Thursday, June 5, 2014

Hey Sweet Pea


We got this little gem on twitter.

Sam Minich


Oh, and I guess my uncle saw Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson at his hospital too. K I think I'm just gonna go hide out there.

 She didn't say when this happened. She deleted after poopforbrains started to harass her under her Robstencuteness@ProvokeSmth moniker she stole from Windswept. 

Gee I wonder why they would be at a hospital?

 This is the reason. We all know it don't we ladies!

While we smiled  the dipshidiots were too busy inventing hook up stories and making themselves look like fools to pick up on this.

The headless man is supposedly Rob according to the dipshidiots.Yeah with their logic Rob at a pool party means he's hooking up. It's not Rob.They went hunting on the Internet for a random pool pic and found one that fit their bill. 

Their excuses for his Oh Yeah answer to whether he was in touch with Kristen was classic too.

"He just said that to make the Robsten shippers feel better."

The best part was some of them telling the others to accept the fact that Rob was in touch with Kristen.

" We have to accept that Rob is still in touch with Kristen and probably still sees her as much as it hurts."

There was dissension in the ranks!

A lot of this too I bet lol. 

 The media is no stranger in the making fools of themselves department either.
Just Jared posted some pics yesterday saying they were from that same day. June 4th.

The problem with that? He was on a plane headed to Australia so NO the gym pics are not from yesterday. 

How do we know this? 

Lulu Robsten ‏@lulurobsten 55s
New pics coming of Rob arriving in Sydney xx
Lulu Robsten ‏@lulurobsten 1m
He's wearing a yellow striped polo shirt ha ha xx

Lulu Robsten ‏@lulurobsten 2m
And he's with Dean xx

 And the dipshidiots wonder why we question dates of pics provided by the tabs. Because we have proof they lie. 

RobsStripedPolo ‏@RobsStripedPolo  24h
Polo’s back. Tell a friend.

RobsStripedPolo ‏@RobsStripedPolo  24h

Let’s be real. You weren’t really expecting something other than a striped polo, were you?

Lulu and RobsStrippedPolo both back in the mix makes for a great day!

There  was also a rumor started by The Sun that Rob was going to be in the Indiana Jones reboot. 

The Film Stage @thefilmstage · 19h
A British tabloid is reporting that Robert Pattinson is the next Indiana Jones, solidifying there is no chance that will ever happen.

Trying to save face since the Dylan Penn fiasco Snowflake didn't hesitate to jump on this safe bet . 

So when one tabloid reported that R.Pattz was the top pick to replace Harrison Ford in a Disney reboot of the iconic franchise, E! News did some digging. Unfortunately, though, sources tell us there's there's no truth to the rumors.

The foreign media took their turn at being fools too.

Le Figaro
After his love story and breakup with his partner from Twilight, Kristen Stewart, who made him the favorite prey of the tabloids, the star has rediscovered simple pleasures: "I loved being able to pee peacefully in the nature." 

Really? He was talking about when he was filming in the Australian outback. A time before the tab invented break up with Kristen. Guess every guy that takes a leak out in nature equals a breakup.

Did he just take a leak before this pic was taken. Think about it..... 

"I missed London at the beginning, but most of my friends left and Los Angeles is a beautiful city, dynamic. And at the same time very weird. All depends on the people you hang out with..."

He pretty much kills all those dipshidiot hopes that he's moving back to London.

There was a serious fandom meltdown this week over Windswept posting to twitter what was told to her by a source. 

Lets just say it got ugly with people unfollowing her and death threats being made to her. 

I don't have a problem with Windswept. She is a wonderful Rob and Kristen fan that I've gotten to know and a fellow shit lister (lol).  She also gave us the video of Rob in NYC with Kristen! (according to the dipshidiots it was a convenient Rob look alike crew member lol). My problem is with her source and his so called info. Does that mean I should attack Windswept ? Give her death threats? Nope.

She's the messenger not the source. 

Does this sound familiar?

Yep I'v'e been in the same boat. People attacking me for simply stating what someone else has told me. I'm not the source my cousin is. Windswept is not the source. Her insider is. People can't take it up with the source so they feel compelled to take it up with the messenger. Attacking viciously thinking they have some god given right to tell me what to believe is true. Oh but they don't stop there. They attack anyone who might believe your source and call them gullible ( those are the more polite ones.) 

Why does it bother these people so much what I ,Windswept or anyone else believes is true? Are we hurting anybody? No. Are we saying anything hurtful about Rob or Kristen? No. Calling them coke addicts, man whore, pussy, slut, homewrecker, lesbian? No. Funny I don't see them making up a shit list about any of these people. 

Speaking of the shit list we are 99.9 sure of who wrote the piece of garbage. She knows we know and went crying to her gossip cop buddies protesting her innocence. Save your breath.  Your shit doesn't smell any better than anyone elses. It's still shit. 

Rob pics from a photo shoot for Esquire magazine. 

Hope they didn't make him hold that pose  for too long!

Contenders for the Oscar! And look who's on it!

Rob at the Rover press conference in Australia.

Matching yellow pants! Too stinking cute!

 New 30 second Rover tv spot!

Thanks to my ladies the Havenettes we now have gone over 2 million page views on the blog!

And I leave you to wrap your brains around  this quote from Kristen...


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Anonymous said...

I agree with everything EXCEPT the windswept shit she has said since the beginning that RK were behind 2012 and that wasn't come from a source she thought that up her self. She is NOT a good fan for 1) bringing up 2012 AGAIN leave it in the fucking past and 2) believing for one minute RK would do that and that R would let K be ripped apart. No true fan would tweet that it even think that about 2 people who are very private and hate rumors and tabloids

Unknown said...

Thank you Morning Coffee! As for the rest of Havenettes, I am going to bed now. Keep me posted. Hugs to you all. Good night to MC, TBell, Felicity, fishyone2, Euclid, Tina, pookie, sue morris, andreana, and the rest of Havenettes! Keep me posted. I am hoping I get that call. Hoping I get that job. Night all of you.
HKN- I love your post. Great job! Night!

W said...

"The only thing that matters is put into practice with sincerity and seriousness, what one believes." Dalai Lama

Hatersknownothing said...


I agree 2012 shouldn't have been brought up again. But there are people who believe in the whole conspiracy theory.Are they hurting anyone by believing it? I don't think so. No I don't believe for one minute that they would go along with that or that Rob would throw Kristen under the bus in that way.

Unknown said...

...and on we sweep...
thank you as always, most illustrious and glorious HKN, for creating our little cyberspace community here
we love you so so much
terrific post, you brilliant jewel of the internet treasure chest!

--love to all,

Morning Coffee said...

HKN...another great and common sense post...You are consistently making your way through the lies and BS..to bring us logical truth..Some days you must want to throw up your hands and run screaming.

Glad you stick with it and thanks for giving us this safe Haven.

Anonymous said...

I for one have always thought that there was something wrong with what happen in 2012. I don't know I just have a feeling that what was said and done was not what happen. If that made any since. I seen the shit that they post on GC and other places comment section and it makes me sick. My mom always told me if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all. If they hate her or him that much why don't they just move on. Great post.

Unknown said...

I have always love Windswept. She is a great person. And a great friend. I love all of you! Well I better get some sleep. Night!

Unknown said...

Thanks hkn for this lovely and common sense post. I knew those gym pix were not from yesterday. I believe they are from before rob left for cannes not from this week. The haters are stupid. That pool pic is not rob. Lol. We been lucky to see rob chest and that guy is not it. I would love to know when that girls relatives saw rob and k.

NOLA girl said...

Hey HKN and Havenettes!!!
HKN - thank you for the new post. Whassup with those yellow pants?!?! As long as I've been reading your blog, I cannot remember you ever writing anything malicious about Kristen and/or Rob. Why these asshats continue to take a simple written statement and twist and contort it into something completely hateful is beyond a sane person's comprehension. What sad lives these people must live. Anyway, it doesn't matter what those sad examples of humanity think, the 'Nettes LOVE you! Congratulations on the 2 million mark!! Fabulous accomplishment and well-deserved :D

Arlene - if that's the job you want, I hope you get it! Good luck sweetheart.

Everyone - sorry I missed you yesterday. Getting 2 rooms ready for carpet to be replaced with wood floors. Thank God it's a very short project. That's the only kind I do well with these days!

I had to contact Noah and cancel my reservations for the Ark. No rain since Tuesday! It's a drought I tell you - a major-ass drought!!!!

We 're probably going to get unwelcome visitors while Rob is doing these junkets for "The Rover", so get ready. HKN, Verni, and TBell - come out with guns a-blazin!!!!

Ya'll - love you and hope to be able to check in tomorrow if the flooring peeps haven't worn me out!! Stay cool....

I cannot believe there is a disturbance already off the Yucatan peninsula. I hope it's not an indication of what this hurricane season is gonna be like .....,

Unknown said...

Thank you NOLA girl! Night! Hugs! I love your comments also. So does the rest. Great job! Night ladies! PMS, I am bloated, crampy, tired, and heavy. Ugh! Night!

Unknown said...


Janie said...

Again you have outdone yourself.

Lots of pictures of ROB on RPL from Austrlia. What a beautiful smile that guy has!

Janie said...
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Unknown said...

Morning to all you lovely Havenettes and what a beautiful sunny morning it is, Hkn you did it again BRAVO to you over and over you have made my week again and this blog is just like a family to me with so many lovely people on here, Arleen P keeping my fingers crossed for you about the job you go for it,hope you all have a great weekend love you all lots .

Frenchie said...

Good morning all! Lovely weather here too!

Thanks for the post HKN, it was great as usual...

A bit busy with RL at the moment but still reading you all everyday...

Take care Havenettes and let's hope for R's fun comments in Oz!

Janie said...

The photo with Rob where he has his hands down his pants has to be the most unflattering picture I've seen of him yet. I think caption mentioned there were so many flies they were biting him even in his pants.

Unknown said...

good morning all
at last nice and warm weather
HKN nice post
unfortunately not yet seen any pictures of rob in australia, hmm
all a sunny Friday

andreana said...

Hey HKN..

When those haters pants catch fire I am not going to move one muscle to put out the flames!,,Get the marshmellows there is going to be a party! ...LOL

Frenchie said...

Talking about bowing out gracefully, why don't you take your own advice up MIA and learn when and where you are not wanted?

Keep on going HKN, I'm in for the marshmallow party!

Tempest said...

I spy a very content, happy Rob. A Rob that has no unhappiness in his life as much as some would want there to be. It comes with protecting what you own and not allowing the media or obsessed fans in.

Vernier said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vernier said...

Bravo Tempest. Very true words and observation. Have a great day lady.......

Vernier said...

Good morning Havenettes..... Headed to work. Just passing through. I see MIA still doesn't know what her name stands for "Missing in action." Try that MIA it won't bother us one bit and I promise we won't come looking for you.
Good morning andreana and Frenchie. Hope you both have a great day. Later ladies........

sandra said...

HKN Great post, I don't doubt for a second that Rob and Kristen are together and feel the same in 2012 when many believed that the tab says. I don't believe in the theory that RK was involved in a conspiracy, but I do believe that the scandal was completely false and not separated at any time as many events proved later. I saw nothing wrong with the windswepdt's comment when media keep bringing the topic and some people still believe something completely false

Annie said...

Morning all.

Well.....I think that outburst is an indication of just how very, very nervous they truly are........ VERY NERVOUS. :)

Have a great day everybody. Gorgeous start to the weekend here. So much going on.

Tbell said...

Woops I missed you last night...how did that happen? Lol I truly wish these random people would understand when they tweet stuff about seeing r and k we need serious info. Like time, location, date, clothes, etc lol. And pic of "Rob" in the pool? Bwahaha those are not robs fingers and knees lol. As far as windswept I completely understand where you are coming from, and I do understand she put herself on the line by sharing that video, but I seriously got pissed at her and still am. I'll get over it lol. I would give my new ipod to see rob and kristen nominated. Seeing that bit about rob being on a list and kristen getting such good reviews just makes me so proud to be a fan ♡ thank you for the post....great way to wake up!

You are the snotty kid who takes a shit in the pool. No I take that back...you are the shit in the pool...think about it.

Hey wonderful ladies...even though it's raining here again, im getting my marshmellows out, becuz like the quote from kristen that hkn posted, one day, we're gonna get to roast them on the flames of haters...but not mia's flames lol

Morning Coffee said...

Morning girls...I see the sour grape brigade put in a brief appearance. they just don't seem to get the fact, we neither care what they have to say nor are we shutting up.

Hot sticky day here today calling for a rainy weekend...Oh well not much we can do about the weather.

Tempest you are so spot on in your assessment of Rob's face he is a very content man.

Ladies I will be back in a while...love you all.

Janie said...

Didn't she say she was never coming back at one point? She's still reading our posts and looks like she really is upset. Yeah, like she said Kristen is skinny and why? Because she had a BABY!!!

Janie said...

Oh, and didn't Rob say he doesn't need or want anything? Yeah, because he has it ALL. FAMILY.

Tbell said...

Forgot to add....congrats on reaching 2 million mark! Lovers, as well as haters, make you famous! LMFAO

andreana said...


You are the one that is wrong.. kristen has rob and they have a baby together and you have nothing... we here at HKN's blog fee l sorry for you...Mia you cling so desperately to your delusion...Do you know that your posts are being discussed in university classrooms?... other blogs openly discuss you and others that share your delusions...hatred an jealousy are sick emotions ...we will keep you in our thoughts here .... we worry that when the truth comes to light you and your fellow no- it- alls will plumment down into deep depression....so sad.... we willkeep you in our thoughts........ : (

Unknown said...

Good morning to all the Havenettes ladies! Happy Friday! Thank you Tina and the rest of the Havenettes. I love you all. I am going to eat my breakfast. Keep me posted. Well said Tempest. Hugs to you all.

Unknown said...

Love your site and thoughts and comments. Here's a thought if you don't like it here or what someone says LEAVE...if you don't like what Wind has to say or how she says it...LEAVE don't hate, don't come down on people and their thoughts. What has happened to the fandom SUCKS...you don't give death threats EVER! Last time I looked we are allowed to have thoughts and express them here...I come to be with people that think like minded to me on R/K/S.P. Soooo if don't like something...FUCKING LEAVE....you don't threaten

Unknown said...

THANK YOU HKN! What a fun and really right on target post! We are having a big blow right now in the Tulsa area, high winds, heavy rain and tornado warnings. I never have believed the lies about Rob and Kristen's break-up. I think the gossip press made millions off their backs(K and R) and is was a set-up, phony baloney pictures by angry people who lost jobs due to their company being sold to a large company. There is a settlement to follow the lawsuit. One does wonder what the case is about? Libel? Slander? This is actually provable that it was lies and more lies to hurt the last BD2. And especially Rob and Kristen and their income from this movie, but it did not work. It did not ruin careers, it did not split them up, it did create a lot more danger for both actors which was serious enough to demand 24 hour protection and on call emergency one on one bodyguards, which I would want a return on, money-wise, if I were they, R and K. So, let's keep the faith and ignore the greedy gossip blogs, because the truth always comes out, and the phony pictures and phony statement have already been found to be made up by money grubbers. Have fun in Australia Rob, we love you. Have fun with your darling baby Kristen , wherever you might be! We love you very much!

Unknown said...

To those whose sole purpose is to hate Kristen and Rob, guess what? It did not work. Any cruel lies and gossip is discarded because you are just here to spread your negative crap and that stuff is recognized for what it is, just plain crap. Keeping it clean, thanks to HKN.

Sherry said...

Great post. Thanks for being a calm, sane voice in the midst of the tabloid bs. Love you all,

Sherry said...


Some people are just now realizing that what we were told by tabs was totally wrong. She 's not saying anything that wasn't thought of earlier. Sometimes people need space to work things out for themselves. She has taken a lot for this. I think we all should remember this:
"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."
Or to put it simply Think before you judge. What goes around comes around. If we can't express an opinion without people spitting hate then freedom of speech is already dead. Love you all.

Unknown said...

i laughed so hard when you said
"...Do you know that your posts are being discussed in university classrooms?...." i snorted my cereal out my nose!!!
great comment!
and you too sue morris! my pookiewagon is firmly hitched to the suemorrisWeltanschauung!!

well, that didn't sound exactly right excuse me
*scratching head*


pookies's with you, sue morris!


and HKN i'm having 2 bottles of champagne in a row right now toasting your 2-freaki'millionth view!!! (one for each million!) yowsssssuh!!!

PROST!!! mein Apfelkuchen!!!

i may be indisposed for the rest of the day,

--you're awesome and mighty,

Unknown said...

i have no idea why i'm lapsing into german



p.s. i'm hoping you get that call today, arleen! hang in there!

Unknown said...

except that i find the german language beautiful

the language of my hero, Goethe

in my world all phenomena does tend to merge, peeps


Unknown said...

sherry you're awesome

yes yes yes!!!

--love you


Lillianolivia.white@gmail.com said...

Great Post HKN! Congrats on the 2 Mil viewers! I totally agree on the re-hashing of 2012. I love Windswept & I think she went out on a limb to try to head off another shitstorm of hate & death threats heading Kristen's way after the Tabs starting posting crap abt The Rup & Lib divorce settlement. Those of us who beat this horse to death back in 2012 have heard all the different theories & research to back-up the theories. I never believed any of the crap the tabs put out. But I decided I just didn't care what Rob & Kris had to do to get their privacy back. I will fight the hounds of hell to defend Kris & Rob against haters. But their success & happiness is what is important. Love all you guys w/ the exception of haters that pop on. Oh- that dumb pool pic was tried to be passed off as Rob last year too. Recycling- Hah!

Morning Coffee said...

My beauties...and yes I mean it you are all beautiful every damn last one of you..and courageous and funny. Loyal..oh yes indeed..never seen a more loyal bunch of ladies in my life..We are the women who believe in a love that has never been witnessed before in our lifetimes...This is a love that is a universe apart from any seen before.

I say a hearty screw you to each and everyone of the doubters, the haters, the trolls and the all round plain old everyday douche bags. You pale in comparison to the ladies here that I have come to know and love. They are my sisters in arms fighting the good fight for two beautiful souls that don't deserve any of your scathing comments.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are no longer the naive young punching bags for you..They are two extremely intelligent and fully mature adults..who outshine you in every single thing they do and say.

Your jealously and unwarranted hatred has turned you all into horrible hags with rotting souls.
Devoid of conscience in all you say and do. Go back to your leader trolls who print the lies and putrid innuendos..make sure you follow them all the way to hell...because there is no room for you here.

JMF said...

Morning Coffee:
I don't comment often, I prefer to be in the bleachers quiet and supporting. But you make me come out clapping and whistling. Thank you.

Unknown said...

MORNING COFFEE, POOKIE, HKN,ARLEEN,JANE, NOLA GIRL, TBELL,ANNIE, SANDRA AND VERNIER, I never ever want to make you all mad at me, ever! You have got to be the most wonderful people able to protect and care for, properly, the likes of Rob PATTINSON AND Kristen Stewart PATTINSON! Thank goodness this post is here because of the posters who keep the truth out there and are definitely not afraid to say what they feel is true and real. I just updated my DELL computer and just like any 71 year old kid, I am trying out the apps. I am feeling better today and slept like a baby last night. Rain is over for a bit, but understand we will have rain all weekend. Hope the folks that need it, get it! Isn't Rob just the cutest, he is having fun! Happy to see the smiles!

Unknown said...

Great post. Just love this haven. It brightens my day and I believe H K N completely. Congrats on the two million mark

a stargazzer said...

I hope you got that phone call already.

Wonderful post as usual. The haters cannot stop the truth.


I know most of you have no received the news of Kristen starring in SWAT2 with the happiness her other new projects had received.
I am happy for her and I want to offer my reasoning for anyone that wants to join in another 'crazy' wagon.
Hollywood is a business and they are very gun shy about risking losing money. I think Universal green-lighting the movie for 2016 means that they know they can make their money back and profit. My suspicious is that before the movie is released Kristen's name will finally be cleared up. Whatever legal issues that couldn't let her reveal what really happened will be over by that date or sooner.
I might be crazy but I think Universal would had shelved this one if they were expecting more backlash.
I hope that helps some of you to feel better.
Just my two cents.

Janie said...

On Robsessed there is a cute video of Rob and Guy The Fix Talk about weird set habits and more.

Rob does a lot of laughing. It's really cute.'

Tbell said...

Never heard that reasoning before....hmmmmmm

Unknown said...

Hey y'all and thanks for new post, HKN! Rob looks very happy and content in the new pictures. And we all know the reason why. So very happy for him and Kris.
That tweet about the hospital is interesting.
I personally don't use Twitter - it would be too much. I've never spoken with Windswept Girl.
And that pool picture? Oh good grief!! I knew the moment I looked at it that was not Rob. Can you say DESPERATE?
Is it that hard for the haters to accept and move on? What a shame that they have nothing better to do than to spread lies.
Going to get some dinner.

Unknown said...

Hi to all the Havenettes. Look like I didn't get the Golden Corral after. You are right I must keep looking. I am just looking for a job that comes with min wages and plus tips. So I am stepping out. Wish me good luck.

andreana said...

Its ok Arleen...when one door closes...another opens...keep your chin up!

Morning Coffee said...

Arleen..you will end up getting something even better..be patient and the perfect job for you will come along.

What's everyone up to tonight? It is so hot here today the heat index is at 100 am hoping for one of those quick cooling showers about now. Sans the ightening.

I will check back later.

Unknown said...

Arleen, I have my fingers crossed for you. Something great is coming your way soon. Take care of yourself. XXOO

Unknown said...

Thank you andreana, Morning Coffee, and Gigi! I know there are jobs out there for me. I have faith. I always do.

Barbara Fenwick said...

Great post as usual. I have no problems with what Windswept said. True or not, she believed it, and it could be true. I would love to see an end to all that business however.

I consider myself a Havenette, and I love reading your blog. I have absolute faith in you.

Take care, until next time...

andreana said...


Sorry I made you blow your cereal...lol ! Thought a spoonful of their own medicine might unstop their

Unknown said...

Good night to all the Havenettes! Thank you all. Keep me posted. I needed to take a shower anyways. Night all! Hugs to you all!

Janie said...

Well, well, well looks like you went from a non believer to a believer in sweet pea.

Marion said...

Sorry I don't get to post as often as I'd like, RL and all, but something that really captured my attention was this quote in this piece-"We have to accept that Rob is still in touch with Kristen and probably still sees her as much as it hurts". Gee, I wonder what led to this grand epiphany or did common sense finally win out in the end? It should accepting the fact that Rob and Kristen are still "in touch" as they put it, should tell them that no matter how many fake hookup rumors they feed the tabs, it's going to come back to bite them hard on their asses. They hate it that none of their stories has been able to stick, when the ones being linked to Rob as his "newest fling" shatters their romantic visions they'd conjured up of Rob being with anyone else under the sun except Kristen. Rob looked great at the Sydney premiere for the Rover and I can't wait to see it along with all the other films down the line he and Kristen have coming out. Keeps us focused on the great stuff and shuts the hater noise out.

andreana said...

Poor Anini...
No parents around to tell her to STFU and move on.....how irresponsible..........its just killing you huh?

Unknown said...

MORNING! We had an unwanted visitor again last night! The weather brought more rain early this morning and I imagine we may get more. I am planning to go and get groceries this morning with my daughter, I am getting along better with the TOE! Definitely Rob looked terrific and I looks as though both have a bust schedule coming up. I think that Beauty and the Beast might be fun for her as the director of the last two Twilight movies is the director. But as she said, she does not know what she is going to do until the script is in front of her! She more or less goes with her gut on decisions. Kind of like when she decided on Rob for the Edward part. I think she has good instincts don't you all? Hope to see her soon. Have a good morning .

Unknown said...

Whoops, that should have read, it looks as if they have a busy schedule coming up! Sorry about that!

Unknown said...

ANDREANNA, Time to call out pest control for the bugs came back! Hope the exterminator arrives soon, just hate those bugs!

Lazmeister said...

Evening all, Arleen so sorry you didn't get that job. I'm with Adreana, when one door closes another opens. I hope it opens soon for you.
Hey Vana - how did the Premier go tonight? Awesome I hope!
Just helped my MIL move into a bungalow out the back of or place - I'm getting to old for moving boxes! She has so much stuff!
Loving the photos coming uot of Rob! Phowarrrrr!
Vern I hope your days are tracking well!
Night and love to all Havenettes!

Morning Coffee said...

Morning all....

Ugh what a night...tossed and turned fell asleep and two hurs later was up again..tried again at 7:30 and was up again by 9:20.

Looks like will be a very lazy day for me.

andreana I'm with you..it explains alot about our unwanted pest.

Sue good morning..hope you make it back home before the bad weather.

Jane good morning...haven't seen you much just wanted to say hi.

Have a good day all.

Unknown said...

Good morning to all the Havenettes! Happy Saturday! I am going to farmers market today. And then after that go back out to for more job hunting. Anything new?

Unknown said...

Thank you Lazmeister!

vana said...

I'm on cloud way up and beyond. I saw the gorgeous Robert Pattinson at the Sydney Film Festival. When people say that he is even more gorgeous in person, they are so right. He is spectacular and I can fully understand why people get drawn to him. He has incredible presence, everything about him is spectacular.
The Rover was bleak but fantastic. I won't spoil anything, but I will say that Robert was unbelievable and so was Guy. Heart wrenching, believable spot on performance.

Morning Coffee said...

vana..Thank you so much...and thrilled you got to see Rob...his physical beauty is astounding, but the inner beauty of his heart and soul shines through and it is a totally dazzling package. I'm sure his performance was spectacular, he's that good. Hope I get to see it in my area.

Janie said...

How cool you got to see him. I'm going to LA in July and the closest I'm ever going to get to him is that I'm going to Grauman's theatre and I'm going to put my hands in his hand imprint. How crazy is that? This grandma does whatever she wants! No shame!

Rayane said...

I am Brazilian and I love your blog.
I avoid seeing what comes out in the media because there are many lies.
Robert and Kristen are together and well as ever.
Loves they both and I will always defend them.

Unknown said...

How is everyone today? Love ll of the new pictures of Rob at the premiere. He looks completely happy and content. I'm sure it's not just the success of the movie that makes him feel this way, though. Wherever Kris is, she has to be smiling. The support they give each other is a cornerstone of their relationship.
How is your writing, MC? I need to get back to mine. It also sounds like you had a restless night. My husband works third shift because of his insomnia. Normally, he only sleeps for about four hours a day, but that's "normal."
Have fun on your trip, Jane. Take tons of pictures.
Rayane, I feel the same way about Rob and Kris. Always loved them, always will.
Love to you all.

Annie said...

Good afternoon all. Another gorgeous day here in NYC.

It looks like Rob had a successful premiere of The Rover at the Sydney Film Festival.
i see the attempts at hooking him up with anything that has a pair of legs continues......Desperation!

Vana: Glad you had fun. ;)

MC: Only two hours sleep?

Andreana: Your comnent had me in stitches. :)

Nola girl, Tbell and Sue Morris: The weather seems to be really bad where you are. Hope you are all safe.

Vernier: What's good. :)

Arleen: Another job will come around. Stay positive. :)

Hope everyone is having a great saturday.

I'm just relaxing watching people and traffic go by......Being lazy.:)

JMF said...

I enjoy how you comment to everyone,you are a delight to read here.
I got a lot done around the house and outside, first nice, sunny, warm weekend we have had in a long time.
Arlene,with your determination, heart and spirit you will find a job, I am sure of it. Hang in there the right job will come along for you.
Hope all are having a good day.

Annie said...

JMF: :) I try......Thank you! :)
People out and about everywhere.......Hardly a cloud in the sky here. Tomorrow will be more of the same.
Glad you had a great weather day too. :)

Barbara said...

@Vana, Thankyou for your report, I can't wait to see the movie. And I have always heard from those lucky enough to meet Rob in the flesh, say the same that he is gorgeous even more so than up on the screen and that he is so charming. you are one very lucklyyyyyyyy lady, I envy you.xxxx

Unknown said...

Evening you all. Vana, thank you for sharing your incredible experience with us. Your description of Rob sounds exactly as I picture him. One of my dreams is to meet him and Kris one day.
I just posted a new story called Magnolias in New York. It felt like I read over that chapter a hundred times, but I had to get it right. Here is the link on Fanfiction.net if anyone is interested - https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10428101/1/Magnolias-in-New-York
Hugs to my Haven family.

Unknown said...

HONESTLY, Rob has the most beautiful blue eyes and such a beautiful shape of eyes! My husband had bright dark blue , almost green-blue eyes and platinum hair that was just amazing. Rob has a impish grin that sets him apart from everyone. Kristen's green eyes and auburn hair and her facial expressions are so very lovely, you do not need words to see what she feels. My mother was a music and drama teacher. She would call both of them extremely rubber, because they just have such extremely expressive faces and they talk with their hands! I find watching their faces change expressions extremely interesting. I can imagine their children are very beautiful. I think they will have a long career and Rob is definitely having a great time in Australia. We had a gorgeous day here. Arleen, I would bet you will have a job soon, you are very hard working and are a good, dependable person. Hang in there. Morning Coffee, I had a rough night last night too. I woke up with leg muscles knotting up in both legs. I had to get up and walk it out. Took Jacqueline shopping again and she was hungry so we ate first. Good old Taco Bueno, best guacamole in town. Hope everyone has a good night, am sad about California C. losing his last race in New York today, but he ran a great race! Night!

Morning Coffee said...

just hopping in to say goodnight...
and wish everyone sweet dreams.

Annie you were correct watched the race from jBelmont and it was a gorgeou day today up your way.

JMF...glad you appreciated my comment the other day forgot to say thankyou.

ASFJ...hope you are taking care of yourself while you are helping your sis. I know you must be tired.

SueM..I hate leg cramps and your right you do have to get up and walk them out. I felt bad the california chrome horse didn't win either.

andreana, jane, gigi, verni, Tbell, felicity, RKfaith, Nolagirl,stargazzer, Arleen, vana,
Barbara..Pookmeister, HKN, MamaN,
and all I couldn't think off the top of my head. enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Unknown said...

Good night to all the Havenettes! Hugs to you all. Keep me posted. Night! Thanks Vana. Night!

NOLA girl said...

My girls - how are you???
Fell off the earth all day Friday. Carpet removed and plywood put down in my office and spare bedroom - gawdalmighty I hate cement dust - and the cleanup took awhile. I was beat!!! More cleanup today - even the dog had to get bathed. The constant rain has stopped and the heat and humidity have arrived. Just ask my patio plants!

Mama Nails - thanks for all the pics from The Rover premier! Does Rob look happy or what?!? I had never read his comment about writing a script for a film with him and Kristen in it, and ending the statement with "she is mine". My heart leapt when I read that. These two people were meant to be together. Someone on SRWN compared Rob and Kris to magnets and it's so true!

Sue mo - sorry about Cali Chrome. It takes awhile for toes to heal after having ingrown nails removed. I had them removed on both big toes, and it hurt like a sonofabitch, but once they healed, it was great!

Arleen - something better is coming down the road for you. Just be persistent and don't take things personally.

Vana - what a fortunate girl you are!!! Congrats!!! Isn't it great when someone you've admired from afar for many moons meets and exceeds your expectations? How often does that happen?

MC - so sorry you are struggling with sleep. Hope it's just a phase my lovely, loquacious one.

Annie - so glad the weather is good in the Big Apple! I love it up there!!

Lazmeister, Gigi, champagnepookie, andreana, JMF, good Jane, TBell (you had me in stitches with that troll), Verni, a stargazzer, Sherry, Tina, Frenchie, Sanni, felicity, RKFaith (where are you honey?) and the rest of the fabulous Havenettes, enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Hugs and sweet dreams for you all....

Oh, hey, how about Ridley Scott producing "Equals"?!!!!!

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

good morning and a nice Pentecost weekend
Rob saw in Australia Fantastic and happy.
By kristen no sign, beautiful
Can imagine that she the whole day look at your small baby, sweet
In the last day plenty quiet here, very pleasant
All nice girls a beautiful sunny Sunday

Morning Coffee said...

Hi girls...have a wonderful day...I will be out the rest of day.

Tbell said...

Good morning/afternoon/evening ladies...

Rob was wonderful during the aussie Rover stuff. In every video david and guy speak so fondly of him. It validates every feeling I have as a fan. I truly hope david m becomes likes david c to rob.

Sitting here wondering where rob and kristen will pop up next. Hope they are safe and sound and getting some rest wherever they are.

Welp believe it or not we're in a flood watch in my neck of the woods. Its feast or famine this year I guess but we'll take it lol.

Nola--I truly enjoy ur evening wrap ups. You're a riot. Sonofabitch? Lmao! When I read trolls comments about how we have no life I lmao because you apparently have a rich and involved life! Every one here does. Me especially right now. My time seems to be divided quite a bit between family, grandbaby, house and other rl stuff then I try to squeeze a little fangirling in lol.

The fandom is quiet but maybe it needs to be. Lets all sit back and see what rob and kristen want to show us and enjoy it. Rover LA coming up...cant wait!

Have a beautiful day sweet ladies hope ur day is filled with peace.

Janie said...

I thought it was pretty cool that the haircut and tattoos that Rob wears in The Rover was his idea and not David's.

Tbell said...

Yes!! Me too. I also thought the extremes he went to on the clothes to get that certain look and feel for the character was cool. I loved the comment about $7 shoes not working in the outback! Those interviews were so revealing in how he desperately needed that isolation away from papperazi and fans in general.

Unknown said...

Good morning to all the Havenettes! Happy Sunday sisters! T-bell and Jane, I am with you two too. I hope you all have a great Sunday! I am relaxing and resting. Anything new?

Unknown said...

I hope you all are ok. I am just being a friend just to check on my friends. And hope they are ok.

Unknown said...

Hey everyone. Dropping by before my kids and I go see my parents. It poured on us when we left church, but now it's cloudy and humid.
Love the interviews and pictures of Rob from the q&a. He's a truly remarkable man. I knew he was a great actor all along; it's a shame that it took other people years to see it.
I wonder if Kris is in NOLA or LA now? AU should be complete soon.
Love to you all!! XXOO

Unknown said...

Well, it really is vacation time, everyone is getting mobile and taking out the boats and recreational vehicles and hauling them down the highway for the summer trips before the dead heat is upon us. I really loved the ocean front property in California where you can get up and walk down to the beach and collect shells, walk the dog, and visit with neighbors. I lived near San Luis Obispo and Morro Bay. I really thought Santa Barbara was gorgeous and it is still really lovely. Of course, you had better have a fat income to live there, but the fish is good in this area and I loved older places like The Grey Heron for their champagne buffets on Sundays. That was in Morro Bay, where it can be cold in mid-summer and you burn wood in those areas in the a.m. I wonder if Kristen flew back to Los Angeles or fly back over the pond? Wherever she is she is very proud of her man and he is a happy man. Kristen found a very nice man to love. Rob is a lucky man and he knows it. Kristen is happy being a homebody and she is an excellent actress, who holds with keeping their life private.

Nicci said...

Sue, my mama was a music teacher too! :)
Try eating bananas and mixing some CalMax into a drink once a day for the leg cramps.

Unknown said...

Evening to all in the Haven hope you all have had a great weekend,@Vana glad you got to see Rob making me jealous glad you had a good time,wonder where Kristen is home with Sweet Pea just makes me smile at the thought of them,well getting tired been a long weekend had some headaches and couple of other things going on ,so bid you all goodnight, love and hugs to you all.

Unknown said...

I love you all so much. This has been a very challenging day. I've tried to maintain a positive attitude, but I'm at the end of my rope.
There are too many hot emotions in my home. I wanted some help with a problem, but it was apparently too much to ask for.
Pleas excuse the rant you all. I think I'm tired and emotionally worn to a raveling.

Unknown said...

HKN - another brilliant post and congrats on the 2 million hits. Your blogs and the ladies of Havenettes are BEST supporters of Rob and Kristen.

Windswept is another big supporter of Rob and Kristen. She shared what was told to her that was suppose to be the Truth about the July, 2012 incident. She has been vilified because of this posting. Windswept was instrumental in the investigation of the death threat directed at Kristen by two high school girls. She took action and reported them to the FBI and Los Angeles Police. Of course, these girls said they were just joking. She also shared with a few folks on Twitter the film clip of Rob and Kristen in New York and someone leaked it and Windswept got in trouble. She wanted to share it because there was such news drought about them being together.

My view is that Rob is too protected of Kristen to even consider having her take the hit.

I haven't commented in awhile so some of my comments are a day late so to speak.

SueM Congratulations to the newest grandmother. You and your daughter and family are blessed. One of my greatest joy was to be in the delivery room with daughter #2 and witnessing the birth of her baby girl, Nikki.

Here is an old French wives tale on treating cramps- apply a bar of soap to the affected area. It works like a charm! No I am not French, but I paid $90 to have a session with a Frenchman so I share this information with everyone.

Arleen you are so good with youth have you thought about being a tutor through the school system. Best of luck with job hunting.

Vernier Thank you for the song "We are Family" Make me feel like an honor member of this wonderful group of Havenettes.

Gigi Cullen thank you for the access too your fan fiction stories.

Rob quote: "I had to become a vampire to find the right woman"

Kristen quote: "It's the most powerful feeling in the universe. It helps us stay strong and move forward" - Kristen about love.

So proud of our couples successes in Cannes and now Rob's in Sydney. Most happy and excited about Sweet Pea!!!

Sorry for the lost posts! Sweet dreams to all!

Paloma said...

Hola chicas feliz día a todas. Veo a ROB muy guapo y feliz, mucho más que cuando estuvo en cannes y me pregunto ¿será porque KRIS y su BB están con el en Australia? Me gustaría pensar que es así. Buenas noches desde España.

Unknown said...

Sundays are days of rest and at my house, its baking day in the afternoon! Banana bread and baked chicken. I love yellow squash and baked sweet potatoes, homemade beans with jalapenos and fresh cornbread, and I cook ahead and put away for days when I can't cook. Merle, sweetie, it's TBELL that is a new grandmother. My grandsons need to get married first and then I can have great grandchildren! TBELL lives in Oklahoma too and she is a very happy lady right now! We are still having rain and I will not complain because we truly need the water. Hope everybody is enjoying a quiet Sunday, it's just lovely! Have a great night everyone!

Morning Coffee said...

Hi my sweet ladies....

Just got home about half hour ago, we were just a head of a thundestorm all the way, but made it home and the strom hit a few minutes late. The other good news is it cooled things off beautifully, boy was it a scorcher today.

SueM...I'm drooling after reading all you coooked today..I do that to try to always make enough for more than one meal, then when I don't feel like cooking just pop something out of the freezer.

Arleen...How you doing today hon?
Hope you get some good news this week on your job search.

Merle...Nice to see you here today.


Gigi...I am praying for peace to surround your home tonight. Take care, love you.

TinaW...I sure hope things improve for you soon, headaches that severe are horrible company. I keep praying for you.

Nicci..nice to see you here today also.

Nolagirl...I too look forward to your daily wrapups for us.You usually make me giggle at least once for me, kiss Bella for me.

T-bell...y'all stay safe..busy lady I know when my first grandchild was born you couldn't keep me away or from shopping for her...I was lucky they didn't live far from me.

Vernier my sweet friend..I worry when I don't see you around, sending love your way.

I'm off to the showere now the storm has ended..May be back later.

Love to each of you.

Unknown said...

Hi to all the Havenettes!
Morning Coffee- I am still looking for one. I am more looking for a waitress with minimum wages plus tips. That is what I am looking for. I know I can do it. And I am not giving up with out a fight. So tomorrow I am going out there and look for one. Anything new?

ASFJ said...

Hello my ladies....back from heavy KP duty with sis. She is coming along nicely with all the help her family is giving her, thank God.

I see that Paloma Mendez Garcia from Spain is saying that Rob looks much happier in Australia than he was in Cannes....she's asking that perhaps could it be that Kristen and the BB are along with him? Isn't that a great thought? Paloma...espero que es la verdad que ellos estan juntos en Australia! Actually, I would earnestly hope for that to be true!!

MC...thank you for asking about me....just love you.

GiGI Cullen...please don't let family issues get you down...if there is one person rooting for you and praying for you it's me! My family is nuts and can really send me into a spiral that's hard to get out of...thinking of you, girl.

RKFaith...where are you? Hope all is well with you.

While sitting with my sis, I was trying to remember all the great Havenettes....so here goes...flex fingers,
Nola, Felicity,RKP,Tina Wotherspoon, Vernier,TBell,Pookie, Sue Morris, Jane, Annie, Arleen P, Lazmeister, JMF and anyone else I haven't listed.....you are THE greatest and make this place the best! Love you all

Unknown said...

A Big Opps! - TBell you are the one I wanted to extent my congratulations on becoming the newest "Grandmother"! It is the most wonderful and exciting time with a new baby in the family. Many more blessings to you and your family.

Vana - so envious of you being so close to Rob!

Rob and Kristen quotes: "She is mine!" and "This guy (Rob) is mine!"

Nightie night!

ASFJ said...

Oh..and congrats to you HKN for the 2 million viewers!!!
Also, Andreana, Frenchie, rostensiempre, Theresa.....anyone else I may have forgotten...love ya!

Tbell said...

Absolutely fine we're kinda the same anyway so its ok bb. Loved ur comment.

Loved ur comment also.

Love ya lady read ur email today and will answer tomrw ;)

Well ladies the fandom is so quiet we can hear the crickets chirp bwahahaha. Me, Vee and Mama are watching the miss USA pageant and having a hella good time. I think its rigged because our states didnt make the top 10 lol. But kristens did. Miss california all the way lol.

My faves are Georgia and Iowa. Nola girl you need to have a talk with miss Louisiana, we've decided she's a little um um lol.

Ok enough if that...where in the world are Rob and Kristen? I really neeeeeeeed to know.

Unknown said...

Hey everyone. Y'all are the best family a girl could have.
Merle, thank you for your kind words. I love my readers so very much.
Arleen, I am sure you'll find a great position soon. We're rooting for you.
MC, I love you too. It's been one of those days where rl was chaotic. One of the best parts of my day was church and small group.
ASFJ, you're a jewel!! My family dynamic is difficult, so I have to take care of my needs in order to take care of them. That's one of the reasons why I'm starting therapy at the end of this month. My doctor thinks that, along with antidepressants, will make a huge difference in the quality of my life.
Verni, where are you sweetie? W miss you!!!
You all are the best support I could have. I'm so proud to be a Havenette. Just know I love you all!! XXOO

Unknown said...

And I just found out that my new story, Magnolias in New York, is a featured story this week at The Writer's Coffee Shop Library!! That is a good way to end the night.

ASFJ said...

TBell....wouldn't it be fun if our girl Paloma is right???

Gigi....you go girl...doing the right thing

Go HEAT......a nail-biter! Watching the game....this is what basketball is all about....so FUN...just like this place...!

Tbell said...

Way to go girl love you and will start ur story this week.

Tbell said...

Hell yes it would. Just gonna believe it anyway lol. Love it how after cannes K just dropped off radar. I was telling V yesterday that robs interviews really got to me about loving the outback. Who the fuck loves the outback? That man must have been so in need of some privacy it broke my heart hearing him say that. As much as I wanna see them all together I really hope they can continue for a while so they can love, live and have a normal life while raising RJ

Unknown said...

Gigi, I love your comments. Thank you!

Janie said...

I see Rob has left Sydney.

Tbell said...

Thanks for the heads up. Went to RD and saw the video...wow that was quick. He was like sign one autograph and run lol. I see the beanie has returned;) beanie? In Australia? Wonder where he'll pop up tmrw?

W said...

"Poetry is the music of the soul, and, above all, of great and sentimental souls." Voltaire
...to Gigi Cullen and everyone...

NOLA girl said...

'Nettes - whassup?

Hope ya'll had a lovely Sunday. I sure did. Did a couple of loads of laundry, emptied the dishwasher, vacuumed the house, blew off the front entrance and patio of my house, and put together a little BBQ grill. What a friggin' amazing day - especially since I woke up with a case of "polio" (hangover) this morning. I am the cheapest date on the planet - 2 amaretto sours and I'm done! Fell out of the car last nite trying to get my chocolate fix @ Baskin Robbins!!!

Isn't the L.A. Premiere for the Rover on the 12th? If so, get ready - there's a full moon that nite.

I love how Rob and Kris have this ninja-thing pretty much figured out. If this is what they need to have some semblance of privacy, good for them!

TBell - you're such a doll. Thanks!! I think we all have busy lives. I'm one of those peeps that walks around with a to-do list. If I did something that was not on the list originally, I add it and then scratch it off! I'm definitely a type AA personality as is my husband. It's a miracle neither one of us has strangled the other (yet). I am so happy for your family with it's new sets addition :D BTW - I told the Miss Louisiana committee that the Miss America judges don't do homely...

Gigi - family is wonderful, but they're also the reason God created friends. Family is the main reason people go to therapy. I've been to therapists when my husband and I separated for 9 months, and when I was dealing with declining parents and my declining health. It's great to get an objective opinion when you find yourself in a difficult situation. I was put on an antidepressant after my father died. I tried to wean myself off it, but noticed my physical pain actually worsened. Cymbalta does have an indication for physical pain. You have made a tough, but smart decision to improve your psychological health. Congrats on the new story!!!

Sue mo - if I give you my FedEx acct number, would you send me some of those goodies you baked today? I have drool all over my iPad after reading your list of goodies!

MC - stay cool honey!!

Tina - be well soon! Have you been tested for allergies?

ASFJ - glad to hear your sis is doing well! I was not happy to see the Heat do well tonite - go Spurs :)

Arlene - great luck this week!

Ya'll - thankful it was a peaceful day in the Haven...

Big hug for each of you and have a great Monday! Sweet dreams....

NOLA girl said...

BTW - happiness for this semi-redneck today. Dale Jr. won at Pocono - yeeeehah!

Tbell said...

Well nola girl
I just love you more and more...dale jr? *sigh* and yes to the 12th in LA.

Nighty night havenettes

Frenchie said...

Good morning everybody!

Thank you ASFJ, love you too...

It's wonderful waking up and reading you all sweet ladies!

Sunny and warm here today, lovely!

Let's see what today brings up! Have a great day all!

Unknown said...

Good night Havenettes ladies! Keep me posted. Hugs to you all! Thank you all for my support. Tomorrow I am going out there apply some more. Night!

vana said...

/Hi everyone, left Sydney and I've got to say it has been the most beautiful and memorable experience of my life so far.
Jane, Annie, Barbara, Gigi Cullen, Nola, Merle thank you so much for your kind words, I mean it when I say it was the most beautiful thing ever.
Without saying too much about The Rover, it truly allows Rob to show what an amazing actor he is. Guy is fabulous and David Michod is so talented. Seeing these three talented men was a sheer joy. The Rover is a challenging movie, bleak, violent, gritty and Rob loved doing it. Some will be shocked, I was. I'll see it again on the 12th. I am bursting with joy at the wonderful reviews The Rover and Rob and Guy are receiving, I can't help but love this guy. Sorry got a bit carried away.
About the picture of the people in the pool....if this person has a picture of Rob in the pool why in the world would they go to all that trouble to get the picture to say it's Rob but can't supply the face...huh????
HKN thank you for your work.

Tbell said...

Wow congratulations! A once in a lifetime trip you made. A part of me wants the whole rundown now of the movie. Rob said his favorite part was going into a house at the end and im so curious lol. So far I have to drive 2.5 hrs if I want to see it in a theater but we'll see. Glad you got to see rob and crew. Just so happy for you!

Lisa G. said...

Hi, is the blonde who was pictured with Rob at the dinner in Sydney, arriving with him at the premier and also with Rob leaving at the airport his agent Stephanie?

Arleen-Good luck with the job hunting.

Sue-would you mind sharing your cornbread recipe?

Vernier said...

Ladies, Good Morning...... I have missed you Havenettes. I've been busy with RL and just having some down time.
Morning Coffee my sweet big Sis... I miss you lady so we will chat when I get home from work ok?
Gigi miss you too friend... Work had me wrapped tight for a minute but it has eased up some....
Vana that is an awesome experience. I am so proud for you......
What up Nola??? How you doing good friend.....
T you know I fell asleep last night and missed who won. lol lol
MN what you up to today? I will looking and listening..........
Well I am headed to work... Keep keeping it real......

Tbell said...

Lisa g
Others may know for sure who she is but she is not stephanie. I think she is robs london agent.

Lol miss georgia screwed up her win becuz she had a wack answer lol. Have a good day sweetie

Morning Coffee said...

Goood Morning all..

My intentions to check in last night were futile...after my shower..I lay down on the sofa to catch the end of a movie with my hub...and the next thing I knew it was 3 in the a.m.

I hope you all have a wonderful day. I will check back in around lunch time. See you all then.

irene said...

The lady is Grace Clissold, his London agent....

Unknown said...

Good morning to all the Havenettes beautiful ladies! Thank you Lisa G.
I wish Tbell and Felicity could talk to me too. I hope you two are not still mad at me. And hope you two and I can patch things up too. I miss you two too. Already forgiven with the rest of the Havenettes. But haven't heard from you two. We are still friends I hope with you two too.
As for the rest of hope you all have a great day! Thank you all for believe in me for finding a job. I am going to go out there and find one. Keep me posted. Hugs to you all.

Lisa G. said...

Thanks Irene. Was not sure if she changed her hair colour or it was a different person.

Sherry said...

Been AWOL for a day or so. My daughters future father in law passed away last week. Celebration of his life was Sunday. The wedding is in less then two weeks. Very emotional time for all of us.
Arleen P you will find that job and when you do it will be the right one.
To all the Havenettes thanks for making this such a great place to be.

I'll be checking in as much as possible. Lots to do before the big day. Looking forward the wedding and a weekend of fun and laughter.
Love you all!

Sherry said...

Been AWOL for a day or so. My daughters future father in law passed away last week. Celebration of his life was Sunday. The wedding is in less then two weeks. Very emotional time for all of us.
Arleen P you will find that job and when you do it will be the right one.
To all the Havenettes thanks for making this such a great place to be.

I'll be checking in as much as possible. Lots to do before the big day. Looking forward the wedding and a weekend of fun and laughter.
Love you all!

Unknown said...

Sherry- I am sorry about your daughter's future father in law. My prayers goes out to you and your and her family. Thank you!

Unknown said...

good evening, day, morning
on RD is a video of kristen, who's Stacy Minero? Who are these two people?
And you see the ring on the ring finger? ;-)
Nice day all Havenettes

Hatersknownothing said...

The Vine video is from March in NYC and Kristen says me and Rob at beginning of it lol.

Hatersknownothing said...

Link to vine video

Unknown said...

HKN, I am going to watch that video when I get home. After I am done job hunting.

Unknown said...

Thanks for video hkn. K is a smart cookie. Once again she trying to make media believe something thats not really happening. Note the bottles being shown and the man being shown drinking champagne. And k not drinking. K is brilliant. What a way to hide that pregnancy.

Unknown said...

That she said about yourself Rob and I did not understand,
was rather the voice what Chopped off
not with you always

Morning Coffee said...

you can here more of her beginning staatement on RD..soething about one or the other of them being at work...but she says it too quick for my ears to pick it all up..

Hello as I said earlier back around lunch..nothing goin on here except answering requests and trying to clean out a stack of papers from my desk again.

hot and humid.

much love bbl

Morning Coffee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

I heard clearly. She said me and rob. Then she said a screening. Then she said something about work. Then a mans voice said something and vid cut off. But I clearly heard me and rob. Screening and work. See we keep getting proof their together. Even though we dont need or ask for it. Lol.

Unknown said...

Evening everyone hope you are all well,@NOLA girl i have hayfever and get migraiones but they are now checking for epilepsy because of the amount of headaches i get thankyou for thinking of me,@Morning Coffee you did make me smile after reading that and thankyou for thinking of me aswell,@Sherry so sorry to hear about your future father in-law and his passing my thoughts are with you and your family,@Gigi hope you are ok thinking of you,Hkn thankyou for the link to the video,the weather here is very humid and is horrible making people irritable and lack luster hope it changes soon not doing my headaches any good,to each one of you thankyou love and hugs to you all, take care and be safe.

Janie said...

Rob has arrived at Lax. Looks tired. He's gracious tired yet still gives his fans pictures.

Unknown said...

Hey you all. That video...I have the biggest grin on my face. NO ONE can tell me that they are not together. This is yet another sign. And the ring in on her finger!!
Thank you for the quote, W. I appreciate the words.
NOLA Girl, I'm so glad I'm back on Prozac. Tried Cymbalta for a short time, but it made me sick. It is a great antidepressant for some people.
Verni, I hope work isn't too stressful.
Tina, I'm doing better today except my head hurts a little. Are you okay? I sometimes take care of a young lady who has Epilepsy. You're in my prayers.
And Rob is back in LA. The premiere will be insane.
Love to you all.

Unknown said...

Good afternoon to all havenettes! I am out looking for a job in a hot sun. Ugh! I have applied three jobs so far.

Paloma said...

Hola guapas, muy buenas noches. Gracias por vuestros comentarios. Rezaré por todas vosotras para que tengan salud y trabajo. Gigi corazón no te preocupes porque vas a salir adelante, piensa una cosa(TODO TIENE ARREGLO EN ESTA VIDA, MENOS LA MUERTE). si te sirve de consuelo te diré que yo llevo tomando antidepresivos durante 6 años y pronto te encontrarás mucho mejor y más animada, de todo se sale en esta vida. Un beso para todas.

Lisa G. said...

Got to say those glasses Rob is wearing at LAX are really funky looking. Kind of reminds me of the glasses Elton John use to wear.

Mickeymackey said...

HKN - the link to the video is no good. Where else can it be seen?

JMF said...

Robsten Dreams has the video

ASFJ said...

Good heavens...just got back and it loks like I missed something monumental....they're all deliriously happy on Mama Nails..

Is it the video of Kristen? How do I see it...help girls...what's going on????

Unknown said...

Hello to all the Havenettes! Any news? I was out job hunting. I got four more to go tomorrow. I just got to keep trying. So any news while I was out? Thank you all for being there for me. You all have been great.

ASFJ said...

Thanks JMF......oh my!

Morning Coffee said...

Good evening my sweet girls..

Hope all is well for all of you tonight..

Sherry..I should have said this earlier today, please accept my sincere condolences for your soon to be SIL and his family and also for your daughter and your family.

Arleen..good luck you have a bunch of people sending good wishes your way.

Gigi...Hope you had a really good day today..sending big hugs your way

ASFJ... Are you back at home now? how's sis doing? Take care.

I will stop in again later.

Janie said...

Horrible video of Rob arriving at LAX x17 photographers are the worst. Yelling at Rob asking how is the single life afterbreaking up with Kristen? Then asking have you done any dating. Such parasites. They make me sick. It's because of them that Rob has to go in hiding with Ktisten. Wonder why RD posted such a vile video?

Janie said...

Another reason why I wish Rob and Kristen would come out. Maybe all these vile comments will stop. On second thought the papps will think of something else to harass them about. A no win situation.

Vernier said...

Hello everyone!! Missed you great ladies.
Sherry sorry to hear of your families loss. My condolences.
MC Hey big sis. How are you beautiful lady of God?
There are new post on Trashdazes.
Real life has kept me jumping but I have peeped in from time to time. Love the new video of Kristen. Hated the video of Rob arriving at LAX. F*@king vulture paps!!!! How has everyone been?
Gigi I haven't forgotten about you sweetie. Just been wrap for a minute. I will get it to you. :0)

T Love your Trashdazes Post. Too cool.
Mama Nails you know I been keeping up with you.
The video of K is to cool to hear the happiness in her voice when she mentions her and Rob in the same sentence. Great video.......

ASFJ said...


I totally agree with you...as much as I love RD giving us all the latest details, I take strong exception to showing the vile papz video. Maybe they include it to let everyone see the hell Rob and Kristen have to go to at these airports. It certainly stirs up a lot of sympathy for them in my book. I'm always happy when they are in hiding at the same time and I'm VERY glad they have honed their ninja skills to a fine art!

MC....yes, I got back yesterday evening...sent you a shout out a few scrolls back thanking you for asking about me! Love you and hope all is well. My sis is doing better and we are all pitching in, driving each other nuts. Crazy italians......
I'm thinking of going to visit my son for some R & R. He lives in Los Feliz (yes, that one) in LA and I just love going out there to visit. He's been there for 14 years now, so it's like a second home. We'll see.
Best wishes to you and all the Havenettes.

Morning Coffee said...

verni...little sis I have missed you something fierce dear heart. You have got to slow down or find another damn job..a happier one.

ASFJ...if you visit your son in Los Feliz maybe you can pass by K's place and see if she actually stays there anymore...which I highly doubt.

The paps are some of the lowest of the low...I'd like to think I'd never work a job that deliberately hurts other people...I really think they are just trying to provoke him into punching one of them...It's no damn wonder he oved the barren peace offered by the outback.

The only thing he has to bring him any peace while in LA is Kristen and sweetpea.

I'll check back again in a bit

Morning Coffee said...

that should read loved the baarren peace.

Lazmeister said...

Hi All, We've just had a lovely long weekend over here so been busy trying to get things done.
Loving the video! So nice to see her relaxed, even if it is only for a second.
Loving Rob's interviews over here - except for one knob who can't interview, embarrassing! Loving his obvious comfort with Guy too. Also heard in one of the interviews that he'd love to do more Aussie movies - I'm up for that! Any movies really, so long as we get to see more of him!
Vern loving Trashdaze - I just don't get some people sometimes!
Sherry - So sorry for your SIl loss..
Arleen - Hope those jobs come through for you soon!
TBell - nearly spirted my drink everywhere laughing at the "Who the fuck loves the outback? Absolutely agree - that's why I've never ventured into Central Aus! Too bloody hot and too many flies. But I've been told the scenery is to die for, so I will have to venture out there one day.
Pookiedidymeisterhowsithangingdude - hope life is treating you well.
NOLA Girl - we're finally getting winter - about time! It's been a pleasant 20 deg C out here when it should be 10! I love the cold - well our cold anyway.
MC, Teresa, Jane, Tina, Sanni, adreana, Annie, Mama, SueM, JMF, Stargazzer and ASFJ and all other Havenettes - I hope life is treating you well and you're living it to the fullest!

Vernier said...

MC I know. I really need to. It is a pistol of a job. lol lol I missed you so much big sis. You are my rock...... :0)
Laz thank you. Tracey and I have a lot of fun doing it when real life doesn't pull us away.

Unknown said...

Evening you all. I refuse to watch the video taken by the paps. They are vile, disgusting. Can you all imagine what would have happened if Kris had been with him? It makes sense as to why they aren't photographed together. Ignoring them might be the best option for now.
I'm honestly glad that Kris allowed for that video to be put on the web. It's very telling.
Have a good night you all. Time for me to get some rest/

Unknown said...

Verni and Tracy, I loved Trashdaze!! Y'all put those shidiots in the right place. Love you all so much!!

Lazmeister said...

Gigi - I forgot you! How could I do that! Hope you're doing ok!

Unknown said...

HI THERE LADIES! Haven has been so calm and pleasant, I am just to say more! Benn gone all day and tomorrow the same! The video is cool and yes I think Kristen and Rob either allow or disallow certain pictures or videos. This one really seemed rather clear to me. Kristen saying she and Rob are very together again to help tender feelings out in cyberspace. I think it was a very sweet gesture and I really do believe they were very fortunate and have their first child without a lot of news at all disturbing a very private couple trying to just keep their lives so quiet and beautiful with their child and no press in the world. I am sure they love the peace and quiet of just family and friends. The press will try to make them angry to get a angry reaction. Rob did very well, although it probably bothers him less these days. He made a wonderful guest appearance in Australia and I think he does love Australia. I would love to see a new picture of Kristen and Rob, but then I would love to see a picture of the baby, and I know better but a picture of the pups and the baby would just be so amazing! Dreaming away !

Hatersknownothing said...


Another link to Kristen video.

Morning Coffee said...

Verni and Tbell..outstanding job on trashdaze ladies..you put those two anons in their proper place with style and timeless grace.

sue you are a busy lady...bless you.

Lazmeister...I got the impression from some of the outdoor interviews that it was chilly in Sydney also? how have you been?

I am with you Gigi..I refuse to see the pap video of the latest torment session..it's pure BS.

I long for the day when they can have peace in their lives once again and bring their relationship out in the open..I'd like to think I will live long enough to see it.

Ladies I am tired so I think I am going to drag myself to bed now.
Maybe and then again maybe not.

Love you all and sweet dreams.

ASFJ said...


My son lives in the more bohemian part of Los Feliz..and cheaper too! kristen"s home is in a gated community...no access. Rob's old mansion was in a more open area on the street....he really was exposed in that house in my opinion. My son humors me all the time with my "Twihard" stuff.....we don't go stalking for houses per se,(he won't do it and neither do I want to) but I have visited a few of the spots they are known to hang out in. Never saw anyone! However, there is one pub , close to my son's place where Rob has been seen a few times...I supposedly (according to the bartender) actually warmed my substantial buns on the very seat that Rob occupied!

I'll keep you posted when I go...I just like breathing the same Los Feliz air when I'm out there!

Best always

ASFJ said...

Oh and before I forget, Tbell and Verni....Trashdaze was fabulous! So funny and sooooo good!

Barbara said...

@Lazmeister.one knob? Richard Wilkins? to me he is the biggest nob, he doesn't have a clue,and Rob had answered the same question 100 time or more. Loved that Rob was treated with the respect he deserves,he was so relaxed and happy, though I think he was knackered by the time he leftBut Oh My he is just so charming, gorgeous and oh so Handsome.xxxx

Unknown said...

Hi to all the Havenettes ladies! I love the Trashdaze too. Get job who ever is in charge of that. Great job! Thank you all again. I promise you I won't give up on job hunting. I am still. I know its out there for me. I love all your comments. Great job ladies! Well, I am going to bed now. I have walked almost all day to do my job hunting. Night all of you. Hugs! Keep me posted.

Morning Coffee said...

Arleen I just had an idea...why not go to your county board of educcation and apply for a cafeteria position with one of their schools close to home..They pay decently and good benefits.

It was just a thoughht that hit me, hope you don't mind my suggesting it.

ASFJ...imagine walking in there and having both he and Kristen sitting there...if it were me they would have to scrape me off the floor. It would probably be the first time in my life I was speechless. LOL

As you can all see I haven't made it to bed yet. I can't seem to shut my mind off for a while.

Unknown said...

Thank you MC! But I am looking part-time job. Not full-time. But I will look into that.

NOLA girl said...

Good evening Havenettes! Happy Monday!
HKN, thanks for that second link. The first one didn't work. There's nothing better than positive reinforcement - we have believed they were together all along. Oh crap! I forgot to look for the ring!! (I'll go back after posting)

Sherry, very sorry for your extended family's loss. Great luck with the remaining wedding plans and I will keep you all in my prayers.

Arleen - make sure to stay hydrated while you are in and out of the heat.

Vana - isn't it great when an event you've been planning forever totally exceeds your expectations?What a great experience for you...

Ohhh TBell - we are major Jr fans at our house! I have loved him since he drove the Budweiser car. I am hoping this is his year to win the Sprint Cup. Steve Latarte will not be his crew chief after this year b/c Stevie will an analyst covering the races. Wondering who will replace him. My hubby and I got to go to Talledega a few years ago. Fantastic experience!

Verni - how are you my friend? Hope work is not too awful these days. Trashdaze is a great way to get your frustrations out!

Tina - hopefully no epilepsy. Let the docs keep digging 'till they get an answer. Hang in there friend!

Gigi - glad the medication is helping. Thank God there are things out there to help. I am a chronic pain patient, and the Cymbalta makes a difference.

Lazmeister - it's definitely summertime in NOLA! After the winter we had here, I don't mind it so much right now. What an amazing part of the world you live in!

Hey sue mo - how's the tootsie doing? Loved your comments!

MC - hope the sleep is going better for you...

felicity - hope everything's okay. You are missed here.

RKFaith - where are you bud?

Okay ya'll - found out today. I've been walking around on a fractured foot for 4-5 weeks. My doc asked me if I dropped anything on it and I don't remember. Seems like that would kinda stick out (no pun intended).

The floor boys return tomorrow for part deux of the floor transformation. I just want to live through it. I am too old for these projects!! I would rather have multiple root canals and a colonoscopy on the same day....

I know that video made everyone's day!

Love ya 'll. Sweet dreams!!!!

Sherry said...

Thank you all for the kind words. We will survive. It is just such bad timing but then when is a good time to lose someone?
I refuse to look at pap vids. Those are the most disgusting things to see. They don't have any brains . If they would leave them be and act civilized they might actually get a pic of them together. But that is the problem. They don't want any old pic but one of either or both of them getting angry or a pic of them with someone other then each other. I wonder what the going rate for the paps souls are nowadays?
Love you all! Nite nite.

Lazmeister said...

Hey MC, Can't complain - life is pretty good ATM. Hurt my back on the weekend moving my MIL into our place, but all good, it will heal.
Sydney is generally 3-4 deg C warmer than us and a lot more humid in summer, but yes it should be cool up there.
Barbara, yes him - such a Dick! I don't know how actors do it - Facing inept interviewers and not losing their cool! I watched him interview Susan Boyle and I felt sorry for her! He struggled to speak clearly and asked such silly questions!
But I love seeing Rob interviewed, he's so self deprecating and gorgeous to watch!
NOLA Girl - yes I do - but I've had to travel to realise that!
ASFJ - I'm so jealous! I'm a bit like you - I wouldn't really want to stalk him or find his home - but having a look at their haunts is cool!

Lazmeister said...

I'm with NOLA hope RK and Felicity are doing OK - We miss them here.

Lazmeister said...

Nola I hope your foot is ok! Ouch!!
We're renovating too - have been since Sept - bloody annoying! We're down to the last few bits, which seem to take longer than the renovation itself! Hope it finishes soon for you.

Unknown said...

good morning
The video of Rob at the airport is abhorrent
But happy to be back home with kristen and child
How terrible it must be for Rob and kristen to hear his always how they feel after the separation. Although they are happy together or even married.
For the fans both give indications over and over again but the press does not see it.
How I wish that the two come out once from their ninja position,
and to show the gossip page idiots these just write crap and ask
All a beautiful Tuesday

Janie said...

Mama Nails has a picture of Kristen in LA on Sunday. I see she Ninja'd in and no one noticed her arrive. Good for you Kisten!

Unknown said...

Good morning!
Sorry I've been MIA from the haven...things have been hopping over at SRWNS...

Anyway I skimmed through the comments!

Congrats on 2M hits HKN that's awesome!

Vana I'm so jealous but also delighted for you! Thanks for sharing your time with Rob. Can't wait to see the movie! Just a few more weeks. Still hoping it will land a theater closer than an hour away.

I did see one comment awhile back that I have to address cause I see our right to freedom of speech at least the right that we have here in the US misinterpreted too often to let this alone.

I have the right to say what I want same as all of you ladies here. So if you disagree with me on anything I say you have the right to voice that opinion.

The only entity that we are protected from is the government. Government officials are not allowed to come after me for stating my opionon on most any topic.

So if in my capacity as a blogger I hit some nerves ppl are allowed to disagree with me. Now on tumblr the way that works I have a lot of control as to what decent I allow on my blog just like HKN has the control to delete comments here.

But I can't control what ppl take from my blog and discuss other places... That is their right to do so...

So... If there's a blogger/tweeter that opens themselves up by posting controversial "facts" they open themselves up to the critics. So I would suggest that if they can't stand the heat they need to get out of the kitchen! Lol

But I do know that most bloggers/tweeters that I follow have thick skins otherwise they would have run screaming long ago!

Aaron Sorkin had the best quote ever regarding our freedom of speech here in the US! It is something to be honored not trivialized!

"America isn’t easy. America is advanced citizenship. You’ve gotta want it bad, ’cause it’s gonna put up a fight. It’s gonna say, You want free speech? Let’s see you acknowledge a man whose words make your blood boil, who’s standing center stage and advocating at the top of his lungs that which you would spend a lifetime opposing at the top of yours. You want to claim this land as the land of the free? Then the symbol of your country cannot just be a flag. The symbol also has to be one of its citizens exercising his right to burn that flag in protest. Now show me that, defend that, celebrate that in your classrooms. "

Vernier said...

Check out MC's guest post on Trashdazes.......

Annie said...

Morning all.

Mama Nails: Two things that should be required in schools.......Social Studies is a necessity and a debate team, both will serve all students well, even into adulthood.

Vernier: Going, going, GONE! :) Morning!!
Here, it's overcast and muggy with today too.

Annie said...

Oops.......Rain today too. :)
Glad to see that Kristen got home, again without being papped.....Are people still saying it can't be done? Hahahaha......Both Rob and Kristen do it all the time. :)

Annie said...

MC and Vernier: Hugging you hard from across the miles and laughing out loud as i try to drink my iced coffee.....Oh man!!! :):):):)

Unknown said...

Good morning to all the Beautiful Havenettes! Any news while I was a sleep?

Unknown said...

Morning you all. It's going to be very hot here today - the heat index might hit 105. And I'm crazy enough to go out grocery shopping this afternoon. But it's the only time I have to do it.
Lazmeister, how are you sweetie?
MC, your comment at Trashdaze was perfect! I read that after getting a foul review for one of my stories. But I laughed hard while deleting it!! That's a great feeling. LOL!!!!!
R&K are in LA together...I know they're enjoying the time together. Funny how she arrived in town w/o anyone noticing (that is if she was in NOLA). Love how they are ninjas!! It's their art form/.
Sherry, your family has my condolences. I'm sorry for your loss.
RK and Felicity, we miss you all.
Arleen, I'm proud of how you keep searching.
MN, you have been super busy. After the fandom realized that video was out there, I knew that someone would have to pick it apart. "'Me and Rob.'" That is exactly what she said.
Traci, Vaerni, ASFJ, NOLA Girl, and any one else I missed, hope you're having a wonderful day!! XXOO

Sherry said...

Mama nails I agree with you. May not have said it the way I should have but do agree. What I don't like is that the press use that freedom to stalk people and say vile disgusting things. Of course they are the ones who look like idiots. Freedom of speech is the one thing that makes this country what it is.
Glad to see Kristen was able to avoid the paps. Poor Rob though. All I can say is karma is a b***h! One day when the paps least expect it...wham!
Everyone have a great day. Love you all!

Unknown said...

Thank you Gigi! I better got out there and job search.

Morning Coffee said...

hey all...

Another hot one here today..not unusual it is Fl. and we are not even in the hottest months yet, that's reserved for August and Sept.

Arleen...before I forget, most of the school cafeteria jobs are part time unless you are doing the actual food preperation..which these day s is usually delivered daily to the schools from a central location already prepared.

Annie..if it's hot and muggy in NY already I fear we are in for a very hot summer all round. How have yu been? missed you yesterday.

andreana...where are you lady?

Mama...This is a free country and while I don't always like or agree with what other people say they still have the right to say whatever they wish...So I agree with you whole heartedly.

One needs thick skin..it also doesn't hurt to have an on/off button or delete in the case of bloggers..and I have erasers on all my pencils..cause there are times I don't even like what comes out of my own mouth. LOL

But I love you lady and HKN, Tempest and anyone else who is a strong voice for common sense and cutting through the BS with careful thought and sharp wit.

Gigi, Verni, TBEll and everyone else peace today BBL.

a stargazzer said...

@Sherry I'm sorry for your loss.

@ Arleen I just started my new job yesterday it took me many interviews and months. But I got the perfect position now. Hang in there!

I forgot to congratulate you in your 2 million. Felicidades!

@Gigi and @Nola girl
You are strong ladies in spite of everything you still keep your high spirits. True fighters! I tip my hat off to you.

Hopefully is just the allergies becoming crazy and you will feel good sooner than later.

Que bueno que tu medicacion este funcionando tan bien. Ojala les pase lo mismo a las demas chicas pronto. Saludos!

Hope at least the job is busy but fun.

To the other Havennettes I hope you are having a great day!

Annie said...

Hi there MC :)
Yes, the hot and muggy has started here along with the thunderstorms. Already having to turn on the air-conditioning!
Mondays are always manic. I hope to be on tonight.
I'm good otherwise........Hoping you are good too.

Absolutely loved your guest comment at Trashdaze!:);)

Arleen: Good luck in your job search.

Hi! Hi! to everyone else.

Unknown said...

Thank you morning coffee!
I almost forgot to tell you all. Yesterday, when I came out of the Chuck a Rama to see if there are any available for jobs. I saw this little cute yorkie wondering around the parking lot. I try whistle call dogs usually come to me when I whistle. So I call the animal control. And also help them with this dog. He wouldn't come near us. So I called the animal control to see if he is ok. The animal officer called me back. The owner had him in the back of the truck while she was eating. They will let me know more details. Anyways, I better continue my job search. Keep me posted. Hugs! Stay cool. Right now it 60 degrees at 11am.

andreana said...

Hey girls.
In the picture (video) with Kristen,what ring is she wearing? Looks like the gold ban that has Rob's name etched on it...Is that it?... I cannot make it out.... hmmm?

Annie said...

Sherry: My condolences on your loss.

Morning Coffee said...

andreana think it's the bridal set she had on during SA....I think there's a still photo you can see much better.

Unknown said...

Evening everyone @Mama Nails well said,@Arleen P hope you find the job your looking for soon, its very hot and humid here at the moment like a lot of places and it dosent do me any good just makes me feel more ill, well love you all take care.

Morning Coffee said...

Annie..Thank you...stay cool and I will try the same.
see you tonight.

andreana said...


Ok thanks! " me and Rob"..... beautiful words yet so simple....lol

Rosey said...

Hi HKN & ladies, I'm still mostly lurking and don't post often but I always enjoy reading all your posts. They are always positive, intelligent and informative. I love the fact that your support for this amazing couple never wavers. For me, Kristen absolutely allowed that vid to be posted. None of her friends would do that without her permission

Arleen. Good luck with the job hunting.

Unknown said...

hey all-- pookie here

checkin' in

good job as always my darling mamaN

and Morning Coffee of course, well done as well

and tracybell and vernie, you guys are becoming quite amazing in your writing ability; great, absolutely just fantastic work

and NOLAgirl, you too with your innovative turns of phrase are so inventive and bright-- i often think you should have a column in the new orleans paper down there-- people at large would adore you

such wonderful, wonderful havenpeeps, every last one of you

i do so much love you all

so here's a little something
i have a new/old poem

had the bones of it ha ha for a while but things being what they are decided to finish it

Thanks Laze darling for mentioning me

It's sometimes very lonely here on this old farm

if it's not to tedious, will publish said poem here

i know, omg, pookie again with her little poems


thanks again Laze


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