Thursday, May 8, 2014


Kristen at the Met Gala wearing an Illusion dress by Chanel. An illusion to hide little sweet pea and it worked very well. People were jumping ship all over the place. 

You don't get to jump back on when it starts to get good!

Kristen and sweet pea inside the Met Gala. Red circled for the dipshidiots who can't see. 

          Kristen at the met Gala after party with Riley Keough. Again red circled for the blind and in denial.

And once more for those who still can't see.

Aww Mommy wearing Daddys shirt.

Red circles for those that are mentally challenged. No you don't still wear your exes clothes a year later. Get a clue.

The tabs and the dipshidiots would like you to think these two women hate each other.Yeah I would be hugging and laughing with someone that I thought hooked up on the sly with my man. 

Kristen obviously knows what the truth is. And what is crap.

Barefoot Kristen. You have to love a woman who isn't afraid to kick off her high heels and be herself.

CJ got it from all sides for posting this picture on his instagram. (Hi Kristen! I see you trying to hide lol). He's fame whoring his friend according to the haters. Listen up he would not have posted that picture without Kristen knowing about it. 

So Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen text!

As for tabloid rumors that she's jealous of Twilight's Kristen Stewart for appearing alongside Hoult in the upcoming movie Equals, Lawrence used a characteristically comedic tactic. 

"There was something in a magazine, and I was like 'Oh, my God, that's hilarious,' because Kristen and I are friends," she says. "I actually texted her a picture of it and was like, 'Just so you know, this is absolutely true.' "

Guess that will kill any hook up rumors bound to start when Equals starts filming. 

Who am I kidding. You know they will. 

Kudos to flight attendant Karla Peluso for making sure Kristen gets her hat back. As Ruth said you ROCK!

We finally have confirmation on dates for Cannes. And Kristen is not officially confirmed to attend.And everyone went ape shit.

 I guess everyone is forgetting the same thing happened during the London premiere for Breaking Dawn. She wasn't scheduled to attend because she was filming but guess what. She showed up at the last minute. It was fun watching the loons getting their panties in a twist when she did. One of them even threatened her and was thrown out of the premiere.

Everyone needs to take a deep breath and do this. Seriously. 

The 23rd is over two weeks away. Things can change and probably will. They aren't going to guarantee anything until the last minute. She is filming and anything can happen between now and the 23rd. They aren't going to confirm her two weeks ahead of time. Also there could be another reason for her not attending. 

Tee hee.
Now breath in and relax.

Rob hooking up with a Mystery blond. Again. This is the illusion the tabs painted and the dipshidiots bought
it hook line and sinker.

Unfortunately what the tabs don't tell you is that Jamie Strachan is also there sitting on the other side of Rob.

This is what actually happened. Rob out with Jamie Strachan and Imogen Ker a friend of Dakota's.  Poor dipshidiots can't catch a break. They've been waiting for five years hoping for Rob to be romantically linked to anybody but Kristen and they still have nothing. 

Oh look it's Rob getting a smootch from his new love!

Nope the dipshidiots lose again. It's Sienna Miller.

Rob on the cover of Premiere magazine!

PREMIERE: How long do you think, will it take Hollywood to remake the saga?
ROBERT: I have no idea. I think the era of vampires is over, don’t you? It’s funny, a few days ago I was remembering filming a scene from Twilight with someone. I think it’s the first scene of the last movie, when Bella wakes up and sees Edward, a little like an apparition. We had been filming for a month in Canada in the freezing cold, I was this close to going depressed, and the only thing I found to feel better was going to take my breakfast at McDonald’s every morning. After four weeks of this, the moment came to film that scene and I was wearing a white shirt with light coming from behind me. When I watched the scene right after, I realized you could see the outline of my love handles freshly acquired. I recently saw the movie on TV and they are still there now.

He was remembering filming this scene with someone? Gee I wonder who that might be. The illusion that it could be anyone but Kristen. Oh please you know it was.

Unfiltered Rob is going to slip up a lot during the month of May.

PREMIERE: So you end up having your groceries delivered at home?
ROBERT: No, I order from Domino’s Pizza every day. (Laughing)

  Everything on it but the little fishies for me Rob!

PREMIERE: The recurring aspect is that in each film, you sleep with an accomplished actress…
ROBERT: That scene with Julianne Moore was so funny. And we had just met one another before we had to shoot it.

PREMIERE: It was also the case with Juliette Binoche when you filmed the sex scene in Cosmopolis. Is it your new way of welcoming actresses on set?
ROBERT: I remember seeing Juliette before we started shooting the scene. She was giving me advice: “Keep choosing classy projects and filming intelligent films.” And suddenly, David says “Action!” and we start fucking like beasts in the car. Very classy, that’s right… (Laughing). On top of that, it was boiling hot. I was sweating like crazy and huge drops of sweat were running down my forehead. I asked myself if I wasn’t having a heart attack. Every time a drop was falling, I was trying to stop it from ending up on Julianne’s back. It was ridiculous. After a while she turned back in my direction, worried and asked me: “Are you okay? Are you having a panic attack?” I was out of breath, completely drenched, meanwhile her, not at all.

I'm assuming we will see the supposed interview where he says he is over Kristen when hell freezes over right Viva Press? 

A couple more for the road! Love the Avante-garde look to the photo shoot. 

Now why would Ruth or Sam  be favoriting  these tweets? Because Rob and Kristen are together that's why.

Ladies grab some of this and start your engines!


That accent will be the death of me.

I'll catch you ladies later. Gotta watch this over and over and over and over.... 


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Anonymous said...

GREAT post

But seriously HKN Kristen would be confirmed to attend like Juliette is confirmed who is a HUGE actress. The PR team for Sils says she's not attending and it's for the best being pregnant

andreana said...

Wow rob's accent in this...He is gonna be great in this...!love these kids to pieces...Thanks HKN!

Hatersknownothing said...


I guess we will wait and see. Anythings possible. She wasn't confirmed for London Breaking Dawn premiere until last minute. Most people thought she wasn't attending. I am always hopeful lol. And you're right it might be best for sweet pea if she doesn't.

Hatersknownothing said...


I keep watching it over and over lol. I love his accent!

Janie said...

Great post as usual. I saw a lot of pink. Wink,wink?
I can't wait for the movie Rover. It's going to be EPIC.
You know she'll be there if she can.

Barbara Fenwick said...

Great post!!!

I enjoyed seeing Kristen at the Met Gala, she looked so beautiful. I seems like it has been so long since we have seen her. Also, she looked so happy.

I am still hoping she will be at Cannes, but she needs to do what is right for her and the baby.

Thank you hkn for keeping us informed. Until next time, take care....

Unknown said...

great one hkn!!! Love it! My favorite part of the met gala is the pic and then video where you can see that she's rubbing her belly! OMG SQUEE!!1

Rob in the rover! I don't know how I'm gonna survive this. I have to say when I first heard about this movie, I was Meh...the theme just didn't enthuse me at all, but seeing him in it and hearing that accent and just seeing him in something so totally different and yet so believable...I'm so proud of him!

sorry I've been mia....ladies but I was trying to catch up on all the comments from the last post, but been pretty busy...


Unknown said...

Another great post HKN! Rob will be great in The Rover. I'm so happy for him and for Kris. They have the brightest future ahead. And Sweet Pea will have the best parents. Some people really need the red circles in order to see the obvious. Hope everyone has a wonderful night.

Unknown said...

I really like Rob's accent! I am from the south and I believe he's got it down! Truthfully, if Kristen can still crawl, she will probably go, but she may not be in a situation where she can fly. In dispose? The Rover is going to be big. I was welling up to cry! Mean old man hurting our Rob! Kristen is already acting like a little Mama, I would bet they are just walking on air and very excited. God bless both Rob and Kristen.

Vernier said...

Totally Over the Moon, Over the top Great Post!!! Loved it HKN!! Worth the wait. I'm with you. Down to the last minute it can change. Love ya lady and what you do!!!!!

Offline said...

HKN Good post!

Rob looks so good in The Rover. He will blow everyone away in this film. Guy and Rob together on the screen...I get tingles - I can't wait!

Havenettes - Nikola6 is a Robsessed old timer. I used to check it out sometimes before it got hateful against Kristen. Nikola6 was always around, popping up as a voice of authority "in the know" so to speak, arguing back and forth to sway people to her POV. In those days it was against Kristen haters.
I feel sorry for her losing her faith in RK yet STILL trying to be relevant, hanging around standing on her soapbox preaching to people here who are getting mighty sick of it.
Now she is an authority on childbirth? Give me a break. All I will add to the conversation are the words caesarian and inducing labour. Two ways to ensure baby comes on a pre-determined date.

Wonderful things coming our way Havenettes. Happy times ahead for Rob & Kristen!!!!

Tbell said...

Thank you hkn....especially the tweet thing. I hadn't heard about sams tweet. People are ridiculous to not see the truth.

Love ur tumblr!

Morning Coffee said...

HKN..This post blew me away. It really highlights the obvious things people know are true but will die before they admit it.

Do you think Uncle Karl could create an illusion that prevents trolls from being seen or heard?

Rob is going to showcase with the Rover just how awesomely tlaented he truly is.

We have so much to look forward to this year..So many films to see and red carpets and interviews. But most important is little sweetpea. God bless the three of them and watch over them.

Thank you HKN for doing this for us...We love you for it.

Elizbeth said...

HKN :) I also love the recent interview Rob did. Explains a lot; although I already knew this was what they were doing anyway. He talked about how he is able to stay clear of paparazzi and how difficult it is when you want to be taken seriously as an actor (playing someone else, other characters) and than you are on the cover of supermarket rags with pictures of you buying groceries. This is exactly what was happening last year when the paparazzi stalked them 24/7. They needed to do something and I think they've done a great job of going full speed with their careers and keeping their private life, well, private. Sometimes as a fan you want to see them together but when you think about what they are trying to accomplish and how invasive the media has been, you just have to be happy for them as they are. They are trying to save what little privacy and sanity they can in this circus that is Hollywood. Nice post HKN.

ASFJ said...

HKN, wonderful post and thanks again.
Elizabeth, you said it all in a nutshell. I personally am thrilled when they both go ninja at the same time, and it only means one thing. Just love them.

Sherry said...

Great post. This is gonna be one glorious year!

NOLA girl said...

HKN - just had to take a peek before going to bed, I'm a total sports fiend and watched the NFL draft and playoff hoops tonite....

Thank you for all you do to keep us in the know. We love you, in case you didn't know that!

Havenettes, sweet dreams and love you! Later!!

Unknown said...

thank you thank you HKN!! loved the post-- the thing about the tweets that Ruth 'favorited' was fantastic! heck, all of it was fanrastic!! we're so lucky to have you, darling HKN!
you made my week!!!
God bless you,
--your fan, pookie

Unknown said...


felicity said...

hi hkn.. a little correction.. that woman with jamie strachan and rob is imogen ker.. not imogen poots.. imogen ker is dakota's friend

Unknown said...

hi felicity! you are awesome in your knowledge about RK. Thank you so so much for sharing it with us! i love it so much that you let us know that-- Du bist so wunderbar--

a stargazzer said...

Wouldn't be funny if Rob and Kris were to talk about their baby and never mention the name of the other parent?
Like "I just became a father is all very exciting and couldn't ask for a better mother" and then Kris is like "My baby just did the cutest thing just like his dad"
I'm sure the dipshits will even deny is the same baby... They will be comparing pics and all that just to keep their illusion of a broken up Robsten.

Thank you for the info on Nikola like I said I hate to have misinformation left unchallenged. That is how Kris became "Never smile" no one challenged it and now even the uninterested think is true :/
I will keep my mouth shut as much as possible when is about attacking our theory.

Do you think all this dropping out of AU (Uma Thurman and later Sharon Stone) is affecting schedule? Do you think it will affect our girl's plans?

Unknown said...

Good morning,
great post as always HKN. Fantastic!
Have a nice day all

felicity said...

i hope no one is seriously injured

filming AU during the night

@maryod23 an ambulance just left the set with lights flashing”

Liz ‏@lizm2008 1h
Someone just got injured on the #AmericanUltra set!

@pookie. your welcome

@stargazzer, i don't think so, they had a replacement very quickly.

Unknown said...


Paloma said...

Hola havenettes, es maravilloso empezar el día con un nuevo post de HAVEN , no sólo te pone de buen humor sino que te alegra el día. Lo digo y lo diré siempre es una suerte para nosotras tener a HAVEN de nuestro lado y a mamá nails también. Que dios las vendiga. Feliz día guapas y un beso.

Offline said...

I went back to read more comments from the other post and saw yours re Nikola6. Why am I stunned she could be so two-faced after all I see happen in our fandom?
Sorry ladies I could have warned you of her earlier. Silly me to be fooled believing she is only misguided RME. Not that I see all she has to say, no loss there. I agree with ASFJ - she will never stop as long as we respond to her.

Jane - Do you mean the LA premiere of The Rover?

I wish so much to see Kristen support Rob at the Rover premiere in LA, if she doesn't go to Cannes.

I wonder if their decision not to feed the tabs/paps with pics of their private lives will include when they are seen in public promoting their films. Depends on timing...

OMG Felicity I hope everyone is okay!

Offline said...

Kristen and AU cast were filming night shoot in Hammond, LA. No further news yet.

Unknown said...

Morning to all us Havenettes, Hkn, Mama Nails hope everyone is well, HKN WHAT A FANTASTIC POST YOU ARE JUST BRILLIANT ONCE AGAIN YOU HAVE MADE MY DAY,Kristen looked out of this world at the Met Gala and what a brilliant dress to wear to hide Sweet Pea aswell love where shes sitting at the table holding her belly, loving the pictures of Rob and his accent what can you say we have been blessed this week from both of them, the haters,trolls were out in force Mama Nails, Trashdaze you do and have done a fantastic job with them specially this week hands up to you all, well hugs to you all have a great day another week gone already take care.

Unknown said...

Love it.

andreana said...

HKN.. me too! I cannot get over how he has nailed the accent..Once again I feel like a proud mama!

Unknown said...

Hkn I never jumped ship. I even predicted weeks before met that we wouldn't see a bump. K would not expose her pregnancy on red carpet. Dress provided perfect illusion of thin waistline. But seriously how could people doubt when we saw pics of k just before with riley on ig and we saw the bump. Later we saw bump at after party. People need to understand. K has a long torso so theres more room inside her to accomodate her baby thats why she showing small. Women with short torso dont have a lot of room inside them for baby to grow so their stomach pushout as baby grows showing bigger bump according to doctors. K has long torso so she has a lot of room inside her for baby to grow so the baby doesnt more room and pushout. Hence her belly being small. Doctors say women built thin with long torso have small bumps. Long torso hide baby bumps. For those who think a women cant carry small this late in pg. My cousin laura is one week into her eighth and guess what? No bump. I mean k has more than she.
Nicole Kidman didnt start showing till 2 weeks into her 9 th month. Kate middleton showed only a few weeks before delivery that media was worried for her baby health. These women are thin with long torso that hide baby bumps.

Unknown said...

Loved the blue tshirt. No one can deny that the same shirt and no she wouldn't be wearing it a year after a breakup. Ruth and sam fav tweets is further proof they are together. The haters see the bump. They just dont want to believe it. If they didnt see it they would say I see nothing. They wouldn't make up lame excuses about european food and beer bellies, fanny packs and the like. Just like the ring is a bandaid lol. Even the media played the haters when the admitted k gain weight. Trolls could no longer say she was thin.

Janie said...


I was referring to Cannes.

Annie said...

I hope whatever injury occurred on the AU set that it was not serious.

Do we know that it was nothing to do with a scene for the movie?

Janie said...

I have watched that clip of the Rover again and I can't get over how brilliant Rob is. He can master any voice he wants. In MTTS it's even different from any of his other movies. It amazes me. Ben Affleck, Matt Damen, Harrison Ford, Robert Redford all these actors have the same voice in every movie. Rob can adapt his to whatever. To me that is brilliant. Can't wait for future movies. I think I'd even like to here him be in a film with his natural British accent. Wouldn't that be awesome?
I think with all the pictures HKN has added to her new post it should be a quiet day.

Morning Coffee said...

Goodmorning All.....

Will be out today mostly...but try to op in later...just wanted to wish everyone a good day.

till later.

Janie said...

Sorry, fast mind slow fingers. I meant to say I would like to hear Rob's natural British accent.

EllenRamey said...

Excellent :)

Unknown said...

I love your blog!!!!! I wish you could write more often, only because you give me such reassurance about all the things I Believe....plus you ring things like the tweets from Sam and Ruth...that they actually favorite things to let us know.....totally agree with Elizabeth...totally love the new article from Rob and explains a lot....thanks again hkn!!!

Unknown said...

Since the first few weeks when Kristen was filming in Switzerland I had thought she must be about three months and the baby is under her ribcage, initially rather high. Now, I believe her baby has lowered and is putting pressure on the lower abdomen, but lying like a basket from hip to hip. This does indicate to me the baby is gaining weight and is close to delivery. I have had three deliveries and all Caesarians because of major surgery when twelve years old. My father was a pediatrician and his friend performed surgery on me that was life-saving . With so much scarring early I scheduled all my deliveries ahead, but all three babies were about 8 pounds except for my first and I was very active. She was born 3 weeks early. Kristen may have an early bird delivery on her hands. She is extremely active. She is probably keeping a very close watch of her condition. She looks very healthy and I know she works hard so the next few weeks will be amazing. Hoping she goes for natural childbirth if possible, but a C-section may be safest for her and the baby. Looking forward to all those movies coming out, especially the one with Jesse E. , that she is working on. Jesse may have to break to work on his Les Luther role, and Kristen may need to pause for the cause! Happy days ahead! I am really rather sure Rob can muster up that British accent as in, "Bond, James Bond." Oh well, an old grandmother can dream, right?

Unknown said...

Morning you all. I saw some new pictures of Rob in LA. He must be preparing for Cannes. And I hope everyone is okay on the set of AU. The next few weeks will prove to be interesting.
Rob and Kris have the most beautiful love for each other. Time and distance only strengthens it. The tweets give us more proof. Why would they "like" them if there wasn't any significance behind the words?
Hope everyone is having a great day.

Sherry said...

Just to let you all know my husband had his cardiac cath. Going to have to have bypass. Our daughters wedding is June 21. Hope to be able to do it after wedding but we will see. Bad enough that both of our future son-in-laws parents are going through serious health issues now this. Can't wait to go to my checkup! I just pray I won't have anything happen. I am pretty healthy so am praying I will be okay. My daughter doesn't need this. When our oldest got married 4 years ago my husband had a leg amputated after a fall and since he is diabetic it got infected. He gave her away in a wheelchair. He's had eye problems and he's on kidney dialysis. You can understand why I don't have a lot of patience with the crap that I read from the haters from time to time. As Jacob said in Twilight, "life sucks and then you die. I should be so lucky." Just keep us in your thoughts. On the one hand we can get this fixed so then he can get on the transplant list and wait some more. So before I go, thank you all for letting me be here and haters get a grip and get a life. Love you all. Fec

Sherry said...

Sorry. Ignore the fed. Finger spasm! Lol

Tbell said...

Good morning ladies

Woke up to freezing weather...what the hell? Anyway...I've been reading Robs answers in that article and its blatant what he is telling the interviewer/fans.

Have a wonderful day ladies...I hope for only good news and happy thoughts for you all havenettes. I had to get a wind breaker out this morning and found a $20 in the zipper pocket! Mad money!! I love when that happens lol. Hope yall get a good surprise today ♡

Unknown said...

New pix of rob on rpl from may. Does anyone know what this event is? Looks like rob at bussiness meeting.is the blonde lady rob london agent?

Janie said...


Sorry to hear of your family health issues. I'm hoping and praying for a successful surgery and hope you have an excellent checkup. Life sucks when you start getting old and having health issues. You just have to make the best of it and I know you are.

Enjoy your weekend.

a stargazzer said...

I hope everything works out of okay. Sometimes health issues all come together but then you get a long break. Hopefully your break started already. Blessings.

Unknown said...

AU currently shooting in LA, is that right? Does anyone know it?

Happygirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Happygirl said...

@sanni It's not LA! It's Louisanna

fishyone2 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

hello all, i just heard from a twitter peep that said that in the French version of the Premiere interview it's VERY clear Rob is talking about watching BD2 with Kristen. This is much clearer than in any of the translations.

Just wanted to pass that along to everyone...hope you all are having a good day!

Unknown said...

Mama Nails, I am sure that Rob is becoming a bit more secure in his craft of acting. Kristen has always believed in him and their love has grown stronger because of the bond they have. He is a very sweet person and you can easily see he is full of fun. So is Kristen, full of good humor, but seems a tad more serious . I have been enjoying all the kittens in the bathroom, they look annoyed, as in where is the litter box and automatic cleaner upper! Oh my!

Janie said...

I was thinking today about yesterdays commotion about Rob not being with Kristen.
I can guarantee that Kristen is not feeling neglected. Do they honestly think Rob would miss the birth of his first child? She is one lucky girl to have such a loving guy. You know he's with her when he can be and when he's not you know they text, talk and skype all the time. This girl feels his love every minute of the day. I've never seen anything quite like it.

irene said...

Thanks, Mama Nails......

Very interesting!!!

Unknown said...

MN, that is a wonderful piece of news!! They are a thoroughly wonderful couple, so much in love. *happy sighs*
Sherry, I'm praying for you all during this hectic time. This is one of the reasons why the Haven is a great place. We can come here and get away from rl stress.
My daughter's exams are over and her glasses are ready for pick up. We're going out for pizza tonight to celebrate. I'll be back later. Much love. XXOO

Jane said...

I hope Kristen sues the hell out of this blog for all the asinine lies you tell about her. I am sure someone has written her a fan letter telling her of this nutty blog and I hope she answers it and tells you people to back off her private life. As for Nic6, I see you jumped on her immediately because she didn't talk like one of you nut jobs. LMAO, you say she is carrying in the hips and then you show a puffed out shirt sticking out the front. You can't have it both ways but why do I even try to get you to see what you are doing to this actress by spreading lies about her private life.

Vernier said...

Crazy Jane
FUCK OFF!!!!! People here don't want to hear your belligerent bullshit. Go back where your tired old monkey ass came from. You got as much couth as my short ass crack hairs. Now get to stepping. I am sick to death of you self-righteous hypocritical bitches coming here and trying to force you self centered views on wonderful people who don't give a fart in the wind about what comes out of your fucked up mouth. Now you bought the old me out and I ain't got time for your tired monkey ass!!!!! See ya Boo!!!!

Unknown said...

HKN, We have a phony Jane posting again, she is not HKN Jane but a VERY INTERESTING COPYCAT NAME. Ooh! I was having such a good Friday reading the new HKN post and Mama Nails and thinking what a fun afternoon! Well, I can see the evening is always busy after the new post is out. This post was very good and I really think everyone enjoyed it HKN. Loved those red circles, but I think we have a lot of dingbats who are into gloom and doom. I am so happy for Rob and Kristen and I think they are absolutely correct in maintaining a ninja world for themselves, especially right now. They have on their fast tennis shoes and are making tracks all over! Getting the work completed now, relax later or whenever. I think they both love to be busy doing stuff, so I understand the full schedules. We are lucky to be able to have HKN Haven to chat with our friends here. Susie

Unknown said...

VERNIE- Now you see why we love you so very much! You are faster on the fly than the swatter! I have to giggle my ass off every single time you go to it! Mean Jane is SUCH a CROCK! LOVE YOU AND TRACY ON LINE! Hanging in, Susie

andreana said...

Ugly Jane aka. Monkey ass is back.! Here to impart her wisdom on all us poor dumb cult members.....Ugly Jane...why don't you give Kristen a call and report this blog to her?...you could help her find an attorney too.....You do know her personally right? .....No?....wow I think you might be just a touch cray cray then....Really ...No wonder R/K hide ......If Kristen ever reads this blog....(right).... I think she will know who the nut ball is....that would be you UGLY JANE....you scary!,,,

Morning Coffee said...

Jane troll....Do you have to stick your head in the toilet when you shit during the day? Cause there's an awful lot of shit that comes out of your mouth...none of us give a flying fuck what you have to say...your opinions only matter to yourself.

The one good thing to come from all of this is that is has shown alot of supposed Rob / Kristen lovers and bloggers in their true colors...They honestly don't give a rat's ass about Rob or Kristen.

They are nothing more than a bunch of phonies and you are only worth their time if you are in agreement with them.

People like you and your fellow trolls and the phonies of the fandom...are exactly what gives the fandom a bad taste in people's mouths.

So take your ignorant lying ass on out of here and go find somebody out there in this wide world who just might give a shit about you and what you have to say because dimwit you sure as hell won't find it here.

Morning Coffee said...

Sorry Ladies I broke my word...Hopefully for the last time.

I am sick to death of the trolls, the liars, the haters and the fence straddlers. They are like leeches the slimy variety that just suck the life out of everything they touch.

It doesn't take much for some to start doubting and that's fine it's their privelege to believe as they see fit...However don't bring it here.

There is no room for Debbie downers in my world. You have to really admire HKN for all the crap she has to put up with, MamaN too.

Again I apologize the the ladies of the haven.

Tbell said...

Fucked up jane
If K wouldn't sue all the rags that lie about her daily why in the hell would she sue hkn? You're a dumb ass cunt who hates Kristen and gets urself off to pics of Rob. Quit acting like you care for Kristwn you bitch.

Tbell said...

I have a hard time apologizing to someone like her. She's in the league of poopscoop as far as im concerned.

Hope yall are having a good friday night!

Unknown said...

SHERRY, I just wanted to say I will pray for you and yours tonight and every night. I am so sorry things have gotten difficult for you, we all have that at times and it gets frustrating. Wishing good news for you all!

a stargazzer said...

I think is time for a new game
How about six degrees of Rob and/or Kris?

For the ones unfamiliar with the game to try to connect any actor via movie to Rob and Kris as quickly as possible and in as few links as possible.

If for example I say Hunger Games Josh Hutcherson worked with Kris in Zathura so that is too easy. If I say Man of Steel that makes Russell Crowe worked with Emma Watson that worked with Rob in Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire so that is a bit harder.
So let's start with a favorite: Mean Girls.

Shamrocker said...

Fun! Love this game
Mean girls: Tina fey is in mean girls
She was on 30 rock with Alec Baldwin and Alec Baldwin plays Kristen's dad in still Alice.

Unknown said...

TBELL, You should not apologize for someone who is causing harm. You are a good person who is not responsible for the sick responses of crazy Jane and similar nuts. I really like your new post, and you are helping a friend at the same time! Give it up for Kristen and her Rob t-shirts with the see-through holes. More holy than righteous(old family saying). She surely does leave hints to us. And, she gives Rob a giggle at the same time. Have a fun night Tracy.

Tbell said...

Holy shit...thats fun!

Keira knightly

a stargazzer said...

Forgot to add that whoever solves it gets to say the next movie.
Well done pick a movie now.

Morning Coffee said...

TBell I was not nor ever will apologize to the likes of her I was apologizing to all of you. I promised I wouldn't answer any of them and the bitch just got on my last nerve.

Maybe she is Poopscoop. or one of her loyal rats.

Sue m. How are you feeling tonight? I love how they share clothes..and the fact they are not afraid to be comfortable and not uber hollywood chic. I know my most comfy things are the ones that are thread bare and holey.

a stargazzer: fun game

Morning Coffee said...

Heres a Movie...up in the air

Annie said...


MC: Up in the air starred Anna Kendrick who was in Twilight with both Rob and Kristen.
Excellent movie by the way. :)

Morning Coffee said...

yes it was excellent. How's Annie tonight? another movie MIlk

Annie said...

Movie: Cutlass.

Annie said...

MC: Doing good. :) You?
Milk: Starred Emile HIrsch who starred with Kristen in Into The Wild.
Sean Penn was excellent as Harvey MIlk.

Morning Coffee said...

Dakota fanning who starred with Kristen in Twilight saga also with Rob and agina with Kristen in the runaways.

Morning Coffee said...

Yes and he also directed into the wild where Rob first spied the love of his life and traveled half way around the world to audition with her and that's all they wrote folks.

Vernier said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vernier said...

Yo Annie? How it banging friend?

Annie said...

MC: Yes! Yes! Yes! :):):)
Vernier: Hello! :):)

Vernier said...

Hey MC and TB. What up SM and StarG? Love your game. I'm never any good at it but love it anyway.
I want to put this out there and then let it go. We are a close knit group here. We share our fantasies and our real lives. We don't let each other get disrespected. I love that about a bunch of "old ladies." Now what I need to say is that most of us are from a time when your word and loyalty were worth more than gold. We are loyal fans of Rob and Kristen, that's why we make a difference. Like wine and cheese we just get better with age. "Old people" like us stand tried and true. We don't waver or waffle. We are there for our family, friends and blogs (lol). We are from a time when movie stars were idolized and treated with the utmost respect. They put themselves out there for all the world to see,to entertain us. To be honored or ridiculed. So we stand strong and try to protect them and their reputation. So when we waiver and constantly Hee Haw over if we believe in them or something about them today and not tomorrow, always needing proof and reassurance, then we are doing them an injustice. We have to stand for what we believe and believe what we stand for. If you don't stand for something you will fall for anything.
I believe they are together.
I believe they are expecting.
I believe they are happy.
And I believe they are two of the most exceptional young people on and off screen that I have had the pleasure of ever watching.
We may be oldies but we are damn sure the goodies!!!!! Just saying!!!

Done with my rant....
All the bullshit and dumb shit that comes out of monkey ass mouths is just that SHIT.

Annie said...

Vernier: Being lazy on a Friday night. You?

Vernier said...

Bout the same. Got to run to Walmart right quick then back to work on Trashdaze, and my blog. Nothing really happening......

Annie said...

Speaking of your blog......OMG! Loved it!

Vernier said...

Thank you Mam!!1 lol I am trying. I think the more positive energy we can put out and the more we cut the naysayers down the better for R and K.

Vernier said...

Running to Walmart. Back in a bit.....

Annie said...

Ok....Still being lazy.....Hahaha. :)


Morning Coffee said...

Vern you still there...catch you later girl llove you.

annie I'm going to the shower back in a while.

Annie said...

MC: No worries. Later! :)

Annie said...


Dear Wife,
I’m writing you this letter to tell you that I’m leaving you forever. I’ve been a good man to you for 7 years & I have nothing to show for it. These last 2 weeks have been hell. Your boss called to tell me that you quit your job today & that was the last straw. Last week, you came home & didn’t even notice I had a new haircut, had cooked your favorite meal & even wore a brand new pair of silk boxers. You ate in 2 minutes, & went straight to sleep after watching all of your soaps. You don’t tell me you love me anymore; you don’t want sex or anything that connects us as husband & wife. Either you’re cheating on me or you don’t love me anymore; whatever the case, I’m gone. Your EX-Husband.

P.S. Don’t try to find me. Your SISTER & I are moving away to West Virginia together! Have a great life!
Dear Ex-Husband,
Nothing has made my day more than receiving your letter. It’s true you & I have been married for 7 years, although a good man is a far cry from what you’ve been. I watch my soaps so much because they drown out your constant whining & griping Too bad that doesn’t work. I DID notice when you got a hair cut last week, but the 1st thing that came to mind was ‘You look just like a girl!’ Since my mother raised me not to say anything if you can’t say something nice, I didn’t comment. And when you cooked my favorite meal, you must have gotten me confused with MY SISTER, because I stopped eating pork 7 years ago. About those new silk boxers: I turned away from you because the $49.99 price tag was still on them, & I prayed it was a coincidence that my sister had just borrowed $50 from me that morning. After all of this, I still loved you & felt we could work it out. So, when I hit the lotto for 10 million dollars, I quit my job & bought us 2 tickets to Jamaica But when I got home you were gone. Everything happens for a reason, I guess. I hope you have the fulfilling life you always wanted. My lawyer said that the letter you wrote ensures you won’t get a dime from me. So take care.
Signed, Your Ex-Wife, Rich As Hell & Free!

P.S. I don’t know if I ever told you this, but my sister Carla was born Carl. I hope that’s not a problem.

Unknown said...

Verni, you are right about everything! This is a wonderful place with some great women. I've always loved R&K, and I knew they were in love when i saw the pictures of them at the Twilight premier. Hope y'all have a good night.

Unknown said...

Kiera knightly played in pride and prejudice with talulah riley and talulah riley played in the movie the summer house with rob pattinson before he came to us and became twilight star.

Jesse eisenberg

Morning Coffee said...

I'm checking in and saying goodnight. love you all .

Annie that joke was a good one she got the last laugh.

Unknown said...

Verni I too am big fan of your blog. Loooved the pic of rob with the come hither stare....and u know your butt want to go....uhn.huh lol.

a stargazzer said...

I'm going to omit AU since that is still filming.
Jesse starred in The Double with Mia Wasikowska that is on Map to the stars with Rob or if you want the longer route she starred with Helena Bonham Carter in Alice in Wonderland and Helena was in Harry Potter.

Emma Stone

Annie said...

Emma Stone starred with Patricia Clarkson in Easy A (loved that movie) who starred with Kristen in The safety of Objects.

Annie said...

Jaimie Bell.

Annie said...


NOLA girl said...

Hey lovelies - Happy Friday Evening!!
I haven't had the chance to read the NOLA papers from today, but have been listening to the radio. Nothing mentioned about anything serious happening on the AU movie set, but will keep you posted if there was.

I was looking at Robsten Daily and for whatever reason started reading posts. AU filming is going to be in my neck of the woods 5/12 - 15.

I think I had mentioned before I live across Lake Pontchartrain on the Northshore in Mandeville. Hammond is 30 mins west of me. Filming will be in Covington which is right next to Mandeville. I pick my youngest niece up from school once a week. She lives in Mandeville but goes to school in Covington - that's how close it is. Apparently they need people for the filming in Covington the 12th - 15th. I really don't care about being in the movie, but wouldn't mind watching filming. I'll keep ya'll posted!

Sherry - good grief. I am so sorry for your family and especially you and your hubby. Seems like when it rains, it pours. I will keep you all in my prayers.

Sanni - I live in the New Orleans metro area. There is nothing in the way of pictures or news coming from anyone associated with AU.

Gigi - congrats on JC going first in the NFL draft!

Annie - loved the divorce letter :)

TBell - don 't forget SNL tomorrow night. Charlize Theron and the Black Keys!

Vern, MC, sue mo, andreana, Tina, felicity, a stargazzer, shamrocker, Irene, happygirl, good Jane, RKP, Ellen, Teresa, pookmeister, and anyone else from today - it's been a long one, and I am going to bed. Love you all!!

Sweet Dreams! It's been raining pitchforks here since early this afternoon. Happy Mothers' Day to all you wonderful mamas!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Jamie bell was in jumper with Kristen Stewart.

Tom hanks

felicity said...

@sherry... i am so sorry .. i will pray for your family and esp you and your hubby.

take care havenettes

Janie said...

Tom Hanks was in Elvis Has Left The Building with John Corbett. John Corbett played with Kristen in The Messengers.

Movie The Glass House

felicity said...

florabotanica ad! damn, why don't they show that globally??


vana said...

Again thank you HKN for all the work you do, I always love reading your posts.
@Sherry, take care. I send good positive thoughts your way. Sounds like a really tough time.

Unknown said...

Diane lane played in the glass house and also in nights in rodanthe with james franco and james franco played in queen of the desert with rob pattinson.

Tom cruise

Unknown said...

Afternoon everyone hope all is well, @Mama Nails would just like to say thankyou for sharing your information from your Twitter peep and keeping us in the loop,@Sherry so sorry to hear about your family health issues i also have family health issues which dosent seem to stop wishing you loads of luck and sending you lots of love and hugs,well thats me for a while so have a great day love and hugs to you all take care.

Unknown said...

mother's day is tomorrow and i wanted to post a poem i wrote for my own mom a while back

i post it here in honor of all the mothers here, and all the mother's-to-be in the near future

What is “Mother”?

~by pookie

“Mother” means that in this world there’s one who understands.
“Mother” means there’s faith in you in spite of Life’s demands.
“Mother” means a haven, when it’s all too much to bear,
And healing hands that comfort as they wipe away each tear.
“Mother” means an ally who is always on your side,
An angel’s wing, unquestioning, to shelter and to hide.
“Mother” means the courage that would fight the world for you
And never-ending patience to not see wrong things you do.
“Mother” means the answer “Yes!” no matter what the cost,
“Mother” means the welcoming of home that’s never lost.
“Mother” means all this and so much more that I can’t say
I only thank Dear Lord Above for You this Mother’s Day.
~Mother’s Day, May 13th, 2012

my mom passed away nine months ago on August 4th, 2013
i was with her

i'm so glad i was able to write this for her for Mother's Day the year before-- she had it framed and she kept it by her bed

love your moms with all the love you can muster while you have them here with you on this earth right, right now, my darlings-- they are irreplaceable

for the moms


vana said...

Pookie your poem is very beautiful, very touching. Sorry to hear that you lost your mum. I too lost my mum a while ago and I miss her very much. Thank you for sharing such pure and beautiful thoughts and you are right mums are irreplaceable. Hope all the mums out there have a wonderful Mother's Day tomorrow.

ASFJ said...

Here it is, early saturday morning (for me) and just had to look at the Haven and read all the comments (usually do it at night when everyone is zonked out)...what fun and what laughs!!! Just love, love, love this place and all the good-hearted commentaries..thank you ladies...MC and Vern..you are classics..love it when you get mad.....

RKP, thank you for taking the time to scroll back and read my comments on (you know who). I got really pissed off. Slander is a serious issue and thank you for agreeing with me. Hope you see this.

Bye ladies

Janie said...


Beautiful poem. I know your Mom was proud.

Annie said...

Morning all.
Sherry: Sending up prayers for you, your husband and family.

Pookie Lewis: Beautiful poem. Thank you for sharing and my condolences on the loss of your mother.
Tom Cruise starred with Melissa Leo in Oblivion who starred with Kristen Stewart in Welcome to the Riley's.
Sunshiny day here in NYC right now. Was overcast earlier in the day.
Up and out! :)
Continuing a stargazzer's movie game. Guess the connection.
Actress: Rachael Stirling.

Janie said...

Rachael Stirling in Salmon Fishing in the Yemen played with kristin Scott Thomas who played with Rob in Bel Ami.

The Glass House.

Morning Coffee said...

Ladies...it's the day before Mother's day and I wanted to wish each of you mom's and grandmoms a wonderful day filled to over flowing with wonderful memories and a chance to add new ones.

PookieTennyson: your poem celbrating moms was beautiful and truthful. sorry that you lost your mom, but know she still watches over you.

Sherry: I am adding my prayers for your family to those of the other girls here.

Felicity thanks for the link to the florabotanica ad...had never seen it.

Annie enjoy the sunshine...have to figure out your prompt for the game ;)

Tbell: Love you lady

for each of you have a great day.
back later..grocery store calling my name .

Annie said...

MC: Jane beat you to it.....:):):):)
Have a great day too....Hugs.

Jane: Rachael Stirling also starred with Rob in The Haunted Airman and with Kristen in SWATH

Unknown said...

Diane Lane was also in Jumper and played Kristen's mother in that movie! Lol. This is a fun game!

@sherry...please take care!

Janie said...

There is a site called Oracle of Bacon that helps you find a link between actors. I m sure there are other ites as well.

Diane aslsdo played in Glass House with Bruce Dern who played with Kris in The Cake Eaters.

Janie said...

Typing bad today. Meant to say Diane also played

Annie said...

Jane: Didn't know that. Funny name.

Unknown said...

Hey y'all. I had to go out this morning to pick up a gift for my mom. Pookie, that was a lovely poem; thank you for sharing it with us. NOLA Girl, I am excited for Clowney! It was a great night to be a USC Gamecock.
I can only imagine how excited Rob and Kris are right now. This is a wonderful time for them. BBL

Unknown said...

That was a lovely poem Pookie thankyou for sharing it with all of us, wishing everyone a happy mothers day for tommorrow we celebrate our mothers day in march,Elizabeth Reaser,William Hurt,Emile Hirsch all played in a 2 part Drama Bonnie and Clyde last year and they have all worked with Kristen stewart on different movies its just so amazing how our girl is loved and adored by so many people around the world,have a lovely evening love and hugs to you all take care.

Euclid said...

Lane Garrison was also in Bonnie and Clyde with Emile Hirsch et al, then went on to do Camp X-Ray last year with Kristen. Am looking forward to seeing CXR in the fall - it gets to theatres in time for a possible Oscar nomination for Kristen.

Unknown said...

POOKIE, Your poem for your Mom was so sweet! Thanks for sharing! Nola Girl, I am feeling better and now have an in-grown toenail that needs removal by a doctor, the whole nail is bad. I have family in Metairie and my CPA lives down in Nola with her husband who is an attorney. Wish I had time and money to visit, but I remember the place is below sea level, like Houston, and you need to be a hothouse plant to survive. Spending time in the quarter, listening to music and drinking with family is great, but in late June or early July, I was really feeling the heat and those lovely mosquitos in the open bars, near my legs and feet! I am SUCH a whiner! I lived in Houston for four years and never got used to the sweat bath down there and in Galveston, the size of the mosquitos in clouds took my breath away! I am really looking forward to seeing all the new movies by Rob and Kristen, and hope they both have good luck with all of them. This new one of Kristen's is going to be very interesting and it is nice she has a good relationship with her fellow actors. Both Rob and Kristen seem to love what they do and want to be the best at it. Happy Mother's Day, stay cool!

Unknown said...

@Euclid just seen your post and thankyou i forgot Lane Garrison was in it hoping you watched the same on as i did i thought it was a fantastic 2 part drama Kristen has acted with so many different Actors/Actresses she is just such an amazing and wonderful PERSON WHO WE ALL LOVE.

a stargazzer said...

Wonderful poem I'm sure your mama was very proud.

This game is too easy it seems our girl might be the female version of Kevin Bacon :D

Okay this one should be a little bit harder
Megan Fox

Euclid said...

ICrsams the@Tina - Yes, I saw it - a terrific production. Glad you enjoyed it, too. Hope your health is improving.

Euclid said...

@Tina - Sorry about including the verification code by mistake in the previous comment - please just ignore the letters before your name - proving one's not a robot can be confusing at times!

Janie said...

Megan Fox played in Jonah Hex with Michael Wozniak. Michael Wozniak played with Kristen in Welcome To The Rileys.

I'm disqualified because I used Oracle of Bacon.
I'll let you guys play.

Have a good evening and Happy Mother's Day to all tomorrow.

Unknown said...

Hi@Euclid not to worry happened to me plenty of times yes i really enjoyed it glad you did to my health still improving still trying to figure out whats going on had lots of tests but if i dont here from the doctors im happy hope all is well with you hope you have a good weekend.

ASFJ said...

Hey, I have one for you although it doesn't involve movies......I met Kevin James (Paul Blart, Mall Cop and King of Queens on TV) and shook his hand. He is very nice and friendly. Last year he was in a movie with among others, Taylor Lautner.....which means if HE shook Taylor's hand when they met on set, I was within Six Degrees of Separation from RK!!! The movie was Grown Ups 2.

Euclid said...

Tine - You're right - if one doesn't hear back after tests that's generally good news. Hope you're able to get sorted soon with a correct diagnosis. I think in the UK your Mother's Day is at a different time of year to ours in North America, so will just wish you a good weekend instead!

Morning Coffee said...

Good evening havenettes...

Sorry I haven't had a chance to get back here all day..busy day all round. So just dropped in to say hi.

If I don't get back till later or tomorrow you know I called it an early night.


Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Janie said...

NOLA girl

On Strictly Robsten they are looking for extras for American Ultra. You must be from Covington area. Now's your chance. I think it would be so cool to be an extra.

Unknown said...

thanks to all those sweethearts who so generously give me positive feedback on the poetry attempts

and are such compassionate and loving individuals--

Vana, I'm so sorry you lost your mom too--bless you darling, thanks for the wonderful words

thank you too dear good Jane, always making such great points

and Annie my cool, cool, New York girl thank you for your kind words to me and of course for all your hilarious posts! you've brightened many of my days

and my dearest Morning Coffee you great big sugarlump, what would we ever do without you??!! you who always post such wonderful thoughts and supportive words, thank you! you humble me with your generosity and sharp turn of mind--

and Gigi, always so dear to me, thank you dear, i hope the anxiety is lessening for you as you deserve such happiness and peace of mind-- we all do!!

and tina wotherspoon thank you sweetie for always saying something so very loving, and i always remember you in my prayers hoping so much that you feel better--

and sue morris my dear friend, i pray for your improved health as well and thank you for your unwavering friendship and support-- yes those mosquitos are the size of flies down in New Orleans! we used to call them 'hawks'!

and a stargazzer, always adding so much to the thread! thank you darling your good words mean so much to me and your game is fantastic! i only wish i were knowledgeable enough to join in! but it's amazing to see titles of films i had no idea were Kristen's, so because of you i have many more films of Kristen's to enjoy! so utter thanks for that!

and of course i thank felicity always, the links she provides us are so enjoyable! i really loved looking at the florabotanica ad you sent us to, dear felicity! that was just great! "in the shadows of a forbidden garden, vines climb" what a beautiful haiku-- "Florabotanica Princess... She is the untamed heart of the bewitching flower" INDEED!!! does that ad writer know our girl or whuttt???!!

i might run out of room for this post--and i don't want to leave anybody out!! i freakin love you all: t-bell, vernie, mamaN, HKN, RK Faith, NOLAgirl, teresa holmes, RKLove, Debbie, sanni K, andreana, Ellen Ramey, Sherry (hey Sherry i'm praying for you and your family too)
and everybody else

all you moms and moms-to-be stay in bed and eat eggs benedict all morning then walk barefoot in the grass and smell spring flowers and kiss your kids
and especially your moms
and maybe even hubbies too
they fit in there somewhere lol
thass whut i'm a gonna do--

Janie said...


You are such a Sweetheart.

Happy Mother's Day to you.

andreana said...


Thank you ! I wish you a wonderful mother's Day also!

Unknown said...

aw geeze fer heavens sake Euclid baby! and robstensiempre, Barbara Fenwick, RKP, Elizbeth, ASFJ, paloma mendez garcia, RKP, marthaoriz,irene, Nancy Allen, Happygirl too!!
doublelove coming at cha jane and andreana-

Unknown said...

Dropping by to say that I hope you all have a wonderful night. I'm so exhausted after a stressful day. The new Florabotanica ad is...beautiful and perfect. Loved it. Thank you for your sweet words, Pookie. See you all tomorrow.

Annie said...

Happy Mother's Day!
Author unknown.

Happy Mother’s Day

Awesome Mom.

Before I was a Mom,
I never tripped over toys
Or forgot words to a lullaby.
I didn't worry whether or not
My plants were poisonous.
I never thought about immunizations.

Before I was a Mom,
I had never been puked on.
Pooped on.
Chewed on.
Peed on.
I had complete control of my mind
And my thoughts.
I slept all night.

Before I was a Mom,
I never held down a screaming child
So doctors could do tests.
Or give shots.
I never looked into teary eyes and cried.
I never got gloriously happy over a simple grin.
I never sat up late hours at night
Watching a baby sleep.

Before I was a Mom,
I never held a sleeping baby just because
I didn't want to put her down.
I never felt my heart break into a million pieces
When I couldn't stop the hurt.
I never knew that something so small
Could affect my life so much.
I never knew that I could love someone so much. I never knew I would love being a Mom.

Before I was a Mom,
I didn't know the feeling of
Having my heart outside my body..
I didn't know how special it could feel
To feed a hungry baby.
I didn't know that bond
Between a mother and her child.
I didn't know that something so small
Could make me feel so important and happy.

Before I was a Mom,
I had never gotten up in the middle of the night
Every 10 minutes to make sure all was okay.
I had never known the warmth,
The joy,
The love,
The heartache,
The wonderment
Or the satisfaction of being a Mom.
I didn't know I was capable of feeling so much,
Before I was a Mom

felicity said...

Happy Mothers Day for the mom's and granny's here on the blog and, if you are not a mom so far, celebrate it with your own mom. have a good and funny sunday.

NOLA girl said...

My girls - early Sunday morning here... a very Happy Mothers' Day to all the moms (HKN and Mama Nails - you are our moms) in our Haven.

I was thinking how much I miss my mom and dad. Combined, they were sick for 11 years. By the time the end was reached by each of them, they were ready and my brother and I were completely worn out. It takes awhile to recover from the road-running, taking care of the sitter as well, the doc appts, the hospital stays, the ER visits, the arguing, and the heartbreak of watching them fade away. Now, I have reached the stage where I remember all the good stuff and how much I miss them. Mothers' Day is so strange for me and my hubby as he no longer has his parents either.

We couldn't have kids and went broke trying. After years of wanting a dog, we finally got little Bella New Years' Eve of '08. That's the day we became 'parents' and have loved every minute of it. I know it's not exactly the same, but it's all I'll ever know. We now get gifts from Bella for Mothers' and Fathers' Day :)

Sorry for getting so serious - now on to the important stuff:
Ya'll, there was nothing in the papers yesterday or today about the issues that apparently came up on the set of AU Thursday nite. Like I've told ya'll before, the newspapers and news people don't say much if anything about movies being filmed in the area. Terminator 5 is being filmed in the city right now and it's causing some traffic issues. All you here in the press is 'movie filming on such and such street so avoid the area '.

Jane - thanks for the info. I had seen that, but I wouldn't be able to be an extra Mon or Tues, so there goes that opportunity, but I'm going to try to find where they're filming and observe for awhile.

Pookie poet - your Mothers' Day poem made my eyes water. God has blessed you with amazing gifts my friend. Continue to use them!!! You are such a sweetheart:D

Annie - thank you for sharing your lovely poem as well!

Euclid - nice to hear from you!

sue mo - great luck with the ingrown toenail removal. I had the procedure done on both big toes 20+ years ago and no problems since! How's the resolution on your fender bender going? I got my car back last week and I am happy about that. Hope you're doing well.

Tina - glad the tests results have shown nothing serious, and hope you are feeling better!

Sherry - hang in there my dear. I can imagine the strain you're under and it's not pleasant. Take care of yourself. More often than not caregivers go down first b/c they neglect their own health. Don't let that happen to you.

felicity, Gigi, TBell, Vern, sue, RKFaith, andreana, MC, ASFJ, LizzieD, Elizbeth, Sanni K, vana, Teresa, a stargazzer, shamrocker, Happygirl, fishyone 2, and any other Havenettes I missed - Happy Mothers' Day! Love and hugs to you all.

Unknown said...

Good morning,
I wish you all a beautiful sunny Mother's Day.
How nice it was when my kids have been waiting for this morning I got out of the bed, lol. (So early are never awake)
Beautifully, Kristen and Rob at time MIA, happy and together in anticipation.
Have a nice day all

felicity said...


pookie.. loved your poem, thanks for sharing.. happy sunday to the ones, who are not mothers

Unknown said...

HKN - thank you, as always. I never jumped ship either.. It was 3:30am when I went to sleep after the Met Gala and the dress worked its magic on me :) lol

Sherry - I hope things get better soon, sending lots of strength.

Pookie- your poem almost made me cry.. thank you. It reminded me of all kinds of things when my kids were smaller..

NOLAgirl - I work in an oncology department and a geriatric facility, I know the trials of dealing with sick parents. I see Israeli, Palestinian and Syrian patients every day and it takes a huge heart to deal with the illnesses of an elderly loved one, it's hard no matter who you are and where you come from. Not all children stick by their parents as you have - 11 years is a very long time! You are amazing. We went through IVF too, I really feel you.
I'm so happy you have little Bella together! Loving an animal is really one of the most rewarding things!

Big Hugs to everyone here, I'm sure you're all great mothers / to be.

Tbell said...

Happy mothers day ladies

I have to apologize fir how I worded my comment. I did not mean to say that I wont apologize "to" jane. I know you weren't apologizing to jane and totally understood your comment. But the way I worded my comment made it sound like I thought u did and I am sorry.

I would never apologize to her and what I meant to say but screwed up very badly was basically that Im not sorry I said what I said to jane lol. Forgiven?

I loved your poem.

I love the one you posted also.

Went out of town to college graduation of nephew and didn't get home until late so I missed the keys :( but I watched their performance in vevo this morning and I cant wait to add Fever to my walking playlist and Bullet to the Brain I just loved. Will add that one to my running playlist. Cant wait for their new album!

Hey girl! Ttyl

Hey girl! Ttyl

Andreana jane rk faith teresa gigi asfj vicci vana star hg fishy and to all the regs and not so regs that I missed I truly hope you have a peaceful mothers day. Love ya ladies...

Tbell said...

Forgot to ask. You watching the thunder/clippers game today?

Morning Coffee said...

In my quest to wish you all aa Happy Mother's Day yesterday I forgot someone.

Happy First Mother's Day Kristen!!!

T-bell: Swweetie there is absollutely nothing to forgive...I think she pushed the wrong button for all of us that night with her stupid mouth...I real wouldn't be surprised to find out it is poopscoop or Annie packrat...
I love you don't ever doubt it.

Once more for all the beautiful Mother's here and the grandmom's.
Aday filled with love and blessings for each of you.

See you all tonight.

Vernier said...

Happy Mother's Day to all the Beautiful ladies of the Havenette!!!!!!! And to our New Mother to be Happy Mother's Day Kristen!!! It is an amazing journey you are beginning. Some days good and great and others not so much... But all worth it in the end.... Love all of you......

Unknown said...

GOOD MORNING ! I woke up to early electrical brown out all over town, but it went back on quickly. Just enough off to have to reset clocks! Lovely day ahead, with cooler wetter Monday expected. Going out early and coming back to finish processing the mid month bill collection. Nola , my blue convertible is beautiful again! I am holding my breathe on this one. I am sleeping a little better and feel better. Hope we can avoid the really big winds for awhile yet(tornados). Happy thoughts about Rob and Kristen, wishing sweet p a very easy entrance into this world when she is ready for the big opening appearance. Loving thoughts to everyone here. Love from Susie

Unknown said...

hi there ~ please help me!! I'm struggling and SO want and NEED to believe rob and Kristen are fine ~ NO photos basically since may 2013 so it's really kinda freaky. I SO want to believe Kristen's pregnant. will be devastated if she isn't. LOVE the way you arrange your blogs ALL the time. praying it's ALL truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I read something yesterday on-line and someone was "claiming" said I thought Kristen had it in her to be faithful ~ like he was severely disappointed that she was not what he thought she was. I want SO much for them to be together. I ache with it ALL the time!!!!
happy mother's day to all!!!!

Unknown said...

do you think rob and Kristen will finally "go public" once "the baby" is born???? it's just so hard to believe they are hiding like everything from the public. :o( :o( if they don't go public after she has the baby, I'm gonna freak for SURE!!!!! :o(

Unknown said...

@Pookie lewis ,Nola girl thankyou for having me in your thoughts same straight back to both of you, Havenettes, Mama Nails,Hkn, hope you are all having a wonderful mothers day who celebrate it if not happy Sunday to you all and Kristen happy Mothers day to be to you love to you,Rob and soon Sweet Pea,weather here has been miserable over the weekend hope we get some better weather soon, @Annie loved your post, love and hugs to you all be safe ,take care.

a stargazzer said...

Thank you for all the good wishes and Happy Mother's day for all of you too! <3

Did you saw Mila's interview at Ellen? I loved how she said that she managed to get away with the pregnancy for a long time and that no one acknowledged her ring for two months.
That goes to show that the paps talk about what they want to talk about and they can ignore news that don't sell.
Isn't it funny that since most of their audience is the haters they are ignoring the pregnancy and the marriage to keep making money out of the suckers?
They know the moment Robsten is declared as the happy family they are their money maker is gone so they rather keep stirring the pot with mystery blonds and lesbian rumors.
Is all the haters doing.
Serves them well for feeding on hate.

Unknown said...

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms in the Haven!! We're going to visit my mom in a little bit (I still need to wrap her gift). My kids are busy making her a card. I'm also thinking of Kristen today. Sweet Pea is a true blessing for her and Rob. Can you all imagine how excited they are?
Thank you for the lovely poem, Annie.
I'll be back later. XXOO

Morning Coffee said...

Jeanne Marie:

Here's the only thing I can say, from your first comment it sounds like you spend to much time visiting places where negativity abounds concerning Rob and Kristen. Stop reading the negative.

Use your eyes and your own common sense and you will have your answer. What we believe we believe whole heartedly. It's never been our intention to force our opinions on anyone else.

We have a group of like minded women who know the ugliness and vicious lies that circulate in this fandom. We have been loyal to Rob and Kristen from the very beginning and choose to stay away from the negative and the gossip mags.

Reassure yourself in what you see and stay away from the rest. We can't make you see or believe what we do. That is entirely up to you.

Thanks for stopping by have a good day.

Morning Coffee said...

Annie: I don't know how in the world I missed your Mother's day post. I can tell you this I have never read anything better or more truthful.

Happy mom's day to you sweet girl.

Rosey said...

Hi everyone. Happy Mother's Day to those who are celebrating today

Pookie. Loved your poem.

Have a great day ladies.

Offline said...

Happy Mother's Day to all at the Haven!!

Lovely to read all your positive, fun, wonderful comments. Today ladies I see the beautiful souls of all of you. No room for haters with love such as this.
Cheers to more days like these!! Love to you all.

Frenchie said...

A belated Happy Mother's Day to all the mums here!

It's later in the month in France and I didn't realise it was on a different date in the US until late last night...

I hope you all had a lovely day!

NOLA girl said...

Havenettes - hope you had a lovely day today!

I'm trying to figure out where the day went - let's see - did a couple of loads of laundry, unloaded the dishwasher, made the bed, watered the patio plants, vacuumed the house (damn termites are starting to swarm), groomed Bella, watched Pride and Prejudice, Nurse Jackie, the Good Wife, and Mad Men. Criminy!!!

felicity - thanks for being you

RKFaith - you are a very special person to do the work you do. It's a calling - not everyone is cut out for it. My former sister-in-law has been an oncology nurse for 14 years. Miss her and still love her, but I don't know how she does her job and not get burned out. She is an angel, as are you.

TBell - WTH happened today? Didn't get to watch the game. I watched/listened to the NFL draft , went out to dinner, and watched the NASCAR race when we got back home last night. I needed a sports-break today:D

Jeanne Marie - Morning Coffee's remarks to you are a good representation of what we at the Haven believe. If HKN's mission statement for her website is copacetic with what you believe, welcome. We're a tight, happy bunch of R & K supporters - no hate allowed here.

sue mo - YAY!! So happy your car is pretty again!

Tina - right back at 'cha

Vern, Sanni, Frenchie, RKP, Rosey, Gigi, a stargazzer, HKN, and Mama Nails, sweet dreams and love to you all!

Annie said...

I hope all the moms had a beautiful Mother's Day weekend.

MC: Glad you enjoyed the poem. What's your day looking like today? Still manic Monday for me. :)

NOLA girl: In many, many ways it is the same........ It's unconditional love. :)

It was a gorgeous day here yesterday, in the mid 80's and today we have more of the same.......No coats! :)
After today cooler weather is coming.
So many other states got such severe weather.......wildfires , tornados, snow! Hoping the best for for those in the path.
So, Rob celebrates his 28th birthday tomorrow.....:)

Unknown said...

Havenettes checkout this breif article.

To all haters and naysayers that say k can't be that small at nine months.


Annie said...

Teresa Holmes: I smiled looking at the heels she's wearing at nine months! :)
Thanks for the link.

Sherry said...

Mama nails saw your post on your blog via Twitter. Loved it. Cannes, can't wait!

Unknown said...

Checkout this article.


Petite women have small bumps
Women with long torso have small bumps.

andreana said...

Good morning Havenettes all around the globe!

Hope everyone had a restful mothers day...

I have to tell you I am at work using wifi from the medical office upstairs....every time I try to sign on to SRWN it sends up a message...." Blocked due to heavy sexual content"....LOL...welcome to the south....LOL...

Have a good day everybody!

Morning Coffee said...

Goodmorning to all my sweet girls:

Today we celebrate my oldest son's B'day...yes he was my mother's day present as a newborn. Tomorrow we celebrate Rob's B'day.

Annie I am planning on cleaning through the stack of papers that are sitting piled on top of my desk, they seem to multiply each and everyday they are allowed to loiter. Thenn I need to work some on my writing and finish checking out things for others. Happy you had nice weather yesterday.

Hope you all had wonderful mom's day.

andreana: yep you got it welcome to the south..but it does tickle your funny bone.

Ladies I am not naming each of you this morning...just know that each of you are loved and thought about with genuine kind thoughts from me. Work is pounding away at me so off I go.

big hugs

Unknown said...

Verni I was on your tumbler. There was a comment from a person called voice of reason 62.
Go to you tube
Type kristen Stewart in search box
Look at first result
Now freakout

I dont get it . What does this mean?
Congratulations about?

Unknown said...

@Morning Coffee wishing your oldest Boy a Happy Birthday for today,Hope everyone had a lovely Mothers day yesterday,so glad Rob and Kristen are still MIA and being Ninjas and little Ninja comes to mind as well but still love them both as much, well had some blood test results back today my cholesteral is up so going doctors on wednesday also eye test its all going on this week, well thats me for now have a lovely day take care hugs coming to you all from me.

Unknown said...

Hey everyone! It's a warm sunny day here. MN, I loved every word of your new post. This is going to be a great week for Rob and Kris. I know they're spending time together before he leaves for Cannes. And she looks wonderful in the stills of COSM.
Hope everyone is having a great Monday!

Annie said...

HKN: Love the new header for Rob's birthday! :)

Annie said...

Teresa: It's about the Youtube video showing how the paps harass Kristen.
Congratulations because when you type in Kristen's name
that's the first video you see.......It means that many people are viewing it and seeing just how Kristen is treated and hopefully understand why she can't stand the assholes and reacts the way she does.

Unknown said...

Everyone have a safe and happy day! Happy Birthday Robert Douglas PATTINSON TOMORROW! Hope we do not have anymore storm surprises, let's just have some good rainfall for our dry spots please! Kristen , I hope you are having a wonderful week! Still waiting for those Camp X-Ray trailers! It would be lovely to see you in a new movie! But, I got to say, you made a beautiful queen in Snow White, which I saw last night on SHOWTIME. Why don't you and Rob co-direct the sequel? Both of you would be a good team on that one. JMO. I would never allow lies to control my life, I would show truth in the creation of my life and its progeny. You and Rob have never shown fear, you both show honesty and great faith in each other and massive courage. I would ask that you would realize that the women and men who post here really do appreciate you and wish everything good for you and yours. Sincerely, Susie

Janie said...

I saw where poor Mila Kunis and Ashton had a verbal run in with paps at her home. There really ought to be law about how close they can get to you.

Vernier said...

Hey Teresa she did the video of how Kristen and Rob are treated by the paps. The one from last month. It is the first thing that comes up on U-Tube when you type in Kristen's name. So everyone that does isn't given it as first choice to see how bad they have been treated and harassed.

Vernier said...

Hello Ladies I hope you are all having a great day. I am working on a new post and pics for Rob's B-day and then knock out some haters.

Vallie said...

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day!

HKN - another great post, as usual!

Welcome to ASFJ & Nicci. ASFJ - I'll join you anytime for your G&T paties!

Sue Morris - I saw the Billy Joel documentary as well it was good. There's a really good one on The Eagles too, if you're an Eagles fan.

NOLAgirl & Traceybell - I love the Black Keys! You can hear part of their new CD on iTunes Radio.

Stargazer - I liked your comment about how they might not acknowledge the other parent if & when they ever talk about the baby after it's born. I can totally see that. They will eternally "keep them guessing" which is part of what makes this so fun.

Annie & Pookie - your Mother's Day poems were lovely and rang so true.

Felicity & RK Faith - that for all your good intel.

I'm loving all the Tumblrs. Mama Nails - your post about Coincidence & the Obvious was really good! Vern - yours is funny & so loving. Gigi - I love all your pics.

The new Rover clip is incredible! Love the accent & can't believe June is next month and the wait to see it will finally be over!! CoSM stills are great & it sounds like there will be a trailer this week. Can't wait for Cannes & hopefully tons of interviews!

Morning Coffee said...

Ladies of the Haven!!!! Hi, busy day here..Now I will settle in for a relaxing evening.

Have to go record 24 can't miss it. Love Jack Bauer he's a bad ass in the show. One of the best shows ever as far as I'm concerned.

Susie so happy you have your car back once again...stay safe.

I will be back later tonight.

ASFJ said...

Hi great gals of the haven...hope you all had a great weekend and a wonderful Mother's Day. I'm so excited...I got two RSVP's to my gin and tonic party so far! MC and Vallie. You know you Havenettes are all invited! HKN and MN guests of honor.....stay tuned for further news.

This place is such fun, and ya'all are great...

Unknown said...

MC , Have to watch Jack too, love KEIFER, loved his Dad also, just have to watch Donald Sutherland whenever he is in a movie. Did you know KS is a musician? Have to get up early to transport Jacqueline to Tulsa again very early so hitting the pillow after Jack's back! Hope we eventually see Mama, Daddy, and Baby soon! Hope everybody is safe and sound! Love, Susie

Tbell said...

Hey ladies

Hope yall are having a super night...im just looking at tumblrs and reblogging cute rob birthday stuff lol.

Love how quiet it is for RK. Jesse e is on letterman tonight so you know K is with her man for his birthday!

Ladies black keys on letterman also so watch and see the majic lol. Maybe jesse will give out some cool kristen info!

Morning Coffee said...

Tbell that would be so cool if Jesse had a slip of the tongue about sweetpea or Rob visiting. Hopefully he'll tell a little about the movie if he is allowed.

I'll check out your birthday tumbler tomorrow.

HKN love The birthday banner you hung for Rob.

Susie didn't know KS played an instrument I know his dad does but I forget which one.

Vallie said...

Do you guys remember how rude David Letterman was to K during the interview when they talked about the wolves? He was so disrespectful that I quit watching him at that point. He is often like that and was not nice in her previous interviews with him but that one was over the top. I had quit watching him much years before because of his general negativity but that was the last straw.

The really funny thing was that on the Eclipse DVD commentary with R & K, which was so rare, insightful, and hilarious, they made reference to it. Repeating how David Letterman had called the wolves "woofs." I remember when she did it on the show.

Any way, no David Letterman for me so let me know if Jesse E says anything interesting. So glad David Letterman is retiring!

NOLA girl said...

Hey my girls - Monday's almost over, yeah!!!
Annie - thanks. I do love my little Bella.

MC and sue mo - I love Jack Bauer and love Kiefer! Glad I recorded 24 tonite 'cause I dozed off 3/4 of the way through it! One of my favorite music artists is Jude Cole. Jude hasn't put out a new CD in many moons, but he produces records with Keifer. They worked on a record by Rocco De Luca and the Burden "I Trust You To Kill Me" which I loved. I wanna say their record label was Iron Works Records or something like that. I know Keifer collected guitars at one time. I saw his home in some magazine like AD, and all the guitars are throughout the house on stands.

HKN - the new header for Rob's birthday is darling! What a beautiful little boy he was and now such a handsome young man. Hope his mom and dad will be at Cannes.

Ya'll - further reinforcement that you cannot trust what's on some of the websites: that AU filming that was supposed to be in Covington this week? Happened last week :(

Oh Lord - did you see the video of Solange (Beyonce's sister) attacking Jay Z in the elevator after the Met Gala? I'm guessing she won't be invited over for Thanksgiving this year. One of the bodyguards is shown restraining Solange and the other pushes the Stop Button while the attack is going on. You can see it on TMZ or Drudge.

TBell - didn't read the posts in time to catch Letterman. I normally watch Jimmy Fallon.

Everyone - have fun celebrating Rob's birthday and sweet dreams. How cool would this be - Kris's bday is in April, Rob's is May, and maybe Sweetpea's is June?
Love you all!

felicity said...

@deidrasarego · 14m
Working On the set of "American Ultra" with @kristenstewart @tophergrace @johnleguizamo @billpullman. Love my job!

This person is a FEMA worker, was booked for may 12th, according to her tweets. so the airport sightings could have been false

Unknown said...

good morning all Havenettes
great birthday banner HKN.
Happy 28th birthday Rob
felicity may be the entry of a diversionary, and it has been entered later? ! Everything is possible.
Have a nice day all

Frenchie said...

Yeah! Great banner indeed HKN!

And a very happy birthday to Rob!

Have a great day Havenettes!

Unknown said...

Good morning to all our Havenettes, Hkn, Mama Nails hope you are all well, Happy Birthday Rob have a great day whatever and wherever you are , Kristen+Sweetpea love you too,cant wait for Cannes well thats me for a little while be back later ,Love you all lots take care have a great day.

Annie said...

Happy 28th birthday Robert Pattinson.

White said...

Happy 28th Birthday to Rob
Wish you’ll be happy all sides of your works, your love, and your life and also be healthy

Unknown said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ROB! Hope you have a great day and are able to be with the ones you love. Most of all, I hope you will be able to avoid the public and the photo seeking idiots! We are thrilled about your movies and Kristen's going to Cannes! Please have a safe and happy trip , sending many wishes for good luck and happy memories.

Janie said...

Good morning handsome. Happy Birthday!!

andreana said...

Happy "B"day to Rob and to all of the havenettes a good morning!....

andreana said...

Anybody know what kristen "quote"they keep mentioning on SRWN ?

Morning Coffee said...

Happy Birthday Robert enjoy your day with those you care about the most.

Morning Coffee said...

andreana: Go to Didy it's underneath first picture of new post. But unknown if it was actually said or not.

Morning Coffee said...

Morning Ladies...

Hope everyone is starting a great day. Will be thinking of you all as always.

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