.

Hater meltdown soon to blast off buckle up ladies 10..9..8..7..6

Unknown said...

I love it Tracy!!!! Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! It's only getting better with each passing day. The haters know the damn truth - it just scares them that their worst nightmare is coming true. Rob and Kris have a strong, amazing love for each other that stands the test of time. As I always say, it's the forever kind, and nothing could be finer!! Love you hard lady!!!

LariiDuarte said...

Heeey! Someone can please post a link of this photo? The one with suzie, everybody and *probably* R&K at the Taco's?? I'm looking everywhere, but I can't find it :P Thanks!!! Sorry for my english hehee

Happygirl said...

@LariiDuarte here is the pic,


but it´s really blurry. You can´t really see if it´s RK

Happygirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sherry said...

Can I find the pic ant where else? Dony do anything else but Twitter.

Sherry said...

Meany any and don't.

Tbell said...

Well I beg to differ with those saying not them or cant tell...kristen is totally obvious...and rob is the right of her...I saw it right away and didnt know who was supposed to be in foto lol

Unknown said...

Sherry, Mama Nails has it up, Tracey has it up , and the Russian INSTAGRAM-http://instafram.com/p/pisbWLKaez/# So, there are several places to check it out, you can see Mrs. Pattinson and Mr. Pattinson at the end of the line--cannot see Rob's face because of a long line across picture, Kristen has her hand up to ear, Rob has on hat and coat beside her to R. Has anybody seen WARM BODIES? I think it is actually a good zombie movie, and I do not like zombie movies. On HBO and I really was surprised. I think Nicolas HOULT is darling, he is a cute guy. Kristen to act with another Brit later this year.

Unknown said...

OK, I saw the instagram pic, I got knocked down saying it was them. OK, now that is not fine with me! If you can enlarge and make the pixals smaller, you can see the shape of kristen's face. I am saying it is Rob and Kristen. If I am wrong I am wrong! But damn, I hate people knocking you down when it is very obvious!

vana said...

Squealing here from what has been written but I can't get access to the picture.

Unknown said...

Well, I would imagine we do agree because we can see it. Some folks will go out of their way to be negative no matter. I think it was very sweet of Susie, who obviously checked with Kristen and Rob before they posted it! We just need to get real and calm down, and that means you Hopeless. It is always nice to know they are always normal people doing taco runs and being silly. Honestly I do not see how Rob can stand the coats, hats, and sweats when you know it is hot there. Suffer in silence, I would be very uncomfortable in the 90's in a coat and hat!

JMF said...

Dear Haven friends...
I cannot tell you how overwhelmed I am with emotions reading your supporting comments. It has been a rough year, I lost my Canadian sister this past winter to Cancer. She wasn't a "blood" sister, but she may as well have been. Then my oldest brother and now this! I am at my wits end. But you ladies lifted me up and got me through yesterday and I can never repay you for it.
Brother is in lots of pain as would be expected. But he is asking for a cheeseburger! LOL Sorry brother, you have a while to go before you get one of those! He has a long road to haul, but he is stubborn and determined and he can do it if anyone can.

Bunny, I ready your comment on Twitter....I agree with you, it is so obvious. It seems just like the truck pics, when we get a blurry pic of R/K people are screaming no, it can't be them! Why not? Why all the negative all the time. Well I say, to hell with them. I have eyes I know what I see.

Thank you again Haven ladies for all the love and support. HUGS YOU ALL TIGHT.

Morning Coffee said...

Good evening all...

Had to catch up with everything before posting MamaN just posted a new pic of ig @taco place someone was kind enough to blow it up and it is most definetly R/K you can see them very clearly.

I am blown away by the Rover..the feels..OMG..so much to absorb..I am going to see it again by the weekend..it needs to be seen more than once there is just so much to absorb. Guy was wonderful..and Rob has proven in this portrayal of Rey...JThat he is one of the best actors of any generation..He Deserves at the very least an Oscar nomination...Or a golden globe or both...Now if Hollywood would only pull their heads out of their behinds.

Dentist and I consulted there are really only two feasible options..Remove the root canals and do implants...or pull the remaining teeth and get a partial plate made...I think the cost of the implants at my age is way to steep...unless I live to 110.

Had lunch out and then movie..stopped a grocery store on way home for something quick to fix...decided on Salmon fillets..Quick and tasty, with a mango baste.

Hotter than bloody hell out tonight.

Will be back shortly.

Morning Coffee said...

Oh before I forget...This is directed at all the naysayers and doubters and the ones who love to hatre on Kristen....

They are married and have a child.

Get over it...if you don't you are all going to look mighty stupid sooner or later. I mean not that you don't look a little dazed and confused anyhow...JS

ASFJ said...

Hey Girls:

Been very busy with RL and missed y'all very much these last two days.

Sue: spoke to my son today and it's been only in the 70's in LA this past week, so people will wear caps and jackets early in the morning or in the evenings when it gets much cooler. Loved the Taco truck pic and yes, it is definitely them.

MC....hope you are well and I know mortgaging the house can be a real possibility when involving dental work! Wish you the very best!

My trip to LA is back on again (yes, my son can drive me to drink...where's the gin and tonic?), but I'm definitely going on monday. And I just love those taco trucks...they have some of the best food in LA! Hope it stays cool out there. Too hot back here at home.

JMF..I have been praying for your brother. It's going to be a long haul, but I will be pulling for you.

All you gorgeous Havenettes, Annie, Tina, Sue, Arleen, Tbell, Verni, Pookie, Laz, Gigi, Felicity, Andreana...thank you for welcoming me to your Haven, I love you all, and especially you, HKN.
And anyone else I forgot to mention.

Vernier said...

Yo Bunny I got yo Back....
IT IS ROB AND KRISTIAN. Don't like it, who cares. We don't. They are happy together, Married and have a baby. Get over it. Move on. If you don't sooner more so than later you will look like a bloody idiot. Just Saying.
Hey MC my sweet sister how are you? I am so glad you like the Rover. I think it was awesome......

Sherry said...

Finally saw the pic. It is most definitely Rob and Kristen. What a nice surprise! And not a pap pic but from a surveillance camera. Glad they are out having fun with their friends and getting a break from diaper duty!

Had a busy day! Just got home a few minutes ago. Finally tracked down all of my stuff from wedding. Wound up in my son-in-laws car. Long, goofy story.

To all the naysayers, I am reaffirming what has been said here, Rob and Kristen are together, happy and proud parents. Suck it up and run with the runners or choke on our dust.

Love you all.

Morning Coffee said...

Vern...I am good tonight..that movie was beyond every one of my expectations...He certianly deserves all the praise he has gotten for it. I can't get all those images out of my head. It was beautiful and ugly at the same time.

Now I want to see one of Kristens..

I am really tired tonight..the heat knockes the hell out of me..but we just had a heavy t'storm tonight and the weather has cooled down at long last.

ASFJ...glad you are getting to visit your son afterall. Know you will have a great time.

JMF...I am so happy for you and your brother..I just know he will do well..stil keeping the prayers coming your way.

All my haven sisters...love each of you...I am going to go read a while will check back in before bed.

Unknown said...


by pookie

I'm curious. I'd like to hear
Your thoughts on how might souls appear
What kind of change, what sort of actions
Take place after heartbreak happens

What kind of damage goes on there
Is some soul-bone unseen laid bare?
I’m curious. I’d like to know
Don't take offense; but, do souls go
To ragged tatters at the cuts
The jabs, the stabs, the slights and such
From those who've come to mean so much

Must those cuts be sat and sewn
With fine soul thread in phantom zones
By phantom hands of beings veiled
Starspecialists in souls assailed

Are the gashes stitched like wounds
Or reconstructed from the the ruins
Of broken futures, hopes, ambitions
Though sometimes skewed the rebuilt visions

But could a torn soul heal enough
Its crazings ever seal enough
To catch again the spirit wind
And soundly sail that soul again?

As for this shattered soul of mine
Please tell me where to get a patch
A comprehensive scrap to match
The places smashed. I’d like to know
My goodness how you protest so
The cuts from sullen angry eyes
The pain in loving stricken hearts
The spasm of discovered lies
Forgiveness found in fits and starts

It's funny how it actually hurts
As if there's something inside breaking
What could it be inside my aching
Now un-treasured chest— the heart itself?
The organ that the muscles stress
Throbs on. Would x-rays show the break?
Could soul-doctors operate?

Blows that finally become
Such stones of sadness, sinking down
Into the nucleus of me, through skin, through flesh
Unrepentant, penetrate too deep, at last to rest
Attaching on the very bones themselves
Evaporites of grief, of tears and pain
Of sorrow, madness, black-hole soul events
Condensed particulates and elements
On my event horizon, wretched, etched
Into these bitter stones, perhaps always to remain?

And will those stones become my bones
Another knob, appearing on
An ever-stonier skeleton
That weighs me down till nothing’s left
Except this fossilized sadness
And I am left to wander on
And stumble through the bleak oblivion
Of cast-off, once loved artifacts
Now rotting in the circumstance
That lies beneath all useful thinking
Where blind, heavy, things, exiled, sinking
Are forever lost
I’m only curious. I’d like to know
How close to the heart of my rended soul
Must they come with cuts that must needs be
That unkindest one of all to finish me?


Morning Coffee said...

Pookie a little poem for you..

With every scar the soul endures
The stronger it does grow
The brighter that it shines
It must be able
To carry the human host
That would perish
Under the weight of so much pain.

Until it is one day released
To find eternal joy and peace
The host returns to clay and dust
As the universe calls the warrior soul back home.

from me

Morning Coffee said...

Pookie my sweet girl..How many ways can I say you are a gift to all of us? You have a gift..God given to use you're words to lift the hearts and minds of the many..You give them pause to stop and reflect on all the littlest nuances of life.

I love you my beautiful friend..your soul shines particularly bright.

Unknown said...

i love you mc

thanks for your poem my love


ASFJ said...


Just beautiful and very moving...deeply touching.

Thank you from me

Unknown said...

Bless you ASFJ, you are so dear

and thanks nolagirl, felicity and gigi for remembering me earlier

bless you all here on the haven


Unknown said...

Good night to all the Havenettes ladies! I am still around. Today, I started my orientation, tour, and rules. And this weekend I am starting my schedules. Its parttime. Its what I am looking for. And its great.
I love all your comments. I hope everyone is ok and staying healthy. JMF- I hope your friend or family is ok. My prayers are with you.
As for everyone, I am going to bed now. Keep me posted. Hugs to you all. Night!

felicity said...

rob out with Nick Jarecki and others, don't know where they were. this picture was posted on an instagram account, yesterday


the owners of No Vacancy are there too

Unknown said...

good morning
yes it is definitely Rob and Kristen. it seems that Grandma and Grandpa Pattinson had their duties to this evening;-)

Nice to not seize these damn paps the two
JMF my thoughts are with you and the family
Pookie a beautiful Poem

I'm unfortunately in the next days less here, the closing party must
prepare of my daughter's school class

All Havenettes a nice Thursday, love you all

felicity said...

@pookie.. love the poem..

the insta-pic looks like it was Nick Jarecki's birthday party. there are presents on the table behind. it would also fit to the date of the party last year

Unknown said...

Yes it was from Nick Jarecki birthday

Nicholas Jarecki
Born Nicholas Jarecki
June 25, 1979 (age 35)
New York City

felicity said...

so, you can all throw stones at me, as much as you want.

for me, that's not rob and not kristen in that tacco bus picture. on this day, cj was asked on his insta, where k was and he answered (haven't seen his answer) and he deleted his comment later on with 'it would cause too much trouble, if i would let it on'..

so no, that's not them.

Unknown said...

There was talk earlier about Awesomesauce76 removing Last Tango in Forks from FFN

I used this link to save it and it worked really well took about 103 seconds ( There is a counter :))

Great job as always HKN!!

I smiled when I saw that Dean was guarding Jennifer A. always weird to see someone out of context!!

Pookie,You are a beautiful writer!
You to MC!

Hugs to all (except the trolls!)


Unknown said...

Yeah I forgot to post the link...


Unknown said...

Then I forgot to say my name, since I am still "unknown" :)


Unknown said...

It always amazes me that there is always a doubter willing to be negative about a picture. It is sad that there are some who will always just say no, possibly because they just want to. Doubting Thomas and this is after looking for the negative, always looking for the negative to negate the positive. The need to prove the negative is just sad.

Annie said...

Morning all.

Felicity: Does anyone know what CJ's initial answer was?

Unknown said...

Who really think cj is going to tell k true whereabouts on ig. Come on.....

felicity said...

@teresa.. it was a friend of cj, who asked and yes, he did answer. if you like it or not.

felicity said...

@annie.. i have no clue, it was already deleted when i got on twitter. some people are trying to find someone who was able to get a screencap

felicity said...

@sue.. if you are talking about me as a 'doubting thomas' well, thanks. just because i don't think that it is them in the pic, doesn't mean that i don't believe in them

i have seen a cleared up, ublurred pic of the snipped of that insta pic.. so yes, for me it is clear that it is not r/k

Annie said...

Felicity: Thanks.

Annie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sherry said...

If you look at the pic of Rob at the party for Nick, there is a mirror behind all of them and you can see everyone that is there. Even the person taking the pic. Can't tell who it is but just thought some of you with better detective skills might be able to do so. Love you all.

Unknown said...

Anytime a picture has been tampered with, and this picture was damaged to remove faces initially. Anyone
who spends the time to do that can change a face. This is why I really think you either believe or you don't , attempting to make judgments and have the last word is not my intent. I see nothing productive of taking a picture and doing an inquisition. It is just a picture. Since we were not there and just like the red truck, the outline of Kristen's face was changed. I think it is important to realize that you are looking at a picture that has already had some changes. If Rob and Kristen do not want their faces caught in a picture, then that picture could have been changed by anyone or anything. It is not so much being right or wrong, it is about believing in the reality of togetherness(a positive) and not simply saying no to show negativity. I am sorry to disagree with you, but I have had about enough of the constant charges against RK and the simple minds who follow all that is repeated over and over to distraction. We all have a right to believe whatever we see and hear. I believe that Kristen and Rob would think it silly for fans to dispute a picture at all. In other words, what a waste of time and energy? I remember when I questioned the picture of Rob and Kristen at a wedding with an insert of Kristen, or so it seemed. I was chastised for thinking this was Rob and Kristen. I just think we can all have different ideas but for some reason when you express your opinion, there is always judgment. Tolerance is needed from everyone.

Unknown said...

no stones at felicity-- she's one of the best things going around here

it doesn't look like them to me either, for what that's worth, which is not much

love to all--

felicity said...

@sue, the instagram pic with rob was on the instagram account of turan's wife and i believe it is her, taking this picture.

Unknown said...

NO stones, just opinions, which is what everyone has and should be able to express without having more negativity. Felicity has the same rights we all do, to express her opinions. I simply think the faces were changed on that computerized picture, so it would be really hard to determine who it is. It is too difficult to really know who it is for sure, and there are many who agree. We all have good feeling from the picture, I think Mama Nails best said it, I never get personally involved with these issues until I know for sure. This to me is the wisest approach, and shows common sense. Per haps I just need to avoid posting again, I see why so many are sensitive about expressing how they feel. No one is putting anyone down, POOKIE. You should understand that no matter who a person is, we are all valuable assets here. No one is more important than the other, and no one can be 100% correct all the time. I obviously have no business posting at all. I am afraid to say anything at all because no matter what, I will have no importance, therefore no input. Sorry HKN I certainly do feel like I have no input.

Unknown said...

The thing is I do not care about these pictures, really I do not. Who cares who they are? I know that I believe in Rob and Kristen and their child, and really do not think we should over-react to pictures that may or may not be real. Who knows what is real. I do not think Hollywood life has it right but I am not all knowing, I just have a gut feeling that these two people, Rob and Kristen are fine and they do not need so much angst spilled out about them. They need to be left alone to live their lives. And, that about does it. I hope HKN will continue to be as positive and happy as possible.

Morning Coffee said...

good morning all..Thought I would sit back and wait out the great picture debate again...It's kind of silly, whether it was was or wasn't R/K doesn't really matter. We all know what we believe, which is that they are still a couple and live by their own rules not public opinion.

fellicity thanks for all you do...and susie I love you but not all pics have been doctored.

To all my haven girls love you all bunches.


Unknown said...

suemorris i love you, you know that

didn't mean a thing except i appreciate felicity's great and constant contribution to the haven

i should have made it clear i appreciate yours too

sorry about that, i apologise, wasn't clear about that


please forgive

--love you all


Unknown said...

one last little thing--

i was responding to felicity's earlier comment that
"so, you can all throw stones at me, as much as you want... "

so when i wrote ..."no stones at felicity"...

i wasn't responding to anyone's comment when i said that, just giving a shout out and appreciation to felicity

okay that's all


Tbell said...

If you dont know what CJ answer was then how can you comment and say anything is 100% true? Plus I agree with Teresa...CJ would NEVER tell a stranger on IG where K was anytime anyday anywhere anyhow....thats just bullshit. But I say that respectfully becuz I know you like to state the facts but sometimes you have to admit your facts aren't always correct.

I love ya girl but I have to disagree with you on this...

felicity said...

again.. it was no stranger, that cj talked to. he even asked this person, if she was working the next day, because she could work with him and she answered, she already had work for the next day. so.. not a stranger.. a friend.

you can do what you want and think what you want.. but it was not the first time that cj said something about k and deleted it later on, to avoid a huge commotion.

felicity said...

shoooup: Where's Kristen 4d

shoooup: Hahahah ️ 4d

cjscissorhands @shoooup I had to delete that cause I realized shit would get crazy in here. You work tomorrow ?? You want to??

shoooup: Already workin boo


see ya

Hatersknownothing said...

Ladies I have it on good authority (not from a fan or Twitter)that it is indeed Rob and Kristen in the taco pic. ( making me hungry for taco bell lol). The pic does look like it has been altered to make you believe otherwise. And Tbell and Teresa yes you are correct. Cj would not be spouting Kristen's where abouts on a public instagram wether it be deleted or not. Felicity I would never call you a doubting Thomas. I like how you question things and try to get to the bottom of things:)

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