Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Sticks and Stones

First off this is for all the dipshidiots that were celebrating my demise lol.

Sticks and stones. There's been a lot of sticks and stones thrown around lately in this fandom and it has gotten beyond ugly. The dipshidiots are cackling with glee as we tear each other apart from within. I sat back and watched as people I call friends ripped to shreds another person I call friend. It grew like a cancer and she was accused of all kind of things. Is any of it true? Some of it maybe and this makes me so sad. I trusted this person and the more that comes to light the more I doubt my trust in this person. I am treading very cautiously where she is concerned right now.

It has become open war fare on both sides. People attacking others that they once called friends. Mass unfollowings of anyone who doesn't toe the line. Ugly name calling . Bronze, Robbunny, Sands, and others are being called the RK Mafia.

 Okay that one made me laugh. Can I be a member?

People being accused of having multiple monikers. Let's see Windswept is Anny, Poop, Mad Medusa , Bearly (lol. I doubt this one as she is the infamous shit list author), and more that I can't even remember.The list is endless.

 I have my own accusations of monikers. I'm supposedly SRWN, RKfan2012 (Nicole), LizzieD1951, even Windswept at one point  and a long list of others.

The one they persist in being true is Debbi. Debbi is an RK fan that I know who is from Ohio. They have been stalking her account and posting her private information on their hater blogs and Twitter.

 This person had the audacity to post a picture of Debbi from her facebook account and say it was me.

 Debbi is extremely upset by this and is considering legal action. Hope she does. She doesn't deserve this. Leave this woman alone idiots!

Hopelessness one of the regular trolls who posts on this blog,( not anymore haha), got all excited when robsessed hag Tracygee promised to expose me as Debbi. What she exposed was I still have a bank account in Ohio and Debbi and I both belong to the same Facebook group. And Debbi and I talk on social media occasionally. This was the bombshells Hopelessness was hoping would end me.

Thanks Hopelessness lol. I'm still here and I'm not going anywhere anytime soon.

The dipshidiots got excited with a sighting of Rob in Austin.

Uhm No. He was in Malibu.You know, where he and his wife own a home. He was with his family on Thanksgiving. The dipshidiots tried to say they didn't fall for the Austin fake tweet. Yeah you did. You were all over it.

Oh lookie here. The same guy in the Rob pic was hanging with Suzie too on Thanksgiving. Yeah explain that one dipshidiots.

Another pic of Rob  at LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) on November 29th.
The "Haunted Screens: German Cinema in the 1920s explores masterworks of German Expressionist cinema." is the current exhibit at the museum. Researching for COAL Maybe?

Isn't she a cutie? I think she looks like her daddy. How about you? As you can see there is no C and D that has been served upon me keeping me from posting this pic of sweet pea. Nice try tho dipshidiots.  

Twiggy hasn't been seen with Rob but this hasn't stopped her from running her mouth in the tabs. Yes dipshidiots the Guardian is a tab. ( funny how she never actually says Rob's name in that interview isn't it? We're these interviews done before or after she did the nasty with Prince? ) My hope is she keeps it up. Why? Because the more she opens her mouth the closer we are to the finish line of this fiasco.

No Rob hasn't suddenly had a personality transplant and enjoys idiots running their mouths to the press about him. He isn't suddenly selling his personal relationship to the paps either. Business yes. It's all for show. Personal no. Use your brain. That is if you have one.

This pic of Rob just came in. The robsessed hags got excited again but to no avail. This idiot tried to pass this off as a recent pic. Notice he says it's from last week. We already know Rob was in L.A. last week so NO he wasn't in NYC. And neither was Twiggy the attention seeker. She's  not with Rob.

 Rob played guitar on a Death Grips song called Birds.

Death Grips-Birds

Not my cup of tea  but hey Rob's on it! lol.

 In closing I'd like to say this. We need to remember we are in this together and stop tearing each other apart. If someone is not on the up and up it will come out. You've done your part in letting people know what has been going on. No need for overkill. Let it play out.

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving!

 Just because I know it annoys the hell out of the dipshidiots.

I'm going to have a get together with the cuz this weekend! Who wants to pitch in for the Grey Goose?

            Welcome back POOKIE!!!


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Unknown said...

Oh wow. Another wonderful post from my hero, hkn. i'll never be able to appreciate you enough darling. you're truly wonderful. and i want to thank all those that read my poem and especially the ones who were so kind, so encouraging to me about it. i cherish your comments and want you to know it means the world to me. i've missed you all so much and i love the beautiful peace that has come from the moderation aspect, but i hope it's not too much trouble for you, dear hkn...
love you all so much, so much

Vernier said...

I love it HKN!!! You are here to stay......You are who you say you are and that's that on that!! keep up the great work. Doing what you love and doing it strong!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

and omg i just saw that my beloved hkn put my little name right on her fantastic post!!! i'm over the moon at such a thing!! i'm running out right now to get the grey goose!! shots all round!!
--crazy happy--

ASFJ said...

Wonderful job, as usual, HKN.....I commented on the last post, but the moderator is still up....can you put it here? It's pretty relevant to what's being said....

So sorry you had to go thru such bullshit, but know there are many of us firmly in your corner..

Thanks for all your hard work.....love you...

Anonymous said...

Loved it, I have been saying this every since May of 2013. I hate that this fandom has blown up like this. I have personally left SL board because of all the fighting. I seen this morning that they have went back to being a Rob and Kristen as a couple board finally. I don't follow many on twitter you srwn, and a few others and I use my real name. I will be here until Rob or Kristen actually does an interview and says that they are not together anymore, but like you I believe they are together and have a child. On second thought I think I would have to see a divorce degree to believe they aren't together. I just wish that some of the ones on twitter would stop re tweeting stupid stuff that the haters and nonnies put out there because I really don't care what they have to say about anyone. There are times I'm in for a good fight but I'm pretty done doing that too.

What is this I heard that MC has left and really said some bad things. I was just wondering if it was true.

Hatersknownothing said...


You might have to repost that comment. It seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle . Sorry.

Morning Coffee said...

HKN...Thanks for another great post...Like I said on the other post you are true to your word..always are, always have been..you are who you say you are and hope this side of the fanbase gets sorted out soon..

Unknown said...

good evening
wow wow wow HKN what a great post, as always
You make a great work here
shame and sad for all attacks on you and all others
The family photo in bed is sweetly
Can not wait for news your cuz in the next post

nice evening. Hugs

LKC81 said...

Hi HKN! I just wanted to tell you I have been following you for a long time on your blog and Twitter. I never post on these though as I just like watching how idiotic cyber world is. My daughter had a horrible experience with bullies and media saying things that weren't ever said to them. It made her feel lost. This is why I don't post on anything but I just wanted to tell you I have the upmost respect for you in the way you handle these types of people. I believe in you and what you stand for. As for the paparazzi well they just suck all the way around. Thank you so much for doing what you do!!!

Unknown said...

Oh damn HKN, you made me laugh and I needed it! Yes, it's out I am from the Corleone family and YES, you can be a member of the family too! Girl, the "FAMILY" will provide all the Grey Goose you need!!! This blog was so well said!! Bravo!

Morning Coffee said...

Chris b...Morning Coffee has gone nowhere..I am still right here ..yes someone made assumptions, unjustly and then someone started putting words in my mouth that were never there...

In this world you run into all kinds of people and you either quickly learn to navigate your way through and recognize people for who they are regardless of the persona they present to the world, its a form of survival I learned at a very young age growing up on the streets of Brooklyn you learn fast...

Anything any of you hear about me take with a grain of salt and then ask me what you want to know, I'm not in hiding, you can find me here or on Tumbler ask away...

Lazmeister said...

HKN Love the post! I hope all of these issues just go away, I know that probably won't happen, but I hope you can find some version of the truth about people that is ok.

ChrisB I see that MC has answered for herself, but I just wanted to say that she has posted everything she said on HKN. There was absolutely nothing nasty, just an opinion that makes sense but not everyonne will like. It said pretty much (sorry MC not trying to put words in your mouth, just my take) that we should lay off be so heavily invested in R&K's private lives for a while becuase it's putting a huge strain on their normal lives. There are nutter fans out there who take things, and do things far worse than we would ever think was normal or sane to do.
I for one agree, but I find it difficult to pull back. I'm happy to read about what's up there and see how our two are going, I just don't go to Pap sites, I try to stick to our regular R&K sites.
So even though I understand they are in the public eye and so will get some attention, I cannot imagine what 100% attention would be like, and how intrusive that would be. I wish those that make all of us look bad would slow down and get a real life.
Love to all the Havenettes, and I hope we can all enjoy our peacuful, non threatening watching of their lives! Lol!

Unknown said...

HKN, Hooray and thank you sweetie for a terrific new post, it makes me smile and tear up at the same time! Of course Morning Coffee is fine and right here, I believe everyone had a holiday of a few days! Brooklyn is a beautiful place, MC, I loved the people there, so many types of kind people, lived there in early 1989, and also Poughkeepsie later, husband worked for IBM, lived in Stormville, little berg which turned out to be Ski Lodge area, very pretty area. HKN is truthful, seeks out the positive in the awful crap dished out in Hollywood, and stays strong to keep her peeps informed about the real life of pretty normal people, Rob and Kristen Stewart, who live in LA and love their families and friends there. We can only hope life and friends will strengthen them even more. I absolutely adore Papa Stew and Kristen's Mom. Both Grandmother and Grandfather Pattinson are beautiful people and they all need to be left alone to just enjoy life and their babies. With love to all of you fine ladies, Susie PS. All the idiots out there that cling to the dramatic fiction of the gossip blogs need their head examined for sure, there is a shortage of truth and intelligence there, causing huge black outs of common sense, resulting in brain damage, possibly fatal, so stay away from the dingbat gossip magazines, they are too expensive anyway. Fine'.

Happygirl said...

I see the trolls are back. Hope or should I call you HopeKatz a well known Hater? It must kill you that R was in LA with K on Thanksgiving and Not with your stupid Twiggy girl and that he is still in LA right now.

Unknown said...

HKN, We have Hopeless, she is truly hope less, my oh my, so sad and she needs meds bad.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

My God, can't this Hope idiot just go away and leave everyone alone, It was said not long ago that people LIKE HER ARE DESPERATELY SEEKING ATTENTION AND BULLYING FROM THE SIDELINES BEHIND A COMPUTER. WHY DO YOU CARE WHAT ANYONE SAYS HERE, GO AWAY! Go ahead and attack anyone you want to; including me, you are plain SAD. One of my twins name is Hope and she lives up to the meaning and the Spirit it brings, never bullying anyone ever, even if she disagrees with them. Hope means so many good things, so why don't your reevaluate why YOU choose to bully.

Happygirl said...

Oh Sp is so cute and she looks so much like her Daddy (Rob) :) I think RK are happy to be a family now. :)

Morning Coffee said...

Amen Bunny...

I refuse to address Hope...instead I will address everyone like her.

There is not a one of you who care about Twiggs...There is not a one of you who care about Rob...

Here in a nutshell is what you do care about Hating Kristen Stewart..that is where it all begins and ends...

You think if you say something often enough you can bully Rob into doing as you all want the way you bully everyone else from the rag mags. to private people hacking into their personal lives..Then have the unmitigated gall to accuse us of being crazy and delusional...

"It is hard to contend against one's hearts desire; for whatever it wishes to have it buys at the cost of a soul." -Heraclitus

ASFJ said...

Good Lord...Hope Katz...whatever happened in your life that makes you so filled with hate?

You belong in a Harry Patter movie, stirring your black kettle brew and cackling the whole time while the warts on your nose and chin get bigger and bigger...

Methinks you care... WAY TOO MUCH about what anyone on here thinks....hmmmmmmm.....

Oh and The Guardian, a respected paper.......cackle, cackle.\, cackle......really? PSML

alwaysbelieve said...

HKN, thank you for your wonderful posts and hanging in there. Sorry about all the crap you have to deal with.

Unknown said...

Yay you're back, I've got you so vermist, thank you thank you thank you :-)

...a fan said...

MC - You've had a few posts lately that I have admired. Your latest heads that list.

WindSweptGirl said...

Thank you for this HKN....
It is greatly appreciated. <3
It is well said and stay strong!

Rae H. said...

HKN, thank you for the new post I mostly lurk; but I enjoy your blog and the people who comment here very much.

Thank you also for posting that darling picture of that beautiful baby girl. I am in agreement with you; that child looks so much like Robert Pattinson as a child it's almost eerie.

Small Dragon 7804 I enjoyed both yours and Morning Coffee's comments very much. MC I loved the Heraclites quote because it's so true.

Thank you all and good evening fellow fans.

...a fan said...

@windsweptgirl, I am not part of twitterverse, but do read RK tweets occasionally. You had a rough time, truly glad to see you made it through okay. I mean that sincerely.

Lillianolivia.white@gmail.com said...

Great new post as usual, HKN. Thanks for the cool and funny Tumblir posts too. I always enjoy MC, Verni, MN posts on Tumblir as well. I've been saddened by the name calling and accusations on our TL lately as everyone else has. One feels nervous about making comments because someone might not understand and take it the wrong way. That's why it's so nice to come here where you keep the haters moderated. All I know is that I believe in my gut that Rob & Kris are together & have an adorable little family.
Our own Vee went to see the Branch last night in Nashville at the same venue where Kris directed the SatS video. How cool is that!! I wanted to go with her so badly, but a prescheduled meeting this morning kept me here. Grrrr. But Vee wrote an excellent account ( just as she did when she saw Kris' video shoot) , and reading it makes you feel as if you were there. You really should read on her Tumblir if you already haven't. Good job, my Boo.
Love you guys. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, if you celebrated.

Kelly said...

<3 you!!!!! Hugs. :)

Madeline said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
andreana said...

Send me the bill for the grey goose...I'll pay! I wondered why hopeless was calling you Debbie...very eye opening.!..that idiot is a total skeezy nut ball...hope you are reading hopless cause you can't respond! rofl. Yep that beautiful baby looks like RP....sux for the haters....!

Vernie if you are lurking..send your account of the trees performance ....!

Madeline said...

Love you HKN! Never miss a post.

Windswept - thanks so much for letting me use that gorgeous avi of Kristen that you made for my twitter! That was so sweet!
I believe in both of you, and in RK of course.

Unknown said...

Thanks great post , I love you , send me too the bill 4 the grey goose ��❤️

Unknown said...

SP is so cute she look so much to Rob say hi a you coz

Mickeymackey said...

HKN - as usual a great post. I actually saw it this morning but waited until I got home tonight to read it because I wanted to truly enjoy it without interruptions. These trolls are truly the lowest of the low. I have always been of the firm belief that you shouldn't say anything about anyone that you wouldn't want said about yourself.

Unknown said...

Great post. Sorry you had to put up with all that rubbish. Stay strong and I believe in you and r/k. Will help with the grey goose too.

Hope said...
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onagee said...
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Hope said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
onagee said...

HKN, would you please consider locking up again? It feels like Walking Dead episode reruns when the trolls arrive, pulling the exact same brain-dead moves. I also worry Pookie and other great people won't come back with the nastiness creeping in. Anyway, loved your post!

onagee said...
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Sherry said...

Hope, as I've said before I'd tell you where to go but that would be redundant since it is where you live.

HKN, wonderful post. Please put the moderating back on. Hope ass is back and I for one don't like dealing with her garbage and conceited attitude.

Love you all. Keep calm and live Robsten.

Sherry said...

Meant love but live might be better.

Barbara Fenwick said...

Wonderful post as usual hkn. I am sorry for all the trouble you have been having, but please know I am always firmly in your corner. I am not sure what we would do without your comments to keep us calm.

This fandom is full of hate lately, and I wish it was fun, like it use to be, amd hopefully will be again. Glad you are here to stay...me too.

Take care until next time.

Unknown said...

GAD! Hopeless speaks. She is just a figment of my imagination, be gone figment. Back to Gossip Cop and ROBSESSED. Rob could sell ice cream to the Eskimos. Rob and Kristen could probably use the extra money for baby things. Glad to see cash cow pays off IF TRUE. But, it could be another figment from a figment maker. You just never know about those figments.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Hey you all. Thanks for the new post, HKN. I thoroughly believe that Rob and Kris are married and have a child. Nothing and no one can change my mind until one of them says something different.

Going to bed soon. Love to you all.

Unknown said...

Is that really sp in the picture. She is a beautiful baby. I love your posts hkn. They are always special.

Love you all. Debbie b

ASFJ said...

Congratulations! Didn't know Rob could sell albums so well! Kudos to Rob and Kristen on their business venture....Watch for Death Grips to soar....

Morning Coffee said...

Ladies I;m am very angry tonight not for myself but on behalf of someone I consider a very dear friend...i just hung up the phone with a very unhappy and crying Verni...

She has closed her Twitter account and she has changed her e-mail...Someone DM'd her this evening threatening her job, her children and her grandchildren...but the person di leave a large clue to their identity by saying something that only one of two people know..

Foolish person to threaten someone who works for the Sherrifs dept..
the identity will be known by tomorrow morning and action will be taken decisively and swiftly...

Threats of bodily harm do come with consequences..large ones. but in the meantime my friend is heartbroken..and in Mama bear mode as you can imagine...

Now do you all understand why R/K want their privacy..they get this every day in spades..it is sickening and disgusting for one person to do this to another..it comes from someone who is not only mentally unstable but evil.

BudDaimond said...

I normally don’t play with Trolls or haters, but this time I couldn’t help but bring out that fly swat to squash that little gnat. Wouldn’t want to address this person by name too because she is not worth it.

Time magazine list of 2014 sales? if T made it to that you would think that ‘fact’ will not be all over her pages and news? Pray tell where you get this absurd line from? As for the Guardian, it is a daily newspaper in UK, they have media contracts to cover artists which I am sure was what T had. Notice the timing of the both articles, once last Oct, once end Nov, all sounded like fangirl/boy pieces spewed up by journalists with no music industry knowledge but like to just catch the trend and describe the rainbow. Yes skipped over reports and read the comments from musicians or music lovers you will see how far from the truth these coverages were. I thoroughly enjoyed the British wit and education those people provided.

Just to provide a two favs of mine from these @MickGJ “This article consists of interviews with a dancer, a stylist and a photographer plus some quotes from the twiglet herself which have been cut and pasted from other magazines. This is a national newspaper employing god knows how many music critics. Can you not even organise an interview with an up and coming pop star who is clearly desperate for publicity?”

@ Larsenico “The Guardian is obsessed with this woman! She is said to be a breath of fresh air, but how do being produced by Adele's producer, wearing thigh-high boots, dating Robert Pattison, and making an ad for Google count as such? Get over it!”

The real music critics like Pitchfork and Billboard also never stop to use her ‘link’ to RP as headline to catch readers’ attention in the US, pray tell if you are doing so well and so good in your music (Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, Mary J Blige…Adele) no name dropping is required if you have substance. And album sales? She would be lucky if she could hit top 100 list, which I seriously doubt so. People over from this side of the pond Rusty Redenbacher (@rustymk2 ) tweeted on Nov 22 “Still mad I bought that FKA Twigs garbage. Still mad.” Further in conversation said “I was extremely disappointed. A buncha production tricks and this tuneless chick attempting to warble. Me no likey.” This is from a musician, critic who is followed by the President Obama and Billboard.

As for your Time Magazine source, read this woman, you must have confused Taylor and Twig. They don’t even deserve to be put together in a same sentence. http://time.com/3578249/taylor-swift-interview/ One of the most inspiring ladies who has a good head on her shoulder, and has out of the world song writing skills. Undoubtedly the top on the list of album sales 2014, do not need to quote you any more sources.

Don’t insult music, or music lovers. And stop appearing like a fool on places when you are not wanted.

Lillianolivia.white@gmail.com said...

MC, oh no no no. How could someone do this to Vee? My heart is breaking.

BudDaimond said...

MC terribly sorry to hear that happening to Verni. I managed to post my comments from the last post which some people might have missed right after the moderator mode is up, but it is very relevant to this one that HKN has just posted.

The culture of self-entitlement is the bane of this whole fandom. Feeling a sense of entitlement because you have bought a ticket to someone's movie? You know something that someone doesn’t and therefore feel entitled to share that and hurt someone with the information? Loved to gloat because you feel that you are right?

I hate the argument about some people who feel the need to invade (and furthermore to VIOLATE) the privacy of another human being just BECAUSE. Because they are 'stars', and they signed up for the whole package and therefore should 'just suck it up and deal' when their children or loved ones are scrutinized, harassed, stalked, and harmed.

What happened to THEIR basic human rights of expression and freedom? Slavery is prevalent in 3rd world countries but it is here too in the first world country, we are ENSLAVING these people, whom we claimed to love and be fans off when they are trying to fit in our expectations, when their freedom is limited, when they cannot live in peace in their own homes without because violated and in fear, it is just another form of enslavement. They could voice their anger or disgust, but who listened? And how many times are those words twisted and reworded to fit the agenda of the ‘media’?

The role of media/social media are just enablers and tools for this sick celebrity chasing/bashing/shaming and for what? Our own entertainment!

While we sit behind screens to hurt someone with words, lies, projections, not bearing a single responsibility on those words; it does eventually hurt someone. This someone whom you have never met, who are not in your real life,who does not impact your real life in any way, then you are part of the enablers and alibi.

Fans of Robert Pattinson and/or Kristen Stewart, do not lose focus on why we came together in the first place. We were/are inspired by a love story. There is nothing wrong with believing in love, we harmed no one. But then we get into squabbles about who was right, who was wrong, who said what, who believed in what, who followed and unfollowed whom, it is becoming to look like a sequal to mean girls in a school yard. All the ‘unfriending’ in my elementary school years only brought tears and hurt because so and so is with someone, who said something etc. It made me forget that I love hanging out with that friend because she is my friend, we ‘click together’, we had fun together, we laughed together, we stuck together when I fell.

Don’t lose sight of the big picture people. We clicked together, we have fun together, we laughed together, we stuck together when people are throwing stones on these two people we loved. Put our differences aside and just continue to support, defend, love, protect these two people who brought us together.

I realised that we have to stick to protect one of our own too, in this case Verni. When this shit hits us and our families and jobs get threatened it is getting too personal and dangerous for comfort.

I refuse to be brought down by infighting, negativity and doubts when we have bigger fish to fry on a united front, i.e. people who are out to intentionally hurt Robert and Kristen for whatever sick reasons they have in their heads. I choose to believe in the best of people, but then I would like to be prepared for the worst of them lots too.

Morning Coffee said...

Olivia...someone not only could but did.. someone has been doing a really good hatchet job lately..but I think someone just came up against the wrong person...

Keep Vee in your prayers...she could use them tonight..

Morning Coffee said...

Bud Diamond...yes I reblogged this post from you I loved what you had to say...It only takes putting yourself in the other persons shoes for a few moments...it's known as empathy..if people would only stop to think of how they would feel under identical circumstances...

Someone made me feel their pain, frustration and struggles with what should be normal everyday living the other night...the fact of the matter is some sawmy post as a personal attack against the fandom instead of encouragment to give Rob and Kristen breathing room to live their lives in peace and not constantly being threatened by haters.

I believe we should love them and support them with a united front but in a less invasive way...I am not sure how exactly that works when I want to shout their love from the rooftops...because their has never been any doubt of their love for each other.

ASFJ said...


My heart is breaking for Verni.....hope this person is found out, and soon.

How much can a person take?

Vern, if you see this, know that I am thinking of you and keeping you and your family in my prayers...

Sherry said...

Threatening someone over this is beyond words. As it was stated above this is why RK are in the mode they are in. Their personal life is none of our business unless they want us to know. Period. All of this crap is going to get someone hurt or worse. Time for all of us to take a step back I would say.
Good night. Love you all.

Lazmeister said...

Oh MC - I hope they soon realise what Shite they're in if they went for Vee! I am sending my prayers to her, and if she doesn't see this please pass on for me - but I really don't want to be that person when her sadness turns into anger... Go Vee!

People are just dumb and leave me speachless! As nearly everyone who has a decent one on their body says here - have some empathy, think about what you're doing and why.

Ha but that would require them to think.....

Love and prayers to all our Havenettes.

Lazmeister said...

Decent Bone!

ilovetobitemynails said...

HKN, as always. your post are unbelievably fantastic !!

thank you for make our eyes open more wider lol (sorry bad English)

and I feel sorry for the real Debby. I wish like you said she sue all the nonnies immediately. or they'll getting worst for attacking us.

keep up the good work HKN. I will always sail this ship with the rest until my last breath. because RK are my happiness. I'll fight them.

I don't care what Twugly little Piggy doing or what she rise or whatever. I never know her. she's not my concern since day one. RK only !!!

RK is fine. RK are together with beautiful SP build a happy family.

aaaand happy December everyone !!!

Vernier said...

My mom Vee is resting now. she does not know I am doing this. I am one of her youngest but very grown daughters. I am posting this to show the asswipe that threatened my family that none of us bow down. we are made of seel and we stick together the way God made us to. If you come for any one of us you better come for all and correct. She only went to see someone she respected. She gave a fair accounting. Didn't disrespect anyone and then she is attacked and her family threatened? My mother is the most generous and loving person I have ever known. She is very loyal and protective of family and friends. She would give you her last anything to make sure you were okay and to have this sick vile twisted individual and all the others throughout the day attack her and call her names for relating what she saw. Shame on them. Would they like it done to them or their mothers? I think not. One thing they should all know. She is not a lonely alone woman. She has a family around her that are just as protective of her as she is of us. If the haters and threateners had been face to face they would have gotten a five daughter three son beat down. Then throw in some nephews and grandkids. All out war. Now this idiot and all the rest have involved our children in this. Bad move. We don't tolerate threats on us and damn sure not our kids. When you thought it was okay to threaten our mother because of her opinion you made your first mistake. But when you came at her through her family you made your last mistake. She will take all measures to deal with this. I have pulled all the DMs, twitter notifications and ask. They are printed and ready to go. I have all the ip addresses. What you don't know is I and my cousin do this for a living all day long. So next time you fuck with someone you might want to know who they are and who they know. Have a fucking nice night cause my mom sure will. To all you ladies here who my mom loves and respects, Thank you from all of us. Aunt MC, thank you for standing by her and with her. She loves you much. Below is her report and I don't see any disrespect in anything she did or said so get over it.
Thank you for reading.
see below:

Vernier said...

My second visit to the Mercury Lounge in Nashville Tennessee 12/01/14

This time I went to the Mercury lounge not to see Kristen but to see what I could see about this Twig person. I had two helpers with me. I told them do what they do but I only wanted pictures if Rob was there.

I pulled into the parking lot at 6:50pm and immediately noticed there was a line waiting for the doors to open. A varied array of people. Some in way out outfits, some dressed normal. Some straight and quite a few gay. Sorry straight folks but the Gay folks was dressed to impress and looked fabulous. We straight folks could take some style tips from them for a Twigs show. Anyway, to the right of the building a bus was parked. Twig’s bus I find a bit later.

So I decided to stay in the parking lot and watch the bus. You see the doors to the Mercury Lounge opened at 7pm but the show didn’t start till 8pm. I got a good spot and waited. After about 25 minutes the door to the bus opened and 3 people emerged. None was Rob or her. It was part of her crew. They were all dressed for the show. They walked passed me and on to the side entrance. One looked my way and I nodded he waved and went on smiling right big. Hell for a sec I thought he was Prince Lol lol. I continued to wait and watch. One of my cohorts went up to the bus driver when we saw him emerge and head across the parking lot. He asked him if Robert Pattinson was here. At first the guy wouldn’t answer till my bud showed him his credentials. He then shook his head no and kept going. I decided to wait anyway. I wanted to be somewhat sure. It is now about five till eight and I see who I think is Twig up on the deck Kristen and CJ were on when they were there. She stands there for a few seconds then goes back in the building. This however, I know now, was not her. It was about 8:20pm and I was about to leave when I decided to drive back around the parking lot. Guess what? She emerges from the bus with a blonde woman and a dark haired person. NO ROB! Yahoo!!!! But she was late again. She was right there on property, in her bus, 30 seconds from the door and still late. By the time she got from her bus to the building it was nearly 8:30. Thirty minutes late. Now here’s the kicker. I was slowly driving and had put my phone away. I don’t text, talk or take pics while driving. Fuck I’m gonna start though. Cause that’s when you see the best photo ops. One of my cohorts had left and the other was inside just in case. She walked right pass my car. She is very tiny. Really slim but to be fair she was very graceful. Waif like. She had her hair down. That see through black dress thing she wears and a jacket. It was cold as a witch’s tit outside. She had a lost childlike quality as she passed seeking the blonde out for direction. She looked directly at me and then turned her face toward the wall and the blonde. She looks like a child in person. A child playing dress up. Not a woman. A child. she walked on into the building and I drove on. When I looked back in my rearview mirror as I was circling to go out I saw people leaving. I pulled up next to a couple and asked why because he was justa fussing. He said “the bitch was late. We only came cause my girl thought Robert Pattinson was gonna be here. Well he ain’t so we are leaving.”

So were a few others. Not a lot. Just a few. I think there may have been about 100 to 125 people there. A nice crowd for a Monday night. The tickets were $15.00 each.

Well needless to say I did not go in. Kept my $15 and came home. Rob is home safe and sound with his family and that is that on that…………

sookiePattinson said...

Hello Ladies of the Haven,

HKN, lots going in the fandom. So glad there is you. The one who always keeps us moving forward. You handle the insults and attacks with a certain sense of humor. The severity of the attacks you face daily must on occasion be grueling. I don't know if I could do it, girl. But you handle it. Thanks so much for all that you do to keep this blog up and running. On to the next!

May I add, I was on site earlier and ran across a post by, I think, "bugdiamond". The post was so beautifully written and timely. Damn-it was excellent! It made me think about where I was and where I am. More to the point where I want to go.

Where do I want to go? Where we all need to go. Let time run it's
course with R/K #Let it Go.


NOLA girl said...

HKN - thank you for the new post! Count me in on the Grey Goose fundraiser.

Pookie friend - how are you? So nice to see your post!!!

Verni - whatever you can do to take action against this asshat, do it!

It's a little creepy how somewhere along the line, some fans went into some cosmic wormhole and deluded themselves into believing they know everything about Rob and Kris. They may not always be right, but they are NEVER, EVER wrong - and don't EVEN think about calling them out on anything. Mental individuals.

RL has gotten in the way of my fangirling, and I'll be honest, it's been a bit of a blessing. I don't miss the nitpicking. I just try to stick with what I read here. I do confess to peeking at RPL lately, and honestly, I need to stop. I get nauseous every time I go there.

Hope all you Havenettes had a great Thanksgiving! HKN - have a great time with cuz and get some happy news for us.

Love to you all!

Lazmeister said...

to Vee's Daughter, thanks so much for posting about your Mum. I'm so happy to see that you're onto the asswipes and would love to be fly on the wall to see their faces when they're held accountable for what they've done. You go!

Love and completely understand a close family - so give them hell.

Thanks and let her know we're all praying for her and giving her strength and Virtual Hugs. I'd love to give her a real one (I'm good at them!) but I think 25 hours of flying might negate the actual act! lol!

Love to you and your family.

ADH said...

Great post HKN. So sad to hear of that happening to Verni. She seems like a great lady and doesn't deserve that crap. Hope she is able to find out who is responsible. There is no excuse for people to act that way.

sookiePattinson said...


Ps. OK, I got it wrong. Sorry/Really Sorry Buddiamond. The last thing I intended to do was get your name wrong. Sincerely respect your work.

Morning Coffee said...

Baby Girl....I don't know for sure if your mama is going to kick your butt or hug your neck...but your aunt MC is very proud of you at the moment..

you take good care of our sweet girl for us ..she is very loved, by me especially..She has raised a wonderful family and I can feel all yall's love that you have for her and each other..

Thank you for this...

Unknown said...

HKN - Another great post and much needed to calm the rk fandom. My credit card is there for use to purchase Grey Goose and your meeting with your cuz!

Vernie - You are one of my hero in this fandom and always ready defend and support when one of us get slammed. I am praying for you and your family to be safe from harm. Also sending you love and hugs.

Unknown said...

Hi to all the Havens!
To all my Havens friends, We all need a prayer for Vernier. I am piss and hurt for her. She is our friend.
To the daughter of Vernier, Tell your mom we will pray for her. She is our good friend. I hope she find out who is responsible for this. And Vernier nail these assholes. This is a serious manner. We all will stand by you.
Well I am going to bed now. I am going to pray for all of you and our friend Vernier. Well good night everyone! Hugs! I love you all. My prayer are with you all and Vernier. HKN, I will stand by you too. Hugs! Love you too. Night all!

Unknown said...

Bunny, Morning Coffee, and the rest of the Havens best to do with these clowns is to ignore them. HKN, What happens to from getting your permission. I hope you attend to keep that. Because I sure some of us here would like it for us not for the trolls. Can you keep it the way it was? I don't mind. It helps from keeping from those clowns to come in. Anyways, Nite sweetie! Hugs!

Unknown said...

To VERNIER'S daughter and to my dear friend VERNIER, Thank you so much for sending the report from her visit to the concert. I am so angry that fools are trying to hurt your Mom and your family. Your Mama is the kindest, sweetest person , just the best..I have ever talked to on line next to LIZZIE D and Morning Coffee who are the best. Your Mama reached out to me to be kind when I had been badly hurt by words from another blog, one that is not really normal, just mean and wrong about almost everything. VERNIER understands what it means to have people be cruel to you for no reason at all, and I could be polka dot and she would be sweet to you. She hates the haters that have made Rob and Kristen's life so very difficult and she is not judgmental of them or anyone. Please tell her Susie said I love you and to hang tight, we are all with her, and your whole family. I do hope some strong judgment, legally, is laid down against this piece of shit that threatened you and the family. What is going on with this insane country, to threaten a family? I feel like we are back 200 years in the middle of segregation. I will pray for your safety and peace of mind VERNIE. God will send you his blessings. Susie

Unknown said...

HKN. God bless you and keep you this night and for all your days ahead. You are priceless and good. Thank you for your tireless efforts to bring the rational side of things to us and for your sense of truth that is a light in the dark so many times. We care about you and we are proud of your courage under fire. Have a better evening and sleep well. Susie

Unknown said...

I don't come here that often, but I thought I'd stop by and see what was going on, I'm sorry that somethings have been going on that hurt and did things they had no rights to do. I liked your post and wanted to let you know it. I'm so very sorry that you have been going through mean people trying to hurt you and your friends, it's ashame, really ashime, I pray that all turns out good, Thank you for letting me read and post here, God Bless BobbieV

Unknown said...

good morning
it's terrible to hear the threats against vernier and family
The people are mostly over 18 years and know what they do and say.
How obsessed and crazy, the person must be to harass other people and threatening. I do not understand.
keep up the good work here, the day will come soon

Love haters, you just need to understand
for years there are in Rob's life, no other woman than kristen. And for a few months baby SP
Oh yes, and they are married too!

Have a nice day. Love you all. Hugs

Annie said...


Vernier: I am sorry you and family are beingg attacked in this way.
Again and again it's being shown that there are elements in this fandom that are beyond heinous.

I hope you leave no stone unturned in finding out who is doing this.

Sherry said...

I have all of us in my prayers and heart. The truth is very difficult for some. What this amounts to is pure evilness. Threatening someone and their family over RK is really showing how delusional this person is. One good thing that can come of it is that this might put a reality check out there for the trolls and haters. Hope, are you listening? Having your opinion is okay. Making fun of people and threatening them is not acceptable.

Love you all.

onagee said...

Good morning everyone! I wish you a wonderful Wed.

To Vernier's daughter, I'm so sorry your mother was targeted, that's monstrous. I'm very sad she's hurting and glad she has you and your whole family looking out for her. The law is finally turning the guns on social media attacks and I hope you can help your mom get justice. Her reports from Nashville were admirably honest and respectful.

Hi BudDaimond, great points on music reporting. I just want to add, from what I know as a working journalist, that with newspapers fighting for their lives financially, hard news in the national/world/metro sections get the reporters and support while the lighter fare gets minimal staff relying heavily on content mined from online searches of blogs, tabs, anything. Even the New York Times got sloppy last month using a fake online source for a softer story—big embarrassment there!

Marion said...

BudDiamond, thanks for straightening out the difference between the "branch" and Taylor Swift, as to who was being referenced as Time Magazines pick for top artist of the year. First of all most people still don't know or care who she is and the only reason why we know her is because of her association with Rob. Like HKN said the finish line is hopefully coming up soon on this farce and at least Rob will have made good on his financial investment on this singer.

Unknown said...

Good morning to all the Havenettes! I am going to get ready for to volunteer at school where I volunteered for the reading program. Me, my friends, and our community are donating clothes to the families don't have any. We are doing it at the school library. Me I feel blessed.

...a fan said...

I'm not part of your inner circle, but I have eyes and a heart. Just wanted to say, what happened to Vernier was so wrong and by wrong I mean - illegal and twisted. Who contacts a fan in RL with threats? Who steps outside the fandom to retaliate for something posted? The haters continually overstep bounds and it has to stop. I am glad she has a solid support system. A shout out for her daughter's post. I enjoyed reading that.

Unknown said...

I come to your site everyday hoping to find a new "lesson" and today you picked me up when I needed it most! LOVE YOUR SHIT!!!!! You make things so evident that even the stupid should be able to understand...oh but they don't!!! Thanks, keep on blogging, we all need you! I always thought SP looks just like baby R. I truly wish the fandom would go back to the good old days when we were all about the R/K love that developed on screen in front of our faces and played out in RL...thanks for all your digging and happiness!!!!

Unknown said...

Morning you all. Oh Arleen, you're a sweetheart! Reading about your generosity warmed my heart.

We're all in need of some positive words and encouragement. Take a moment to be still. Thanksgiving was just last week - what are you still thankful for?

I know what I know to be true. There is only room in my life for logic and peace of mind.

ASFJ said...

Hi All:

Verni, hope you are doing well today and are starting to get some answers from the authorities on this vile person that threatened you and your family...

Enjoyed your description of your trip to see the Priggs. She will be here in Miami tomorrow night...not as cheap as Nashville, but still affordable at $37.00, General Admission. She is appearing with Clams Casino...as of this posting time, plenty of tickets still available. I'm still debating whether I should go....sounds delicious doesn't it? Dried Twig leaves served with stuffed clams.

If I can get someone to go with me, I will. Any takers?

Unknown said...

Hi Annie, Morning Coffee, Sherry, HKN, ASFJ, JMF, Gigi, Happygirl, Tina, Merle, Martha, and to all the rest of Havenettes! I do feel truly blessed. I just got done volunteering at the school where I volunteered for the reading program. We donating clothes to the families that needed. I mostly watching their babies while their mommies get what they needed. Babies loves me. And give bags to put clothes in. Yep! I truly feel blessed. You all know me. I love volunteering to do things like this. So how are all of you doing?
Annie, I am with you there. My prayers are sending her way.

andreana said...

Thanks Vernie! Girl I would take a bullet for you!, just want you to know?.....grrrrrr!

Unknown said...

What a relief to have the moderation back, thank you so much HKN. In the middle of some seriously strange posters, it is so nice to just not read those posts here as others places devote themselves to hate, not here. Today is Julianne Moore birthday and a composite pictorial I just saw saying she was not a ball games type but a quiet game type , which I am, really identified her to me, another Sag, born Dec. 9. Today is Dec.3, 2014. Rob is being honored by best supporting actor for his work in Australia, and the whole cast and director are possible wins for Golden Globe or for the Academy. Very good news, and I am still hopeful for the cast of Still Alice, as Julianne and Kristen were truly beautiful, and so very human and touching, I look forward to seeing their films soon. VERNIER, please let us know how you are doing, we do love you. Seeing the severity of the effects of threats to a friend brings close the reality of what happens to family and how very brave Rob and Kristen truly are. Hold your family close, they are your lifeline, your heart. Love to all Havenettes.

Unknown said...

Dear Arleen, bless you for your volunteering, you are blessed.

EllenRamey said...

I'm so very sorry things have taken the ugly road. This is my first experience in a fandom. One I simply fell into because I am admirer of both actors, the books, Stephenie Meyer and the film saga. Social media is a boon yet so terribly vicious at times to both the objects of our admiration and acquaintances. Thank you for your blog. I enjoy it immensely and see it for what is intended to be...entertaining and light fangirling. I wish the ugliness would cease both amongst the so called fans, but more importantly, quit being a vehicle that creates even more stress for Ms. Stewart and Mr. Pattinson in their private lives...lives they obviously want respected but have been forced to go to some extreme measures to find a level of peace and security. I look forward to your next post:)

EllenRamey said...

I'm so very sorry things have taken the ugly road. This is my first experience in a fandom. One I simply fell into because I am admirer of both actors, the books, Stephenie Meyer and the film saga. Social media is a boon yet so terribly vicious at times to both the objects of our admiration and acquaintances. Thank you for your blog. I enjoy it immensely and see it for what is intended to be...entertaining and light fangirling. I wish the ugliness would cease both amongst the so called fans, but more importantly, quit being a vehicle that creates even more stress for Ms. Stewart and Mr. Pattinson in their private lives...lives they obviously want respected but have been forced to go to some extreme measures to find a level of peace and security. I look forward to your next post:)

Cryssielee said...

Hi, Morning Coffee! It's been a very long time since I posted. RL has been extremely hectic so I mostly lurk when I can. ;) I hope you are doing well. I'm sure you are aware there will be a concert within a stones throw of us (O'town) tonight.?.?.? Wonder how many people will be scouring the streets of Orlando just hoping to find Rob?

And, for Verni - the account was honest and in no way hurtful. You stated fact and compliment where deserved. I'll never understand the motive some people have to bring another down for the sake of building themselves up. Glad you are able to take action.

LizzieD said...

SUE MORRIS --- Thank you for those kind words ... to group me anywhere NEAR Vernier is a HUGE compliment. We've ALL been the victim of some of the "mean girl" mentality on different blogs but NOTHING has compared to what Vernier is going through right now.

So glad that so many are still here. RK world is quiet right now but I imagine some feathers will be ruffled again soon. A business deal doesn't usually end so abruptly .... though "one" can hope, right??


Barbara said...

My Dear Verne I have just tried but failed to email you to offer my support, don't know what has gone wrong but it bounced back, so I am posting it here on hkn along with my ditty that I put together yester about the evil of the fandom. xxxxx love you 007.xxx

​Hello my dear friend.
I have just heard you are receiving vile treatment from the evil that
invades the fandom. You are a sweet and wonderful friend a precious
and strong beautiful woman. stay strong 007 we adore you. I posted this
ditty I put together yesterday on didy? about the evil of the trolls
hope you like it my darling. stay strong, we all love you and cherish you.
love from your friend Barbara.xxxxxxx

Fickle Fickle Fandom"

Fickle fickle fandom
The certified insane
Rob and Kristen still refuse
To play the Devils Game.

The Gossips and the tabloids
Crawling up like snakes
Show their fangs of venom
Swallowed by the flakes.

A philandering lying cheater
Rob is that and more
He has no need for trousers
All scattered on the floor.

The pappz are in a nasty twist
Kristen and Alicia are missing
Screaming "we want our money shot"
Sounding more like cobra's pissing

Rob and Kristen as we know
Are pro's of the game
That gave evil all the power
That became the devils game
They have no heart or no soul
The one eyed evil ugly troll's
No sorrow felt inflicting pain
It always was the devils game

Rob and Kristen strong and true
Turned the tables on ugly you
The evil given all that fame
Where beaten at their ugly game.

Unknown said...

Hello all! I have been a long time lurker on this site but never said anything, but recent events have caused me to come out of my shell and comment. I hope you will indulge me as a first time poster as I get a couple things off my chest.

First off, I just wanted to let Vernier know, I hope she or her daughter will read this, that many have her back and abhor the online bullying she and her family had to endure yesterday. She has put herself out there to provide the rest of us a snapshot account. Her honest, first hand accounts of her experiences with both Kristen and Twigs provided a glimpse into a moment in time that many of us will never get the chance to experience and for that I appreciate her efforts and am grateful. Both of her accounts were respectful and positive. Vernier was not obligated to provide her accounts, but chose to provide the fandom these experiences and for what....to be attacked and threatened. For the haters lurking on this site, what harm did she do by letting us know what she observed first hand? How many of the haters reading this would put themselves out there like that and open themselves up to potential threats and ridicule...dare I say very few? Please consider this, walk a mile in someone else's shoes, especially in this social media age, before you sling your hate.

No one deserves those type of attacks being hurled at them or their families. At some point this cyber bullying needs to be dealt with and stopped or what type of world or lessons will our children be left with. I work for an organization that teaches the dangers of hate, prejudice and apathy. I dare say some in this fandom could use an afternoon visit to our organization. I am proud that Vernier and her family are choosing to stand up to the cyber bullies. Our world needs more of her and her family fighting this battle.

Secondly, I would like to address something I think we are all guilty of, me included, and that is a little concept I call reading mis-comprehension. I would dare say that there is not a one of us who is not guilty of it. We read something quickly, because face it we are all busy, and fail to comprehend the true intention of what was written. Then we fire back something in anger forgetting that five minutes ago that person was part of our "online circle of friends or acquaintances." Emotions are running high right now on both sides of the table. I think it may be time for all of us to take a moment, step back, breath and comprehend what is being said vs. having these knee jerk reactions that I have seen of late. If you think about it, this is what the Robsessed, the haters, and those who manipulate the truth for their own agendas, both within and outside of the fandom, want. They want to see us turn on one another. Why make it easy for them?

I hope the events of late are a lesson to us all, me included, that we need to think before we type, think about how our words are perceived, dissected and analyzed and remember that once we hit send it is very hard to take back what we have written!

Thank you again for indulging the thoughts that have been rolling around in my brain! Wishing each of you a good day!

Lazmeister said...

Morning all,

Vee I hope while I was alseep last night, you got some more information on the Trash hounding you. I hope you've also moved from sad to angry and can deal with this shite today. strength and love to you.

Arleen yet again you make me feel inadequate! Good on you for volunteering...

On a light note - we tried to put up our new tree last night - took it out of the box and it is o not like the picture on the front! It has hardly any branches or fill! So disappointed - think I'll go buy a real one.

MC I hope your day went well and some productive digging was done.

Gigi I hope all is well in your world and the kids are thriving.
ASFJ so good to hear you back on here!
Pookie - still love that you came and gave us some of your thoughts again.

Love and strength to all.

andreana said...

Lol..m yuk sounds like a realllly bad meal ...maybe we could eat the clams and use the twigg to pick our teeth clean....on second thought...No! Doesn't sound like she is bringing in the crowds huh? 37.00 for a ticket ....rofl... she got a ways to go to get to the big show.....after seeing her performance on Fallon I wouldn't even see her for free...not even if Rob was naked behind her on stage.......Am I being to harsh?

Barbara said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Euclid said...

V - I just wanted to join with everyone on HKN in saying that I'm outraged to hear you and your family were threatened by someone who is probably a Robsessed maniac. I hope he/she - but more likely a she - is identified and punished for their cowardly attack.

It's awful that you've had to go through this ugly experience but from your daughter's strong letter I can see that you're surrounded by a family who love and protect you. It's clear that your daughter has inherited your strength, intelligence and loyalty. Good to know you have family like this at your back.

fishyone2 said...

Welcome Krista :)

Unknown said...

Does anybody have a REALLY GOOD recipe for sweet potato pie or fresh pumpkin pie? I am craving sweet potato pie, and some coconut macaroons. Who is proud of Rob and Kristen and they new nominations? I am bored to tears talking anything other than Rob, Kristen and their beautiful little girl. And, then there is cooking! VERNIER, where are you babe? Annie, I am fine but my hands are cramping when I drive in the cold, makes life very interesting! As in, Jackie--take the wheel a minute--. Sometimes, life can be downright tedious. Everyone say big prayers for VERNIER and HKN'S friend, and have a good night.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Hey you all I'm taking a break from the fandom for awhile. There is so much going on in rl that I need some time to tend to those details.

Please stay positive.

Unknown said...

HKN! Thank you for another great post!
This is only my second time ever commenting here but always here and look forward to all your new posts! So thanks again. I'm pitching in for you and cuz Grey goose! Lol
It's really with all that going on in the world today people still feel the need to hate on others. To Vee keep your head up and stay strong. I always love reading yours and MC comments as well as your tumblrs. HKN again thank you keep giving the haters holy HELL!!
Look forward t your next post and hope you and your cuz have a good time!!

Lazmeister said...

A letter to the Fandom - From Vernistene

Hello everyone. I first want to thank all of you for the strong support, prayers and kind words you all have said. It helped more than you know.

When I got the first threat about getting me and my job I laughed. Thinking “Come on down.”

When I got the second, calling me Nahnee (the name my grandbabies call me, which makes it to close for comfort) and saying if I didn’t get it right, keep my mouth shut, that more than me will suffer. You got grandkids don’t you Nahnee? And single daughters. So back the fuck up off this shit. I mean with Rob and Twigs.” The last part seemed like an afterthought. What the idiot didn’t realize was only a couple of people in the fandom know that’s what my babies call me. This bought me to my knees. I felt they knew me a little to personally which put them to close to my babies or at least in the position of getting to close to them. You can threaten me all day long cause my belief is “you gotta bring an ass to whoop an ass” so yo ass better be tougher than mine. But when you threaten my babies you have fucked up to the highest. I was bombarded all day long about my account of the Twig’s out evening. I answered every single one. I had threats and you name it they said it. No biggie. Jealous evil tiny minded haters. Then I get the first anon about me. I sent back for them to bring it. Kiss my ass and bring itDouble exclamation mark!


Lazmeister said...

2nd - cont'd
About an hour later I got the second, threatening my babies. I was winded. I made phone calls to make sure they were all safe. My daughters came. My nephew came and we went into defense mode. You see we love fierce and we fight even fiercer. No one and I mean NO ONE threatens my family. I found out from them NO ONE threatens me either. When you come for one you come for all.
My daughter and nephew went to work. They pulled everything. All my dms, notifications, certain emails, ask and anything else they thought would be relevant. They put a package together for me to deliver to the proper authorities. Which I did. I shut down my Twitter and my e-mail. If the person or persons who did this had been anywhere near me they would have got an ass whooping that felt like the bowels of hell had come up and burned their ass. I may be older but the bitch better know this chick don’t break or bow when it comes to my family. They are my heart.
A lot of people have been attacked or had nasty lies told about them that are not true. Think back two years when none of this ever happened. Everyone in the fandom got along. There was enough room for everyone. Then all of a sudden, and gradually, if you understand what I am saying, it all changed. Everyone started side-eyeing each other. Speaking hateful words. Letting dear, true fan-friends get talked about on DMs, emails and phone calls, never saying “no that is not true. I have known them longer than I know you and they have never been that way.” No they let it go and the seed was planted. Then the hose made sure to keep it watered so it would grow and spread. Good people hurt who never did anything but love R/K and this fandom. You, and myself included, have let great fan-friends walk away from this fandom, a place they loved, wounded, hurt, slandered and done nothing because the hose had watered that seed of doubt so much that you couldn’t see the truth. That damn plant covered it all up.

Lazmeister said...

3rd cont'd

Morning Coffee has done nothing but praised and helped anyone she could. Now she is leaving. She has helped fans with their fan-fics, prayer, uplifting words and a listening ear. HKN has been attacked and stood strong through the fire. She’s not going anywhere but she shouldn’t have to deal with that bullshit. She has always been honest, fair and upfront with us all. If she says it you better believe she researched it first. Then sweet Bunny. She has been a victim of the type vile attacks I had. She has only spoke what she knows. She hasn’t tried to hurt anyone. A very staunch supporter of R/K. But that hose is still watering. Then we have Tempest and Windswept. They have been here from the beginning or nearly anyway. Always uplifting R/K. Showing kindness to everyone. Trying to help any way they could too. But then they are ripped apart. WS more than anyone. Why? For the pleasure of the twisted mind of a hater. For people who say they are protecting the fandom? From what? Housewives, mothers, teachers, Grandmothers. Yes I guess we all need protection from the “Granny Squad.” Gonna steal Rob and Kristen’s youth. Really? REALLY? Yeah sounds about right to me. I didn’t join this fandom to strip a person of their dignity. To attack and malign them. I don’t go trying to find out who anyone is. It is a fandom not a dictatorship. Not the "you are guilty prove yourself innocent" realm. It is a fucking fandom and it is one of the most embarrassing fandoms in fandom history now. I for one am so very sick and tired of always seeing drama and melt downs whenever you go to any site. All these conspiracy theories on who is who and what is what about the individual fans is more than ridiculous.

Lazmeister said...

4th and last.
You have good people like Laz, sue morris, Arleen, Olivia, Merle, Nola girl, andreana, LizzieD, and sweet, sweet Barbara and countless others in different places who I didn’t name that just want to come and celebrate R/K. Not have to always deal with drama.
Now the hose had turned the water off for a while cause the plant has grown and covered the truth and for some their minds. Remove the blinders ladies. You will then be able to see and cut down the bush of lies and move back toward the happy fandom we all deserve.
I do have an idea now who sent the threat about my babies. When it is finished they need to make sure they like bologna. That’s what they get served. Fitting huh? Because from where I sit they are full of it when it comes to the bullshit they have spouted.
Don’t let the haters win. And I mean the haters from within our walls. Not the Hopes of Trollville but the unseen enemies in our own camps.
Again Ladies I thank you all for your support. Now there are others who need it. Let’s bring it home Rob and Kristen style. With class……..

Much love to you all

Lazmeister said...

Gigi, I will miss you. I hope everything is ok, and come back when you can.

Unknown said...

hello everyone.......

Unknown said...

Ladies can you go read this link Please and thank you......


Unknown said...

Ladies thank you for all your kind words> I wrote something thanking you all and posted it on tumbler and my friend Laz posted it here. I love you ladies and I am still standing strong......

Barbara said...

@Vern 007.When a parasite an ugly troll attacks a sister that I care so much about, my Scouse/Aussie temper boils, how very brave they are with the threats from behind their little blogs, I doubt they would have the bottle to voice the threats while standing in front of you. Stay safe my sweet you are loved and respected by your cyber sister.Stretching cyber hugs from Coffs Harbour Australia to you my Darling 007,xxxxx
"I am woman here me roar"

Unknown said...

Good night to all the Havens!
Gigi, Thank you sweetie! I hope everything is ok.
Sue morris, Lazmeister, and the rest of Havens, Thank you all!
I love what you said your comments about Vernistene! She is a great friend. Morning Coffee, I am happy that she is taking the action. I love you all! Stay strong. My prayers is with all of you. Hugs to you all. Night everyone! Keep me posted. Night all!

ADH said...

Amen Verni. Your heartfelt words needed to be heard. Your strength and determination just reaffirm what a classy woman you are and what a wonderful group you have surrounding you. You are someone to be admired not abused.

Unknown said...

Gigi - I will miss you and your posting. Please pop in now and then to let us know you are ok.

Tempest said...

Un-fucking believable what has happened to you Vee that is all. Those doing this and quite a few know who they are will be called out and dealt with in the proper manner. Take care hun (cyber hugs)

NOLA girl said...

Verni -
May God watch over and protect you and your family.

I hope you find who did this and hopefully, successfully get this person(s) punished to the fullest extent of the law. Not sure if this is a jurisdictional or federal violation, but hope for both. This kind of attack needs to stop.

I don't normally check in daily anymore, but was very concerned after what I read last night.

I know some of you know already I have a sister-in-law who is a judge. She is no fan of social media and neither am I the majority of the time. Granted, there are some benefits. Cowards use these tools to spew their vile and hate all the while having the protection of anonymity. It makes me ill. It also makes me sad so many people have so much hate in them. Is this what society has been reduced to - the anonymous verbal assault just because...?

Sorry to stamp on my soapbox... Verni, be strong and I hope the Truth is found out. Love you girl.

Havenettes, love to you all.

Mickeymackey said...

after reading all the comments this morning I have come to one conclusion. These trolls and haters are just one thing. They are cowards hiding behind a screen name. They can and do spout all sorts of hate but then can crawl back into their holes because they figure no one can find them. Wrong. I too work in technology and all of the crap that V just had thrown at her - when she says she knows who you are she does. We do it all the time in the school district I work in when a student decides to hurt another on the web. So know this trolls and haters your days are numbered because you are just bullies of the worst kind just by the hole you crawl back into after you attack.

Annie said...

Will be seeing Still Alice tomorrow.....10:45 AM showing.
Really looking forward to seeing it.

38 degrees and cold here. Lots going on in NYC.

Morning Coffee said...

Good Morning ladies...

Well as you can all see our friend and sister Verni is still standing we talked and talked some more yesterday trying to figure out if staying around for more abuse and lies was worth it. Both of us wanting to walk away and yet at the same time wanting to stay to celebrate R/K and all their successes and their love for each other..

With lots of love and encouragement from others we finally realized that if we go this vile person wins. Someone... needs to start being called out whenever she starts or tries to start yet one more rumor or downright nasty lie about anyone in this fandom...

Read what Verni is telling you ..read it as many times as you need to until it finally sinks into your heads this attack on her was not from a troll...the lies in this fandom being told on myself and others is not from a troll.

We are going to stay right here where we both can try to be what this fandom needs..loving and supportive friends to each of you.

Gigi..I am sad to hear that you are leaving..but do know real life takes first place for all of us...
I will continue to keep you in my prayers as I do for all my family and friends..If you ever need anything just send me an e-mail...

ladies have a great day..

Unknown said...

Dear VERNIE, I am so proud of you and your family and will read your note to all. I am seriously about to just read and not write because we do not ever know how someone will react to what is said on line. I really do understand MC and Gigi and am already missing them. God Bless you and your family. Thank you Sweetheart for the letter, I am in tears thinking about all the evil that turns friends away from each other. God Bless Rob and Kristen and their little family. Thank God they are safe and sound. Susie

Morning Coffee said...


Lucky lady...Let us know how many tissues are needed this one hits too close to home for me...Hope it comes here soon...


Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
onagee said...

Hi all. The British singer FKA is indeed getting some good reviews, featured on NPR today, and I think Rob (and Kristen) were not foolish, as some have insisted, to invest but in fact have recognized a new kind of performer, no matter what fans may think of her because of all the "show." I'm posting this because I think it doesn't do anyone any favors, especially R/K, to trash a business decision; FKA may be unprofessional in many ways, and I won't go on about how she and media use each other, she appears quite childish, but Rob has excellent business instincts——though I won't be a purchaser of this particular genre! As for that "show," whether it is already over or continues, it's still fake.

Annie, so glad you will see SA! Please let us know what you think! And I'm so sorry NYC is in turmoil right now.

Mickeymackey said...

Annie -enjoy the movie. Hope the city isn't too bad with the protests. sometimes it makes me glad to be on Long Island

sookiePattinson said...


Onagee, girl, I just can't. I faithfully listen to NPR and depend on PBS as my news source. In general there is a lot to be learned from their telecast. Of course I will listen to it online, but; the choice to feature her. My initial question is why? I think by now most of us have heard her music. It's suckish! So, to those who invested, I still say why?

Even in the "Time" piece, the critic admits that her music is "difficult" to listen to. But then says it's the best of 2014. Really! Can her music be a turn-off but be the best of 2014? No!

I think that most of us here at the Haven are mature and have moved on past her involvement with Rob. It is what it is. I think for the most part she is a just another artist. A fringe artist! Way, way, way out there. So, I don't think she will be getting any "you go girl" from this blog. No hateration, just fact.

Google has a dog in this fight. Are they behind this push to make her more mainstream? To demand that we like her music because Rob does? Hmmmm!! They just purchased the Jumbostrum for the next few months on Time Square. Wonder what they plan to throw up there? Let's try to pretend we are surprised. Peace!!!

ASFJ said...

Morning Coffee and Vernistene:

Thank God you're back....this place wouldn't be the same without you!

For me this place has been a place of peace and fun (especially since the MOD has been up), and it will always remain as such.....

All you great Havenettes...think of it...we all have become friends, sight unseen. That alone should make this a great thought of joy for today!

HKN, thank you for your blog.....that goes without saying....

Pookie, Verni, MC, Arleen (Wonder Woman), Sue, Merle, GiGi, Annie, The Great Aussie, LAZ, Nola Girl, Lizzie D., and all you great ones I missed (my memory, not so good) and you know who you are......the best always...

Unknown said...

Hi to all the Havens! I was out spending time with my daughter. Just went out to eat. Hey I have one question. Where is @a stargazzer? Did she have her baby yet? I know she is due anytime.

Floyd Mae said...

I'm new here, So I hope don't say any thing stupid here. I am a Robert and Kristen fan and
I love them very dearly I've been their biggest supporter and always will. But I'm asking maybe I'm sound stupid but E news and others like Hollywood life and others showing picture of Robert with FKA Twiggy with his hand on her ass, and another picture of him kissing her they were showing more PDA of FKA and Rob kissing in the dressing room or what ever that is then what you have seen or showing you, so HKN What's going on here can you please help me tell me what is this they are showing us is there something going with them or is this a trick of the photos or something I and others would like to know. I do believe in these two I do care for these two and always will I want to believe they are together as much as anyone else so please help to understand me I feel like I idiot for asking. Like I said I am a true R/K fan.

Unknown said...

hey there sweet peeps. i just checked in and read Vernie's account, and also her daughter's post and i had to stop everything to say how much i enjoyed the writing! Both of you, mom and daughter. You both have a wonderful way with words. I was particularly touched by Vernie's as-usual astute and penetrating observations, like those about fka's "waif-like, child-like quality", and so much more. Vernie my love, i know full well it's not easy to find time and sit down and give to others so generously by recalling and reporting adventures like you, our own Vernie, has done. What a sweetheart! that's some fine reporting, really i felt like i was right there. i've always been so impressed with Vernie, with her generosity, her courage, her intelligence, her strength, her love; her inability to suffer fools lightly. Perhaps especially that. :-D
Vernie, your turns of phrases are really surprising and delightful. And i truly loved your daughter's outstanding ability to write and what she wrote for us. i thought it had strong flavors of Hemingway in its concise delivery and cadence. just beautiful. anyway, just wanted to say to both of you, for what it's worth from the old pooka, 'well done!' and 'thank you!'

as for the other continuing sad silliness of negativity emanating from a small puddle of poor misbegotten foolish, foolish lost pitiable and profoundly messed-up people, the karmic laws clearly state that all groundless spitefulness spewed forth in this universe of resonance-based emanations must necessarily turn back upon itself and upon those that so unwisely, and so tragically for themselves, wield it. Amen.

Onagee, here's a shout out to you sweetheart, you are so kind to ever even think the littlest thing about me and the stuff i post, and your words concerning my 'Vast Spaces' poem meant a lot. So did yours, MC, a very great lot. suemorris also, my dear sue morris. And the fierce Andromeda, i always enjoy you so much. So many others i'm neglecting to mention that are so dear and deserving. i'm sorry to be so amiss, i love you all so much. Lazemeister-pister-piester-bippity-boppity-boopery-biester, you dear friend. Annie, Mickey-Mackey, our own Haven-NewYork-Algonquin-Round-Table-Connections. Everyone everyone, what an extraordinary wonderful bunch! and of course, the ever shining, never dimming, superstar of the RK firmament, our own Super-HKN!

even though i haven't been around very much this last stretch of time, as RL has been soundly kicking my ass, know that i'm always with you my dear friends, always praying for you and wishing you all the very best!

i love you, i love you

p.s. a Christmas poem is coming

Anonymous said...

I have one for sweet potato pie but I bake my sweet potatoes so you have a several day process. I cook my sweet potatoes then process and freeze what I need before holidays. I am known as TAX. Some may have seen comments from srwn. I usually only comment on legal but pie will bring me out of the shadows. If you want recipe for deep dish sweet potato pie that is not overly spicy, I may have what you need.

Unknown said...

haha i called andreana 'Andromeda'!! i guess i think of andreana as a beautiful princess among my constellations...

also, hey NOLAgirl, so nice to hear from my New Orleans homegirl...

and thanks for the shout out ASFJ nice to see you dear

now if only we could hear from our beloved Felicity, god bless her always...


fishyone2 said...

@Gloria Hovis -- there are no kissing pictures. Well, not of Rob and T......now T and another guy? Yep. People IMPLY there are kissing pictures but there are not. Even the one in the dressing room - absolutely not.

So no worries - all is fine and quiet. Love that.

Lazmeister said...

Good Morning all in what is an overcast, cool day in Melbourne after some very hot ones!
Vee and MC I am constantly in awe of your strength to carry on in spite of what you have been facing and I am very glad you have made the decision to stay with us on this journey.
Pookie I'm so glad you're back - I was worried but didn't want to push.
ASFJ - hey beautiful lady! Hope the holiday season is finding you well and not too stressed!
Arleen - yes I'd like to know how stargazzer is going as well! Thanks for asking the question!
Annie - Enjoy the movie, and I hope the riots aren't casuing yuo too much grief. The news of both Ferguson and the NY cop has made it down here as well. You always wonder if there are 2 rules.
Love to all.

Morning Coffee said...

Evening ladies...

Gloria Hovis..welcome..Let me try to answer your questions for you...Your first and only mistaake iis visiting e news hoolywood lies and places of nasty rumors and innuendo...

Their was a video showing clearly Robs hand was no where near twigs butt...but the angle from the photographers would have anyone think otherwise..The same way there was never any kissing, between R and Twiggs...camera angles again...

I have explained here on more then one occasion how paps take hundreds of photos in just a minute..then they look for the most damning and compromising ones to sell and the rags make up stories based on the pics...None of it is truth...it's illusion of the photo and exclusion of any truth to what you see and what you hear.

The longer you visit gossip sites or listen to them on tv the more you are apt to be confused about reality concerning anyones life..

Rob and Kristen are just fine and always have been..like in an interview with our local paper after her performance here last night..when asked about Rob her answer was very telling 'this week it is me next week it will be someone else'..They are always trying to connect Rob to someone..

Rob and Kristen had an investment and nothing sells quite as well as R or K so it was and is nothing more then PR to help her tour and sell tickets...

Rob in her company has really boosted her recognition which from all accounts here and in Europe wan't that much..It's known as marketing...I hope this has helped you to understand a little better..

BbL everyone...

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone I would like to second what Krista Heide said on Dec 3 1:14 pm.
Another friend of mine brought to my attention what happened to Vee and I am heart sick at what was done to her.
I really have no words.

I have been watching what seems like war going on on twitter and in this fandom for some time now. I had hoped that it would fizzle out instead it seems to be getting worse.
In the last few days I have been called a hater and a flip flopper by other R&K fans just because someone didn't read my tweet to understand what I said. Instead they labelled me and blocked me.
I have been told by an anonymous jerk I should leave the fandom because I am a negative influence and a liar.

But that is nothing compared to what Vee has been subjected to.
I don't really know Vee and I only lurk here occasionally but its clear that someone out there is nervous or scared that we R&K fans are right.
There is no other reason that I can think of as to why they would bully us.

To Vee and her family I hope this will be resolved quickly and the individual(s) are caught/ I sincerely hope that you will come back. Your brand of Positive energy and attitude is needed and is already missed.

andreana said...

I cannot support or say anything positive about the tree branch..never heard of the girl until all the pictures starting appearing with Rob..Her voice is not great..she sings better than I do but that ain't sayin much..
.. her performance on Jimmy Fallon was strange..Her voice seems weak..she is not a great singer by any stretch of the imagination..She relies on her dance ability, skimpy outfits, and theatrics to get attention.to date her biggest claim to fame is the association to Robert Pattinson.her sound will not have a broad appeal but for some reason she is being promoted heavily... why I don't know...honestly I don't much care why ... I have zero interest in her.I don't know what is going on with rob and this girl.. the affection i have observed from the pap pictures seems to be one sided...I think she is using Rob to get famous..I have no idea if anything between them is real or contrived... I am not trying to find out ..I will just sit patiently and wait for the truth..it will come when it
comes.. til then I still love me some R and K...and I cannot wait to see Still Alice..and down the road whatever Rob does next...But I will never support the branch.

What's the word after your grey goose get together? Lol

fishyone2 said...

Time for some levity ladies. This is my one night when I have nothing scheduled (hubs is off playing tennis.....). I think its time to watch a little Elf. Just need to completely laugh and remember the joy of the season. Happy Thursday.

Unknown said...

Dear Haven, I believe if you have to still concentrate on twig that the negative is going to outweigh the positive here. I never have gotten she is the other woman, more like someone that wants national attention and Rob is the gravy train at moment and Prince, a friend of the Pattinsons, was the cherry on top of the ice cream sundae . Sort of getting boring of this subject guys, and somebody threatened VERNIER about this. Morning Coffee just said she was just the weekly person and the press would have a new one next week. This according to Twig in interview. Time to go see movies and ignore this BS, warmed over by the trash hounds. It is time to party!

onagee said...

Good everning all!

MC, I saw that significant bit too: 'this week it is me next week it will be someone else.' Thanks for pointing that out for everyone here to see—FKA knows the drill, it's worked to her professional advantage but she knows it's a temporary storyline. Andreana, it will become clear soon enough: definitely not "real"! Rob just can't get realer than Kristen Jaymes Stewart.

Getting back to a point I made earlier today, I'm definitely not suggesting anyone become FKA's fan, I only meant that I believe Rob and Kristen (and their friends, even K's costar Chloe) sincerely like her work, and a surprising number of other people beyond this fandom like it too. Hard to believe, for me, I loathe her stuff—but true. So the good news is, Rob may feel encouraged to back other emerging acts and keep in the music world this way, as well as doing some backup playing, until the day comes when he allows himself to be the main act. (I hope!)

Unknown said...

Good night to all the Havens! Hugs to you all! Keep me posted. Love you all! My prayers are with you all! Same goes for Verni too. I love you sweetie! Hugs!
Tempest, I am with you there.
Night everyone!

a stargazzer said...


I have no idea what to say except I want to slap those bitches until my hands fall off. I always knew that trolls were sociopaths but never imagined they could go to such lengths. Good thing you have a fierce family. Let us know the development and it you need any kind of witness let me know too. I got your back honey *hugs*

I'm glad you still have your spirits anyone else would had thrown the towel and let the trolls win just to get some piece of mind. Is not like you have the fandom to back you up. I admire you for this oh so much. This too shall pass and I hope the ones left learned their lesson and don't panic next time things don't match their views of our couple.


I had been absent prepping for the arrival of my baby girl. It will be this weekend so please say a prayer for a safe delivery and a healthy baby for my small family.
Have a nice weekend!

sookiePattinson said...

Hello ladies of the Haven,

Just clicked over after reading Tempest. Again, girlfriend keeping it real. Her wisdom was all over the place. If you haven't yet read it, please do. Her blog has something for everybody. When I got to the post, well; I had to pull back. Some of ya'll made me laugh and some I honestly felt tears coming up, damn it!

Perhaps ya'll don't realize what an incredible group of ladies you all are. Your words convey so much to so many. I come here daily just to read. Many people do.

Tempest talked about the fandom downward spiral. You can literally feel her hurt and heart ache about it. Ok, I had to wipe away a tear on that one. What does the world look like without the R/K fandom??????

Look guys this is a family going through transition. It's hard, as is most anything worth while. Wisdom, I think, is keeping your cool when things around you seem to be falling apart. We all need each other. And you are crazy if you think this fandom is just about Rob and Kris. Much, much more!

BudDiamond, girlfriend needs a song writer? Well, entire re-work?
BD, girl, you is wrong for that one!! When I read that I fell over laughing. I'll be giggling in my sleep. Peace!!!

Frenchie said...

I'm still around even though quite silent because I have a lot to do in RL but also not much to say at the moment except I am still a strong believer in R&K! Nothing new and nothing's changed there!

Verni, I'm terribly sorry for the ordeal you are going though! My heart goes to you and your family! We are all here for you...

HKN, can't wait to hear about what your weekend is going to bring! If I were nearer, I'd bring you the vodka myself! Have fun!

Unknown said...

good morning
everyone is doing well?
The tour is finished for this year. And the crazy PR - thing also.
I hope! Or do you think in january, february takes over Rob continues the babysit?
Would Dreadful! At some point something like this is over, right?
Mrs. T laughed at the pictures, she was happy to finally see again a few photos today in the press. was in the last days quiet around the lady, lol

Nice day. Love you all. Hugs

Sherry said...

Hi ladies. My Christmas Program at school is over and the kids did great! We finally closed on our house refi all on the same day!

As for Rob and the branch, it's no big deal. I'm not interested in her or her music.

Everyone have a nice weekend and love you all.

fishyone2 said...

Happy Friday - to post some more just nice stuff, after a long day of work (got up at 3:30 to knock out 45 minutes on the elliptical....) - its dinner out with my dad, daughter and stinking adorable granddaughter. My mom passed away this summer after a painful cancer battle - so we make sure that my dad is included in our plans as he gets lonely. Plus - he's just incredibly funny and interesting. As MC said, just posting the good stuff and not speculating or going to other sites. It helps SO much. Good day.

Unknown said...

Dear Tax, That sounds great about baking your sweet potatoes, I do that too. Several years ago I had the best pie in Louisiana, and would like to try baking some here. Also fresh pumpkin pie is amazing! I am a chocolate cake fancier and dark chocolate is full of more nutrients so I make that for my daughter Jacqueline. I am diabetic so I have to use alternative sugar substitutes, but I always use raw sugar for special desserts. Thank you Morning coffee for the granola recipe last month. Here's hoping our sweetheart VERNIER is really better, I think about her every day wondering. I do not like twitter blogs, am really afraid of them so can only imagine what's going down. Glad Kristen poked her head up, you look fine little Mama! Rob, you are just fine period. Everybody please have a safe and fun weekend! Annie, we need to know about Still Alice! New York City is still in quite a state of confusion and even more frustration. Hoping they can make some creative changes to the legal system there. Susie

Morning Coffee said...

Hey girls...Hope everyone has started the day out on a good foot...

Another day with much ado about absolutely nothing...

Annie..let us know about the movie SA when you get a chance..so looking forwsrd to your impressions of it..Your insights are always very imformative and get us excited to see for oursleves...

hope you all have a good day...

Unknown said...

Evening to the Havenettes ,Hkn what a brilliant post again you never let us down,would like to say this blog has kept me sane over the last few months with everything going on especially lately in RL and i give each and everyone one of you lovelies you know who you all are hugs,love and prayers each day i cant describe how you all have helped in your own way with your thoughts, advice, well wishes towards me thankyou,well thats me for a little while im still 100% RK and not going anywhere so sending you all hugs have a great weekend and keep safe.

Unknown said...

I used to be quite the regular here.
I have always loved the ladies here and never stopped.
I see some regulars are here and have noticed others left too.
I don't know other people's reasons, mine were personal.. and never a loss of faith in RK.
My reasons were pertaining to the last war we had in my country but also more personal, family things.

I always have a soft place for this amazing spot in the fandom and I lurk when I can. Here and in MN's and some of the ladies' here blogs.

Like others, I've "come out of the woodwork" due to the vicious attack on darling Vernie recently.
I was appalled to read her and her daughter's posts.

I felt obliged to check in and just say you all rock and are amazing.
Your ongoing love for RK is like no other I've seen (and I know other parts of this fandom quite well).

RK are together, I have no doubt.

Vernie, HKN, all the awesome Havenettes and loving lurkers from around the world -
may you know only peace and happiness with your loved ones this Winter and holiday season and keep rocking on the RK torch in the darkness that this fandom is knowing now.
The love on you hearts is always inspiring.

I might check in from time to time, but don't have the time I used to.

Last but never least - thanks to HKN for being who you are and giving us this place.

Peace and Love to All,
RK Faith

Unknown said...

RKFAITH, I am so happy to hear from you and praise God you are safe! Please know that we do all have RL complications and tiny frustrations that keep us from posting. VERNIER is a rare bird, she is kind and generous to a fault, but quite able to attack like the eagle she is, when provoked. Something like waking up a bear when the bear is asleep. I often think of Israel the very same way. We all must protect our family from harm, and the Pattinson's who make terrific movies, do just that. Let's all go see their movies you all, it's Christmas time and Rover is on DVD and Still Alice is going to be shown in theaters near you all hopefully! It's raining here Annie, and in the 50's! Spring has sprung again in Oklahoma. It would seem to have sprung due to global warming, which has polar bears in the water just might be confusing Northwestern Hemisphere again. Fuzz buster, now we are really in for weird weather! Susie in Oklahoma p.s. Barbara Streisand has nothing to do with starting global warming nor does Hollywood, regardless of the Rep. OK. politicians who are paid to say this.

mjeangirl said...

Greetings to all of you. Thanks to HKN for this wonderful place. I never post but often lurk.Thanks also to Annie for mentioning that Still Alice would be playing here in NYC....I was completely clueless until I read your post last night! Guess where I was this morning? I also went to the 10:45 showing.It was excellent. Thanks again,to all of you who share your thoughts here. It is very reassuring to hear rational,intelligent ideas. I steer clear of the gossip sites and have come to depend on the few positive sites that remain.

Rae H. said...

RKFaith, I remember you quite well. I was always a fan of your enthusiasm and faith in Rob and Kristen.

It is a shame what has happened to Vernie due to people who feel entitled to invade people's lives and threaten them for what they think and say with malicious intent and the need to cause pain and fear.

I have no idea who this person may be but they should be ashamed to call themselves a fan. If this is their idea of what being a fan consists of they are sadly mistaken.

I wish you well and hope you will soon be able to rejoin this fan blog again.

BudDaimond said...

@Sookie She needs a total rework like you said.

I read about her admission in 'lacking of skills in creative process' and yet adamantly refuse others' people input. 'Singular' view in how her work is to be presented and made(she gets obsessed in chipping her ‘music’ , sad thing there is none built), i.e. not a collaborator with other artiste. SO, that means one must be freaking talented like Mozart who is spewing unlimited magic in his brain his hands couldn’t catch up, or just in stupid denial that you are just NOT talented enough to survive in this music industry.

I know she is in a different genre, and after all she is trying to sell us ‘something different’ – according to her own words. She is definitely something different alright, just like Jimmy Fallon said ‘wow I have not seen anything like this before’, before one gets excited and jump in enthusiasm that it was a praise, it could be read as complimentary or just means ‘you are different, good or bad can’t judge’. Know what I mean? And of course the tabs ran with it about how fabulous and amazing that show was. Unbelievable. Read the technical reviews guys how she almost tripped and jumped to the side when the ‘cloth band’ / prop almost disrupted her performance. And it was no singing performance. OK maybe she has improved since then….who knows after so many rounds of concert you got to have improved right?

Thank you Rob for bringing her into my radar, but thanks but no thanks I shall pass on this one. I thank you for showing me Marcus Foster, Iron and Wine and so many others, but this one? Uh-uh.

Grammy Awards just list all the nominees, Geez how come this supposedly top selling album of the year for ‘Time’ did not make it into ANY genre or category if it is really selling so well and popular? T fans can stay in their fan mode and corners all they want but don’t shove that garbage and praise down my ears. I am certainly thankful and hopeful I will not hear her music on my local radio station.

I believe I have wasted enough time and energy on this woman. And mind you it is all on her WORKS! Not judging her character, her relationship, how she conduct herself.

And I have a new resolution for the new year (actually starting now), no more talk about this woman, her music or anything related to her. So not worth my time for her 5 minutes of fame.

Thank you HKN for allowing me to rant. SO MUCH! I did not want to pollute my own blog and promote her further with a special feature, not benefiting anyone, not uplifting or edifying in anyway. So I had to rant in the commentaries. LAST TIME I AM DOING THIS PEOPLE. BEAR WITH ME!

I tried so hard Rob to like what you are showing me about her music, but I really can’t. Sorry!

Mickeymackey said...

Long day of shopping tomorrow. Kinda glad things are very quiet out there. Nice pic of K. It's amazing how gracious she is with her fans and taking pics. Hope you all have a great weekend and to those of you seeing Still Alice this weekend enjoy. Can't wait to see it myself

Unknown said...

MC and Vernie - Thank you, Thank you for your eloquent postings and mainly, your decision to remain active to support RK, HKN blogs and the ladies of Haven. We have become a family that cares for each other, are supportive, and we can happily chat about our primary focus, Rob and Kristen - their professional, life, their movies, SP and etc!

Stargazzer - sending my thoughts and prayers for a smooth delivery and a happy, healthily baby. So much excitement in your household.

Welcome to all the new posters, this is a great place to be if the moderator is enabled.

Vernie's daughter - Thank you for your postings and introduction of your strong family in support of your mother. We love you and your beautiful family.

Sending hugs and love to all.

Mickeymackey said...

I cant believe what an idiot I am tonight. I meant COSM not Stiil Alice. Bad day ay work and night not much better. Sorry about that

Unknown said...

...as i sit here in the lovely twinkling Christmas light, i'm reminded of how much i have to be grateful for; a roof over my head, a warm room to be in, my family that i love so much, the fun of making secret Christmas plans, the hope of happy faces Christmas morning... oh so many things. i'll be baking scrumptious Christmas goodies very soon that we only have this time of year, oh yum! i've been wrapping presents tonight to send to loved ones far away... i'm glad they will think of me and my family on Christmas day. Christmas, Hanukkah, the Solstice turning of the Earth, however you want to say it, is such a special time. i'm so happy it's that special time now and i hope you are all enjoying getting ready for your own happy, candlelit season.

Tell me your special traditions, i'd love to hear about it. RKFaith, i was so glad to see you, i'd love to hear all about your plans... i'll bet you have so many wonderful Hanukkah traditions to enjoy. i have a small menorah i light each year in honor of my dear Jewish friends. It sits gleaming on the breakfront close beside the tree.
i'll be making christmas cakes from the dried fruit from the orchard i planted when we first moved to this farm many moons ago. i have it all soaking in fine rum right now...apples, pears, persimmons, cherries, apricots, plums-- i picked them this fall and dehydrated a lot of them, and now they're soaking in rum. oh yeah, really good rum people. yes ma'am. i put the fruit in on 'Stir-up Sunday', which i stumbled across looking at how people in England celebrate the Season. and i stirred them the hell up, you better believe i did! (and had a bit of rum myself as well i might add)
my christmas cakes are sometime to behold, let me tell you. i decorate them with pecans and cherries. they have a nice sort of syrup i make in the pan which goes on top of them... they kind of remind me of little individual pineapple up-side down cakes, except they're cherries and pecans, instead of pineapple. i also make a special fudge, very simple, only 6 ingredients, sugar, cocoa, milk, water, vanilla and butter, but carefully cooked to the hard ball stage and lordie how it melts in your mouth! and oatmeal cookies with walnuts and raisins, which my family love but we only have this time of year, and no other.
Lazemeister, how do our Australian friends celebrate? do you get a big old tree and drag it in like we do? i'd love to hear how you each keep this very special time of year... how do our haven friends around the world and our nation celebrate?

i love the beautiful painting-like picture of RK and Sweetest Little One by the Christmas Tree that you, HKN, gave us toward the end of this most recent post. thank you so much, sweet sweet HKN! *kisses* it's so beautiful

(i ran out of space, next part follows)

Unknown said...

(part two)

here's a Christmas song i wrote:
(i'll sing it soon in my studio and put it up on my tumblr for you all)

Christmas Mystery
by pookie

Winter sun is low and so
Goes early off to sleep
Longest night wraps all around
The Earth so dark and deep

Stars in perfect stillness bright
All take their place this Christmas Night
And join in shining majesty
They light the way this holy eve
A Part of Christmas Mystery

Warm and fragrant candles glow
A kiss beneath the mistletoe
Ever green the Christmas Tree
Making Angels in the snow

A gift can be so many things
The sweet surprise a smile can bring
Hearts once cold, now neighborly
This is a Christmas Mystery
Part of the Christmas Mystery

Christmas is a Mystery
A golden chain for us to climb
On links of loving warmth and light
Connecting us through all our lives
Ringing out the Bells of Peace
And Hope for all Humanity
Goodwill to every living thing
For Love is Born and is our King
This is the Christmas Mystery

Christmas is the Magic Lamp
That lights the Dark December
Children grow, the years flow on
But still I will remember
Faces in the firelight
How beautiful you looked tonight
And how we kept so perfectly
Our own Christmas Mystery
Our own Christmas Mystery–

Christmas is a Mystery
A golden chain for us to climb
On links of loving warmth and light
Connecting us through all our lives
Ringing out the Bells of Peace
And Hope for all Humanity
Goodwill to every living thing
For Love is Born and is our King
This is the Christmas Mystery
This is the Christmas Mystery!


well that's all for right now from the mousehole, where all is merry and bright!

--christmas cheers to you all

Unknown said...

Stargazer, Will send out best of all prayers for easy delivery and healthy baby this weekend, you are truly blessed. VERNIE, send us a note to let us know you are good. Watching special on THE BOSS, Bruce Springsteen, on the OK-NET- really good, so many people, Patti Smith, Elton, Sting, and variety of new and older artists, tribute show. John Legend and Mavis Staples were great, really good. Everyone stay well, Susie

Unknown said...

Beautiful POOKIECHRISTMAS! Love you! Susie

Unknown said...

BUD DIAMOND, Like you said it's not worth talking about. New subjects please, please. I love our Christmas poem. Continuing to discuss that subject is like the dog chasing his tail, going around and around, getting dizzy and sick and frustrated because that tail just will not stand still! I just refuse to chase tail! can't touch it!

andreana said...


Great post and you said it so much better than I did..you expressed exactly what I think is true..if Rob is involved with this twigg as a venture...sorry...I came...I saw ....not buying...or hopefully ever listening again....

Putting up the Christmas tree today..decorating ...it goes against the grain...but I have to put away my inner grinch..cause I play Santa to a lot of people...
I went to my hubbie's company Christmas party....had two Stella 's in honour of our favorite
sparkly vampire!....lol
Gigi hope youcome back soon...don't stay away too long!

pookie love your Christmas song...so glad you are back

keeping you and your family in my prayers! Not worried though cause those stupid haters just woke up a giantsleeping bear! They should
be worried!
Everybody back on the ship ...we can't sail til all hands are on deck! Lol.

Unknown said...

Good morning to all the Havens! Happy Saturday! I just got to work. Keep me posted. I posted some pictures of my fresh Christmas tree. Love you all. Hugs to you all.
Stargazzer, I will pray for you too.

Annie said...

Morning all.

What a Friday i had.......Didn't get to see Still Alice yesterday but I'm at the cinema now for the 10:45 showing today.
Will review later.

It's a rainy, rainy day here.

andreana said...

Lucky you! Its a rainy rainy day here in Charlotte also....wish I was going to see Still Alice today...another reason its great to live in New York city....wish today I could share a buckett of popcorn with you.!.....:-( who knows when it will play in Charlotte.....sigh

Frenchie said...

RK Faith, so happy to hear from you and that you're busy but fine! I was worried about you...
Take care!

Annie said...

If you are in NYC or LA this week see Still Alice.

Julianne Moore was nothing short of perfect as Alice......She was mesmerizing! There is nothing to fault in her portrayal of Alice.
I'm saying this now........I would be shocked if she doesn't win the Oscar.

It's an emotional sucker punch and you see just how devastating a disease Alzheimer's is......The struggle, the sheer panic, the helplessness.

I wanted more scenes with Kristen (greedy I know :).....Her scenes are brilliantly played and when she recites the monologue from Angels in America and Alice responds.......I don't think there was a dry eye in the theatre.

The supporting cast were wonderful as well.......I think many will be pleasantly surprised or maybe not by Alec Baldwin's turn as Alice's husband.

Not to give too much away but take tissues.......You will need them.

The cinema was packed!

Annie said...

Andreana: One day on that shared popcorn. :)

MC: I hope Still Alice comes your way soon. It's a must see.

Mjeangirl: Glad you got to see it. One of many perks of living in NYC. :)

Hoping everyone is doing well.

Mickeymackey said...

You know I was looking at the pics from Miami today and came to a realization. Whenever you saw pics of R and K together, you might at some point got a pic of either them hugging or kissing. At least showing some affection. When I saw the pics yesterday, I noticed that the first set showed the branch more concerned with whoever she is walking with and R was next to her but not close. When the pics came out today from yesterday, they showed 2 people barely holding hands and he didn't look happy at all. Now I don't know about you but if, according to the haters and trolls, she has proclaimed her undying love for him, don't you think she would be walking hand and hand with him and not with her arm around another person? This was the eye opening for me. For all that has been written about what a great couple they are together, they sure don't look it to me. They look like 2 people who barely tolerate being in the others presence. Its sad really. Anyway, I for one, am truly in your corner now and always.

Morning Coffee said...

Hi Everyone....

pookie once again you bring a smile to all our faces can't wait to hear part 2 set to music...

a stargazzer...don't know if the little one has aarrived yet but either wait sending warm wishes to you and the family...what a wonderful Christmas present..

Annie hope you got to actually see the movie today...

to everyone else have a pleasant evening and a great tomorrow...

andreana said...

I haven't seen pictures..but I am sorry to hear that Rob is with her yet again.....

Unknown said...

Annie, I sure hope to see Still Alice soon, taking Jacqueline and my best friend also. We have rain and 40-50 degree days. The wet reminds me of New Orleans, humid and wet-cold. Keep those positive vibes going for the cast of Alice, we already know they are winners, wonderful actors. Getting out my Christmas lights and candles, tiny trees with cedar smells, baby angels and tiny white bears, bells, and Christmas globe that is a music box. I haven't seen my talking moose stocking, but I know it's in the box! Have fun and hug those babies! They grow up so fast! Love to Haven, Susie

Mickeymackey said...

Annie - so glad the movie was good. I was contemplating coming in from Long Island to see it but didn't want to get involved with anyone protesting and I think I would have had to pass something to get to the theatre. By the time I was going to say screw it and drive in, it was too late. Hopefully it will come out to Long Island soon and I can then go see it.

Lazmeister said...

Hi to all you wonderful Havennettes!
Pookiemeisteriddityoppolous yes we do the whole tree and family dinner thing. But when and how we do it are general based on the ethnicity of the parents, grandparents etc. So mine being European on Mum's side we celebrate Christmas Eve, then Dad being Aussie/Irish we have the huge roast (beef, pork, lamb - yes sometimes all three!) on Christmas Day. I love having family around me and if I plan well enought I try not to get too stressed about the cooking and cleaning. Everybody pitches in with the cooking on all sides so that helps!
The kids and I have decorated the tree and house this weekend - we are just wrapping all of the presents now.
Stargazzer - I hope the birth proceeds well and your health little budnle is with you.
Annie - thanks for the review!
RKFaith - I'm with the others it's so good to hear from you, I work with some Israelis so I have a fair understanding (purely from words not experience) of what is happening in your fair country. I hope you have a wonderful Hanukka.
Love to all.

Unknown said...

Good night to all the Havens! I am home from work. And I am tired. Love you all! Keep me posted. I love all your comments. Great job. Night!

Unknown said...

how is your weekend?
On the pictures rob looks really not happy. He does not like. I do not understand why he and this woman, one day after the tour running holding hands around the city? !
Does it mean that it is not finished yet? And why is he still at 06 in Miami?

I think everything must eventually come to an end. it's time.

Happy Sunday. Love you all. Hugs

Unknown said...

Good morning Ladies.... All is good with me. Never let it get me down.....I want to thank all the Havenettes for all the love I am shown.
RKFaith it is so dear to hear from you. I have missed you greatly. You are a very special lady and I send prayers up for you and love to you.
My Pookster I have missed you my friend. Thank you so much for the beautiful words. You always leave me stunned and wanting more. I love you my travel buddy.
Sweet sue morris, You are a gem. Thank you so much for everything. Much love to you sweet lady....
Merle My daughter said you are welcome and I say thank you dear friend. You are one of the best.
a stargazer thank you. My first middle and last reaction. I know you are all here for me and each other and I am so proud to know you all.
Frenchie it left me speechless and drained for a minute but now gloves are off. Much love friend.
andreana you are a trooper. Thank you for all.
Laz my bud from down under. thank you for all you've done and do. much love for ya
MC- my sweet loving sister. What can I say but I love you dearly sweet lady.
Everyone remember you are a Havenette. HKN has made a safe and true place for you to come. If she says it, it is the truth. The woman does not do anything without proper research first. Please continue to come, lift up and promote this site. It is one of the only honest ones out there. DIDY is another. These ladies research and do their due diligence before they post a word. I know this now because I started to pay attention more. I have always believed in them but I never paid attention to the process. I do now and these two ladies are a marvel. I know you support them. Please continue to lift them up in prayer and support them. They won't let you down.......

Unknown said...

VERNIER, Sweetie, that tribute to HKN and Tempest was beautiful. We have no idea the idiots and downright evil they endure daily just to eliminate the ugly comments that are usually negatives, lies, slander to the Pattinson's, and/or anybody handy like you VERNIER, whose family was threatened. We see now and then the insanity of the Hollywood rags and hags that throw-up their newly reworked latest redone photos and stories to match, keeping everything color coordinated, and then another gossip cop comes in to change their blossoming plant and kill it to uncover a snake in the grass. It is prophetic that these companies of evil compete for money and hate each other. They all come out of the same rat hole, smelly beyond belief, of dead rats and other garbage. I am grateful that Rob said it best, " reading these stories makes people stupid", and Kristen said " I'm going to let people believe what little movies the want about us--keep them guessing." Every time you see a new photo, and a new story, remember that, and in the meantime I choose to believe HKN, ROB, KRISTEN, MC, MAMA NAILS, TEMPEST, and keep a positive outlook on life. They are together and have a family to protect, any way they have to. I am not delusional, just using common sense and not wasting my breath or time on very strange people who make threats on friends here at Haven. We have been blessed here, we have some normal and kind people who actually worry about Rob and Kristen, care about them, and stay up waiting to be sure all the members of Haven are fine too. This is a big family folks, we are all over the world, and we still say, we love you Rob and Kristen, just stay safe please, and keep on kicking ass! love Susie from Oklahoma

fishyone2 said...

Vernier - you are so loved her - its inspiring. I've learned through trial and error that all is calm when you stay away from the ugly sites. I realized that not only was it the stories that were upsetting - but even more so it was the way people treated each other. NO more. I'm staying here and with MN where people are kind and supportive. I have no time in my life for ugly and bitter people like there are on GC.

Sherry said...

I have to get this off my chest. What the f is Rob still doing with the branch? There's nothing to see in the pics but enough is enough. I hope the money is worth it. I am having a problem with him being with her. My husband even said he wouldn't be anywhere else but with his wife and child. I know what has been told us and what MN has seen but this is just weird. I'm tired of having to get our info second hand. Rob and Kris don't owe us anything but just maybe they owe it to themselves to come clean about all this. There are always going to be people who will hate them and threaten them. I have come very close to walking away from this whole thing. I have a bad feeling about this whole thing. As of now, I will lurk and watch but I need to go forward. I love you all.
I'm sure some of you will give me a tongue lashing and say I am a flip flopper but I don't like cat and mouse games.
Did want to let you know I nought The Rover. Will watch it over Christmas break.
I wish you all a wonderful holiday season. I'll be around , but tired of this game.

Unknown said...

Good night to V is standing still, Morning Coffee, Annie, and to all the Havens! Hugs to you all. Keep me posted. Night all!

Unknown said...

good morning
smh! I firmly believe in Rob, kristen and baby. But this is a behavior that I do not understand!
The beach pictures show clearly that nerves him the paps. but why he is still with her? I mean, it's not romantic, but 4 days after tour end.
I really believe in the end of the PR thing!
But I have a question the redhead guy behind rob, that's kissed the T?
Nice start of the week. Love you all. Hugs

Morning Coffee said...

Good Morning ladies.....

I hope each of you had a good weekend. it has been dreary, cool and rainy here since yesterday...good sleeping weather but not much else..

I used my time yesterday fixing my computer which has been on the verge of death for a while now constantly freezing up..it seems to be doing well now...

Vee you know I love you too sweet sis that goes without saying..they don't make many people these days who are as good and loving as you are...

Arleen Hope you have a good day today..and Susie..Merle, Tina, and everyone I missed...

Sherry...I am not going to call you anything..Rob and Kristen owe us nothing..not even an explanation of what, why or how they are doing. This may be a good time for you to step away and give yourself a chance to relax...I have said before and got my ass reamed for it by the fandom Rob and Kristen need their privacy just like every one of us..

Instead of paying attention to what Rob is doing with T..pay attention to what T is doing with the red headed man who has foolowed her every step of her tour and was caught playing kissy face with her...watch the pics as Rob moves further away from her as she stops, waits and reaches her hand back to the red head guy...This is her significant other I have to believe...

Stop questioning Rob and what he is doing...it's no ones business but his and Kristens.

This isn't just for you Sherry..it's for any one who keeps asking the same questions over and over why, why, why...It's not for any of us to know.

I hope you all have a great day...

ASFJ said...

Hi All:

I have to laugh......when I saw those pics at the beach I did a double take.....I thought "isn't that the guy Branch was sucking face with in NY"? And..."wow, he looks just like the guy in the car leaving the CM"?

Now I see I'm not the only one noticing.....

Gee....I wonder if Prince knows??? Somebody oughta clue the guy in...

fishyone2 said...

HKN - this is not even to post - just a little virtual hug from one of your fans. Thank you for being strong - for being faithful - for being calm and rational. Like many others, I get frustrated with what I see - until I stop looking :). You have an amazing amount of courage to put yourself and your convictions out here on a public blog where you open yourself to attack. I know you moderate, but I don't think we can even imagine the hateful things that are sent to you that you never even post. There are some ugly hate-filled and bitter people out there. I'm sorry you have to deal with them. We think you are pretty kick-ass - so please never change.

Paloma said...

Hola havenetes, me entristece mucho ver las fotos de Rob con la chica está en la playa y para mi no hay justificación ninguna. Una cosa es promocionarla y para ello acompañarla a los conciertos pero esto no tiene pinta de estar haciéndolo por ese motivo. Me da pena por el porque ha dejado a una gran persona y a una gran mujer como es Kristen.

Barbara said...

@Sue M. It is the 9th of December here in Australia. So it is your birthday Down under. So Happy Birthday Sue, hope you have a wonderful day and remember Andy is singing softly in your ear "Happy Birthday Darling"
love from Barbara ,Khan and Fergus.xxx

Annie said...

The SAG Award nominations come out this Wednesday.

The Golden Globe nominations this Thursday.

Unknown said...

Well I am interested to see if HKN visited her cousin and had a few GOOSES. Tis my favorite drink with cranberry or lime flavors! I would love to know if Kristen is letting her hair grow out or whatever. Also, does she plan to visit Oklahoma in the near future? I live near Tulsa, and read a TBELL note where Kristen is doing a movie here. Hopefully we will find out soon. MC, at some point , despite all the shade being thrown around at Rob primarily, the truth always makes itself known and feel the same way many do, since we really do not know RK, and know nothing of their lives really, the best I can believe from all the things said by RK is that actually they are just fine, a message generally coming from Ruth, who I believe is rather correct. Assumptions made by gossips prove correct the old standby saying that assumptions are like assholes, everyone has one. HKN has to deal with deletions, and I imagine there are some posts it is a delight to delete. Thanks again for providing comment moderation. It is a pleasure to have this as a control over hateful posts. Susie

BudDaimond said...

@Pookie. I am a fan of your soulful and rich voice. Reminds me of another fav singer of mine Laura Fgyi. Did you compose all your own songs? Amazing!

My fav christmas traditions, watching christmas cantatas done by the children in church, midnight masses, music/prayer/food with family. Usually around a tree and with a crypt (miniature). Oh, who can forget spiced wine! I remember watching a girl stuck out her tongue catching a snowflake from the first snow on christmas eve,while walking home from church. She exclaimed 'see, that is God's present to us! ' moved me to tears that faith of a child,and brought on by just gentle snowflakes!! One of my most treasured memory.

New post from me for people who don't want to talk about Miami PR campaign and want to indulge a little in the upcoming festivities.


Catch up soon. Lots to do!

Unknown said...

Fans who don't see Rob is doing everything to confuse us are blind. Today, fans are freaking out over the new pics, Robstens are leaving the ship hating on Rob but serious media and Twitter are only focused on Still Alice, the new trailer, the press junket and Kristen's performance. And nobody is bothering Kristen with private questions. So fans are their own ennemies. And they prove Rob is right to keep going. Hate on him if you want to. He doesn't care. His wife is safe, happy and receiving praise for her work.

sookiePattinson said...

Hola, Ms.H., and Ladies of the Haven.

Ms. H., I have been following you girl in the twitterverse. I see that you're taking heads and sparing no heifer. I love it!!. Although, I suspect many of those trying to create buzz are just little girls. Oh well!! If you can't wear the big girl panties, stay the hell off twitter. Just sayin.

All the photos I've seen coming out of Miami, in my opinion, more than ever tell the truth of the matter. Damn it Rob, the heart can't lie. Rob's body language is exhibit A definitely showing the world that he is not in to this $2 trick. Yes, I said $2 trick. You know they say you can push a $2 trick to the blink, cause they got no limits. What else would you call a women who simulates masturbation on stage as a part of her performance? Slut? That too. Do you doubt that some stupid parents took their 8 yr old (their target audience)in hopes of seeing Rob. Rob can continue doing the "walk of Shame" with the $2 trick. At this point, it's comical!! Ladies, did you notice the tricks' man. Always around. If it's quacking, it's a duck. Just sayin.

But girls, did ya'll see that hot as hell photo of Rob on that Beach! Like, triple damn!!! Thank you universe for putting that one out there. As if he is saying, how do you like me now? Ok, I love it, baby!!! Where can I buy me some of that?? It's a fuckin shame for one man to be that fine? Like shit, Kris is one lucky dog. I can't even imagine waking up to that!!! It's crazy but all good.


Sherry said...

MC thank you for doing what I knew someone would do. I don't need anyone's advice on what to do. im just tired of whatever this is. Im 58 years old. I truly believe Rob is there to help her along. I just think enough is enough. After a certain point PR can go bad and hurt more then help. If he doesn't distance himself soon, this will get messy.

I'm out.

Mickeymackey said...

Unfortunately, MC, the rest of the pics are up with regard to the beach and they are not at all flattering. I noticed the red headed guy and he sure does look like the guy from NY and she seems to be looking away from R and at something.
I for one and not looking at any other sites but yours HKN from now on. On another note, K looks very happy and healthy at both the Still Alice conference along with being out with her friend.

Unknown said...

Well, I am probably just an old silly optimist but everything in Florida looked posed, faked and if you always believe what you see, that is the desired result, since the director is Rob and he sets up his own shots for a reason. Since bikini clan girlfriend has red-headed boyfriend and has been with her all the way, I find beach party bingo just another joke on the gossip hounds and Kristen haters. But that's just me. Another thing, does anybody think Kristen is without male companionship? Kristen is very well liked by nearly everyone and she probably sees a lot of men all the time for business and non-business but is careful not to get in a picture with anyone so the rags cannot connect her to anybody but girlfriends, hence the gay charges. I remember she was plugged in to Nick HOULT before she even began shooting with him, in Japan. I see Rob taking the camera off Kristen's private life for a multitude of reasons, as a husband and father. He is very obvious what he is doing and must have good reason, just exactly what does not matter, but he looks like he is having fun doing it. I do understand Sherry, especially because your husband and you are representing your church. I have learned the hard way from watching RK, they are in this together and support each other. I cannot understand why everybody understands Rob and Kristen, because nobody knows what is happening, definitely not the press, just read the headlines, they read and see what RK want them to, because they are making the headlines themselves. Both are still wearing each others clothing as a signal to each other, not us. We are all rather tired of the PR but it is possible they have good reason for it. I do think it is silly to think you are able to mind read and understand very clever people who want the fans out of their lives, their personal lives as the computer has become a weapon used to fact find their lives. I keep telling myself to just not react to pictures, because you are only seeing what the press wants you to/or what Rob wants you to. Rob hates the press, so go figure. PR probably, definitely not romance. MC, you are right, this definitely is getting worse before they may get better, and I am really more into the movies, the recent movie decisions on best actor/actress and not so much who is supposed to be doing who, that is getting sort of confused with two many boyfriends and so on. Does make you pause to say-BS. I would say Rob is definitely getting even with someone or something because he is smiling a lot. Say Cheese Rob.

Tempest said...


Unknown said...

afsj guess what the red headed guy also was also walking and talking with t when they left the concert in la .When t finally caught up with r on the beach he was walking right by t. I'm so glad to read your post. The guy has been driving me crazy ever since the gay bar. He just keeps popping up. Hope hkn knows who he is. I'm glad someone else noticed this to. I'm not going bonso.

Unknown said...

Hi to all the Havens! I got great news. I got three jobs now. One at Sizzlers, ihop, and BK. Just because I have three jobs doesn't mean I am leaving here. I am staying here. BK I will be doing counter person serve food and cashier on a week night. Twice a week. That I ought share with you all. I love you all. And I love RK too.

Unknown said...

Arleen, my goodness, three jobs! You have been really busy! Please get some sleep and remember to eat well! Love you! Vicki, there has always been a boyfriend with red hair, from the beginning. That is why I said confusing about boyfriends including Prince, which was another name dropping sequence. Oh well, it's Hollywood, same stories, different names, and typical bad behavior. Bad boy behavior gets good press, well it gets press. Which is what this is all about. We all love RK, Arleen and hope you get some rest!

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