Saturday, July 6, 2013

Signs Signs Everywhere The Signs


The signs are everywhere. And yet the haters choose to ignore them. Lets look at some of those signs. Ignore the whining and crying you will hear as we investigate and make use of our common sense.

Sign no 1

Aww yes. The truck pic and the red head who is anyone but Kristen. They tried Riley Keough . She deflated the haters dreams pronto. Next was Odessa Rae. Uhm no just no lol. But what about this red head?

Yes it is the same shirt!

Looking pretty red here!

She makes a stunning red head don't ya think?

  But this particular red head doesn't fit the scenario they are trying to sell you does she. Even tho the woman in the truck is wearing the same glasses and is also wearing Rob's shirt . Shes also sitting in a very Kristen familiar way. But all that's just a strange coincidence say the haters. Now if you use your common sense it will tell you this is Kristen and no one else.  Oh and another thing . Someone on GC was spouting how Kristen was out of town when the truck pics were taken there fore it can't be her. Let me clue you in. They are tagged as taken on the Thursday before she went to Paris. And yes she was in town. At any rate the paps have been known to edit the dates of when pics were taken to their advantage. Yes that can be done.

Sign no 2

The ring. its the one thing the haters try not to bring up too much. Why? Because the excuses are few. Its from her parents, she bought it for herself. Anybody but who common sense tells you it's from. You don't buy a ring like that for yourself and no your family doesn't buy it for you either. Someone who you have been in a relationship for along time buys you bling like that. Yes his name is Rob.

Sign no 3

You don't, I repeat you don't wear your exes clothes especially when you know how this fandom watches every little thing. 

  Again he is wearing retro MTV Jacket that Kristen bought for him. You don't wear things your ex gave you when you have broken up with them. Use some common sense people. 

Sign no 4 

Rob making a grocery store run yesterday.  Funny he's buying quite a bit of stuff for being headed to Toronto soon. Notice the T shirt. Warrant Officer. The rank Kristen will play in her new movie Camp X-Ray. Coincidence again? Yeah right.

I see some Snapple which happens to be his lady loves favorite drink.  Coors, again his ladys fav beer choice. I see Tide. Wait a minute. Tide? Since when does a man who is known to wear the same shirt for a week in a row do his own laundry? 

Rob: Hey babe I got everything. On my way home.

Kristen: You didn't forget the toilet paper did you? The paper towels are a little rough on the tush. 

  A broom? I can't for the life of me see this man doing any cleaning.  tee hee. 

Jamie: What is this thing used for again?

Rob: Darn if I know but it was on Kristen's list. 

About ready to tell some paps off.

Bear: Mom did you tell Dad to get the Kibbles and Bits?

Kristen: Oh crap.

Bernie: Come on Bear  lets go catch up to him.

Sign no 5

Pool party from July 5th. Uhm I spy Jamie.  Where is Rob? You know the guy he was grocery/party shopping with earlier in the day?

You know he was there. Common sense again tells you so. Was Kristen there too. Could very well be. 

Kristen In Paris !

(Just because she rocked it !)

Beautiful Happy Kristen! Some fashion mag had the nerve to say she didn't smile while in Paris and had the same pouty expression through out. Guess they missed this pic. 

I'm thinking Rob would like this pic lol!

You don't smile and radiate like this when you've broken up with your boyfriend of four years. Just saying. 

And one final thought.

Yeah that. Uncalled for and Unclassy.  And sorry a lame ass apology doesn't cut it. 


Anonymous said...

Love your positive attitude but I have to say you haven't really SAID or given us anything lately. No offense but your last few post have been nothing but rehashing what's already out there. hopefully you can give us something concrete soon.

Anonymous said...

Uhm, hi hkn. any actual info from your cousin yet?

Only signs #2, #3 (kristen's hoodie) and maybe #4 are the ones I'm readily willing to bite into. The rest might be wishful thinking for me still. Tell me I've no common sense but the CSI freak in me could still find loopholes with the other signs. Don't really wanna get into that further as it's just my own opinion and I don't really wanna argue with the other commenters.

Also, when & where was it said that kristen bought the MTV jacket for him?

Anonymous said...

Someone on GC said the 2 guys in the pool are these http://instagram.com/p/baBiAozEUN/

Cougar71 said...

I'm not a hater. I'm a shipper. However, these things are not "common sense", they are your assumptions. Do you have any actual info from your source?

Holly said...

Hi! I'm a tweet but it faded.

All the signs are good. And you forgot that Rob never left his balenciaga shoes.

But the friends of Rob talking with friends Kris.

Jamie Charles Gilbert follow on IG. The same day we saw Kris Charles Gilbert, the pictures in Paris.

Jamie posted a photo like that Ginie's friend, Kris, posted. Jamie and tagged Ginie.

For the photo of the pool against you by mistake. This is not Jamie. This is Cory and her boyfriend. Friends to Kris and OG. This is the only erreure in sign. The rest is good. And there is yet another.

Kris wearing a new shirt. That of his tattoo. Jamie posted a photo of his ticket. Concert of Black Flag. There are 2 weeks. Kris was in LA. And Rob too. At the moment Rob is often with Jamie. Coincidence? No!

Thank you for this post. I hope to have real news. Real info from your cousin. Who can tell us about this ring?

Hope to talk to you.

Anonymous said...

I'm a shipper too. I don't jump on others and call them delusional if they believe it's kristen in the truck. In the same way, I don't appreciate it when people say I have no common sense just because I don't want to assume.

Circumstantial versus Direct evidence

Holly said...


Photo of Jamie, June 16, Black Flag concert. Kris Paris, focused more times this shirt.

Hatersknownothing said...

Anoymous@ 4:41 I wouldn't put much stock into what the idiots on GC say lol. They have a very clear agenda.

Anonymous said...

Well you have proven you have no more info than those who analyze pics on twitter. Fan, not insider, then?

Anonymous said...

Thanks again HKN.. this is andreana ..I post as anonymous cause I cannot sign in..I made the mistake of going on GC last nite..I sure would love to rub their pug noses in this column...That is Rob in the pool ..that is his back..would recognize it anywhere..and that is for damn sure Kristen in that truck...The haters have called us Robstens delusional for a month now..I hope they enjoy eating crow again for the hundredth time..They must have acquired a taste for the nasty bird by now...ROFL...Thanks for pointing out the obvious...AHHHH vindication is delicious.! LOL

Hatersknownothing said...

I'm just saying do not take the word of someone on GC as proof.

To HKN said...

Oh but aren't we all guilty of bending things to fit our agenda sometimes? Whatever side we are on?

Many of us go out of our ways to make a point (the one we want to make that is)

Anonymous said...

But we should take your assumptions as proof?

Anonymous said...

Thing are looking up for them to be working through this but people need to stop reaching. Neither rob or jamie are in those pool pics. The guy peop,e are saying is jamie looks nothing like him and unless rob has a darkened beard and tattoos that's not him either.

Anonymous said...

I think it's ironic and unfortunate to see posters come to someone else's blog solely to complain about the information that is being shared. I feel that the fact that Kristen has still chosen to wear Rob's clothes is direct evidence that they are still together like that or not because no one is going to continue to wear their exes clothes or shoes given to them by their ex and to me what HKN wrote is common sense for those willing pay attention. HKN was completely correct about last year and I believe that she is completely correct now. HKN is completely right now one including haters and the media says a word about the shared clothes or that new, beautiful ring and why is that? Because it doesn't fit into the story that the haters and the media are trying so desperately to sell right now. Thank you for you post/blog, HKN.

Anonymous said...

Disappointed. Thought you were talking to your cousin today and giving us an update and all we get is recycled info? Bummer.

Anonymous said...

I was directed to this blog as a place where facts are presented. I have only read this post and the one before, but I'm sorry, I don't see any facts or proof of anything.

What astounds me the most is the automatic assumption that any new piece of jewelry Kristen has, has to come from Rob. Women DO buy jewelry for themselves. Women with lots of money buy expensive rings, or necklaces or bracelets if they like. Just yesterday, I was in an antique store and a WOMAN was looking at rings to purchase for herself.

I would like to believe these are signs, but there is absolutely nothing evidentiary here. It is still maybe yes, maybe no. Until we actually see them together, I think the safest assumption is they are not.

Anonymous said...

HKN..I am new too your blog. Saw you on GC and appreciated your *common sense* regarding certain issues, especially the pappz. It really is funny how the break up rumor started. Do people realize it that they actually put their faith in what a *cockroach* presumed to be true? How do we even know these two broke up?? How do we even know anything about them? The only thing I trust is what I see with my own eyes. I see two people who have been together for over four years. Two people who share friends, clothes, homes and are parents to two rescue dogs. Two people who show the world they love each other just by looking at one another.
If they had truly broken up, I guarantee they wouldn't be so happy go lucky.
I believe they never broke up, I believe that it was Kristen in the truck with Rob. ( this is so damn obvious) I also believe that the new bling Kristen is sporting is from Rob.
Thank you HKN for being the voice of reason in a quagmire of nonsense.

Anonymous said...

And truthfully Kassie would be more subtle than "dangling" a photo like that. If not Kassie, then Jadan who posted the same photo, never seemed the type to "dangle" R&K to the public in her IG as the other OG have.

Holly said...

Shirt Kris, Jamie peak. Even rock band.



and this

Kris was with the day Kassie Kassie liked this photo. And no it is not for CJ or Scout. The Robsten account had another picture with CJ Suzie Scout. But Kassie liked this photo. Kris was there. That was before she made her tattoo.


We may be delusional. Maybe. Maybe not.

But the latest rumor we had when we saw them together. It was that in April, with Rupers. Rumor made by the fans of Rob. Attacking for Kris.

I understand that they are hiding their fan.

Hatersknownothing said...

Anonymous@ 5;20 I am talking to her a little bit later tonight.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5:23,

It may not necessarily be from Rob, yes, but I really think she didn't buy it herself. I, at least, think someone gave it to her. The who is what is up for debate, imo.

And also, it would be a little iffy for a new noticeable ring to appear so conveniently all of a sudden especially when she's mentioned in the past "People already know" with regards to the gold ring.

Anonymous said...

Holly, the black flag tattoo was already there during the coachella festival. The one she got when she was with the OG in Nashville was the infinity one.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that Kristen gave the mtv jacket to Rob. New information

Anonymous said...

Oh god are we all really going to start discussing as to who those guys in the pool are?!? This is getting ridiculous. Yes, it could be rob and jamie and some may say that its not. It all depends on how the person perceives this. I understand that most of what HKN have pointed out are not what we all could state as facts but instead these are specific points that are essential o some people. Yep. Coors light. Snapple. Heck, even charmin gets love. Why cant we all just get along oh thats right we can't because if these two have broken up nonnies will be rejoicing while the fans would be sulking vice versa.

Yes i understand that sometimes us gals like to buy jewelry for ourselves as a type of reward but lets face it that ring has a masculine feel to it. It looks manly like something a guy would choose for a girl. But like everyone says on here. "We may never know".

My gut tells me that everything is absolutely fine though it may not always be rainbows and butterflies thier love is absolutely stronger than what people think it is. They know more than we do, thus we as fans shouldnt judge.

Great post, HKN

Holly said...

Anon 540

Yes I know about the tattoo.

I'm not talking about that. But the Black Flag shirt. She wears the shirt Black flag 2 times in Paris. Jamie and posted a photo of Black Flage concert May 16

The day she did the tattoo. She was with Kassie, Nashville. That same day. Kassie has loved a photograph on a account "Robsten"

Tuesday, Kris appears in chanel. With Charles Gilbert. There are pictures. The same day. Jamie follow Charles Gilbert. And follow after Jamie Charles.

Jamie post a picture similar to Ginie. And tag Ginie. Ginie is one of the best friends Kris. Jamie is a friend of Rob. Yet. Ginie was with Jamie that day.

All friends of Rob talking with friends Kristen. On Instagram. Everyday.

These are just signs. May be delusional. But it's there. And when I move something, I checked myself. Not to speculate and make delusional.

The picture of the pool, this is not Jamie. This is Cory and her boyfriend. gay couple and friends Kris.

This is the only error HNK. The rest is good. While all that is good. You put his word because she was mistaken about an item.

Karen said...

A quote from Sherlock Holmes is definitely appropriate for this fandom: If you rule out the IMPOSSIBLE, that which remains, however IMPROBABLE, must be the TRUTH.

Holy said...

Sorry. Jamie posted the photo June 16 I put the links. You can check.

Anonymous said...


People are morons.

RK are fine!!



Anonymous said...


RKsoulmates913 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
RKsoulmates913 said...

ANON 7:27 PM

If HKN is a fucking idiot...How should we call you??? LMAO

If you waste your time to read her stupid post, are you WHAT??? PATHETIC, fucking moron(for lack of better word)


Don't believe her and don't like what you read ~> "Walk right out that door.Don´t let the door hit you in the butt as you walk through." ;)

RKsoulmates913 said...

WOW lots of ANONs here...

I don't go to Gossip Crap board bc I do not like there...too much hate and it's like apocalypse is coming...

SO what do I do? Simple: I don't go there.

Why are you complaining that there is no news? That HKN is recycling what is out there? Why do you even care? Why so much pressure here?
She owes you NOTHING. I for one visit this site bc I do like the positive comments here. I can read some good comments here. If HKN wants to share something new, good, if she doesn't it's ok.

Like she said it's in front of your nose, you do not wanna see it. why would something she say change your mind? If she writes that RK are FINE and he did give her THE ring and that her relative confirmed it, you will call her a liar, or you will demand more and more proof.It's NEVER enough.


If their subtle 'clues' 'pieces of puzzles' are not enough to connect the dots, nothing else is.

I believe what I see and I see that RK are TOGETHER, they are FINE, and they owe us NOTHING either.(like I said, yeah they do have arguments and who doesn't?)

If they want to show up together, holding hands, smiling and having a good time, it's up to them. But if they prefer to be living under the radar, MIA together, no problem, after all it's THEIR life.

Do you demand this kind of behavior from anybody else? NOPE.

Why should RK put us out of our misery??? Last time I ckecked a STALKARAZZI AKA TROLLando did it and you ate on his hand, you swallowed every fucking lie he sold to LIEgazines...

The best sign Rob gave us was his t-shirt...
So beautiful...he backing his woman up and her movie.

#WarrantOfficer ~ is Kristen's rank in Camp X Ray

and his BALENCIAGA sneakers, bc he does wear his ex stuff...he's delusional like us!And Kristen too bc she does the same! ;)

OHHHH and do NOT forget that KRISTEN is Beyonce's fan!!! Ring a bell??? teehee!

Even his friend Jamie said he had no clue what he was doing there. (his words NOT mine)

His friend said:
CL: "never imagined you're a beyonce lover"

Jamie: "the places we find ourselves...."

LMAO...only Rob to convince his friend to go to Beyonce's concert because Kristen likes her... CHEERS!


I don't know about MTV jacket, but one think I know that nonnies swore that Rob would NEVER wear HIS clothes again, the ones Kristen wore...LOL BIG MISTAKE. MTV jacket she wore while filming BD and the black and white plaid shirt...

Anonymous said...

IMO just because HKN has a source doesnt mean she HAS TO post insider news everytime. She can posts normal positive contents like the few RK blogs out there that we're familiar with and in fact I appreciate this more because I wouldnt want her to keep pestering her cousin all the time just to please insecure fans and it shows she is not someone who's seeking attention by keep posting all the time.

Abt the signs, I too didnt know that the MTV jacket was bought by Kristen?

and not to mention Kristen was wearing a jeans way too big for her during her leisure time in Paris n on the night she arrived back in LA... guys jeans + boxers IMO hehehe...


kate said...

this is all twitter bullshit. you area veru reliable insider lol

Anonymous said...

I like to believe Rob and Kristen are still together. I would also like if it were so, but things look different. Now I ask, what am I doing here. I love this site. I am hopeful, but I find more and more distant from each other. Separately since the pictures are much happier. There is no specific
even a small sign of that change this. I would be the happiest if every
return. But I do not see any sign of it.

Anonymous said...


I find you very rude with people who doesn't think like you. You make good points, but you're wrong about the pool party pics. These are not Rob & Jamie (Jadan posted pics of the two guys), don't call people hater, delusional or idiot without any proof thanks. Many people can see these are not jamie & Rob, at least you could admit you don't know and you just speculate like the rest of us.

I used to follow you because I thought you were an insider but your blog now sounds like a shipper blog, at least Rosee stays positive but admits she doesn't know their future.

Anonymous said...

HKN you can post every kind of blog you want but don't say things like they were facts when you don't know more than any of us.
Can your relative tell us if it's Kristen in the truck pics? Is it Rob in the pool party pics? be careful of your answers they could bite you in the ass.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,

I have just a question. How do we know that WarrantOfficer is Kristen's rank in Camp X Ray; Could you please link me to the article or the script?
There are many false rumors in this fandom, I'd like to check that thing.

Anonymous said...

Ladies, I am going to give this to you as nicely as possible, because, while I love the love you have for this couple, reality is getting ready to bite hard. They are broken up. He is seeing someone else at present. They are both doing fine. Focus on their careers and stop looking for signs that lead you to the wrong conclusion.

A-M said...

I'm sure I'haven't seen that pool picture on Twitter!! I wouldn't have missed it, it would have gone viral!! So my question is WHY??

Anonymous said...

anonymous 4:12, Are they preparing to ease the new girl into the limelight then? I thought the girl was married. Does it mean she's separated now?

Hey said...

I get what you mean ANON 255 & 259. Like that time when HKN said that Kristen went to the LF1 party? Just because a picture of Sia was analyzed and they suspected it was RK in the back. Now the truckgate and the poolgate. I wonder if HKN will confirm it. Like how convenient there are pictures that are "evidences" of that. Makes you wonder what bits actually came from the cousin and which are just embellishments from HKN.

yep said...

Anon 4:12 - Please do not come on here all apologetic that you know something that NOBODY else in the world knows to make it seem more legit. Just let things be and let people have fun on here without stirring up controversy. Whatever happens will happen- you don't need to create drama.

smiley girl said...

Someone please explain to me why people who dislike HKN make a point to come to her blog which is openly pro-Robsten - and then take the time to bash her and call her crazy? We all know what will be on here. If you are not a fan of her POV, don't read this. Its that simple. This is not harming anyone and we are all at least being positive. The other sites - even GC - have become some hate-filled that its impossible to read any more. So many people think they know so much......

Anonymous said...

Because for some reason, HKN did come through last year. So people who are desperate come here hoping to get some legit info. The problem right now is wading through the rest of the BS to find that speck of truth in what she's saying.

Anonymous said...

@anon 4:12-How many times have we heard this same thing over the last 4 yrs and each time it is always proven wrong first Katy,now Riley,Rob and Kristen are doing fine and are both pretty happy I really don't understand the need to get yourself attention by trolling we have already had one troll outed this past week as messing with the fandom that Not your source so please take your BS somewhere else.

Sue from Holland said...

Well as Kristen has stated before "C'mon is it not obvious"? When asked about ring and private life.
They won't deny or confirm, never did and hope they never will. They are no fame whores like most of HW is. If they want to mindfck the gossipmachine, good for them, they are totally in their right to do so, having war declared upon them by the media for not playing the HW game.
Still think they communicate, consciously or not, with their fans, giving little signs and hints. If you want to ignore it that's up to you, we all believe what we want to believe and I believe they are together. Way too many coincidences to overlook.
Oh and GC? If you believe those comments I'm rather sorry for you. That place is a sesspool of depravity.

Anonymous said...

I do not understand how two people who loved each other so that they can all of a sudden
break away from each other and not fight each other.

Anonymous said...

Good Sunday morning! I love your blog hkn haven! Great job. I am getting ready for church. Keep me posted on our couple. I love hearing their day.

Anonymous said...

@anon 4:56
The girl he is seeing is not married and has not been correctly identified by the public. He has no plans to introduce her to the public, but knows as their relationship progresses, people will become aware.

Anonymous said...

@Arleen Parkinson I don't understand why people believe anyone from the GC board it is full of trolls,haters and everything including the kitchen sink but yet they won't see the signs that are right in front of their face?Rob and Kristen are trying to live their life and people want to always cause drama with fake mysterious girlfriends and hook ups when there is no proof of either.

Anonymous said...

@anon 6:31 Yes and her name is Kristen Stewart now move right along with your fake stories because nobody is buying it and the driver also fits the profile of his friend Jamie S. who looks alot similar to Rob isn't strange they couldn't for sure Id the driver?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 6:33 AM- First of all don't believe GC. I used to believe them. But not anymore. Boycott them and included all the tabloids and all the gossip site. Meaning stop clicking and/or reading them. They are nothing but trash, lies, and haters. As goes for trolls, haters, and nonnies. They all go together. I rather hear it from all the Robsten's sites, Robsten's twitters, and Justice for Kristen. They are agree one thing. They know the truth than those idiots. We all believe that they are together. And staying positive and keeping faith. I got about another half hour before my ride picks me up for church. One thing I have learn from my church. We don't believe the gossips. And I don't either. I also have learn it from RPI and all the Robsten sites. They have taught me to stay away from those trashy tabloids. So I have stop clicking them. And included their comments too. There is some much hatreds on theirs. Like Lizzie said to me have some faith.

grail said...

Anons 4:12, 4:56, 6:31: Miss Scarlet is in the Red Truck with the Ping Pong Table. The game of Clue is more believable than your vague insinuations. You lack facts or courage or both. Speaking only for myself: I have no idea what the truth is and refuse to speculate. I like both R and K, and hope they are doing well. I don't know why you feel the special need to address people on this board and try to undermine their optimism—don't you realize what that suggests about you?

Holly said...

Anon O456

Sooo then say that Rob has another girlfriend, the one in his truck. With ping pong. It is no secret and their relationship progresses. She is not married and that their relationship is serious.

Okay! I want to believe you. But on one condition.

Can you tell me what Rob did with her 400 meters from the house of K, while the papz said Rob goes LF1 with his new girlfriend? Where are the pictures of Rob returning home with his girlfriend?

Why the media lied about the date and place of these photos? And why Ginger has 3 different heads in the pictures?

And more importantly, why Rob chose the perfect lookalike Kris for a new relationship? Scary that, he chose a girl who looks like Kris!

Give me an explanation. And if you have proper réponsese. I say okay, RK are separated and switched to something else. I just have to accept it.

Jen said...

A person isn't a hater just because she doesn't buy into each of the "proofs" listed above. She can be positive and not think there is anything to be found in the pool pic other than some OGers enjoying a post Fourth day in the sun. Finally, a person can come to a blog and politely question some of what is written there without being a troll. I really wish that people would just slow their roll with some of these terms because they themselves come off as a bit bully-ish. .

That said, sticking with what these two have been showing, I think that there is every possibility that R & K are working through their issues. And, to the real Anon troll, Rob isn't seeing someone new. He is not the type of man who is going to walk away from a four year relationship and immediately fall into something new. Their lives were/are too intertwined for that scenario to even be remotely possible. (Also, any girl who would sign herself up for a situation like that is a masochist because she'd only be headed for a broken heart.)

Anonymous said...

well, it seems we have people from GC here now.. or someone who was formerly called: NotYourSource..

we don't need either one of those here.

you people, make Rob look pretty bad and if you are a fan of Rob or Kristen, you should be careful with spreading rumors, because they might bite YOU in the ass.

all this shit that you bring over here is only the garbage of the comment section of GC and the shit of NYS.

why coming here and trying to take us all down.

we are not delusional. we all have said, that the chance is there, that rob and kristen are done..

but we still have hope that they are working things out or already have. what's so wrong with having hope?

if the day arrives and we see evidence that they are really not together anymore, than we will continue to support their careers, seperately.

RKsoulmates913 said...

FOR ALL ANONS WHO STATED that Rob has moved on an has new gf:

WHY do you want Rob to be a manwhore? Why do you sell him like the cheapest ladies'man? Why???

ANYONE BUT KRISTEN. ANY situation but the ones he's with Kristen.

What the HELL? What kind of fan are you?

THE Rob I've witnessed for more than 6 years it's totally the opposite of yours. And he's ONE WOMAN MAN, A guy who cherishes a woman for the rest of his life.

If you really think Rob would date another woman after 2 months of this (bullshit) break up (the break up rumor that a stalkarazzi started and you believe) you sure as HELL is not his fan. Selling him as a manwhore is you target. GO to nonnies' blogs, there your pathetic story will make a huge success, bc they suck like you do.

RKsoulmates913 said...

Funny how your focus is only in the pool pic...

All other evidences set aside, forgotten...

Drama sells easier and makes more money... and Rob is right, tabloids/media make people stupid.

A_Minion said...

Hahahaha laughing at the 2 people saying that the red head in the car is R's new married girlfriend xD

So he doesn't get why people cheat but he would date someone married to someone else...wow...just wow

Fine R/K separated :) can you go away now and let us live in our bubble and stay in yours -_-"

BeLoveAlways said...

Hey HKN! Thanks so much for keeping us updated and for staying positive! We believers are a rarity! But thanks so much for giving us a place to gather! I hope all is well with your mom! Be well! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hkn spoke with her cousin last night. When she gets good news she shouts it from the rooftops. Very telling that she is keeping mum. The truth is coming out, so just be prepared. Hope hkn will verify the breakup today so those of you who refuse to entertain the thought without her confirmation will start to accept it.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 10:23am Well if you are so sure then why exactly are you still here then? People who have to constantly revisit and repeat is really not so sure deep down they are right if you have to try and convince yourself all the time say it and move on to some other couple everyone else here is just fine with what their beliefs are.

drea said...

Anon 10:23 am. HKN may not have talked to cousin last night, or is busy with RL, but you seem to know all the details so why not share? What do u have to lose by revealing the truth? Come on, out with it.

Holly said...

I think it should not be called "troll haters or" as soon as a person emits a different opinion. After all, we trust in HNK, a spokesman of a source. So if people say "insider" let them.

Us, we believe in RK. You do not. No problem. Stay here and show us that we are wrong.

Anon, I'm still waiting for you exliques me my questions.

If Robert is really with another girl, as you claim.

Why it is next to the house of Kris and not returning home with his girlfriend?

Why choose a girl who looks like Kris. So that the pictures make us confused?

Why the photos, the girl is so different?

And why it would be his girlfriend? It's just sitting in his truck. Rob has no pants down. It is not sitting on his lap. Mouth against mouth.

Just these four questions. Answer me. Forget the signs. But give me the answers to these four questions. If you get it, then I'd say okay. You're right. Robsten is finished.

Linda said...

I am so sick of all these ppl coming here with their nasty remarks, they are nothing but downers. Their lives and relationshsips must be awful, so they come here to try and destroy what we believe because it makes them feel superior thinking they are hurting us with their words.

My mother always told me that if i had nothing nice to say about someone then I should say nothing. It is not right to say mean things about others especially if you don't know it to be a fact. I have always respected other ppls feelings and wld hope that they felt the same about me.

I believe in Rob & Kristen and I pray for them every day. Since they are so private I doubt that we will ever know what is really going on, and after the way the paps treat them I am sure they are going to stay ninja for a very long time.

I love coming here and reading all your wonderful comments and i love HKN posts, I hope she continues to keep us informed and dosen't listen to the nasty commentors that come here to spread their venom around. Hang in there everyone I feel good things are going to happen soon.

Anonymous said...

HKH please dont go to gossip cop.....why stir the pot worse, let those idiotsgab....dont give GC satisfaction of your hit......thanks

Lady Chancellor said...

I am new to this site but love the positive investigative methods you are taking HKN. The pool picture you posted also has Kristen's friends Suzie Reimer, her sister Kassie, Riley and a girl who was seen with Kristen around Thanksgiving. I don't remember her name though. They call her Jaybird on Suzie's twitter account. On Robsten Dreams the other night a poster posted two instagram pictures Kassie had posted on her instagram. The pictures were of the OG gang at a pool that looked like the picture you posted. They were all playing with sparklers and in their bathing suits. Holly is right about the Black Flag concert ticket being posted on Jamie S.'s instagram account but the date on the ticket says June 15 and it is taken at the ticket booth when he purchased the ticket. The concert location is LA. Where was Kristen on June 15? Was she on her road trip then? I don't think Jamie would have gone to the concert by himself so I wonder if Rob went too. the first time I have seen Kristen wearing a Black Flag shirt and I wonder if Rob bought it for her. I looked up Fort McCoy ( the location of the Warrant Officer school on Rob's shirt. It is a training facility for Army Warrant Officer training. It also said that they deploy officers to Guantanamo Bay for prison duty. It is located in Wisconsin and someone posted on Robsten Dreams that Kristen had been seen in Wisconsin right before she went on her road trip. They thought she was there to see the army base.

bronzehyperion said...

I love your detective work. But the concert was in Brooklyn, NYC. It's on the ticket.

Of course, maybe Jamie brought Kristen the t-shirt when he came to LA. Or brought it for Rob and she 'stole' it :)

Thanks for piecing some stuff together! :)

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vana said...

I can't believe this is my first time at this site, I checked in earlier now I can't keep away from it. You run a great site.

vana said...

I'm not sure if my earlier comment came through but I was wondering about the pool pic. There's a girl there who to me looks like Suzie, Kristen's friend..in the pic she has blond hair and her glasses remind me of Suzie but I suppose anyone can have those sunglasses. Any I could be wrong but she sure looks like Suzie to me.

Anonymous said...

Good Saturday morning to all the HKN Haven. Hi everyone. Just stopping by here and then I am off with my two nieces. Keep me posted.