Thursday, April 3, 2014

Some People Need A Head Slap .....

Some people in this fandom need a slap...

Right upside the head.

This is a video of Rob supposedly arriving at the Chateau Marmont after attending a wrap party for Life at the Den.


The tabs show you a picture of The Den. They then show you Rob, Dean and a brunette woman driving a car (you know the dipshidiots pounced on that right?) supposedly away from the Den and into Chateau Marmont. They make sure and show you the Chateau Marmont sign so you're sure to buy into all this. And we know he is leaving and not arriving for the wrap party how again? We know this was even from the wrap party and not the previous night when they were done filming how again? 

The dipshidiots were wetting their pants over this. 

"He's staying at the CM! He's not with Kristen. HAHAHA!"

That slap upside the head is coming at you fools. 

 Listen up. Just because he attended a wrap party for Life does not mean he is not with Kristen. And again for those who are clueless ...

NO he is not living or staying at the Chateau Marmont. Him and Kristen have their own place to live and  that's where he wants to be. 

With the mother of his child to be. 

That part kills the dipshidiots. They will make up any excuse rather than accept that fact. 

  And speaking of excuses the ones for Rob not rushing off to his new home in England were hysterical.

"Rob has interviews Thurs and Friday and then he and his parents will be going back to his new home in England."

"Rob and his parents have a christening to attend and then they will fly back to England."

Double slap! 

 I give you mystery woman number 1,000,002.  It could be more. I've lost count of their desperate attempts.

This is according to the dipshdiots the new love in Rob's life. Yep he cares so much about her he 's making her drive instead of Dean so he doesn't have to sit next to her. ! Now that's love!

You would think they have learned by now but no they still keep trying. Even after they have lost EVERY time they try.

Bitch slap coming at you and well deserved!

 @realjulesstew: Words to live by. Thank you Kristen and crew you are a constant inspiration.

Kristen's mom Jules  posted this pic and the dipshidiots took it to mean something it didn't

" Kristen gave away the trumpet Rob gave her! They aren't together anymore HAHAHA!"

And you know this how again? Do you know where this pic was taken.? Could be in Kristen and Rob's new house for all we know. Or Kristen's office at Libertine Films.

Sneak attack slap! lol.

There is a blogger out there who says she doesn't want to be dragged into our drama. She wants to be left alone. But then she goes and attacks us on her blog. She doesn't have enough guts to call us out by name. That's not her style. She says tick tock tick tock lol. Well Rose (yes I have enough guts to call you out by name), you're right time is running out. On you. 

Who in the hell do you think you are? Simply because we believe in something positive you want to attack us. Why are you so worried about what we say or think to be true? I'm sick and tired of the holier than thou bullshitters who think they are better fans than anyone else. 

 Sit down and shut up Slap!

The tabs have multiple personality disorder at the moment. Hollywood Life needs to seek professional help. 

First they say Rob and Kristen are back together and in an open relationship.

Oh wait forget that. Rob's hooking up with Katy Perry.

  What drugs are these people on because I want some. 

No they are not and never have been or ever will be in an open relationship. 
Give it up on the Katy crap. She's denied you multiple times. Take the hint.

You're irritating the hell out of me slap. 

 Now for some good news. 

Maire Claire UK updated Kristen's profile.

Although most of us know Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga, she has actually been a working actress since the age of eight. Born in 1990, K-Stew, as she's affectionately known by her fans, admits that she has never been comfortable being the centre of attention and finds her huge fame hard to deal with. Neither she or her Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson have ever confirmed they're in a relationship but it's common knowledge that they have been dating ever since they met on set. As a notoriously private couple, they are rarely photographed together, much to most people's disappointment!

Funny how they never say ex or put it  in the past tense. Present tense. As in still are .

This is coming soon.

Rob looks happy to be home doesn't he.

Those glasses he has on  look familiar...


Now according to the dipshdiots anything they swap  glasses, clothes, caps are all comped to them so they have two of everything. 

Say cheese!

Gonna miss Dennis Stock Rob

One more for the road. Can't wait for this movie. I think it's going to be a favorite of mine.

Thats about it for this time and remember ladies.....



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Vernier said...

I love this fucking post!!! it is so on point. Thank you HKN...... They need to let it go and leave this blog site alone. No one is going there and bothering them but they seem to still have to chat nastily about here. Speak it Gurl!!! Speak it!!!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks dear hkn :) love you great post but you didn't have any info from your cousin , maybe next post the baby boy is out 🙏💋❤️🎊🎊🎊🎊

Unknown said...

This blog is only for Robsten fan no pissed shit people :)) ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Vernier said...

Know what I think, hypothetically that is, That that was someone in Rob's jacket in the backseat as a diversion cause K was having the baby or has had it. You never see his face, hair, nothing. You see Dean so you assume it's Rob. I was hoping for more pics to see if it was him but we haven't got them. Probably cause they are not out there and no one is really using this so called sighting on their site. Why wouldn't they get a pic of him getting in car even if they can't get one of him getting out? They were suppose to be where he was right to get this much of a pic/vid. JS

Vernier said...

I mean nobody using it but those Robsessed chicks that is.... lol lol

Uncommon Sense said...

I think this counts as a bitch-slap to all the dipshits! Well done once again HKN!

felicity said...

thanks hkn.. i've seen so much stupid crap during the last day.. all of them were there.. kp, dp, the pig, the mysterious brunette.. smh.. it is too much bs out there.

take care everyone.. things are going to get tough before they are getting better.

Tbell said...

That's what im talking about! The brunette story was hilarious hkn. I mean its one thing for the Haters to insuate he's a manwhore but now they're just plain calling him a pussy lol.

Thanks for updating it was getting hard scrolling thru the 500+comments this week lol. I'd check after 24 hours and id have 100 comments to catch up with lol. But I guess it's better than having to scroll thru 24....right?

Have a good night lady.

Hey Havenettes
The wind has kicked up to 40 and the sky is once again brown. We really need rain here. The farmers have already lost most of the wheat and we haven't had a cotton crop going on 4 years. Please pray for rain for sw Oklahoma!

Hope rob and kristen are huddled up with some deserved down time enjoying friends and fam!

Unknown said...

Hey HKN, a great post and yes, things had to be said!! Vernier, I thought the same thing about the person in the back seat. Just ignore those haters everyone, they are getting more desperate than you can imagine. The countdown is on!!

Janie said...

HKN great post as usual. Love how you tell them how it is. Love how you're not holding back.

Vernier said...

Good night Ladies.... off to bed.... Have an early day tomorrow.......

Tbell said...

Hey verni
I had a lightbulb moment tonight...Rose isnt even relevant to whats going on in the fandom anymore. All of her posts are about her problems. Who wants to hear about her fucking problems lol.

Goodnight Haveners and have fun mama

Morning Coffee said...

well I came to see wat the ladies were up to and here I find a new post. What an absolutely brilliant post it is too.

HKN and Havenettes, what you are witnessing now is the last ditch efforts of the malicious haters who have lost skirmish after skirmish. Battle after battle.

They have seen the war is lost...they no matter how hard they tried...could not discredit Rob with their lies about him. They could not seperate Kristen from the all consuming love her and Rob have and have had for each other since day 1.

HKN I am so proud of you...you shoot from the hip and take no prisoners. Thank you.

Goodnight to all my havenettes, sweet dreams.

Unknown said...

HI LADIES, Tracey, love the baby picture with the sunglasses, it's perfect! Ever since that picture came out I really thought it was not Rob. It is what I would do if I did not want people to know where I was, like home. Dean may be doing something with the family also. Leaving to go where and where is the shot of Rob? Any picture is jumped on like flies on shit, and these people do not get caught, so I agree, it is not Rob. There are so many places I wish Rob and Kristen were, and HW is not where I wish they were. But, this is where they work, where they live, and they do not run, do not hide, -- and are nearly invisible. I guess the idiots will eventually get tired of no pictures, because at any time, any day both can be elsewhere with family so finding them might be rather hard. I love it that they are having quiet time.
I agree with you Vern, the whole thing was a diversion to lead them away.

Unknown said...

HKN, very good post and I have no doubt that you are right about the DIPSHITIDIOTS who are having a temper tantrum out there. I love it you can collect all the insults for lawsuits, that is amazing. I am still really surprised at the actions of supposed adults and I am so happy that crap does not touch Rob or Kristen, I am so happy for them that they have a family and friends that are supportive and loving. Thank God for normal family. I am so excited about all the new movies, that is so cool.

rklove said...

Thank you for being brave enough to stand up for your blog and for the Havenettes. It's about time someone put Ms. *Hoity Toity* and her condescending attitude in place.
Everyone has a right to believe what they want without someone making deragatory comments.
The constant drama with the *Dipshitidiots* is getting behind tiresome. Any fool can see that Kristen is pregnant. For goodness sakes, even my son made a comment about Kristen looking * knocked up* lol.

I guess we are going to be doing a lot of bitch slapping in the comeing weeks. They can deny all they want, but baby Pattinson will be arriving soon whether they want it or not.

Again, thank you for a wonderful post HKN. Have a wonderful night Havenettes!

NOLA girl said...

Hey all (Havenettes)!!!
Goshdangit!!! I wish I would have read SRWN before I started posting. Can't wait to see what's going on over there.

HKN - you are so good to us! Thank you for the new post. We just need to keep the faith. What does it say about a person/people who spend their days spewing hate and spreading lies? What a miserable existence. It's so much easier to choose to be happy and positive.

Tracybell - you are so funny! You have a lot going on right now, new house, grandbaby - big changes, but all great ones. Congrats!!

Gigi - I'm a big-time sports fan. I watched part of Jadaveon Clowney's pro day on ESPN earlier this week. The weather was beautiful. He was awesome!! Gotta love the SEC! Congrats on your new house, but sorry the AC is not working. My idea of Hell is moving. God bless you!

Debbie - feel better soon. I have fibromyalgia as well, but it is well under control. It's tough to be positive when you're feeling really punk. Don't worry about our couple - if things weren't fine, we'd know about it. I trust HKN. Get some quality rest and feel better soon!

Vern - after all the stress you've been under, it's no wonder you aren't yourself. This too shall pass. Just be patient with yourself. As long as you have us, nothing will keep you down for long :) - right? It will be okay. You are one amazing picture - breaker - downer!

felicity - I wanted to let you know my former sister-in-law is a hematology oncology nurse for one of the top groups in this area. We are still great friends. If you would like to put together a list of questions, I know she would be happy to answer them for you. She has helped out my brother's in-laws over this past year and was a big help when my mother-in-law was ill. Let me know, and I'll provide my email address so you can send the questions to me.

Pookie - how are you honey?

Tina - how are you feeling?

Everyone else - hope you're having a relaxing evening. Remain positive and ignore the background noise. Your day will be much more pleasant. Just keep reading what HKN posts.

A hug to each of you! Chillax and sleep well!

Tracybell, I will pray for rain for you guys - no tornadoes. By the way, LOVE your NBA team and Kevin Durant!

Blessings to you all...

Unknown said...

Great job HKN! I love it.

yarialice95 said...

HKN do yourself and remove RPI from your blog list that little drama queen doesn't deserve a spot in the haven, the thing is I don't care if she doesn't believe Kristen is pregnant or not but she should not attack us, Tempest doesn't believe it either but she keeps it classy and doesn't talk shit.

Also have you done something to the blog it looks quite lovely?

Unknown said...

Amazingg post. I've read it 8 times. Nail on head.

Unknown said...

Hello ladies!! Had a great night out with a friend and then a gift of a new post from HKN! Nice recap of the events from the last few days.

The haters out in force once more trying desperately to hold on to their lies. But I believe like bunny said that the countdown is on!

If Rob does have some interviews... Can't wait to see what "accidentally" slips from his month! Hope we get to see them soon!

Goodnight! & sweetP dreams for you all!

Anonymous said...

Great post once again. Vernier I said the same thing earlier on SL board about that not being Rob in the back seat. They seen Dean and Rob's jacket so that must be him. I question why there wasn't a pic of them driving into CM only a pic of the sign.

vana said...

Really, really, really love this post. Poor Rob, yet another brunette.......same story as once before, a driver, just a driver.
Baby Pattinson has such a lovely sound to it.

Hatersknownothing said...

@Chris b

I questioned the same thing about the sign. They show you the sign but never show you where the car is turning into. They also showed you the Den but then cut to the car driving. How do we know where the car was coming from? And Vernier and you make a very good point about how do we even know it is Rob? We never see his face.

Unknown said...

Hkn on the video it shows car drive up to a place and there are people hanfging out in front. What is this place?

a stargazzer said...

Love this I hope it goes throw some thick headed people.

Unknown said...

Just dropping a line to say Hi and have a great weekend Havenettes!

HKN - thanks always for everything, put your hand in some ice after all that slapping. I'm sure they'll more bs to come..


Unknown said...


Tempest said...

Let me make this very clear, i have just read a comment that i 'don't believe Kristen is pregnant' i have never said that, not once throughout this hysteria that has turned so called shippers into attackers and haters with something sharp up their butt cracks...

I said it doesn't bother me if she is or if she isn't - fact!

I have friends on both sides of the argument and they are entitled to their opinion the same way i am entitled to mine. To attack a blog simply for stating it's opinion is ridiculous, time consuming and literally life consuming if you feel you need to come in here make fun, vent or indeed be insulting.

Go to your side of the fence and stay there as the women in this blog have stayed on their side of the fence. If you don't like the content of this blog, STOP reading it and suggest to your fellow friends to not retweet it, reblog or repost it and that way your little world will not be sullied with what is written in here.

Personally speaking people who post in here out of malice need the drama fix, they need to sound important and holier than thou - and that goes for bloggers who lay claim they don't want to be dragged down by all of the 'baby talk' but then make sly comments about another blog just for shits and giggles. There is enough room on this world wide space for more than one opinion - capiche?

Unknown said...

good morning,
brilliant post HKN. It was distributed a slap after another, it was the purest sweeping blow to all the haters and trolls.
Wait what happens in the next few days.
Have a nice sunny day all

Rosey said...

Good post HKN. As far as the Rob pics are concerned; does it really matter whether he was coming or going, arriving or leaving? There was a 'Life' wrap party which Rob probably attended and afterwards went home to Kristen! Doesn't matter how the dipshidiots try to spin it, Rob and Kristen are together - that is perfectly obvious. Whether a little Stewie/Pattinson is on the way will become obvious all in good time, we just have to wait and see.


felicity said...

so, could be that kristen is in NOLA already.

@kdemmaa: Just sat at the bar with Kristen Stewart... um life is awesome

she wrote after that, that she met her at St. Lawrence, which is a bar/restaurant in NOLA.

Unknown said...

HKN you have done it again what a brilliant post, Hello my lovely Havenettes and Mama Nails hope you are all well i do miss photos of Rob and Kristen(MUM TO BE)together but i dont mind because at least the paps have no idea where they are and that makes my day love to them both.Well soon be Kristens birthday wonder if baby will be here by then,i dont know but i just got that feeling that something is happening and it wont be to long they are going to make lovely parents, well hope you all have a lovely weekend and the weather is not to bad my boys start their school holidays for 2 weeks so going to be busy, hugs to you all take care.

Janie said...

Anna Kendrick has come a long way since Twilight. She's hosting SNL on Saturday.
Hope we have another quiet day.

andreana said...

Good post HKN... the only brunette rob is seeing is the little beauty with green eyes.... his baby mama... possibly even his wife... Rob does not go on dates with dean.ROFL. plain dumb! No more relapses just going to hop through the spring and wait.... have a great weekend and hope everyone avoids the storms headed east today.... stay safe

Vernier said...

Good morning Havenettes. I hope you all have a great day. I am off to work.
Question? Rob is 6'1 and Dean is taller than that right? The girl in the car seems to be smaller in stature. The car seems to be a mid size car. I have a midsize Toyota. My nephew is 6'1. If Dean is on the front he has to slide his seat back or his knees won't fit very well on the front. They would fold up and touch dash board. I had my nephew try it out. lol lol This leaves no room for the tall person on the back. Very uncomfortable. This guy seems to have room. Could be wrong but why wouldn't he be on the side with the most room? I mean the space is so small my 5ft. nephew sits uncomfortably. When the guy leans forward he would have been leaning across Dean. Just wondering

Vernier said...

If it were Rob and he was 6'1 that is.

Sherry said...

Did any of them consider the girl is just a female driver for whatever service they hire? I saw an article about people who do what the haters do. A study has shown they are narcissistic and well mean spirited and enjoy what they do. Again I quote Forrest Gump "Stupid is as stupid does. " I am concerned that some of these so-called fans will do physical harm if possible to Rob or Kristen. This crazy behavior is dangerous and needs to stop. I believe it is a major reason Rob and Kristen have gone ninja. I still believe a lot of it is the rag mags stirring the pot. Well all I can say is after we are all hop, skip, and jumping maybe things will calm down. Great post!

Unknown said...

Felicity how do we really know k is in nola? Every one knows about au. This girl probably make fake sighting. If k in nola there would be many more sightings. Wait and see.

Janie said...

I just went to SRWN's. Mama has most of Kristens stunts that she did in SWHM. I saw the movie and enjoyed it. But, until you see it how Mama presents it you have to say damn that girl can act. Yet no one seems to give her any credit for her acting abilities. I just don't get it.

Janie said...

Good Lord

Hop Skip Jump!!

andreana said...

ROFL skip... pfffft

Unknown said...

This post is GREAT! I love K and R and I just hate to hear awful things about either one, esp. WHEN IT'S NOT TRUE! Okay, with that, I'm going to go watch me some NCIS. Thank you HKN

Annie said...

Rain, rain everywhere....grey, wet and so much cooler here today.

If only i were a betting woman.....:):)

Sue from Holland said...

Reading the comments yesterday about certain blogs saying R&K back together/getting together/together but it's an 'open relationship', I was like "are you fuckn kidding me"? Not this crap again.
Today I'm thinking why were you even surprised by them shit sites/tabs/mags doing this. The golden egg of them being apart is drying up, birthdays coming up and hoppa here we go again...The Never Ending Are They/Aren't They Saga of R&K. Bloody hell no wonder they went into hiding.
If there are still people out there believing what tabs/sites are saying, they are more numb dumb brained then I thought and deserve everything they get. Hell how stupid can you be spending money on gossipmags.
I'm not having the best of days and this shit is really pissing me off while it shouldn't. I should just laugh my head of. I wish I had a magic wand and..ok, I'm having rather sadistic evil thoughts of what I would like to do to the tabs, Dolly Molly or whatever the fuck her name is from HLies.
I don't get it, how is Rob (allegedly) sitting in the back of a car, driven by a woman adding up to being his new girlfriend? WTF??? Oh wait...no it's DP...no Katy Perry...hold on no..yes..who? Lets pick a name eeny meeny miny moe....

I have to say, I find it a very sad development that pro R&K blogs are swinging mud at each other. I'm not directing this at you, HKN, I'm talking in general. Typical women.
I wonder if it's an territorial thing. One blog is getting bigger and bigger while the posts and comments of the other are getting grimmer and IMO more arrogant and smug. No blog, whether you're doing it for 6 yrs or only 1 yr, has the monopoly of being the best, most truthful or most intelligent.

Ah well so much for not commenting about all this BS about R&K 'getting back together'. Hahahaha, oh boy....

Toodles from Holland.

Tbell said...

Teresa H.
If K was sitting at the bar of a restaurant in NOLA, where she's known, because she's filmed several movies there, and she was just there last summer, a waitress or server or someone would have tweeted it. Its always a random single text and it makes me think it might be a fake also. It also makes me reconsider the "rob" video as being Rob. Now considering we got 3 tweets about CM siting of Rob and his parents ring more true becuz its the CM, its private and everyone in there could prob give a shit, so hence only 3 tweets. Anyway I guess im saying I agree with u girl until proven wrong lol.

Yeah baby on the Thunder. .. Kevin Durant, russel westbrook and serge ibaka and company have beat the spurs every time this season last night was no surprise! Cant wait till the playoffs. And yes KD and the guys are all gems, such good guys, no drama, they respect and are respected, such a awesome program with immense support and such a positive addition to Oklahoma!

After your story about legs, height, and so on, I think im a believer lol. Good deduction work!

Very good comment!

Holy shit I woke up to freakin 30's again. Wth is with this psycho weather? Oh well have a wonderful day ladies.

Im in love with Avidfan. She's got some beautiful posts! Cant wait to see your questions today...should be interesting ;)

Oh and Annie
You mentioned Josh E about GMA the other day. I heard last night that it was over contract negotiations and they wouldnt give more money. That blond got a huge contract and I cant stand her. She just repeats bs from HL and she is not funny. Then I hear they might hire Michael S. I swear i had a major wtf moment when I heard that. They are turning into a gossip site...yuck

Morning Coffee said...

Good Morning!...

Had to read comments I missed over night....Vern: I have to agree with you..about the car and the space.
The fact of the matter is that film and ppicture says nothing other than factually ...Dean was in passenger seat of car.. a girl woman was driving...man or woman hiding covered up completely in back seat.

OH and it was raining...the whole thing is beyond ridculous.

Tracybell...Hope you all get some much needed good soaking rains...without the storms...

Everyone I missed have a good day. See you around lunch time.

Unknown said...

Good morning to all Havenettes! I am on my way to work. One more thing stay away from trashy tabs and gossip sites. They bring nothing but lies, hate, and most of all is money. Please boycott all those trashy tabs and gossip site. I know I have been a very long time. And I like to keep it that way. And also they will depress you. And you don't want that. Well, I am off to work. Hope you all have a great day.

Unknown said...

GOOD MORNING! Tracey the rain passed up our area also and we now have 30 degree colder weather after 80 degree weather we had yesterday! I think Kristen and Rob are trying to relax somewhere without anyone really knowing where they are, and since her birthday is soon, probably just baby waiting, baby watching, grandparent visiting, picture taking Rob having fun with cameras. Happy Morning you all!

Unknown said...

ARLENE, you are 100 % right about the awful They tell two or three stories, all different to see which story gets the most hits

Janie said...

I'm probably paranoid but cj's instagram he's wearing a girly pink flowered cap and his caption is look closely. Could he be sending us a message? I know I'm crazy. I'm just so anxious for some kind of news.

I was also thinking about the picture of Kristen with the baby moving and haters saying it's the wind. If it's the fan blowing why does she make that mouth expression and look up at Tara? Just saying.

felicity said...

@teresa.. i've said COULD be!! not that i am sure that she is in Nola already..

we will see, if and when there are more legit sightings.

Annie said...


GMA DID hire Michael S, he will also continue his co-hosting duties on Kelly and Michael.
If it was Lara S that got the huge contract increase, i could understand why Josh E would demand more, all Lara truly does is recycle gossip.
Amy Rhobach, I'm nor sure of just yet.
I'm not sure how long Robin Roberts will continue with GMA, we'll see, her girlfriend is in LA.
There just seems to be a whole lot of shuffling at GMA these days.
I do think GMA is becoming top heavy with the gossip and the frivolous.
Trying to figure out what to do with myself on this cold, dreary day. :)

EllenRamey said...

Jane...I had the same thought.

Unknown said...

Sue morris, all tabs and gossip site like (hwlies, gc, e, and the rest of tabs and gossip site) are all the same. They are just selling for money. And love spreading lies. I rather to all the good one. Like HKN, RPI, DIDY, and all the rest of Twitters that supports Rob and Kristen. We all agree same thing. We dont like bs. Well, I am on my way to work. I am totally 100000% Tabs free forever. Later.

Paloma said...

Hola guapas, llevo días sin entrar, espero que todas estén bien :). Es triste que después de 5 años y a día de hoy, todavía haya que explicarle a la gente que KRIS y ROB son pareja y también que haya que justificar todo lo que hacen y dejan de hacer con constantes pruebas solo para que la gente no deje de creer en ellos, como si fuéramos niños de 3 años a los que hay que calmar y quitar el miedo constantemente. Viva nuestros chicos y su inminente retoño. Feliz día :) :)

Vallie said...

Regarding the NOLA sighting from last night - maybe, just maybe, there is some truth to it.

Yesterday the controversial "Jimmy" supposedly posted a pic of NOLA on Insta but then it was quickly deleted. If Jimmy is K then it seems like the last thing she would do is hint at her whereabouts but it is a private account so who knows.

Also, the writer of AU, Max Landis, did a radio interview yesterday and said that filming starts Monday. He then quickly tweeted "Haha whoops 14th #americanultra #ultraexcited". He's in Dubai but tweets a lot so maybe we'll know if he heads back this weekend or not.

Maybe they're trying to get some filming in (1) to avoid the paps before the official start date of the 14th and (2) to get k's filming done ASAP since that baby's coming soon. Knowing where Jesse Eisenberg is could be telling.

Just a thought...

Unknown said...

Why she there so soon. If not filming to 14. If baby coming soon why would she film so close to her due date. She could go in early labor. Unless she plans to give birth down there. Also about rob double. Do u think he is really be using to fake the media. Maybe if r is in nola with k . The double will be seen in la pretending real r is in la. K and him have baby down there. Just tossing ideas.

Janie said...


If Jimmy is a private account how does anyone know a picture was posted? Educate me.

Janie said...


Wow, your mind is working overtime. Seriously anything is possible. What better place to have a baby where paps would least expect it NOLA!! I like the way you think.

Vallie said...

Jane -

I have no clue how people know these things. I'm clueless about Instagram. I think actually it might have been her liking a pic of NOLA and apparently likes & comments of a private user can be seen on a public users account. People watch these public users that follow Jimmy and just wait for Jimmy to like or comment. Who knows? I just though maybe she & R snuck down there to get her part of filming started early so she can finish up before the baby comes. HKN's cuz said she would be filming AU while pregnant.

She says she likes NOLA a lot so maybe Theresa is right & she'll have the baby there.

Maybe she's hiding away in LA with a new baby and not going to NOLA until much later in filming.

We're all just guessing because we know that day is coming and we're so excited and the ninjas are so good at keeping us guessing.

hopesecho said...

Thank you for this post, I was totally unaware of this split with the fans until I asked 'good fans" who cares what others think...how is it hurting kristen? I was so hurt that they were so mean to me. Thank God y'all have taken me in with open arms. Best of all I to am now on the dark side. As Alice would say "took you long enough", but I base things on facts I see, not just because someone else believes something. love, Peace & Happiness to you all! Praying for a safe delivery for Kristen. She is so tiny! xoxo

Tbell said...

Vallie & Hopesecho
Yall need to comment more often love ur speculation and opinion

Teresa jane felicity and crew love reading your thoughts.


Vallie said...

Felicity - would ship you some cupcakes but as I found out while sending some to my kid they use couriers for delivery and I bet Germany is out of their delivery zone:-)

Verni - so sorry for your loss. That is a tragedy but what a blessing that her son was not physically harmed.

Annie - I looked at the list of bakeries you posted and found 1 that makes strawberry cupcakes. For some strange reason that is my son's favorite, and he must be one of only a few that love strawberry because I spent hours online trying to find a bakery there that had strawberry & would deliver. Sprinkles was the only one I could find. I now have 1 more option :-)! I never even fed that kid strawberry cake/cupcakes but I curse whoever did because it's a challenge every year to find something to send him!

Mama Nails - love your Tumblr!

Happygirl said...

It´s time for our sport ladies. Ignore Jump Hop

Vallie said...

There's now a tweet spotting Jesse Eisenberg at Cafe Du Monde 2 days ago. So excited for filming to start because we usually get pics plus hints of the movie!

Happygirl said...

@Vallie The Jesse sighting is/was in Altanta.

Annie said...

Vallie: Try this recipe: :)

Unknown said...

Evening to all you lovely HAvenettes,Hkn, Mama Nails,NOLA girl thanks for asking after me im not to bad today headaches come and go i have (complicated migraines) sounds mad but there we go i got my scan next week dont think its anything to bad but they are just keeping an eye on me. hope you all have a lovely weekend thought the weather might pick up but its miserable here. love to you all take care be safe

felicity said...

@tina.. hope you feel better soon.
fingers and toes crossed for your scan.

and.. people who come here to visit, need to get their facts straight.. js.

not talking to any of those visitors directly.. not worth the efford

Morning Coffee said...

Vallie and hopesecho...Welcome to the haven..always nice to have some more pleasant people join in to chat.

Girlies said I would be back at lunch...I told a fib...actually got caught up in some gardening (trimming shrubbery) and time got away.

We have fun guessing and speculating, playing amateur detectives and enjoying each others company..Our two ninjas go about their daily lives enjoying each other...as it should be.

Eventually all the haters and naysayers will give up and find a new set of vitimes in Hollywood to torment unfortunately...mean seems to be their drug of choice.

I will be back some time later.

take care...

Pookie...if you check in..love and miss you sweetheart.

Morning Coffee said...

vitimes????jeez MC get it right...that should read victims.

Lisa G. said...

Hi Annie,

Thanks for the link to the recipe. Just browsed the site and they have great ideas for our office potlucks.

Vallie said...

Happygirl - the tweeter is from Atlanta but she was at a conference in New Orleans. Something like #CASEEdForum. But I now know that there is a Cafe Du Monde in Atlanta :-)

Annie - that recipe looks great. I'll try it next time he's home for a visit. Thanks!

Tbell said...

I know u posted recipe for Vallie but can I use it to? Lol im kidding. We love strawberry cupcakes so I will try it! Im practicing using spelt flour right now so I'll let yall know how it turns out.

Time will tell on filming or not filming in NOLA when and where so lets sit back relax chill and wait....but thats so friggin hard lol

Beautiful here today sunny and 70 woohoo

Where's Crysseilee? We finally getting great running weather!

Annie said...

Lisa G and Vallie: You're welcome. :)

"I've never met a problem a proper cupcake couldn't fix."
Sarah Ockler.

Janie said...

Well, it looks like we need to start Hopping...Skipping...and jumping.

Not a quiet day today.

Janie said...

Well, it looks like we need to start Hopping...Skipping...and jumping.

Not a quiet day today.

Annie said...

Tracybell......Of course! :):):)
Let us know how it turns out.

hopesecho said...

@Traceybell Thank You! Forgot to add, y'all were nice to me even when I did NOT believe and all knew it. I still have friends on twitter who don't believe BUT, they don't care if others do. Thats the difference between their blog & this one, really Rose was not as bad as the one I saw from a link on twitter, something with a "bookclub" blog. It was sarcastic & mean at that time. I only saw it once & never want to see it again. Anyway no more drama for me! So glad I found this place :)

Unknown said...

NOLA thank you for the encouragement. I am just learning how to deal with the fibromyalgia. How do you keep it under control. Sometimes the pain is very difficult to handle. I would appreciate many help you can send me. Thank you for caring and thinking about me.

Tbell said...

You're welcome and you are welcome and love ur attitude your name is very fitting.

What is there to hop skip and jump over? I didn't see anything ;)

Tbell said...

Oh and welcome to the darkside mama nails has cookies waiting for you : ]

Morning Coffee said...

Jane dear nothing to jump or hop over...trust me absolutley nothing, You having a good day today?

I am ...weather is beautiful finally had decent night's sleep, so that helps..never been a big sleeper but need at least four hours, five being the ideal for me.

Unknown said...

IMO, she was a driver - nothing more, nothing less. It has no bearing on the fact that R&K are happy and expecting.
Thank you, HKN, for the new blog post! It really brightened my difficult day. My family has decided not to get along for the afternoon. I'm relieved I can come here for a little while to escape the stress.
NOLA Girl - I'm a huge Gamecock fan (I went to USC), as well as the SEC in general. Clowney is amazing, and I'd love to see him do well in the draft.
Poolie - I hope you all are okay.
Verni - You always make me laugh. You and your family are in my thoughts.
Tracy - I hope you all get some relief soon.
Hopsecho (love that name!) and Vallie - we're so glad you two are here.
MC - How are you doing?
MN - I can't wait to read the insane questions from the haters. Your responses are perfect.
Everyone I missed - so glad you are part of this refuge.
I have no clue if she's in New Orleans or not. HKN'S cousin said that she would film while pregnant. Maybe they'll do some scenes now and some more in a few weeks? Anything is possible.
I can not wait for the baby to be born, but I know there will be so much crap before that happens. Love to you all and here's to the great things that are coming.

Janie said...


Yes, I had a good day. A working day. I mowed front and back yard then edged both. After cleaning up I tried to nap but couldn't. Hopefully i can turn in early.

I don't think you saw our visitors. HKN did a good job cleaning up.

Unknown said...

Good evening Havenettes!

I did get some doozies last night but I'm gonna sit on them for a bit. Gonna wait to see what happens! Lol. And frankly some if these ppl just don't deserve my attention. They are the epitome of the narcissistic trolls we have here. Probably are from here! Lol

A few want me to PROVE what I say. My thing is don't challenge anyone on their turf, so I say they need to PROVE I'm wrong. If they KNOW I'm wrong they'd just ignore me like I ignore what they say on their blogs. Lol

So I think we are all on the right path my dears otherwise they would not feel the need to attack.

Anyway thank you all that shouted out to me! And welcome to the new darksiders. I come barring cookies fir everyone!!!

Sorry I'm not mentioning anyone by name but I'm on my phone and it's difficult to keep up with everything I've missed all day.

As for the sightings in NOLA... I'm gonna believe it when we get more and or pix. And I'm more and more leaning toward that being NotRob in the car.

I don't remember who mentioned CJ & his IG post but that seems interesting. I'm gonna have to check that out.

Anyway... Trying to just take a step away while it's quiet and rest up for REAL news.

Keep it real ladies!


yarialice95 said...

@Tempest Wow no need to be so rude what I was trying to say is that you don't care if Kristen is pregnant or not, english isn't my first language and I didn't know how to say it, and by the way I'm not a troll and I don't go and comment on blogs I don't like. I apologize.

Your comment was the cherry on the cake to a shitty day, thank you.

Unknown said...

WELL, since we really don't know where Rob and Kristen are for sure, and I think they really like it like that, we should just relax and be happy! Not knowing keeps the stalkers away, hopefully! If I had been running around making films and modeling, I would want some serious R and R with my husband and BABY DADDY. But, that's just me. Kristen seems like a pretty calm lady and Rob is very protective I think. I would guess they need quiet and family time. Tracey, the sun came out! Seriously, it's beautiful today! Enjoy! VERNIER, hope you can get in some rest and relaxation. I want to see some good new movies, any suggestions?

Unknown said...

HEY! Do not run around insulting friends like Tempest with a lie, ---Alice-- or whatever your codename is. Tempest really does not care one way or the other, you are just another dipshit idiot that likes to start trouble where there is none. You should not go away mad, just go away!

Unknown said...

i love you HKN thanks so much for the fantastic soulful great post.

as i said at sluts i just think the toids tabs and haters lost every right they never had to R and K's personal life that on account of their endless endless shitty lies lies lies they ought never to be able to even MENTION R and K again and certainly no right to any actuality or truth in R and K's reality. They should just keep the hell away!!!

but i know even though it's personal to us, it isn't personal to them they are just the most degraded moneywhores that do any thing, lie, say anything, for one reason-- to get themselves money with every click. so they will never behave in any honorable way because they do not have an honorable bone in their collective bodies, nor did they ever.

But then we have on the other side of the Scales of Life HKN, balancing the disheartening crap (disheartening, because it's sometimes depressing to me that some people behave so reprehensibly)

on the other side HKN with her fabulous posts of positivity and joy. thank you HKN for another knock-out post, you bring the happiness to me every single time i read you and i am so grateful to you--

love to all my sisters and occasional brother resting so happily here in the Haven,
have a more than wonderful weekend

Unknown said...

OK- I shall just close mouth, hop with my two antique canes, and begin twirling exercises. Jane and Tracy, where are you when I need my head thumped? off and hopping away-----

Morning Coffee said...

Gigi...Hi girl sorry you having a tough day...it will get better, always does..take care sweetie.

Jane...I saw them, but like I said earlier nothing to hop over..because in the grand scheme of things they are nothing to anyone here.

Hope you get good rest tonight.

Mama....some of your anons today I would be willing to bet are the same person each time. I don't blame you for taking some well earned you time.

Hey Sue while I wish you had some well needed rain..sunshine always makes you feel better.

I'll check in tonight.

Unknown said...

POOKIE- you came by- just love you to tiny pieces! Sending up prayers for everyone who has lost family, including our dear Vern. I hope God will ease your pain, as he has given me many blessings and helps every day to make me strong enough to face life, and know we are never alone!

Unknown said...

MORNING COFFEE, This is Oklahoma, where one minute you roast and the next you freeze your bottom! There is 60 % chance of rain this weekend, and Tracey's neck of the woods is truly dry. We need to do some serious dancing around the old fire, blessing the water gods! How are you feeling? My bones and muscles and joints are saying, be kind and take it easy. I need to do pruning also, but sharp cold temps slow me down. I believe we might be seeing pink balloons soon, hope so.

Unknown said...

yes i had actually come by earlier wish a blessing to Verni about her dear Tish and i said how i was sure there was an angel there as the little boy said she looked like she just went to sleep and then he came out of it unharmed and i was so so thankful about that

so you see i have never stopped thinking about all of you

i love you all so much


Janie said...

Sue Morris

It's ok to slip once in a while. Sometimes it's just too hard to keep that mouth shut. I am guilty also.

Unknown said...

and my post to you Verni from a few days ago was also expressing how sorry i was and remain at your loss. i don't think my post from the last few minutes conveyed adequately what my post from a few days ago tried to convey-- so sorry for your loss... sweet verni

Unknown said...

so sad to be a hater

haters gotta hate


Morning Coffee said...

Pookie love...If they couldn't hate they would have no other reason to exist...it's their goal in life, to make other people feel as miserable as they are.

The sad part is it's self loathing, they just don't see it.

Son't be sad because of them, they have no effect on any ones life but their own aand those that give them power over their's.

Ignore them. They are blinded by their own hatred and never, ever acknowledge their wrong doing, it's always someone elses fault.

I love you girl.

Tbell said...

Man livejournal must be busy today setting up new accounts. I wonder how many accounts one person can set up under the same email? 2? 3? 5? I wonder if livejournal has a policy against setting up accounts just to troll? Interesting...

Morning Coffee said...

Tracy maybe it's time to find out? Let me know if you find an answer.

yarialice95 said...

@SUE MORRIS What the fuck Sue Morris? I didn't mean to insult Tempest and I apologized, I didn't phrased my words well because English is not my first language and I apologized and in that comment I said that she was a classy woman for not starting any shit and I still think that.

And really calling me a dipshipidiot, clearly you haven't read my other comments here (as everybody else because I'm always ignored) but I love this blog HKN posts always brighten my day and even though I always feel ignored and not welcome because you all seem to have formed your inner circle I love to coming here and I think very highly of all you, such a shame that you tell me to go away I WILL NOT

yarialice95 said...

@SUE MORRIS Also thank you for tainting my happy place I hope you know how much words hurt specially for a person like me that suffers day in and day out from general anxiety disorder and depression, but Why would you care after all now I'm just another hater and dipshitidiot? Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your words.

Tbell said...

Morning C
I sent a complaint to live journal against tigereyes298, quitalready21 and barbarajean925. Dont know what will happen. Ive got a request in for clarification on troll accounts and hate speech so we'll see. It may not be a bad idea if others follow suit. It might fall in a grey area since they are using LJ to troll blogspot, but who knows. I hope hkn is keeping these recorded I may need to request verification later lol. Although nothing disappears in cyber land...ever lol.

Vernier said...

Good Evening Havenettes.... How are all you wonderful ladies tonight? I see we are under attack as usual.
yarialice95 we read your comments and we saw where you corrected what you mistakenly said. But do not insult sue morris. She might have missed the correction for a number of reasons. You should have ask her did she see it and then direct her to where it was. sue morris is a very good person who I have the highest regard for. She would have straightened anything she said wrong. Please don't pounce on her again. I say this with nothing but kindness. You see how a lot of HKN fans get attacked on here and when the Havenettes have reached their breaking point they snap. We are all staunch supporters of each other and R/K. You too from what you say. We understand English is not your first language and we will all take that into consideration when reading your post. All positive supporters of R and K are so welcome here as HKN as told us all. We agree to disagree when prople are on a different page as long as they don't attack. You know this. You've been here a while. You are a Havenette and we just don't rip each other. We question, find out the mis understanding and fix it.

Tbell said...

This is to Tempest, sue morris and yarialice...

Has there been a misunderstanding? If so you three need to maybe reread posts involved and figure out if apology is needed? Hate for this to remain ugly because of misunderstanding.

Unknown said...

let a circle of peace envelope yarialice95 as she's been misunderstood and means absolutely well.
all a mistake and now as we embrace love for each other we take a deep breath and realize everything's alright.
we all love r and k and it's so good to have a nice place to talk.
no worries yarialice95. many many times i post and i know everyone has this experience, i know many times tracybell, who is one of our guiding lights, and felicity, post often with no response, but still people read and appreciate.
i know sometimes i just don't know what to say. i know others sometimes feel the same way
i wish i could speak another language you really are amazing yarialice95, here is a hand of friendship to you and i know everybody feels to same way, misunderstandings happen so often in this world
don't be upset.
ps tracybell i'm intensely praying for rain for you nonstop prayer that's where it's at
i love you all
i have a song for our children in honor of r and k's new little one whenever its arrival i'll post it now

Vernier said...

Hey Trace, MC, and Pookie lewis How did I do? I had to slow that roll on sue morris but I did not want to rip at anyone. Sometimes there is just a misunderstanding and a few choice words in the right place, spoken the right way may just solve it.
Love you ladies ;o))

CC said...

Happy Friday everyone! HKN love the post! NCIS head slaps are the perfect metaphor for the trolls.

yarialice95 said...

Tracy and Pookie thanks a lot. A circle of peace is really poetic
:) I'm sure you song is awesome can't wait to hear it.

Morning Coffee said...

The natives are restless Tracy...all because of what...a tiny baby?

No it started long ago...plain and simple and they can lie all they want...They hate Kristen Stewart because not only does she have who they want.....

But she doesn't care what they think, they didn't send her running into hiding with their made up stories.

She is still a stunning beauty, a sought after talented actress, funny, witty and highly intelligent...Who could blame Rob for falling in love with her.

It never fails everytime we have a new post the peanut gallery comes out in droves.

Tbell said...

If this is the reason yarialice is getting shit...

"Tempest doesn't believe it either but she keeps it classy and doesn't talk shit."

I didnt read any malice into that comment at all. Matter of fact I took her whole comment as a compliment to hkn, tempest both.

Please dont feel like you have to quit posting. I agree with your comment. I have no idea how tempest believes on the pregnancy issue as she has not really blogged about it so dont feel bad for forming an opinion. I didnt take offense at all.

Have a good evening

CC said...

Tracybell, i agree. I thought it a compliment also.

yarialice95 said...

Thanks Tracy, Tempest said she's Switzerland (what a eclipse reference!) basically because she's friends with both Rose and HKN and I think that's sweet because no matter what friendship comes first :)

Morning Coffee said...

Vernier...Oh sweetheart you could not have handled that any wiser if you tried all day. You are a diplomat when not poked with a cattle prod....God woman you are so loved by us.

gurupookie; that's what we need peace and music. Love and rain for Tracy, but no nasty storms.

Yariaalice: to err is human, to forgive devine. Welcome

Unknown said...

Verni sweet you always post such great great stuff-- fiery and thrilling with your beautiful defiant fist in the air or loving and melodious like gentle waves quenching that fire
light bulb moment-- road trip to New Orleans!!! stay in the quarter!!! visit NOLAgirl and mayhaps stumble upon the AU shoot or at least a gorgeous dark walnut 100 yr old bar with some vodka shots or hurricanes and some out of sight aps oh yeah
bags packed c'mon VERNIE GET IN THE POOKIEMOBILE!!! Les' go!!!

Tbell said...

I was posting my comments without knowledge of everyone elses. We are really a superb group of ladies.

Thank you my dear sweet friend for all you said. Accepted and upheld.

You know you know I know lol.

You are welcome honey.

Your words are so full of truth it hurts sometimes. You have a lovely way but you know that because we tell you all the time.

Lets stop with this serious shit and have some fun lol. Anybody fot any good twilight jokes? Lol

Vernier said...

I read that when yarialice posted it. I saw nothing wrong. I have read her post as she post them and I guess I understand how she says things. She has said before that English is not her first language. Please ladies just don't attack each other. sue morris you know you my girl but please apologize to yarialice because she did correct what she said to read how she meant to say it. love you lady. yarialice don't leave. You are one of the good ones. I hope you don't let this drag you into the dark. I know anxiety and depression can do that. much love to you too lady. From all of us. When you feel down or that familiar tug into darkness get on here and tell us. We will talk to you and try to pull you back okay? It helped me when I was there. Tracy, MC, Pookie lewis, Mama Nails and sue morris and they never knew it. So let us be there for u.

Annie said...

Yarialice95: Hi there. :)

Vernier said...

No twilight jokes but me and Pookie are headed to New Orleans and stay in the quarter. Bags packed and ready to roll..... Come on pookster let's roll out... lol lol
Love what you and MC said so eloquently......

yarialice95 said...

Vernier thank you! You are awesome, this is my happy place I will not be going anywhere. I hope Sue doesn't feel offended also.

Hi Annie!

I don't know any twilight jokes but I did watch the movie parody lol

Tbell said...

If im mistaken im sorry, but Rose is no friend to Tempest.

Unknown said...

i also know sue morris might be feeling chagrined by the misunderstanding please don't sue morris i love you dear dear lady
you are one of the 'elders' and we adore you
just quick to defend a friend and that's a wonderful thing so don't feel bad, everyone misunderstands sometimes
i had a total misunderstanding with my darling husband just today-- with complex brains in our skulls we just have to have these once in a while it's inevitable
but everything's fine now
*throwing kisses at you all**

Sherry said...

I agree that some people need a slap but I'm afraid they might enjoy it! Reread post. Even better the second time.

Vernier said...

Hey Annie, you and yarialice wanna go to Neworleans with me and Pookie? we're gonna stay in the quarter and drink vodka shots at a 100 year old bar....... Is that okay with you Pookie? Trace it goes without saying that you and Mama Nails and MC are going... lol lol Didn't ask just saying you going lol lol

yarialice95 said...

I always thought they were friends, whoever is on the other side she's a loyal friend to HKN and mystery unknown person.

Sue doesn't need to apologize with all the trolling here we must be on alert always, except for the dipshitidiot part that was what got me. ;-).

Tbell said...

I couldnt being myself to watch the parody. I figured it'd be to hard to watch lol.

Ive exhausted my twilight jokes but heres a oldy but goody.

Why is 6 afraid of 7?

Because 7 8 9.

Lol im stupid I know it.

Vernier said...

sue morris, my friend in my heart, we love you lots lady!!! Always and forever sweetie.....

Morning Coffee said...

Pookie....do you know what it means to miss New Orleans
and miss it each night and day
I know I'm not wrong
this feelings getting stronger
the longer I stay away.

SLoe on Piano not Al Hirt Jazz version...I'm all about Blues don't cha know.

Annie said...

Vernier: Haha! I'm in. NOLA!:):)
I will be the designated driver though.......Don't drink.

Vernier said...

Tracy you so silly!!! Love that joke tho... corny but always gets me to laugh lol lol

yarialice95 said...

Vodka and New Orleans sounds like fun.

Pookie the parody is hilarious even more when I learnt that 'Edward' was actually supposed to be Edward in the movies.

I've never heard that joke lol. I'm afraid that the only jokes I recall right now are about engineers and programmers (the joys of college...)

Vernier said...

Okay I don't drink strong but I do drink long.... lol lol You can be the designated and I will let you lol lol
Hey everyone Big Fun in NOLA!!1 Yeah Baby!!!!!

Morning Coffee said...

Hey Vern if I go with you do you think you could get the Neville Bros. to sing for me?

Aaron Neville Tell it like it is or Yellow moon.

Unknown said...

Can I please go with you all to New Orleans? It's my favorite big city in the U.S. I'm so tired tonight that I can not think clearly though.
Glad to have you here, yarialice. I'm dying for a fan picture of them together, you all. Just one picture, although I'd prefer to be the one taking it. This is further proof, though, that HKN was right - Kristen was going to film AU while pregnant. Hope you all have a good night.

Barbara Fenwick said...

I love your post. Just ignore all the people who attack your blog. You, and the rest of us, have the right to believe whatever we want. I am staying away from all things negative.

Please keep us informed on all things R/K. Looking forward to some good baby news soon.

Until next time. take care...

Vernier said...

MC, Damn Skippy!!! Hell I'll hog tie him to sing either or both~!!! love those songs and the way he sings them...... Gigi you know we taking the party bus so we got room for you too. Can anyone say "party over here?"

Vernier said...

got to run to the store be back in a bit ladies. Keep planning the trip.....

Tbell said...

Annie no need to drive because Omg do we need to order a party bus? Annie you can keep us out of trouble though lol. Im in but im with verni, although I think I'll take it long, strong and whatever else rhymes lol.

Tbell said...

Lol we really do think alike im starting to wonder if we're long loat cousins, sistas from another mista, a wondering great grandaddy? Party Bus!!!!

Unknown said...

Guys new k pic on robsten dreams. She with hair dresser getting new look for au. Looks like she is wearing a wig peice. Her fingers look really thick but maybe just camera angle. Shes in NOLA.

Morning Coffee said...

I am going to keep my husband company for a while he's pouting, My poor baby...BBin about an hour or so.

Morning Coffee said...

Teresa you are right hands look swollen...Is she having hair colored or wig I wonder...Okay


andreana said...

Tracybell this is not a twilight joke but I saw it a couple of years ago and thought it was hilarious:::

Dear Twilight fans, thank you for making us look like sane rational people.... sincerely , the Trekkies

hazeleyes said...

Don't think that is a
"wig or hair piece" that is her hair and it's dyed or in the process of being dyed

a stargazzer said...

How about visual jokes?

hazeleyes said...

Just to inform: :)
The BabyCenter Editorial Team
The limited evidence that's available suggests that it's probably safe to dye your hair during pregnancy. The Organization of Teratology Information Services (OTIS), which provides information on potential reproductive risks, says that animal studies are reassuring and that there are no reports of hair dye causing changes in human pregnancies, despite the fact that many women have colored their hair during pregnancy. OTIS also points out that very little of the chemicals in hair dye is actually absorbed into your system.

That said, if you're still concerned, consider waiting to color your hair until the second trimester, when your developing baby is less vulnerable. Also, instead of using an all-over hair color, consider a process like streaking, highlighting, painting, or frosting, in which the chemicals have little or no contact with your scalp. (Any hair-coloring agents absorbed into your system would come through your skin, not through your hair shaft.)

You may have heard that vegetable dyes are a good alternative if you want to avoid using synthetic chemical agents during pregnancy. But buyer beware: Check the ingredients on so-called natural and herbal preparations before buying. In addition to the various "natural" substances listed as ingredients, you'll often see one or more of the very same synthetic chemical compounds (such as p-phenylenediamine, dihydroxybenzene, and aminophenol) that the major cosmetic companies put in their permanent and semipermanent dyes.

Pure henna (Lawsonia inermis) – a semipermanent vegetable dye that's been used for thousands of years – is considered safe. The downside of henna: It's quite messy to use, has to be left on for a relatively long time, and imparts a red-orange hue that you may not like. Note that henna products that come in other colors or are fast-acting are not pure henna and may contain synthetic chemicals or potentially risky metallic compounds.

It's important for women to feel good about themselves during pregnancy. Whether coloring your hair will make you feel good or cause you to worry needlessly for nine months is something to think about. If you do choose to color your own hair, wear gloves and work in a well-ventilated space to minimize your exposure to the chemicals used in the coloring process. Don't leave the dye on any longer than necessary, and thoroughly rinse your scalp at the end of the process.

Tempest said...

First of all to Yarialice, maybe you think that i came off insulting i wasnt trying to be. To say i dont believe was putting words into my mouth and i apologise if that was not your intention. The rest of my comment as not directed at you but to the riduculous need of certain full of hate who come in here to stir shit - again this was not your intention.

Lol to call me a blowhard (to the full of sanctiminious crap) to say i have lied, really? Proof and evidence ladies, bring it to me where i have lied, where i have lead people on, because my dear little people full of hate, what you see is what you get! If i havd lied i want proof, if its because if this obsession you lot carry around with you, disproving a belief thats got a lot of knickers in a bunch. I think you need to go back to the hate rock you live under or better still.stop obsessing over a couple's love life and go and get one of your own. Afain my apologies to yarialice for miscommunication - as for Enna and co - childish is as childish does.

yarialice95 said...

It's okay Tempest, apologies accepted :D

Tempest said...

Unlike the people who onve again, are visiting a place they despise with every fibre of their being, hence they just have to come in here, i dont give 2 f@#ks if Kristen is or isnt. You want people to be respectful and stop spreading lies - stop posting your hate about Rob and Kristen not being together. Stop attaching any female with a pulse to Rob. Stop accusing Kristen of being a lesbian or Rob gay or both with drug problems.

You say you want the lies to stop about Kristen - then i suggest you stop with the two faced attitude those who come in here daily just to vent. Oh and Enna if im such a teapot if you even know what that means, thhen this teapot has stood in this fandom for the past 5 yrs and ive been respectful to Rob and Kristen every single one of them. Cant say the same thing about you can i (Dylan and Rob) you claim Jristen should be respected yet you insult her by suggesting her boyfriend is cheating.hhocare

Tbell said...

Very funny lol

I love gifs and cartoons but couldnt see what you posted :(

I think Kristen is really dying her hair and I think it looks cool with the black underneath. I bet she loves it. I mean the girl wants to shave half her head so this is probably living vicariously for her lol. And yes her fingers look absolutely swollen.

You were right! Im just amazed she sat at a bar in NOLA and 1 person tweeted. Cool for NOLA!

Well ladies the pics begin...here's to more pics

Tempest said...

Oh my poor little Enna i feel so sorry for you, stuck with all this hate building up inside of you. It must be awful luving with all that jealous, vengeful need to make yourself important. *shakes head in amusement* you are always a great source of entertaiment to me....big kisses

a stargazzer said...

Try this link Tracy

Elizbeth said...

@HKN and @ Tempest. You guys rock!!!

HKN thank you for another enjoyable post. I agree with you.

Tempest :)))))

Janie said...

Kristen in NOLA? A real ninja. Sounds like she may be doing some of her scenes while she is able. I agree fingers look a little bloated. Pregnancy will do that to you.

Shamrocker said...

I don't think Kristen's role is all that small.
The director just tweeted they finished week 1 rehearsal with the 2 leads Jesse and Kristen.
In the description of the plot, it says jesse's character lives with his gf and they go on the run together; so presumably most of their scenes are together.

Cryssielee said...

Hellloooo Tracybell!!! I finally get to check in. Busy day... Had to get 12 miles in this morn before going to train a client. Picked up my daughter and been non-stop until now.

Now... With a glass of wine in hand, I'm decompressing. :) And, catching up on everything Haven.

Glad you are having nice weather. It was pretty hot this morn - for me. Humidity is high here and the pollen... Oh Lordy! I've been so congested, sneezy and grumpy.

While the run was not pretty... I finally get to sleep in on a Saturday morning. Yay!

And, wow...I certainly had some comments to read. So - there is a party bus and a trip to NOLA? I'm in!

Cryssielee said...

Just saw the pic of Kristen's hair. Wow... It's bright!

a stargazzer said...

Is it me or Kristen is wearing a ring on her ring finger in the new AU pic?

Shamrocker said...

Maybe? She has a ring on the 4th finger but I think that is her right hand, unless the pic is flipped?

Tbell said...

Hey there. Ran 3 miles today you make me feel horrible lol. Just kidding im no long distance runner for sure. I admire those who can. Glass of wine sounds really good bout now. And kristen hair is crazy. Look at her eyebrows lol.

I still cant believe kristen is traveling undetected so much...go ninja go lol.

Hilarious cartoon!!!

Have to look at pic closer for rings just remember one on fat finger lol.

Ladies calling it a night...its been fun. Im up at 5 to get hubs off and run. Kristen looks awesome!

a stargazzer said...

I think British people use their right hand too for the wedding ring.

Another interesting tidbit is that for a British father to have a child have half British citizenship he needs to be married to the mother at the moment of birth or before applying. I do think they are married but if they planned family being married was probably more important for SweetP visit the grandpas with less paperwork issues.

Cryssielee said...

Tracybell... Running is running. No matter the distance!!! :) the good thing,... You do it! Rock on sista! I have a race coming up, otherwise I'd be scaling back.

Unknown said...

Good night to all the Havenettes! I am going to bed now. Hugs to you all. Remember stay away from trashy tabs. And boycott them if you have to. I am tab free for life. Night! Keep me posted.

Hatersknownothing said...


What did you do to rattle the troll cages lol. They are after you tonight. Jeez!

Tempest said...

Lmao i started the war oh i am.sorry but what age are you? Trust ne and Rose knows thus, i have a collection of things she has allowed to carry on in her blog, including people pretending to be 'famous celebrities' when they are nithing but trolls. Secret DM convos where people have saud one thing and then saud the complete opposite. I defended a group of people that were targeted for believing in something, called she and another person out for making fun of people who were on my friends list.

Lets get somethings straight here. I have never, repeat that word NEVER hidden my feelings, thoughts or speculations in this fandom. I started the war, why dont you go back a year before that, to those who turned their backs on Kristen and adopted the two faced attitude all nice and sweet but butchered her in DMs and slide comments?

Calling attention to another blogger, go back again she put something up on her blog and twitter relating to Lord Voldemort and then didnt like it when people went into her blog and attacked her. You want to throw stones hunny, make sure you have enough ammo for i have an incredibly long memory. I suggest the people for RPI grow a pair and wise uo, because these attacks are an embarrassment to call yourselves grown women!

Tempest said...

I have no idea what or whose cages i have rattled. I didnt bloody start the war between bloggers, idiots who carry tales did. I an found anywhere and my mantra is always the same 'own your own' if you want to defend Rose do so, but be mindful that all you are doing is showing yourselves up to be shallow and full of contrite.

The only people started this war are people who wont leave other peoples opinions alone. Cant stand the fact that despite their high horse attitude they no nothing. You want to go a couple of rounds with this bird, your personalities speak volumes and as a Therapist it gives me great pleasure to sit back and watch the varying changes of peoples personalities and how they break down do easily. But knock yourselves out, if resorting to name calling or calling people out makes you feel special, then you lead really boring lives my friend and need to either concentrate on school or on the people you ignore while you sit on the internet all day long.

Tempest said...

Sorry for typos small phone screen. HKN hats off to you and the girls in this blog. You put up with alot

Tempest said...

Sorry just read another comment directed at me and all.i can say is LMAO if only you could see my smiling face or dear slandering me to protect Rose...bring it on because i have enough on others to throw back and the owner of RPI knows this, but work away. Knock yourselves out!

Unknown said...

les'see, erm, jus' to review:
those going to New Orleans wit me and my Vernie:
that'd be Tracybell (Tracybell you still need a twilight joke? here's one :
~Bella: You're pale white and ice cold...I know what you are.

Edward: Say it. Say it!

Bella: Vanilla Ice Cream
Okay, sorry.
Anyway, les'see, who else is going? erm, me (pookie), Vernis, Tracybelle, Morning Coffee, sue morris (right, darling? i'm coming to get you-) uhm, Gigi, (right, Gigi? you wanted to come, right?), i think Cyrssielee wanted to go, uhm, and Annie and Yarialice, and i think we're gonna kidnap mamanails and HKN, right Vernie? *wink wink**
oh yeah, and Morning Coffee many is the night i spent after my set with my funky good band in the Quarter and in Metarie that we listened and jammed with the Meters after hours (which was the Neville Brothers band) well mainly Art Neville's band before the Neville Brothers with Aaron becoming huge and deservedly so-- the brother Aaron Neville was, and is, magic--before the Neville Brothers got to be the world famous artists that they are-- so yeah if they're in town ole pookie will stumble right up and ask Art to play a blues tune for old times sake in Morning Coffee's honor and maybe in the dim recesses of his mind he will remember that old pookie and sing us a song jus' fo us--

'Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans
And miss it each night and day
I know I’m not wrong this feeling's gettin' stronger
The longer, I stay away
Miss them moss covered vines the tall sugar pines
Where mockin' birds used to sing
And I'd like to see that lazy Mississippi hurryin' into spring
The moonlight on the bayou a creole tune that fills the air
I dream about magnolias in bloom and I'm wishin' I was there
Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans
When that's where you left your heart
And there's one thing more I miss the one I care for
More than I miss New Orleans
The moonlight on the bayou a creole tune that fills the air
I dream about magnolias in bloom and I'm wishin' I was there

**oh shoot, i've got a little tear here on my cheek for New Orleans-- c'mon ya'll-Venie here i come in the pookiemobile i'm gonna drive around an' pick you all up!!
here i come,
ps anybody else??

Unknown said...

and i did post my song dedicated to all our children in honor of R and K's little one to be-- and if i have HKN's permission i'll post my link to the song "Through THose Eyes Again"


with all my love you darlings, and i pray you like it

Hatersknownothing said...


Please do post your link pookie!

Unknown said...

no matter what anybody says here about this really silly stuff
this stuff that's past, or seemingly present, but not really
this stuff that's really when you get down to it pretty meaningless in the long run
when push comes to shove i know we'd help each other
when darkness rolls i'd be there by your side
i'd grab you and hold you away from the rolling darkness and do whatever it takes to keep you from every bad thing
and i bet you'd try to help me too
-- your friend,

Unknown said...

Could u provide a link to this info please?

Unknown said...

Good Morning!
I've been MIA for a while, busy but missing you girls here.

I love the new hair color and that K is busy on a new film. Hope she's well rested after SA.

Jane Vallie and others asking about Jimmy - because she's tagged by her friends and their accounts are open and comments there too. Here's an example just from a day ago -
Gloria Noto is a makeup artist that's worked with K before and they follow each other on IG. Gloria's now in Berlin, she did Shailene Woodley's makeup for the premiere there. Well.. Remember when CJ and Alicia accompanied K to berlin last Summer?
Well here's Gloria's pic from yesterday -

It's just an example and there are tons. Jimmy (Pfffftuhsuh) writes them back and her messages on other pics aren't private.

Yesterday there was a comment she made regarding NOLA, we can't see a pic she posted if she did but it was erased fast after. I wasn't here and maybe if I read about the NOLA sighting I would have mentioned it..
oh well..
Hope Kristen has a great time making AU!!

Unknown said...

Could u please provide a link to this info? I want to read it.

Unknown said...

TO YARIALICE AND the HAVENETTES who have spoken up , please accept my apologies for being rude and over-reacting. I just cannot stand the criticism dished out to Tempest and HKN that is such drivel. There are those that want to crush them from having a positive impact on the fandom that is in shatters because of really sick gossip rags that suck money out of foolish people who believe the gossip rags and hags. The Rats of Hollywood, a group of very fun stories written by a poster on DIDY who helped many a poster get through 2012 and 2013, clarifying just what these gossips really do. Having a positive, happy post where you can laugh at these idiots in Hollywood is a real blessing to us all, and I misunderstood your post YARIALICE, so I will sit in the corner a bit and be quiet. There is a great deal of anger from hateful people directed at Kristen and Rob that is not welcome here ever. Thank you Tempest you are a fine person. Thank you HKN for continuing to give us cheerful posts that uplift us.

Janie said...

RK Faith

Thank you for the info regarding instagrams.


I enjoyed listening to all your songs. They were beautifully written and sung. Thank you for sharing.

Unknown said...

I forgot to tell you all I LOVE YOU! Tempest, I apologize for my over reacting to a poster that I did not understand. I am so very tired of seeing you and HKN blasted. We all are tired of the constant pests that sneak in and try to disrupt. Have a good night.

Unknown said...

POOKIE When I was 35, I went to my first seminar in Medicare abuse in New Orleans, where my brother lived for about a week, and I already knew my way around the Quarter. I had such fun and spent a lot of time drinking and listening to music. My family was really worried about my safety but there were 80 of us from Arkansas. It is unlike any other city and I will always remember the smells of the flowers on St Charles and the sweet people I met, some I still know. Hope you guys go, and enjoy, life is short. Enjoy the ride. Thank you and all my sisters for your sweet words to me. NOLA is like life, it breathes a magic on its own.

Unknown said...

Kristen Stewart part In American ultra will be small. Im not sure how small. Here is the info.
Damen norton article on april 1st 2014. He interviewed the screen writer two weeks before this article. He says amer ultra CENTERS on jesse eisenberg character who is a stoner whoose small town life with live in girlfriend Stewart is upended when HIS past catches up with HIM. Putting HIM in the crossshairs of a government operation bent on wiping HIM out.
The wrap and THR both state as of march 24th 2014. In American ultra srewart will once again be saddled with THE GIRL FRIEND role ceding the spotlight to eisenberg who plays mike a stoner with a past that makes HIM the target of a government operation to eliminate HIM while stewart willl play his girlfriend.
Topher grace, uma thurman , and john leguizamo have all joined the cast. All their character are described in detail.
Topher grace will play a villian newly promoted agent trying to prove himselfto the higher ups by kkilling jesse eisenberg.
Uma thurman plays a cia handler who helps jesse eisenberg evade their clutches.
John leguizamo plays brad gage one of higher ups seeking jesse.

Movie centered around jesse he is the lead. For jesse to be running from these governments people they have bigger parts. K has the gf part. Smaller part. Which is what she wants. Shes apart of a great film with friend and previous costar jesse eisenberg and she is not straining herself and baby during pregnancy by carrying the whole film.thats what I would do if I was pregnant.
All action is focused around jesse. Notice HIM. Its singular not plural as in them.

Tempest said...

Rule of thumb ladies hateful little idiots believe thst by attacking someone makes them look intelligent. The fact they looked up my google profile really tells you how sad they really are. To the little repetative trolls, get it right for pityssake when you want to go after me - its Dr Gillian Lawson Ph.D, who works at the PSYCHOLOGY dept in Perth Western Australia (spelling psychology the same way its done on my profile oh look its spelt right) dont know whether you have been taught US English or UK English but psst its spelt the same.

While we are on the frame of reading and writing comprehension lets just get a few things straight. It makes you better atracking me with your multiple personalities, oh contrare you are really just showing me how childish, how bitter, how resentful and how pitiful you really are. You suggest I'm angry and i shouldnt be because i have a job (something you are kacking because you serm to spend so much time in here either playing tic tac toe or ir responding because you gave no life. I get angry at those eho believe they can command this fandom to stop soreading a rumour. Don't assume you believe your backhanded attacks mean anythung to me. That you perrpetulate that i lie because you can go back as far as 2008 on my blog and you will find i hide nothing, except my kack of respect for those who either dont believe Rob and Kristen are together or dont want them together. Which are you? I hateful person who lacks any compassion but find yourself thinking you are better than everyine else. I feel nothing but pity for you and your little cronies who have come in here today. How sad your lives are that you have to try and expose me. Gee i didn't think people wasted time trying to be sanctimoniously hateful, because your life lacks anything happy in it. I guess i was wrong. My blog is my blog and i can say what the hell i like in it. Just like in here you dont have to read it, but i guess this is the only kick you get in life - being a first class idiot doesnt make you look classy, just makes you look like an idiot.

Annie said...

To try and rip someone apart ffor how they spell certain words is nothing more than a distraction........ My spelling of the following words:
.........Many times I do "er" "or" or "our" on those words as well. All it means is that I learnt the British way of spelling OR is often evident here our typing misses a letter.
Much more interesting however is Kristen and her obviously swollen fingers.......What's that I hear? Oh yes, she has to have swollen fingers for her part in AU. :)
Love the bright red hair, reminds me of On The Road filming and her George Lopez appearance. :)
It's 42 degrees and mostly sunny today.....Up and out!

Vernier said...

Morning Annie... I am up and about to be out.
Isn't it funny how they did not die, tint, streak, color, bleach or highlight K's hair down to the root? Good that she is playing a stoner cause it means hair looks home done instead of professionally done where the color would be from the root to the tip. Wonder why? lol lol Anyway dear friend have a great day and enjoy the calm beautiful but chilly weather.

Unknown said...

hey HKN i just always want to thank you for this wonderful place you created for us-- so thank you thank you thank you dear fabulous HKN
hey teresa holmes-- what link were you looking for sweetie?
hey sue morris-- ain't you gonna come on the road trip? me and Vernie was gonna swing by oklahoma and gitcha
tempest remember our motto "hop skip and jump" you know you are so very loved

have a great saturday everybody!

felicity said...

hi havenettes.. i see lots of 'visitors' again.

kristen is part of AU, yes. she is not going to be in each scene! she might not be needed till the very end of the shot. we don't know how big her part is in AU. they've changed her part in Still Alice, so her part is bigger than it is in the book, that's what i have heard.

the main story is about Jesse's character and his involvement with the CIA and his past hunting him. that's what we know!

tempest.. big hugs. love your posts, my friend.

take care havenettes.

Vernier said...

Hey Pookie my dear friend... Girl we need that trip sooner than later to get away from all the negativity. sue morris better be coming. It wouldn't be a party without her.
Love your songs to pieces and back together again lady.
Have a great day!!!!

Unknown said...

DEAR TEMPEST, you are a champion. I am just in awe of your courage and support for others. HKN is a hardworking support for Rob and Kristen, we love her too. I applaud your immense ability to speak the truth and rally the troops, who adore you. I will never be upset about defending you, but I will be more careful to read the more unclear posts so I understand them. Please have a really good weekend and rest well. I hope Kristen is fine and enjoying NOLA, city of dreamy dreams. bon-

Vernier said...

Tempest you are the bomb!! You, HKN and Mama Nails put up with a lot of nonsensical crap. We all applaud you and thank you for giving us these outlets. Keep doing what you do. We got your back. As if any of you needed it lol lol. But we are still there. Love you ladies

To all the haters and negative folks:
Jealousy is a wasted energy ladies. Find your own and love it. Don't covet what is someone else's. "FIND YOUR OWN!"

Janie said...

I'm loving Kristen's red hair. She looks great no matter what color her hair is. Remember her black hair in the Runaways? Now that was drastic and she wore it very well.


Thank you for that info on the characters in AU.
Glad her part is a minor part just like in Still Alice. You can really do anything while you are pregnant. People work up til their due date all the time. Just because you are pregnant doesn't make you an invalid.


Dun't wory bout yur speln. We al mispel whin typin. I kan rered whut I jst typd an stil mis thee typo.

Everyone enjoy your weekend.

Vernier said...

Love that jane lol lol Too Cool for School!!!!!!

LizzieD said...

HKN'er's -- HOPE EVERYONE IS DOING OKAY, sorry I've been MIA, RL and work have been kicking my butt. I try to read all the comments to keep up but am sadly lacking and "out of the loop" ...

TEMPEST -- LOL, chuckle and ROFLMAO ... loved your comments DR. LAWSON!!! Tell the trolls to stick it!!

ANNIE -- I bet you are out running on this Saturday morning, enjoy your day!! As for K needing swollen fingers for the AU part, I guess she also needed to gain weight, right?

WAVING to everyone else as I have to go back to work :( Can't wait to see our girl back in action filming a new movie. Sounds like they will start on time & think she'll be done with her part pretty quickly since it's a small one.

LIZ IN LALA LAND --- TWIRLING cuz we love to see "our kids" working as it's what they enjoy. Kristen looks lovely even with orange hair, LOL. I'm sure Rob is enjoying time at home with the dogs.

Tbell said...

Goodmorning ladies

The problem with trolls is that their immaturity hampers their ability to understand anything of significance. So therefore they will never understand you lol.

It was like a whirlwind keeping up with comments last night and missed your comments. Hope ur day is good wherever you are :)

Your comment about rereading hkn post and realizing haters would probably enjoy get slapped was bwahaha hilarious. Sometimes I wait a couple days and reread hkn post and I giggle at things I didn't think of before. Your comment reminded me I do the same thing. :)

Had to hit the hay early last night. Been up since 5 getting my run on lol. Froze my butt off but trying the morning thing for allergy reasons. Missed so so many commments last night and this morning and sitting here drinking coffee watching Deals on living well network and trying to catch up on 50+ comments from last night.

But I guess thats way funner than muddling my way through....1?


Vernier said...

What up T and Lizzie D!!! Headed out shopping. Waiting on my friend so we can bargain shop for my trip. Good to hear from you Lizzie D. We are all still twirling!!!!
T chat at on the flip lady.....

Tbell said...

Hey Verni
Mornin honey

Omg ur spellun thing wuz helaireus! Stil laffin :)

Morning Coffee said...

Goodmorning at the Haven to all my sisters and hope you are all ready for a peaceful weekend.

I came back last night for a minute and watched as absolute morons tried to go toe to toe with Tempest.

I thought not tonight kiddos...seriously dumb asses don't poke the sleeping tiger EVER.

Oh and by the way...if you decide in the future to try to match wits with a phd. Let me tell you now...you are way out of your league.

Tracybell, Vernier, Annie, Jane, suemorris, RKFaith GigiCullen, Felicity, teresa H. Tempest, HKN, Mama..Pookie anyone else I have missed no slight intended.

I will be spending my weekend here there and everywhere...But will check in with you all..later today.

big hugs...MC

Unknown said...

I am going to be offline for a while. I love you all but am in a very sad state of mind, crying is supposed to be good for you, but in my case it has put me in bed literally. Just cannot grasp the sad reality of real life sometimes. Would really like to see certain posters develop broken finger syndrome which causes brain freeze that is permanent and cannot be repaired. As you can see I really do hate haters that seek to cause drama. I think Kristen will have a wonderful time with friends in New Orleans, and the cast is just amazing. I miss hearing about Rob. He is probably with family. Or not!

Unknown said...

Good morning everyone! Hope everyone is having a great Saturday! Tempest, great job on your comment. I love it.

Unknown said...

Has any of you been cut off on DIDY comments. Because I have. And I didn't do anything wrong.

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