Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Rob Cannes 2014 TV !

Ladies grab your snacks and settle in for Rob Cannes 2014 TV!

We will bring you Dior suits, mismatched socks, funny faces and  drama (fan inflicted of course). Let's get started!

Let's play spot the difference. Two men. The one on your left actually broke up with his long time girlfriend. Days later he was seen sticking his tongue down another woman's throat. The man on your right supposedly broke up up with his girlfriend  too. But it's been over a year and he has yet to be seen romantically with another woman. And he still shares his clothes, caps and glasses with his supposed ex. Can you see see the difference?

Yep the same glasses. 

Red head mystery woman alert! Let the rumors begin!

 Nope. the dipshidiots lose again. It's Stephanie Ritz one of Rob's agents.

 Wonky legged Rob made a special  appearance.

 Mismatched socks part one.

Guy Pearce and his sandals making a Cannes fashion statement.

"So there wasn't some jackass trying to get a picture of me making a stupid face," says Pattinson."

Well they ARE cute faces Rob.

Yep it is!

Head to toe Dior. The bow tie rocks!

They both clean up nice!

Love that happy face!

And now for a commercial break brought to you by.....


She got her 15 minutes out of this and then cried when she got it and maintained she didn't do it for attention.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming!

Maps photo call. Nice white pants Rob! White and plaid always a good combo!

The mismatched socks make their second appearance. We can blame it on his honeys work schedule. She wasn't there to check he coordinated before he walked out the hotel door. Which reminds me. What happened to the  rented Villa Bonnie Fuller? 

"Robert who was the better passenger Julliete or Julianne?"

You gotta love him!

At MAPS premiere. Went for a different look this time. You can never miss with all in black. He gelled the hair down too. 

Is Rob laughing at Dave's goggles (oops I mean glasses lol)

And now we break for station identification!

Back to the show!


Everybody and their uncle was trying to translate this interview. And most of them were wrong. Asked about Kristen in competition at Cannes at 3:10.  He said I think she's going to be great.

And now get ready! It's panic time!


 At 6:08 this conversation takes place...

 And with that simple answer to a joke all hell broke loose. No it doesn't mean a damn thing.  Use the brain your mama gave you! What do you think would of happened if he said yes? Insanity that's what. 

The Robsessed hags of course took it as confirmation and celebrated their supposed victory. Blow up dolls were being thrown out of windows everywhere. 

"Omg I might have a chance with him! Someone get me a ticket to Cannes!"

"I can't breath. My ovaries! My ovaries ! They are exploding!"

They were boarding trains and planes. Trying to get to Cannes.

Yep. They made complete fools out of themselves. OVER NOTHING.

Run Rob Run!

At 8:00 Guy is asked about David Cronenberg and says this to Rob.....

Antoine: Guy, you worked with Curtis Hanson, Christopher Nolan, Riddley Scott. Is David Cronenberg among the directors you'd want to work with today?
Guy: David Cronenberg, certainly. If he thought I was right for a role - I mean, David obviously is an amazing director, someone who pushes boundaries and explores interesting territories so as an actor I would find anything he would offer me, interesting to do. If he's out there and he's looking for an Australian man, I'm in.

Antoine: Robert if you could organize this that would be very courteous of you.

Guy: Robert, if you organize me a job with David, I will find a girlfriend for you here in Cannes.

And Guy was responding to a question about David Cronenberg joking around with Rob. Not the other question as the over exited Robsessed would have you believe.

 The lesson learned in all of this? Where foreign media is concerned wait until the transcript comes out before you jump to conclusions. Let the Robsessed get excited over nothing and then get burned.

Hey Rob, Lena and Aunt Yvonne are waiting for you!

You know she's somewhere laughing her ass off
right now!

That panic died down and then we got this. Rob leaving his hotel on the way to Nice airport today. 

  So what he's leaving. Doesn't mean he and Kristen aren't together. Keith Urban wasn't there for Nicole Kidman either. Guess that means they are heading for divorce. 

Protecting sweet pea from the riot that would ensue if he stayed until Kristen got there perhaps? 

This quote from Rob might hurt the dipshidiots.

Rob was asked if he and Kristen influence each other on choosing scripts...
"We don't give direct advice, but we see things in a very similar way." -ROB

Present tense idiots. Get it? 

And you still wonder why we haven't seen a pic of them together for while? 

This pretty much explains why. He is determined to slow the tab gravy train down. They aren't getting jack shit. 

 Rob said he will be working with Oliver Assayas in a movie titled Idol Eyes. Filming in November! A Crime drama set in 1970's Chicago !

He also said in an interview how similar Idol Eyes was to Clouds of Sils Maria. How would he know that unless he's already seen Clouds of Sils Maria?

That's right dipshidiots. He doesn't regret it.You might want to forget that he was ever in Twilight but he hasn't forgotten it has afforded him with the chances he's getting now. 

And we will close the show with some more Cannes Rob!

Rob:  Kristen haters to the left!

 Rob and Mia. Bet their honeys Skypes were on overload.

Hey Rob Ray Bans is on the phone. They want you under contract!

 Mirrors. And Peace Out!

 Congratulations Rob! Job well done!

       New Clouds of Sils Maria Clips!



Charles Gillibert confirms Kristen is coming to Cannes!

New pic of Kristen from her directorial debut in Nashville.

Sweet pea trying to be noticed.

Coming soon to your TV Kristen Cannes 2014 TV!

See you then!


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Anonymous said...

Great post HKN I still think it's 50/50 on Kristen because that tweet said "yes I do" not "yes Kristen is 100% attending"

People act like Cannes defines RKs relationship do they not remember that in 2012 their premieres were about the other attending? And it became UNSAFE I remember they video of them all how K almost got hurt.

Vernier said...

Thank You so much for this HKN... Well said and lessons learned.....
Stay Calm, It will be alright....... Nuf Said........

Unknown said...

Thank you for the new post, HKN! It made my night that much better. And you are right, Verni - everything will be alright. The fact that Rob was using present tense when talking about Kris speaks volumes to me.

Anonymous said...

Hey HKN you could add too that Rob confirmed that he already saw Sils Maria. He was asked about Oliver and Idol eyes and HE brought up how similar idol eyes & Sils Maria are. Now in order to know about Sils Maria he would have to have seen it.

Unknown said...

Honestly, we really do need to realize that Kristen is really pregnant, and if she plans to go and can do, she will. But things change daily when you are this far along. It's all about the baby, you all. Susie is twirling and happily spinning because Rob and Kris are happy. As they used to say, " time to stay cool, calm and collected", you all hear me? The situation is handled.

Morning Coffee said...

Thank you HKN for once again setting the record straight.

Rob was so blissfully happy with the premieres of his films, and even though his sweetheart wasn't right by his side, she wwas sharing in his joy and more than likely bursting with pride for him..as he will for her when it is her turn.

Wonky legs, mismatched socks, glorious Tuxedos and uber casual, a truly beautiful man with a beautiful heart and soul.

So very happy for him.

Fandom as HKN always tries to tell you..Calm your Tits!!!

Unknown said...

hey Havenettes!! hey HKN!! thanks for another wonderful post-- great 'Rob @ Cannes 2014' wrap-up! i loved it
so now we wait for Friday and the jury's decision... Cannes has already been great for our darling R and K-- it can only get better from here!!
love always,

joy said...

Don't hate me but I feel that RK might really be over, I hope that you guys are all right and Im wrong, but everytime Rob answer the question about K in cannes he seems to be so annoyed unlike before when they were together, just the mention of her name you can see how happy he is or he even seems to be tickled ..... when he was being asked if he was single, look at his face like he is smiling and agreeing with his eyebrows until he said yes...ok I might be reading too much on that but he just doesn't seem like he is as happy compared to before.. K I'd like to believe shes having a baby soon specially when I saw the video of her pictorial, but now it looks like just a beer belly probably drinking to drown her sadness too. Her dress at the gala,it'll be very uncomfortable for a pregnant woman to wear a belt like that which even look tight in the back,lastly they dont look like the type of people that cares whatever people says, Rob might care, but for them to hide the rel. this bad that noone sees them for 1 whole year thats a looot of effort.... I dont know I really hope im wrong coz I want them TOGETHER they seem to be made for each other.

Hatersknownothing said...

I took the airport pic down ladies. People on twitter were saying sites were being asked to remove them so I put up one of him leaving the hotel.Maybe for security reasons. I don't know. Took it down to be safe.


Thanks for the heads up. I updated to include that. There was so much to go thru I knew I would forget something lol.

Vernier said...

that's so right robstensiempre I saw that. He said he saw it a few days ago when he was in the interview. Good point. Well made.... Smiling and twirling now!!!! He would only have seen it if K let him. I doubt if you would ask your ex who you supposedly haven't seen for almost a year to watch your movie. Just saying.... I know I wouldn't.......

Hatersknownothing said...


He's annoyed because he does not want to be asked about his personal life. And what I saw on that video was him playing along with a joke.A JOKE. As for Kristens dress at the Gala did you see the after party pics? They clearly show you she is pregnant.It's called an illusion dress for a reason.

DreamerKind said...

Sweetness, in every way, Ms. HKN!

Vernier said...

HKN was there a reason given for taking down airport pics?

Hatersknownothing said...


Did you not see the interview where Rob said he is trying extra hard not to be photographed anymore? He is tired of the intrusion and yes they very well could go a year with out being photographed(actually it hasn't been a year.October.)They were sighted in NYC a few months ago
and we have video of Rob there with her. No it wasn't a Rob look alike crew member from the film. lol.

Hatersknownothing said...

Vern I just saw they said on twitter that Pattinson Life was asked to take them down. So I took mine down. Robsten Dreams had it before and it's no longer there either. So I took it down to be safe.

Hatersknownothing said...


The agency that took the airport pictures asked that they be taken down from all sites is what I'm hearing.

Vernier said...

Wow!!! that's strange aye? Thanks for the info HKN....

Tbell said...

Such a good post. Thank you for the info, entertainment, and socks! Lol

I will be a grandma tomrw and im so freaking excited. Sorry I haven't been around much lately but RL is serious biz right now. I love reading ur comments and have been keeping up. Im so excited for K and Rob in Paris just so mmany good things and Sweet Pea around the corner it just keeps getting wonderfuller and wonderfuller.

Love ya ladies and hkn love this blog so much you've cultivated such an excellent group of women!

Night night tomrw I'll be Grandma Tbell lol

Hatersknownothing said...


Congrats.You must be so excited!

Lillianolivia.white@gmail.com said...

Great post HKN. I am so proud of Rob & Kristen during Cannes 2014, & we haven't even started with COSM yet. To all the doubters & negative nellies- Rob used present tense when asked questions concerning Kris. He actually gave his stock anserws to ppl tacky enough to ask him if he was single. Notice he walked away as quickly as possible. I was not surprised that they decided to insure that this Cannes was about their work & not their relationship. As much as we loved the footage of them attending each other's premieres, and the sweet looks; this overrode the importance of their work for many.
This reminds me of how they have run diversion tactics to protect each other in the past( Rob signing autographs for fans down the block while Kristen & Bear sneak into the SUV during filming of Cosmopolis in NYC for one). If Kristen is able to attend, I'll be just as excited as I was with Rob. I'm so proud to be a fan of R&K. I love how they will not compromise their relationship. They rock! And I can't wait to see all their movies!

Unknown said...

Hello to all the Havenettes! Hi Gigi, Vernier, robstensiepre, Sue morris, Morning Coffee, pookie lewis, HKN, and the rest of the Havenettes! I love this HKN! Great job! I just got home from dinner. I had pizza night. Plus, I gardening my yard. I love you all.

Unknown said...

Tbell, I hope everything is ok.

Vernier said...

TBell is going to be a Nannie.... So cool.... Congrats my friend and love ya lady......
HKN thank you again for your valuable time and attendance to us looney "old" ladies....... You are a force to acknowledge.......

NOLA girl said...

Hey Havenettes!!
HKN - thank you for the new post. I think we can all agree Rob made us proud - mismatched socks and all - but no one more so than Kristen.

I know there was disappointment b/c they weren't there at the same time. I will still be surprised if Kris puts in a live appearance. If she doesn't show it will be b/c of little SweetP. Either she isn't comfortable travelling outside the US or she wants to get the movie wrapped up as soon as she can. I'm speculating, but perhaps she is not physically comfortable - not sleeping well, tired, wanting to go home - and then add jet lag on top of it, I dunno. We'll find out shortly.

Saw there were some familiar trespassers earlier today. Would love to know what compels someone to continue to visit a website where 1) she is not welcome and 2) she continues to lecture us on how stupid we are. Is she trying to save us from HKN's 'brainwashing' or does she think if she says it enough, we'll repent and and admit she was right? I just don't get it. Who has time for that BS?

Everything's gonna be okay.

Verni and TBell - you are gonna have a blast w/ Trashdaze this week!!! BTW TBell - I hope all is well with the family. Watching the game, sorry 'bout the Thunder.

Sweet Dreams and love to each of you

Vernier said...

Hey HKN if Rob left he would have to land somewhere. Anybody seen him land anywhere? Tweet or something.........

NOLA girl said...

TBell - Praying that all goes well tomorrow! Give us deets when you can. Congrats to you and your family :-D

Vernier said...

Hey NOLA girl... Yes we are..... I am ready too.... These folks is foolish... lol lol
How are you lady? I'm about to lay it down for the night..... Got an early day tomorrow.....

Annie said...

Evening again.
HKN: Thank you! :)

MC: From your earlier comment, my day was great.......One more and then the long weekend is mine! :):):)
How was your day?

DK: Is that you? DJ extraordinaire. :)
Rob also said he saw Camp X-Ray.

Lazmeister said...

Still reading, still loving and still lurking.....
Thanks Plano S for your brilliantly worded replies.
Vern loving the anger against knobs, but I just wish you didn't have to, I can't wait to read Trashdaze when I get home tonight and enjoy the anger there!
After reading all of the comments I'm still thinking that they had one night in Cannes to enjoy each other, so they can get the company when they can. Just wish they could be a bit normal...
Thanks HKN and all Havenettes!

Lazmeister said...

Oh and Tbell - huge congrats on the Grandma bit! My mum always says it's so much easier to be a Grandma than a Mum because you can love the children unconditionally with none of the stress involved in raising them...

Annie said...

Tbell: Congratulations! :)

ASFJ said...

HKN...so glad you're back with another wonderful post! I was getting such a headache from the unwanted visitors on the last one!!

Tbell...a grandma? what great news and hope all is well. The best to you.

Somebody said Rob is in Paris, don't remember who...how do you know and where did you get the info? Just curious.

I will reserve that "confirmation" on K going to Cannes until I actually see her there....just sayin'..

Love to all of you great gals.....and Verni, give 'em hell!

DreamerKind said...

'Tis me, Anna Banana! I follow the drum where RK love leads me. :)

Morning Coffee said...

ladies Good evening...

Tbell: Oh sweet lady I know you are thrilled and probably have your fingernails down to the nubs by now.
I will keep you and the wee one in my prayers tomorrow...Bring us the good news and the deets as soon as you are able. God Bless

Vernier my sweet beautiful girl...I love you sister of my soul.

Pookie: It's lonely around here without your good cheer..missing on you something fierce.

Sweet sue: Looking forward to the reviews for CoSM..I will be delighted to see Kristen if indeed she is able to be there. You feeling better?

Nolagirl: I hope little Bella feeling some better by now..saying a little puppy prayer for her too.

Gigi...praying you have an exceptionally good day tomorrow. love you 2 girl

Arleen have a good night..like the pic with the hat.

Havenettes that I have missed naming doesn't mean I'm not thinking of you all and wishing sweet dreams or good morning whichever the case may be.

Vern Yeah he had to land somewhere unless he's circling the globe. I doubt anyone will know where though..he has really honed his ninja skills. He'd make a good spy non'?

Morning Coffee said...

Anna Banana....Now you know damn well I will get mileage out of that name..I use to call my aunt Anna that..She chased me with her slipper. Have we heard anything from Lena and Aunt Yvonne? Hapy you had a good day, me too.

Guess I can't leave yet, too many comment s coming in and I am nosy.

DK: give us a song for the occasion of Cannes please.

ASFJ: how you doing tonight? I like you will wait and see on Kristen..would love to see her if she makes it know she will be her usual wonderful gorgeous self.

Lazmeister: Your mum was correct all the fun and when they fuss and get whiny you get to send them home.

Vee: rest well.

DreamerKind said...

Let me think, for I'm under the influence of drink!

Vernier said...

Hey MC I love you too. I did ask a stupid question didn't eye. I think him and k are both landed somewhere and celebrating his great time and Cannes before she has hers if she comes. I love you lots lady!!!! Have a good night all. headed to bed now. Just very tired......

Hatersknownothing said...

Morning Coffee


How about this song for Cannes?

My Cherie Amour
Stevie Wonder :):):)

DreamerKind said...

Loving on the two most popular personalities to be at Cannes 2014

The Crescendos:
Listen here!

Everybody loves a lover
Everybody loves me!
Woah, you know they do
And I love everybo-bo-bo-body
Since I fell in love with you!

I should worry? Not for nothing!
Everybody loves me
Woah, you know they do!
And I love everybo-bo-bo-body
Since I fell in love with you!

Who's the most popular personality?
I can't help thinking it's no one else but me!

Gee, I feel just about ten feet tall
Having a ball!
Well, you might call me a Pollyanna!

I should worry? Not for nothing!
Everybody loves me
Woah, I know they do!
And I love everybo-bo-bo-body
Since I fell

Since I fell
Ah, since I fell
In love with you
You, you, you, you!

Thanks to/Vista Vasta/YouTube

a stargazzer said...


He pretty much answered every fandom's doubt.
Why he had not being seeing with Kristen? He is avoiding them and probably using a lot of NDA with the press and whenever he can.
Is Kristen still important to him? He swa both of her movies already and he says they both see things the same way.
It reminded of a Saint_Exupery quote: "Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction."

Is like the fandom is so used to flashy headlines, over the top love declarations and pictures of other celebrity couples that they assume that everyone should do the same or else is not real. This is Kim and Kanye standards of "love" not our couple. They are just two normal people that happen to work as actors for a living that is all.

Now to wait for our girl's appearance whether in Cannes or somewhere else. ;)

Congrats in your grandkid. Lots of fun ahead for you!

Annie said...

Hahahaha DK:
Still as charming as ever. :)
How are you?

DreamerKind said...

Hello fair past Roseland visitors, too! Off to make a steak. Hugs.

Morning Coffee said...

Dk: if your gonna be under that's the best place: *-*

HKN that's a good one, I like it lots ;););)

Sweet Dreams Vern<3

DreamerKind said...

Very good, like a granny-ho, senior citizen, Robsten Elder tonight!

Morning Coffee said...

Good one DreamerKind

astargazzer never any doubts about who they love from any of us.

night girls my bed is calling me loudly.

Unknown said...

Great post hkn. Yeah difference is rob is behaving like man still in relationship with his gf. The other guy couldn't have loved his gf much to move on so quickly.

Huh yeah. R was joking. Use common sense. If rob made true statment like that every french and us tab would have been on it the same day. But we all know rob is not going to say his relationship status on tv. Come on. Jeez.

She still wear his clothes. They swap glasses and all r ob comments of her in present tense means they are together.
Also when rob was at photocall for rover someone said he was wearing balenciaga clothing....bam!

LizzieD said...

HKN -- Thank you for a great post!! The drama was amazing for a few days but the reviews that Rob's movies got sounded wonderful. I just hope I get to see them before they are on DVD.

TBELL -- Congrats on becoming a grandma, am I too early? Hope all goes well :)

DK -- Hello!!!! How are you? So glad to see you here, have missed you & your music so much even if I'm not usually up at the same time :(

EVERYONE -- AGAIN, thanks for all the thoughts & prayers about my Mom. She is doing fairly well at home, tho very weak. But she feels pretty good considering ...

LIZ IN LALA LAND --- TWIRLING & TWIRLING!!! Can't wait to see what Kristen wears with her orange hair. I hear some saying they are hoping she'll wear green, would contrast nicely with the hair. Would also be a coincidence cause Rob wore the green jacket the other day.

Annie said...

MC: Lena and Aunt Yvonne are like all the rest......They don't stand a snowball's chance in hell! Hahaha.

DreamerKind said...

Miss you too, and follow your comments, when I see ya! Happy your mother is better. You are so sweet to your parents! Heard you're going to Nashville this year?

Unknown said...

Hi DreamKind, LizzieD, Annie, Morning Coffee, and the rest of the Havenettes. I am glad that you all love that hat. Which it wasn't mind. I saw that at the Lowes on the gardening isles. Its on sale. I just saw that hat. I just pose on picture to see how I look. Its a gardening hat. I love to try things. But na I am not buying. I am sure some of you try on things like that with out buying it. Like prom dresses or something. I remember when I was 16 years old. One of my friends were going to a prom at the mall. And some of us were just trying on just for fun. Just to picture it to see what is like. So I was trying on that hat for fun. Its bring my old memories. Anyways, I am going to bed now. Keep me posted. Hugs to you all! Night everyone!

Offline said...

Hello Havenettes!

Very much enjoyed Rob at Cannes..gorgeous, sweet, funny, adorable man.
It would not be impossible for Kristen to have little sweetpea & be back working on AU without us even knowing. I have read about another actress doing so & surprising people who see her looking so slim only a week after. Anytime this could happen, keep it in mind.

HKN Can you tell me - did Rob say he has had a deep connection with Kristen etc...in one of the videos...did it happen? Not that it worries me at all - that man is Kristens!

DK & Arleen - good to see you here!

TBell - So pleased for you all is well & your family will be blessed with your own little sweetpea any time now!

This place is so great to visit. I wish all of you well.

DreamerKind said...

I can imagine you and me in those British fascinator hats, at the horse races! Hats are big FUN!

<3. I visit today, to greet one and all, while having have some fun with the robot sorting identifiers which amuse me greatly.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Good Morning! I loved the Cannes recap! Its been an amazing few days and I love how happy Rob was and the great reviews that keep rolling in. In the end its still work, promoting movies and meeting business people and I think Rob did brilliantly, side stepping the unwanted stuff thrown at him regarding his personal life. I didn't notice the sungalsses - TY again!!

Plano - I know its been a few hours since you wrote but I loved what you wrote regarding NDAs etc and you're clear and articulate - a voice of reason and sanity.
Since I follow things on IG fairly closely, I tend to agree regarding K being much more open, She's fully aware of the things her friends post, sometimes reacts to them and I have no doubt she allows it. I feel the same regarding what you wrote about the cousin. TY for spending the time to write.

Tbell - with the immense amount of love in your heart, you will be a wonderful grandmother!

Sending your family wishes of health and joy from afar, and to all of the lovely ladies here, including all the great, new "faces" here and the visitors! Love that this place is growing.

felicity said...

hi hkn... wonderful sum up of rob at cannes

@teresa holmes.. no, the shoes he wore looked like his balenciaga shoes, but they were a different kind of brand. so no, no balenciaga at the photocall

@RKP.. in the original interview, that hkn has on this blog, there was no word about 'being deeply connected' the other version was dubbed.. with a voice soo loud, that you couldn't hear rob's real words. the 'connection' quote came solely from the speaker.. NOT FROM ROB!

as far as i have seen, no word about rob's wherabouts. good for him.

so.. now is kristen's time to shine, along with her cast members. trailer release day for COSM

Unknown said...

Good morning all Havenettes
HKN brilliant and beautiful post about Rob as he rocked cannes.
Who knows where he is flown! So far, no arrival pictures
Always near kristen! ?
AlL a nice Thursday

Unknown said...

Havenes and HKN great post again thanks and great for rob cannes 2014 wrap-up so and hope for the last minute see kris cannes kisses

Unknown said...

Morning/Afternoon/Evening to you all Hkn what a fantastic post I was nearly choking with laughter seeing the Trolls on the train FANTASTIC,@Tbell congratulations on becoming a Grandma love to you ansd your family , well hope you all have a lovely day be back later.

Unknown said...


Has this white ribbon to signify something?

felicity said...

@sanni.. each and everyone, who was at the dinner with assayas, pearce, corbet and rob had this ribbon. it is practically your ticket to be there. shows that you are allowed to attend!

Unknown said...

Thank you felicity

andreana said...


Can I just say ......BEST POST EVER!....this one just kills it.. thank you... you outdid yourself and we are all loving it...

Good day Havenettes!

:~D. Big smiles ...and waiting for baby girl ...and baby...

andreana said...

Tbell...congratulations! You are going to meet the absolute love of your life!

intothesun74 said...

Congrats Tbell! much happiness and joy to you and your family on your newest addition!

Annie said...

OMFG.......The Clouds Of Sils Maria trailer!!!!!!
AWESOME! :):):):)

Annie said...

Watch it here:


vana said...

Hatersknownothing, again thank you so much for a great post. You know how much it is loved. Also, thank you for the video where Rob is asked about Silas M I hadn't seen that one. It was great how he kept the interview on a professional level. There is so much to see, I still haven't gone through half of it. I won't deny that I adore Rob and love so much that he's with Kristen. She looks adorable in that picture in blue with that cute tummy.
@Tbell, congratulations, having a new baby around is the most beautiful thing.
Hi to all, Pookie, I wanted to thank you yet again for your very kind words, you are a beautiful person.
@Arleen, it just occurred to me that I haven't welcomed you back, I guess because I comment irregularly I don't truly see myself as part of a group but I'm glad you are back.
Love to all. Going back to catching up on Cannes info. love Guy as well, he's such a nice guy and fantastic actor.

Unknown said...

Love the new trailer and love that Valentine mentions the paparazzi..
and the THONG!
The mountain views are incredible and I'm really excited to see all 3 of them together in this.

felicity said...

TBELL congratulations.

Unknown said...

forgot to write - thank you Annie!

Can't wait to see Kristen

Annie said...

Director of The Clouds Of Sils Maria, Olivier Assayas:

"Kristen, whatever image one has of her, ultimately she's just a great actress by any standard," says Assayas. "I was just completely amazed by the range of Kristen. I'm so honored to be working with her at this moment when she's blossoming."

RK Faith: You're welcome. :)

Annie said...


"It's really something that you have not seen her in," says Assayas. "She's warm, funny, witty."

Annie said...

........That’s the technical side of it but the more exciting and human part of it is that she’s amazing. I hope everybody will share my enthusiasm of what she did with the part, the freedom she found in her acting and a humor that we hadn’t seen much of just came out, I don’t know how or why. It’s really very exciting when you are filming a young actress and see her respond to your material and grow right before your eyes.

Nicci said...

So I think Rob was saying that Clouds and Maps to the Stars were similar, not Clouds and Idol Eyes (which are both movies by the same director and why would he make two movies that are so similar). Both Clouds and Maps deal with actresses, the career of actors and the people around them.

andreana said...

Just saw kristen's new trailer... remember how rob answered the question about what he looked for in a woman... his answer was " a good A** .... and intellegence..... hmphf.... wonder who we know that fits that description......? We know who.......!

Unknown said...

Good Morning from beautiful downtown Sapulpa, Ok, home of the crazy old lady Susie Morris. You know it is just wonderful that TBELL's grandchild is due and also Kristen very soon if not already here in Paris perhaps. We really are completely in the dark and I am excited for TBELL'S DIL and for Kristen and Rob. My oldest daughter was born on May1 26 and she grew to be almost 6 feet tall. She was early and not quite 6 pounds at birth! My youngest was 8 pounds and is 5 foot , 1 inch if she stretches up . Kristen is always professional about her work so I would not be surprised if she does not come. But, she might decide to come last minute or be televised to Cannes. There are lots of possibilities, and her personal life is not what's showing at Cannes. Good lick Kristen, break a leg, or whatever! Much love, Susie

Unknown said...

Hello everybody!

HKN awesome post! I love wonky legged dorky gorgeous Rob! LOL!! The drama!

I've been watching the trailer for COSM! I just keep watching it over and over again! I can't wait for this movie and I do hope we get to see Kristen have her moment to shine at Cannes!

As much as I would have loved to see them together I'm glad that they will each have their moment to enjoy their professional success without their relationship overshadowing it!

Unknown said...

Good morning to all the Havenettes! Hello everyone! I was up til 2 am. I had a hard time to sleep.
Thanks you vana for welcoming me back. No its not too late. I miss you too.
And I better go back to sleep in. My shoulders are killing me right now. I don't know if at age 40 can happen. With the burning feeling. Yeah, I think I will go back to sleep. Keep me posted. Let me know when Kristen is safe. Later.

Unknown said...

DK, Hi there! Thank for the music, very appropriate! Are you still doing that amazing special vodka? I drink cranberry with mine. And I am only allowed one at night. I have to also do this with friends at Lodge, and this is not east. I bring 7-up(diet) to keep me from over-doing it with friends buying drinks. I hope everything is good with you and truly Arleen, your hat does remind me of Derby Day in Kentucky, really nice hat! Everybody stay calm and remember, we don't know squat about what is really happening with Kristen, and this is actually good! Thank you HKN for monitoring the site for negative input.

Unknown said...

Just a small comment -
In 00:15 of the trailer you can see scribbles on K's hands, near the fake tattoo and on her other wrist - we saw these when she landed back home from filming and people were going crazy with what she supposedly scribbled on her hand(the fish with the bubbles etc.). There were all kinds of speculations, most of course about her and Rob's relationship and how the fish have this special meaning.

Unknown said...

RKP and DK, thank you about the hat. . I am glad that you all love that hat. Which it wasn't mine. I saw that at the Lowes on the gardening isles. Its on sale. I just saw that hat. I just pose on picture to see how I look. Its a gardening hat. I love to try things. But na I am not buying. I am sure some of you try on things like that with out buying it. Like prom dresses or something. I remember when I was 16 years old. One of my friends were going to a prom. We are the mall trying out prom dresses at that time. And some of us were just trying on just for fun. Just to picture it to see what is like. So I was trying on that hat for fun. Its bring my old memories. We had fun. I am sure of you have done something like that. And bring good old memories that you all had.

Unknown said...

I agree nicci.

Rk faith does fish have any meaning for pregnancy? EspeEspecially in Europe?

Unknown said...

Arleen - its great you're such an avid gardener, I saw your pics on twitter.

Teresa - none that I know of, no.
The scribbles were part of her Valentine get-up, as you can see in the new trailer, its like the fake tattoo that she kept, dog tags etc.

Unknown said...

RKfaith- Thank you! You should see my pictures on my google too. I am going back to sleep. Later.

Annie said...


How did Kristen join the project?

Director of The Clouds Of Sils Maria, Olivier Assayas:

Kristen was it was a fairly long story because originally she couldn’t do it because of scheduling conflicts. She loved the screenplay but the timing wasn’t right so we moved on and had Mia Wasikowska, but then she had a contract with Disney for the Alice sequel and the minute the movie got moving she was not allowed to be in any other projects during that time period. By then Kristen’s schedule had cleared and so instantly we sent it back and she was able to do it.

Offline said...

Felicity thank you for answering my question.

I'm off to check out the COSM trailer. Cheers everyone!

Morning Coffee said...

Morning All...would have posted earlier but was busy catching up on posts here and at SRWN..Busy morning for everyone.

From the trailer for Clouds I can hardly wait to see thhis one and Still Alice and CX. Who am I kidding I want to watch everything either of them have coming out and honestly do not know which one I am looking most forward too.

TBell: sending love and hugs your way and blessings.


Offline said...

Annie - It sure is nice to hear Olivier Assayas say these wonderful things about Kristen and he is honoured..wow! She is very deserving of all this praise that is a fact. It is uncanny how many of the same co-stars & now Assayas...R & K are working with these past few years.
I laughed at tale of the girl on the plane earlier, thank you!

ASFJ said...

I'm jumping in here to say that I watched the Italian version of Rob's interview. I am bi-lingual . (Italian-English). While the interpreter was loudly translating in rapid-fire italian, I could hear most of what Rob was saying. Yes, he said"Kristen and I HAVE been deeply connected since Twilight" and then blah, blah in Italian, then he's asked about the competition films and he says something to the effect that he wishes her and film much success. The interpreter used the word "legato", which means ties or connected in Italian.....what irked me she(the interpreter) made it sound like Rob was only wishing Kristen success in general. She also kept referring to Kristen as Rob's "ex-fidanzata" which means ex-fiancee. Fidanzata can also be used as a euphemism in Italian for boyfriend-girlfriend...but this lady did a very poor job in translating...too fast, too loud. But YES, he said they have been connected since Twilight.

Sorry for the dissertation...love to you and all our great gals here.

Unknown said...

Hey everyone. I have yet to see a picture of Kris in Cannes, but I saw the trailer.
WOW...she's...the best ever!!!
This is a wonderful time for her and Rob.
Congratulations, Tracy!! My mom was always tickled pink when one of her kids had a baby. I know you're on pins and needles.
MC, I love you too. Life is a bit smoother today. My husband and I went for a walk with our youngest son this morning. That is really the best way for me to start my mornings after praying.
Time for me to make lunch. I'll be back later.

Offline said...

ASFJ - Thank you! I asked Felicity about it earlier just to get the facts straight in my mind. Not that I need him to say it but Rob saying more about Kristen than he needed to at Cannes shows what she means to him...and I love it. I mean, he's not going to come out and state the obvious but maybe he thought it was subtle enough to give some of the stupid gossipy magazines a clue, but not even the truth would change how the media use and abuse R & K.

ASFJ said...


I agree with you also.....his expression while he was saying that, and it came out very clearly before italian started blabbing, said everything.

Believe me, RK know exactly what they are doing.

Hope you are well, and as always, wish you and all the Havens here the very best.

Morning Coffee said...

Just checking in after lunch..Hope all are having a good day...back to work.

Gigi: good way to start the day I use to do them at the same time, head out just before the break of dawn..me, myself and God. Honestly in the late spring summer here you can only walk before the sun puts in an appearance, unless you are at the ocean, feet in the water and a beautiful breeze blowing on you.

Unknown said...

You know, I told my family that that Rob Pattinson boy is MINE and they better just all back off or there'll be a shooting feud in the fambly!! C’est la fin des haricots! Donner sa langue au chat!

Auntie Yvonne wins!! c'est vrai!

Every young man needs an OLDER woman to gently guide him, someone who knows the ropes, so to speak.

And Aunt Yvonne knows just how to use those ropes too!

Kristin Stewart go cry your eyes out. Zut alors!
Une femme plus âgée sait mieux!


-- Auntie Yvonne

Euclid said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Frenchie said...

Merveilleux Aunt Yvonne! Thanks for the laugh! I nearly coughed my coffe up...

Merde alors! Sacrebleu!

How funny!

Unknown said...

Hello to all the Havenettes! I am going to my doctor's appt for my shoulders. They are killing me. Keep me posted. I love all your comments. Sue morris, Thanks for comments for my Hat.
Felicity and T-bell, I am hoping you and I can patched things up. I am really sorry. Can you find in your heart to forgive. I miss talking to you to. Congrats T-bell for being Nana! My nieces and my daughter calls their grandma, nana!
I better go and see my doctor. Later.

irene said...


Tbell said...

Quit acting like u give a shit what we think you just want to blow around all ur knowledge lol. Oh and quit thinking you're part of anything because ur not. We really don't give a shit what u think.

Lisa G. said...

@nikola6 - Look how long has it been since Ryan Remolds and his wife Blake Lively kept their relationship underground. They married in fall of 2012 and we would only see one or the other at events walking solo. There was a big fuss of them at the Met this year because they came publically together and the press went crazy in Cannes when she stepped out on the red carpet for his film; so a year and a half of trying to kept their life private and hidden from prying eyes.

In regards to Ang and Brad look how long it look for the public scrutiny of their relationship to die down and to become media darlings today and for people to stop bring up the past.

Even Rob stated in the interview he is trying to not have his picture taken so that he can kill the public image that has been attached to him

andreana said...

Nikoslut oops nikola...

To see your name on a post makes me want to vomit...

Did not read your manifesto....will never read any of them ... waisting your time .. taking up valuable space here and just plain sad.... you are a wasteland of usless brain vomit....sad...you are not fit even to lick the bottom of HKN's shoes.....ho hum............

andreana said...

Rob probably met olivier Assayas when he went to Germany to visit kristen while filming CSM....now rob is working with him... not a coincidence

felicity said...

@adreana.. rob met oliver assayas at the ifc dinner in 2012

here is the link to the post at rpl about that.


doesn't mean he did not meet him last year too.. but the first time was in 2012

andreana said...

Thanks felicity. Good to know!

Morning Coffee said...

Let me see if I can state this in plain english..Rob and Kristen have always been and will continue to be each others greatest support system. They do not have to do it publicly to satisfy anyone, they only have to satisfy each other.

They have endured over five years of being the brunt of so much scrutiny and hatred..No one else in the entertainment business known as Hollywood has ever been crucified as much as this couple.

I would venture a good guess and say they will stay private as long as they please to do so. They certainly don't owe it to anyone to open up their private lives for anyone's consumption.

They have both stated numerous times Their private lives are not for sale. Plain and simple. Not that it's for sale to the highest bidder.

Before the advent of reality t.v. where celebrities have opened up their lives for world wide viewing and enormous paychecks. No one knew what went on in Hollywood with the exception of award shows and in movie theatres.

This has caused the public to believe at least in my eyes that they are now entitled to know all about whatever celebrity they choose. Wrong! It doesn't work that way for most of the actors in Hollywood circles with a few exceptions the majority of them keep their lives behind closed doors where they should be kept.

Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn had a romance and lived almost exclusively with each other for over twenty five years..They were each others heart and soul. No one knew until after he passed away..they kept that part of their lives completely private.

Brad and Angelina were also the object of much gossip and name calling back in the day..However it pales in comparison to what Rob and Kristen have been subjected to.

First because Kristen was perceived as the wrong image of who the masses thought Rob should be seen with..And then she became villified because of a lie..that's right a lie.

Like Cronenberg stated people think they know..but they know nothing.

Let me suggest to those of you who constantly think they are on again and off again..or those who think they need to see to believe. Do those of us who are sick to death of hearing the same shit over and over again.

Go find another fandom to join..the Kardasians would probably like some more viewers.
If you are expecting Robert or Kristen to give you what you need. I think you're in for a long dry spell.

JMF said...

Dear Morning Coffee:
Thank you, thank you.

irene said...

Just an FYI.......

I will never engage with any troll......
Don't even bother to try......
I don't waste my breath taking to closed minds...

On the other hand, a very good evening to HKN & supporters.....

Unknown said...

Does somebody have the link were rob said he saw sils Maria a few days ago???? I never saw it

a stargazzer said...

@Morning Coffee
My thesis in college was about Celebrity culture and you are totally right people are confusing reality stars (people famous for being famous and sharing their personal lives) with performers that happen to be famous because of their jobs. People really think that paying a movie ticket entitles them to a piece of the actor of actress. Is sickening an stupid.
I'm so happy to belong to the sane fans that at least understand that we are only entitled to a good performance and everything else is just gravy.
I was also happy to see the initiative of boycotting media outlets that prey on our performers. I already do that but who knows if there are some that I'm missing.

Offline said...

MC - well said. Obvious she has come back for attention & hoping to start up another round of "let me get in your face with my "I know best" attitude. I see manipulation in her words and we are not idiots to fall for it.

Rob & Kristen are making really great choices of movies this past year & more to come. Best way to shut up all the critics & haters is to be outstanding - and they are!

Havenettes - Have a restful evening everyone!

Morning Coffee said...

JMF, a stargazzer, RKP..
Thank you, I think we have all come to realize that manipulation is their end game not only with us, but with Public opinion in general.

The uproar starts once again because there aare those who see this incredible couple who have beaten the odds and are once again captaining their own ship.

I am so proud of them both there are times I just don't know how to contain the good feels I have for them.

Unknown said...

Hi everyone on Havenettes! I just got home from my doctor. He told me just take it easy, take motrin, and ice pack. I just have tendinitis on my both shoulders.
Anything new?
Irene, I am with you there about not engaging trolls and haters. I agree with you there.
RKP, Morning Coffee, and JMF, well said all three of you. Great job!
So what are you all doing for Memorial weekend? Do all of you have plans?

Nicci said...

I don't think Rob SAW Clouds yet as he says in the quote HKN posted that "he believes she will be great". He would have said she IS great, if he'd seen it already. As for how he knows that the storyline is similar to Maps is because he has probably read the screenplay (probably WITH Kristen while learning her lines). She was originally going to be in this a few years ago (at which point she would have read the script) then time constraints had her dropping out and Mia stepping in. Then the reverse happened. Point being K has had this screenplay for a few years so no doubt he has read it a few times.

Morning Coffee said...

Arleen, The gardening you were doing may have strained the tendons in your shoulders..Hope you feel better soon.

My plans for htis weekend include stayin cool it is supposed to reach 100 degrees with high humidity.

Unknown said...

I also don't think he saw Sils Maria. He simply said "the story lines are very similar....from what I can tell". Him saying "from what I can tell" kind of implies that he hasn't actually seen the movie.

Unknown said...

MC, your post was excellent! Rob and Kris don't need the publicize their private lives. They are actors first and foremost, and, imo, they want to stay away from paps. Those idiots won't make their careers any better by taking intrusive pictures.
This weekend, I hope to stay cool, go to church, and work on fanfiction. Hope y'all are having a lovely night.

Lazmeister said...

MC loved your answer.
I also think that being younger and not as Seasoned in the public eye as Brad and Ange, they will have to stay hidden for longer, until their work speaks for them and not their public lives.

Unknown said...

Thanks you MC! I hope you have a great Memorial weekend!

Barbara Fenwick said...

Great post hkn. I enjoyed seeing Rob in Cannes, and I am looking forward to seeing Kristen, if she appears.

Thank you for keeping us informed. Your blog is the first place I check every day. I don't know what I would do without you.

Offline said...

No one can live a fully rounded mentally healthy life when they come on blogs to harass & argue with a wonderful group of friends who are just hanging out having fun together.

N6 - you have no clue. Take your own advice and your soapbox & go live that fully rounded mentally healthy life....and leave us in peace.

Lisa G. said...

Well I guess since they could not hook up Rob with the redhead as it was one of his agents the gossips found a couple of blonds for him at Cannes. My god they are really stretching it with trying to states Rob's wondering eyes landed on Kylie Minogue and also Mia again.

Still cannot wait to see what happens tomorrow.

Thanks HKN for the clean up this evening.

Morning Coffee said...

TBell: was hoping to hear some news from you by now..hope all is well.

Verni: you have been very quiet today you doing ok my friend?

Lazmeister thank you. You also Gigi, stay cool this weekend.

Well our wait is almost over, photo call just a few hours away now, which will answer the question of whether or not Kristen will be there. While I would love to see her I would prefer she be safe.

I'll check back in a while..don't think I will be doing much sleeping will go read a while and give thanks that I missed our resident pest.

NOLA girl said...

Hey all Havenettes - Happy Thurs evening!!

The trailer for COSM reminds me of one of my very favorite movies - All About Eve. Juliette Binoche is such a lovely and talented actress. Kristen is just incredible. I can't wait to see all the new R & K films!

TBell - hope everything is going well. You know we all want to hear news as soon as possible!!

MC - first of all, thank you for thinking of my baby. You are such a lovely person. Bels is back to normal - thanks to your prayers! I have a great vet that gives me meds to have on hand when she has vomiting and diarrhea so I can nip it in the bud and keep her from being dehydrated. BTW - terrific post @ 3:30 pm!!

HKN - "My Cherie Amour"= my favorite song. Perfect for Cannes. Thinking out loud: what are the trolls gonna say if Kris doesn't make it to Cannes? I know you and Mama Nails will be glad when this week is over, but something tells me Verni and TBell won't. They are getting plenty of material for Trashdaze :-D

Verni - I am doing really good. Getting ready to take out the rest of the carpet out of my house and put down wood floors. Carpet is too tempting for my Yorkie to use! You are doing a fabulous job with Trashdaze!!! Such a great way to channel frustration. Love you girl!!!

Is it possible the mismatched socks are some kind of message for Kristen? I know, I'm reaching...

Arlene - MC may be on to something with your shoulders and gardening. Don't overdo it and take care of yourself!

Martha, Tina, Sanni, RKFaith, andreana, Gigi, vana, intothesun, RKP, ASFJ, Nicci, sue mo, Frenchie, felicity, Irene, Lazmeister, JMF, a stargazzer, Lisa G, Mel, euclid, Lisa G - sweet dreams and big hug

Oh - Mama Nails - thank you, thank you for all the Nathans this week! So damn adorable...

Ya'll - buckle up even tighter for tomorrow. Love you all!

NOLA girl said...

BTW - if you have never seen Mia Wasikowska's work, check her out in "Jane Eyre". This version had Dame Judi and Michael Fassbender in it. Marvelous!! She also appeared as a patient in the "In Treatment" series on HBO and was great. She was also in "Stroker" with Nicole Kidman and Matthew Goode.

NOLA girl said...

Ya'll - sorry. That should have read "Dame Judi Dench"

Unknown said...

Good night to all the Havenettes! I am going to bed now. Keep me posted. MC and NOLA girl, thank you. I will do that. Tomorrow I have work. I will be careful.
Well, good night all of you. I hope you all are ok. Hugs to you all.

Lisa G. said...

Wow. Did not know that Rob and his co-Star had to sit there and watch Kylie M perform I cannot get you out of my head on stage. At one point the backup dancers are on the floor speading their legs open and you can see Rob turning his head away from the performers. What a bad song choice; especially when you hear the words from the song. I thing tha tv show was trying to embarrass Rob or try to pull something on Rob. The interviewer was up and dancing/gyrating while Rob and Guy sat in their chairs. Kylie was walking on the table while singing. It has to be the strangest thingy I have ever seen.

olivia said...

Hi Newbie here, please help me. I'm a silver surfer and I would love to participate and get to know you all on here, you are all on the exact same planet as me. How can I connect to the blog, where everybody is commenting? I know I'm stupid, but any help will be much appreciated. Thanks

olivia said...

Hi Newbie here, please help me. I'm a silver surfer and I would love to participate and get to know you all on here, you are all on the exact same planet as me. How can I connect to the blog, where everybody is commenting? I know I'm stupid, but any help will be much appreciated. Thanks

Sherry said...

Great post hkn and away with the trolls and haters. Last day of school for me. Watched Phantom of the Opera tonight. Have a thought or two to share but need to sleep first so my thoughts will be coherent. Love you all!

Frenchie said...

Hi everybody,

The video of R watching Kylie is really funny... He does look bored, bored and embarrassed too...

The host, Antoine de Caunes, who is very well respected in France for his serious and especially his funny work, looked like he was in some kind of a trance, hopping and jumping listening to the song. It didn't look natural at all! And poor R looks like he's wondering how long he has to put up with the whole thing...

Juliette Binoche was great yesterday on Le Grand Journal...

Hope you all have a great day, I'll be on the road for most od it but I will try and check on you at some stage!

Enjoy K if she indeed turns up at Cannes today which I'm not holding my breath she will...

felicity said...

@charlegillibert: #COSM#Cannes press conference in 1 hour with OA,JB and CM, KS in the plane will join later..

so, she will be there, but later..

Tempest said...

I want to address Nikola's question first. I'm not hear to call names, be insulting or discuss the why's or what's. Thank you all who have asked after my mum, she's recovering slowly, her mind is still not back to full percent, hence the need to keep her in hospital and run more tests.

Okay, the question - how long will Rob and Kristen remain under cover, away from the paps need to photograph them? As long as it takes. You see I've been in this fandom since 2008, and even then the message from either was pretty clear, they don't like the media intrusion in their lives. Rob is a very private person, but that privacy has been intruded since the fanbase became interstedin their lives. While working on twilight, there was a certain obligation to promote the movie franchase based on being seen out together - promotion equates publicity which earned the studio money.

After that was over and they individually wanted to be taken seriously as actors, there was no need to allow the media or the fanbase into their lives. Just because you follow them, it does not mean they have to appease everyone by always being seen together. If you are in this fandom because of that reason, then you are following them for the wrong reason.

Rob and Kristen wete in 2013 hounded by the paps, photographed doing mundane things like getting gas or buying food. When you have that kind of media relationship its sending out the wrong message to your family . Rob is very close to his family, you get sick constantly seeing your child's face on the front cover of a super market rag.

The media announce a break up and yet...neither has moved on to another relationship, the media led by the nose by lies stupid people make up and email to stupid, gossiping celeb sites is what this fandom bases its beliefs on today. So I can see why Rob admitted that he goes out of his way to not be photographed, its less intrusive wgen you are only ever seen with your friends. A mild curiosity, a gossiping need to tag you with any number of mysterious blondes, but the bottom line is, the media knows the truth, but while the two celebs avoid being seen 'publicly' together, they can't earn money off their backs. Fans may not like this, but Rob and Kristen didnt enter into a relationship just to appease the fans. There are genuinely a lot more celebrity relationships out there, that stay out of the spotlight and survive the media and fan sarcastic inquisition.

Nicci said...

Reporters in Cannes are tweeting the K's plane has just landed and she will be at the premier despite missing the photocall and press stuff this morning.

Unknown said...

good morning all
no pictures of kristen, but was to be expected.The trailer of sils is great.
now I'm curious about tonight. I think since it will to hide her baby bump better
I am looking forward

Previous contribution: both have a right to personal privacy,
to protect themselves and the pregnancy. and I am convinced, in the future when the baby is because they will show up. No one can hide a baby and kristen will be out with friends, on the set and, and and ...
Until now it worked to escape the paps, without getting caught together.
I can not imagine who ever succeeded a celeb couple to remain undetected with children.
My opinion!
All of a beautiful Friday

Unknown said...

Olivia - welcome! you can leave comments and read here-they are open to all. You can also see the private tumblrs and pages some awsome ladies here have - the links are on the right side panel on the main page.

I just wanted to drop by to say that the new reviews now coming in about COSM are amazing! Our girl was brilliant, no surpringly.
-- "Stewart playing parallel upon parallel of her own life.."
-- "Stewart will have haters rethinking things after seeing Sils Maria. She is superb"
can't wait for this!

I apologize I can't comment to the above posts here (Hi there dear tempest and welcome chere tata Yvonne!), I hope to later, I have to run soon.

Can't wait for the next hours!

Unknown said...

I was just skimming through the new videos of the photocall and press confrenece - K isn't there, as mentioned above that she wouldn't be, but Chloe, Juliette and Charles keep talking about her so fondly and you can see real admiration and love for her there.
so proud!

Annie said...

Such great reviews coming out of Cannes for The Clouds Of Sils Maria. :)

vana said...

Great reviews for Silas and Kristen. Now it's her time to shine. How wonderful....we have 2 very bright shining stars.

andreana said...

Kristen now getting great reviews! Not just the movie... kristen is great in the movie!!......PROUD. mama time!

Annie said...

The reviews for Kristen are outstanding! :)

Morning Coffee said...

KarstenM: I really, really liked Assayas' CLOUDS OF SILS MARIA; a lil' chamber piece w/ wonderful acting by all involved, yet Stewart steals the show.

Good morning Ladies; wonderful reviews for our Kristen. I say it's about time the rest of the world sits up and takes notice of what many have been saying all along.

I wish at this moment I could let a bird fly to all the hater's who have always said Kristen can't act. I guess the critics around the world say your full of shit.

I could not be more happy for our beautiful Kristen.

Annie said...

Here is what Kristen had to say about taking on her role in The Clouds of Sils Maria at Paris Fashion week last year:

“I play a personal assistant to an actress. It takes two very particular people to have that relationship be functional – one that services the other — because Juliette Binoche is playing the actress that I assist, and she is one of the most powerful women I think I’ve ever seen in film” said the “Twilight” star.

Noting that her character is no pushover, Stewart said she would have to hold her own against the Oscar-winning Binoche. “I’m going to try desperately to not be squashed by a woman like that, and it’s not going to be an easy thing,” she said with a nervous laugh.

Annie said...

Vana: Agree.....Two very, very bright shinning stars. :)

Morning Coffee and Andreana....Ready for the long weekend? :)

Morning Coffee said...

Annie: Hey I am as ready as I am going to get, not looking forward to the heat wave..they ususally end with a colossal T'storm. But truthfully we have no big plans. We have reached that age where you take things one day at a time and most of the time would prefer staying at home. We all leave it up to our younger generation to have the parties and outings.

What plans do you have? whatever they are hope you have a good time and stay safe.

Can't wait to see our shining star tonight. Also looking forward to more detailed reviews for the film.

Annie said...

MC: Today, nothing at all! I'm still in pj's....Hahahahaha.

I get up at 5AM during the week and it was so nice not to have to do that today. :)
We have plans for some day trips tomorrow and Sunday but we are to get some rain most of this long weekend here.

Having coffee and loving it! :):)
Happy I'm off so I can enjoy all the fantastic reviews for Kristen and The Clouds Of Sils Maria uninterrupted! :)

Morning Coffee said...

Annie: That's great so you have a four day weekend ahead. Good for you. I was up by six this morning not too bad considering I went to bed near 2. Wish I required more sleep somtimes, but I have never been a sleeper. Unless I am sick then go away and leave me alone and let me sleep till I am better.

On my fourth or possibly fifth cup of coffee at the moment and loooking for more news out of Cannes.

So looking forward to seeing her walk the red carpet tonight. Or later this afternoon..I can never get the time difference straight in my head.

Hope we hear from Tracy soon..and all is well.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Chanel is financing the debut in Cannes tonight


It states that some of the clothes and jewelary in the film was donated by Chanel.
This also explains why Assayas was with K at the Chanel event in July.

Have a good day ladies!!

Unknown said...

I AM SO VERY HAPPY THE REVIEWS ARE STRONGLY POSITIVE AND THE MOVIE IS WELL RECEIVED! My opinion about Kristen not appearing at the initial press conference. I do believe she wanted the discussion to be about the movie and not Kristen Stewart. This is what I meant about Kristen is a professional and she is proud of the film with Juliette. Kristen makes friends and is kind and generous to her partners. Rob and Kristen respect each other and did not want a media circus again. They are so much alike in many ways and yet different. They are very confident in each others love for one another. In this world you must respect yourself and be true to yourself and everything else will follow correctly. I look forward to seeing our lovely Kristen tonight. Kristen is a trouper. Her parents must just be so very happy for her!

Unknown said...

I found this funny, from The Playlist review of the film -

"In her guise as a personal assistant to a star, she can deliver observations about the nature of teen fandom and say stuff like “there are a shit ton of pre teens, so watch out” and we can all chuckle at the thought of the rabid 12-year-old ”Twilight” fanbase, but she is doing it from the safe distance of a role that is clearly differentiated from her, and in which she is natural and unforced. "

Annie said...

MC: I can function on four hours sleep. My friends and family always tease me about it.
Like you though, if I'm sick, the sleep is on! :)

The time difference between NYC and Paris is six hours, so it's 9:30 AM NYC.....3:30 PM Paris.
Hope all is well with Tbell and her new role as grandma.....Really excited for her.
I'm an Aunt and I love it, my nephew is the cutest thing, he'll be two in September. :)

felicity said...

love the praise kristen is finally receiving..

one thing..

whatever will happen this evening (my time).. i will always be proud of both.. and i will always support them...

they deserve to have fans, who recognize their work.. who recognize them as the wonderful actors that they are.

Unknown said...

felicity - I loved what you just wrote. You're a true fan.
We should love them for the talents they are, talents being recognized and sought after more and more.
I'd be really happy if the conversation would be around her acting and this role, and less about the dress etc. but that's part of being in her position too, I guess.

Unknown said...

Good morning to all the Havenettes! Happy Friday! I am off to work. Any news on Kristen?

Morning Coffee said...

felicity, I'm with you on this ia Also am so proud of the both of them and their abilities. They deserve to be recognized as talented actors..instead of teen heart throbs. They have shown the world they really aren't Edward and Bella.

They are actually a force to be reckoned with. Bravo to them both.

Unknown said...

Good Afternoon to you all hope your day is going well,hoping to see Kristen at Cannes as well as many others on here, will find out end of next week if my son got the Apprenticeship he said it went well will let you all know the outcome, well another week nearly over weve had a great week with Rob now its Kristen's time as well exciting,be back later hugs to you all.

Unknown said...

Good morning to Tina, Morning Coffee, HKN, RK Faith, and the rest of the Havenettes! I am on my way to work. Tempest, well said on your comments. As for the rest of Havenettes, love your comments. Great job everyone! Hope you all have a great day.

Morning Coffee said...

Picture onSRWN of Kristen in Cannes, hotelor airport?

Take noteof key on chain..key resting on very prominent bump that now looks more like a hill ;)

felicity said...


airport.. not hotel @MC.

Hatersknownothing said...

According to Tulip Kristen's very visible sweet pea bump is AIR Rotflmao! She must be exhausted. Glad she got the chance to come to Cannes.

Morning Coffee said...

said TBuickThanks felicity...I couldn't tell which...She looks quite pregnant in this photo..if the shirt was just pushed out because of her stance it would have pushed the thin cloth of her shirt in..But it is resting against somthing solid.

I see she colored in her tat again.She looks wonderful.

HKN Tulip is a complete MORON.

Morning Coffee said...

Don't ask how robot code came before the message.

I just finished rolling around hysterically laughing at Tulip ..Some just refuse to see the obvious.

Lisa G. said...

Just wondering if those sunglasses look like the pair Rob wore on the last few days shooting Life in LA.

Unknown said...

hey everybody—pookie here—and a bit tired

sayin' 'hi' *waves*

just wanted to say

@nolagirl-- hey there baby, yep mia w. in 'jane eyre' was truly transcendent—love that girl so much! what a talent. she killed in 'alice in wonderland' but really stood the test in 'jane eyre' as it has been done so many times and is such a classic-- and she really carved herself out a jane that will stand forever among the very best-- her relationship with jesse and now her work relationship with Rob gives her a lovely place amongst R and K's inner circle-- and that circle is rapidly becoming peopled with the very best and brightest of the cinema world

@M C-- love you dear how ya doing? i enjoyed so much your post (May 22, 2014 at 3:30 PM) terrific as always *kisskisskiss*

@tempest-- thank you for reminding me just why we're all so very glad for the rags to NEVER get a another pic of R and K together again EVER-- as i hope those lyin' Assholes every last one of them never make another penny off our R and K and will sink back into the primordial slime from whence they came...

@felicity DARLING-- a thousand heart-felt sweet kisses for your fantastic links to pics, facts, tweets,and everything else that is so perceptive and so informative and so accurate!! you truly truly give this place much-needed heft and worth. in a sea of babble, noise, opinions, random crap, and just plain innuendo, you are golden! god bless you

big shout out to @vana-- hey dear, how are you? thanks for remembering me

same to @lazemeisterpopolopolousyriddypiddydiddyfactor! how is you doin' there, gf? heehee

@plano s, nice postin' there! thanks. loved your constructs...

well things move fast around here... i write pages and pages and they're gone with the wind... such is the nature of the beast

but WOW! kris is in full rockin' mode and showin' em who's boss at Cannes-- some people are whispering her performance in CoSM outshines the divine miss Binoche herself! kristen continues to kick ass and take names and manages to stay absolutely adorable doing it— she is a force to be reckoned with... she is becoming an icon...

haters, liars, and rags of the world be damned!
kristen reveals you all for what you are!
but so very glad for cannes god bless the french--vive la france!!

shout out to Aunt Yvonne! lol

Unknown said...

—and of course ten thousand kajillion thanks to HKN for posting the very best R and K blog in the entire freaking blogging Universe!!
love you HKN love you always--
your fan, pookie

Unknown said...

—and arleen i liked your hat
--kisses, pookie

Morning Coffee said...

Pookie don't be mad this morning be vindicated Pookie Our girl stood the world of Cinema on it's collective ear this morning and I hope she knocks them out tonight.

Have missed you around here the last few days and glad to have you here even if for only a few moments in time. Love you lady

felicity said...

okay.. these are the pics we have so far.. kristen arriving at the hotel..


Unknown said...

Pookie babe don't be mad, these reviews of Kristen are her vengence to the haters :)
Felicity - thanks

I have a big family dinner tonight and my phone's dead.. I'll have to sneak off to the computer tonight..
hugs to all - the suspense is crazy...

Nicci said...

Red Rover, Red Rover... Sigh... and with those latest pictures - It's over (for me at least). Blew that side shot up in high res on my massive screen and there is no way that girl is about to give birth. I could say first trimester but no way on 8 or 9 months.
Oh well.
But the reviews are awesome and I have no doubt K will rock the red carpet tonight. at the premier.

felicity said...

first pic of kristen.. sorry.. but you know what you see


Annie said...

Kristen looks stunning!

Unknown said...

Nicci I suggest you head over to google pregnant women with small bumps. There are many women u will read about who are 8/9 months pg with small bumps. My cousin lara is 8 and half months and she has no bump. K has long torso. Doc will tell u women with long torso have small bumps. Because baby have a lot more room in stomach for baby to grow. So they stickout less. This is her first child so her stomach are tight and holds baby says doctors. Doctors say petite women have tiny bumps too. Ive seen this many times. I have a lot of pg friends. Also in those pap pics k knows pap are taking pics of her. She is sucking her stomach in. Inside hotel she relaxes her stomach and there the key rest on the bump. K has been doing this for months. Look at her jaw muscles in the outside pix. When we suck our stomach in we tend to tense our jaw muscles.

Nicci said...

Sorry... but I'm watching the live feed of the red carpet on youtube. She is literally flat as a board and tiny from every angle; walking, sitting, posing, etc (And I've been pregnant and am currently a pre-med student so I know what to look for.)

But she looks spectacular in white with that red hair!

Janie said...

Hi guys,

I'm back. I took a small break. I was tired of all the BS that was going on.
I see nothing has changed. Same old same old.

Anyway, I think Kristen has already had her baby. I think she she had it right after we saw pictures of her in NOLA with the big white sweater. Her face was real swollen looking then. It's not now. In fact she doesn't look pregnant anymore. JMO. I think she only came for the premiere is because she didn't want to be gone from her baby. HKN what do you think? Havenettes only, what do you think? Anything is possible.

Unknown said...

Kristen looked stunning, all in white.
funny hardly she was in the building, were the shoes from, lol

Unknown said...

Hey you all. I am so super happy for Kris right now. She deserves all of the positive accolades. I hope every single hater reads the glowing, marvelous reviews. But, just like Rob, we knew both of them were excellent actors.
How is everyone?
It's getting up to 94 here today, and I have another doctor's appointment this afternoon. Keep your fingers crossed. Love to you all.

onagee said...

Jane, a lot of people have thought that for a while, baby born shortly before AU began. I pass that on: I haven't been sure on this part of this couple's life. But it's thought so by many. HKN, maybe your info is old? Time will tell, and it's a great time in Rob and Kristen's lives no matter what. I wonder what the end of the festival will bring!

Unknown said...

@ Jane no, I do not think she has the baby. As I already written can be no one baby hide.

We have to wait

Janie said...


Thank you. I love Kristen and Rob and I didn't want to say any thing negative because everyone gets so upset. I'm glad I'm not alone in this theory. I also think this is how they wanted it. Private and Yes they were able to accomplish that. I'm over the moon. I guess it will be a really long time before we'll know for sure. Anyway, if haters see no baby now then maybe they will shut up and leave us alone.

Have a great rest of the day!

Unknown said...

Jane . I agree with u. I believed the baby was born in late april because k and rob dissapeared for almost the whole month. Then eveyone starting saying at met gala that they could see a bunmp. So I said maybe im wrong but now I think I was right all along. I think sweet pea is already here. I believe k came late because of baby . Think where is rob? Rob could be with baby now.

Janie said...


We'll have to agree to disagree.

Jane said...

Well, Kristen showed up being her skinny little self. Now, will you delusional women quit with the pregnancy talk. This is Twilight anymore. No Rob, no baby, not nothing between them. All of you have to be ashamed of yourselves for the spectacle you have made of yourselves. My last post, which I know you will be happy for I wouldn't want anyone to know that I have actually been on this blog. The whole internet is LMAO over the nutty people that went on about this for a year. Good luck to all of you in getting some mental help.

Nicci said...

She definitely looks less puffy than she did a few weeks ago. Perhaps you are on to something Jane.

andreana said...

Kristen is gorgeous .... not pregnant but beautiful never- the-less... She must be so over the top with her reviews... just love that girl...!

Unknown said...

She either had the baby or we had a mass delusion! LOL!!!

With as under wraps as the shoots been I feel a little vindicated for thinking she was as far along as I thought! LOL

BUT she is not pregnant now and she's slimmed down significantly since we saw her at The Met!

Loved the outfit! Gorgeous!

Well if there's a baby they can't hide it forever! Hope Rob's on daddy duty! LOL

Janie said...


Thank you and anyone else who agrees SweetP is here!

andreana said...


Ok can YOU shut up now?.. we have all had a belly full of your endless mouth. Throw a party ..get lost!

Anonymous said...

Wow Kristen's stomach is amazingly flat for someone who's in her what is it now? 10th month?

TB I suggest you go google delusions and delusional people.

I know that you all have your stories about when you were pregnant, someone on another site said in a comment yesterday that while Sue Morris was pregnant she continued on building pyramids right up until she gave birth, then went right back to work, but no airlines is going to allow a woman to fly in her third trimester, and no doctor is going to give her permission to do so, after all if she were to give birth, being at that altitude could actually do real harm to little sweet pea.

But keep right on deluding yourselves. Facts however are facts. There is no way in hell HKN or her infamous "Cuz" could have known Kristen was pregnant until she was the very earliest 4 weeks along, and even though there are some amongst you who would love to say that every month has 4 weeks in it, that's simply not true, so going by Mama Nails calculations, Kristen was 8 weeks pregnant at the end of October that means Kristen is 39 weeks pregnant as of today. take off the blinders ladies and accept you've been duped

Annie said...

@Jane (nice one):
Kristen certainly does not look pregnant now. If there's a baby we'll know eventually.
So happy for all the stellar reviews she's receiving for her role in The Clouds Of Sils Maria, could not be more proud as a fan and she looked breathtaking on the red carpet at Cannes.

I am happy that both Rob and Kristen have garnered such great reviews for their work and I look forward to seeing these movies when they hit the cinemas.

Unknown said...

We must all be united. But draw up new theories is now also not good.
Maybe knows HKN more? !
she does not look pregnant, and in April she was busy with AU

And despite the uncertainty I am proud of them and their films

a stargazzer said...

I saw the pics and she definitely looks with no baby now. She looks amazing BTW. Love the white outfit!

I don't think we were into a mass delusion Kristen has been preparing for having the baby and keeping it as secret as possible. So I'm not surprised she managed to have it without us noticing.
I mean I wasn't expecting a delivery announcement in the news.
The baby most had been born recently since Rob looked tired probably of helping out with the middle of nighttime feedings. They had both MIA in tandem so I'm guessing they are picking up baby duties and that is why he left so fast and them why Kris appears a few days later. She will probably leave Cannes ASAP too.
Now we wait it will probably be a few months until we see them strolling around with SweetP. I know I kept the baby away from the streets for 6 weeks and with my second I'm hoping I can do it for 3 months at least.

Unknown said...

Mama nails hey. I do not believe we have a mass delusion.

We saw baby move. K has been cover that stomach months. All the clues from her and her friends.

We been seeing bump for months. If k was not pg we would have found out way before now.

I always believed k had that baby in April. Because her and rob alnost completely dissapear for that entire month.

Mm I always felt k was not on au set this whole time. I believe she returned to set the week of may 12 or may 19th.

Im sorry I believe k had sweet pea.
Dont care what others say. She was pregnant.

Morning Coffee said...

I think Sweet pea alive and well albeit no longer nestled in the womb. I think that is one of the reasons' Rob looked so unbelievably happy at Cannes and so does Kristen.

Time will tell and eventually will know for certian the what's and whens.

In the mean time rest easy all is well for Rob and Kristen and the haters can all go get bent.

Rob and Kristen have been vindicated in grand style..

She is drop dead gorgeous a man would be a fool to not love her, she's the real deal and that isn't one word of a lie.

JMF said...

Dear Morning Coffee:
Spot on. Another heart felt thank you.

Unknown said...

Look at k breast in white outfit. If she was never pregnant her breast should small like in early july 2013. Look at her breast they are still bigger. Even though rest of her is a little smaller.

Netti said...

I wish I had audio on Juliette is saying to Kristen when she hugs her. lip reading isn't helping either

Anonymous said...

To all the naysayers I believe she had the baby somewhere between the end of March and Mid April, but I'm leaning more towards the end of March. If you remember they needed a body double at the last minute for Rob at the end of shooting of Life. I think the first pics of Kristen in NOLA, were post baby. She has been working out on the movie AU, according to the tweets (kicking butt) on the set. I guess we will have to wait and see. I've seen a lot of people commenting on where they think Rob is taking care of the baby. That's all I'm going to say for now because the only way we are ever going to know is if one of them comes out and says something.

Lisa G. said...

Hi, just let me put in my 2 cents on the pics. When Kate left the hospital she had a large bump after giving birth. She was out of the spot light for one month and at her next royal engagement she was wearing heels along with skinny jeans. She even flashed her toned stomach. It looked like she never had a baby only a month ago. Also when Kristen fully smiles her face looks fuller.

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