Saturday, August 17, 2013

This Man,This Woman

This Man.

This wonderful man. He visited a children's hospital and made a young girls dreams come true.

@.NonPetroLiam: He was visiting the patiets there omg he is too sweet

@nonpetroliam 11m

He had like people with him I guess like assistants and staff but otherwise it was just him



But what warmed my heart a lot

was the fact that Rob came into the room without looking at me as 

something contagious. He hugged me!

@/NonPetroLiam: It is because we can't get out without having masks and gowns on but he came in here & he didn't even care about iso

This man has done nothing wrong. But the hate surrounds him. Why? Because he dared to follow his heart and didn't listen to his crazy ass fans. He decided he wanted to continue a relationship with the woman he loves and he didn't care what anyone thought. His so called fans turned on him calling him pussy and other even worse names. Ruined their chance with him in their deluded world.

The haters want to bring him down. Paint him as this single player hitting on anything in skirts. Unfortunately this isn't panning out to well for them.

The haters  tried to hook him up with Katy. She has denied twice now. 

He went out to a Bobby Long concert Friday night and the haters were salivating when they heard he was there with 3 women. Guess they were hoping for an orgy. 

He walked into the venue by himself and the women followed after. The paps couldn't even get a pic of them in the same frame together. Yeah that's some orgy .

Nice socks Rob. Next time make sure your socks match before you head out. Been there and done that. Tee hee.

Sadly for his haters it didn't work out as they hoped once again. He sat near his friend Sam Bradley and funny I see no women anywhere near him  lol. 

Leaving the concert. Funny how hes sitting next to Sam. Again  none of the women sitting anywhere near him. 

Whoever this woman is the haters can cross her off their hook up list. Notice the ring.  That makes it kind of hard for their hook up fantasies

Attacked by paps . Cant even enjoy a concert. 

Carol ∞ ‏@cmgalsal 58m

OMG the pappz were horrible with Rob

They were yelling things, Rob couldn't get in the SUV

This is the worst thing I've ever seen, seriously, he was head down, a very sad face

His driver was an idiot, seriously

They took almost a gazillion pictures, he and Sam can't even walk to the car

M ‏@iloveyoukstew

It's awful, he couldn't in the car and he was hiding his face and all omg . That's horrible . They go through that all the time DD''':

M ‏@iloveyoukstew 58m

I can't describe how I feel right now . It was just so sad . Poor Rob , and I can't even imagine how it is with Kristen D:

M ‏@iloveyoukstew 56m

They go through that ALL THE ****ING TIME . Guys, it's HORRIBLE . Seeing Rob like this omg it just broke my heart

Carol ∞ ‏@cmgalsal 35m

And the worst part is that they went after him in their cars

Carol ∞ ‏@cmgalsal 34m

They were like 15 pappz and they went after Rob in 4 cars...

M ‏@iloveyoukstew 32m

Then they started chasing him, almost running over a few people . That was crazy .

I can't. I just can't. 
Yeah this and the video is even worse

Video of Rob and Paps

  He shoved a security guard he thought was a pap. He was trying to get in the car and they were blocking him. Then they had the audacity to ask him why he attacked the security guard. Because of you ass wipes!
 You know the tabs will be all over this.

So wish he could do this to them. Bet he does too. 

This is not pretty. They were yelling at him calling him fag. They also asked him when his girlfriend was going to cheat on him again. Oh really? Uhm how can she cheat on him again if they are broke up? You said they were broke up. Right? Right?

Ken "Snowflake" Baker and  his trusty sidekick AP (Annie Packer)

They were on their high horses slinging their bull.

Now this was only their first attempt. I guess it wasn't causing enough drama so they pulled it and added a few names for the hook up trolls to drool over. 

Among some of the new people in his inner circle are none other than Mischa Barton (who just split up with her longtime boyfriend) and Michelle Rodriguez.

Oh really? Wait a minute while I laugh my ass off. 

Now wait it gets funnier. The haters count another tab as their confirmation he is indeed living there lol.

Link to Real Estalker.

Another paragon of truth according to the haters logic.

Listen up people. No he is not renting or living in Beverly Hills. I talked to my cousin this morning and she confirmed that it is not true. When I asked her about this she laughed. I told her E! reported it. She laughed even harder.

Rob: Kristen where is Bear and Bernie? 

Kristen : (frantically) Bear, Bernie !

Bear: Hurry Bernie! The tabs said we have a new house and we have to claim our spot before the spoiled Baby B  beats us to it!!

A new still from Dior. Robsessed ovaries were exploding every where. 

A few foreign interviews came out for Dior and of course the haters were jumping on every translated word .

He's given a turn in his life. He's broken up with Kristen Stewart and focused on his career. Now he only does auteur films. The actor and new face of Dior talks to S Moda exclusively.
Yeah  that pretty much tells you where this interview is headed doesn't it.

Yesterday, at the press conference, you admitted to feeling adult. In what way?

It’s a feeling that started eight months ago, when I turned 27. I’ve been taking adult decisions for years now. I would ask my parents for advice but they didn’t know what to tell me. Fortunately, I’m more comfortable now.

He did this interview two weeks after he turned 27 lol. 

Second Interview Link

Robert Pattinson, looking suave with short hair and in a black designer suit, is kissing model Camille Rowe with so much passion, you'd think there's something going on between the two of them for real. Maybe this sexy production to introduce him as the new face of Dior Homme is meant as a farewell to his Twilight-love Kristen Stewart: passionate, unconventional, surrounded by half-naked beauties. A clever move from Dior and a change of image for Rob. From teen-idol to man. During the interview at the Beverly Hills Hotel he's still hungover from last night's premiere-party. Dressed in Nike sneakers, Jeans and Acne shirt, with cap and scruff, his electronic cigarette at the ready. But he's hardly ever been in such a good mood. Does he prefer the single-life to togetherness? 

"There's no good answer to that question" he says. For others, it seems, there are.

You can see what they were hinting. Doesn't take a genius to figure out their ulterior motives here.

Yeah he's basically telling you its none of your damn business. As usual no matter how hard they try he's not giving them anything as far as his personal life is concerned.

Q: You could take a break for a year. Or go back to London.
A: London isn't the same place for me anymore. The last time I really lived there, in my own apartment, was six years ago and meanwhile, almost all my friends have moved to New York and only my family is left.

That has to be disappointment for Ace from Blind Gossip lol. Didn't he say Rob would be leaving LA as soon as he could after the break up and heading back to London?

You get what these interviews are all going to be like right?  Bullshit land

And we haven't even gotten to Maria "exploding ovaries" Estevez yet. That should be a doozy. 


This woman

  Knows how to rock a pair of broken glasses. 

Aww! Baby B!

Don't know if this is for real or not. But can you Imagine? I can. Notice how she says friends. Plural. Kristen and Rob. What other friends does she have that get attacked by paps?

Yes. She is done filming and her new bauble from Rob is back on. 

This man, this woman putting up with  more shit than they deserve. But they have each other. Yes haters they do. And you know it. 

Yep that about says it all where these two are concerned. Too bad its not your call. It's theirs and they choose to be together.


Anonymous said...
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felicity said...

thanks for the new blog entry. it hurts my heart to see them go through all of that.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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LizzieD said...

HKN -- THANK YOU for posting!!! The last post comments were starting to get a bit "negative"? for lack of a better word.

I don't get why people bother to come here, READ your posts and then totally ignore what you are telling them!!!

I'm so glad that R&K have each other to deal with all this BS. It hurts me to see either of them deal with it and if (and when) they eventually go out in public again, it's going to be even worse. There are no good solutions to this problem. To them it's their lives, not a problem, only the paps (and some fans) are the problem.

I'm certain that we'll see them together soon ... perhaps in Europe???

Anonymous said...

Rob also got pissed because the paps were saying stuff about Kristen

edangel said...

Thanks for the post HKN!!! Its like a war between them and the papz!!! I cannot imagine what would have happened if Kristen was there @ the concert too!! Rob is guy who give importance and the most priority to his family and his girl is his family now!!

In the interviews he says that his family reads his scripts and are harassed by papz!!He is talking about kristen here because we know that she is the one who reads his scripts and she is continuously harassed by the papz, Kristen is his family now and many are unable to understand that or accept that!!

What i see in front of me is a man who is happy and healthy and not a man who is broken!! especially Rob who has made it very clear that family is more important to him and he is so much in love with Kristen that if he had broken up with her he will be like a walking dead!! And not a happy, healthy man having fun with his friends!!!

Wish them both all the best for their projects!! Cant wait for all the promos and stuff to start!!

Anonymous said...

bearly... you idiot

Flowergirl said...

HKN...great work on a great post. I think it might be time to get the Wellies out of the closest, as the bullshit is getting deeper by the day.

sue morris said...

THANKS FOR THIS POST-I giggled and giggled and was totally shocked at a picture of A. Packer, WOW.I really do see why Rob and Kris just have to be so very careful about everything--he looks like he's just fine and so does Kris except for darn paparazzi . and Kristen is really beautiful and sweet and this is why so many nuts are so totally weird and threaten her-she is very special to many fans, male and female.

rmol said...

Such a fantastic post HKN. So happy to read it. Thanks.

Lavendersings said...

You have made my heart sing this is a great post love hearing nice, positive things about these great kids...tired of wading through the garbage the rags and hags are spewing.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:06

Thank you for that compliment :-)

RK are fine!




kriert said...

I am always looking forward on what you are about to post coz you always give updates, good explanation and insights of what is happening around our beloved Rob and Kristen. Rob and Kristen really cannot please everybody esp if there are PEOPLE WHO ARE VERY JEALOUS OF WHAT THEY HAVE ACCOMPLISHED AND MORE ESP ON HAVING EACH OTHER. ADDING THOSE PAPPARAZIS WHO ARE LIKE MR. KRABS ONLY THINKING ABOUT MONEY! MONEY! MONEY! regardless if they are already hurting other people. BUT THERE IS ALWAYS KARMA IN EVERYTHING. BAD KARMA FOR THEM.
I hope you continue with what you are doing and hope you blog always bec this is really a good site to go to and also not to forget Tempest and Rose's blog that i also love to visit always. SPREAD LOVE LOVE LOVE.♥♥♥.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Love, love your post! I really appreciate your work including so many details and all the linking information you put into your writing. Thank you.

Bunny Sherman said...

Bravo!!!! as always, your spot on!!!! Look forward to the next one!!! Love reading the truth!!

Anonymous said...

Hi to all HKN! Before I go to bed. I have something to say. 1. Great job on your blog. 2. I totally agree with you. And three I agree with you at the end.
Everyone else I am going to bed now. I am going to pray tonight about our couple. I have been praying for them every day. And staying positive.

vana said...

Another post I love, thank you HKN. Feel bad for Rob, didn't see the footage of Rob being harassed and violated but I felt really bad hearing about it. Strange thing to say about Rob living elsewhere, I'm pretty sure HKN said that he was living at LF2. Am I right or did I think that was said?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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felicity said...

anon 12:40 and 12:52..

i would be careful who i call a famewhore.

the woman were the girlfriend of bobby long and her friend Micha, whose husband is currently in Irak serving the states.

you are disrespectful to no end.


as for anon 10:16

and you will cry in the end, when the truth comes out and they will show the world that they are still together.

no other celebrity coulple is haunted like they are. and there are many celebrity couples who avoid to be seen together, because of the papz.

as for 'this is their job' i doubt that it is the job of an actor/actress to be harrassed by papz in their private life. i wonder how you would love it, if you couldn't go from one place to another, without beeing yelled at.

@arleeen.. hugs. hope you are having a great sunday..

same to the rest here.

Eva Richterova said...

@anon 12.40 You're a stupid.

Eva Richterova said...

@anon 12.40 You're a stupid.

vana said...

@anon 12.40 and 12.52 that was really a disrespectful and terribly judgemental thing to say.

@felicity well said.

Anonymous said...

first of all anon 10:16 it's not their job to be photo bombed into blindness every time they step out for mundane daily things,movie premiers yes,errands,shopping no.Every human should be allowed space to be HUMAN even those who are in the film industry.Their day to day trivial matters should not mean anything to us and yet there is a segment in that just can't get enough of this.It's called STALKING and it's wrong.If you want to see pictures of them together again your gonna need pap reform and for the paps to be many,many feet back to get the pic before that will happen,as it is now those cameras are inches from their faces.I still would be suing the Hell out of them.JMO,nothing more.



Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm all for positivity but that real estate website is actually quite reliable. I'm not quite convinced that that information is incorrect. How does this affect things between R&K? I'm not sure...maybe it doesn't but him staying somewhere other than LF1/LF2 seems like something that most agree on.

Anonymous said...

Thank you HKN! Great post, I was hoping you would have something to say in regards to the crap we've been seeing over the last week. You don't disappoint!

My heart goes out to the two of them. Honestly, I don't see how they can keep this up, dealing with this constant harassment. I hope the paps laws will continue to be reformed, not only protecting celeb children, but the celebrates themselves as well. Who in their right mind would become an actor today knowing this is what they would potentially have to deal with. Honestly don't think we would have the Twilight saga if RK had had any forsight into the future.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Good Sunday Morning! Hi everyone on HKN! I am up and getting ready for church. Hugs to all of you here.
Felicity- I agree with you more. Hugs back.

Anonymous said...

I'm just wondering if all this craziness with the papz started by them refusing to state from the very beginning that they were a couple? It seemed papz were just trying to find out if indeed they were a couple and now its like a contest to see who gets first picture.
It's pure madness. Also, with their announcement of how much they hated the papz just makes the papz more determined to hassle them. Don't know how they can fix this problem. I sometimes wonder if they would just admit they were a couple the frenzy would die down. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

No i think the same craziness with the papz

Anonymous said...

Could you write something saying if Rob willbe over in Europe with Kristen? Since Kristen isn't a main character will she be over there very long? The whole runtime for the movie is less than 2 hours so might not be a long shoot. Plus Rob has likev3 days left with Maps so could he go with her when she leaves?

felicity said...

okay.. first of all, there was a delay in the schedule of MTTS because of the flooding in Toronto, so it might be more than 3-4 days till this movie is completely finished.

second. Sils Maria is filmed on 4 different locations and those locations are quite far away from each other.

so, to shoot this movie, the actors have to stay there till it is finished, because they will move all the actors and the crew to the new location at the same time. it wouldn't make sense otherwise.

so, yes, i would say that kristen has to be in Europe till her part is completely done and this might be till they are completely finished, depending on the schedule.

no one, apart from those involved, knows, when they will move from one location to the next.

Anonymous said...

Hi felicity, LizzieD, edangel, Flowergirl, Tempest, Lavendersings, sue morris, artemisluvv, HKN, Martha, and everyone else on HKN! I am off to church. Keep me posted. The ones I said hi to I completely agree with you on your comments. My rides is here. Later.

Anonymous said...
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Morning Coffee said...

Good morning HKN.....

I love coming here to your blog..it's like a breath of fresh air, good for the soul. I have learned to turn the morons who spew the lies and hatred all off a long time ago. They don't bait me into answering them and are as easy to ignore as the dirt on the bottom of my shoes.

I love that you are not afraid to set them straight and put them in their places and as this is YOUR blog. you have the right and joy of deleting the haters right out of your hair and ours.

Thank you for what you do and please keep on doing it.


sue said...

Hell. what a sick world we live in. I just watched that vid of Rob, ambushed by the papz. The audacity of them cockroaches calling Rob out for shoving the guy. Fuckers! How is he supposed to see anything.
It's only getting worse and worse for these poor kids, sick bastards laughing at them.
I've been feeling this sadness this week for R&K. How are they ever gonna stay sane, having to deal with this witch hunt. It was always bad for them but the papz hate them and war is declared.
They stuck to their principles for not selling their private lives but they are paying a very high price for it. Hw and principles is like fire and water, they don't mix.

Is that really that AP thing? Really?
Right, I'll play nice even if I'm in a foul mood and the @#&% doesn't deserve it but if that's her, it explains a hell of a lot. Sad, miserable, hateful...(swallowing my words, nearly choking)

Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO...loved the pic of annie packer....LOL...made my day...LOL...LOL...LOL..! Andreana

Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO...loved the pic of annie packer....LOL...made my day...LOL...LOL...LOL..! Andreana

Anonymous said...

Hkn, I was given irefutable proof they are no longer together. I am giving you a chance today to come clean. If you choose to not tell the truth, I will do it for you tomorrow. Have a nice day.

Happygirl said...

@Anonymous 10:19 AM

Hahahaha nice try. Now you´re blackmailing HKN. Give it up. RK are together and you know it. That´s why you´re still coming to HKN blog.

Anonymous said...

Yes, anonymous sources always have irrefutable proof. -_-

Hatersknownothing said...

Anonymous @10:19AM

I will be waiting with baited breath for your irefutable proof tomorrow lmao!

Hatersknownothing said...

Melissa Gilbert from Little House On The Prarie. You Rock!

Melissa Gilbert ‏@melissaegilbert 4m
www.eonline.com/news/449247/kourtney-kardashian-paternity-test-proof-scott-disick-is-mason-s-father … this is proof that tabloids like @nationalenquir and @star_news are staffed by liars and cheats who pay people...

Melissa Gilbert ‏@melissaegilbert 4m
To make up libelous, hurtful stories. They do it all the time. Their photographers stalk and provoke. They are scum.

Melissa Gilbert ‏@melissaegilbert 2m
I'd love to get a magazine published and hire real investigators to dig up the dirt in the lives of those so called journalists.

Melissa Gilbert ‏@melissaegilbert 1m
Then hire a bunch of photographers to follow them and their families while screaming obscenities in front of their children.

Melissa Gilbert ‏@melissaegilbert 21s
I know a few people who'd gladly fund it.
Watch out @nationalenquir and star_news this redhead loves a righteous fight.

Anonymous said...

I hate to admit this....... But on a rare occasion, I was reading post over on GC. I know, don't hate me lol!

Some said there was a party of one of K's friends last night, Jadian? And there were pics of RK's dogs there.

I came here, to the sane side, to see if anyone as heard of this and if it is true.


LizzieD said...

ANON 11:12AM -- I heard that K's friends had a party in Malibu last night ... I think Suzie is going to London (her boyfriend is there) so maybe a going away party. I didn't hear anything about the dogs being there.

felicity said...

@jan. the party was for suzie. apparently she is moving to london to be with her boyfriend jack standan.

i saw the pic in question and i saw a little black dog there. but i can't tell you if it is the new little puppy. i didn't see bear there.

and the party was NOT at kristens and robs malibu house

felicity said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Felicity and LizzieD-

Thanks for the info.

Isn't Jack Standan an old time friend of Rob's? I thought I heard that some where. Good for Suzie, I hope she's happy:)

Sad she won't be around to help protect RK though....


Anonymous said...

@Anon 10:18 If you have proof of no Robsten why wait til tomorrow?

felicity said...


Jack Standen is a friend and musician and closer to Marcus Foster than to Rob. but they are friends too, yes

sue morris said...

I have a belief that both Kristen and Rob are very nice people and in this world it is those folks that are ATTACKED - in this case to the point of insanity. No positive response is ever enough for these CRETINS and this is possibly why K and R response has been NO RESPONSE! If they even tried to respond, the questions would NEVER STOP and that is why you get NOTHING, and believe me no one has more right to maintain privacy as no matter what they have shared is quickly turned around by the press to make money. THE PRESS DENIES AND LIES ABOUT EVERYTHING POSSIBLE.

Anonymous said...

They are treated so horribly by the papz why not get the hell out of Dodge? I thought Kristen offered to move? So what's the hold up? Why go and rent another house in LA? They could live somewhere they won't be hounded so brutally and come to LA for work when needed. I hope that's the game plan after he's done filming. HKN I look forward to your updates as this is the only blog I visit anymore.

BB said...

I don't think Rob and Kristen are together any more . I hope I am wrong.

R/Klove said...

I love coming here. I enjoy reading the sane comments and the not so sane. I am a 100% believer that Rob and Kristen are together. It's just ridiculously funny reading the comments that Nonnies make. If there was *irrefutable* evidence that R/K were no longer together, why wait?!! LMAO
Why does there have to be evidence when the media and Nonnies have been claiming for months that it's over? If it's over than no evidence is needed to prove anything. The problem is, they are and have always been together and the non believer's are desperately trying to prove that they aren't
My question to the Nonnies is, why are you so desperate to want/believe that Rob and Kristen are not together? What is it about Rob being with Kristen that frightens you and visa versa? I don't get why these two young people evoke such drama in the fandom!!!
Again, thank you HKN

Believe in You, Be Yourself said...

You know I wasn't going to say anything when I saw Anonymous
10:19's post, but the more I think about.....I am.

If 10:19 is so in the know, why wait for tomorrow? Go to Twitter. Tweet some of the larger accounts in all factions of the "Fandom" and put the "truth" out there for all to see.

If you have irrefutable information, I am sure everyone would like to know. Go be the "truth" of the Fandom. Let everyone know now. Why wait to post on a BlogSpot? Let everyone know. You know how Twitter is....the news will travel faster than a sparkly vampire running through the woods.

Anonymous said...

I am a fan of Rob and Kristen. But I'm sad because we do not have more pictures of them together. It's been more than three months. And now Kristen goes to Europe, while Rob will stay in LA.
Would you like a picture of them together to end these gossip rags in magazines, saying they are no longer together.
HKN, any updates?

Anonymous said...

But that was not Suzie's account. it was probably a troll.

OK. Someone went to the GC board and said she has been on a work related trip to LA. She said she saw something that she did not know how to interpret. After an hour of conversation with someone who made some sense out of her responses she basically said she saw R&K with a group of people, implied that Kristen was wearing a wig and that she left the place and afterwards, another girl was flirting with Rob, touching him and his pants for a while. She said all that was just a proof that they communicate, and people there concluded that Kristen and Rob may be in an open relationship, based on her feeling of doubt about whether that sighting was good or bad news for those of us who want Kristen and Robert to remain as a couple.

Is that possibility HKN?, may be they see each other and are in contact often, but chose to remain friends.


Anonymous said...

Can that Anon just say it here or in GC or tweeter what's the proof of RK not together anymore?. I really want to know!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jen said...

@ PatriciaP
Honey, stop going to the Gossip Cop comments. Seriously. That convoluted invention is so not worth any more of your thoughts. It's obviously a troll.

Also, lets stop engaging the "irrefutable proof" troll. Again, not worth anyone's time, and I certainly hope it's not worth anyone's angst.

Have a good (calm, angst-free) night, peeps.

LizzieD said...



LizzieD said...

For those that don't believe they are together, why aren't you hanging out on the Kristen only and Rob only sites? Leave us to our "delusion" if that's the way you feel about it.


Our PATIENCE will be rewarded.


LizzieD said...




Nancy Allen said...

Hey HKM, I love to read your blogs...where did you get the Suzie R comment? I follow her on twitter and it isn't there. Does she have another account you follow? please let me know.

Believe in You, Be Yourself said...

I am sorry if I offended anyone by engaging with the "in the know" 10:19. I am just so damn sick of people coming to pro Robsten boards and spouting off that EVERYONE is delusional but them. Enough.

For me, it's just ridiculous that some feel the need to spout off, threatening, people that may hold an alternate view to their's. The condescension and patronizing attitudes are getting to be just a little much.

I unfollowed so many people of Twitter because of this nonsense, and I personally never, never, never go to the boards such as GC because the comments and posts are often so vile, so I guess finding the doubters and pretentious "knowledge Snobs" posting here, is simply getting a little overwhelming.

I cannot even begin to comment on the ridiculous comments with regard to these two having an open relationship, it ranks up there with the comment that was removed about Robert and his friend Sam Bradley.

Okay, so now my rant is over. By the way, HKN Haven, DIDY, and RPI seem to be the only safe sites anymore.

LizzieD said...

Believe in You, Be Yourself -- Thanks for a great comment, WELL SAID!!!

I, too, was appalled at the "open relationship" comment.

Hatersknownothing said...

The new story about Kristen visiting Rob and then two girls playing with his pants (rotflmao)while he flirted was made up by three GC trolls. Meme, Just Thinking,and Mindgames. They thought by going to a very old GC board to post they wouldn't get caught. lol.

LizzieD said...

HKN -- Forgive me for "ranting" earlier ... I'm so frustrated with the doubters. I just don't understand why they don't believe you? And why can't they see how happy R&K look .. to me that shows everything!!! They've never looked that happy unless they were together AND we know they are together even if they're not giving us any pics right now.

We'll be rewarded I believe. THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO!!!

R/Klove said...

It only goes to show how delusional and desperate they are. LMAO

R/Klove said...

Sorry, I meant the Nonnies on GC.

LizzieD said...

New fanpic of Kristen from today. Looks like she "might" be wearing her old necklace. Can only see a small chain, not what's attached. Anyway, she looks great!!! Her & Rob both look like the "cats that swallowed the canaries" ... or like they have a secret!!!

LizzieD said...

R/Klove -- I thought that was what you meant, LOL. But you can call me delusional all day, it's okay with me!!!

I'm on the ship and it's UNSINKABLE!!! It's going to be a fun day when all those that "jumped ship" are trying to crawl back in the boat. It's going to happen ... hopefully sometime soon:D

R/Klove said...

I don't think the ship has any life preservers for all those who jumped overboard..*too bad*!! LOL

RKsoulmates913 said...

@ANON who has the irrefutable proof that RK are not together... Horrible try!!! If You had it you'd sell it! Idiot! << "Your ass must get jealous of all the shit that comes out of your mouth."


Why do we have ZILLIONS pics of Rob and Kristen SOLO but less than 10 pics of THE truck and Rob in LF2? AND WHY the pics are blurry and dark? Why do NOT we have photos of Rob driving away from LF2, WHY don't we have pics of ROB leaving LF2 when he 'took all his stuff' from LF2 and WHY did he come back and did not leave after 2 days after leaving LF2? ANSWER IT TROLLS!

WHY so many pics of the 'single' image of them but when there's something related to RK TOGETHER it never come, when it comes they are dark and blurry pics FROM STALKERAZZIS... EXACTLY, the chaos is still selling and making RK miserable is their favorite pastime along with nonnies and YOU trolls!

Why is THE DIOR FACE wearing BALENCIAGA 2013 COLLECTION instead of DIOR? KRISTEN is Balenciaga's face. It's a brand new pair of BALENCIAGA sneakers, and Kristen went to Paris in June. And BINGO he was wearing his new sneakers right after.

AND THE ROB you want to believe does NOT exist: this manwhore. Open relationship??? Did you read what he said about being with the same girl for 10 years and not 10 minutes, depend on the girl, and he's been with Kristen for 5 years, so please DO NOT TRY AGAIN, it's getting pathetic and tiring.

WE do have eyes and WE do KNOW they are TOGETHER TOGETHER

And the house in BH has a strong possibility to be the house MTTS is using while in LA. It's where they are filming...


Have a WONDERFUL MONDAY! Mine will be! I'm sure... I'm FULL OF LOVE!

You should try it nonnies is soooo good to love and be loved! XO

Sorry HKN, if I'm being disrespectful! My apologies to you!

RKsoulmates913 said...

And why are they ALWAYS asking about Rob when they stalk Kristen and Asking about Kristen when they stalk Rob? Why not ask them about the zillions hook ups the LIEgazines said they are having? Because there's NONE hook up. Because RK are TOGETHER and like Kristen said LAST WEEK>>> she is not giving them money!!!

And she was wearing the necklace!

It's gonna be BRUTAL with Dior coming up, they want Rob 'single' to sell what??? Ovaries exploding? I thought it was to be bought by men!!! I do HOPE the ovaries go and buy LOTS of Dior! LOL

Tsk Tsk Dior is so worng!

Anonymous said...

Hi to all HKN! I just got home from church and running errands.
LizzieD, felicity, HKN, RKsoulmates913, R/Klove, and Believe in you- I have to say great comments. I totally agree with you.

Anonymous said...

Meme wanted to clear up te "conversation" with MG & JT. She then deleted her account.

Anonymous said...

I know HKN did defend about Rob is not renting at Beverly Hills but what about this I found on my twitter about Rob renting a French-Mediterranean house in Beverly Hills http://realestalker.blogspot.com/2013/08/rob-pattinson-decamps-to-bev-hills.html?spref=tw

Anonymous said...

Anonymous August 18, 2013 at 9:06 PM
I want clear something up. After this I am no longer posting. I have never bashed R/K and I did not today. I was a fool to say anything to people I do not know. I never mentioned R private part in that conversation AT ALL. GC moderated this board so they know what I really said. I should not have shared at all and apologize to any and all that think I said what was posted below. I wish the folks that read what was said told you the truth but they cant because it was it told in a way they don't have the full story. Who ever said it happened somewhere at a hotel at lax lied they looked at my old post and saw I was out on business. See don't believe what you read even from me because I would never give anyone an accurate account of what happened, I don't know any of you personally. I was just foolish to share what I did. I will delete this account as soon as this post so I won't respond.

JT and MG were asking questions trying to fill in the blanks. I did see them but not as it was told. I never gave detail as to where it was and I cleary said I did not know who any of those people were. I never said he was flirting with anyone, not even K I said I did not know who any of those people were and they were guessing. I did say I did not know what to make of what I saw. I still have not gave full detail of anything and I was so nervous and stated the whole thing was quick and it was about 15 minutes. GUESSING. I told them I cannot say a lot. And they did say lets stop and make this up to confuse people. I never mentioned my boss I just said it was a business event and really could not give much detail. All this dick touching and cheating I never said.

I did say he is handsome and she very pretty . I stressed I do not know what went on and I also never said it was last week. I knew someone was listening because a guest came on and ask when was this I never said last week. MT and MG know this for a fact. I personally don't know people who care about these two like you all and me, but I was foolish and got carried away because I found some that actually like them both be it Rob or Kristen. Bella I see you are trashing me and did not know the story and I defended you and Kourt several times for people calling you haters. Thank you Kourt for not saying anything.

Telling I saw someone but not when and who with and others filling in the blanks does not make me a liar , it makes me a fool and shame on me for being one. I will not comment again because some times saying nothing is better. Look at this mess today. See why I refuse to say anything JT and MG? Rosie CC Miau? I said no one would believe I saw them and to be honest it looked innocent to me.

emily said...

I'm really confused about what anonomous 10.13 is saying. It sounds serious, would someone mind explaining what is going on? I would really appreciate it. Is it anything to worry about?

Anonymous said...

emily, there's nothing to worry about. a regular on gossip cop says she saw R and K recently. some people took what she posted, which was sketchy but not at all negative. In fact, the few details she gave were positive. But some people added nasty stuff onto her comments and their fiction was spread around.

Anonymous said...

i should add, emily, to avoid confusion, that what is posted here is from tonight not her earlier posts, which i saw copied. They had the details i mention, kind of sweet if true. I don't want to repeat them.

emily said...

@anonymous 11.08 thank you I really appreciate it.

Tempest said...

Tick tock - tick tock little troll, where is your 'irrefutable' evidence that Rob and Kristen are not together? Come on I'm waiting. I'm a patient woman, but not that patient.

Anonymous said...

Can somebody tell me who is she talking about when she says: "I did say he is handsome and she very pretty"?

Anonymous said...

Tempest- Good job on telling the troll. I am going to bed now. Have work tomorrow. Keep me posted.

Anonymous said...

HI HKN! Have you got a clue when are we gonna see Rob and Kristen together again? or is it always gonna be like this? These past months have been the longest months ever in my life!

felicity said...

okay.. i was there , when this discussion happened at GC. it was really sweet what was originally written..

smiley kristen, smiley rob: met somewhere, talked for a bit. he brought her to her car, they talked a bit more, she drove up, other people showed up and he left with them.

she never said when or where it was.

not much more to say to that.

the nasty stuff was made up by other people. after a while it sounded like a bad ff.

they even mixed the '2 hour visit in LF2' from the gossip mags into it.

anon 11:49.. she only said, that kristen is very pretty and that rob is very handsome.. there is nothing else there.

as for, when we will see them together again??

wait and see

felicity said...

oh, for those who might think kristen is only wearing the new bauble in public for PR.

her are stalker fanpics of kristen on a balcony in Los Feliz. i don't know which house but you can see that she is wearing the new ring


sue said...

Saw the pics, Kristen is such a beautiful woman who doesn't need layers of make-up like some. The ring is hard not to miss, I suppose the trolls can't find it though.

Anonymous said...

Sorry if this is a stupid or uninformed question-how do we know that the ring is from Rob? I can't find anything about it on the internet.... It would be great if you can fill in the blanks so i am up to speed.:)
Many thanks

Believe in You, Be Yourself said...


Thanks for sort of summarizing what the Anonymous poster was saying. Honestly, I read her original post, and I really could not comprehend what she was saying, and her attempts at clarification, and this is no disrespect to the poster, but I truly was even more confused by what she was trying to say when attempting to clarify.

felicity said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
felicity said...

@believe in you, be yourself

the post of this anon is just the copied post of meme15 on GC shortly before she deleted her account.

she tried to clear it up that she did not say anything else, than what i've posted before, but her attempt failed miserably, because she didn't want to give too much away, like why she was there.

apparently it would have been too obvious, she was on a business trip and if she would have said why, people would've known who she is working for. she was afraid of losing her job (who knows??)

and this just made all of that more confusing.


@annon 3:25 you won't find anything about this ring on the internet.
courtney justice is not able to identify it. she only said it looks antique.

but HKN asked her cousin and she confirmed that it was from rob. now if you want to believe that or not is up to you.

the 'gold band': there was never a clarification that this ring was actually from rob.. other than kristen saying: everyone knows already...

and it took years till we heard her say that!


still waiting for the other anon.. you know who you are!!

Anonymous said...

I dont understand it. Why would rob bring kristen to her car and ride on other car? Maybe theyre no longer together but just friends now? Maybe theyre like broke up bec its their decision and now theyre just friends thats why we do not see them together anymore. Hi HKN, i hope u could ask ur cousin if they really are still togethr or just friends. I would appreciate the answer. I really both love them together. Thanks in advance.


felicity said...

well, anon 4:59.

if this happened during the last few weeks, than kristen was working and might have had to go there.

and rob simply had other plans.

i don't know why this would be suspicious.

i have my own car.. my hubby has his own car.. we meet somewhere to grab lunch, but leave with our own cars again.

R/Klove said...

I agree. They could have been at any of the events that Rob has been seen at lately. Kristen was with him *Ninja* style and did not want to be papped together. She left with her friends and he left with his.
BTW: Good morning everyone :-)

Rmol said...

Felicity and R/K love, your comments make so much sense that no hater can believe them!

Anonymous said...

Good Monday morning! Hi felicity, LizzieD, RKsoulmate913, Believe in you and the rest of HKN! Where is everyone here besides Anon? I am up and getting ready for work. Keep me posted while I am out.
Felicity- Hi and how are you. Great comments. Where do you see Rob talking to Kristen on GC? Is it on their comments? And I don't think I want to GC. Its like tempting looking that them and I don't like bad news. Plus I don't trust them. But I believe you. You guys, RPI, DIDY, and Justice for Kristen and plus all the Robsten twitters that I trust. I don't trust tabs, papz, and all the Trashy gossip sites.
And the rest of you hope you have a good day. Keep me posted. Take care.

SusannahKay said...

Felicity - I've realised by the logic of some of these anons lately,that my husband and I split up about 3 weeks after the wedding LOL. Like yourself,we often meet up for lunch or to hand keys and stuff over when we're working in different locations,it's not unusual for us to grab a coffee together while we happen to be passing through the same airport.People who don't have Mon-Fri,9-5 jobs often have routines that may look weird from the outside, couples do what works for them!

Anonymous said...

@ Felicity because it was the pictures they have taken or are there again fantasies of someone?

felicity said...

@anon 7:19..

this was a conversation on GC we are talking about. nothing more. there are no pics.

Anonymous said...

@Felicity So thank you all so bad;-)

sue said...

@Arleen, I don't want to sound patronizing but don't go to GC if you never went there before. You are to kind of a person to get dragged into the hateful toxic sess pool that place is, trust me.
I know from reading your comments on DIDY/Intox and HKN that you are a very religious person and I think you will be truly horrified when you read some (most) comments on GC.

Morning Coffee said...

Sue; You are absolutely correct when you say the comments of GC site nothing but a cesspool. I learned a while back to stay away from them and other media outlets if I wanted to stay sane.

You are correct about Arleen she has a lovely soul, you can know what a kind person she is just by reading her comments.

Have a great day, Nan

Anonymous said...

what is GC website?

Anonymous said...

sue- Trust I wouldn't even go near GC. And I don't attend to.

Anonymous said...

Morning Coffee and Sue-Thanks for both of you. I am about to leave for work.

Anonymous said...

maybe they are referring to that lady (staff I guess? ) who was trying to fix Rob's pants something while shooting in LA for MTTS? See the pictures at RPL or RobstenDreams
site. It's really nothing js people making stuff up.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:15am
GC website: gossipcop.com

Anonymous said...

Ooopps! If that RK sighting was a week ago or so... sorry :) my bad didn't finished reading before replying to PatriciaP:)

Anon 9:35 a.m Aug. 19

felicity said...

well, still waiting for this anon.. i see still nothing there.. hmmmm..

have a good day hkn-peeps

hmmmm said...

Tick tock tick tock...still photoshopping

R/Klove said...

Hello ladies,
Just saw on my twitter TL that Suzie is supposedly leaving LA and going with her boyfriend. Is this true . I think it was in reply to the party in Malibu that we got pictures from. It was a going away party? Anyone know for sure?


vana said...

Good morning everyone. Just checked in to say hi before going to work.

Sorry, guys I think some are trying to make out too much. We don't have to know every detail of their lives. If someone saw R/K together, that's super great, but we don't need to know more, speculations cause problems and if they went to different cars....well we don't know anything. Please let them breathe.

felicity said...


she added: laters homeland..

so she IS leaving the country. and i am pretty sure that she is going to London. might be that kristen is with her right now. she needs to go to london to get to berlin anyway.

smiley girl said...

Oh HKN fans - I have to confess that I made the huge mistake of going over to GC for a bit to see if anything new was going on. Its a literal s*it storm over there - rumors, slander, innuendo, stalking, bullying, outright craziness. It was so sad to see the horrible things that were being said about Rob and Kristen -- and the number of people who make these ludicrous claims that THEY know the truth. I love the one about "well - anyone who isn't stupid obviously knows Rob had an affair with Camille". What?? How do these people sleep at night? They are either heartless or idiots or heartless idiots. I said my private goodbyes to GC - they have become as bad as HL. I'm a positive person and I just can't stand the hate. Thank you for providing a positive haven for people who want to believe in love.

smiley girl said...

@hmmmmm - what is the photoshopping reference? I must have missed something.

R/Klove said...

Thank you Felicity!
I suppose she could be going to keep Kristen company because Rob is too busy filming his own movies.
Happy that R/K have wonderful friends that protect them.

snd said...

@ smiley girl- yesterday, an anonymous poster threatened HKN, said that she has irrefutable proof that RK are no longer together, she gave HKN until today to come clean, or she was going to do it for her ....( the post is above, you can see it), so we are now waiting for her to post her proof. LOL

Believe in You, Be Yourself said...

Felicity: From what I gleaned from Twitter, Kristen's friend is accompanying her to Europe, and possibly as her PA, and the speculation is that following filming she will be remaining in the UK. I heard that there are pictures of the two of them at LAX, but since I don't make it a habit of checking Pap pics, I guess I will have to wait for them to be posted elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

the good, do not think they are together. Do not go together anymore ... she was not in the show and I know BobLong pq has a known mine who was on the show said that he was very happy, very much and that Kristen was not there saw Rob a reserved area on the 2nd floor she said she did not see him staying with anyone, but that was very happy without it.

Believe in You, Be Yourself said...

Smiley Girl: It is really pathetic isn't it. The vile, outright lies that people post on the boards has gotten so far out of hand. Some people have made a "sport" of trashing others. They haven't contained their disgusting comments to only R/K, but attack anyone that seems to not hold with their version of the truth.

Social media is great, but now it has become a game to trash other people--celebrities, fans of the celebrities, and just everyday people. I sit back and I see humanity slipping away, and at the moment there seems to be no end in sight.

It truly is a sad statement how society has degenerated to a place that because people cannot be seen, and they utilize an invented name, that many feel it gives them license to spew the most hateful, disgusting comments. The saddest part, is that the many hateful posters are being led by a few. The haters call people that support R/K sheep, when in reality the commenters and posters truly do not think for themselves.

What also saddens me, is that it not only GC that seems to be encouraging this crap, but yesterday I noticed that Yahoo OMG is also encouraging this behavior. They had the most ridiculous story about K and her broken sunglasses. JFC, is this news? The piece was a 4 or 5 paragraph dissertation about K, and it all began with the broken glasses.

True journalism seems to be gone....everything now seems to be about jumping on the "entertainment", or should I say "gossip" aspect of what goes on in a select few people's lives. Rather frightening.

linese said...

I just saw some pictures of Kristen and Suzie at LAX on justjared...looks like Rob's guitar case was being carried by Suzie, then agin maybe she plays!

LizzieD said...

It IS Rob's guitar case :)

Anonymous said...

I saw the pictures of Kristen at LAX. Is it me or is the jacket that Kristen is wearing looks like one Rob has? Is it the same or looks close like it

Anonymous said...

hi hkn,

thanks for the update. saw kristen pic's today. saw the guitar and the jacket which is rob's. saw pics of rob before wearing that kind.

also read felicity's post about a person's account/details that he saw them together.

it is really uplifting to read this.

-- aloisius

Anonymous said...

It is definitely Rob's case but he has been using a black one for the past year so it could be that she inherited it in the breakup though doubtful... I really think the jacket is Rob's, as it is very similar style-wise to the jackets he normally wears, but it's not one he has worn before. It's just my opinion it may not be his!

Anonymous said...

actually, while the guitar case and other items may be telling but did anyone notice the picture that Julianne Moore had on her twitter the other days with the black dogs - one looks like kristen's new puppy. what do you think? I no longer have the link.

Anonymous said...

@anon 6:30
Hard to say but don't think so.

Tomoto said...

Hey all,

I have been super busy lately, but I do read all your posts--or the ones that matter anyway. Thanks HKN for your words of slaying wisdom! ;)

I have to say this is one of Rob's best quotes (if accurately quoted and translated--it is a written interview afterall):

"There's a very precise line that marks reality and fiction. If people aren't capable of distinguishing it, there's nothing I can do to explain it to them."

Hear, see, read, what the hell ever...haters? Good, because that is your hot man candy talking to YOU! He is saying to you what we sane fans have always said, "Move along Sir (or Madame)" -- you will NEVER be with HIM! Get over your delusions, get off the Internet, and properly live your life like an upstanding human being should!

Okay I feel better now.

Keep up the good work @felicity, @sue, @Arleen, @RKLove, @smiley girl, @RKsoulmates, @LizzieD, @BelieveIYBY, @SusannahKay, @Tempest and so many more if I missed the shout out to you! *waves*

Night all!

Anonymous said...

on rob's recent print interviews, he implied the only ties he has of london now is his family and has no longer the same inclination he has to the place before since most of his friends have moved to America.

I wonder how that plays to HKN's claim that RK is considering London as a place to relocate to address the paparazzi problem.


Anonymous said...

Hi @felicity, @sue, @tomoto, @RKLove, @smiley girl, @RKsoulmates, @LizzieD, @BelieveIYBY, @SusannahKay, @Tempest and the rest of HKN! I just got home from taking care of my daughter. We were worried. You know how is as parents when they are worry about their teenagers especially their when children wondering why they are pass their curfew especially on a school night. She starts tomorrow. But glad that she is home and safe.
Tomoto- Hi and hugs. Love your comments.
As for everyone else I am going to bed soon. I just want to say goodnight. I also saw pictures of Rob focus on his work. And Kristen going to Berlin for her work on Robsten Dreams. Keep me posted.

sue said...

@Believe in you, Be Yourself,
I've said exactly the same the other day on DIDY (I think).
Society has sank so low, social media makes it even more possible for the toxic creatures to crawl out of the woodwork. Every idiot has something to say and dumb people are dangerous.
Us humans are supposed to be the peak of evolution, the intelligent cultured ones. Ha, what a joke. I rather spend my time with a pack of wolves then with these lowlife papz and trolls.
The only comments outside HKN/DIDY/Intox, I read are the occasional GC ones and you are right. Often I do be shaking my head, not believing the absolute venomous hate dripping from that place. I don't shock very easily but that place has had me stunned too many times.. I never realized how dumb people actually are

@Tomoto, I remember Rob saying that.
Keep on going and you are absolutely right.

sue said...

@Believe in you, Be Yourself,
I've said exactly the same the other day on DIDY (I think).
Society has sank so low, social media makes it even more possible for the toxic creatures to crawl out of the woodwork. Every idiot has something to say and dumb people are dangerous.
Us humans are supposed to be the peak of evolution, the intelligent cultured ones. Ha, what a joke. I rather spend my time with a pack of wolves then with these lowlife papz and trolls.
The only comments outside HKN/DIDY/Intox, I read are the occasional GC ones and you are right. Often I do be shaking my head, not believing the absolute venomous hate dripping from that place. I don't shock very easily but that place has had me stunned too many times.. I never realized how dumb people actually are

@Tomoto, I remember Rob saying that.
Keep on going and you are absolutely right.

sue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sue said...

Oops, three times is a bit much. Don't like the sound of my voice that much.

edangel said...

Kristen with Rob's Guitar, His T Shirt and Jacket!! She is branded by Rob!! lol!! Glad that Suzie is going with her!! It is like Rob has a high end protection detail for Kristen!! Rob looks handsome and happy while filming and he also looks well rested and healthy!!

Feel like the best is yet to come!! :)

Have a Great day!!

Lady Chancellor said...

Thank you HKN ! Wonderful post and it helped lift my spirits after the trash I read yesterday when some of the Anny Packer crew started blaming Kristen for Rob's actions Friday night. Some of the media outlets were also trying to link Kristen to why Rob lashed out. I am so tired of them blaming Kristen for everything that goes wrong in this world. Your comments and update made my entire night. So thank you again for keeping us informed and lifting our spirits when things seem to go haywire and the Packers are spreading their lies. Thank you HKN for being there when we need you !

smiley girl said...

To all who commented back - thank you. I feel welcome here and its very much appreciated. I've posted on GC before and was harassed for my positive views and that I was a delusional.............well, you get the drift. There are actually some pretty cool people over there but one by one they are being run off by the idiots. I'm glad I've found a happy landing place here :).

Anonymous said...

sooo, where is the evidence that was promised???? lmao. I know it's an unpopular opinion but,I think the varsity jacket is truly Kristen's,and that she likes to wear over sized shirts.Not saying they aren't together,just commenting on clothing choices.

Tempest said...

Personally speaking, why are there so many anons posting? If you want your posts to be taken into consideration, why not register? Or better still why doesnt HKN set her restrictions to just registered members only - saved me half the hassle wading through the non/hater tripe.

As for the previous anons post lol anything to try and refute the fact that Kristen was wearing a 'male ' jacket and 'male' shirt. The young woman does like to wear things lose and baggy - her 'boyfriends' things that is. The woman has a complete wardribe of her own sized clothing, but she stated in an interview a few yrs back that she likes to wear 'mens' clothing because its comfortable and do remember she also said she likes the 'smell of her boyfriend but you keep living in that river of denial hun.

R/Klove said...

Good morning everyone!! What a beautiful day.
I see we have a new interview and pictures of Rob's Dior ad. From some of the translations that are up, it looks like Rob really takes pokes at the Robssessed. Especially regarding their interest in his *intimate * body parts...LMAO I absolutely love him!! He continues to swerve away from responding about his personal relationship with Kristen. Can't wait to get the full translation.
I am sure you all saw the pictures of Kristen and Suzie leaving LA. Sure looks like Kristen is keeping Rob close to her. Jacket, ring and guitar. Wonder if Rob is planning on visiting her on set?
I hope you all have a wonderful day!! Going to the beach with family so I will be MIA for the day. See you all later and thank you for giving me a great place to visit.

Anonymous said...


I found this, it may be possible?

snd said...

to anonymous 8/19/13 9:30pm- I've read most of HKN postings, she never mentioned them considering move to London as far as I remember, pls show us where she said that.

Anonymous said...

Good Tuesday Morning! Hi tempest, felicity, LizzieD, smiley girl, Lady Chancellor, sue, morning coffee, and the rest of HKN! I am just up because I had to wake up my 16 year old daughter for school. Its her first day of school. I am happy for her as a junior.
Tempest- Well said on your comments.
smiley girl- Welcome to HKN! I used long time ago comment on GC and someone pretended to be me thinks I am hater. I don't like when someone pretended be me for saying stuff so I stop doing that. And I boycott GC long time ago. Like others say best to stay away from them and included all the tabs and all the trashy gossip sites. They bring nothing but lie and junk.
R/Klove- Have fun at the beach.
As for rest of you have a great day. I love it when my daughter goes to school.

Anonymous said...

I got one thing to say. What is the world coming to? Some of the actors dies of suicide and drug overdose. Now this actor die. Lee Thompson Young from Disney show or something. Rest in peace.

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