Saturday, June 15, 2013

Are You Ready For A Laugh?

This about says it with the hilarity of went down on Friday. The haters were in panic mode and had a complete meltdown. (Annie_ Packers meltdown was priceless!)

Here's how it all started. . E online posted this story about Rob and Kristen sighting. :

And then what happened? The reporter got attacked by Anny_Packer and her bunch of loons.

Why so nervous Annie? Why so scared that you threaten a reporter? I will tell you why. Annie was pissed because she wasn't the one sending the tabs the story. Valet story anyone.? Yeah it was made up and sent by Annie.

E! took the story down and then reposted it and reworded it and put it in as part of a timeline:

It's been nearly a month since Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson called it quits after more than three years of dating.
And while a source told E! News at the time of the split that Stewart was "heartbroken" over the breakup, it does seem like she has managed to move on, as has her Twilight costar.
Here is a look back at what the former couple has been up to in the weeks following the end of their relationship.

May 19, 2013: Pattinson is spotted moving stuff out of Stewart's Los Angeles residence. A source tells E! News that Stewart was home at the time when Pattinson arrived with a pickup truck. He later departed with his two dogs, a bike and a number of suitcases and trash bags.
May 20, 2013: A casually-dressed Stewart is seen smiling as she joins a few friends for a night out in L.A.'s Silverlake neighborhood.
May 23, 2013: Pattinson, sporting a baseball cap and a pair of shades, is caught running errands by himself in West Hollywood

May 23, 2013: Stewart flips off numerous shutterbugs trailing her through a Hollywood parking garage. E! News learns the actress was mobbed by more than 20 paparazzi and her behavior was simply a reaction to feeling like she was being stalked by the photogs.
May 26, 2013: Pattinson moves back into his Spanish-style villa in Los Angeles.
May 28, 2013: Stewart is spotted in Los Angeles after doing lunch with friends.
May 27, 2013: A grinning Stewart is seen enjoying a low-key Memorial Day as she and a few gal-pals hit up a pizza place.

June 1, 2013: Stewart attends the wedding of her Catch That Kid costar, Max Thieriot.
June 4, 2013: Stewart's rep confirms to E! News that the actress is set to join the casts of two upcoming films, Camp X-Ray and Sils Maria.
June 6, 2013: Clad in a baseball cap, a casual top, jeans and sneakers, Stewart grabs dinner with friends at En Sushi in Los Angeles, wining and dining for about three hours.
June 11, 2013: Images from Pattinson's new ad campaign for Christian Dior's men's fragrance are unveiled at a posh party at West Hollywood's Soho House.
June 13, 2013: Stewart looked anything but down and out in Beverly Hills while taking a leisurely solo stroll.

June 13, 2013: Pattinson is spotted at the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood. A source tells E! News the actor has been talking with Stewart over the phone "from time to time," but the onetime duo has still not physically seen each other since the split. However, an eyewitness claims to E! News that Pattinson and Stewart were spotted together on Thursday and looked fairly comfortable with each other.

Notice the CM sighting that they have added. It is from a tweet that was conveniently put up right after the Rob and Kristen story was posted. Coincidental? Hardly. Now of course this tweet has been deemed as legit! lmao!

Did you also notice no sighting of Rob and Katy mentioned? Yeah like everyone else they think its bull. 

Gossip Cop decided to join in on this hilarity:

According to the clueless blog, the pair ”were spotted by a fan holding hands in Los Angeles’ Echo Park on June 13, and they looked ‘very together.’”

So, does HollywoodLife have a photo to back up its claim, or some other sort of irrefutable evidence?


The webloid’s “proof” of an alleged Pattinson-Stewart sighting is a random Twitter user claiming to have seen the former co-stars together.


HollywoodLife then embarrassingly attempts to back up its “reporting” by citing an E! Onlinearticle, which alleged Pattison and Stewart “seemed to be in good spirits” during their supposed hangout.

That story was also based on the same Twitter user’s unverified tale — and was pulled almost immediately.

But HollywoodLife rarely lets facts — there was NO “spotting” — stand in the way of a juicy headline.

“So are Rob and Kristen back together? It sure seems so!” exclaims the site in its piece.

In actuality, the only thing that “sure seems so” is that HollywoodLies, er, HollywoodLife, is still better at fiction writing than actual journalism.

Where are Gossip Cops notorious sources for this article? No where. because they don't know if its fake or real. There is no proof either way. Gossip Cop got worried their legions of hater commenters were about to scurry back to their holes. They had to do something to apease them .

What was the most fun was watching the rats scurrying around panicking that a reunion was eminent. If they are so sure they have parted ways and never speaking to each other again why are you so panicked and worried?


Heres a message to all the rats scrurrying around. You can threaten reporters that don't follow your mantra. You can send fake Rob and Katy tweets to tabs. It isn't going to change the fact that that at the end of the day Rob and Kristen do speak to each other and have seen each other. They are talking this out and no amount of threats or fake tweets is going to change that fact.

 They know we will see this soon and it has them running scared. If they were so sure we would never see this again  why were they so panicked at the thought ? lol

We just need to sit back and watch it all come down on the rats. Because it will eventually. It always does. 

Tempest thank you for the wonderful post in the comments section! We know what they mean to each other and they aren't giving up so easily don't we :):):)

My mother has had a mild stroke and is in the hospital so if I don't post for few days you know why. We will know more later on if she will need by pass surgery. Keep her in your prayers.


abby said...

sorry to hear about your mom, hope she will be okay without surgery.

thanks for this new blog entry. it was quite hilarious to watch it unfold.

we have to be patient and we have to wait.

we can't do anything more. it is not our life. if they have to take some time to deal with things, that's okay.

better to talk this trough properly than to jump back and the issue is still not solved. whatever it was, that caused the trouble.

Cougar71 said...

First and foremost, I am sorry to hear about your mom. I hope she does not require surgery.

Thanks for the post. Actually, rather than hilarious, I think the bullying and attacking is quite sad and horrifying to think that people can be so vengeful over events and people whose lives should not be any of their concern. This world has really gone to Hell. Annie Packer (or whatever her name is) has attacked other fandom members as well in other aspects of their lives. There really is nothing hilarious about that. Bullying is not funny.

Anyway, I'm glad to hear Rob and Kristen are trying to work things out and not jumping back into anything yet. They'd probably just end up breaking up again if they rushed things.


Cougar71 said...
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Bronze said...

HKN, I hope your mom will get well soon.

RE, this blog: It's not a laughing matter. In fact, it's a dangerous game that the trolls/haters are playing.

The fact people go as far as to threaten other people...I don't find it funny, I find it disturbing.


On the surface it may seem hilarious, but it's deeply rooted in the worst kind of evil with these crazy people.

As for Rob and Kristen, I hsve no doubt they are fine. Love always triumphs hate.

abby said...

@cougar71 i did not mean, that it was hilarious how the haters aka annie and her pack attacked the reporter at eonline and bullied her.

i was talking about the way, eonline reworded the article, added the 'sighting' at CM and how GC picked it up and went against HWL.

this i found hilarious.

i hope that the reporter did not have to quit because of anny and her pack.

it is time that those haters are hit with their fate!! and fast

Anonymous said...

Hi HKN hope your mother goes better.
i follow your posts since last year,i love how you stay always positive and i admit i'm not that positive usually nor in this moment.i'd love to believe all your statements but tbh the facts dont fit with your words,you say they've seen each other and they've talked,they're trying to work it out,u said it was a fight and they're both very stubborn,blablabla,but it was so bad?i mean it's been a month they're apart and last year after 2 or 2 weeks they're talking to each other and begining os sept they're already living together,also last year Kristen didnt take her ring off,or at least when we saw her for the 1st time she wore.but this time we see Kristen almost everyday if not by pap pics by insta pics of her friends,very happy and smiling without the ring.we see them both party with his/her friends apart,imo the OG is a big part of rk problem and i dont think they are helping or guiding Kristen to work things out wit Rob,i dont see Kristen interested in it either.so after seeing some rob's pics i'd believe it was Kristen's decision to go separate ways,i guess her words from last year "he's the most important person in my world,i love him,i love him"were gone with the wind.this week we have seen kristen having dinner and party with her friends,actually is the only thing i've seen her done in more than a month,i hope her new film,keep her away from them,thou if it's filmed in LA they'll still be around all the time,or Kristen will take some of them to the set,seems like K is abduced by them,a pity.while on rob is out also we dont know much about him bc he goes to more private places but i'm sure he's as much out as Kristen,so yeah in a few days they'll start filming and even if they're talking as you say they couldnt get to any solution for them,so will they ever find it while miles away hanging out with other girls and boys?No,thou i'd like to say Yes.so yeah i need really more than faith,hope and positive vibes to believe that what you say is just a fan willing to get that happen for real.Anyway in last question,ashley benson and scout are not with the OG anymore is that somehitng to do with the fact that paps/media were informed of this break-up the minute after,almost live,was any of them two talking to the paps giving them locations for pics,info about the fight,etc
thanks Us versus Them

irene said...

Anny Packer and her minions are simply vile pieces of humanity and can go jump off a very high cliff for all I care, they are not even worth me having to type that sentence........ lol!!!!!

Rob and Kristen will work out whatever they have to and will be together again in the fullness of time...... I'm sure they have a plan they are working to and we are not privy to the reasons why.........

There is too much love there...... it will prevail!!!

Prayers to your mum and I hope she gets whatever treatment is necessary to bring her back to full health <3

Anonymous said...

Take care of your mom, be well and thank you for sharing your take on recent events.

love will always be a greater force than hate. I pity those who cant see that.

@CrisRK913 said...
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@CrisRK913 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

The original rk sighting that the eonline story was based on was tweeted from a troll account. Yes, I want them back together, but I don't want to believe in false stories.

Okie Dokie said...

Hi hkh,

Just wanted to tell you I am sorry to hear about your mother, and will say prayers for her. I understand stents are pretty common with this happening, so keep positive. I have had family and friends that have had them done for same reason and they have done well. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your mom ..its good that it was a mild stroke..She should be able to recover fully...will keep her in my thoughts,,and thank you for the posting as always you bring me out of my funk and make me strong again....LOL take care of the family!

Christy said...


Thanks so much for keeping us all updated! We really appreciate it! Secondly, like many others here, I'm sorry to hear about your mom. I will keep her in my prayers. I hope she gets well soon!

Personally, I believe the sighting is true. If this person could give a time AND what they were both wearing, it is likely to be true.

Be well!

Anonymous said...

Sioux said.......
HKN - very sorry about your mom's stroke. Will keep her in my daily prayers.

yuri said...

CRISRK913 that was a great comment! I agree completely if you have a twitter please @ me I am lovingrobnK

Anonymous said...

Way to go on hkn haven. You are doing a good job.

msinmi said...

sorry to hear about your mom, Praying for her that she makes a full recovery.Take hkn.

LizzieD said...

I'm sorry to hear about your Mom. Hopefully she'll make a full recovery soon.

I love the "rats" analogy regarding the nonnies, yea, they've been nervous since the story first broke!!!

LizzieD said...



IT'S ALL GOOD .... I'm still guessing that we're going to see R & K sometime before July 4th.

RKsoulmates913 said...

I DO believe 'some' people neither read the post nor pay attention to what is being said. They either read whatever they want to believe and ignore the rest or they pretend not to understand it.

IF you read ALL comments HERE, you'd know that it was mentioned that Kristen has thousands of rings that Rob gave her. Someone mentioned (yesterday) she wore that beautiful black rose ring during a long time then we had the gold ring and NOW she has a new one a white gold ring, she is wearing it nonstop. Ring a bell?

People ignore the fact that she is wearing HIS hat, AS IF she'd do that if they had indeed broke up. PLEASE...give me a break. NOBODY wears things that belong to a former boyfriend, a person who is not your with you anymore.

People ignore the fact that Rob was driving THEIR rental car 2 days after being seen with his truck full of stuff (where lots of you jumped to the 'it's true, they did break up' wagon),and where was he going???? LOS FELIZ 2!!! And nobody saw him leaving the place. But OF COURSE it's much better keep your focus on negative things, the small and important things/facts that are happening you just IGNORE or PRETEND they did not happen. Convenient!!!

If you READ, and i'm talking about READING and PAYING ALL YOUR ATTENTION to what some are trying to say ,you would REALLY understand that the REAL BIG MESS is only on your mind, if you did not click, read, give wings to tabloids, trash mags and haters, this would be only a normal drought that we'd assume it was bc of their schedule and work agenda.

This thing with Perry became an avalanche bc we are alwyas discussing, investigating, Tweeting and RTing bullshit tabloids throw at us and we swallow. Haters are planting the seed of doubt and you who consider yourself a TRUE fan starts having doubts and blaming his/her friends, last July (that i do not believe), Perry...

I must say that haters know how to play a game and fans are eating on their hands...They manipulate people, create lies... and here we are demanding PROOF from a person who is trying her best to give us some good news...

What amazes me is: Why do you bother to come here if your mind is made up???? You have your own conclusions, you did your homework, so WHY?

The answer is in front of your nose, you do NOT want to see, it's ok. If you prefer to believe what tabloids are selling, fine...
The best things in life are FREE, they don't cost a penny... Look and look carefully and read carefully too.
Love doesn't cost a penny... R <3 K <3 R
A love like theirs don't disappear overnight.

And it's true, all this bullying and threatening is sickning.

RK is fine. It's all good!

#LikeCrazy @LikeCrazy~> I like what you have to say. Please do not be a stranger!

Last but not least >>> HKN, I'm praying for you mom too. Hope your mom can go through it without surgery. God bless you!

Saphire1231 said...

Thank you HKN for yet another great post.

Ever since that ridiculous drama over the sighting and the "Idiot fringes" reaction to it... I have had a question running in my head which I expected to see somebody address... Thus far, I have seen nothing. So I will attempt to address it myself.

Question: Where is the irrefutable proof that the screen print containing the so called conversation between the reporter and the Demanding ByeByeDreamsBt who posted it... is real?

Does it not occur to others that all it would take to manufacture this stupidity would be another hater to be in collusion with the author of the screen print... (or possibly 2 phones owned by the same person) to set this up??

All they would need would be a false pic (i.e. the reporter's pic from her Twitter page header as the icon on one phone and the other party's icon on the 2nd phone... and then proceed to have this imaginary texting conversation... Screen print it and post it as reality!!!

Trickery and manipulation much?

Just because it looks like it could be real does not mean it is real!!!

It is a big world and for the most part a great world we live in.. however there are some rather unfortunate, shall we say sick/psychotic/schizophrenic individuals who live in it who, for whatever their reasons, go about creating or living in drama... or have a burning need for attention... People who get off on, or enjoy interfering and creating havoc in other peoples lives/business.

This person and friends, it would appear - (or maybe it has multiple personalities) has found a really good target in this fandom for getting the reactions they crave...

When I say friends... I am including those jealous harpies/haters etc., who seem to have set themselves up as the opposition of the fans, ("birds of a feather do stick together")!

KEEP THE FAITH EVERYONE. Rewards are coming!!!!

Saphire1231 said...

I am sorry HKN... I completely forgot to say... My prayers are up for your Mother and sending good vibes for her complete recovery.

Believe in You, Be Yourself said...

I have never posted a comment on this site before, as I only stumbled upon this BlogSpot about two weeks ago. However, I have to say that I do regularly check this site, as well as the Do I Dazzle You BlogSpot.

I guess you could say that I am rather L2P with regard to R/K, as I have only been in this Fandom for about 2-1/2 years. However, I must admit that I have a true soft-spot for both R/K. To me, these two seem to remind me of both Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward as well as Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood. I mentioned this on Twitter, and some of the fools that I followed scoffed and shot me down immediately. I now have gone through my Follow List, and to say the least I have weeded out and unfollowed several accounts. I should have paid more attention when I was clicking that Follow button. Anyways, I am still baffled by the level of hate that exist in this Fandom with regard to Kristen. OMG, you would think that she is the devil incarnate the way a good deal of people in this Fandom carry on. Get over yourselves people--even if Robert were indeed to leave Kristen, Kirsten to leave Robert, in no way shape or form would these people in this Fandom have even a remote chance of being with him. Just isn't going to happen.

The psychotic rants of many in this Fandom are beyond absurd, and truly border on delusional. Speaking of this "Fandom", it seems to have been hijacked by a select few--it's as if most of them are reverting to the days of high school--only the "cool" women, and I use the term loosely, because many seem to be wearing women's clothing but are actually still teenagers, seem to think that they rule the "Fandom" and anyone who disagrees with their point of view are to be relegated to the fringe. It's as if they are saying--be envious, you cannot be an active participant--just an observer--unless you are invited into their "cool" clique by them. And, if invited in, everyone must fall inline and follow their dictate.

Again, how old is everyone. I thought that most of us were way past the high school hierarchy.

As for AP, this woman is beyond adjectives. She is scary. She is beyond a cyber bully. Her frightening antics remind me of a movie first released in the late 1930's--"These Three", and later a remake named "The Children's Hour" was released. If you are not familiar with these movies, the gist of the story is that a very young girl attempted, through lies, bullying, and intimidation, to destroy the lives of three people. I guess this is the case of life imitating art.

I read the tweets she send to People with regard to the valet incident, read the BS she tweeted to the on Friday, and I also read the absolute crap when she attempted to get a poll started on Twitter which encouraged Twitter accounts to sign which would "assist" Robert in getting a part of his male anatomy, since once he had returned from filming in Australia and reunited with Kristen according to AP he did not know what he was doing. And these people call themselves fans. What to they presume that Kristen has so warped Robert that he is not capable to knowing his own mind, his own emotions and feelings? You know, the havoc this woman creates seems to border on illegal. I truly feel this person is in need of some degree of institutionalization, because she is just not functioning sanely.

I would seem to me that the only sane thing for people to do, is to avoid--at all costs--any on-line, print, or televised "Entertainment" outlet. It is obvious that they have no journalist integrity. Someone I met on Twitter keeps saying that it is all about the benjamins--BS sells, and happy does not.

I'm sorry that I took off on this rant, but honestly, I have wanted to say much of this for quite sometime.

Thank you HKN for your posts, as well as giving people a forum in which to express their opinions.

Hopefully your family member be on the mend soon.

Believe in You, Be Yourself said...

I have never posted a comment on this site before, as I only stumbled upon this BlogSpot about two weeks ago. However, I have to say that I do regularly check this site, as well as the Do I Dazzle You BlogSpot.

I guess you could say that I am rather L2P with regard to R/K, as I have only been in this Fandom for about 2-1/2 years. However, I must admit that I have a true soft-spot for both R/K. To me, these two seem to remind me of both Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward as well as Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood. I mentioned this on Twitter, and some of the fools that I followed scoffed and shot me down immediately. I now have gone through my Follow List, and to say the least I have weeded out and unfollowed several accounts. I should have paid more attention when I was clicking that Follow button. Anyways, I am still baffled by the level of hate that exist in this Fandom with regard to Kristen. OMG, you would think that she is the devil incarnate the way a good deal of people in this Fandom carry on. Get over yourselves people--even if Robert were indeed to leave Kristen, Kirsten to leave Robert, in no way shape or form would these people in this Fandom have even a remote chance of being with him. Just isn't going to happen.

The psychotic rants of many in this Fandom are beyond absurd, and truly border on delusional. Speaking of this "Fandom", it seems to have been hijacked by a select few--it's as if most of them are reverting to the days of high school--only the "cool" women, and I use the term loosely, because many seem to be wearing women's clothing but are actually still teenagers, seem to think that they rule the "Fandom" and anyone who disagrees with their point of view are to be relegated to the fringe. It's as if they are saying--be envious, you cannot be an active participant--just an observer--unless you are invited into their "cool" clique by them. And, if invited in, everyone must fall inline and follow their dictate.

Again, how old is everyone. I thought that most of us were way past the high school hierarchy.

As for AP, this woman is beyond adjectives. She is scary. She is beyond a cyber bully. Her frightening antics remind me of a movie first released in the late 1930's--"These Three", and later a remake named "The Children's Hour" was released. If you are not familiar with these movies, the gist of the story is that a very young girl attempted, through lies, bullying, and intimidation, to destroy the lives of three people. I guess this is the case of life imitating art.

I read the tweets she send to People with regard to the valet incident, read the BS she tweeted to the on Friday, and I also read the absolute crap when she attempted to get a poll started on Twitter which encouraged Twitter accounts to sign which would "assist" Robert in getting a part of his male anatomy, since once he had returned from filming in Australia and reunited with Kristen according to AP he did not know what he was doing. And these people call themselves fans. What to they presume that Kristen has so warped Robert that he is not capable to knowing his own mind, his own emotions and feelings? You know, the havoc this woman creates seems to border on illegal. I truly feel this person is in need of some degree of institutionalization, because she is just not functioning sanely.

I would seem to me that the only sane thing for people to do, is to avoid--at all costs--any on-line, print, or televised "Entertainment" outlet. It is obvious that they have no journalist integrity. Someone I met on Twitter keeps saying that it is all about the benjamins--BS sells, and happy does not.

I'm sorry that I took off on this rant, but honestly, I have wanted to say much of this for quite sometime.

Thank you HKN for your posts, as well as giving people a forum in which to express their opinions.

Hopefully your family member be on the mend soon.

Anonymous said...

I only have one question why is she in new Mexico with Taylor l if she is mending things with rob?

lily said...

sorry,i'm so aware to comment at any positive R/K's blog,respect u guys so much and still am.But just my poor opinion to share with you,sometimes it is drive me crazy,sometimes make me angry,sometimes it make me smiles.How crazy and care we about two people that we not even know their real family name is....but to be honest, your blog...makes there is a hope but realistic thought just always around.
As a human being just to thank u,your blog is wonderful and sound you are very positive person keep it up.But one things that i'm asking if this positive things is really positive....show us a little bit something but if all this not as beautiful as hope...just let us know....we try to learn a lesson that our life do have pullstop sometimes.


Mustard Pants said...

Kristen is now in Texas.

Maybe it's work related, maybe she's taking a roadtrip. Bottomline: she looks happy and healthy and (Malibu ;) tanned.

People will freak, question, worry, deny and blow gaskets as always but it won't change the fact that Kristen and Rob march to the beat of their own drum.

As they should.

Anonymous said...

The hater who bullied the eonline reporter is NOT Annie Packer but actually another big hater, PHW ‏ @ByeByeDreamBt
AP apparently just reposted the screenpic in her tumblr

Tempest said...

Chews on the Garden of Eden's apple, you should try them honestly, they're juicy...

?you know what i find funny, It's watching as so many having the 'needing to dispell a myth or a rumour' disease, why so hard on yourselves, surely by now you should know that DENIAL is more than a river in Egypt right?

The more run around and beg the attention of running down sightings, claiming ALL of them are fake, posting and tweeting/emailing gossip blogs with their hilarious lies, meanwhile Rob and Kristen are going about 'their lives' as if nothing has happened - funny right?

The only people having a painful and heartbreaking 'meltdown' are those who have invested in their lies so much, when the two people in the middle of it are not conforming to their plans - panic ensues. Don't know this Annie_Packer, but she sounds like one twisted lemon that needs squeezed and dumped.

Too bad her agenda is not working out well for her, seems i missed giving her a straight jacket, i have had so many orders for them since this all began that i don't have much room in the Psychiatric wing for all of them. But i will make sure to reserve a special place for Ms. Packer, right next to CandyKisses and SinicalBitch for company.

Anonymous said...

To all the hkn haven for the guys Happy Father's day. Even you're not a father. But all guys fathers no matter what. That is the way you made to be fathers. Even if you are disable, of health issues or whatever but you are still a father. You can be father's day as a uncle, brothers, and the ones you adopt. That is also a father. So Happy Father's Day! Happy Father's Day to Rob too.

Anonymous said...

Good Sunday morning! I hope everyone is having a great Father's Day weekend. Have fun.

noisefaidaus said...

Thanks HKN! I hop your mother will come through her procedure well. As for the Annie Packers in this world well there is special place reserved for them...it is truly sad that some people get such delight out of being miserable.
So Happy Fathers Day to Papa Pattinson, Papa Stewart and to Rob fo being daddy to Bernie and Bear!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't this Anne Packer the one that say Rob and Katy are together or something. And causing this drama? Whoever threat her. I would still do it. What makes you think she will do it again. I think you should do it. Report them.

Anonymous said...

not to ruffle feathers(but sure it will),yes Rob and Kris are living their lives(as they should),looking marvelous I might add.Each tan and happy,smiling,seriously work does a body and mind good.My take on the one's having the melt down are the ppl looking for direction from the tabs and the "insiders" who string the fans along with misinformation.One by one those individuals seem to be dropping off the map of the fandom.My advice,is to just wait,accept what ever comes and let Rob and Kris be happy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for everything and I hope your mom is getting better, hkn! Happy Father´s Day! (even for Rob :) ) I wish for a week really great for R&K fans, for great news!!

Anonymous said...

THESE ARE NOT MY WORDS. Just copied and pasted.

"I'm just going to be honest here with my analysis of what this Robsten fixation is all about for some of these over-invested, grown woman fans. I think teens in the fandom are just naive and want something to look up to, they'll eventually move on to some other idol.

Grown up Robsten fans live vicariously through Kristen because they see themselves in her. She is an average looking girl with greasy hair who swears a lot, who isn't extremely smart or talented, is awkward and she doesn't conform to the feminine norm that actresses usually do. She's an average "real" girl who happens to be a famous movie star. She's like you, only younger and maybe skinnier and somewhat better looking. She is your fantasy self. You've always felt like the universe owed you the glamorous life (hence all the lies in the RK fandom about private jets, bags of haute couture, 10 bottles of Florabotanica, multiple people claiming they work in PR in Hollywood) but you never achieved it. The Twilight books spoke to you because Bella was average & plain but felt like she was destined for more, and Edward could see the special snowflake she truly was, and in the end she got to live a supernatural life where everything works out for her- beautiful husband, a perfect child, a mansion, a rich family and immortality. But it was just a book and a movie, until "Robsten" came along and changed all that. Thank god Kristen came along- she's the perfect blank cardboard cutout to project all your unfulfilled dreams of personal greatness onto. She's a boring average chick who is rich and famous and has a hot boyfriend, sort of like Bella Swan, or Cinderella, or a myriad of soap opera characters. A huge part of that fantasy is fantasizing about Rob (who you confuse with Edward Cullen) being your imaginary boyfriend. You loved being able to brag about "your girl" Kristen being with Rob, no, OWNING Rob like an object or a trophy. You waved it in the face of "haters" all the time as though you were the ones fucking him. In your minds the Rob part of Robsten existed solely to make the Sten part look good, support her in everything she did, and give you something to brag about. You never cared about his career, what he wanted for himself or him as a person, and all that is plainly evident now that the breakup has been announced. He was an object and a character in your fantasy. It was all about "the way he looked at her" (you), never about how she treated him (like crap?). You feel personally validated by their relationship because the sparkling prince of your dreams wanted someone like you and it was like CRACK COCAINE for your brain. You have a strong psychological need for them to be together forever that is now in delusional territory. It cannot end because if Rob rejects her it's like he's rejecting you and that drug high you're on is killed. You feel threatened by anything and everything that could possibly kill that drug-like high, especially attractive women working with Rob. That feeling of being threatened caused some of you to lash out at every other woman Rob has worked with in the past few years. You never lashed out at Kristen's male co-stars as a threat, because if she hooked up with Garrett Hedlund or someone else, it would be OK with you. It would validate her (your) appeal to men, so some of you even shipped Garrettstew and Robsten at the same time. This is why you do not hate Kristen for her affair with Rupert Sanders, but place all of the blame elsewhere (Rupert, Liberty, doctored photos, etc). If Rob had had an affair with another woman (married or not) your reaction would be very different. (cont.)

Anonymous said...


You are also a bunch of grown women obviously stuck in a high school mentality, with your little mean girls cliques and your hater lists trying to blacklist people and silence anyone who disagrees with you. You're grown women with children and grandchildren who are still pressed you weren't popular in high school & didn't get to date the hot popular guy, the prom king or the captain of the football team or whatever, and your Robsten love fantasy is a way to replace these bad feelings of inadequacy and memories of teenage loneliness with something that makes you feel good. It's like wrapping yourselves in a warm blanket and shutting out the horrible reality of the world. You live in your little bubble on Twitter, surround yourselves with people who have the same fixation you do, repeat your mantras to one another over and over and try to silence anyone who questions it.

But it's a lie. Reality is reality. You are yourself. It won't ever replace anything or make you feel satisfied because it's a fantasy, and fantasies are not real, duh. It's an extremely idealized romantic fantasy taken straight from your Twilight books, and the problem is real living & breathing people are imperfect and do not behave like book characters. Kristen Stewart is not Bella Swan and Robert Pattinson is not Edward Cullen. No real person could ever possibly live up to this insane fantasy of perfect forever love. They're not vampires IRL, you know. It just doesn't exist anywhere in reality. It's the stuff of books and movies and daydreams. These expectations you have for 2 real and flawed young people in their 20's who most likely don't even know themselves all that well are ridiculously, impossibly high and it's unfair to project it onto 2 real people you don't even really know and get mad at either of them when they don't behave the way you want them to or when the relationship you fetishize doesn't play out the way you fantasized it would. You are not guaranteed a happily ever after in real life, and you're all old enough to know that. This is never, ever going to satisfy whatever void you have in your lives for that reason.

And you should keep in mind that all you know about them is a fantasy your fandom created about this couple that the media then fed back to you for their own profit. You create the stories from little "clues" and the media feeds it back to you and it makes you feel like you're part of the relationship. This is extremely unhealthy and from what I've seen your fixation is going to do more harm than good. It is exactly like a drug. You get a temporary high and need more, more, more. When you don't get your fix of the drug you get angry, you lash out at "haters," lash out at Kristen's friends or Rob's friends or his co-stars or their relatives and go stir crazy, creating fake sightings and the like. The longer you hold onto this delusion the more harm it's going to do to you.


Anonymous said...

(cont.)I wish I knew some way to help you snap out of it. I'm telling you all of this because I'm genuinely worried for you. This is not about me hating you, it's me holding up a mirror to you and showing you what you have become, because the Robsten fandom as a whole lacks self-awareness. You talk about how much you hate paparazzi for invading Rob & Kristen's privacy, when your entire fandom is based around their obsessing over the minute details you can dig up about their private lives. You talk about respect for RK and respect for privacy while planning cross-country excursions to stalk Rob and Kristen, or lurking on all their friends' social media accounts digging for clues. Some of you seem to believe any behavior is justified as long as you say you're "doing it for the fandom" or to "protect Robsten." This is NUTS and it has to stop before it goes too far. You really need to explore why you feel the need to ship strangers and fantasize about their romantic lives. What is missing in your life? Are you alienated from people around you? Why?

You need to accept who you are and stop worshipping and living through celebrities, because they're not worth it. They're just flawed human beings like everyone else who happen to photograph nicely and work in an industry where they're overpaid, overhyped and overexposed. Just because you see them in interviews, met them for 1 minute at a movie premiere or have seen all their films doesn't mean you know who they are as people or know what they would and wouldn't do. You know their public face, not their private, personal selves. They are strangers to you and always will be. That's the way it's meant to be and you should be OK with that.

There's nothing wrong with escapism, I know life is often boring. I spend way too much time on fandom bullshit myself & I realize it & I'm trying to change. It's just that blurring the lines between reality and fantasy in this way is dangerous, it leads down a weird path that becomes increasingly psychotic and delusional. I see it happening in the Robsten fandom and I'm concerned for your well-being. I'm not even joking. Please, think about it & I really hope you will eventually come to the realization that whatever temporary pleasant feelings you get, this is ultimately not good for you mentally and emotionally. I recommend finding some other, more healthy means of escapism, like watching TV, movies, reading books, playing video games, writing, art, etc- basically anything that doesn't involve fantasies about real people you do not know. Shipping real people is not healthy and it is always going to end up in disappointment, as nobody can possibly live up to these fantasies you're having.

Please, for your own well-being: Get out of shipping real people whether it's Rob & Kristen or anyone else, seek professional help if you find yourself having psychotic and delusional thoughts and fixations on things like this."

Anonymous said...

Now, I'm the person who copied and pasted this text.

PLEASE, read it and reflect about it. It's not about that you are bothering me and tell me not to come here, it's about that I can't see this kind of thing and not feel worried. I don't know any of you personally, but I would say this to a friend, a daugher, any person.

There's nothing wrong with being a fan of anybody, but you can't put your happiness in the hands of strangers, in the life of others, in things you can't control, and even less, in a relationship amongst Hollywood celebrities! Why is this so important for you? You have your own life to live, don't waste it living the life of others!



Anonymous said...

What makes you think that a random person on twitter has the power to make a site remove a story? You need to post all screencaps where the jornalist admitted the story was fake. This is why it was removed. And it was not Anny Packer who talked to the E! journalist. It was PHW. And the "valet" story? I don't know who was this guy on the car with Kristen, but THE STORY WAS REAL, FFS! There were PICS, are you going to say now that the pics were photoshoped? OK, I know you will...

The entire convo:





Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:04

That was a very interesting post you copied and pasted here. Can I ask where it came from? It is very well written and makes a lot of sense. I want to disagree with it but I can't. I am one of those fans that was way over invested in the lives of two young kids in Hollywood. For me, it has nothing to do with Twilight. I have never ever looked at Rob and Kirsten as Edward and Bella. I just saw two insanely talent young kids in Hollywood who were both down to earth, sincere and so different than most of what Hollywood has to offer. That is why I liked them together. I don't think they had a fairy tale romance at all. What I saw was two kids who fell in love. I will admit that I became, and maybe I still am, way too invested in their lives. It was a form of escapism. Sad, but true. It's just good to see good things happen to good people. If they have split, I only wish them the best. My only hope is they can find someone that they can share their lives with. It's difficult to step back from them, but I am working on it. Thank you for posting that. If anything, hopefully it will open people's eyes to the realization that obsessing over two strangers' lives is not healthy.

LikeCrazy said...

Puhlease, inconvenient and annoying people, I just wanted to know why you waste your time coming here or anywhere else that is pro-robsten. Do you think they arent together or they were no more than a product of PR? Ok, everyone here already understand it, you are a small group but are quite noisy and malicious, but there is no need of repeating the same thing over and over again, because the same way that you chose not to believe them, we choose not to believe in you, and no matter what you say, it will never change, it hasnt changed in six years and will not be now that your words will have effect.

Do you think it isnt healthy? ok, but that's MY problem, I'm not offending YOU with it and much less invading YOUR space, but you're invading MINE, you're offending ME, although it doesnt affect anyone except MYSELF. Between love and hate, I will always choose love, my not-so-dear little green monster full of hate.

So do yourself a favor and go somewhere else where people actually care about what you say, and share your point of view, because here the only thing will get is waste of time.

HKN, I hope your mother get better as fast as possible.

Anonymous said...

I'm so confused can someone help me please have they broken up? Are they working through them? I am now getting sick or everyone saying keep the faith because it seems like there's nothing to hold on to she does not wear the ring. Or clothes or anything but yet she smiling so I'm okay if they have

hkn I'm sorry bout your mom she's in my prayers

RKsoulmates913 said...


Glad to see you again. I couldn't agree more with you.

" you are a small group but are quite noisy and malicious, but there is no need of repeating the same thing over and over again"

" Between love and hate, I will always choose love, my not-so-dear little green monster full of hate. "

Perfect my dear, you said it all. Well said.

Anonymous said...

good lord that c/p job up there is so insulting to anyone with a modicum of objectivity and intelligence, I don't know where to start.so... I won't.

Suffice it to say, you would be better served in sharing your ~concern if it weren't so obviously written by someonewith a such a blatant agenda. Distinct dislike of Kristen (lol not subtle)? Check! Rob fan? Check! Insulting her fans, and those who like them together? Check!

There are over invested people on all sides and I genuinely feel bad for anyone whose personal happiness is predicated upon a person(s) they don't know. But parading around with your faux concern only.damages your own karma and certainly isn't going to help anyone. good luck with your passive aggressive nature. I'll stick with my light, love and positive energy.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone! I am going to bed soon. I have to babysit my nieces and then go to the post office. Then home.

Anonymous said...

Stop fighting with each other lol.. Spread positive than negative much better. For me, I respect everyone opinion! You can say anything but only RK know the shit happen between them. My opinion, RK are different couple in Hollywood. They not brangelina, stelena,Emma & Andrew and etc.... They both very private people. They don't sell their live for entertainment like the kardashians & others stereotype in Hollywood. They care their private life. We don't know what the real things happen between them in their real life. They live together for a few years now. How can people so easily trust what tabs said about two people who fucking private & so rare to see their PDA in public??? Ask yourself. In near 5 years,how many times RK break up??? How many times Kristen get pregnant??? How many woman's Robert have a scandal / hook up with??? If people still brought up the mistake Kristen did last year. I'm not shocked if that thing become a pressure for both of them. We should stop judging her. It's already become the past!! It's a MISTAKE. Plus i call it a FLING not a SCANDAL. because both have a different meaning. Anybody like us can do that mistake or maybe worst than what Kristen did. All tabs report the break up as a RUMORS with tons of sources here & there plus keep bringing last year mistake. How do they know RK fight??? They live with them??? Do you think RK camp or their close friends & family will tell the tabs or press what happen between them??? My answer is NO! They all protect RK. I hope this will help you guys to think back in more rational way not emotional. If you guys are true Rob & Kris fans. Xxxx

HKN , thank you for the info & always stay positive even so many people going crazy with stupid theory!! I hope your mom get well soon. She's in my prayers. Hugs.

Anonymous said...

RK in a mood for working right now.. I think RK still together. Just because we didn't get their picture together it doesn't mean they not together. Rob have so many movies line up this year. Im sure Kristen in a process pre production or boot camp for camp x ray. They both still young,I'm sure they know how to make a balance between private & professional life. They have been together for 5 years now. It's a long road with a lot problem. It's normal. It happen to us as well. Maybe more difficult for them cuz they both famous! I'm believe they can survive. They both always in my prayers.!!!!

Unknown said...

I love this site. I really like Rob and Kristen. Bad happened to them. I can not accept. But the reconciliation did not see it. Kristen spend more time with friends. This was not used to. If you do not want to continue like this any longer. Every day I pray to be together again. Wonderful couple.
You see that?

Anonymous said...

@Kruger Sabrina

Please have faith in them.. My gut feeling said they still love each other. One of Rob Brit friends together with one of Kris BFF. They need space for themselves. If they can survived last year shit,I'm sure they can survived this problem too. I believe both of them so stubborn!!! Peace... Xxxxx

irene said...

LMAO at the *concerned writer, I think she needs to be more concerned about herself, LOL, as she seems to be taking this all too seriously.......

Bottom line, Rob & Kristen love each other - enough to get through any problems, IF THEY want to....... It's all up to them......!!

And I believe they will - sad old, middle-aged jaded person that I am, ROTFLMFAO..........!!!!!!

Seriously, anonymous, seriously??????

Anonymous said...

Verry inteligent post anonnymous 11h51PM!!!Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

@3.56aM June 17

Thank you.. I hope people stop buy what tabs say about RK! Plus only RK the only couple who will give them $$$$$. Stay positive. Hugs xxxx :-))

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous that felt the need to show such concern, and fear for people's well-being. Well, thank you for that. Condescending much, patronizing much, self-righteous much????

I for one do not need you to be concerned with regard to the state of my psychological well-being. I am doing just fine. I am not, in a desperate attempt, trying to relive my high school years. How sanctimonious of you to infer that anyone that supports these two are "in the simplest of forms" attempting to right the wrongs from high school.

If this site disturbs you so much, if what people tweet disturbs you so much, I have a suggestion.......don't come to BlogSpot such as this and troll and lurk comments, close your Twitter account, or unfollow people that you feel are not adhering to your expectations, drop FB, or drop out of FB Fandom Groups. Do you see a trend here? Leave all social media sites that do not conform to your way of thinking.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at June 16, 2013 at 11:51 PM, Thanks for that. I believe you. I have to say amen to that. Well I got to get ready for babysitting then post office and then home.

Anonymous said...

I agree that r/k are not the typical couple and are very private but I disagree with the other poster who seemed to be putting down other couples.
I actually really like Emma and Andrew and even though they don't run away as much from the paps, they are also pretty private given they also refuse to talk about their relationship.

Anonymous said...

The different between RK & Emma& Andrew is the PDA! We can see a lot of PDA from emma & Andrew while RK so rare.. PDA that I mean is 'kissing' in public (daylight). I love Emma & Endrew too.. But I agree with [Anonymous June 16 11.51pm].. I think she mean on RK aspect not try to putting down other couple. But to be honest so many couple in Hollywood use the attention for $$$$$$$$$. Stay peace. Pray for RK. I still have a faith in them. Xxxxx

Anonymous said...

RK have a fame that others don't have! Even some of them said don't want RK fame but I believe they all envy of RK.. Haha.. Sorry that sound so evil. Hmmm the question on people mind right now,is it RK break up?? I will said,pray to GOD hope they not cuz I don't believe tabs. They want $$$$$.. While some of us fucking dumb click,buy it & read it. We all witness the beginning of RK love. We can see the love in Rob & Kris face. You think after 5 years,just so easy to get away from each other?? Sobbing for those never believe in love or never fall in love.

LizzieD said...

HAPPY MONDAY, HKN-HAVEN!!! I'm feeling good today just thinking about Kristen having fun on her "road trip" whether it's for fun or for work.

I like to think that Rob spent yesterday playing golf with Papastew since Kris is out of town.

Call me a delusional old lady but I believe that THEY ARE 100% TOGETHER!!! Together means different things to different people. I believe that they are "together" in one of their houses when both are in town. Have we seen or heard of either of them anywhere else? No hotel maid or neighbor, NOTHING!!! So logic tells me they are together. Even when they are traveling or working APART ... THEY ARE TOGETHER!!!



Anonymous said...

I'm with you LizzieD ;-))

irene said...

Ha ha - Me too LizzieD - add me to the manifest!!!

LizzieD said...

IRENE and ANON -- Glad to see we have ourselves a TWIRLING party!!!

I read an interesting comment over on Do I Dazzle ... sorry can't remember the person's name ... but they were saying that we should get used to this NEW Rob & Kristen and she doesn't think we're ever going to see much of them in public from now on. Interesting theory and it might prove true. Perhaps they've HAD IT with the media AND the fans that drive the media and paps. I hope that but guess we have to consider that might be true.


LizzieD said...

OOOPS, meant to say I HOPE NOT BUT GUESS ...

Anonymous said...

Kristen seems to feel better with friends.
Travel. Feel good and very beautiful. Look happy.
It's a sign of reconciliation. Excuse me but how I see it. It would be nice if it were otherwise.

Just-a-lady said...

hy HKN
how are you?? and your mother??

may I ask a question?
Is actually a little bird (^_^)sitting in a car with a Young woman across the United States?


Anonymous said...

Kristen road-tripping the USA & looking happy/relaxed while Rob has gone ninja while fans soak up those gorgeous Dior images. I feel like regardless of their status this is nothing but good for them as individuals and as partners in life.

I think it is great that K has been willing to pose with people knowing full well the pics will end up online with location info. Wonder where she will pop up next?

Their lives are about to get crazy with work again, glad they are both free of being pap-hounded atm :D

Cheers everyone!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to comment on the Anon post that Julia posted. I can see some valid points in whoever wrote that, but if this person is going to analyse the Robsten fans to the such a degree, then why not do the same with the Rob fans who have also invested a lot of their time fantasying about him? It’s a two way street. All fans who follow celebrities do this to escape from their real lives. I’ve seen ‘Robsessed’ type women having discussion about how they fantasise about Rob when they are with their husbands and partners. Is that not strange? Women who have families and children are fantasying about being with a man who could be young enough to be their sons and women who also fly around the country and other countries just to see him for a minute. The ‘Robsten’ analysis was interesting, but also very one sided, so it doesn’t hold up in an argument. Believe me, we see the flaws in Kristen and Rob and we know they are not beyond breaking up, but what is so wrong with wanting to believe that two people can love eachother and get through things in life. I’m actually leaning towards that they have broken up and that makes me incredibly sad because unlike a lot of Rob fans who hated on his girlfriend, we saw that she made him happy, even if many Rob fans didn’t think she did. She made a mistake, a massive, huge mistake that she will live with for the rest of her life, but Rob forgave her and moved past it and so did we, where as the Rob fans held onto the hate until it turned into a cancer in the fandom. The rob fans created cliques too, they spend an insane amount of time lusting over a young man, they create ridiculous accounts to smear Kristen in public and to spread hate, including to her friends, family and to the media. There a small group of insecure Robsten fans who go over the top when Rob is working with another actress, but then the flip side is that the Rob fans are wishing and praying he’ll hook up with any actress or model, just as long as its not Kristen. So I’m sorry, I see valid points, but the person who wrote this is obviously a Rob fan and has many issues with Robsten fans. And I also 100% disagree that Robsten fans don’t follow Robs career or are happy with him. I follow over 300 people on Twitter, mostly Robsten fans and let me tell you how excited everyone is about the DIOR ads. You might have a handful who are not as excited, but most of them were exploding with excitement and do so whenever a new movie is announced, so please don’t tell us that Robsten fans don’t support Rob’s career, because that’s just bullshit.

Anonymous said...

I’m sorry, but that post about Robsten fans was bordering on ridiculous. This coming from a person who, by her own claims, spends too much time in the fandom. She’s just on the other side and then only sees what she wants to see from her viewpoint. I don’t discredit everything she said, but like others have said, where is the ‘just’ Rob Fan analysis? For all the Robsten fans that believed in their love, you had a whole bunch of Rob fans who completely denied they were even together? How many times have we heard PR, PR or Rob has a secret girlfriend etc etc. Lies, lies and more lies created by a bunch of fans who could not accept that Rob and Kristen wanted to be together. They simply could not believe that the person they despised most in the world, was loved by Rob. Is that not delusion as well? And she hurt him, she fucking hurt him big time, and yet they were still able to move past that. The ‘just’ Rob fans have never respected his decision to be with her, calling her every name under the sun and then some, and now they feel mollified in their hate for her.

Who cares if Robsten fans want to see two people in love. Its not like we ‘willed’ them to be together because of Edward and Bella. They were together because they wanted to be and because they loved eachother, and there is nothing wrong with being happy about seeing two people in love. This person has us all crying in our little corners about not being unpopular in school or having a Prince Charming come and love us, and yet I for one am married to the most incredible man in the world and I still call myself a Rob and Kristen fan. I don’t go to sleep at night dreaming about being with someone like Rob, like many of the Robsessed women do. I have my own man who holds me at night and I’m perfectly happy, so don’t go and psycho analyse my dreams or fantasies and think I’m project my dreams on other people.

One thing she did get right is when she referred to many of Robs fans as ‘haters’ ie; “You waved it in the face of "haters" all the time as though you were the ones fucking him.” Her words, not mine. Yep, you are haters and we simply wanted to celebrate their love. I know which side I would rather be on.


Anonymous said...

I have really been trying to keep the faith but I think I have reached the end. If they are really trying to work it out I can't see leaving town now knowing that in a few weeks that they will be separated for weeks due to work. It just doesn't ring true for me. They have moved on and so am I.

Anonymous said...

Let me be honest, Kristen get a lot of hate than Robert!! This is fact. I'm sure Kristen fucking pressure with death threat she get from Rob fans. Im not shocked if she make a sacrifice love for Rob to make him more success in his career & life. Rob career is on top right now.

Anonymous said...

Who on earth moves on from a 4yr+ relationship in a month? Who would simply walk away unless something absolutely unforgivable happened? These two weathered one of most horrendous events a couple can experience and came out the other side... together. That's not to say things have been perfect for them, I'm sure it has been astruggle at times. But they are both fighters so I can't be convinced without actual PROOF that they aren't fighting for each other now. Speaking from first hand experience, a month of breathing room is nothing compared to YEARS of a shared life.

If you think they aren't talking, haven't seen each other and enjoyed time together, then please move on. Quit making yourself (and trying to make others) miserable.

I trust these kids to figure things out and I'm so glad they aren't susceptible to the pressure of their fans. God knows life is complicated enough.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8.39pM

Agree with you babe... We have to sit back & wait to see what happen next if we lucky enough to get something. Rob fight for her since audition & the reason he go to audition because of her. Give them space from papz craziness.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone! How is your summer? How are you? Here is what I think.
I think its nice that Kristen is taking a Road trip. At least she is not in a airport dealing with SOBS Papz. Next thing she will have swarms of them like bees. And Rob I am sure he knows she is safe. I still believe they are still together. In my heart and prayers.

Anonymous said...

I think they have broken up it doesnt make sense can someone help me please. Why is she road tripping if they are about to spend months apart it does not make sense

Anonymous said...

I'm regret ship RK right now. I should not ship them during twilight! It's such a mess when I know they are broke up. When they together,it's epic. Can't describe it with words. You can see the way they looking at each other. But now K on the road trip, R gonna head to Toronto for filming MTTS. They gonna be separated for a few months (not see each other). It's just like they trying to get over each other...K go somewhere else, While R we have no idea where he is but I'm sure he still in LA.

Anonymous said...

HKN hope your mom getting much better.. May god bless your family always.

Please update to us about RK.. It looks like they really over from each other.

Anonymous said...

hi,i like to keep the positive up but tbh we have no reason to it rn.as other have already commented,Kristen and Rob will be apart for 2 months due to their films,then a few days before Rob leaves to Toronto she travels around USA to go with a friend on a road trip?i mean this shows no interest at all to work things out,she's out of LA so they cant talk about their problems and repair them.I'm sure in this month they've talked and they've seen each other,they have 2 dogs and prbably he still has things left here and there but doesnt mean they're working things out,and before the road trip K has always been w her friends even if it's not 24/7 w them i see no hint that him or her,specially,want to come back,and obvs 2 months apart wont help them,bc they're not together anymore so it's not like they're going to keep in touch by skype or whatever,so they'll go out after filming,out in bars,summer full or rumours around internet and tabs and if they havent decided anything yet after the film is even less possible.and yes a 4 years relationship can finish in a minute mainly bc i dont think things were so good lately,the break was not for a fight that prolly was what made them decide it but i'm sure they were having problems long before so prolly the flame was off and they're not interested in keep on fighting for their love but to try to remain friends,not even that and to move on.I'd love to be so wrong,i'll admit it happily but it hurts as much as this situation,fans who dont want to see the facts and keep a positive attitude that at the end will hurt more.
thanks Carla

Saphire1231 said...

That post that was plastered on this board (copied from whoever the demented author was) is all kinds of wrong.

It certainly does not belong on this board!

I for one do not need some self professed foul mouthed moron trying to psychoanalyse me or the enormous amount of people around the world who make up this fandom, whilst spreading innuendo and hate in my face on a board I consider a support board.

If I wanted to read such tripe I would seek it out for myself... However I have no interest in reading the insulting ranting's of idiots.

That post needs taking down off this board and re-allocated to the rubbish bin or burned!

As for all the theories... Everyone has their own... and are entitled to believe their own way.

Robert & Kristen are the only people who know what they feel...

Those of us who take joy in seeing them together... do so with respect... we do not want to know what they are doing every minute... we do not hound those who have sightings of them and we do not expect a running commentary of their daily lives.

For those who believe in Rob & Kristen... Keep on Keeping the faith...

For those who think it is over... because Kristen is on a road trip and Rob is MIA... If you have been following these two for a long time... you will know there are always drought periods where we hear and see nothing...

Remember, for these two.. money is no object... they can fly (private plane) to meet each other (under the radar) any time they please. How do you know that this has not already happened? How do you know this does not happen regularly...

Could it be that you only believe what you see in print?

It has been said many times by many people (Rob & Kristen included).. Do not believe all you read... Most of it is sensationalising for money or someone seeking their 15 minutes of fame.

In saying that... there are some who can be trusted (very few.. but yes some)... you just have to search and learn... Oh and you wont find the answers you seek in any tabloid or online magazine!

To the haters/pretenders on this board, busily trying to plant seeds of doubt or outright hateful comments... Do us all a favour and take a very long walk off a short pier!

I choose my own path in life... I also choose who I support and what I believe in.

Keeping the faith as always.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry the way things were between Rob and Kristen. The real reason we do not know and do not know why we broke up. I loved
have to believe in them, but the facts are otherwise mutatnak.Sikerült get to the point that you click the tabloids side and try not to believe anything.
I do not have my heart so do not wear them because they are missing
together. I think it subsides over time. But he must have a lot of water lefolynia
the Danube. Generated a huge space in my heart that something must be filled.
I thought that they make up, but getting away from each other. Kristen
his own way and looks happy. But it would be good to know and Bear
Bearnie how are you? Will Kristen has seen them?
I have not really been in love. I have not seen so much as they love people. As you could look at each other .......
I therefore so difficult to accept things.

If you know of someone I would love to some good news.

Anonymous said...

@Saphire1231- I agree with you. First of all I don't know if you read on my twitter or don't know if you know. I already boycotting the tabloids or any of the gossips. I am not a pretending or a hater. I am one of you guys. I am keeping my faith in our couple. I have been praying and hoping. Just like I was watching On One Tree Hill about their predictions and their faith. That show always mean some thing. So does on 7th heaven. I have watching them reruns. They are my favorite shows. So I with you guys. I believe that they are together in my heart and my prayer. That is I know. Well got to get ready for rusty joint water aerobics. Its helps with my joints. Mostly my knees. But it felt good. Keep me posted.

Anonymous said...

By the Good morning to all of you.

Anonymous said...

Some insider said.. RK have a big fight!!

Anonymous said...

Stop reading that tabs. and their gossips. Because I don't believe them.

Anonymous said...

*waves* Ninnies, wrong blog. You belong to the new E! board aka GC board loll
Rob and Kris are fine, together. Kris doing a planned trip, Rob probably doing another Dior´s things, getting ready for his movie and being a dad since he has Bear and Bernie lol Tabs makes people really stupid and definetely, people crossed the line already lol If you have common sense, you would see that. You would see they are ok but some people prefer the "dark side". Just get ready for a huge OUCH lol What I learned from Rob and Kris during the hate and tabs bullshit season, they will "share" something to end it. They always do. Just a matter of time. "Celebrate" all you can now because it won´t last. Patience is a virtue.

Linda said...

Hi, I have been lurking here for about 2 mos and I really enjoy reading HKN's post, they bring me lots of hope for this couple.

Also HKN hope your mom is fine, my prayers are with her.

I am a true believer in Rob & Kristen and I feel in my heart that they are still together. I have watched this couple grow over the last 4-5 yrs and what I have seen is not PR it is true love. We don't know what is going on in their lives right now, and probably never will because their privacy is very important to them, but I do know that you don't just walk away from a relationship like they have had all these years over a fight. Either something really terrible happened, which I doubt, or they are at crossroads and are trying to work things out. Maybe, and mind you this is just my opinion, Rob wanted to get married and Kristen got cold feet and is trying to clear her mind and find where she really wants to be at this time of her life. Many couples go through this and separate for a while and then discover that they really love each other and get back together and marry.

I really believe and have faith that this will pass and they will have a future together. If any couple were made for each other it is definetly them. Don't give up hope and don't read and believe all the garbage written about them remember 99.9% of that trash is made up, false, not true, the mags need to make money and this is how they do it by writing false stories about celebrities.

Keep the faith, I am. Remember only 3 ppl know what is the truth, Rob, Kristen and GOD. He brought them together and GOD does not make mistakes.

Anonymous said...

@Linda and jesicama, Good morning. Hello. How are you? I have to say this amen to that. I always believe that Rob and Kristen are together.

Anonymous said...

Morning, Arleen! Common sense says: if we didn´t have the papz-media "story" this moment would be like any other moment when Rob and Kris spend their time MIA. Common sense says: Kris wanted to make a road trip, Rob did it on 2010 and she is going on the same road. Common sense says: which proofs do you have to talk about a break up? Common sense says: When one of them is working, the other is MIA. Commons sense says: When one is working, the other spends time with friends. Common sense says: How many fights did they have in the past and we didn´t know? They chose each other for a reason after all those bad moments. My common sense´s list in longer. I can do this all day lol

Anonymous said...

@jesicama- Good morning. Hi! I could say that I agree with you there. I don't read or click the tabs. I have stop them along time ago. I don't know if you know that I mention on twitter and the rest of the Robsten sites. Rose from RPI have taught me alot. They have taught me to stay away from the tabloids and all the gossips because these trashy tabloids and all the gossips sites have bring nothing but pain, shames, hurt, and mad to our couple. I am glad that told that fool on one of the video. Asking them having fun? Like they enjoying stalking them. And the way he keeps walking on at the Coachella. He look like he was going to kick their butt. But Kristen stop him. I know she doesn't want him get into trouble. And glad the other included CJ walking with them. I kinda like that CJ using a watergun. At least someone took my advice about water guns or water balloons. You know what they say about water and cameras don't mixed. So I agree with you. Talk to you later.

SND said...

this is what I think, please don't yell at me if you disagree. Kristen in Nola? she might be setting up a place for them coz come next month Rob will be filming in Toronto and Kristen in La, this way they can see each other and only go half way, plus no paps, and they have their privacy. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

SND- I have been praying for that.

Anonymous said...

SND, good thinking but Kris spent time in NYC when he was filming Cosmopolis. Kris was sneaking all the time, she knows the city better than us lol And the papz are not like LA one.

SND said...

Somebody at the starlight board who read cards mentioned a few days ago about moving or buying a new house. Kris will be filming in LA, so she can't spend time in New York this time.Rob starts first, so he is probably busy preparing already, thats why Kris is doing this. Again, just a thought, not stating facts.

Anonymous said...

I WISH I could believe in Tarot and the like :/ I will be happy if Rob and Kristen can get through this summer without being stalked every day so if that means having a secret location to meet up during filming, COOL BEANS. I just think it is unlikely it is NOLA since well.. CJ let that particular cat out of the bag ;) Who knows if that is even where she is going - so far the only source for that rumor is E! and welp, don't trust 'em as far as I can throw 'em lol.

I feel like I'm in the minority and please don't jump on me... but I think maybe, just maybe, this breather/break/wtf-ever (assuming it is a real thing and not conjured by tabloids and hysteria amongst fans) could be the best thing for them. Even if it runs through their next jobs. Work is good for the soul and Kristen especially hasn't been on a set in a long time. I'd rather they spend time apart and come back together stronger than keep going down a destructive path that could end in misery, you know? I realize my wants/desires mean absolutely nada to two strangers but as a compassionate person, I can't help but wish them happiness. Even if (and this is a huge friggin IF) that ultimately meant them parting ways for good.

My only other thought about this situation is that they maybe didn't deal with everything that lead to last summer and the fallout afterwards. Yes I said 'they' no I am not blaming Rob for Kristen's mistake but it is hard not to wonder if they jumped back in too quickly and didn't truly address whatever issues might have existed previously... Just a thought (and no I'm not implying at all that Rob has held last summer over Kristen's head or any of the other awful things haters have thrown around). My hope is that they got counseling because all the friends and family in the world cannot replace a truly objective source of support.

Who knows. We are all just speculating *shrug* Cronenberg was right... we think we know, but we sure as hell have no idea.

Hope your mom is doing well HKN and thanks for letting us ramble/vent/congregate here :)

Anonymous said...

CJ tells a fangirl that R & K are "normal" - She failed to give context other than to say SHE got the impression they are together.

Take that for what you will.

I think it is the safest indirect answer he could give without violating one of his best friend's privacy but then again he told this same girl that K is still in Memphis... *raised brow* I wouldn't tell some random fan anything of the sort O_o lulz I hope that was a misdirect.

Many will scream that this is confirmation one way or the other. Crazies to descend in 3... 2...

Anonymous said...

This blog is a FOS.. HKN why you spread the lie? Now you said RK have a big fight & K don't want get back with just to save her image? Wtf are you talking about? Powder RK wedding bus is your new nickname on GC board right? I don't trust you anymore. I guess you know nothing about RK right now.

Anonymous said...

Hey HKN, you obviously don't have to address this but I'm curious about the pregnancy rumor/scare? You aren't the first person I've seen bring this up but is it simply more speculation or a legit claim of truth?

I feel gross even talking about this but seeing people float rumors has become so tiring. I'd like to hear it is supposition on your part :/ because that is just too personal and I had always appreciated the lack of specifics

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous 10:51PM

Anonymous said...

I mean that's too personal.

Anonymous said...

I hope RK can survived!!!

Anonymous said...

HKN please tell us something positive about RK.. Are they still in love with each other? Or They don't have any feelings for each other anymore??

Anonymous said...

ok,now I know this has turned into the AT board part 2,pregnancy rumors/scares,really?Well,I guess you unbelievers needed a reason for him to go back to her that would do it and since there was no baby he did't need to stay with her so..oh that's why they aren't together now.You guys crack me up..lol,really you do.You read and believe your own fanfiction.HKN enjoy your 15 min.Just don't spread the ridiculous...keep as close to the truth as you can.

Anonymous said...


How many insiders are there?
HKN still saying on GC comments that RK have some issues but still skype and talk on the phone. What kind of issues have they? They are in the same city, why skype?

She also said that before july scandal, she has a pregnancy scare. This is very personal and we don't need to know that as it has nothing to do with their actual breakup. I'm beginning to lose faith in HKN unfortunately. She always say taht they are close to a reconciliation but we see nothing, and she's roadtripping now. Sorry for the rant.

Anonymous said...

This is getting crazier by the second. I am coming here for pure entertainment now. THEY BROKE UP. Let it go!
HKN is getting the attention she wants. Even if she knew for a fact about this so called pregnancy issue, that is an extremely personal issue and she had no right to talk about it. Her credibility is zilch. For your own sakes, move on!

Anonymous said...

Oh too early for ninnies lol but why are you scared? Didn´t you learn anything about Yoda? "Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering." Wrong board "people", go to GC lol hkn is not the only one with real information but she is the only one you "know"...Amateurs lol Give up already...tic tac for you lol

BearlyImportant said...


Anonymous said...

I agree you really should stop playing with people because you don't know anything and obviously Rob and Kristen have broke up so it's time to go away and let everyone move on.

Anonymous said...

If you don´t like the idea about a beautiful baby, it means you won´t like the idea about a wedding? lol

Anonymous said...

this is what I have tried to warn you about, but did you listen to me.NO.OMG..WTH is going on????I hope all of you from the RA board that follow HKN and blocked me/banned me are happy with your choice now.I stand by my words.I love and support them both,together or apart,can you be a fan and do the same?DO YOU NEED THEM TOGETHER FOR YOU,OR FOR THEM?I am not saying they are apart,but you women need to get a grip on yourselves.

LizzieD said...

Geez, don't know where all the OBVIOUSLY THEY'VE BROKEN UP stuff comes from. WHERE IS THE OBVIOUS? Because they've not been seen together? LOL, last year it was 6 weeks and they never broke up. Because a young woman of 23 who has every resource in the world decides to make a road trip, they're done?

Crazy is as crazy does ...

THEY ARE TOGETHER -- just because not in the same room does not mean they're not together.

Anonymous said...

*waves* @LizzieD Totally agree!! When the snakes nest is shaking something great is coming! lol

Anonymous said...

hi,what's that story about HKN talking about Kristen thinking she was pregnant?where can i read the words from HKN?i read here it was last year bfore july?and that means what?that influenced the incident of last july?i dont understand it yet,if anyone can give me the link or quote HKN words.anyway i tend to agree with the last comments about there is no real insider info,i like HKN,i follow her since last year,but tbh she's 1 month saying they have issues they're talking bla bla but then we see and know about what rob and kristen do trough insta or pap pics,road trip,partying by themselves with different friends etc and nothing indicates they're working things out,i love all the positive people,but let's be realistic the facts show they're not together and that they broke-up.we dont know details,maybe they're talking or seeing each other for the dogs or something else but if they're trying to working things out k would b in LA not on a roadtrip or whatever,specially when they're going to be 2 months away filming.also it's not the same not seeing them together for weeks when they're working in different cities,countries than not seeind them together when both are not working and in the same town,if they were fine they'd trying to spend as much time together as possible hence their future films.ans i'm sorry to admit that really HKN or any other source really have lost a lot of credibility lately and still losing it byt the minute.
thanks Carla

Anonymous said...

@LizzieD. Well from my point of view Kristen is no longer wearing any jewelry that she wore prior to the split.She no longer wears the ring that was on her finger for over 3 yrs nor is she wearing any of his clothing and they have not been seen together in over a month and they were in the same city and it is much different than last summer as she came back from NYC with him she went out by herself with friends and people are coming to the realization they are broke up plus you don't take a road trip shortly before they both start filming and will not see each other for nearly 2 months there is no way you can work on a relationship so people need to accept it let it go and move on.

Anonymous said...

To some people posting here today: Did you have a relationship? Were you glued by the hip 24/7? Did you spend all the time with your BF-hubby? Didn´t you go out with friends? Didn´t you have to work? Then, your relationship wasn´t healthy at all. If you believe they are done, why are you here? why are you trying to make people believe what you believe? It´s not for the seek of the truth, it´s because you know they are together and you know they will show you that soon. You know all the lies you wrote, media wrote will fall into pieces like a tower of cards. You are feeling it. Who is being pathetic and in denial now? I prefer to believe in love and not feeling sick with hate.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous8:19 Kris went out with friends because Rob had a meeting with a producer that night. And you don´t need to fix anything if there wasn´t anything to fix. Why they would need to fix something if they didn´t break up? A talk is all you need. Kris´s trip was planned long time ago. Her jewelry? it´s safe, don´t worry lol

LizzieD said...

We have seen only snippets of R & K over the past month so not like they each been out partying by themselves every night!! So have had plenty of time to "work on themselves" if indeed they needed to work on something. Twice that he was seen out was for business and most of the times we've seen Kristen out was during the daytime. As for the jewelry, we don't know. SHE HAS BEEN SEEN wearing his clothes. The pic from the Reno airport she was wearing a shirt that he was seen wearing last year and the pic a couple of weeks ago with her friends where the hat covers her face is clearly HIS hat.

For those who DON'T believe, to each his own. But, like others have said, why are you here? If you think they've broken up, why not just go and ship someone else?

LIZ IN LALA LAND -- TWIRLING!!! It's only a matter of time ...

Anonymous said...

jesicama,yes married but hubby and I don't take trips away from each other,we don't go out without each other.I guess we are different.I did the road trips before I met my hubby,those were fun life,learning experiences.I hear everyone say their gut says this their gut says that,well mine is saying something is off.We are all entitled to an opinion that's mine.It has nothing to do with the tab rags,gossip sites,I've never put belief into their bs.What this comes down to is an intolerance of thought/opinions,at the end of the day who is right who is wrong.I really don't care. I just want two kids happy,healthy and making movies I want to see.

LizzieD said...

jesicama -- You are so right. My first hubs (widowed) traveled at least two weeks per month and sometimes more. We loved each other but frankly, when you get used to them not being around, after a couple of days, you are ready for them to hit the road again!! My Dad traveled a lot, was out of town about 2 or 3 nights per week when I was growing up and now my parents have been married for 62 years.

People need to think LOGICALLY!!! All logic has been thrown to the "dogs" regarding these two young people.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous8:41 Oh really healthy relationship then. A lot of "hubbies" have to travel for work or even travel short distance to the office. If you want all those things for your life, then why are you here "fighting" with people that believe different than you?

Anonymous said...

@lizzieD People don´t understand that Rob and Kris are different from the Hwood type. Their relationship is different. They had so many stones on their road before, even worse. Everything has a reason in RK world and I feel this has a reason that ninnies won´t like lol

Anonymous said...

Anonymous8:41 something is off? LOL then you didn´t pay attention to them the last 4 1/2 years

Anonymous said...

@ Lizzie-Kristen has also worn his sunglasses more than once including the last pictures of Kristen from L.A. where she also had Rob's backpack with her as well and so yes, I do believe that Rob and Kristen are still together.

I am sorry to hear about your Mother, HKN. I hope that she makes a full recovery.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect to those who are mentioning about the sunglasses and the caps and the shirt,

I would have to go out on a limb here because I'm not putting too much stock on those. In the big picture, they seem trivial to me as those are merely things. The use of them may or may not have significance but I just think that RK are not petty or shallow people to begrudge little belongings being used by an "ex" if that's the case here.

Just had to put it out there that it seems to be a bit weak of a basis as to the status of their relationship. Now if we see the same cap or shirt or bag being used by R these days, that's a different story but until then, I'm one of those who won't base their relationship status on those things.

gothgirl_deni said...

i for one appreciate the updates you have given us. thank you for that!!
i have read the posts on GC of those that recently went after you... people can think what they want. we all have the choice to believe who we want etc. but when someone has given us details since last summer that have proven to be correct...why would we not continue to listen?? You are a stronger woman than I am to stand up to such hate. I hope you continue to do so as i for one truly enjoy reading your blog and your twitter page.
i am sorry for the things that have been going on in your family. hope your mom is doing better.

Anonymous said...

What a goddamn trainwreck.

I saw what HKN posted on GC yesterday. Can't say I agree with talking about such things but she's a grownup and can do what she wants. Untwist your knickers people. I've seen insiders (*cough* Delaney *cough*) do way worse in terms of personal revelations than what I've seen anyone else, HKN included, reveal.

FANS are far too invested in clothing and jewelry and what they think it means when worn or not. I'm sorry, but are you the 3rd party in their relationship? No? Oh okay, then I won't worry about your opinion on the ~meaning of such things.

These two have shared space for years to varying degrees. To a rational person it would make sense to see some shared items. I feel like we are back to 2009 with this carousel ride *sigh*

I'm sorry to rant but some of what I'm seeing has my mouth hanging open. You think they are together, or you don't. No one's mind is going to be changed by haters or the sappy.


p.s. I do appreciate the lol's courtesy those posters who have obviously never been in a long term/serious relationship, at least not a healthy one. Nor the ability to comprehend that we only see seconds of their day on the occassions when we see them at all. Do you think they stop existing just because YOU can't see them?! JFC. *bangs head on desk*

I'm going to laugh myself silly the next time we get pics of the two together... becuase it is only a matter of time. GL to the butthurt!

Anonymous said...

Can someone put here what HKN posted at GC yesterday, please???? I don't want to go there, is like a hell :-(

Anonymous said...

Hkn wrote that kristen thought that she was pregnant last year. Thats all you really need to know.

M1986M said...

Can someone tell me what hkn commented on a gossipcop post? I have been lurking on this blog for a while now because I want to see if hkn's information matches up to the information I have been given. Seeing as how the GC comments section has turned into the new AT board, I would rather ask if one of you could send along the information. I can't imagine the brain cells that are at risk when reading through all that filth.

M1986M said...

Ah, just read the comment above mine. It must have appeared at the same time I was posting my question. I was hoping for something more realistic.

Molly said...

She did not write that she was pregnant last year. She wrote that she THOUGHT she was pregnant last year - a pregnancy scare.

She is saying that they are talking about the big fight they had and trying to work things out. The fight has nothing to do with infidelity and would surprise people if they knew what the fight was really over. That is the gist of it.

BeLoveAlways said...

I still believe in HKN and her credibility and will not give up on Rob and Kristen's love for one another, at least not at this time. I have no reason to! Thanks for updating us HKN!

Saphire1231 said...

To Anonymous @ 7.41am on the 19th,

If you really want to air your dirty laundry in public... here is a news flash for you...

Your attitude was absolutely negative in what is a positive environment. There is not one person under the delusion that being apart is not a strong possibility at RA... however all are able to talk in rational terms in a supportive manner of both R&K regardless of their status.

You on the other hand were just so negative, adamant and argumentative that you forced your own removal. So quite wailing about it behind an anonymous moniker.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous11:33 Totally agree about “only matter of time” with their pics together!
Btw, this girl´s trip-reunion sounds like a big celebration!!

isis said...

Molly thanks for your information. you could please tell me in which article in gc hkn wrote that? kisses

Anonymous said...


IKR? Looks like a great time for friends in a great city.

Wish people would keep in mind that isn't always the destination, but the journey that matters.

Not the first time she has road tripped or hung out with her gal pals. Pretty sure we know who will be waiting for her when she gets back :)


M1986M said...

Thank you for the clear up, Molly! :)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous3:07 There is a 27-year-old man waiting for her at home <3

Molly said...


It is the GC board that talks about R/K holding hands in the park. It was last night, so I am sure it is way down on the board.
Proceed with caution. That board is filled with nutters. :)

You are welcome. I hope what you are hearing is positive as well. :)
I have faith in them.

LizzieD said...

TO EVERYONE WHO BELIEVES (AND THOSE THAT DON'T) ... PLEASE GO AND READ the latest post on JUSTICE FOR KRISTEN ... it is amazingly logical and really shows you how much everything that people are believing is because of the tabs and rags.

Anonymous said...

Never argued with anyone(74 posts) lurker status mainly.my last posts were why I like them no matter what together or apart.I didn't get argumentative till later,after the ban.I had been with the board from the first day it went up,and I thought was a place better than the AT boards ,but I saw ppl banned from time to time for very petty reasons (JMO).What it has now turned into is a group of women fixated on 2 young ppl's lives like their own happiness depends on it,at all cost ,no matter what.It read like despair without reason,like this board and half of titterverse.Fed by ppl whith family or friends who claim to housekeepers friends family friends with info.so take your Gossip Boards that what these are ,I am going back to normal life. You keep you hate and drama.I hope Rob and Kris find peace,love and each other.

Anonymous said...

I'm a big believer in these two working things out but I have to pause and step back when I see people I've always thought to be reasonable start mulling over the possibility of Kristen and Rob getting married in NOLA. I'm waiting for it to be picked up by a tab since that seems to be the MO these days and it seems so careless to me :(

Care to throw in HKN? Maybe not about that but just the state of things in general. I've read some of your recent comments on GC (assuming it isn't an imposter) and you seem very positive that things are going to be fine... I'm starting to come around to the notion that none of this is as bad as many people think. That it actually isn't a thing (break) at all and is simply a rough spot that all couples hit.

The sappy romantic in me wonders if the ring everyone obsesses over might possibly be on the way to being replaced by an.even more significant version :P

looking forward to your next post!

Tina said...

Wow....people chill -_-" Haters...I think you're on the wrong page :) It's haters know nothing and not haters rules. You should really realise how cheap and immature it makes you look when you come on a pro-robsten blog to spit your truth and don't leave room for discussion...don't even leave a name. Oldest story on the web...lots of blablablablabla but still a nameless face behind a computer screen thinking he/she is fucking awesome and strong by posting hate anonymously.

Believers...It's never bad to hope and defend some values in the world. Hope is useful and it's never in vain. Sometimes it's even all there is. Bad side of it....is that it makes you dumb and blind. Last year, hope paid.

This is just drama. Eternal battle between good and evil and no one will ever agree or even agree to disagree so just chill and unless you can have a decent conversation like decent human beings, awesome creatures who are smart enough to think, exchange and communicate with one another can, stay in your own bubble or shut up -_-".

As for HKN...she's away because her mother his sick. Jesus leave her alone for a while -_-" She'll probably post again when she'll have the time and people will know more than what they saw in a couple of comments or tweets. She'll surely explain everything...waiting is a virtue. People are always speaking for nothing, that's why we don't know how to speak anymore. Speak Talk Words such an art that people take for granted but can't use at all -_-"

Anyway, I'm not English so sorry in advance for the mistakes & typos...I made the effort to write in English though.


irene said...

I have to say I do not believe there has been a break-up between these two.........
I have no idea what the heck is going on, but I firmly believe that it is no break-up......

And guess what, the worst that can happen is that I might be wrong at the end of the day....... but I don't believe that I am...

Why all the AT/GC moaners on here?? Take a hike, you've none of you been right in 5 years about these two...... all blah, blah, blah........

Anonymous said...

Well I am going by what my eyes are seeing and that is Kristen has not been spotted with Rob in over a month and they have been in the same city also that ring Kristen wore proudly for 3 yrs and rarely took it off so it meant something special to her but with it off she is saying we are over and people really need to open up their eyes and if they were working on it then she wouldn't be way across country with her good friends so she is not spending time with her bf and both are about to leave for 2 months for filming and won't have time for each other and this lady needs to stop spreading this crap about Rob and Kristen talking because I doubt it's true.Really it's time for people to let this go and move on and stop leading people on with false BS.

Anonymous said...

Good morning hkn haven!
Tina and Irene I agree with you both. I don't believe the break up either. I believe that they are together. In my heart and prayers. So I don't believe the tabloids or gossip sites. Well I better get going to soon to my water aerobics. Be back around 11am. Sorry I don't have iphone. Only regular cell phone. So hopefully I will get iphone this November. I just hope that Rob will talk to her and call her to check on her. Keep me posted.
And hkn haven hope your mom is ok.

edangel said...

HKN!!! Prayers to your mom!! Take care of yourself!!!

Rgding our couple!! I believe that there is no break up like everyone is assuming!! It all started with one pap spreading BS and others followed suit!! Yeah!! the ring has disappeared...so what!! I will need a new ring for my wedding and i will take some time alone before taking the plunge!! This is my belief!!! If u dont believe in it then this is not the place for you!!

Love everyone who have faith in this wonderful couple!!! Have faith!! Something Bigger and Better is On the way!!

msinmi said...

Rgding our couple!! I believe that there is no break up like everyone is assuming!! It all started with one pap spreading BS and others followed suit!! Yeah!! the ring has disappeared...so what!! I will need a new ring for my wedding and i will take some time alone before taking the plunge!! This is my belief!!!

This is what I've been thinking too. Thanks Edangel, I'm glad I'm not the only one.

Anonymous said...

What is the truth from Rob and Katy? Katy says she is still madly in love
John M. but over. Rob told Katy that he loves? Kristen, Rob escapes for NOLA? I'm so confused about everything.

Anonymous said...

kristen moved to new orleans http://i.imgur.com/3HdA1oG.jpg

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Noa. i have some questions for HKN or any of you could help me,thanks
i'm reading something about HKN hinting Kristen thought she was pregnant last year and that she said that at the GC board but i'm not familiar,also i dont want to give them hits,could someone copy the exact words HKN said.was it that she thought she was pregnant before or after "july" and why was
HKN talking about that suddenly now?also i remember last year one of those girl reading card in twitter said RK had to work things out,fix it,but everytime they met they had sex but didnt talk,not that i believe in tarot and all that 100% but i was just thinking if this's happening again now,or maybe to avoid finish in bed and not talking they dont see each other much,spend time apart to force the talking,lol i know is random but it's me.are people saying K is in NOLA to get married or to celebrate something big?really,didnt read it what's is said?i thought one of her friends is moving there and she's helping,do you know which member of the OG is moving to NOLA?finally i'm reading things i dont like about blaming rob for the break-up,that it was him who decided it over.that's why kristen is so surrounded by friends all the time and so happy like to show him she doesnt need him or care.also hearing it was her who left bc was tired of rob's jealousy or the problems were long time ago and decided it they needed time.we dont know anything but in any couple most of the times blame is 50% so is unfair to blame one or the other specially when we dont know anything.agree this roadtrip is not in a good time bc possibly when she's back rob will be already in toronto or about and the summer apart filming might help or not,so we can only pray for them and have faith and hope that a love like theirs will win,and it will be soon so this everyday drama of fans,media will be over soon and the nonnies will stop feeling like the winners in all this story,they've won this battle but we will win the war. bye

RKsoulmates913 said...
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RKsoulmates913 said...

funny how kristen had/had/will have no problem with Rob going to CM. Guess what? She KNOWS him, TRUST him.

people call Kristen names and I do not tolerate it, unless you PROVE me wrong.WHY? RK wouldnt have gone so far with they didn't trust each other

So do not jump to conclusions based on (lies) tabloids, we read it every single day >>Do NOT trust (lies)

The more you trust rag mags , the more powerful they get, they plant the seed of doubt and they get rich

Rob does not deserve what he's being called, NOBODY who knows him is talking about his life. UNLESS you have PROOF, otherwise STFU

Stop hating RK, they do not deserve it. Have you already forgotten WHY we fell in love with them? Because they do NOT want to sell their PRIVATE life.

Give Rob the same courtesy, stop believing MagRagLies, they do no good to you. I've never seen a man talk about love like Rob does. If you don't like him, it's OK, it's up to you. But you should not spread the lies gossip mags throw at us. You are playing their game, you are eating on their hands. do not do what haters do.

I'm RK fan, I'll be until the end. IF i'm wrong TIME and WHO REALLY KNOWS them will tell me/us.

>>>>> “Wrong does not cease to be wrong because the majority share in it.”

AND about that damn ring, IF or WHEN you stop to read what is BETWEEN lines, think about her ring, the NEW ring she's wearing right now, she didn't have it when she went to London to spend holidays with Rob, she had the golden one, but not the silver one, when she arrived from London, when we saw her in NYC at the airport, the pics where she's carrying his jacket, she is/was wearing it. Seeing that the RING is soooo important to you, go, do your homework, find the pics and see it. So yeah, it's a new ring she is wearing after coming back from London where she was with ROB. I know the ring is not expensive, but what i'm talking about is: the meaning behind it, how he gave it to her, where and when...

Can you see how easily you jump to conclusions? Just because she is not wearing the golden one, people implied they broke up, and WHO said they split??? Oh right X17 and his super powerful 'paparazzi' who was far (far away) from Kristen and (gasp) was able to listened to her conversation on the phone and more important he saw it was ROB, he could see his name on her cell phone screen. SEE? Powerful skills (rolling my eyes) and then People Mag recycled the same trash article and it was believed like God's word. The same People Magazine who told Rob and Perry were 'having fun' together in a wedding rehearsal, based on WHAT??? oh of course, TWITTER was their 'source'. And funny how those guests who saw Rob and Perry didn't take their pic but they did find their cameras to take Ellen Degeneres pic on that day!!! INTERESTING.

And I mentioned that it (all this mess, he could be trying to prove how they-paparazzis-deceive and twist facts, dates...) could be something related to his new role MTTS and some people said his role is not a paparazzi role. Well, I did not find anything about his role either. So you can not say what's his role will be.
“There are two sides to every issue: one side is right and the other is wrong, but the middle is always evil. ”

And last but not least >>> believe because you BELIEVE, not because you come her to beg HKN for information.

Have a good day!

The wheels of justice grind slowly but exceedingly fine.

You can NOT hide the truth, be patience and believe!

Anonymous said...

Hi edangel. I agree with you more.

Anonymous said...

RKsoulmates913- I agree with you 100%. I just got home from gym.

Anonymous said...

There is so much misinformation in these comments.

Neither Kristen OR Rob are "going away" filming anytime soon.
Maps to the Stars and Camp X-Ray BOTH film in LA.

And RKSoulmates, I know you mean well, but really? The Karen Landon ring from Rob? No.
If it is as important or meaningful to Kristen as her gold ring, why did she not wear it constantly after she got it around New Years? She didn't she always wore the gold ring and would change out rings on her left hand, mostly Karen Landon rings. She didn't constantly wear the one she has been wearing lately.

There is truth, and common sense and then there is just reaching to the point of delusion for some fans and it's really bizarre.

RKsoulmates913 said...

Why not? Maybe she wanted to prove how shallow some fans are? Why not wear NO RING at all? She's not even wearing the friendship ring. Just that ring.

It was just something to think about, I don't care about rings or tokens , who has already had a REAL relationship knows it'smuch more than that, especially in RK situation where EVERYTHING is over analysed all the fucking time.

It amazes me that 5 years of relationship is judged by a ring or tokens.

If it were the case, they broke up months ago, when she stopped wearing THE necklace.

So yeah, rings and sharing items prove nothing. What really stands out is what we have witnessed for more than 5 years so far.

Anonymous said...

Part of why I like coming here is because of HKN's attitude. I don't think it is wrong for any commenter to express hopes/wants for a new post as long as it is polite. Obviously HKN is dealing with RL shit that takes precedence over internet discussions but since she has been over at GossipCop, I can kinda understand hoping she will find the time to write again... patience is the key.

Which brings me back to my opening sentence. I like coming here to hear what HKN says, regardless of any source/information. I like her fiesty-ness and positivity and fuckthahaters 'tude. So much of the internet is foul and hateful... it is nice to have a couple blogs that endeavour to be something different. The fact that Tempest from DoIDazzleYou actually took the time to post here speaks volumes to me as I have a lot of respect for her and have had for a very long time.

I don't know why this place is starting to attract more trolls and members of the thought police, but I suppose I should be grateful that it isn't a mentality I understand because ew, shudder to think.

Thanks to those of you who see the best in life and look at things as glass (at least) half full. May karma bless you :)


Anonymous said...

@RKsoulmates913 *claps-claps* Great post!

isis said...

I read HKN coments on GC site. She gives more infor there than here. I don't understand why she is more open on gc board with the haters and not in her own blog with the real fans of both.

Anonymous said...

isis i read all the time here talking about HKN post on GC about pregnancy etc but i cant find them,can you copy them or post the direct link to those comments,kinda intrigued,so you say she posts more there than here..unfair we are waiting for her updates
thanks Iris

Anonymous said...

so... Scout is filming a movie in NOLA. Can people stop being so worried/judgmental/etc now?

I'm happy Kristen got to do this trip before filming a couple movies. And I'm a teeny bit jealous that she can just do stuff like this whenever. Oh to be young and carefree and rich!

I bet her partner in crime misses her though ;)