Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Happy Birthday Kristen!

Happy Birthday Kristen Stewart!

Jules Stewart ‏@RealJulesStew25s
Big Happy 23rd Birthday wishes to my beautiful, little Kristen. May all of your dreams come true. 'yes' you were born to shine. Love, Momma

A mother sending a sweet message to her daughter.
There were actually some turds who said something hateful about this tweet. Seriously. Get a life. 

I wonder who she will spend her birthday with? I'm betting a handsome Englishman that she adores.

Like she did in 2008

And in 2009

And  in 2010

And in 2011. Getting the picture? lol.

And 2012

And a possible 2013 sighting lol! Rihanna concert!


Have a wonderful day!

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