Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trick or Treat!

It's that time of year. Remember last year?

The dipshidiots we're tricked and we we're treated.

And this year? 

Yeah more of the same. We we're treated once again and our patience was rewarded.

Grab some champagne and let's celebrate!

Kristen leaving their abode.

 Rob following close behind. They were headed to Los Feliz until they were spotted.

With Baby B aboard of course!

Kristen getting pissed after being spotted.

 And you knew the old salute to the paps was coming right?

                                                                            You go girl!!!

The excuses and meltdowns were inevitable. 

"It's all for PR for the DVD!"

"That is not Rob!"

"She's only there for a play date for the dogs!"
Guess they forgot they said he won't let her see the dogs. Remember? 

"They met up to talk about the Liberty interview."

I picture liberty walking 
around her house, stomping her feet like a a petulant child because she 
just got outfoxed by Kristen Stewart

Bet she was disappointed they took away from her 15 min lol. Thanks to Rob and Kristen her 15 lasted about two seconds.

The best part was watching Annie Packer cry.

"Wake me when its over!"

 Enjoy that  sleep!

So Kristen was there for 4 hrs and then Rob was following her elsewhere until they were spotted? And what do you think they we're doing all that time? Kristen's hair is looking a little sexed up if you know what I mean. 

Thank you FightingForThem ‏@KStewandRPatz for giving me a heart attack with this man nip!


Now of course the tabs are desperately trying to cover their sorry asses. Snowflake didn't disappoint.

 According to E! Rob was so devastated by the scandal that happened over a year ago that he has no interest in dating right now. And that explains his outing with Kristen how? Even his own reporters looked a little skeptical while reporting this pile of BS. 

Lets talk a minute about the trick we got. Poor little victim Liberty Ross.

 Nicole Kidman who will be working with Rob soon! Bet Liberty was a little miffed at not getting the cover. The Wife Who Outfoxed Kristen Stewart? Really? In what way? Who is still with the love of her life? And who is so desperate for attention they have to bring up something that happened over a year ago to get their name in print? 

“I was able to be there completely secluded,” recalls Ross. “I just visualized [being] this sort of Masai warrior."

Yeah. She was so secluded she was out getting papped as often as she could. 

She also said she wouldn't talk about her relationship with Jimmy Iovine because of her kids. 

But she has no problem bringing up the past and hurting them in that way. 

Something tells me this woman can't walk and chew gum at the same time. 

The dipshidiots also got another trick. The ex reality star, swedish model who is an out and proud lesbian that they we're counting on as Rob's latest hookup admitted to it being photo shopped and deleted the pic from her account. Some fools never learn. 

Katy also once again ruined their hook up dreams.

Kyle and Jackie O ‏@kyleandjackieo 40m 
“We (Katy & Rob) got wasted & did karaoke like people do. About 8 yrs ago & it f*cking finally showed up on the internet” #KatyOnKJ #KJshow

Kyle and Jackie O ‏@kyleandjackieo 47m 
“There’s the media for you. Nothing is sacred; not even karaoke.” @katyperry on her R Patz’s drunken karaoke video #KatyOnKJ #KJshow

Kyle and Jackie O ‏@kyleandjackieo 50m 
“At least it shows you we’re just friends… like true friends!” @katyperry talking about her mate R Patz #KatyOnKJ #KJshow

Will third time be the charm and the dipshidiots will take the hint? I doubt it. 

Two friends getting toasted and having fun at another friends birthday party. Hilarious!


Lovely Kristen shopping for pumpkins.

A big deal was made about the fact she has a tattoo. Supposedly it's fake not a real one. Doesn't matter. Is it your arm?

Now the dipshidiots were crowing  "ha ha hkn she doesn't look pregnant!"
She's wearing a hoodie. You can't tell jack. Did I ever say how far along she was? Nope I didn't. Until proven otherwise she's pregnant and that's my story and I'm sticking to it. 

The next few days are going to be fun while we watch the dipshidiots and Annie Packer and her minions kick and scream and try to come up with every excuse in the book why they were together.  In the end they can't explain why two people that they have been saying aren't speaking to each other are spending time together.You don't spend 4 hrs alone with your supposed ex and then have him following you to somewhere else if you are over.

So while the dipshidiots are doing this

We will  twirl, dance and celebrate! Our patience has paid off!

Just to rub it in lol!


Anonymous said...

HKN that tattoo has been proven to be a false tattoo it's been flipped around and moved for Sils Maria there's pics of it. When she came back from filming you could see a tan line

Hatersknownothing said...
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Hatersknownothing said...

Thanks for clarification on tattoo. Changed it around a bit.

Anonymous said...

Perfect girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Perfect!!! And more great things coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GaliRK said...

@HKN that was just so perfectly written. Ahhhh I enjoy haters meltdowns hmmmm gives me peace knowing how pathetically in denial they are LMAO.
Are you blind or just plain blind cause that person in the Jeep is Robert Pattinson, his so handsome hmmm.
We will get more surprises to fangirl over oh yes we will always be waiting.
As for Marc Malkin or whatever his name is, his just pathetic, just like E!News LIARS ROTF...
Love Halloween

Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth, sue morris, felicity, Saphire1231, LizzieD, irene, Tomoto, Atticus, Tempest, Barbara Fenwick, cjrob, las38, HKN, sue, Mama Nails, RKsoulmates913, Mickeymackey, MARTHA ORIZ, morning coffee, and the rest of HKN Havens! I am going to bed now. Keep me posted. And thank you for checking on me. I am getting better just to you all know. Well, good night to you all and hugs.

Morning Coffee said...

hey Arleen and all hkn, happy you are doing better, take care.

Thanks for this post it had me smiling like always.

aditya28190 said...
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Anonymous said...

Morning Coffee- Thanks! I am feeling better. Its not a flu bug. I didn't have a fever or nausea. Just diarrhea. I think its one of my meds. So I had to cut back. But I will be ok. Anyways, I am going to bed now. Keep me posted.
HKN- By the way you did a great job on your blog. Keep up the good work. Well, good night.

kriert said...

Hi guys

Still not over the joy of seeing Rob and Kristen in one frame. Congratulations to all the fans who are sticking to RK and not losing their faith. We have given a very beautiful reward for waiting months (thought its years) and being patient.

Love you HKN for your post especially standing by your story about the pregnancy thing because I dont know why but I have a strong feeling too. Hahaha. LETS JUST WAIT AND SEE.


Let me start knitting for little booties. Hehe.


KnittedUpInside said...

That isn't how divorce law works in Cali. It can take up to 6 months for a divorce to become final but that wouldn't require a lengthy ~visit *snort* for either party.

I've seen a lot of scrambling for explanations the nonnies but this one might take the cake. PMSL.

KnittedUpInside said...

P.S. Happy Halloween HKN & all the other happy sailors on this ship :)

Unknown said...

first @arleen parkinson,thanks for the shout-out, I hope you have sweet RK dreams.

second...@ aditya28190
I am LMFAO!! OMG when I was scrolling quickly through your comment, I thought you were posting a video saying Reese had confirmed this. LOL...I was on my ipad and couldn't get the link to work, so I quickly got on my computer. I watched the first part of the video and was LMAO...she was teasing! Joking around as if she and ROB were married when the interviewer asked about her new marriage. smh...

Now, I'm not going to claim to know California Divorce law, but I doubt very much that the law requires that they meet together at their residence! If they were having a mediation regarding their divorce they would be meeting at an office!

I love how ppl are grasping at straws!

Any excuse for them to be seen within the same picture frame except the most obvious one!

It makes me sad how many fans are buying the lastest BS. They want to believe in RK, but they've had the media BS driven so firmly into them, that they continue to buy the media driven narrative the RK are constantly ON & OFF.

I'm new to this blog, but in my short time (1 year 1/2 as a serious fan and a little over a year as a blogger) I have discovered that there may have been 1 (one) time during their relationship that they may have taken some time off! And I use may purposefully! We really have no way of knowing for sure that they took anytime off summer before last.

Sorry for the long rant....I just couldn't let this go without comment.

Anonymous said...

KnittedUpInside- I love your comments. And I completely agree with you and Happy Halloween.

Tempest said...

@aditya28190 oh lord............

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Oh my goodness gracious, we have a space cadet from gossip cop and ROBSESSED very early in the A.M. so concerned about Ahem, a brief encounter of the loving kind. Rob and Reese W. were and are buds and she was teasing around about her husband Robbie, when she married the father of her new baby. She was also quoted as saying Rob and Kristen were very much together. Kristen looks three and one half months along and I think, because she is rather small, in two weeks time she will have on a bigger sweatshirt of Rob's. This little lady is not going to wear PG outfits. I still say she is really funny, very pregnant, and they may have married this year, who the heck knows--I do not think Rob and Kristen sit up late worried about what people are saying because they know what is going on, the press hides and takes highway pictures? That is potentially dangerous for Both--because of the flashing lights. I wish I could follow the pap and push them off the side of the mountain.

GaliRK said...

@sue morris I love you, you and amazing and your comments just come out fluently. Your comment about the pregnancy I fully agree with you. Being Kristen fans for so long I think we know by now the ties all her baggy tshirts and @sue morris made perfect sense. I full agree with you

vana said...

What a beautiful surprise! Love your wording HKN, you do an amazing job. Love it! I hate the paparazzi so much.

Arleene hope you are feeling better.
Sue Morris I often wonder how Rob and Kristen would react when/if they read fan? comments. My guess is they would probably kill themselves laughing as they read the little episodes people make up.

Anonymous said...

@hkn: I wanted to thank you for including two of my manips in your post! I feel very honored - feel free to use whichever one of my manips you like for your great posts! :D

One last remark: today was a wonderful day! Although deep in my heart I knew that things were more than fine with RK it was great to see them again after such a long time! It's sad that we had to get pap pics and that the bastards even managed to snap pics of their new home! I wanted them to remain undetected for as long as possible! Hopefully, the gated community will give them a bit more privacy than LF1 or LF2 did!


Sophrene said...

Super!!!!!!!!!! I always believed in RK and I knew they were together..Always."Love never fails, " that Is true. Robert with Kristen again proved that to all of the unbelievers and doubting. Thanks HKN for the positive attitude and support of all those who believe..And anyone who has not surrendered and stay on ship to applause..applause applause..!!!!!!!!! Come on celebrating!

GaliRK said...

Rob and Kristen go through more shit then any other celebrity couple in hollywood but they stick together, they have an understading and they understand each and their relationship and they don't splash their private lives in magazine. That is why they are still in a loving and commited relationship. They only know what's going on their relationship, no one else and just like Tabloids, E!News and any other media is just a whole lot of trash. Like I mentioned on twitter, Marc and E!News cooking their own shit, eat it up and the spout it out, cause they are full of shit

Unknown said...

Good morning, I hope you had a nice Halloween. @ HKN as always a super post very nicely written. She instead with the pregnancy, just great.
I understand that the R and K no longer live in their homes in Los Feliz? Or back and forth pull the paps to get lost? It has been written that Rob bought a house in Beverly Hills, and now they live there?
OK otherwise it is great to have seen them back together and hope not that they rushed the paps know bad that the new House is where.
Have a good day.

Elizbeth said...

Nice Post HKN. But then again, Rob and Kristen never broke up. They have been trying for a while now, months even, to stay private. But even then, there was always evidence that they were still together. (1) Rob and Kristen moving a bing pong table in their red truck (even some fans of R/K so easily persuaded by others had doubts because haters were so set on making them believe that was never Kristen) (2) we saw Rob car's pulling into Kristen's residence (3) that same silver truck was parked outside of her house again. Just because we don't see them together doesn't mean they are not together. For example, what did they do/go after those few seconds of pics? Said it before, and I'll will say it again. There are some things in life that go well together. Rob and Kristen are such things. I am happy that they are smart enough to know this. Sure, life is no fairy tale, but you can bet your ass, true love exists.

Unknown said...

Dear HKN....love the post and pics!!! I totally agree. I've never stopped believing...not for one second. Hi to all..Peace and love....Stella P

fishyone2 said...

OMG - like another poster said, I literally wanted to pee my pants when I read what someone wrote about "mandatory waiting period for divorce --- and mediation" as the reason they met up in their PRIVATE home - hahahah!!! Last time I checked, most people would do that in a lawyer's office. Also, the same person who wrote that had a very disturbing take on how the whole Rob/Kristen relationship has effected her and the depression she has gone through. Really? You let two people you don't even know effect you to that extreme? I'm a super big fan of both but my emotional life does not revolve around what they do or don't do. That is just kind of creepy and borderline pathetic. She went through a grieving process? Sheesh......sounds like someone needs an intervention. Happy day to all.

beatupcar said...
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winnie said...

If u dnt like reading what is written here..dont come here..dont comment...get a life ..will u?

beatupcar said...
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GaliRK said...

My parents use separate cars to go to the same place all the time. They are still together.
The whole car thing with your reasoning is just unnecessary.
@beatupcar you go on keep reading fanfiction. I will believe what I believe and you'll do the same. Like everybody keeps saying if you don't like reading what HKN writes don't read it.
I honestly believe Ms Ross is an attention seeking famewhore and she can go to hell for all I care cause she's irrelevent in my opinion. Since you haters yes you @beatupcar included call Kristen all sorts of names I will call Ms whore who had an affair while still married Ross names.
She dishes shit about someone but can't have the woman balls enough to talk about her own trash, sitting on her fucken skinny ass plotting to ruin someone else's child while playing the innocent victim wife, I don't like Rupert but dammit he did things more classily then his stupid ex wife who wants money out of everything, the only victims in this situation are Rob, YES Kristen and the Sander's two kids. Classy women handle things appropriately without money involved and trashy women will go to any length to sabotage others. Kristen more beautiful, more classy, more mature and more woman then Liberty fucken Ross will ever be. So yeah trash Kristen but believe I will defend her and make her look good.

winnie said...
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winnie said...

@beatcupar.. u r so desperate...give it a break..your comments and opinions dont affect R and K

SusannahKay said...

By engaging a known lunatic,all you're doing is generating more comments for HKN to delete later. Have a heart ladies :)

GaliRK said...

@SusannahKay your soooo right but gosh these haters are just annoying and sometimes you can't help yourself

Annie said...


I see some still have a very hard time dealing with Rob and Kristen and how they choose to live their lives and they wanting to be together.

Liberty Ross is irrelevant to Rob and Kristen being together but for people who want to tell Robert Pattinson who he should live/spend his life with, she is who they grasp on to.
Ms. Ross has been caught in lies pertaining to last summer, one can agree/disagree in her speaking out but she has used the incident to promote herself. Clearly Ms. Ross fails to see the self promoting/pity me party is not working!

irene said...

OH, look it's that well known K hater and Robsessed @beatupcar on HKN.........

She's even in trouble over at RPLife - haven't they banned you yet, I know they were talking about it..............

Hopefully, HKN can get rid of you too, when she clears out the trash...... you and the sainted Ms. Ross......... Let me think when I last saw Kristen splayed across the glossy pages all wet and mostly naked ------- oh, right, never......

Go shift your skanky ass and opinions elsewhere - running out of places to go...!!!!?

As for the divorce scenario....... Holy Fuck....... talk about a laugh out loud moment!!!!! Reality isn't even knocking at your door, girlie...... and you so hoped they would work it out - sobz/sadz...... Ahahaha!!

Arleen, feel better, hon......
HKN, great post........

Haters, thanks for the shits and giggles - you're the best.......!!!

Anonymous said...

Good Friday Morning to all the HKN Havens! Hi Elizabeth, sue morris, felicity, Saphire1231, LizzieD, irene, Tomoto, Atticus, Tempest, Barbara Fenwick, cjrob, las38, HKN, sue, Mama Nails, RKsoulmates913, Mickeymackey, MARTHA ORIZ, morning coffee, and the rest of HKN Havens! Do ever leave us or give up. I love you all and already making friends with you guys. I am feeling better. Now I am going to work today. Keep me posted. I better get ready. I love all your comments and you are doing amazing job. Keep up the good work. Except for trolls, haters, nonnies, and you know the rest. Well, got to go now. Hope you all have a great day. Later.

Unknown said...

Good morning everyone, and it is a good morning!

Truly hoping for a quiet weekend.

HKN- I want to send you a PM, but don't see how to do it. My computer/social network skills are seriously lacking lol. Can you please tell how I can do that.

And thank you for your new post! It great! You really keep the spirits up. Can't wait to see what you post about next:)

Best wishes to RK. If these pics show anything, it's how far these two have to go to keep their personal lives private. God bless them.


Anonymous said...

Irene- Thanks! I am already feel better. I don't know about you but I smell trouble -> @beatupcar. Don't you think?

irene said...

Oh @beatupcar is a hater and a half, for sure......!!!

Almost everyone I know has her blocked at Twitter...... she's just so popular.....

Wouldn't worry....... HKN can deal with the likes of her and probably knows all about her from Twitter....

Unknown said...

I thought this was interesting and would share......

HKN mentioned that some were claiming Kristen didn't look pregnant in the pumpkin patch pics. I personal disagree and think she could easily be hiding a pregnancy that's four to five months along under that bulky sweatshirt. Again, look at Kate Middleton's pregnancy pics, you couldn't even tell she was at six months depending on what she was wearing.

But I digress..... What I wanted to point out is this. Kristen visited the pumpkin patch last Wedneday with her friends. One of them was Christina Perri, who had a pumpkin carving party on that Friday night. Obvious reason for going to a pumpkin patch don't you think?

She posted a pic of the carved pumpkins from the party on her instagram (link at the bottom of this post)........ You will noticed that one of the pumpkins has a fetus carved into it...interesting no? I personally have never seen that! An interesting thing to carve on a pumpkin for Halloween. Makes me think there must be some personal reason for carving such a thing.

Now it was never reported that R or K were at this party, but K did go to the P patch on Wednesday with Perri, and her known friends were at this party, and I don't know of any of her friends being rumored as being pregnant other than K.

Now I know some will say this is reaching and it's not conclusive. And they would be right. Just connecting some dots to form a somewhat logical opinion, enough to raise an eyebrow over. Thought I'd share, because I found it interesting.

The link below is the pic of the carved pumpkins from the party......see what you think.



Unknown said...

Good morning to HKN and everyone here love your post HKN brilliant as ever always believed hope you asll had a great halloween now for bonfire night take care all.

Sue from Holland said...

Hahaha, the divorce is a good one alright. Where do people come up with this shit "How to hate for Dummies'?
@GaliRK, I agree with you on the LR woman. Such poor innocent victim and mother of the year. Wonder what her ulterior motives are, bringing this up 1,5 yrs later, obviously her career didn't go as planned.
I don't hate her, I just don't care about her, never heard of her before SWAT but doing this article makes her look like a money grabbing classless fool. Sorry, but no one would be interested in her interview if it wasn't for mentioning Kristen's name which makes miss LS look even more pathetic.

Sue from Holland said...

@Jan, interesting. Nice thought.
I don't know the traditions of what you're supposed to carve, am from Holland so no Halloween. I'm still not letting myself getting carried away (getting harder though), could be pure coincidence or their friends or Kristen messin.

Unknown said...

sue- yes. completely agree. just thought is was an interesting thing to put on a pumpkin. typically Halloween is about jack-o-lanterns, witches, ghost etc... not fetuses lol.

also agree it's better to try to keep things in prospective, but it is getting harder for me too:)


Sue from Holland said...

@Jan, yeah and that lovely manip of R&K and baby doesn't make it any easier.

Flowergirl said...

HKN...Liberty Ross visualizing herself as a Masai warrior is the most outrageous bunch of bullshit I have ever heard. If she had done her homework, she would have known the Masai possess strength, dignity and keep their mouths shut. Qualities that LR has not exhibited or seems to have a clue about.

Unknown said...

@jan - your theory is absolutely correct, because some friends were on the party by Christina Perri, it may even be possible that Rob and kristen were present. There was also the boyfriend of CJ, he has a photo of themselves and CP on his Instagram account. It was a private party and no Paps in the vicinity since have felt very good R and K. I find all the Pumpkins carved fanciful, looks like everyone saw itself in the pumpkin, christina was dressed as a Penguin. And the fetus. . . !
I hope that the haters and not believing this page and elsewhere make mischief.
And yet I have a question: why here said Rob would be no house bought in beverly hills and now?
Mrs Ross a statement she is sunk in my eyes.
Have a nice day or night.

irene said...

Rob & Kristen's new house is NOT in Beverley Hills proper, it is in the Beverley Hills postal area, which has a BH postal code, but is not in BH as such.....
People are getting confused because of that......

Elizbeth said...

Kristen wore that top that reads "Riot". She is pregnant if I am taking a guess/opinion. Her friends at one point (all) turned around to look at her as they were walking, the way women do when they are being over protective of one in that state. Just an observation. Call it a hunch. Whatever, I am sticking to my gut feeling. And by the way, it is her face that tells me otherwise. She is glowing so please someone, sue me.

Unknown said...

Thanks Irene- now that makes a little more since to me, because when HKN gave her last "cousin update" she referred to their new place not being where the tabs thought it was. She put up a pic of BH proper.

I was thinking she was misinformed, but maybe this is what she was meaning. All's good anyway:)

Anyone hear about a party last night? I think the hobo crowd threw one or something. I think there might be pics floating around.


Enna said...

So Kristen and her girlfriends had a huge Halloween bash last night.

Hope they had fun!

Lisa G. said...

Enna - yup her friends and their respective boyfriends. The baby carving on the pumpkin was cute.

Loved the manipulated picture of Rob kissing a baby bump tummy and what looks like Kristen as sleep in a hospital with a sleeping baby oh her chest located on Fightingforthem on twitter.

felicity said...

the whole OG incl christina perri, excl. suzie, because she is in NYC, was at lf2 and had a wonderful halloween party there, with rob and kristen. happy that they had fun. they partied at their old home, because going out was not possible, but when you saw the pics, you know that they had a blast.

hope everyone is feeling okay.. and thanks to hkn..

Unknown said...

LMAO---here comes Miss Trouble, Trouble, Toil and Bubble >E. Can we have a drum-roll please? Oh my God. Somebody have some smelling salts? I think I am having the big one! Get out of town E. I am reasonably sure that Rob and Kristen spend all the available time with friends and buddies of every kind and description because they can and do like the same things and definitely the same people,--they have a whole family of friends--and new ones all the time--many have gotten married. I think that if Rob and Kristen ever have time for pro-Rob and Kristen posts and blogs, they probably are absolutely amazed at the stupid cupids that are constantly criticizing what they do and trying to mind read them. I guess you might say we sound like silly idiot when a crude person insists on spouting acid around the place. But, doggone it, HKN runs a clean post and blog, and you hate to see it all messy with HATE MAIL. Stinks up the joint, you know? Negative people are not a welcome contributor at this place of harmony and polite conversation.

Unknown said...

YES! that was what I thought would happen-have a party at L1 because they are not really living there and it is big place to celebrate and party, and entertain as they may have to have fewer big parties next year, possibly. But, what do I know about that, just a gut feeling they are going to be busy, busy, busy. Glad to see Susie having fun too, I think she is so sweet. I think Rob and Kristen adore her and her boyfriend. Kristen's beautiful little friend from the Twilight series that is blonde is also a good friend I understand and there are several good friends in New York. Well, don't forget to watch Kristen in "on the road" on SHOWTIME in Nov. 2013. I have not seen it yet and am excited to see it.

Anonymous said...

Hi HKN! Great post! I was just wondering out of curiosity if you know approximately how far along Kristen is?

Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth, sue morris, felicity, Saphire1231, LizzieD, irene, Tomoto, Atticus, Tempest, Barbara Fenwick, cjrob, las38, HKN, flowergirl, sue, Mama Nails, RKsoulmates913, Mickeymackey, MARTHA ORIZ, morning coffee, and the rest of HKN Havens! I just got home from work. Did I miss anything while I was at work?
irene, flowergirl, sue morris, felicity, Mama Nails, Tempest, vana, Sanni K, Elizabeth, KnittedUpInside, GaliRK, Jan Huether, Lisa G, and HKN- i love all your comments. I agree with you guys 100%. I am on you side. Great job. I miss some of you. Hope you are ok. I know everyone is busy. But you are the good guys. Well, I better make dinner. Keep me posted. later.

andreana said...

Thanks for the post HKN!! The long wait has paid off finally can you say VINDICATION.. I wonder which bothers the haterz most .......seeing proof that the break up never occured or secretly having to admit to themselves that you were100% correct ..... uh AGAIN!!!!! ROFLMAO ....I AM WITH YOU I believe that kristen is pregnant and her shirts will only get baggier over the next few months.. Happy Halloween to you HKN and all of the real fans of the worlds loveliest couple!!!

Ana Bastow said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
a stargazzer said...

Hi long time lurker. What I love the most about the article in the magazine is that it says "The wife that outfoxed Kristen Stewart" Her name is so meaningless compared to our girl that the only way the magazine agreed to have her BS published was featuring Kris and not her. 15 seconds of fame over.
Great blog and I will always believe.
Back to lurking!

Phyllis said...

HKN--What can I say that hasn't been said? Your post was absolutely wonderful. (as always)
To everyone else: I loved reading your comments. I am absolutely giddy with excitement. Seeing the pics of R/K was great. Just wish that the pappz weren't the ones to get them. I have never waivered in my belief that they were still together! Looking at the pics of Kristen at the pumpkin patch, she appears to me to be a little wider in her lower waist and hip area. Of course, I may be straining really hard to see that, but. . . as we all know, time will tell. And I have to say that the fetus pumpkin carving really was interesting. Who would carve a fetus into a pumpkin unless: A. They are pregnant or B. They have a close friend or relative who is pregnant? JS. Love to read all the inspiring thoughts and the adoration for Rob and Kristen. I also get a good laugh from the not so wise who appear from time to time.
Oh yeah, one more thing. As for LR, I have only one thing to say about her. She is trying to drum up a little money by throwing around Kristen's name. As for what I think of her, I will only politely say that I do not consider her to be much of a lady. True ladies do not act as she does. Enough said. lol

felicity said...

@sue. the party was at LF2 not LF1.

rklove said...

Hello Haven Ladies!!

So still LMAO at E and the platonic friendship between R/K. Yup, 4 hours of platonic sex. How about they were there to collect some of their things because Rob is selling his home or they were spending time at home together being a family or Rob and Kristen were getting ready for a Halloween party at LF2? I also love the doggie play date..Bahhhhhhaaaaaa!!!

The lengths these dummies go to, just to convince themselves that Rob and Kristen can't possibly be together. Tooooo much!!

So far, HKN has been right about everything she has written, Nonnies get a flat 0. Is Anny Packer still sleeping? LOLOLOLOLOL Hibernation is a good thing.

Have a wonderful weekend Ladies!!
I am still Twirling and Squeeeeing!!

rklove said...

Just a shout out to Arleen Parkinson!! You are a beautiful person!! Thank you for being so thoughtful. Hope all is well with you.

Lisa G. said...

@ a stargazzer -Just wanted to say that I enjoyed your comment.

winnie said...

@Jan Huether... I always enjoy your comments..

a stargazzer said...

Thank you Lisa G.
I really don't think I could improve what the ladies here say that is why I lurk. But this good news specially eclipsing LR attempt to become famous riding the coattails of our girl again, was too much not to share something.

I do wonder if she will try to bring this up again in order to appear in a magazine? It will be fun if she ends up going to a rag just for the chance to see her name pop up in the Google alert she surely has. Time and desperation will tell.
Until next time!

Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth, sue morris, felicity, Saphire1231, LizzieD, irene, Tomoto, Atticus, Tempest, Barbara Fenwick, cjrob, las38, HKN, flowergirl, sue, Mama Nails, RKsoulmates913, Mickeymackey, MARTHA ORIZ, morning coffee, and the rest of HKN Havens! I am going to bed now. I know its late. But I was telling twitters that supports Rob and Kristen. HKN, DIDY, RPI, and all that supports Rob and Kristen get hugs. For trolls, haters, nonnies, tabs, papz, all the gossip sites, and all the trouble makers gets Air horns because they are jerks.
rklove, Lisa G., felicity, Phyllis, and the rest of HKN- Thanks! I love all your comments. I agree with all with you. Great job! You all done amazing job. Except for trouble makers. You know who they are. Anyways, goodnight. Keep me posted. Hugs to you. Night.

vana said...

Hi everyone, hope all is well with everyone.
Arleene, sweet dreams.
Mandy, your manips are so beautiful.

Sue from Holland said...

Hey guys, you are talking about a party. When was that and how do you all know this? Did you see pics? I don't do Twitter or any other social media stuff so I often depend on you guys for my info.

Love sue.

Unknown said...

Morning all hope you all have a lovely weekend still not feeling well :( ,take care all and Rob and Kristen.

Unknown said...

Sue- there was a party on Halloween night at LF2. There were quite a few instagram pictures floating around from the OG showing partygoers all dressed up in costume. Of coarse there were no pictures of the hosts, as par for the course, but people have certainly concluded that they were there. Also, someone commented that though the house was decorated, there was hardly any furniture; as if no one was really living there.

If you google cjsissorhands or christinaperri their twitter/instagrams pop up and you can see some of the pics:)


Sue from Holland said...

@Jan, thanks! So it was confirmed they were there?
So LF@ is empty too? The plot thickens, hah.

Barbara Fenwick said...

Thank you hkn, loved the post. I am still smiling from Halloween, and I hope the haters are having a hard time with the pics. I know Rob and Kristen are happy, and that is all I care about. I know all the true fans are as happy as I am.

R Living said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Why is it that this RPINDI sounds like a GOSSIP COP repossession? Things are getting more and more like a science fiction novelette. Good Golly Miss Mollie-let's have a little negativity if you please to go along with a make-believe divorce and a intervention with the nude x-director's wife who really needs a job-perhaps a xxx movie? Honestly, haters, just keep on going, we really do see your beady little eyes behind those crummy computer hits. Losers! Please do go back to GC or Rob possessed or whatever that seriously sad and possessed post is. TIME. Now, everybody let's just twirl and do the twist some more!

GaliRK said...

@sue morris defifintely twirlong and twisting with you!!!!
These haters hate is just so fucken stupid. Look at Rob dummies cause you'll never have him--- PEACE

Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth, sue morris, felicity, Saphire1231, LizzieD, irene, Tomoto, Atticus, Tempest, Barbara Fenwick, cjrob, las38, HKN, flowergirl, sue, Mama Nails, RKsoulmates913, Mickeymackey, MARTHA ORIZ, morning coffee, and the rest of HKN Havens! I love all your comments. Great job. I am going to step out today. My daughter is having crisis. So I am taking her out to have a talk. I am sure you know how it is when you are in your teens years especially in high school. I will be right back. Keep me posted.
P.S. Stay away from those trashy tabs, and all the gossip sites. They are nothing but trash, hate, lies, and most of all money. I am against those idiots. Like I said before I rather listen to you guys than those idiots. Well, Later.

Unknown said...

There was a pregnant woman on their party, so I don`t think that pumpkin with fetus carved is for Kristen. =(

Unknown said...

Love Around-

Not sure which party you are referring to; LF2 on Halloween or Perri's pumpkin carving party last Friday.

My question to you is how do you know it wasn't in respect to K's condition? You don't. Just as I don't know for sure if it was. Just thought it was interesting:)

Recognize that even though we may see things, we certainly can't know things.


Anonymous said...

Hey HKN you said R was going to star with nicole kidman but the producer of QOTD made it seem like R dropped out of the movie in September when he answered this question about Rob dropping the movie

Madeline said...

@Sue Morris
I agree with you. Why would someone frequently read a site and then ask the author to come clean? She needs to go back to GC or rob possesed with
@Love Around
How did you know there was a pregnant woman at the party? Did you see a picture or were you there? Read it on the tabloids? I hate it when people bring crap over to this site that are from an unsubstantiated 'a source told me". You belong on GC or rob possessed, but not here.

yuri said...

LOL at Love Around comment. I love how hater love to come here and drop comment like that and pretend they are sad about it. There wasn't a pregnant woman at the party..it was Kris friend dress like one. Three of them went as valley girl one of them was dress as a pregnant woman.

Also something to notice, two time that Kris friends is believe to hangout with her, I see nonalcoholic beer IG. I see it again in the Halloween party. I don't see any of them as the nonalcoholic beer type especially at a Halloween party where the main goal is to get drunk

I honestly don't care how delusional or crazy ppl think the idea that Rob and Kris are having a baby is..I believe it and I go into it 100%. If it make you happy why not? Enough with this emo shit..believe is the best way especially when it doesn't hurt anyone.

yuri said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Ok, so am I right to assume (based on comments) that the "pregnant woman" was at the Halloween party at lf2? If so, what does that has to do with Perri's pumpkin carving party where the now emfimuse fetus pumpkin was? Lol! Different party anyway.

rklove said...

Yuri, I didn't see those pics but I appreciate what you noticed. The OG have probably never needed to have non alcoholic beverages until now. They are usually pictured drinking and having a grand ole time. Makes you wonder if the host/hostess needed to stay away from the alcohol :)

Enna said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
yuri said...

@Jan it doesn't at all! Two different party. The fetus one (still smiling) was last Friday and the pregnant lady costume was Halloween. IMO I take both as a sign for us!

BTW I am not talking out of my ass about these kind of things or miss represent anything on IG. You guys can see it yourself. Check Lindsey Barnes IG for the nonalcoholic beer pic about 2 or 3 weeks ago and then you can see the same beer in some of the Halloween pics the OG IG. I think it is interesting.

GaliRK said...

I only have so much patience and if I offend anyone with my language I apologise greatly. @Enna GO F**K YOURSELF, clearly you need it that much. His single you made you your point so go on a wallow with your crazy bunch, including your imaginery E! Sources. Your all full of shit

yuri said...

@rklove actually their were pictures of some drinking regular beer there so there is many kind one of them being nonalcoholic and I wonder for who? ;-)Only one reason I can think of for nonalcoholic beer. LOL

yuri said...

Ignoring the hater on here because please you are not fooling anyone or scaring anyone. You are the one who is scare.

I will continue to talk about how RK is happy, together and expecting (well I like to think so)

For the Wed pics..I personally think it is 2 different set. One of it is Kristen leaving with LBB and the other one is RK coming back from somewhere. There are not date available for these pics so maybe kris leaving to decorate LF2 for the party? It seem the week before Halloween whenever Rob was busy with the Aus things and other social engagement the girls were at LF2 and I think it is to decorate the place.

I think it is cute that LBB was in the truck where it show Kristen is leaving. Insecure should think about that and not be insecure. If you need someone to spell it out for you..well then the door is to the left.

Anonymous said...

@vana Thank you very much! I'm always SO immensely happy to hear that ppl like what I do! <3

Unknown said...

@ Enna - how dare you fucking on one believe the E there write as HL. Is but logical that that now something new must find, finally, there were no explicit images, for the gossip pages, for them it would have been better if it hadn't been pictures where both kissing or run at least hand holding through the streets. If you trust these people more you should keep here and somewhere else to post your comments.
I also noticed that the apartment by kristen was pretty much empty or rather to extract from saw, it is possible that kristen her house also sells?

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

CJ has posted that he is in NY. As someone wrote then ( Ny= cj, tom, suz and Jamie ). Is Jamie but a friend of Rob? or?

Unknown said...

First, I`m not a hater. I love Robsten very much. I`m know and believe they had`t broken up . I never read none magazine, none articles. I know all of they write it`s a full fiction.
Second, I`ve saw photo of pregnant woman on Instagram ( http://instagram.com/p/gMHxIli_0t/), not read about it on the tabloids.
Third, I just haven`t make out that parties were two, not only one. Thanks that you`ve explained me this thing.
Fourth, instagram.com/p/f6_DUuiLib/# The pumpkin made by Nicole Mercado. At least she`s written this. And you can see the photo of her nephew, who was born recently. This could mean that pumpkin had been making in honor of her nephew, but the pumpkin can also be for Kristen. I don`t know. You don`t know. We all know nothing except for they love each other and we love them. It`s just my thinking, my opinion. You`re write all your suppositions and guesses. And I`d wanted do this too. But you all have told me terrible things. Why ? I don`t understand.

More kindness, less hatred!

PS: I spend a lot of time to write this message, because English is not my native language. I understand all of you write, but I can`t normally reply.This is due to lack of practice conversational. I hope you understand me, and I`m sorry for my mistakes.
Good luck!

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

" There wasn't a pregnant woman at the party..it was Kris friend dress like one"

Thanks. I`ll Know. But why are you so negetive to me?
I want them to have a baby too.
Why do you not calmly explained to me what I don`t know. Why do you immediately blame?

yuri said...

@Love around
If you are not a hater then I apologize but there are just so many who came here that pretend to be fans and drop this kind of info off.

Wasn't going to post this but just have to express my thought on the pics we got. I posted this as tempest blog as well. No one have to agree but just a thought:

First off I am kind of annoyed with all these "4 hours business" ppl keep using. I am not sure if ppl just play on the narrative that the papz use or what. I doubt Rob and Kristen spend four hours in their own house and yes I believe it is THEIR house/rental whatever you call it. That papz just put in 4 hours to sell his agenda obviously. I must admit it getting annoying keep seeing " oh ex don't spend 4 hours with each other and blah blah blah." Sorry but as a fans I thought we were over this "ex" stage we have them up.

2. To me there are two set of pics that where put out. There is not time stamp on the pics so again the tabs can spend it any way they like but the pics are recent imo. The pics of Kristen leaving with the puppy is one set and Rob and Kristen coming back is the other. It is not all pictures of them leaving the new BH house. Lulu first said they where leaving then corrected herself saying they are coming back so two me there are two set and you can see it for yourself really.

3. For ppl who think it is just Rob house or whatever let met just say the little pics we got it make it seem more Kristen house to me. Not sure if ppl understand what I am trying to say. She look comfortable to me as someone mention above not like she is just visiting. Also the puppy come to play. It look like to me Kris took their puppy to run some errand maybe go to LF2 to decorate for the Halloween party from THEIR BH house. I don't know about you but I don't think many ppl would bring a puppy along for a sleep over, to spend sometime with their bf at his house because they are not fully back together as someone mention on twitter. RME
4.In the driving pictures Kristen seem to keep looking back at Rob as to make sure he is there and not lost which is cute and funny at the same time since "they were going back to his house." Wouldn't he be leading and not her?

Anyways that is just my ramble and sorry for the long post..just have to write that down

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Don`t know how to prove that I am no hater. And I understand you. In the Robsten fan-forum of my country we are run into the same problem. But I realized one thing we should not be judged only for one message. In my case for one sentence. We all don`t know each other. And fun who came here may probably doesn`t know all things about Robsten. A person may just recently joined to the Fandom. And it`s no good when he haven`t a chance.
I hope for peace. =)

rklove said...

Yuri, I agree with you about the pictures. I also believe that as of now, R/K use LF1, and LF2 as hang outs/party places. They have moved on to BH, a more secluded and secure area where the pappz can't get to them. They have been chased out of their homes because of the stalkarazzi, I just hope they don't get access to their new abode.

Lisa G. said...

Just wanted to hello to Love Around.

@yuri-thanks for clarifying Lulu changed her comment. I started to doubt myself that I read it correctly.

Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth, sue morris, felicity, Saphire1231, LizzieD, irene, Tomoto, Atticus, Tempest, Barbara Fenwick, cjrob, las38, HKN, flowergirl, sue, Mama Nails, RKsoulmates913, Mickeymackey, MARTHA ORIZ, morning coffee, and the rest of HKN Havens! I love all your comments. I agree with you completely. You have done amazing job. One thing stay away from those trashy tabs and all the gossip sites. Especially, E!. They bring nothing but lies, hate, and most of all is money. I don't believe their bs. I believe in HKN, RPI, and DIDY. You all have done a great job on your blogs and twitters. I am on your side. Well, I better go to bed now. Keep me posted. Goodnight. I have church tomorrow. Hugs to you and god bless you all. Night.

Unknown said...

This is why I really never trust why the pap pictures should never be completely assumed are correct. Zero per cent reality and you can be sure that they want you to believe the divorce stories and the silly dog sharing stories . When all it is --Rob and Kristen going home in one shot and Kristen going to L2 to decorate. Kristen is a very beautiful pregnant young wife of Robert and they have to move yearly to have some security and to have some privacy. The pap knows this and as long as they are of great interest to the public they will try to harass them. I feel they are safer together and happier and always have thought they were together. I am reasonably sure the pap knows this but like to portray them as separate, divorced, fighting, and/or dating around to make more money making mega hits on their blogs. Try not to give them money by reading their crap, as they will just go on lying more. love and appreciation to all who respect and care for Rob and Kristen.

Saphire1231 said...

Hello HKN regulars and also some newer posters... (Note: My greeting does not extend to the hater/nonnie faction... who are on permanent ignore from me)!

I see we have had some anti posters doing their little fly by's.

As usual... they are filled with venom and living by the gospel as written by "gossip mags/sites"... unable to discern anything for themselves, they have to be told/shown how to think by liars and gossip hacks!!

It was lovely to see Rob and Kristen in the same frame, but such a shame that came via the cockroaches called Papz!

The biggest shame though, is those same cockroaches have found the gated community in which Rob & Kristen now live. But on the bright side, it is guarded/patrolled 24/7 and entry is only by agreed/provable permission from the residents who live within.

To those who wish to present themselves as fans and yet post such negative drivel (all gained from the "gospel according to tabs, mags, trash sites like E! and grubby little paproaches"... You all really need to go back to school to study reading comprehension, rather than *just to each lunch with your cronies*... Oh and do stop with your stupid attempts to pass yourselves off as fans... It's a bit like trying to *teach your grandmother to suck eggs* to the real fans here... We can all see right through you!!! LOL.

I see the wicked LR is still trying for relevance... SMH & RME, such a *has been hack* that one... the skeletons in her cupboard put lie to every word out of her sanctimonious mouth!

Halloween was exciting for us fans, but what is to come will be more exciting...

Keep on keeping the faith and be happy in the knowledge that Rob and Kristen are together as always!!

Cheers Chrissie (aka Saphire1231)

Anonymous said...

Good Snowing Sunday Morning! Hi Elizabeth, sue morris, felicity, Saphire1231, LizzieD, irene, Tomoto, Atticus, Tempest, Barbara Fenwick, cjrob, las38, HKN, flowergirl, sue, Mama Nails, RKsoulmates913, Mickeymackey, MARTHA ORIZ, morning coffee, and the rest of HKN Havens! I just woke up and its snowing at the beginning of November here in Logan, Utah.
Saphire1231- I love your comment. I miss you. And hugs. How are you?
Sue morris- I love your comment. Great job.
Well, I better get ready for church. Keep me posted. Later.

Unknown said...

Hello to HKN and everyone today feeling lots better just in time for bonfire night loving all your comments keep them coming love to all and rob and Kristen .

linese said...

Kristen is in New York filming a movie “ANESTHESIA” .There are a few blurry pics with her and Gretchen Mol.

Unknown said...

Ok. Wow!

How did this get unnoticed? Did or does anyone have any info on this film?

It's supposed to film into December. Is Kristen in one of the lead rolls? just wondering...

Well, never a dull moment around here lol!

Unknown said...

Hay! She got out of LA without being papsed.

Way to go Kristen!

Lisa G. said...

Nice to see that Kristen is being protected and surrounded by their friends while in NY making the movie. My guess is after the paps cornered her in the late summer/fall Rob is being extra carefully to ensure Kristen is surrounded by those that care for her. It seems the director is highly acclaimed by the critics and James Franco's production company is backing the film from postings i have seen. Is James confirmed to work with Rob in the near future??

vana said...

Hi everyone (Rob/Kristen supporters). Nice to hear about more filming, I believe QOTD people have landed in Morocco. I hope Rob will be there too soon. I love it so much when they're filming.

Rae H. said...

I think maybe this movie Anesthesia is bad info because it does not appear on either Kristen Stewart's or Gretchen Mol's future work schedules.

Remember a while back there was talk about Rob being in a movie and no one reached knew anything about it?
I think this may be more of the same.

Maybe Kristen is not even in new York at all. But it does sound like pretty good disinformation. I wonder where they really are.

Lisa G. said...

Looks like Rob had to change vehicles again to try and stay on the down low. Rob looks good driving a muscle car (Dodge Charger).

Enna said...

Gossip Cop just confirmed the Anesthesia report. Kristen is in New York and filming.

That was fast!

Anonymous said...

Hi SusannahKay, GaliRK, irene, felicity, Saphire1231, Tempest, sue morris, sue, HKN, Elizabeth, LizzieD, Tomoto, Atticus, Barbara Fenwick, cjrob, las38, flowergirl, Mama Nails, RKsoulmates913, Mickeymackey, MARTHA ORIZ, morning coffee, and the rest of HKN Havens! I love all your comments. I agree with you with all my heart. I am with you 100%. Well, I have to get ready for my friend. Going out. Keep me posted.

Lisa G. said...

Enna -Kristen has a small part in the indie film and will only be there, NYC, for a few days not for the entire month of shooting. Still pleanty of time for her and Rob to snuggle together before he leaves for his movie.

felicity said...

people, please remember that rob has a small part in QOTD. we don't know how long he even will be there and when he will go.

as for anesthesia.. i am happy that kristen is in this movie.. just a little role to squeeze in, like she said last year. a mini project.

Anonymous said...

Lisa and felicity- Love your comments. I agree with you completely.

Anonymous said...

Good night to all the HKN! I am going to bed. I love all your comments. Great job. Hugs and god bless you all. Keep me posted. Night.

vana said...

Felicy, your comment regarding QOTD must be referred to me seeing as I'm the one who mentioned it. I'm fully aware that Rob's part is a small one, I'm merely excited that things are moving for this movie because we never know how things go regarding indie movies. I'm merely expressing that I am very happy to hear that things are moving and I am happy for Rob because he is involved. Maybe I'm overreacting but I feel that you are reprimanding me for expressing my happiness for this movie.

Anonymous said...

Good morning to all the HKN Havens! Hi Elizabeth, sue morris, felicity, Saphire1231, LizzieD, irene, Tomoto, Atticus, Tempest, Barbara Fenwick, cjrob, las38, HKN, flowergirl, sue, Mama Nails, RKsoulmates913, Mickeymackey, MARTHA ORIZ, morning coffee, and the rest of HKN Havens! I am going to clean my house from head to toe today. Because I am going out of town this Veteran's weekend. Keep me posted. I will check on you guys at lunchtime. I love all your comments I agree with you completely. I love all of you. Hugs to all. Except for trouble makers. Well, I better get back to work. Later.

Sue from Holland said...

@Arleen, have a good cleaning! Something I need to do too as I'm celebrating my son's 19th birthday on Saturday, fam and friends coming over.

felicity said...

@vana.. one thing you should know about ME!

if i am talking to a person, i am writing their name down! like i did with yours above..

i was talking in general, because i know that some assume that rob will be overseas for the whole time they are shooting QOTD!

Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth, sue morris, felicity, Saphire1231, LizzieD, irene, Tomoto, Atticus, Tempest, Barbara Fenwick, cjrob, las38, HKN, flowergirl, sue, Mama Nails, RKsoulmates913, Mickeymackey, MARTHA ORIZ, morning coffee, and the rest of HKN Havens! I just got done with cleaning my house. And I already throw down dinner in the crockpot. Did I miss anything while I was busy.
Sue-Thanks! I still got still got five days left before I leave for my trip. I will take some pictures.
Felicity- Love your comments. I agree with you. Great job.

Unknown said...

Good evening to everyone, loving rob and kristen even more and loving all your comments ,Arleen hope you have a good weekend you enjoy yourself. saying goodnight to everyone.

vana said...

@felicity, OK. I get you thanks.

Enna said...

Variety is reporting that Kristen will team up with Jesse Eisenberg in the comedy "American Ultra."

Shooting starts in April.

Unknown said...

Kristen is all kinds of suprizes!

First a quick shoot in NYC, and now she is doing a comedy called America Ultra scheduled for April 2014 with Jessie Eisenburg.

Kinda wondering about the pregnancy rumor now. Not sure how she can fit all this in, but maybe:)

Gotta love this girl! She is really hitting it! So what's on your docket Ms. Ross? Nothing? Out foxed my ass!


felicity said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
felicity said...

well, glad about the new poject for kristen.. but remember.. no date is set in stone. if this would be the case, rob would have finished mission for ages already.

those are all indie movies, their filming start date are pushed around a lot..

you can see this with QOTD and Life too right now.

just wait till either of them is ON SET and you will see, when they are going to start on which movie..

a stargazzer said...

April shooting? Mmm so that leaves six months free for her. If she is months or so she will have the baby before the new movie stars. And being indie she can have a nursery and a nanny or her mom or Rob's mom to help her. I have a one year old and I was working at home carrying my baby around and I'm skinny from the waist up the only difference was the fact that I have finally had breasts. Look at Kate Middleton for examples. Just saying...

Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth, sue morris, felicity, Saphire1231, LizzieD, irene, Tomoto, Atticus, Tempest, Barbara Fenwick, cjrob, las38, HKN, flowergirl, sue, Mama Nails, RKsoulmates913, Mickeymackey, MARTHA ORIZ, morning coffee, and the rest of HKN Havens! I am going to bed now. Keep me posted.
Tina- I am not leaving til Saturday. But I can talk to you guys this week. I got five days left talking to you guys. But thanks. I love making friends with you guys.
Felicity- I love your comments. I agree with you completely.
As for the rest of HKN Havens, I love all your comments. Except for trolls and haters. Well, I am going to bed now. Good night, hugs and good bless you all. Night.

Unknown said...


GaliRK said...

Hello everyone. Haven't posted a comment here in a while. Missed everybody so much...
I've been reading all your comments and I have to say your positivity on Kristen's pregnancy is so overwhelming in such a good and enlighting way. I love it...
I'm so proud of Rob and Kristen and what the future holds for them, they deserve EVERY good thing that comes their way... Have a good one everyone.

Unknown said...

There are more pics of Kristen out filming in NYC. It's always so good to see her working:)

She continues to wear baggy clothing, making it hard to ascertain anything in regards to the pregnancy rumor. You just can't tell IMO.

What keeps me believing is HKN's strong belief that this is so. She's been very reliable in the past. Even though this particular piece of info it pretty far out there, I'm choosing to hold on a little bet longer.


Livthedream81 said...

ok, i love HKN and i am a firm believer that Rob and Kristen are together. However, i dont think that Kristen is preggers. Look at her filming schedule that is lined up. Thats a pretty busy schedule for someone pregnant. And her newest project "American Ultra" is lined up to start filming April 2014...if hypothetically she was preggers, this would be around the 9 month mark...who wants to film an "Action/comedy" in their 3rd trimester? Plus, Rob has a busy schedule lined up as well. If they were pregnant, pretty sure they would want to be spending down time getting ready for baby and not be miles apart filming seperate projects. Just saying...maybe somewhere down the line though :)

Morning Coffee said...

First pregnancies don't always show immediately...with my first at 6 month Stomach pretty much still flat and still wearing my regular clothes. Only change was in my boob size.

people have babies and continue on with their lives everyday. Wither way I wish them well as always. these are two young people who deserve the best life has to offer .
Blessings to all

Unknown said...

Hello and good day, I find so full the diary of kristen and Rob do not, and very good friends they have can watch then also on Kristen. Kristen is firstonce no film project now in NY and then comes now in april. Rob mission blacklist has been postponed again, in the the 2 Quatal QOTD December and January ´ ´ movie life ´ ´. I think it is to make and create. And where to shot 'Movie life' is not known to me, maybe in America?

Anonymous said...

Good morning to all the HKN Havens! I am up and getting ready for my day. You all have done amazing job on keeping trolls and haters out. I am proud of you. And for keeping positive. I better get going. I will be back. Keep me posted. Have a great day/night. Later.

Unknown said...

Good evening to HKN and everyone,there is so much great vibes on here,so glad for Rob/Kristen also busy busy for them both,hope you all have a good bonfire night ,great times ahead.

Unknown said...

Livthedream81- I certainly see where you are coming from, and the points you make have me questioning this bit of info as well (but not giving up on it just yet).

Just wanted to point out that this rumor started floating around in mid July. That would make her around the five months mark, and she would deliver before April. But would she want to be working again so soon after having a baby? Who knows, some do for sure.

I still feel there isn't enough info to draw a firm conclusion yet. We will see.....:)

felicity said...

@sanni 'life' will be filmed in toronto and they will start very soon with that.

rob also has QOTD but just a small part in that one, so he is not needed to be there for a long time.

those two movies will be back to back.

mission is postponed till the second quarter of 2014.. which means it could basically start at the end of june. that's a long tife off from work.

so if the rumor is true, he will be there for the first months... kristen will have him, family and friends..


a lot of actresses are working again and have their babies with them on set. to have a baby is not the end of their career.

just wait and see, what will happen.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone!

I've been lurking for months but never comment.
I'm really happy for all the projects that are happening for both R&K.

And what I wrote this comment for, K's possible pregnancy. I guess we will have to wait to know for sure, but in the pictures of Anesthesia she is wearing extra baggy clothes. And she's been wearing baggier clothes than she used the last times we have seen her.

Also, in this pic from the pupmkin patch she looks to have a belly (pregnant), I don't know if it's my eyes but I do see one.


Lisa G. said...

If Rob and Kristen are expecting and we know how private they are they just might do an 'Adele'. The singer was 6-7 months into her pregnancy when the announcement was made. Also they may have already started preparing for the addition to the family if they were going to be busy with film work.

Unknown said...

Hmm HKN....you need to check your 'source'.
You said RK are not living in BH, but then the picture showed them came from BH area.
She's pregnant, but she'll tale a project early next year?!.
Are you sure they are not just friends?, R and K can be just friends, both are good people and capable being just friends with anyone and not always romantically involved.

Lisa G. said...

To all those questioning the BH location I would like to point this out to you:

The Summit is a guard gated community in the Beverly Hills area of Los Angeles, California. It is located on the north side of Mulholland Drive, between Coldwater Canyon and Laurel Canyon on the border of Studio City and Beverly Hills post office. “Beverly Hills Post Office” (for those who do not know), is a section of Los Angeles which sits adjacent to the city of Beverly Hills, but which comes with a Beverly Hills, 90210 zip code.
Source for above is EliteLaHomes.com

So technically it is not in BH proper just assigned to the same zip code and HKN comment was correct. So let us move past this discussion of BH!!!

Lisa G. said...

Also from the same site a comment about the gated community from a realtor-

"As for The Summit, I personally think this is a great community. It’s located in a prime area of LA, close to both Beverly Hills on the south side of Mulholland Drive, and the San Fernando Valley communities of Sherman Oaks and Studio City on the north side of Mulholland. As far as gated communities go, I think the security in the Summit ranks near the top compared to some of the other gated communities i’ve been in. It doesn’t matter how nice your car is or how many times you’ve been there, the guards always stop you and verify you have been invited to the community, as well as enter you in their system and make copies of your ID. And when you leave, they make it a point to stop you and collect your sticker so they know you’ve left the community. So if security is one of your concerns, I think this is one of the better communities to consider. In fact, the last time I was in The Summit with clients showing property I actually saw kids outside playing and riding bikes – I think this speaks volumes to how the residents feel about the security in this community! Need I say more?"

Sounds like a nice place in which to raise children.

felicity said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
felicity said...

@mia farrow.. leave!

april is not early next year.. it is in the second quarter of 2014... and has 30 days!

and.. those filming starts can change.. we have seen that enough in the last past months..

the big shoe was planned a while ago, but was pushed back..

HOTM was pushed back

mission was pushed back .. a lot

who knows, when 'ultra' will really begin..

just wait and leave us the hell alone!

THE SUMMIT community is NOT directly in the city of Beverly Hills.

go and check YOUR sources

Lisa G. said...

@m farrow - as per felicity go and check your sources because even a realtor stated the gated community is close to Beverly Hills, not in Beverly Hills.

Unknown said...

Ok. Does anyone else think its cute that Rob is wearing a YANKEES sweatshirt today while out grocery shopping when K is in NYC (Yankee territory) filming her next movie?

Smile it's all good!


Unknown said...

barquin- I thought the same thing when I saw that picture. I don't think anyone can refute that she has put on a little wait, and at times from certain angles it does look like a little baby bump there :)


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm new to blog comments but have read this blog for a long time. Thank you HKN for keeping this place a calm haven to talk about Rob and Kristen. Everyone here seems very protective of Rob and Kristen and I feel that way too. It's for that reason that I have come out of my lurking mode to ask this question.

I saw something being talked about on twitter and I don't know if it is something real or not so I'm posting a link to it and hope someone here can explain it. It really concerns me if it is real, and I know Kristen can choose her own friends but I wondered who is this person because she might not be what she seems. This site is on Nicole mercado's twitter and IG profile and she was in those pumpkin patch pictures and also says she carved the fetus pumpkin. Is she someone who has been around before because she doesn't seem very trustworthy though she seems to be friends with Britney and isn't that a long time friend of Kristen's?


Elizbeth said...

@M Farrow. If Kristen is pregnant, great. If not, she will when she wants to. When that time comes, we will still be happy for her. I remember a comment Kristen made during one of the Twilight promotion when she said, "I can get pregnant like tomorrow". Yes, if she wants a baby, she can. Just like that. And second, until Rob steps out with a new fiance/wife, and Kristen steps out with a new fiance/husband, I will have to assume, nothing has changed. Nothing has changed except that they have found a way to keep their lives as private as they can get it. If you are going to hate, and Kristen Stewart is your choice? You've picked the wrong chick to hate on. She has got her man. When their relationship is over, you will not have to guess. You say they've broken up but Rob and Kristen's actions speaks to the contrary. I get you don't want them together. Hey, I live on the East Coast and I hate winter. Know my choice? Move to a warmer climate. Get out of this Rob/Kristen universe if it bothers you. These two are in this thing all the way. Neither is going anywhere.

Vernier said...

Gracie246 is a nasty troll. Don't go to her link. it is a trick. a nasty dirty ass trick.

Oh sorry. Hello everyone. I lurk a lot more than I comment now. It is so nice to see and read all the good things about R and K.
No Worries, No Wait

Lisa G. said...

@Jan Huether - saw the pics and it was cute that he is wearing a beanie. Have not seen him wear one for while but we see him wear one shortly after pics of Kristen wearing one during filming.

Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth, sue morris, felicity, Saphire1231, LizzieD, irene, Tomoto, Atticus, Tempest, Barbara Fenwick, cjrob, las38, HKN, flowergirl, sue, Mama Nails, RKsoulmates913, Mickeymackey, MARTHA ORIZ, morning coffee, and the rest of HKN Havens! I have had a busy today.
felicity, Lisa G, sue morris, GaliRK, Tina Wotherspoon, Morning Coffee, Sanni K, Elizabeth, and vernistene- I love you comments. I agree with you there. Hugs to you.

GaliRK said...

Hello all to all my HKN friends. Hope you all have a lovely morning, afternoon or night.
Sick of all the trolls but being here and reading positive comments is amazing and keeps one happy.
There trolls are worth shit, cause they are just dying in their own jealousy. Stupid, stupid hating on someone you hardly know.
Like I keeping saying, keep talking smack about Rob and/or Kristen and I'll be there defending them.
@gracie246 your nasty

Anonymous said...

Hi to all HKN Havens! I am going to bed now. Keep me posted. Hugs to you all. And goodnight.

Unknown said...

good morning, this too bad Rob not even in calm go shopping the paps can track without him. Still good to see that he has things to which kristen indicate (hat, shirt, boots) I also find the Kristen pregnant looks on the new photos at the Rotary, she is many things, but I find that it looks rather nice.
Then I one time asking! did I miss something? The link text by gracie246 has been removed from July 2012 and now by Nicole mercado. But past, is why warm up all that this again? And aif the Instagram account from CJ now 2 comments about the evil Nicole are mercado, what was happening after halloween between her and Kristen? Or the people warm up only the old thing?

a stargazzer said...

For the ones saying that Kristen wouldn't take a job for April if she was pregnant two things.
a) Can you imagine Kristen letting go of a character she is passionate about because she will bring a child to this world?
b) Kristen went in crutches to the Oscars instead of staying home or at least not walking the red carpet. She is fierce and women had worked and had been pregnant since the earth cooled off.
I don't say she is but this are not indications that she isn't IMO.

Unknown said...

more pics of Rob driving..... looks like the paps are hanging out at the entrance of the Summit community now waiting for him or K when she gets back. I cant believe this actually is worth the money they get for taking such pics. crazy.

makes me mad!

Elizbeth said...

@gracie246. You and your friends can play, then replay that whole scene from July 2012 until the cows come home. Guess what? Won't change shit. The people who matter knows more than we could ever know about this and guess what? Didn't change shit. Must have truly been a much to do about nothing. This was never your hurt to forgave or not forgave. Move on or hold on to it for as long as you want. Just understand that we don't give a shit and seeing that we got to see the best of R/K after July, I am going to say they don't give a shit either. But please, don't let me stop you. Keeping on dancing and celebrating July 2012 if it makes you happy. Hey, stay in 7/12 forever and get real compfy.

rklove said...

Good morning Ladies!

So happy for us because we get to see a lot more Rob and Kristen in the movies!!

Wow Elizabeth!! Great job on your comment. You are so right, we and everyone else know less than SHIT about what happened last year. The only thing I am sure of is, that LR and RS were/are fame whores that went looking for a big pay day and an extention of their 15mins. Didn't work!!!

Rob and Kristen are still going strong and still very protective of their privacy!!

Good day to you ladies..off to work.

Annie said...

Oh dear! Trolls showing just how pathetic they truly are.
They are out to sea without life rafts and they know it......Everybody knows it!
You'd think they stop with the regurgitation but as is said.....Fools rush in.

Anonymous said...

Good morning to all the HKN Havens! I am up and going to work.
Elizabeth and rklove- Love your comments. Way to go. Keep up the good work.
Well, I am going to work. Keep me posted. Later.

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, I don't know why you are accusing me of living in the past, being a troll, whatever you are trying to say. Show me where I said anything at all nasty as some have said I did.

I asked a question as to who was this person that appears to be friends with Kristen. That was all. She has apparently not been a Kristen supporter in the past, has written derogatory things about her, yet she is now a friend and all of you here are so happy about her pregnant pumpkin. Maybe I shouldn't have posted the link, but how else to show what she has written.

Excuse me for being curious. You don't need to jump all over anyone who asks about anything that you don't want to talk about. It's rude.

Elizbeth said...

@Gracie246. You're not being curious. When you read trash, you keep that trash to yourself. We are not interested in regurgitated trash. When you drag it here, you're being rude. I, and the people here are aware of the shit being said about Kristen and Rob. We don't want to read it nor do we want people bringing links to trash. Your comment was not meant to inspire, uplift or open up a positive dialog. It was a throw back to shit we don't need. You see?

felicity said...

with all those new projects lined up for both, rob AND kristen, the nonnies finally can go and shut their mouth.

the 'they won't get new roles after twilight' is so untrue..

many people want to work with them..

some projects fall through because of scheduling problems or financial problems... but they WANT kristen and rob in their movies.

good things are coming, you will see

Unknown said...

Good evening to all the HKN HAVENS hope you are all well Arleen good evening to you as well,loving my 2 favorite people even more and the way they are both protected by family and friends. take care everyone.

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, thank you for your inspiring and uplifting comment. What I asked had nothing to do with the content of the link but rather the person who wrote it. You see?

There is no point in this discussion.
I hope you all have a pleasant day.

Anonymous said...

I am a huge Rob and Kristen fan, but I rarely have time to read any blogs or articles these days, too busy with a newborn and a toddler, but today I had a few moments so I decided to read some comments. Maybe it's due to lack of sleep or maybe I'm out of practice on troll behavior but while maybe Gracie246 might have ill will which is why she posted, I read her comment to mean that she was actually concerned for Kristen due to a new friend who has appeared in her inner circle, a friend who wrote a very unfavorable entry on her blog about the scandal from 2012. I think she was just asking if anyone else was concerned about the motives of the newest friend.

Then again, what do I know I could be completely wrong.

Elizbeth said...

@Gracie 246. I apologize if i misread your comment. My point is, there is so much crap out there so don't trouble yourself reading it. If you read them, fine. Just that we don't want to hear or see it. No ill intent. I wish you a great day.

andreana said...

Is this still HKN'S BLOG?

Unknown said...

With so much being said about the fact that Kristen and Rob have not changed their schedules much, with a baby on the way, how do we know what their real plans are. We only guess about the details of their life, and I am seriously happy about the fact that HKN was right about so much and was careful to not give more specific details. I love how the gossip blogs are squirming and just a bit wrong about everything. I also love how Rob and Kristen are just ignoring everything but their own world and doing what they want to do without a lot of fanfare. Sounds silly, but I am very proud of both of them for just being themselves!

barbara said...

@Sue Morris. I agree with you Rob and Kristen take no heed of the tripe the troll turds spew.For some weird and strange reason these morons think Rob and Kristen listen to them???.What a hoot these two young people couldn't give a rats bum what trolls say and never have.More power Rob and Kristen,once again you are both two steps ahead of the gossip slush machine. love to al who respect Rob and Kristen.xxx

felicity said...

so, tabs are backpedaling.. in print and online..

what a big surprise.


we have seen that coming for a long time already..

they have absolutely nothing to base their BS on..

have a good day

Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth, sue morris, felicity, Saphire1231, LizzieD, irene, Tomoto, Atticus, Tempest, Barbara Fenwick, cjrob, las38, HKN, sue, Mama Nails, RKsoulmates913, Mickeymackey, MARTHA ORIZ, morning coffee, and the rest of HKN Havens! I just got home from work and found out my water is shut off. I know we paid the bill. So I calling to see what it their problem. If its due to construction that we would like to be notify. I hope put it back on before dinner.
Elizabeth, felicity, Tina, sue morris, and barbara- I agree with your comments. I wish trolls, haters, tabs, and all the those trouble makers get their water shut off.

fishyone2 said...

To Everyone: Many haters come to this blog and use what is posted as ammunition to bully HKN and anyone who believes her. Let's try to keep comments about a pregnancy to "speculation" or "wouldn't that be great" instead of "Kristen is pregnant". That just gives them fuel to say HKN does not have information or that we are delusional. Remember, she keeps saying "IF" - we should all be talking "IF" not "....oh Kristen can do these movies and still be pregnant" as if its true. It might be, but until its publicly acknowledged, I think we should avoid that slippery slope. Just my thoughts :).

Unknown said...

Fishyone2- understand what you are saying to an extent; "let's not get hopes up" or "don't give haters more ammunition". But I can't help but point out that HKN is NOT saying "IF" or "wouldn't that be great". She has made the point to come out and claim that Kristen IS pregnant according to her source. Period. And on her very public blog. That was her choice, and I'm sure she can handle the s of it.

She's a big girl, and can take the heat. Frankly, I really don't think there's been all that much of it either. Seems pretty quite to me. People believe her, or they don't. Big deal.

I think people should feel comfortable discussing what they want here as long as its supportive of RK. I choose to believe in HKN's blog, that's my choice. I will except what ever may come of this down the road.

To me it's about calling a spade a spade. I support RK and I support HKN and what she chooses to write on her blog. But that's just my choice:)

Sweet dreams,

fishyone2 said...

@Jan Heuther -- I'm a firm believer too - just take a look at all my posts. I just sometimes see things at other sites where they are very quick to rip her apart over any statements that are made. I think those people are just looking for any comment they can rip apart. If there is any concern that I'm not fully supportive of her and her posts, please understand that is not the case. I just think being a bit more vague about it until there is true confirmation is a safer route. There are evil people out there that will bully anyone who has a positive opinion.

Unknown said...

Please except my apologies, I in no way meant to imply you were not a supporter. I do see you are trying to look out for HKN.

I just feel that if she made a concous decision to post K being pregnant on her blog where everyone can read it, she must have been willing to except the conciquinces of doing so.

I guess to me, it kind of belittles her to state she didn't say something that she actually very clearly did.

But again, I understand you are truly just trying to protect her and this supportive community. So thanks for that:)


fishyone2 said...

Jan- I think you make some good points and I appreciate the clarification. We are good :).

Elizbeth said...

"Okay first off I'm not the only one pointing this out. So if it turns out not to be true I'll be going down with good company. A lot of people and not just my cousin are saying this IS happening. Could this be another reason while Kristen is being extra careful in being papped since she got back home? Why yes it could."

This is what HKN posted. The key words here are: "Could" and "if". HKN was going with her gut feeling plus what people in the know were saying. Could and if does not equal fact or certainty.

Let the haters hate. It is all they do. Nothing HKN or other R/K support sites say or do will ever change that.

Take care everyone. Have a safe night. I am heading over to DIDY.

Unknown said...

DEAR HKN-- I believe that you are right about pretty much everything and am really pleased that Rob and Kristen are just living their life and working away at their jobs. Isn't it just amazing how everyone has decided just exactly what they should do? I am constantly made disgusted with stupidity of weird people that think they know Rob and Kristen. Friends and family may have a handle about them but nobody else does, so there is a lot of hot air blown around. I truly hope that Rob will take his little family away from L. A. so they can breathe. I am being selfish but I really think they need a home away from "home". I realize that L.A. is where their work is, but they have to commute to make most of their movies. I guess I just want them to be safe. I am sure they know what they are doing , I just hate to see them under any more Hollywood pressure from the local dipshits. That is something no one needs.

Anonymous said...

To all the HKN Havens! I am going to bed now. Keep me posted. I love all your comments. You all have done a great job. Keeping trolls and haters out. Keep up the good work. Well, goodnight and hugs. Night

Unknown said...

Hello, I love your post, you nailed it and I could just fall down laughing, I just love your site too, didn't even know about it till yesterday. But I will be coming back, thanks so much for putting a smile on my face this morning, Hugs Bobbie