Thursday, July 25, 2013

Isn't It StrikeThree And Your Out?


Isn't it strike three and your out? That's what I always thought it was. How many strikes do the haters and trolls get before the game is called? 

This pic caused a major uproar.

Why? Well according to the haters Rob is kissing another woman romantically on the lips!
 Yeah her holding her arms out no where near him. It just screams romance.

Yeah again oh so romantic.

Looky here. The same woman. Guess what. Shes a crew member from the set. Yep. Nothing more.

 Strike ONE!

Hes giving Mia a kiss goodbye too! He must be romantically involved with her too! Right in front of poor Jesse too!

He's just a kissing hugging machine! Damn!

mariaestevez ‏@mariateam 19h
@DaniMillanP @ByeByeDreamBt I just said that he is moving on . He is being to loyal that he deserve to move on... I stand by him. Not her

I fore saw this one coming. She's one of those exploding ovaries type. Robsessed to the core.  I'm betting her so called interview will be filled with innuendos and out right lies.  No journalistic integrity at all. Using her name and journalist in the same sentence is a disservice to the profession. I have it on good authority her interviewing days with Rob are done. Nada.

Hold up . What's this? Camille Rowe and her boyfriend Andrew Vanwyngarden. According to the haters they are broke up and she is with Rob now.

And speaking of Camille

This pic is from October not December. It is NOT Camille. How do I know.? He did not meet Camille until December. I now have it as confirmed FACT.

Strike TWO!

Rob leaving Toronto.

Rob on plane going to LAX.

Rob at LAX.

 Rob walking fast.

Unfortunately not fast enough.
Video Of Rob At LAX

The paps were waiting at LAX. The link above is to an extended video where the paps ask him if he is marrying Kristen this summer and how he feels about cheating. They are trying to get him mad and get a rise out of him. Didn't work with writing on Kristen's car and it definitely didn't work here. Now I ask you why aren't they asking him about Camille? Riley? No they are asking him about marrying Kristen.  Ask yourself why.

We had some trolls playing let's fool the fans games today.

annie _packer a well known psychotic had a fake account @10_jenny_17. She preceded to tell everyone she saw Rob and Kristen together and had a pic she was asked to wait to post. To her dismay barely anyone bought it and she cried uncle about twenty minutes later. Bet the haters were hoping for a longer shelf life. Too bad. The account has been banned.

One of the three trolls admitted to lying about Rob being out with Michelle Ridriguez. Like they were ever believed in the first place except by the haters.

♡ 7 DAYS ♡ ‏@shartstagram 20h
@Lux123_ no we decided to lie for attention at midnight on a wednesday

Their CM tweets are being deleted. How convienient.

Strike THREE!

And then @bellangela27 played a game back on them. Saying she had pic of Rob at a bar with a woman. The haters ovaries were exploding at the thought.

And lastly The haters crowed that the pic from Toronto with the crew member from MTTS  was way more romantic than any kiss he had with Kristen. Oh really?

Lets Review.

This is how its done. Your arms where they should be when your romantically interested in someone.

A NYE kiss the way it should be done!

Just sigh and enjoy. Its called 

Some more for the road just to rub it in.

We WILL have more to add to the collection! 


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Anonymous said...

Aww waiting for me awwww pics <33333 #love

msinmi said...

Another drop the mic moment brought to us by HKN. Thanks bb once again for blowing the bullshit back in the haters faces!

Anonymous said...

oopsss *waiting for more awwwwww pics I meant lolllll

Anonymous said...

Great post as usual...any idea when the next update will be

KnittedUpInside said...



Anonymous said...

HKN just wanted to say, I love you. Your unwavering support for R/K is amazing. Those damn Nonnies can learn a thing or two or a million from you on how to be a real fan.
I have never believed that Rob and Kristen have broken up. They have learned to play the game to their advantage and are keeping their relationship under wraps. Let the media bs continue, it does nothing to hinder their love. Again, thank you for a wonderful blog.

romina2 said...

HI HKN, hope everything is great for you. When are you getting a new update from your cousin?.

Now that Rob is in LA, is he staying with K, btw are they living together? for some reason they seem like taking some serious steps... not sure they went back to living in LF2 but u know better than us. Good night!

EllenRamey said...

Well done:)

Four Paws and Co said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Anything from your cousin?

Tomoto said...

Hey everyone, I have been super busy. I did see all the drama occur last night and today.

My take...we just need to stop giving the haters reasons to create their silly ridiculous games.

Believe in RK, know it, own it, and relax, because all is good in the neighborhood of Loz Feliz, CA.

Take care and be good.

Thanks HKN for your solidarity and wisdom, <3.

barbara said...

Great Post.tossing all that excrement back at the trolls,and hitting the bullseye each time.
Rob and Kristen fans who strongly believe they are together,are pretty tough,no crazy tabloid or R/K hater will sway us.Love to all who respect love and admire Rob and Kristen.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Anon, her name is Girl Sitting on Another Guy's Lap or Who Cares? for short. Gossip also ends when demands for useless info end.

Unknown said...

Love it. Same observation I made about the *kissing* pic! If your sharing a real romantic kiss usually your arms aren't going in for the hug.

Also, look how few PDA pics we have from RK over the years. Is he really gonna start kissing on a new girl in public... Really????

As for the paps when I heard about this, I was like duh!! Of course their asking about Kristen because they KNOW that RK are still togther. DUH!!! It's the f'ing tabs making up the bullshit. The paps know the deal.

Unknown said...

Even if there's an answer, the gossip will NEVER stop. & WTF does it matter? So Rob is at a bar talking to a woman? Who the F cares?

Is he not allowed to TALK to another woman EVER? Is he only ALLOWED to talk to Kristen? NO! He can talk to WHOEVER the fuck he wants. I really don't think Kristen is that insecure in her relationship that she's concerned with Rob TALKING to another woman out in public.

Why does ANYONE make a big deal about this?

I will NEVER understand. I don't care who it is cause it DOESN'T matter.

Tempest said...

Can I ask the dear readers of this blog, why do you have to keep asking fr an update from HKN's relative? Are you that insecure and that blind that you need someone to count 2+2=4 to you?

I find it increasingly frustrating the nervous nellies and fair-weathered in this random 'always' needing reassurance about R/K and are they (together, living together, sharing bites to eat together, walking the dogs together etc) its no one's business to be perfectly honest. If you're that twitchy and nervous STOP reading tabs and trash magazines. STOP listening to liars on other sites that don't know a damn thing. STOP conversing with other nervous and twitchy people and use the common sense you were ..born with. Trust me then you wont need constantly to be patted on the back with words of encouragement by HKN and just accept that what they divulge is little snippets of what really is going on.

Tempest said...

Mama Nails (love the name btw) idiots who constantly have to come up with the same bring questions to me are children or child like in manner and haven't got a clue to what goes on in life outside the bedroom door or behind their internet connection. They believe the word around them has to operate like a movie - a guy is NOT allowed to look, smile, lugh, talk or hug another woman or he is cheating. Sucks to have that kind of mentality in this life, maybe one day they will stop being insecure about themselves, grow up and understand that the opposite sex can look at another man or woman and not have to engage in an illicit affair. OR as I said in my previous comment in the earlier blog post - is it simply that posters who have to always bring up questions about Rob kissing, hugging, laughing, chatting with work colleagues are afraid that Kristen Stewart owns their sorry asses and they need to cause drama to that effect?

vana said...

Gotta hand it to you HKN, you have a way with words that I love to read. I couldn't help but laugh out loud at your commentary. Seriously, some people need to move on.
HKN love your post, just in case I haven't said it enough.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Karen said...

@Anon 11:17...Please, no need to be disrespectful of a couple of young girls who were thrilled to meet and have their picture taken with Rob. He is always gracious to his fans. Maybe he is smiling so big because he is happy to be "home" in LA with his girl and his dogs.

Saphire1231 said...

Hey Anon @ 11:17pm...

What's the matter??? Does everyone's happiness here overcrowd your misery??

Poor YOU!!

Take your "white noise" and go back to the muddy puddle you came out of!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys!
I'm not sure whether this is clear or not so I thought I point it out jut to make sure: the girl Rob is talking to in those blurry pics (the ones where he wears the white shirt and talks to a blonde woman) is no other than Sienna. The photos were taken last year while Rob was doing promo in New York for Cosmopolis. Sienna was there, too and was photographed earlier that day wearing the same clothes and spending time with Marlowe. So no drama there!!! :-)
Oh and, even though I also believe that Rob and Kristen are fine I can understand that people begin to get unsure of things because of everything the media is fabricating. We are all craving for some news so I think it's understandable that people ask about info from hkn's cousin.
Great job again, hkn!!! :D

Tempest said...

Little troll, little troll where have you been? Why I've been to the troll people who made me their Queen!

If you are going to show how stupid you really are and enjoy the 'famous moments' by posting in here, don't let me stop you. But personally showing just how dumb and completely messed up in the head is about as much as the trolls, haters and robsessed can only do at this point so just laugh and wave at the stupid people folks - they live in dumbsville and don't get out that often.

Lady Chancellor said...

HKN, you out did yourself with this one. Loved every bit of it and the cat picture was the cherry on top of the sundae. Just wonder if anyone here knows who Sash is on the Starlight board? She posted something about everyone would be shocked to find out who was involved with the pictures. I never found anymore post written by Sash about which pictures she was talking about. I posted a comment asking what the pictures were but they deleted it. Does anyone here know what was going on? Is it something the paps have? HKN do you know which pictures she is talking about that will shock us? I am hearing different things on the Justice For Kristen site as well about pictures and just wondering if these are the same ones they are talking about. I also wonder why the pap was asking Rob about getting married if they have spent most of the Summer printing lies about R/K breaking up? What a peculiar thing to asked someone when that someone is suppose to be single again. I agree with HKN. Why not ask about Riley, Camille, the mystery kissing woman or the project he is working on? Makes me think the paps have pictures of K and R together and have been keeping it from us so they can sell more fabricated stories or something else is up. Another thing that is weird is that several of Kristen's friends were out at a roller rink with Rob's friend Jamie S four days ago. Jamie tweeted to ginger ( I think that is her name for that is what I have heard those on GC call her.) how much fun he had skating. I wouldn't think friends would stay in close contact with ex's friends if they were true friends to both parties. Apparently Rob and Kristen's friends are still running around with each other so I truly believe R and K are still together as well. It only makes sense.

Anonymous said...

Hi, everyone
"I find it increasingly frustrating the nervous nellies and fair-weathered in this random 'always' needing reassurance about R/K and are they (together, living together, sharing bites to eat together, walking the dogs together etc) its no one's business to be perfectly honest."
Tempest - I am surprised, that you are surprised with these questions.

I remember the time, when you analysed on your own blog every private gesture, every word of RK, I remember your post "What happened in Rome" for example.

In my opinion the question: are RK still living together - isn't irritating and stupid. Why are you feeling obliged to be responsible for HKN?

HKN - will you answer this question? Are RK living together now?
There are three possibilities of the reply: yes, no, I don't know.

If you delete my post, I will already know the reply...

Thank you. An idiot fan of RK and their love.

irene said...

@Anonymous 2.14

A fan of RK and their love already knows the answer to your question, without needing someone else to spell it out.....

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
irene said...


No-one said he was in the salon, they just took the photo outside the salon.......

Anonymous said...
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Flowergirl said...

HKN...great post. Chock-full of good info, and hilarious at the same time. In the ranks of R/K bloggers, I place you right up there with Tempest and Rose. Keep up the good work, babe.

Tempest said...

Anon 20.30 awwwwwwww you're so stupid, where you dropped on your head as a baby?

Anonymous said...

HKN.....you are and always will be the GREAT WARRIOR QUEEN in my mind...LOL...just when I am dragging at the end of a long hot week,,,you pick me up and get me going once again...you are my crack!!LOL Thanks for pointing out the obvious so beautifully...and did you get a look at the hoodie that Rob was wearing in his latest fan pic?? It was way to small for him....Agree? Hmmmmmm wonder who it might belong to? wink....thanks again have a good weekend HKN and a happy one to all the R/K believers!! Andreana

Anonymous said...

I am fairly new here. Can someone answer this question - who is HKN's cousin?

irene said...

@anonymous 3.33

Would that be the Camille who was frolicking in the waves with her boyfriend Andrew??

Saphire1231 said...

@ Mickeymackey

Hi there.... I guess that question is for HKN to know and the rest of us to accept as being her own private business.

I mean this is the nicest way possible hon... HKN will not divulge her source and personally, I do not believe or expect that she should.

All HKN has ever said is that her relative works for the K's team I believe.

HKN is kind enough to share what she is given with us here and that is good enough for me.

Over the past year and a bit, it has been my experience that HKN is pretty spot on with her information - so yes - I come to this blog to learn whatever she has to share... but I also have my own particular faith and belief in the Lasting love and strength of the relationship between Robert and Kristen, born of the evidence of my own eyes, as I have followed them both for the past almost 5yrs.

Cheers Chrissie

Anonymous said...

Thanks Chrissie. I too believe in what is said here. I was so glad I found this site when I did. I only asked because it sounded like it was something that was common knowledge. Thank you again with answering my question.

JMF said...

Morning, Long time reader and first time poster. That sweatshirt that Rob is wearing in the latest pic with the two young ladies? If you go to http://www.black-scale.com/ and scroll to June, you will pics of Marfa, haha and others. Could it be Kristen bought this sweatshirt on her road trip? I think so.....someone posted this on Twitter this morning and it is interesting reading.
Love your blog HKN, and am a regular at Do I Dazzle You? as well as Robert Pattinson Intoxication, Justice etc. Patience and faith padwons, the goodness is coming.

Anonymous said...

Been reading your blog for a while. Excellent points, HKN. Thank you, too, for posting some pictures that I hadn't seen. And, yes, there certainly are some childish wackos out there.


Anonymous said...

@JMF - I thought the same thing about the sweater being too short for him.

@anonymous 3.33 - Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww Rob looks so happy. I think he was buying a gift for his love Kristen.

Maybe he was shopping in a different area from his home so he could he keep it a secret what he was buying for Kristen. In the background it looks like a store that sell candles; maybe Rob was there trying pick up a few items for a romantic evening with Kristen.

If the location is a spa maybe he purchased a spa package so that Kristen could be pampered after working on the set

Anonymous said...
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felicity said...

erm.. why do i have the feeling, that we have anny packer here sometimes??

some anon's sound exactly like her..

grail said...

Of course Anonypacker visits. How could she resist? Shelob of the Hatesessed, lurking in the caverns under blogs and among the dark corridors connecting sites.

Tempest said...

You always know when there is a troll in the midst - Rob is always out and always drunk. How can you be drunk at a mall? Any malls that I know don't sell drink unless there is a lecensed restaurant in the place? He's always drunk, with a group of his friends 'meaning a ingl guys night out or eyeing up the opposite sex 'chatting blonde mysterious women. In other words he is on the prowl, it makes fr better bullshit than he was shopping in a mall minding his own business for items that look couplely in nature. And yeah a pretty short sweater on that lng frame lol

gothgirl_deni said...

Thanks for the great update HKN!!
As much as we want to see a pic of RK together, i don't think we will be for some time. jmo of course. :) I blame the complete crazed fans that hate one of them and the paps. Wasn't there an actress, Kerry Washington?, that just got married and no one even knew she had a boyfriend? i read they never appeared any where in public together. I wonder if RK are adapting that style right now? While part of me hopes not, b/c if i am truly honest with myself, i want to see a pic of them together; the bigger part of me wants them to have their privacy which we know they value GREATLY. I truly feel the paps and the over zealous crazy hating fans have pushed them too far. ..like it was said above...there are so many signs pointing to them being together, its obvious. In the meantime, i will wait patiently by (eagerly) reading the updates here and at my other fav sites that respect R and K both.
~ Deni

irene said...

@ goth girl

What a great post and I happen to agree with everything you said and how you said it....!!!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Get lost anon 10:42! You are so full of it! If you really had dinner with them then you would know why they along with other friends were having dinner. Honestly speaking there is nothing going on between them. Stop stirring the drama pot! I think you are just another annie packer trying to cause drama over again!! Go be a drama llama somewhere else


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Maybe post production because is like a mini movie and nos not a commercial

Anonymous said...
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Lady Chancellor said...

Hi Everyone,
I was going back and looking at the pictures HKN had posted earlier. I noticed that in the picture of Rob and Beyoncé the guy to Rob's right (I think that is Jamie for it looks like the same guy in the pool picture) has his shirt gathered at the waist and tied in a knot the same way and on the same side Kristen tied off her shirts. Just wondering why a guy would do this and not just leave the shirt hanging loose or did Kristen do this? I know I sound like one of those crazies Tempest talks about but I thought it looked weird that a guy would do this and it stood out to me. Anyone else notice this?

irene said...

@ Anonymous 1.30

"the rest of us are just interested fans, so please do not ignore our questions. Many people want to know if Rob is staying with Kris now that he is in LA, is he in LA? and when does K's shooting end? where they staying close when Claire visited in June?"

WTF??? Why do you want to know every little thing - leave them alone - it's none of your bloody business!!! Get a life of your own instead of stalking R&K....... If you need this level of information, believe me, you are not just an interested fan....... you are way too over-invested....... Take a time out!!

Honestly, you sound like a two-year old kid, "I want" "I want, "I want"........ LMAO!!

Anonymous said...

Hi to all the HKN Havens! I have to say great job on this blog.

Jessica Jaldin Lange said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jessica Jaldin Lange said...

HKN hi!! well this is the first time i read your post but is awesome, congrats!! i love it...
and i can see some trolls here... well here's my opinion about this "person", the R/K fans who love to read this kind of post are really really happy, we don't say/write shit about anyone, because we're happy with our life, our decision and supporting certain people career, but you dear troll you're obssesed with a 27 english boy, who gives a fuck about you, and you waste your time hating a girl, because she's AWESOME, TALENTED, AND AMAZING not just actress, she's a really amazing person too, and yes she's dates with that amazing british boy...
it hurts right troll?? LOL

and please HKN keep writing you're pretty amazing...
Love Jessi
from Bolivia!

irene said...

Lovely fumigation job......!!!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Tempest said...

To anon 7.33 it's confident, not confidence and it would made a fitting argument had you not gone all troll half way through it.

Tempest said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Amen Tempest! Amen!

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone on HKN! Sorry I was on here. I was cleaning out of junk on my internet because it keeps freezing on me. So I had to clean them out. I don't want hackers on my computer. I am sure you know how that goes. Anything that I missed?
Tempest- Great job on you post. I agree with you there.

Saphire1231 said...

at Anonymous @ 7:33

Having read your post I was considering ignoring you all together until I got to the part where you waffled your pious twaddle about certain blogs not giving out false hope & summarising Twitter TL's.

How dare you insult my intelligence with your stupidity.

"Hope" is something which comes from within an individual ... not from any blog or printed twaddle.

I believe in Rob and Kristen's relationship.... I do not believe in tabloids, gossip sites and downright negative nellies spewing forth about "false hope"!

At least this blog and those you mentioned amongst others, are not filled with negative twaddle about Rob and Kristen, and they attract positive people who are "the like minded individuals with whom I personally wish to share cyberspace with".

KStew Krew said...

So why is it so freaking hard to get a photo of them together? It has always been a cat and mouse game. I dont get it. Funny how the papz can stalk them to death and yet no pics. Nothing on Kristen these past days she had off....yet no pics. Rob return home...why didn't they follow him like the hounds of hell that they are to see where he unloaded his shit? What....no pics of him going through LF1 gates or to LF2. Really? These two ninja pretty damn well don't ya think! Lol!
What the hell are the papz sitting on or waiting for to hoard pics of these two together? Can the media (and I laugh for asking this) get their facts straight and post some truth about these two for once? I, for one, am pissed with being played with by the papz a d media. Over it. Over the haters. Over the drivel. Give me some truth. Give me facts. BTW...don't get me wrong, I am a firm believer that Kristen and Rob are together and have NEVER been broken up. Just tired of all the bullshit.

Tempest said...

Instead of constantly needing to debunk something that clearly some who come in here are not interested in, other than to pour scorn over those who are not blind or even dead when it comes to working things out for themselves. No they don't need my blog or Rose's blog (thanks for pointing that out, you obviously know which blogs to peddle your negativity in) you don't know a damn thing, but seem to be under the impression to inform people not to have false hope. As supposed to what? Believing everything written in the tabs - is that the delusional queen talking here; the one who had everyone eating out of the palm of her hand for yrs until she recently went loco??

Any kind of hope is better than peddling lies, assumptions and speculation, which is all the media has right now. They are back peddling, just as predicted (it's amazing how you can call out those who spread lies and believe the lies, because they become very vocal right before something happens LOL) back peddling, believing that Rob is hooking up with everything with a pulse and of course, the scorn is on Kristen because she drove him to it. I don't believe HKN, myself or Rose need someone, who is insisting we are giving fans, false hope to decide or indeed post in places, when they clearly don't believe it. So why don't you run along like a nice little debbie downer and peddle your dire warning elsewhere, eh?

BeLoveAlways said...

Thank you so much for the update, HKN! I appreciate your dedication to those of us who support Rob and Kristen! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

BeLoveAlways- I am on always on all Robsten sides and yours. You guys got my support. Except for troll, nonnies, haters, trouble makers, papz, and all the gossip sites included tabloids. I can't stand them.

Anonymous said...

Tempest, KK, and Saphire1231- I agree with you both.

felicity said...

So, now kristen is the bad girl again, hooking up with her co-stars according to thne tabs.

They are using a pic where lane is helping kristen on the boat and mention great chemistry. oh really? They are not even looking at each other. What a great chemistry.

And, because of the fun for it, they did out lanes past, because kristen and the bad boy works much better.

it is getting tiresome.

Who will be next? No one is going to believe this crap.

Anonymous said...

felicity- Its a good thing I don't read them or click them. Because they are nothing but trouble. I meant the tabloids.

vana said...

Just a question. I vaguely remember reading somewhere that Kristen's friend Suzie was dating one of Rob's friends, does anyone one know if there's any truth to that? Or it could be just me thinking I may have read it...so much rubbish out there now I can't remember where I read it. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi HKN! How are you? I am just about to go to bed. Keep me posted on our couple. Good night.

Lady Chancellor said...

Suzie is dating Jack Standen. He is a good friend of Rob's but is a better friend of Marcus Foster. They play concerts together sometimes. Suzie just returned from London this week after visiting him there. I think they have been dating a long time.

vana said...

Lady Chancellor at 1.34 PM, I noticed the tie only because you mentioned. Whatever thoughts I may have will only be speculation and I don't want to do that. Hoping though that we don't get some convoluted BS. BTW, very good observation.

Anonymous said...

Good Saturday Morning to all the HKN Havens! Hi everyone. I am getting up and ready for my walking and babysitting. Keep me posted on our couple. Except for haters and trolls. Those I can't stand.

Anonymous said...

Here's an idea,what if they are together,1.live in another house together 2. but agree to not go out together publicly(why give the paps a money shot)This give them all the privacy they want and the freedom they desire.They owe the fans nothing when it comes to their personal lives,all they owe us is a good performance on the silver screen.If this works for them..so be it.They both look happy and healthy to me.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Saphire1231 said...

Hey @ Anonymous 6.32

And that would be because he wasn't looking out of your skewed eyeballs...

Go play in traffic idiot!

Tempest said...

Hey anon 6.13 - here's an idea, call into your local optionist and book yourself an appointment your eyes need checked (not to mention your head, I think you're missing a brain!)

Lisa said...

@anon 6:26
I like the way you think! I do not blame them one bit for not wanting to give paps the money shot. I hope that first pics of them 'reunited' will be a fan pic.

Anonymous said...

HKN, please helppppppp me!!! There is a psych in entertainmentwise saying Kristen will move on first and that she cheated with the pig because she didn't feel confident. IS THAT TRUE?!!?!?!! I WANNA KNOW!!!!!!!!!!1

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 9:52
Really,you want HKN to explain/confirm just because a psychic stated something on a tabloid site. Are you that insecure in you belief in Rob and Kristen. Let me leave you with this thought. If Rob wanted to confirm that they are not together why did leave leave to Toronto on the same day Kristen started shooting her movie. He would have known the start of the movie shoot months in advance. Also why did Rob return at the same time that Kristen had 2 days off. He could have stayed in Toronto a little longer. The dinner thing if real was just with friends. People do hang with their friends individually in a relationship so people are blowing things out of context. Also maybe Kristen had/ was going to have a long shooting day and just wanted to stay home. Rob supposedly left at 9 so there would be time in the evening to spend with Kristen.

Anonymous said...

I know, but I'm scared with this possibility. I want them together.

Anonymous said...

Hey umm anon 11:17..take your Whitney candy ass someplace else,so tired of this crap.

msinmi said...

Anonymous 9:52
You are not fooling anyone with your stupid self. People are kind and nice to each other here. Why do you want to be mean and act like that? Acting like a concerned person when all you want to do is hurt people with your silliness.Go back to hater central and tell them you failed little child.

Anonymous said...

wow auto correct screwed me on whiney ,lol.I would not place any money on so called psychic's(they get info form the gossip taps too).I only ask that everyone look at them both,@.@
what do you see????I see 2 very healthy happy people,now ask yourself why are they healthy and happy,hmmmmm (don't strain your brain to hard ok)and you nonnies will never get the answer.bwahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Hi! Could you tell me where the photo of Camille and Andrew is from? Thanks!

Saphire1231 said...

at anonymous @9.52

Oh my...A psychic us say.. Oh dearie, dearie me! That's terrible... How are we all to go on? Life has been changed as we know it, because a tabloid psychic said so...

Get off the grass... Are you for real... Or perhaps you might just be some pretender who works for Entertainment wise trying to drum up business by going on pro R.K sites and advertising your prophet on your grubby little tabloid.

More than likely you are just a troll... but if you are a for real person... I do feel sorry for you. Do you not think that if those kind of psychics could predict reality... all the insurance companies would have one on staff??

It's drivel... plain and simple... drivel.

Tomoto said...

Hey all,

I saw some discussion about Jamie Strachan here in a few posts. I know this is a little off topic but how cute is Dakota and Jamie?! I suspected they were really seeing each other a few moths ago, but I think Dakota was trying to keep it private. I also think she was shy about it and maybe even a little unsure about it because of their age difference.

I am happy for them and good for her, he seems like a great guy. I actually follow his career a bit and have for a few years. I felt bad for him when he and Behati broke up. She seemed to move on kind of fast and he didn't, heseemed broken hearted for awhile. Anyway, I think he and Dakota started out as friends (she is Kristen's BF and he is one of Rob's BFs, so they have probably hung out together many times) and now it has obviously become more. I was really surprised they were pap'd holding hands in NYC yesterday. Dakota seems very private. However, I was happy for them.

And hey, why not, RK started it all... Suzie/Jack and now Dakota/Jamie. Honestly, it's just more proof that RK are together and totally fine.

Anonymous said...

I'm so confused at what's going on
I have to believe no one knows what's going on unfortunately because its so easy to believe their not together I can see peoples doubts but you have to have faith so I believe

Saphire1231 said...

No reason for doubt folks... you all must know, (if you have been following R/K for a while) that any breakup put out there by tabloids is just a pile of doo-doo.

They invented everything - printed it and kept on printing more and more rubbish, making it up on fly... matching whatever pics they got with an invented story - and fed it to the public!

Add the haters and nonnies who have also fed salacious stories (totally invented) to the tabs and some (perhaps younger) R/K followers have been confused into believing the baloney.

If you don't read the twaddle in gossip mags and don't go to entertainment sites which also spout twaddle... you have less reason to doubt.

Ask yourself this... who said R/K broke up in the first place...???

Yep - that would be the media!!

Have you seen Rob or Kristen dating anyone other than each other?

That would be a big fat NO!

Oh you have no doubt seen pics of either Rob or Kristen standing/sitting or in the same room as others of the opposite sex, and the accompanying drivel (produced by the reporter/tabloid/gossip site) captioning the picture, tries to convince you that this is the latest hook up... but NO.. it's just more of the usual lies and baloney... not an ounce of truth in any of the stories.

It is not hard to keep the faith... just don't believe the drivel...

Keeping faith does not make anyone money... Drivel from tabloids is all about making money LOL>

Love Chrissie

RKsoulmates913 said...

RK broke up >>> TABLOIDS sell it. True? Where? No evidence, nothing. NADA.Only the word of a stalkerazzi TROLLando... Since when do we believe them/him? Not even the 'holy' dearest Gossip cop could put a 10 there...GC Has no clue whats going on, but it -sure as hell-is enjoying the media circus, their comment section is like hell on earth... HORRIBLE and disgusting and it's making them richer.They do not care if RK are being bashed and called names, they want money.

Rob is dating Perry >> LIEgazines say so. some days later the truth surfaces. Katy is dating John Mayer.PERIOD.

Rob is dating Riley>> LIEgazines again. Riley said NO and now it seems she's back together with Alec.

Rob is dating Dior Model>>> haters/media selling the lies. She was with her bf.

Kristen is dating some guy (I can remember the name), just bc the LIEgazine wanted too, just bc Kristen was sat by his side while she was in Paris. And the guy has a serious relationship. Failed.

Kristen is dating her co-star: just bc he helped her to get on the boat, not even making eye contact they were... FAILED again

Rob is kissing someone in Toronto, what is amuzing is the fact that LIEgazines/Shitabs released ONLY ONE PIC first, the one that it would imply that he was kissing that woman... after getting the RIGHT kind of reaction, they released the rest of pics where you can clearly see he was only saying goodbye to some friends and coworkers >>FAILED again
One of the friends is Kristen's friend too, how nice of rob to go out with her friend, he could have gone ou with whomever he wanted but he went out with Jesse and his gf(who is working with him)#win-win-situation#.

and I'm not gonna repeat ALL the evidences we have been seeing these past months, there are too many to ignore, but some fans like to stir the pot.

Connect the dots and you can see how they are like pieces of puzzles. RK are TOGETHER and FINE. If we haven't seen them it's bc they want it this way, they have their reasons. BE PATIENT and have faith. Be a good fan and enjoy and support their career. Whatever we get it's a bonus. They owe us nothing.

Some little gestures are not a sign, they are what they do all the time, like sharing clothes and stuff and buying each other stuff too. Like Elizbeth said 'they share much more than clothes' ;D

Have a Nice Sunday

And be aware that all the LIES tabloids are trying to sell are crumbling over...it's a matter of time and patience.

#ItsAllGood @BelieveInRK

Anonymous said...

I don't know why people keep saying we have had no evidence of them being together? Never mind the clothes, the glasses, the caps. We had Rob and Kristen in his truck. People still can't wrap their heads around the fact that it was Kristen in Rob's truck, but it was. The paps picked 3 pics from a group of perhaps 30 or 40 pics from that moment they were caught in the truck. That my friends, was Kristen Stewart in the car with Mr Pattinson and people can look for the mystery redhead all they want, but it was Kristen.

Do you think the paps didn't follow the truck? Do you think if they thought they hit a goldmine with a 'new girl' that they wouldn't slam the pedal to the meddle and follow them to get more pics? Can you imagine how much money the paps would get for pics of Rob with a new girl?! If I were a pap I would have hunted them down for my big payday. So unless Robs truck disappeared into the gates of LF2's gated community a few blocks down the road, then they could have followed them. Robs truck would be easy to follow amongst the LA traffic with black and silver cars everywhere, so are you telling me the paps just lost them? Or did they know it was Kristen, and just chose a couple of pics to plant the seed of suspicion in people minds?

I play in photoshop all the time and if you place one pic of a side profile of Kristen (with her glasses on) with the pic in the truck on top of eachother, like a superimposed pic, they are a perfect match. But for some reason, people still can't bring themselves to believe its her.

I don't have a doubt that they are together.


Anonymous said...

Hi everyone on HKN! How are you? I am about to go to bed now. Keep me posted on our couple.
RKsoulmates913- Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Anonimous 10:28. I like your post. But the R's dinner thing with a friends that you were talking about was a lie, one of the three girls who posted it (they are friends) said that it was a lie, said that they did that to get attention... I'm pretty sure that R and K were together that night.

Sue from Holland said...

you're spot on as always. For me it's so obvious they are together and believe me I'm a very sceptical, cynical, don't trust easy kind of woman plus I'm not a HEA/soulmates, chicflic kind of girl either.
I've got to know R&K 3,5 yrs ago and for me it was so obvious they were together not because I wanted to but because they were not very good in hiding it (been there done that). It was so sweet to watch and it still pisses me off, even more now, that so many are against it. What the hell is wrong with love you sad sack of miserable trolls?
I can picture these harpies, sitting on their fat arses, behind their little screens, either never been loved or maybe being cheated on cause they are miserable whiny unsatisfied @#&*$. They watch too many soaps and chicflics, hoping for love but hate anyone else who is in love. Their heads are stuck in fantasy land, watching too much Twilight. "If he can love Kristen he could love me too". AHHHHHH, that scary obsession is the next step to a straight jacket.

vana said...

A psychic.......oh please. Has anyone ever been to a psychic? I have (big mistake), they play on your words and make predictions according to the information that is given to them. They're very good at saying things like...things can change according to your decisions....how psychic is that??????

vana said...

Lady Chancellor

thank you for Jack and Suzie update, I'm aware it was OT but it's kinda cute.

Lady Chancellor said...

Hi Tomoto,
I didn't know Jamie was dating Dakota. I had heard that Kristen had introduced her to a friend but never knew who the friend was. Dakota mentioned this in a BD 2 interview and said she had always been picky about dating. She didn't date a guy if she didn't think it was going to be lasting. I think Kristen has the same philosophy towards dating. Dakota is a great actress and a very nice girl from what I have heard. I wonder if Jamie was with Rob in the picture that came out of them all at the restaurant during the Met Gala Event. You could see Dakota there and Jamie lives in NYC. It would be wonderful if they stayed a couple. I didn't like his first girlfriend. She did seem to move on fast and now is engaged to Adam Levin I think.

Lady Chancellor said...

Your welcome Vana. What is OT?
If it means Out There, than no it wasn't. It was an honest question that I didn't mind answering. Ask away and I will answer if I have the correct info to give an answer. Don't worry about asking questions for you want find out anything if you don't ever ask.
Thanks for the reply.

Anonymous said...

hi hkn,

my name is aloisius. thanks for the update. this is the only site i come to for updates about RK. got removed from robsten angels forums. don't know why though. maybe because i was just a lurker. but its quite unfair to be blocked without notification. its good that i still got this site to know updates about them (RK). thanks.

felicity said...

@aloisius.. you were not the only one whose account was deleted.

we had to do it, posts from our board were copied and posted on other blogs, forums and comment spaces. not only posts about r/k but posts about our private life too

we had to make the amount of members smaller, to figure out, who the culprit is..

i am in contact with those sites..

we are still trying to find out, who it was and if this bad egg is still on our forum

when we are sure, that the one is really removed(banned) from our forum, we will allow new accounts again and then you will be able to join us again.

i am sorry, but it was really necessary.

hope you can understand

Anonymous said...

Good Sunday morning HKN! Hi everyone! Going to church. Just waiting for my ride. Keep me posted.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Anonymous July 28, 2013 at 8:14 AM

grail said...

I'm guessing it's KlaudiaPacker, or one of her clan. If I'm wrong, then, K, don't get your knickers in a twist over something so mundane. Your elaborations are nutty.

Happygirl said...

@ Anonymous 8:14 AM

Thanks for the laugh, but where is your proof that Rob is with Michelle? because he is standing next to her? OMG! Sorry to burst your bubble but Rob and Kristen are together deal with it. Michelle is bi and she prefer women not so much men. All the women you haters try to link to Rob failed. I know it´s hard for you that Rob loves Kristen so deal with it.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
bronzehyperion said...

To Klaudia. Or Annie. Not sure which name the voices in your head prefer on Sunday.

Anyway, I want to say thank you. Really.

Because I have been dying to use this.



Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Even blogs like Rose's one take the effort to respond people who go and express an opinion that we don't share... when it is too vulgar she deletes, you delete everything and everyone who asks a question. Im here because I follow you... even if I have differences in my way of thinking with respect to yours... this is unfair

LizzieD said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LizzieD said...

ANON 9:06AM -- I have just logged in to my laptop and opened up the HKN blog and yours is the ONLY comment I've read. So I apologize if you were replying to someone else.

I have to ask you and others who continue to "hound" HKN about SPECIFIC ANSWERS ... HOW MANY TIMES DOES SHE NEED TO SAY THAT R & K ARE FINE???? AND TOGETHER???? This SO reminds me of what Kristen said in that long-ago interview about WHY R&K don't just admit being a couple so that the media & fans would leave them alone ... KRISTEN'S ANSWER: something like "they would only want details" ... and she was SO RIGHT!!! That's what everyone is doing.

The majority of their real fans believe that they are together and fine. Those that need the constant reassurance of them showing up in public together and touching each other, blah, blah, blah ... you need to move on to another couple who will give you want you want. I believe that from now on (since early May) we will only catch glimpses of them together and that it will always be accidental.


Just so that HKN doesn't have to take time out of her Sunday, I think I can speak for her today and say ROBERT & KRISTEN ARE TOGETHER AND HAPPY AND FINE!!! I don't think we need to know anything else or it would be stalking. Doesn't matter who KNOWS what at this point, the only thing that matters is that they are together AND HAPPY!!!.

LizzieD said...

HKN -- Forgive me for "speaking for you" in my previous comment, I was caught up in the moment. The BS just gets to be too much, LOL.

I've been working non-stop for the past week. I LOVED YOUR POST!!!! SO TRUE ... EVERYTHING YOU SAY!!!

Saphire1231 said...

Anonymous @ 9.06am

I wish I was personally able to erase your post.

Are you for real? Trying to pretend concern... suggesting pending issues??? Dissing HKN... you have to be kidding me!

Why in heavens name would you believe for one moment that we would want to entertain any anti discussions with you?

There is no sense in your words!
This is a support blog
I for one am totally not interested in anything you might have to say... Your attitude is negative and anti.

Just go away and find a blog where they will entertain you...

felicity said...

hello @anon and @klaudia

sorry to burst your bubble. but this pic is from yesterday, july 27th. the sighting you are talking about was on july 24th and rob was not there with michelle.. deal with THAT little FACT

and... michelle is sitting in the front, with the ex-gf of amber heart! she is NOT standing next to rob..

and.. this was at the CM.. a lot of celebs are hanging out there, because it is fairly private. it is not allowed to take pics in there.

i know that the fanpic of michelle prooves, that some do it anyway.. but this picture is from the instagram of amber heart's ex.. and she is a celeb too.

she can't do anything that people took it from her account.

just because rob is in the same venue, doesn't automatically mean, that he is in a relationship with them..

seriously.. get your ass out of here

Anonymous said...

To those posting that Rob is dating Michelle Rodrigez think about this. Why have the trash tabloids like Hollywood Lies, Gossip Cop and Entertainment wise not post any stories on this supposed relationship like they did with Riley. They know that they don't want to look stupid like they did with the supposed Riley/Rob relationship. They had to back away for the story of Kristen and Michael (guy who sat beside Kristen at the fashion show.) Michael’s PR denied any relationship with Kristen after the stupid tabloids forgot to check that he has been in a long term relationship with his model finance. She was modeling at the show.

Also look at the stories that are slowly coming out. A few weeks ago Entertainment wise did a story that Rob was still obsessed with Kristen. Today Hollywood Lies has a couple new stories. One is Rob has not ruled out getting back together with Kristen. Another article regarding Kristen is not ready to look for any new relationships. I wonder why. ;)

In regards to the papz with holding pictures. The tabloids want to push stories of the breakup so they are going to only want pictures to support their story and maybe keep/purchase the relationship shots at a lower price than breakup shots. Also if a gossip site goes on its own that they are back together while all other gossip sites state they are moving on from the breakup do you really think people will go to a site that states a story than what is being told en mass. Not likely as people might think that story is crazy idea.

Also if one looks at the comments of stories being written on goosip blogs people are getting sick and tired of the stupid stories being published from this supposed breakup and thus the websites are losing hits. So for the tabloids not to look like idiots they are slowly trying to introduce that Rob and Kris are still miserable/hurt so this could lead the way to a re-union story. Thus they get people to go to their sites again. Once they do run with the new story line they are going to need those pictures.

Also for those people that want every little detail of Rob and Kristen's daily life why don’t you go and become a fan of Kim K and that family. They seem to tweet every little detail of their daily life to anyone who wants to know.

Lisa G.

Angelofserenity said...

Thank you hkn haven for your positive attitude and post. I only read your website as I always feel happy afterwards. You are a special person.

bronzehyperion said...

Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference. - Mark Twain

Stop arguing with those who will never see your POV. It's wasted energy.

Knowing is enough. The truth only hurts for those who keep deying it.

And the truth about Rob and Kristen will be very painful for those who have spread nothing but hate in whatever form, be it trolls, media or others.

"Patience is a virtue, karma is a bitch and ping pong is forever."

Don't let the static distract you. Enjoy the quiet. Because when the bang happens, we all need our energy to party. :)

Anonymous said...

The photograph Michelle Rodriguez and Tasya van Ree. I really like your blog a pleasure to read.

Anonymous said...

@anon 10:17

Thanks for the info. Do you know who the girl standing next to Rob in the photo is?


felicity said...

i've learned that i have to correct myself. the new pic with rob in the background is from friday..

kristen was on set on friday.. busy with working on camp-x-ray. .

there is nothing wrong with rob going out with friends..

the woman beside rob is barely to identify. the pic is to blurry. it is focused on the women in the front.

but either way.. they are just standing there and talking with the other people. i don't see anything wrong there.

broxton1223 said...

@Lisa G

I agree with your comments totally...perfect :)

Anonymous said...

First, let me say I love this blog, and support and believe in HKN. I agree with everything she has said since I started coming here back in May. Not only does she have her relative's backing, she's also just insightful about the RK situation.

I too agree with the regular posters here that believe the evidence we have gotten in the last two months points to RK being together.

Felicity-thank you lending some insight as to what is up with the new pic of Rob at CM from this past Friday.

I have a question for you. Is Michelle R a known friend of Rob? And what about the sighting from the 24th at the same place with her? I know it was debunk by one of the trolls, but this just feels a little too coincidental. You seem to be in the know, do you have any ideas. I great appreciate you thoughts and HKN.


Anonymous said...

HKN this photo is that day?you who are always talking together.more why not see them together?and now his picture appears in a party without kris, did not want to lose hope, help us to understand hkn please,love them, and it hurts us to see them both together.Please hkn please beg you, do not I'm a haters.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Omigosh anon 11:59, u sound like poopscoop. Only thing missing is the bun bun part. But whatevs, no need to worry u guys MR is not a threat to anyone. Idk if she's an old friend but rob and kris dont have to be joined at the hip. They are lovely and know exactly what thy are doing. Chill out people.


Anonymous said...

I in no way think anything is going on other than friendship with Rob and Michelle. What I do find puzzling is Kristen's friend Sydney's tweet in May.

sydney lopez ‏@sydney_lopez 22 May
Just had a 20 min convo about how much of an asshole michelle rodriguez is. It's only 9am.

And Kristen has never been spotted with Michelle. Very strange. Any ideas, HKN?

Anonymous said...

In the picture, to me anyways, Rob does not look happy that he might have been snapped; or just focusing on the conversation with the person behind the lady with the hat. The women standing next to Rob looks like the lady Rob who hesat beside in the back of the car leaving CM a few weeks ago. Interesting that this picture was in black and white and not color given today’s technology.

felicity said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
felicity said...

okay.. first..

michelle rodriguez if a friend of rob and of nicholas jarecki. there is nothing wrong with being at the CM with her at the same time. this doesn't even mean that she was part of this group at the CM. she could have just been there at the same time. CM is a hangout for celebs, because of the privacy there.

the picture was taken by a fan of michelle and rob was just casually standing behind her.. in the background. talking with friends.

the pic is from friday.. and kristen was working late on friday..

so, what should rob do? sit at home all alone with the dogs, bored out of his mind, till she is coming home.. or having a few drinks with friends at the CM?

it is really hard to tell who the woman is, who is standing right next to rob.

and.. in the picture of nicholas jarecki's actual birthday dinner at CM, (not the party at LF1) there was someone sitting inbetween the woman and rob.

people identified this woman who was seated at the left window seat as michelle rodriguez at that time.

Tomoto said...

@Lady Chancellor wow I didn't know about that BD2 interview, do you remember who the media outlet was? Yes, that pic of them out to dinner after the MET Gala I am positive was Jamie standing next to Dakota. Did you see the pics of them on the 26th walking together holding hands? So cute.

@Lisa G Very good analysis of the whole media "break up" farce. ICAM they are probably getting pics of RK together but holding them back to keep the break up scenario going. Like you said, it's all about hits. I also think that RK are being more relaxed about their lives now. When you are in a long term relaysh, you get to a point where you spend time apart with your own friends.

And to all other posts about Michelle R. First of all, I am pretty sure she is Bi, but either way she is friends with Rob through his producer/writer friends Mick Jarecki and Kevin Turin. Nothing more.

Anonymous said...

Kim at 12:04, you are so right about that anon's post. I cracked up at your comment about bun bun! Or how about bbgurl!? Ha! Anyways, as far as that photo goes MR looks much more interested in the girl standing next to her and Rob has his hand in his pocket, so it's all good.

felicity said...

this is a guess, but i've searched for a pic of jarecki's wife, agata bobola, on google.

if you consider that the people in the back of that pic with michelle are more in the shadows... it looks like it is her standing next to rob..


so i would say, that jarecki was there too..

nothing going more going on, than drinks with friends.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone! Just got home from church.
felicity- Hi! Who is that girl that was standing next to Rob?

vana said...

Lady Chancellor

Sorry I'm replying so late. OT for me is Off Topic (sorry)And thank you for offering to answer questions if need be. I'm being educated here and love it but I've come late to it so I appreciate very much that it will be OK to ask. Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys for your knowledge and insight:)

I appreciate it,

irene said...

Oh, for heaven's sake.......

So sick of the 'who is this?' ' who is that?' 'why is he out?' 'where is Kris?' Blah, blah, blah - life as usual for them..... Kris working, Rob chilling......

It doesn't matter who it is, he's just out for a drink with some friends and their friends or just speaking to some people who were there......

Anonymous said...

HKN Hi! I love this site. Thank you.
Please do not delete it, I ask because I want him to get an answer. Rob and Michelle have the third
times spend their time together. What is going on here?

LizzieD said...

Anon 3:05 -- I truly feel sorry for you if you've never had a friend of the opposite sex. What a shame ...

Kristen has MALE friends and Rob has FEMALE friends ... key word is FRIENDS ...

Trust me (and many others here) if (HUGE IF) R & K were to breakup, he surely wouldn't startup a new romance out in public for anyone to speculate on. Not his style. That's almost as funny as him actually moving out in BROAD DAYLIGHT when he was taking the dogs for a ride with trash bags in the back of his truck.

PLEASE just trust that R&K are fine or move on to another couple that will show you each and every day that they are together. Yea, good luck with that!!! Because those couples don't seem to last too long.

Tomoto said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tomoto said...

Anon @3:05pm

Why would you even ask HKN that question?

If you really need that reassurance, let me help you out.

Michelle Rodriquez is good friends with Nick Jarecki and his girlfriend/wife(?). Lately, who Rob hangs with (friendship wise) is Nick and his friends. He was introduced to Nick through Shannon Woodward somehow.

RK are Fine!

When you love someone deeply and have a solid relationship with them, you trust them to go out with their own close friends and do stuff. Rob hangs with his friends and Kristen hangs with her friends with out the other around... it's what people do. And sometimes, they hang with their friends together as a couple.

We may not ever see it. And we shouldn't really. It's none of our business.

So, that's what's happening.

Sorry HKN, for speaking for you, but I couldn't help myself.

To Anon trolls, why are you wasting your time here? It isn't going to change how we all feel, your posts get deleted from HKN, and we all think your crazy losers who need to get a life. Is that really an environment you want to visit?

Seriously, get a life.

Saphire1231 said...

For those of you asking questions of HKN about pics of Rob and who he is with.... (i.e. another female) or the lack of pictures of Rob without Kristen by his side.

How old are you?? Are you just insecure?? Or are you trying to paint a nasty picture of Robert??

Whatever... you obviously have no idea how real relationships work.



Trust means that either Rob or Kristen can go out without their significant other because work commitments get in the way for one of them, without the other getting all jealous, worried and harpy about who they might be pictured standing next to or talking with.

I am so sick to death of the stupidity of some peeps. I have to wonder if the questions about pics with other women in them are generated simply because the person asking the question is using their own self barometer to judge Rob or Kristen.

Does your insecurity with regard to Rob & Kristen's relationship stem from the fact that the behaviour you are imagining you see in pictures, is in fact = how you personally would behave?

Would you, just like a cheap whore... hop from person to person within the same night!


I am not talking about those genuinely asking who an individual in a pic is... I am referencing those who post with a suggestive quality in their posts... and those who are just flat out stirrers! Of course there may well be some tweens asking those questions (because they have yet to learn)... but for the rest... GROW UP!!

irene said...

Where's my can of troll spray???

Linda said...

This is really getting old, I wish these ppl wld go away and post on sites that feel as they do, a bunch of downers that don't know the meaning of true love, they must be very lonely ppl who are looking for their 15 mins of fame, how sad.

I believe in Rob & Kristen and I'm not giving up.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone! I am getting ready to go somewhere. I am going to step out soon. Keep me posted.
Irene- How about can of air horns? That should do the trick. LOL.

Anonymous said...

I think the bulk of ppl posting are friends off Annie packer ,that being said,you don't know what it's like to be in a real relationship(you never had one).R & K are fine the are hanging with friend as young ppl do..no worries.

Anonymous said...

Woww...This comment section is exactly like GC comment section.If you have nothing to worry you don't need to debunk or erasing comments.

Anonymous said...

I hope I don’t get hated on. I love, love, love Rob and Kristen. I want to believe with my whole heart that they are still together. I don’t buy into the bullshit from the tabloids and the narrative they are trying to sell us, but some things still don’t make sense to me and I’m not one of those people that needs to know they are together 24/7 and have constant pictures of them. I still don’t get why we don’t have any sightings of them together? No random sightings of them shopping, going to bars or going out anywhere for that matter, but there are lots of Rob and Kristen on their own or with other friends? Being on the DL is one thing, but to go from sightings all the time, to none at all really makes me sad. I get having a life where you don’t live in eachothers pockets, but to not have one single legitimate sighting is crazy. I want to believe they are together. Why can’t they just show the world how much the love eachother and stand by eachother, rather than let the tabloids create drama and stories of breakups if its not true. I get that they can’t control what’s written about them, but I’m one of those people that believe you should stand proud and say FU to all the haters. I actually believe the more they show they are a regular couple and do regular boring things, the more the paparazzi and media will get bored of them, and leave them alone. The whole going ninja, not commenting on break up stories or new hookup etc feeds the machine IMO and invites more intrigue into their lives. I honestly don’t get it? I can deal with a couple of months of not seeing them together, but if this continues for another few months, what are we going to say then. I just hope whatever this is; that it ends soon.

PS. I’m sorry if this offends anyone, but I’m royally pissed by Lulurobstens cryptic tweet. Was it about the Dior pics? If so, then why not just say it? If not and it was about something else, then why the cryptic tweets if we are not going to see anything soon. If that CODE13 had absolutely nothing to do with RK, then why not just DM your friends if you have news that has nothing to do with RK. Maybe I need to learn to be more patient, but that CODE13 tweet is driving me nuts.

Tempest said...

Ladies if the HKN den, good morning. So we have had a large case if verbal constipation, since I last looked in here - schools still out and the loonies are getting restless. This so reminds me of 2009 when the then little harpies where trying to hook Rob up with anything other than Kristen, because she was in a 'relationship' a loose term I will give it.

Here its now a case of 'hook Rob up with anyone to refute the claim he's in a relationship with Kristen'

Same shit, different yr - do the muppets who come in here and try to make out they are doing so, out of concern know, just how transparent they are? And if not then they're a little too young to understand what a 'real relationship is'
Forgive me for being cynical but anyone genuinely concerned would have pieced together their own common sense and understood that standing with a group of people, does not a relationship make - anyone believing it does, needs to get out of this couples face and follow a PR couple who like to be seen ALL the time.

Tempest said...

Anon 6.28 - its very simple to answer your question of why we don't see them out anymore. How and why do we see thm? Through pap/parasite photographs, that's why.

The obsessive need to see them together is the very reason ppl are not seeing them together. For months they were hounded by the paps, the looks on both their faces said it all, including Rob asking them 'have you seen enough' clearly annoyed at the fact thy were being followed everywhere. And lets not forget coachella, where you could clearly see just how annoyed that they were being literally stalked at the venue by none other than 10 photogs.

You want to know why we haven't seen them out together doing mundane boring things, suggests 'you need to see them to prove they're together when really its not necessary. A couple who splits up, seperates permanently - they don't continue to share clothing, be seen to be wearing or carrying items the other person uses and we have seen them together 'truck' oh but once again the media stokes the fires with 'who is the mysterious red head?' And ho has red hair....

I will ask you to answer me this. If this was your relationship and you craved privacy, would you like it if the parasites who are insulting and degrading and follow you around just so they can get their paycheck, would not leave you alone and say you have spkit up with your other half just to get hits and once again degrade your relationship to nothing but a PR scam, an 'open relationship' and the yrs you have spent together degraded to nothing but hook up after hook up, because they meant absolutely nothing to you?

Come back to me if you believe you could stomach that ideal kind of life, because I sure as hell don't believe anyone who has ever been in a relationship would want to suffer that kind of hell.

Saphire1231 said...

R & K tried the "Being seen together out there".... All it got them was more drivel and stalking by paps, more hatred and more death threats...

So it's ninja time for them... keep everything hidden, especially whilst they are both working.

Perhaps they will reconnect publicly one day in the near future... perhaps not...

Whatever... The none sightings of them together does lessen the bullshit stories to a degree... (certainly not completely) and it also leaves everyone guessing...

Of course there is always the possibility of an opportunity to maybe lose some of the more aggressive idiots who manufacture drivel for their own jollies.

Rob and Kristen do not owe the fans anything anymore. They gave and gave in the past and what did they get for their trouble... Hatred... suspicion and plain nasty crap like death threats.

Those things are very real in the circles of Hollywood... and I for one believe many of those threats could be enacted... so I am happy to see Rob and Kristen off the radar.

Whatever way you want to believe... do so... but the incessant questioning is not going to get answers...

Fans need to stop feeling entitled!!

There will come a day when R/K will be seen together again... until that time... Keep the faith.

Lady Chancellor said...

Hi Vana,
I was new her too and didn't have a clue about what C and D was in HKN's post. I felt utterly stupid for asking. Thanks to some of the wonderful people here like Irene who told me what C and D was clear everything up for me. The only thing is you have to watch out for the trolls. They seem to be nervous about something tonight and are out in numbers.

Anonymous said...

Saphire1231 - Your comments are so true. To the people that don’t believe R+ K gave in the spring time with all the sighting of being out together in public but what did it get them, more harassment by the paps. You can see that Rob was getting fed up at the music festival by the paps stocking them. To me it looked like Rob was ready to deck the paps that were following them. They even had to run to get away from them.

In regards to the death threads one of the stockers was at the premier of BD1 and was close to Kristen and was shouting about how was she was going to hurt her. In some of the footage you can see Rob and Taylor trying to comfort her and other footage it look like Kristen had tears in her eyes. I cannot recall where I read this but Kristen received death threats if she showed up the WFE premier with Rob. But Rob and her were together at the after party.

R+ K are fine and together. Their main focus is their heavy work schedules. In regards to people in long term relationships they will have different groups of friends and do things separately but it does not infer that they are no longer together or having problems in the relationship.

For example, my parents have been married for 46 years. For most of my life my mom did the grocery shopping either by herself (as my dad took care of my sister and I) or she would take my sister and I with her. So if paps were following my family does this mean that my parents were not together in a relationship? Also when my dad did fishing trips with his buddies without my mom, to the outside world like the paps, they would think that my parents are not together. Sorry to disappoint by my parent have 46 years of marriage behind them and still going strong.

Lisa G

Lady Chancellor said...

Hi Tomoto,
In answer to your question about Dakota I think it was Entertainment Tonight. They were interviewing her and it came up she was in the Homecoming Court at her high school. They asked her if she had a boyfriend and she said at that time she didn't date guys unless she knew the relationship was going to be lasting. She had guy friends but they were like brothers to her. One of her guy friends was going to escort her onto the football field. She said she was a lot like her parents and didn't think you needed to put your time into a casual relationship if it was going no where. I think her parents have been together for a long time.I respected her for saying that since so many young girls these days will hop from one guy to the next within a matter of weeks and no telling what else they have done during this casual time with the guy. I didn't see the picture of her and Jamie. Could you post the link? I bet they are cute together though. I am glad he found a nice girl.

Lady Chancellor said...

Hi felicity,
I agree with you. Are the trolls having fits over that so called fan picture posted on Robsten Dreams? (I knew they were going to try to start something up when I saw it last night.) When I saw the picture my first thought was that this is not the normal fan picture. It looks like an Anny Packer or a minion of hers is trying to stir the waters making something out of nothing. I think a troll sent this to the fan sites because they are getting nervous about what might be coming. I thought MR announced last year to the media she was straight but also liked girls. I guess you would call that Bi. So Rob was out having drinks with Nick, big deal. If he was dating MR (which I don't think there is any truth in that) he would have been photographed doing more with her than what we have seen. The way the paps have been stalking him they would have caught something by now and Rob wouldn't care if he was truly single (which I don't believe he is.). I know the paps would love to get a picture of that but want because nothing is going on. I am so tired of people linking Rob with everyone he is next to or talks to and the same goes for how they have started linking Kristen. This is really getting old. I also wonder if anyone has ever noticed that the couples who are always showing PDA in front of the paps don't seem to stay together very long. Those who keep their PDA private have long relationships. An example is Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendez, Ann Hathaway and her husband, and Kerry Washington and her new husband. These couples like Kristen and Rob keep it private and their relationships have lasted.

Lady Chancellor said...

Hi Vana,
Sorry, my keyboard is sticking. I wrote here and cleared in the sentences but the e and d didn't get typed.

Anonymous said...

Hi HKN! I am going to bed now. Keep me posted on our couple. Keep up the good work of keeping trolls out. Good job! Goodnight.

KnittedUpInside said...

I picked the wrong time to check the internet tonight *sigh*

Pretty sure we know what HKN's next post will cover eh?

Personally I love love looooove (and am totally jealous) that Rob is friends with Sia. As much as I'm sure Kristen loves working, being committed (and probably tired when not on set) makes missing concerts like JayZ/JT a bit of a bummer. Hope she gets to let loose when CampXray is done filming ;)

SO great to see you back!

Anonymous said...

What do you have to say about Rob being at a concert with Sia and not Kristen? Was Kristen filming?

Anonymous said...

Omg I like love them but I just don't believe they are together and that really upsets me

felicity said...

i want to make something VERY clear right now

SIA is friends with Kristen AND Rob..


it doesn't matter how the tabs want to twist it!!

they were NOT at the rosevelt hotel.. they were at the rose bowl..at the Jay-Z/Justin Timberlake concert... along with many other fans..

and they were in a group.. they were NOT on a date!!

we don't know if Kristen didn't have to work late again.. we don't know if she choose to stay at home, because she was simply exhausted..

all of you ANONS who will try to spin a twisted story again.. you can leave right away..

there is NOTHING to spin or twist!

irene said...

LOL, at the Anons.......

What to say about Rob at a show with Sia & a group of friends??? Hmmmmm, hope you all had a nice time??? Would that be alright?

To the upset Anon - there, there, little one, it'll be alright in the end, because Rob & Kristen really are together, whether you think so or not.......!! But if you insist on snivelling, be a treasure and go do it elsewhere.....

So many crocodile tears....

Saphire1231 said...

At Anonymous 12.07AM & 12.10AM

I for one... am not going to dignify your stupidity with an answer!

You post here simply to be nasty and get your jollies.

Just crawl on back to the muddy pool you came from!

Anonymous said...

So Rob was at a concert with a group of VIP friends, including Sia. Big deal. I'm a huge fan of Sia and have most of her CD's. Such a a talented musician and I'm sure they had fun in their group. Funny how the paps just decided to focus on Rob and Sia and not the other people they were walking with.

What's funny to me is how the lunatic fringe are having a party over these pics. Never seen a group of women get so excited over a woman's breasts and hoping that Rob was the one to take off her bra. They are just breasts and we all have them. I'd hate to imagine the awful names they would be calling Kristen, if she accidentally wore something that appeared see through with the pap flashes.

A whole load of drama over a night out.

felicity said...

dear anons.. ever thought about the little fact that all those women rob is linked to recently are either in a long term relationship already, engaged, married, gay or bi, or old enough to be his aunt/mother???

wonder why the tabs can't find a woman that would fit into the two single words out there, that would make it easier to believe the lie??

was this too much to get the clue??

single and straight!

rob would never be in a relationship with a bi-sexual women.. rob would never be the one who would destroy a relationship...

sorry, not sorry.. the tabs are desperate.. very, very desperate.. they have no one that they can attach to rob right now..

and they refuse to admit that it was kristen, is kristen and will be kristen.. who he is with.

Taj said...

I want to start by saying Hello to everyone! This is my first comment here and my first comment on a board related to R/K since the incident last year that I will not name. See I had to take a step back. I had tried to take up for them, with no luck, people just didn't care that they were tearing down the characters of two people they supposedly loved. I realized that I had become WAY verinvested in live's of two people that I didn't even personally know, even though I never said a bad word it still was NOT good! I will forever be sorry for getting overinvested and if I could talk to them would say...I AM SO VERY SORRY, I meant no harm, but realize the more people tried to take up for them, it just kept the JUNK going on. SO SORRY!!
I read through the comments and noticed there are some very positive commenters, then there are some who seem, for lack of a better term, needy. Then there are some that are just downright mean. For what?
As fans, should we want them to be happy and successful in all areas of their lives? Absolutely! BUT, since it is their lives, it's also their business what happy and successful is for them.
Do I think they are together? Yes! Do I need pictures for reassurance? NO!
I have been married to my husband for 20 years. I love him more than I could convey into words and would lay down my life and die for him. With that said, we have about 15 pictures of us together, yet we are still very much.... together and in love. I just happen to hate to have my picture made.
I would think that they do too, unless it's for work (I don't know, I am just going by the fact that they go out of their way, on their off time, not to have their pictures made together, which is probably due to all the crap that ensues when they are snapped together).
If you are a fan of one and not the other...that's fine, but you should still just be happy that he is happy in his personal life and his/her careers.They owe us NOTHING but to put their all in the projects they choose.
I guess I don't understand why people come on here to spread hate and lies about people they don't know, I think these people have been called "trolls"(?) Each of us are blessed, we all have something to be happy about, why not spread that happiness,instead of malice and hate?
I know that this will fall on deaf ears and I will get a vile uncalled for reply, except, I'm sure, from those of you who do come on here to spread positivity.
Sorry for being so long winded and hope that I made sense, just read some of the comments and don't understand the need to hate...

I hope each of you have a very blessed and peaceful day!


Taj said...

*overinvested* not verinvested..OOPS! :)

Anonymous said...

Good Monday Morning to HKN! Hi everyone on HKN!
felicity and Irene- I believe you both. I agree with you both. Because I can tell. They are friends. He is not even holding Sia's hand. He had his hands in his pocket like a gentlemen usually do. And he is wearing Kristen's hootie under his jacket. I can tell. And because I have been praying and keeping positive for them. So I am with you girls.

SusannahKay said...

Mandie - I couldn't agree more. A lot of fans mean well but don't or won't understand that gossip sites etc. don't really care whether comments are positive or negative.They earn advertising revenue based on the number of hits so every time someone clicks on a link,even to complain about the story or pics,they're putting money into the pocket of the rags and by extension,the scumbag pap who stalks them. Media outlets also study social media to see which celebs/subjects are most talked about and tailor their stories accordingly so if you must discuss gossip about R/K, at least lock up your twitter account so you aren't responsible for the next bs tabloid headline!

The trolls,sad pathetic losers that they are aren't worth the effort, they're looking for the attention they don't get in their real lives and trying to spread their emotional pain around a bit in the hope it might make them feel less wretched.

As for the insecure and needy - Rob and Kristen's relationship is actually nobody's business but theirs. They owe you nothing and you have absolutely no right to demand they give you a "sign" - get your own relationship and worry about that ,for God's sake! I'll admit that I had previously thought being more open might lessen the scrutiny,if it became usual to see them out together people would lose interest but they tried that and we all saw the result. If never seeing another picture of them together removes potential strain on their relationship and means they get their lives back and can live together in peace then I'm all for it.

Anonymous said...

Mandie and SusannahKay- I agree with you more.

felicity said...

@mandie.. thank you.. very good post.. love it!!

Taj said...

Susannah, Arleen and Felecity-

Thank you so much for being kind. I just felt it was something I needed to get off my chest.

To me it seems that all they want is to work in roles they love and to be with the person they love....and ultimately, isn't that what all of us want, which just makes them...normal people!! :)

Taj said...

Felicity- just notices I spelled you name wrong, sorry!!!

Anonymous said...


I'm not a sad anon like the others I just have a legit question

Im a first time commenter

I believe they are together and all the haters just hate that

just a quick question please
did they get a new dog? Because that does not look like bear and is that his hate and shirt
thanks guys :)


felicity said...

bahahahahah.. so, rob was in company of ginagiamell, tamra and gina's boyfriend.. they all went home in one car.. after the concert..

what are the haters gonna do, now that they have seen him hanging out with kristens friends??

what kind of excuse are they going come up with??

gothgirl_deni said...

regarding the video from the concert last night (and any other public paps pics) i wonder if K was there and this is R and K not wanting to give the paps any pics of them together and left in different groups? we know they did this back in april at another concert. Rob left with guys and K left with girls.
guess i am just wondering if they use this as a "distraction" while some others left from a different area?
who knows???
we don't know whether she was there or not and i am not saying she was... but, that being said,
honestly, whether she was there or not does not matter really, he was there with some of her good friends. THAT is just another sign to add the list of many. :)

Madeline said...

Just love your blog HKN. It is nice to be able to stop by and get some news on our favorite couple. It is always nice to get some of that 'inside info' as well.
Wonder what today will bring? :)

Tomoto said...

@Lady Chancellor thx for the info, i wiill look for that vid interview. Love Dakota, she is so mature for her age. Like Kristen, I have followed her career since I am Sam and Taken. Here is a link to the pics: http://eyeprime.net/2013/07/26/dakota-fanning-holding-hands-with-her-new-boyfriend/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+eyeprime+%28eyeprime+-+high+def+celebs%29

@KnittedUpinside.Thanks, yes, life got really busy for a little while there. Good to see you here too! :)

@felicity and @goth girl ICAM I actually do think that Kristen may have been there. It's no coincidence that he was with Gina and her BF. And Tamra, who is also good friends with Kristen. I think they arrived in different groups and left in different groups. You can tell in the following pic they are in a suite at the Rose Bowl: http://twitter.com/ISayTomoto/status/361892192433864704/photo/1

felicity said...

well, it seems there were a lot more of the OG at this concert, that we know of..

and i would assume that kristen was there too..

they just left in different cars.. to avoid the papz.

they did that before... no surprise there..

(if she was there, of course)

to the pics of kristen and the puppy..

we don't know if it is indeed their new dog or not.. maybe HKN can ask..

but kristen could also just have been the dogsitter for the day.. who knows.

Anonymous said...

@Tomoto - Went to the link in you latest post and the picture in black and white just looks like a people sitting in the upper deck at a baseball game. Is this the correct picture that should be displayed? Do I need a twitter account to see it? If it is correct where should one look to see the suite?

Anonymous said...

I could be mistaken but the dog that Kristen was walking looked like the one Rob had in the truck when he was seen driving with all the garbage bags in the back. As for the concert, good for them if they were able to attend together and not be noticed.
If this was my relationship, I would also want privacy from all the cameras and people screaming questions in my face. It is none of their damn business. I think Kristen's one finger salute should be from both hands. Maybe they would get the message then

romina2 said...

Hi everyone,

Very pretty doggie. HKN, is it Kristen's or someone else's?

Enjoy your week :)

felicity said...


no, rob had bear and bernie in the truck. they are both grown mature dogs.

the little one is a puppy.

bear is brown and black..

and this one is only black.

two different sizes of dogs.. different colors.. not the same dog.

Anonymous said...

hkn'm in tears why not seen them closer together?hkn rescue help us please talk with your cousin, please

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone on HKN! I just got home and now I am going back out to help my daughter out. And then I will be back later. Keep me posted on our couple. Except for Anon. I don't know if I trust them. They could be a troll.

Anonymous said...

For idiots who needs everyday confirmation from HKN. That's what she posted few hours ago:
I know its hard to accept that your queen still loves the man you love to hate Rob. They are Together ! Accept it. Don't cry to hard when you find out they astill together. Rob is what your queen wants.

Lady Chancellor said...

Welcome ! That was an excellent comment. Thank you for all the kind words about Rob and Kristen. I agree with you that a solid long lasting relationship does not have to be proven continuously through pictures or public displays of PDA. My husband and I have been married for 35 years and he is my best friend. We both have other friends we go to the movies with or play golf with when the other partner is not there. We have a solid loving relationship because we have faith in each other that our partner would never want to hurt the other partner or cause damage to the relationship. I think Kristen and Rob have faith in each others love as well. They have a mature relationship. You are also right that a true fan should be happy that the celebrity is happy and successful. The only thing they should expect from the celebrity is to do their best when they portray a character on film or TV. The celebrities private life is none of a fan's business nor should a fan expect the celebrity to open their life up as if it was a reality show to entertain us. I think in this day and age with all the reality shows where people get to see every action and emotion of a person on camera for us to view and comment on we forget that people on reality shows are being paid and have given approval for their everyday life to be splashed on screen for viewing. I think some people have the problem of differentiating between a reality star and a regular celebrity. A regular celebrity has the right to have a private personal life. They might make movies and TV shows for you to watch but they have not sold their personal lives to be viewed and exploited for public entertainment. I do believe that Rob and Kristen are still together and I don't need constant reassurance of this through pictures or displays of public PDA. So, thank you Mandie for your understanding and kind words towards Rob and Kristen and welcome to the board.

Anonymous said...

Dear HKN

You write that Kristen is ready to marry Rob in an instant. But Rob? Is he ready too?

Anonymous said...

Thanks felicity. I thought the dog looked familiar.

Tomoto said...

Anon @10:42am,

Your right Gina did go to a baseball game on like Friday, it looks like that pic was from that game alright. I assumed it was from RoseBowl, my bad. I didn't look at it clearly. But I do think that they all went in separate groups, and they we were probably in a private suite or maybe back stage.

However, the vid and pics on RPLife do have both Gina and her BF in them. If I am not mistaken, I think LoloHirsh (another of the IG girls) is in those pics too. Anybody else think so too?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

i dont know how rob would move on so quickly.....no way.....

Sarah said...

Hi, HKN. I would just like to say that all through last summer you were a positive force when everything looked so bad. For that reason, I am sticking with what you say until proven otherwise. Thank you for all that you share and thank you for keeping it positive.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Wondering about this adorable little black pup Kristen has been picutred with these last two days. I thought it might be a new dog for them, but in the pics from today, it looked like she dropped him off in some establishment/restruarant. Hope HKN might get some info on this:)

Anonymous said...

Hey to all the Robstens ..guys don't be so mean to each other here..its the one place we can speak without being called delusional..some of the posters want reassurance that's all..There is so much misinformation coming at us from so many directions it gets hard to know what is truth and what is a lie... HkN is not a fortune teller..she gets info spareingly..and she passes it to us..thank goodness for her. I love that she weeds the garden regularly..I went over to read on gossipcop tonight ..holy crap its a zoo over there..keep your sanity don't read anything over there...Like HKN says we will see them together again...Keep the faith..!! Everyone have a good night Rob and Kristen are tight...! Andreana

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
SusannahKay said...

Oh for the love of God!! Katy confirmed there was nothing but friendship between her and Rob and that she would never disrespect Kristen by crossing the line. That's all she confirmed. You whiny anons need to find something more fulfilling to do with your time

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