Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Blondes Brunettes, And A Gym Trainer Oh My!

Cowardly Lions. The best way to describe the tabs and their desperate attempts to hook up Rob with anything with a pulse. 

I couldn't decide whether to post this today or wait until Sean Penn takes his aggression out on the cowardly lions  for involving his daughter in their made up crap. 

Decisions. Decisions. 

This fandom needs a giggle or two.  So lets do it now!


This started it all. A blonde ( of course!) with a not rob hiding in the back seat behind or in front of a surfboard ( take your pic).

Now the dipshidiots of course were all over this.  
"The blonde had her head right next to Rob's. How romantic!"
NO. Actually she was sitting in the front seat with the driver while not rob was in the back seat.

Now this lunacy didn't last long before we got this.

 The blonde hook up was dropped in a heart beat. Ovaries exploding every where.  She was Harley Pasternak's wife, an actress named Minka Kelly, and last but not least personal trainer Sydney Liebes.
The problem with this? Ones married and the other two  have BOYFRIENDS. So they still have NOTHING.

And you believe this. Really? 

Why on earth if you are telling the truth do you need to manipulate the date of when pictures were taken?

This picture is from Aug 4 when Rob went to Kristen's house. Why are they tagging it with the gym pics? Anyone ? Anyone? Bueller?

This explains it better.

From Windswept Girl:

Here is your proof that x17 is changing things to FIT THE LIES....This is RIGHT from their INSIDER site...where CLIENTS go to buy the imagery. This is how they tag their photos....


They posted this tag yesterday on ROB'S PICTS (from the gym all in black)...LOOK at date:

EXCLU Pattinson enters beefing up program
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 2013
Credit: blanco-ionu/x17online.com
Author: blanco-ionu/x17online.com
City: Hollywood
Caption: Robert Pattinson is following a strict program to beef up before his next movie Mission Blacklist where he plays a military searching for Saddam Hussein , exercise four hours a day and strict diet Sept 21, 2013EXCLU
File: RobertPattinsonBeefingUp0921_01.JPG

See the date? POSTED on Sept 22 and pics taken Sept 21


REPOSTED today in the same file with said girl to make it look like they were together.

EXCLU Introducing Pattinson's new girlfriend
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2013
Credit: Blanco-rol/X17online.com
Author: Blanco-rol/X17online.com
City: Hollywood
Caption: Newly single Robert Pattinson spending time and exercising with new girl in Hollywood. The mysterious girl joins him every single day as Robert exercises for new flick . Sept 20, 2013 X17online.com EXCLU: Blanco/X17online.com
File: RPattinsonNEWgirlfriend092013_11.JPG

Look...they changed the post date to today and LOOKY...They changed the date of the pic to the 20th! Oh and the AUTHOR CHANGED TOO...It's NOW Rolando...


And here is the GIRL'S Pics! (my guess is this is someone they know and they had her model for these pics to fit the Radar story!!!! Same tags as Robs....

EXCLU Introducing Pattinson's new girlfriend
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2013
Credit: Blanco-rol/X17online.com
Author: Blanco-rol/X17online.com
City: Hollywood
Caption: Newly single Robert Pattinson spending time and exercising with new girl in Hollywood. The mysterious girl joins him every single day as Robert exercises for new flick . Sept 20, 2013 X17online.com EXCLU: Blanco/X17online.com
File: RPattinsonNEWgirlfriend092013_10.JPG

SO as you can see...HERE IS PROOF X17 is Manipulating things and LYING!!! Isn't that funny that the SAME picts are suddenly dated today?

And who would have thought it would be E!  Ken snowflake Baker to the rescue lol.

Robert Pattinson has been hitting up the gym lately to prepare for his upcoming movie Mission: Blacklist, and it looks like the former Twilight star has been working on his fitness with a brunette bombshell. The pair were spotted leaving the gym together on multiple occasions, though ultimately leaving in separate cars.
So before you start jumping to conclusions, this is not the actor's new love interest.
E! News has learned that the mystery woman is a trainer, who steps in to work with R. Pattz when his usual trainer Harley Pasternak is unavailable to meet with him.

I'm thinking his buddie Annie isn't to pleased with him right now.

That isn't working out to well  for the dipshidiots either.  They cried a little .

And then moved  on to the next one. We're back to blondes again.

Dylan Penn. 22 year old daughter of Sean Penn. There is not one picture of her with Rob. But you know the dipshidiots still believe this horse crap. They never disappoint in their gullibility. The tabs took a tweet  from September 7 and invented their fan fic around it. She is supposedly the blonde with him at the Viper Room.

I'm thinking the tabs coming up with that scenario don't value their lives much.

 Now in the middle of all this craziness we also got some new pictures of Kristen. They were taken down immediately. Why? Good question. They were set pics.

Kristen in a black bikini top and men's boxers. Sound familiar? 

She looked like she had a little belly in them.

Pink or Blue?

  Aww come on  it's funny! And it makes the dipshidiots freak out.

Tempest has been unduly and unfairly attacked for thinking this picture might be Rob. You know what I think so too. She has the right to do so. She likes you to open your mind and use your common sense.

Those hands sure do look  like Rob's.

This is a picture of Jack Standen. Does this look anything like the picture above? Nope. 

Like I said common sense.

Tempest for you!


Claudia Passalacqua said...

oh thank you darling. your cousin does not have news?

Anonymous said...

HKN- Great job on this. You rock my world.

felicity said...

love you. hugs

irene said...

Thanks for the fake GF round-up, there are so many it gets confusing!!!!!

R&K are fine......more than fine...... perfect!!!

irene said...

Thanks for the fake GF round-up, there are so many it gets confusing!!!!!

R&K are fine......more than fine...... perfect!!!

Anonymous said...

It looks like Kristen is really pregnant.

Also I think that Rob has been with Kristen more than people realize. And NOBODY knows when the pics of Rob were ACTUALLY taken since x17 likes to manipulate dates.

Also HKN I would watch who you talk to on twitter people say some ugly things behind your back but act like they like you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth, sue morris, felicity, Saphire1231, LizzieD, irene, Tomoto, Atticus, Tempest, Barbara Fenwick, KK, HKN, sue, Mickeymackey, MARTHA ORIZ, morning coffee, and the rest of HKN Havens! I have been home from a cold and raining work. And the library. And my foot is being nice and warm by a four legs furry baby. She is keeping my feet warm. We are having a mommy and me time. She likes to keep me company.
Felicity- Love you too. And hugs.
irene- I agree with you more. They are together. And they are fine.
As for the rest of you hope you have a warm day.

Anonymous said...

Another great post, HKN!! It us just hilarious how desperate the tabs & nonnies are getting.They will implode pretty soon. I can't wait to see that happen. Thanks so much for keeping your sense of humor & reminding us not to take everything so seriously. Aloha, Jane

BearlyImportant said...

Yellow Brick Road!! :-)~~~

Morning Coffee said...

Thank you HKN..I love your sense of humor and irony. I hope this makes the haters boil in their own venomous lies.

I have a gut feeling goods things are headed our way sooner than later.

Blessings to all HKNer's

Nancy Allen said...

Love your blog !!!! Love the sarcasm.. and the CSI work you did. Keep up the great work!

Elizbeth said...

Nice post. The pink and blue thing is going to send them over the cliff. We can hope, not a crime; and I am hoping, crossing my fingers and hoping some more. Tempest isn't alone in this. First look at those pictures I knew that was Rob. Just like the girl in the truck was Kristen. His fingers, nose, smile and hairline are irrefutable.

Thanks for the post.

Madeline said...

Thank you HKN! Good one (pink or blue). LMAO!

Blondemel47 said...

I think you'll find the 4th Aug car pics ARE DIFFERENT pics/cars to that in SEPT 19th pics, if you look closely you can see this .... http://tmblr.co/ZNW78yw0S1rL Plus other differences are there too... but I agree tabs shouldn't changes pic dates. Car pics taken on 19th Sept and car pics with girl 21st.

Litmom said...

Thanks for posting today - the last 48 hours or so in this fandom have been batsh*t CA-RAZY!

All is well, people!

VickMonick said...

Great post HKN!! I especially liked the picture of the pink and blue booties. Made me laugh.
@Elizabeth. I felt the same as you when I first looked at the picture of Rob wearing Kristen's glasses. Then..Tempest, made it even more positive when she posted side by side comparable pictures of Rob. Also, I liked the sneaky little shot of Kristen in the background.

Saphire1231 said...

An enjoyable post HKN... well done.

As is always the case the rabid paps continue to invent to get our backs up and make us talk about their latest work of fiction... thereby keeping them current and inciting some fans to go to their stupid blogs to check for themselves... resulting in more hits and more money in the pockets of the Paps and rag/tabs.

On the picture of Rob with the Martini glass.... When this first came out I immediately knew it was Rob, despite being told otherwise by various folk!

For me this picture is the equal of the Truckgate pic... I was certain (and still am to this very day) that was Kristen in the truck!

The Rob/Martini glass pic is in the same boat for me. It is definitely Rob... but of course the detractors will endeavour to sway folk to their way of thinking. For me that is never going to happen!

As for the little extra weight Kristen appears to have put on... whilst the possibility of pregnancy warms the cockles of my heart... I personally think it is more related to the fact that Switzerland and Germany have some world renowned yummy foods (especially the sweeter varieties), not to mention the colder temperature and lots of hot, sweet drinks etc., to keep warm, and being on set would also no doubt involve a lot of takeaways and such like, so I would be more inclined to think the extra weight look is food associated.

Also it must be remember that Kristen worked very hard in the gym for her role in the Camp-Xray movie and now she is now longer doing that... it is not a big stretch to realise that all that muscle has softened up. Still it must be said... that Kristen looks healthy and happy and ... perfectly normal... weight is not an issue with this girl... a little extra still looks good on her!

Cheers everyone

Saphire1231 said...

Oh man I wish this blog had an edit attachment on our posts so we can correct spelling mistakes LOL.

The sentence I posted above - last paragraph, regarding the Camp-Xray gym work... should read "and now she is NO longer doing that"

Cheers Chrissie

sue morris said...

because Kristen may be close to completing her shoot, and the next films to begin next year for both of them, I believe, then they planned out their work space very well and can now do small stuff like hopefully R and R. I really hope they can make the paparazzi just disappear so they can relax wherever. The world needs to butt out of their lives.

sue morris said...

HKN- for about a year now I have had a recurring dream and it's probably nuts but I see Kristen and Rob very happy and married with a set of twins, what kind I am not sure, but it is getting ridiculous because I keep having the silly dream. It is probably just wishful thinking , but those booties really made me remember. Of course they are probably not ready for these things and I definitely need my head examined! I am sure they are too busy for family .

Elizbeth said...

@HKN. Most say the pic with Sean Penn is priceless!!! I remember the good old days when he was married to Madonna and paparazzi would follow them around. And boy did Sean punch their lights out. This pic is priceless.

vana said...

Thank you HKN as usual love your post. It's down right disgusting how they just won't leave Rob alone. They just keep on gnawing and gnawing and gnawing.

Olivia White said...

Great Post, HKN! You know what? I think that pic is Rob in disquise too. Too many Identifying features. They both have admitted in live interviews that they frequently go out in disquise .
All the fake secret GF stuff is pure fantasy, and I call bull shit. Please keep doing what you are doing. We love you , Tempest, & Rose & any other blogger who supports Rob& Kristen.

Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth, sue morris, felicity, Saphire1231, LizzieD, irene, Tomoto, Atticus, Tempest, Barbara Fenwick, KK, HKN, sue, Mickeymackey, MARTHA ORIZ, morning coffee, and the rest of HKN Havens! I am going to bed now. Keep me posted. You guys are doing a great job on your comments. I agree with you there.
kuffkuff17- Great job on your comments.
Morning Coffee- Love your comments and I agree with there.
Nancy Allen- I always love your comments.
Litmom- Got that right about the crazy idiots.
Jean Worley- Great comments.
Saphire1231- Hi and we missed you. How are you? Love your comments. I agree with you there.
sue morris- I agree with you there about the papz. Papz are peeping toms.
Elizabeth- Hi and Hugs.
vana- I agree with you there. Why don't peeping toms papz leave Rob alone.
Olivia- I agree with there about the pictures. And they are spreading lies.
As for the rest of you I am going to bed. Hope you all have a great.

MARTHA said...


vana said...

Arleen, I've been meaning to say what a cute picture you have of your cat. Really sweet. Sadly, they won't leave Rob alone because he = money for them. Sleep well.

Anonymous said...

Good morning to all the HKN Havens! Hi Elizabeth, sue morris, felicity, Saphire1231, LizzieD, irene, Tomoto, Atticus, Tempest, Barbara Fenwick, KK, HKN, sue, Mickeymackey, MARTHA ORIZ, morning coffee, and the rest of HKN Havens! I just woke up and getting ready to do my yard work. And then after my tutoring say after 2:30pm. I am going to plant my tulips before it gets freezing weather here.
vana- Thanks! And I agree with about someone making money off of Rob.
Martha- I agree with you too.
As for everyone else. I hope you all have a good day.

Saphire1231 said...

@ Arleen,

Hi sweetie, I am fine honey. I come by this blog most days, but do not always post. I do like to keep up to speed with what is going on.

Thank you Arleen for always acknowledging myself and many of the other posters here... you are a sweet lady.

Enjoy your day/night... and I will read you all, as always, on my next visit (sometime tomorrow lol)..

Cheers Chrissie.

sue morris said...

Arlene, where in Utah are you? I lived in Washington, not far from St. George and I didn't realize it was getting colder there. We had a home there and then moved back to Oklahoma when Andy retired. I grew up in Arkansas where my dad and granddad were doctors and mother was a teacher. I was a medical bookkeeper in home health agencies and for the University of Arkansas. Let's hope that Rob and Kristen can get some relief from the constant gossip crap-- I would honestly try to sue these gossip blogs. I wish they would and/or could. Have a good evening.

sue morris said...

Arlene, where in Utah are you? I lived in Washington, not far from St. George and I didn't realize it was getting colder there. We had a home there and then moved back to Oklahoma when Andy retired. I grew up in Arkansas where my dad and granddad were doctors and mother was a teacher. I was a medical bookkeeper in home health agencies and for the University of Arkansas. Let's hope that Rob and Kristen can get some relief from the constant gossip crap-- I would honestly try to sue these gossip blogs. I wish they would and/or could. Have a good evening.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone! I was almost done chopping the bushes. But all of sudden its raining. Because that is the spot I want to grow my tulips.
Saphire1231- Thanks. And so are you. You are also the nicest person.
sue morris- I live in Logan, Utah. I also saw some snow on the mountains. Its my first doing my yard work. And my first time of gardening.

kriert said...

Hello Everyone.
Happy to see your new post clearing things up. Well media do create stories just to have money especially if they know the person has a large fanbase such as Rob and Kristen. Well for me i just appreciate the photos but ignore the story behind it to avoid getting high blood pressure from all the lies. LOL. Rob is not Liam H. who very quickly finds someone. That is not Love. When someone breaks up with someone they love they go on 5 STAGES OF GRIEF AND I DONT SEE THAT ON EITHER OF THEM INSTEAD I SEE HAPPINESS. YOU DONT MOVE ON THAT EASILY.



Thanks HKN for this post and so are the ladies who are always supporting ROB AND KRISTEN.

sue said...

@Hkn, girl, you are really messing with their heads now, little pink/blue fluffy stuff.. Kristen looks beautiful and healthy and happy, damn I better not let my mind wonder of too far but I sure love the insinuation. When is she finished filming?

@Elizbeth, I remember very well man, these papz are screwing with the wrong man. Sean hates the papz with a vengeance and will be even more over protective with his little girl.

Anonymous said...

Hi Arlene, nice to meet you! I read your posts all the time. Thank you for welcoming me to the board!! It's our "safe haven" to help us whether all the BS out there. Aloha, Jane

Flowergirl said...

HKN...I think the picture of martini guy looks like Robert Downey Jr's younger brother. Maybe he was invited to the wedding too. Just kidding. I don't even know if RDJ has a younger brother, but I thought it might be good for a laugh. Anyway, sure looks like Rob to me. LOL

Lisa G. said...

I see that Eonline has a couple of articles recently about all the recent stories of different girl’s ties to him as the "new girlfriend". The article states that Rob is not interested in dating anyone right now. Of course not!! Why would he when he is in relationship with Kristen. One was focused on the three ladies that have been linked to him this past week and another focused on all the past supposed girlfriends of Riley, Sia and Mystery lady at party.

Too funny that I saw those articles today after the new posting by HKN.

lena said...
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Mickeymackey said...

lena your comments just prove how ignorant you are - just because people says its true then it must be. get real. They are just as bad as us weekly and the other online sites. They are trying to make him look like a manwhore for all the women that they have him dating. Have you ever seen him date this much before Kristen? I haven't and I don't believe it now. Come at us with a more credible source than people who don't know the truth if it hit them in the head.

Enna said...
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Lisa G. said...

@Iena -

The rags and People are trying to jump on the bandwagon to tie anything they can to Dylan as they could not tie him to the trainer. Not publishing this story would mean loss revenue to People via actual magazine sales or on visits to their website. They need to complete with the likes of US and other gossip rags. If you noticed it was an unnamed source and not from a rep of his. Look at Liam and Miley story, their rep's confirmed to People’s Magazine of the breakup. Also notice the timing of the announcement is close to Kristen coming home from the movie shoot. They need to stir up drama as Kristen and Rob have done nothing but their normal routine; going out with friends and working. I hope Kristen can get back to the US without being noticed. I bet the paps are going to out in full force to hound her when she is back in LA. They will try to get pictures for her reaction by harassing her regarding this new girlfriend.

There is a grainy photo of supposedly Dylan and Rob from the Viper room on Robsten Dreams. Now people are saying she is the blonde that sat beside Rob in the photos of Rob and Katy sitting around with friends instead of it being Camille. A girl just needs to stand/site beside Rob and bam there are the new girlfriend.
BTW cute picture of Kristen and her co-workers. In the following site click to see the hotel where they were filming. Would love to visit this wondrous place.


LizzieD said...

LENA -- People lost all credibility back in May when reporting the "fake" breakup. By fake, I mean they just rode the coat-tails of the X17 & other rags similar.


lena said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Lisa G. said...

I see we have some new trolls on this site. If you (lena and Enna) believe he has a new girlfriend go discuss this on another site that has similar ideas as yours.

Lisa G. said...

HKN - thanks for removing those trolls from the comments.

sue morris said...

HKN- while in Europe it would be fun to just run away again and become invisible. Other than seeing the puppies, why would you even think about the LA paparazzi? oh my gosh, you know it certainly is none of my business, but the assholes in LA is the last place I would want to bump up against. Checking out some beautiful places in Spain for instance. Paris is beautiful this time of the year. Oh well, it was a nice dream.

Morning Coffee said...

The pic is out of focus and you really can't tell exactly who the guy is or what date this may have actually been taken. kind of smacks of the Rupert Sanders bowling Alley BS..

The haters are running scared..Rolando and his cohorts and the rags are desperate for a pay day and that includes People Mag. that hides behind the facade of being reputable and above board.

You keep up the good fight HKN...there are those of us who believe as you do, good things are coming.

Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth, sue morris, felicity, Saphire1231, LizzieD, irene, Tomoto, Atticus, Tempest, Barbara Fenwick, KK, HKN, sue, Mickeymackey, MARTHA ORIZ, morning coffee, and the rest of HKN Havens! I am going to bed now. Keep me posted. I had a long day.
Martha- Love your comments and great job.
kriert- Love your comments.
Sue- I agree with you more about papz. and Rob. They just want to make money off this so they mess up their lives.
kuffkuff17- Aloha! You're welcome.
Flowergirl- Hi and hugs.
Lisa G.- Love your comments. I agree with you there.
Mickeymackey- Hi and I agree with you more.
LizzieD & Lisa G.- I agree with you both about People. What source. There is no source.
sue morris- Love your comments as always.
Morning Coffee- I always love your comments too.
Well going to bed now. I am tired. Night.

Enna said...
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SusannahKay said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SusannahKay said...

Enna - First, why do you assume Dylan even has "people"? Second, celebs "people" usually ignore crap like this because they'd have to debunk obvious crap 24/7 to avoid the one thing they missed from being deemed to be true, it was the responses from Riley,Katy and Sia - 2 good friends of Kristen's and one nice woman who didn't want to dragged into the drama created by the lunatic element of Rob's fanbase - that were unusual. Finally, while I generally have no more time for E! than any other webloid, the story they printed earlier in the week refuting all the recent allegations was a clear rebuttal from Rob's team, he obviously didn't want this crap going unchallenged and must have good reason for that since they both generally ignore it,yet predictably,you ignore that.If you're so certain this latest drivel, from the same "source" who "confirmed" he was dating Riley a few weeks ago,is true, then why come here where you know no one will agree with you?

Sanni K. said...

I just saw the photo nor a worse quality is no longer so. Paps have any good cameras;-) Although the photo is of something like bad one recognizes that it is not Rob. It is ridiculous that is being discussed. As today have the 27.09. and from 07:09. why is waiting so long to show it? I look forward to when kristen is back and both show times together and see what comes apology is written. Till when the shooting go from sils maria? Must not now be finished?

Sanni K. said...

Have a question, why are seen where it is on the water no pictures of the set? You are no longer visible since yesterday!

Lisa G. said...

Enna, think about this two sites: tmz.com has not posted any stories on this nor has gossip cop confirmed nor denied the people mag's blog. Given that People's posted the article at arou d 3 pm EST. about 12 hours ago stll nothing. They are probably still waiting from their contacts for info on people's comments. Given that Tmz is owned by a lawyer they must be double checking before posting any comment on this.

Mia said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Lisa G. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lisa G. said...

Then why not have his reps confirm. Why are they stating pattinson source -and not his reps.

Mia said...
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Sanni K. said...

Mia which tells you that it's over? Not bad photo or? this is ridiculous

Mia said...
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Lisa G. said...

If they had reliable sources to begin with why did they first state a source but then updated with a pattinson source. Was this to make the story more creditable. If it was so true why did they not publish it correctly the first time. Then why would rob's friends be visiting Kristen in Europe when her was already dating Dylan for two months?

linese said...

PEOPLE is about a legit as US Magazine or Daily Mail and sources what sources. But for the folks who constantly needed 'proof' of Rob and Kristen being together this latest Rob hookup will make sense to them even though it is so clearly being feed to followers of gossip sites. The same sites that drove Rob and Kristen to practically invisibility !

fishyone2 said...

@Mia - I'm sorry honey but you are a two-faced sneak. You come on here all concerned about Kristen, disappointed in Rob -- and then spew crap. I hate to tell you this - and I hope you are sitting down for it because its a big one -- WE ARE ADULTS ON HERE. We are quite capable of forming a conscious opinion of Rob and Kristen and the status of their relationship. The fact that we like to talk about it here on someone's personal blog is really of no consequence to you. You don't agree with us - fine - trust me, I can sleep at night. But that gives you absolutely no right to come on here and lambast HKN or anyone else because they have a different opinion from you. That is what makes us mature adults. You show your age and/or lack of maturity very readily by the way you post. You think we are all going to say "Oh yes - she has a point" because you choose to spin your gossip with words that make it seem real? Do you really think that citing People as an honorable and completely realiable source gives your comments validity? Here's another one you should sit down for -- and on three -- 3,2,1 - People is a tabloid!! I know - shocker isn't it? They get things wrong and its become worse as the fervor over being the first one with an exclusive has definitely allowed much of the fact checking to go by the wayside. Finally - and I don't remember if you posted this or Enna, the fact that Rob has not said anything --- means absolutely nothing. You or her commented "well - that proves its true". No - it proves that he consistently does not respond to gossip. Please get it through your thick head!!! Ugh - I swear people need maturity and/or intelligence tests before they are allowed to post. Sorry everyone for ranting - but I am so tired of these chicks that come one here as if they know more than anyone else -- when all they are doing is repeating gossip. How proud they must be for the way they conduct themselves. Mia - I strongly suggest getting a job - a hobby - a puppy - a friend - something that will give you a better perspective in the world. We will happily stay here because people are just too rude on the other boards and blogs. To all here - have a great day.

Lisa G. said...

Bravo to fishyone2. I have been up all night with the flu so hopefully my posts made sens and sorry for any spelling mistakes.

Lisa G. said...

Must say People mag must be creditable when they are reporting a story that was reported by Life&Style. Life&Style must have one creditable pattison source. Lol!

vana said...

@fishyone2...well said.

vana said...

I will confess to watching E news, something I'm not in the habit of doing, I don't know if it was recent because I'm aware that we don't always get recent programs here where I live, anyway, they were kinda sporting the game of who Rob would be dating next. Nothing about it was serious, they just made a comment about the week that Rob has had being attached to so many girls. Don't know their names but she was just imagining the stories E could have if he dated some of their choices. Nothing malicious, nothing to be taken seriously. Why am I saying this? Don't know maybe I'm just super tired.

Lisa G. said...

Hey HKN how are you feeling about what has heppened in the last 24 hours??

Enna said...
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rklove said...

Good morning to everyone!

Fishyone2 thank you for a wonderful post.

Mia..you need to step back and relax. Rob and his team have never commented on his personal life and they never will. As for Dylan and her reps, I bet they are sitting back and basking in the glow of getting the 15 min.

It's a shame that supposed *fans* can believe that Rob or Kristen have become whores willing to sleep with anyone. I have yet to see any concrete evidence that proves they have broken up. On the contrary, all I see are two people still together, with a wonderful group of friends who are protective of them. They have always tried to be private and now are even more so because of the stalkarazzi and the nonsense following them.

I had to unfollow a couple of people on twitter because I can stand *dipshitidiots* who profess their love for Rob/Kristen and then lambast them at every turn.

I love coming to HKN haven because I appreciate the sane and well thought out comments. What I don't appreciate is the Nonnies and flip floppers who always have a need to make derogatory and sarcastic comments. If you don't believe in R/K, don't come here. Go spew your idiocy at GC!!

HKN thank you again.

Have a wonderful day ladies/gentleman!!

Claudia Bouffard said...

@Fishy - I could not have said it better myself. Actually, I thought that Mia assured us on the last couple of posts, or maybe it was on DIDY that she would not be posting any more comments. I guess just wishful thinking on my part.

Again, Mia is not imparting her sage advice, all knowing statements in an altruistic manner, but in a condescending manner. Truthfully, Mia I am much older than you (I am sure of this because you stated, I believe on DIDY, that you are a new mother and had much time on your hands to peruse the internet and gather information.). Thanks, but no thanks. If I feel the need to troll around the internet visiting tabloid sites, GC chat boards, or other Blogspots, I am capable, as I am sure others that are frequent posters here are, of obtaining this information myself; and I will decide and sort the information I gather without your assistance.

Don't like what is posted here on HKN Haven, then move along. Better yet, start your own blog.

Anonymous said...

Good Friday Morning! Hi Elizabeth, sue morris, felicity, Saphire1231, LizzieD, irene, Tomoto, Atticus, Tempest, Barbara Fenwick, KK, HKN, sue, Mickeymackey, MARTHA ORIZ, morning coffee, and the rest of HKN Havens! I am and ready for work. Keep me posted.
SusannahKay, Sanni K., Lisa G, linese, fishyone2, vana, Claudia Bouffard, and RKLove- I believe we all agree the same things. We don't believe tabs. Which I wish we could do something about it. Have them take that down. And with Mia, Trolls/haters. Trolls/haters are bullies and a nutty. You don't belong here. I am sure HKN haven agree with me here. We don't want bullies or nutty here. So go to Robessed. They are haters/trolls. As for the rest of you guys great work. Hope you have a great day. Later.

fishyone2 said...

@Enna - why do they need to request a retraction? This kind of gossip is just white noise to them and it is certainly not cause her harm or heartache. They will likely ignore it just like the rest of us will. It would be different if it was a damaging comment - but saying that she is dating a nice guy (although not true)? Fluff - pure fluff.

onagee said...

I see there are some posters who may soon be renamed "Comment deleted." If I were HKN, I would declare at least Enna and Mia permanently worthy of the title. Personally, I don't think politeness is required toward the "opinions" of anyone with a clearly negative agenda. Life is too short to burn precious seconds of it away reading "People is a legit source!" To borrow HKN's word, shouldn't her own blog be a dipshidiot-free zone? I don't mind sounding rude because they are the fuel that drives the tabloid idiocy tormenting R/K.

Sanni K. said...

Does anyone know when Sils maria is rotated to an end?

sue morris said...

DEAR HKN- I hope it's ok to ignore the latest puppy pooh--and just say that this is a great place to say hi to fellow Rob and Kristen fans and I am just sticking out my tongue at the RUDE DAWGS who like to poop in the corner--and we do need the pooper scooper now and then but that is to be expected with sick dogs! Here's hoping everybody has a terrific weekend--our weather is beautiful here today, and my dogs are healthy and having fun in the sunshine. You all stay chilled and have fun!

Enna said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Edit said...

Hey girls! I'm confused. I do not understand anything. So far I have
He found this hard to believe Rob / Dylan story. Now I took her out to dinner, then it's true? Someone please explain.

sue morris said...

HATERS KNOW NOTHING- Whenever Kristen or Rob make movies they are hooked up with everything and everyone. Nobody from either Rob or Kristen's family or agency has made announcements and I do not think that is going to happen, because this is gossip to make money off Rob and Kristen. There are strange people who do not give a big DAMN about Rob or Kristen, they just want some excitement! All you have to do is hit those computer keys and you are filling the gossip mongers pockets because anything about them is money in their bank--the Hollywood Lies bank. There are always stupid people that love these lies and they seem to like to spread their shit in the corner here again. They really do stink, believe that we need to pick up that shit and scoop it out. Please.

vana said...

@Sue Morris, I'm with you 110%. I implore people not to click those sites. As long as people continue to click, this mass hysteria will not stop and the more this hysteria continues, the more frightening it gets. I worry for Rob and Kristen, at the same time I admire how they both have handled themselves in the midst of what has been thrown at them.

RPIndie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lisa G. said...

There is hesteria because people made a statement, e sticking to their story he is not dating anyone and CG has not denied or confirm the Dylan story nor the mystery women at the party or the trainer as the girlfriend. I guess everyone is waiting for CG to confirm deny each one of the stories but nothing yet. Fans cannot make sense of the statement as this is out of character for Rob, then their is talk that penn family confirming relationship by not stating anything others stay they don't like paps so they won't confirm or deny. Some just waiting to see what happens in the next few days. Its like WWIii out in cyber space at the moment. There is no consistancy to anything being reported. Some people think he made the statement because Dylan is pregnant; engagement before year end and wedding before June. Just of the crazy stuff going on. Other think that Rob is emotional insecure so going after young girls as they emotional young and will love his short coming; girl saving the damaged guy theory.

On a happier note love the picturs of Kristen with the dog. What a lucky fan's mother get up close and personall with Kristen for a few minutes. There is something there but when I enlarge the picture gets too blurry to confirm.

anonymous said...

.what? people think that dylan penn is pregnant? and there engaged or getting married before june?? this is hilarious..lol. people are going nuts. and if this is true im gonna lose interest in rob. but i doubt ut

Lisa G. said...

I know. There is even arguments between posters about how Rob meet Dylan. Some say through Kristen other saying through Sienna as she is friend's with her mother. There is this big charity event in Nov in which Rob, Sienna, Tom and girls mother is on the board. Speculatuion that this is when they will make there appearance. Yup the fandom has gone bats@@t crazy. So glad Kristen is in Europe at the moment to not be close to craziness.

anonymous said...

..oh god, i dont wanna see this craziness. i miss them so bad. and i dont think rob will get her pregnant they say theyre dating 2 months( doubt its true))..hes been with kristen for 4 years.. craziness. robsessed fans/kristen haters are losing their mind

RKsoulmates913 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
RKsoulmates913 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
RKsoulmates913 said...

So far I've seen lots of LIES, the same lies from last summer(2012), so yeah, I believed in Kristen then, so why not to believe in ROB now? I NEVER believed THAT Summer shit, I don't believe this 'autumn version of Rob' either. Prove me wrong and we shall talk about it!

I'll believe that RK are not what I believe them to be until one of them do something to show me that I was/am wrong. #IsupportRK

The only truth here is: HATERS are everywhere, spreading their stupid lies and feeding the shit-bloids. The same 'reliable' people who confirmed Katy and Rob having a 'thing' and Rob dating Riley(BOTH denied by Katy and Riley themselves) and now 'People LIEgazine' is the Bible? Really? WOW

There was NO romantic involvement.

Wait and see! I do believe in RK.

I WISH most people were aware of the garbage in the tabloids and didn't give them a lot of credence.

"The tabloids create their own stories about people's lives that DO NOT exist" and you still believe it! SMH

There seems to be no limit, no depths to which the tabloids won't sink.


Love isn't perfect. It isn't a fairytale or a storybook, and it doesn't always come easy. Love is overcoming obstacles, facing challenges.Love is fighting to be together, holding on and never letting go.Love is work,but most of all,love is realizing that every hour, every minute,every second of it is worth it because you do it~TOGETHER.

Haters are so DESPERATE that they NEED to visit #RKsupporterSites to make sure that there has been no RK signal so far...they KNOW it's coming, that's why they are feeding the tabs with their ridiculous, pathetic haterFIC...

@Lizzy ~ Hugs my dear!And yesss #TOGETHERK

@Elizbeth ~ you're awesome

@Arlen - XO

@fishyone2 - WORD!

anani said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Lisa G. said...

Amani- Remember her cousin works for Kristen who is in Europe at the moment. I would not expect an update until Kristen is back in the states; maybe mid October. Let just wait until all the shit going on right now dies down a little bit.

Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth, sue morris, felicity, Saphire1231, LizzieD, irene, Tomoto, Atticus, Tempest, Barbara Fenwick, KK, HKN, sue, Mickeymackey, MARTHA ORIZ, morning coffee, and the rest of HKN Havens! I am going to bed now. Keep me posted.
RKsoulmates913- Hugs. And love your comments. And I agree with you.
sue morris- Love your comments and I agree with you.
Lisa G- I love all your comments. Keep up the good work.
vana- Great work on your comments.
As for everyone else hope you have a great Friday. Tomorrow I will be babysitting and at 1:30pm I will be in Salt lake out with my friends. But I won't be home til 9pm. But I will talk to you in the morning. Night.

Mia said...

And she wouldn't know anything before K came back? Sounds a bit weird....she should know if Rob is dating Dylan though, right? Why not start there? I know, I know, stop posting.... But this is the part where HKN delivers so I am watching with rapt attention to prove me that she is the real deal!

Lisa G. said...

Ok them lets have HKN cousin hold up production on a movie so we can arrange a time for her cousin to sit down with Kristen and answer all your questions. Really!!! Kristen has been working long hours on set and you are demanding proof from Kristen via the cousin right now. With all the shit storm going on I think Kristen would find it suspicious of people are asking questions. Sometimes you wait to hear what one really feels about things when they let their guard down. Also have to wait for the right time and setting to ask a question that will not bring attention to yourself. That's stuff you do in covert operations to get info.

anani said...

Lisa G
well that makes sense

sue morris said...

DEAR HKN-- Always late at night those little haters show up to stir shit to watch it stink, of course they are rooting for Rob to make babies with everybody! My god, this guy can't catch a single day off but what the liars at the different gossip blogs are making him into a piece of shit. I do not think this guy is really hot to trot, because he seems like he is very careful about his relationships and not into all the bullshit relationships written about him. Studiously ignoring the drivel, I would imagine it is really time for both Rob and Kristen to draw some blood with some of these gossip houses, just enough to ruin the blogs permanently. What a lovely dream.

Sanni K. said...

RPIndie 7:14 ---- Why should not she wear the ring? Is hard to see as it plays with the dog the other ring she wears too!

vernistene said...

I see everyone is back at it. Some giving up and giving unwanted opinions. If you don't believe that's your choice and no one has to point out that it is your choice. Everyone is so vested in these two young people that they get straight vicious with each other. There were pics of Rob sitting with friends,chatting in a club/bar. So what? My honey does the same. He has friend girls, not girlfriends. Men can sit in a bar and women friends come up and sit and chat with them or vice versa. They are not hugging, kissing or f^@king. Kristen is out to lunch with friends. Guys are there. Friend guys not boyfriends. Geez, to be the age of most of us here some act like they have never experienced life. That we don't know people can be friends. As far as Rob acting a certain way and Kristen acting another. Take the blinders off people!!! He is going to the gym and to concerts with friends like he always has. When Kris is on down time she does the same. Pull it in! Get a grip!!! Just because you don't see air don't mean it ain't there. Hell yo ass would fall dead without the oxygen. Just like Rob and Kristen. Just cause YOU,and I emphasis YOU, don't see them together, doesn't mean they aren't. They are each others ying to yang. There was a pic on twitter last week from England. Rob and Kristen entering, I assume, their house there. I thought it was an old pic but she had on the hat she is wearing these days. Could have been a forgery I thought. It was immediately deleted. A fanpic. Two days later Rob shows up in the states and we get pics and we get pics of Kris back at work. So I let it go. Now I think it may not have been a forgery. Her director or producer, I forget which, said everyone shares a trailer but Kristen's only request was a trailer of her own. So she got one. wonder why? So you see if you read quietly, look at things naturally (Not over dissect), and listen wholeheartedly the signs are there and if not, Hell who really gives a shit????
So enjoy your life and let them enjoy theirs. I still believe but hey that's me.
I posted this on RPI too. Folks done gone stupid again!!!!

Sanni K. said...

Why such a fuss here? It is a photo, Rob no one can still see the women. Should it be rob it looks more like a leisurely game and the photo is old since then nothing, no photo. There is nothing evil in circulation is not Dylan comment on why too? And the `` People magazine is just a gossip page as everyone else, you also need money and then lies are told. Wait at least if kristen is back clears up on everything when both are ready. Sils Maria's almost done. Rob must not already then turning to his new mission blacklist?

rklove said...


Love you and agree with every single word you said.

I can believe that picture you talk about is real. Rob's cousin got married a couple of weeks ago just about the time that the picture of Rob holding a martini glass and wearing Kristen's glasses was taken. It's obvious it was Rob. So maybe someone caught them going home.

All this other craparazzi garbage is just that, *CRAP*.

RKsoulmates913, Sue Morris..love your comments!!

Have a wonderful day everyone.

rklove said...

I found this so interesting and wanted to share. Hope it's ok.

twitlonger.com/show/n_1rp3sko ...vía ... @heavenly_vixen

vernistene said...

Thank you RK. How have you been? I miss everyone. What was the tweet about you saw if you have time to tell? I know you take care of real life too. :0)

Lisa G. said...

Thanks rklove. Every word was so true.

Edit said...

Hi rklove! I tried to read the twitlonger but
Heavenly_vixen tweets are protected. Please help!

Anonymous said...

Good Saturday Morning! Hi Elizabeth, sue morris, felicity, Saphire1231, LizzieD, irene, Tomoto, Atticus, Tempest, Barbara Fenwick, KK, HKN, sue, Mickeymackey, MARTHA ORIZ, morning coffee, and the rest of HKN Havens! I am up and ready to babysit my two nieces. We are going on a walk. As a adventure. Keep me posted.
vernistene- Hi and hugs! And we miss you too.
rklove- Love your comments. And I agree with you too.
Lisa G.- Amen to that. Meaning I agree with RKlove too.

sue said...

@Vernistene,so nobody even mentioned this pic, it's dismissed as false? Funny how only the bad shit is taken serious and stuff of them together gets dismissed as absolute nonsense. When was this wedding again? Beginning of sep?
I read Twitlonger's message and it's another good one (he is JFK or not?)and the thing about Eonline is weird. They are normally one of the first ones to jump on the bandwagon.
I'm tenacious, I don't let go easily so for me it's still Robert AND Kristen.

vernistene said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
vernistene said...

Sue, I am right there with you.
It is funny how this one pic slipped through but the rest that show what they assume is carefree whore mongering Rob is all good. We all know better. He does not show that side anywhere. If you have lived as long as we have and longer you can just about read a man and his ways. Last weekend or the week before I think the wedding was.

Hello Arleen sweetie!!! have a great day.....

NO BUTS.........

sue said...

@Vernistene, what really really pisses me of about the haters and tabloids is, is that it seems to be ok for him having one woman after the other but hell forbid that he is still with Kristen. So the Kristen haters find it ok for Rob being a manwhore? Is that what they want in a man? Do these women have no principles or morals? What in the hell did she do wrong while it seems to be ok for Rob to be with Katy/Sia/Riley/Dylan/some brunette-blond-redhead take your pick. I think it's the prize they had to pay for Twilight. I wonder if they hadn't done these movies together but still became lovers, if the hate would be the same.
The Twilight saga done them good but also a hell of a lot of damage.
They've been living in a fishbowl for 5 yrs, partners for 4. They seen it all, being spat, sworn, shouted at, scrutinized/hated etc etc. No wonder these kids want to hide and protect what's theirs. Things haven't got any easier since May though, it seems the papz became even more intrusive.

Tomoto said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tomoto said...

Hey everyone, I hope you are all doing well.

(repost--I know better than to post with errors, oy!)

@Vernistene and @Sue thanks for both your wise posts on the "pics" and the subject matter.

Here we go again, huh?

The weekend of the 13th-15th I strongly believe Rob and Kristen were in London.

First, we get the picture from Jack Standen's IG that looks like Rob and Kristen over his shoulder. The nose, hands, smile, and widows peak are Rob's, hands down. Honestly, my BFF even thought it was him and she is not into the fandom on the net the way that I am. In fact, she could care less if it was him or not in the picture. The wedding was on Sept 14th. I didn't see the pic of RK posted by the fan of them going home.

However, I did see the IG pic at the iTunes Festival in Camden, UK on Sept 15th for the Vampire Weekend show and in the comments section the person (Ledgeboat) who posted the pic hashtagged both K and R when he posted the pic. Then he responded to a comment on his pic expressing his regret for having done so... "sorry guy can't say at this stage. Shouldn't have put it up".

IA too many signs indicating they were in the UK two weekends ago.

So, I am going with that and strong in my belief as always!

I think Dylan is another Riley situation... Hell she is probably friends with friends of the OG gang. That group of friends is huge. Not only that, her father is Sean Penn, who directed Kristen in Into the Wild. He has also expressed his adoration of K many times to the media. Do we really think Dylan doesn't KNOW Kristen and her friends.

Sooooo... those are my thoughts!

Thanks and have a great day all.

Tomoto said...

One more thing before I head out to enjoy the nice cooler Fall weather!

I firmly believe they are keeping their personal life together on the DL. I definitely don't think they made sure the "breakup" crap came out in the media, but I firmly believe they have used it to their advantage.

Why I think that?

Well, if you were trying to plan a long term plan for your life with someone you loved, and you were the constant attention of the media and papz, wouldn't you use it to your advantage?

And, if you really didn't want attention surrounding you and your love's lives anymore, what better way to accomplish it than to make the "public" believe you are no longer a "couple".

Doesn't anybody find it odd that when clear evidence (tweet sightings with pics, posts expressing regret, and fan encounters/pics from people that are deleted soon after the encounter) is presented that RK ARE together comes out these days that it gets dismissed easier than the hater/media/tabloid crap?

I think their teams work very hard to keep stuff under the radar for them together as a couple.

I may be blasted for my opinion, but I believe they want the public stop focusing on them as a couple, to leave them alone, and only follow their careers only.

Enjoy your day everyone!

vernistene said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
vernistene said...

Tomoto and Sue, I am so with you. That is what I believe. I have often thought they didn't start the rumors but they are using them to their advantage at this stage in their lives. When they do show up together and show the world then it will be a new type fandemonium. But for us it will be solid great. For now I am headed out to enjoy the day with the great weather like you both. Have a wonderful day and

NO BUTS........

vernistene said...

RK, Tomoto, Arleen, Sue, Elizabeth and all positive HKNers. Have a great day and it is awesome to chat with you ladies.

NO BUTS......

sue said...

@Vernistene and Tomoto, nice talking to you too.
@Tomoto, it does seem they are using it to their advantage but what next? Are they just gonna go with the flow and see what happens or...now my mind is running away with me...HKN with her pink/blue baby fluff and big blings on Kristen's finger. Too much wishful thinking, Sue.

Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth, sue morris, felicity, Saphire1231, LizzieD, irene, Tomoto, Atticus, Tempest, Barbara Fenwick, KK, HKN, sue, Mickeymackey, MARTHA ORIZ, morning coffee, and the rest of HKN Havens! I am babysitting and also will leave at 1:30pm for Salt lake with my friends. Keep me posted.
Tomoto- I love both your comments. I agree 100% with you. Great job on your comments.
As for everyone I hope you have a great day. I am waiting for my ride. Going to Salt Lake with my friends. Keep me posted.

Anonymous said...

sue, vernistene, and tomoto- I am with you guys. Later.

rklove said...

Hello ladies!!

Getting ready to go out to dinner with family. So excited, I don't have to cook tonight :)

Tomoto...I agree with you. That's been pretty much my opinion from the get go. They are using this to their advantage, hoping that the media attention would decline if they were broken up. Unfortunately, it really isn't working. The Nonnies and trash media are still making them look like depressed and whorish. Instead of concentrating on the work they are doing. People really need to grow up.

Regardless, I am on the R/K Ship and can't wait to see their projects.

Have a wonderful evening everyone!! I think I need a martini today.

sue morris said...

Hello all of you guys at Html-I do not know about using the gossip driven breakup but it is a repeat performance from last year's creepy paparazzi created and false pictures break-up that generated millions of dollars for Hollywood Life, People, Gossip Cop and who else, well I guess anybody with a pooper scooper ready and willing to pile on the hate driven shit. I think I see a lot of similarities and it isn't pretty, the object is this for the gossip blogs---MAKE MONEY OF KRISTEN AND ROB. And they like to get down in the shit, making somebody pregnant when Somebody noticed that Kristen gained some weight, so naturally another Blonde is pregnant, really? I think there is no limit to what the gossip world will do to sell lies to stupid people. I think that Rob and Kristen just really do not get a big d--m what we think, not really. Too much has been said--and nobody cares about anything but what they think. So, this is really their life and I sure understand not really caring anymore what stupid people think, because it just is not their reality.

sue morris said...

This is only Saturday. Before the end of next week Rob is going to have another woman that the gossips are sure is the dynamite replacement for Kristen. Of course Rob could be missing again or working on a new film or just not working out as much. What are they going to do when he is not available ? I know--they can go through all the old pictures of Rob and Kristen and look for old girlfriends or old boyfriends, they must have an endless source of stuff, just sitting around and they can move around the faces just like they did in July of 2012.

Lisa G. said...

Only a couple of days after People article and HL is ensuring it covers its butt if this 'new girlfriend story line does not pan out. They are stating that Sean is not thrilled with the relationship so if new storylines fails they can blame Sean as he did not approve.

In the same article it states:
It’s still too early to determine if Rob and Dylan are more than just a fling, but for the moment they certainly seem to be getting hot and heavy.

Yet on another of their story they mentioned a sexy date but their source did not see any PDA.
I guess the various gossip site editors are viewing each other sites to see what banwagon they should jump on. Maybe HL saw that eonline is not moving on their stance so they need to cover their butts.

I have a question,on the posting by TwitLonger it states; since Gossip Cop lost Nick: what is this referring to? Is this why GC does posting anything on the new girlfriend?

Loved TwitLonger's post that I just had to read it again. Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Lavendersings said...

HKN what a great post makes my heart sing reading all the scenarios you posted and what we have read in the Hag Rags...So funny and I am sure they are all waiting to see what story they can come up with next. Rob and Kristen are in a committed relationship and I think when it finally dawns on these idiots that's the way its been they are going to crawl back into their caves and find someone else to harass...Keep up the great work its a joy reading your blog

shakita lewis said...

hi long time lurker first time posting. does anyone know starlight's email address need a password thanks

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