Monday, March 11, 2013

Karma Is So Sweet!

Jack Morrissey. My new hero lol. He pretty much put the haters on their asses with his new podcast.

Here are some highlights:

"It was all real. It was and is all real. So anyone who thinks they broke up and or got back together for any level of theatrics to sell the movie or get the movies back into the headlines, come on."

"You have to give them a lot of credit for getting over this huge event and hugely public event." 

And you know this has to kill Twilighter and his minions lol.  Yep blown right out the water.  So what do we get from this? Yes it happened. Yes they reconciled. Yes they are still together.

Of course the haters jumped on the part where he talked about Kristen smoking pot. He also said Charlize Theron smokes pot lol. So does Jennifer Lawrence. Of course the only one who is a stoner is Kristen. Hypocrites anyone?

This cracked me up:

"Liberty is very social media savvy." 
And whether or not she would do SWATH 2:
"She may not be able to resist the opportunity"

Lol. Got that one right Jack. Anything that puts her face in front of the paps is for her.  

And Bill Condon wanted to have all the cast lined up at the premiere in LA and then have all the directors come out. But it didn't work out. Because of David Slade. :

"I think no one wanted him in the room just the same. Hes not a people person"

Its a bummer that one sourpuss had to ruin that one. 

An how do you think the haters reacted? They desperately clung to a blind gossip item that conveniently popped up right after Jacks revelations. Of course it plays to their haters agenda saying its all for PR and that they will be breaking up in August. August? Why August? Why not  earlier or later than August. Just curious where this specific date comes from. And what will their excuse be when August comes and goes and no epic breakup happens? I'm sure they will think of something.

               Aww come on you know its damn funny!!!!!!!!!!

We will see this very very soon and I cant wait! Some more Karma coming the haters way I predict



SND said...

August now??? I thought the haters said after the dvd is out.

beg1314 said...

You know, I could care less who is right or who is wrong. What really bothers me is your gloating over a man talking about Kristen and Rob's life that has no business doing so, and here you are rejoicing in everything he said about it. It actually makes me sick. You are a hypocrite. You are giddy about people talking about R/K personal life, YOU talk about their personal life, you talk about and post pics of R's private "parts", and here is the kicker, YOU POST PRIVATE PICTURES OF THEM IN THEIR HOME TAKEN BY PAPS. Pictures they requested be removed. For someone who says they know them and has family that works for them your actions speak volumes of the RESPECT THAT YOU DO NOT HAVE FOR THEM. You talk about KARMA, LMAO, well you better watch out KARMA may just bite you in the ass. I say you are about due.

Anonymous said...

I heard that they broke up??
How long until he comes home?

Unknown said...

Curious, fell in my hands your blog! I agree with everything beg1314 said. Regarding the words of Jack, please, do you the favor of not putting more words than he says. You as the 'source' is far from satisfactory. More than anything, what I see is you know nothing of what happened. To credit have to tell you the background of your blog is nice. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

You really outdid yourself this time, and I just had to comment.
If you would take the time to really research your subjects in anyway, shape or form before you posted, you could at least hide your lack of intelligence. Twilighter is a man HKN. He does not have "minions". That is soley kept for Delaney wannabes, which you are one.

Jack M. said on that post that those who are conspiracy theorists about it all..meaning ALL of it, including Rob and Kristen getting back together was for PR....he said nothing about those who believe this event was staged for a bigger purpose.

If you would LOOK at things before you, again, before you post...you would also see what Twilighter is getting at. It is not a PR relationship between Rob and Kristen. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

For you to blather on about Jack being your hero and showing private pics that Rob and Kristen seriously wanted taken down shows just how much you want to "protect" Rob and Kristen...which is zero.

You appreciated your hero making a bigger deal about how Kristen is a big stoner and so is Charlize? That made your day did it? Well Rock ON then HKN, continue to show yourself for the stage 5 fame clinger you are.

You really outdid yourself this time. Congrats to you......Glad you can show these fine folks just how much you do not know.

Anonymous said...

WOW HKN...all the comments so far have been negative.
But its not surprising since anyone that supports R&K in any fashion generally gets blasted.
Its like people wait in the wings for anything positive to be said about them and then rush to destroy it.
You run a blog for christ sakes you are not an entertainment news agency. So I think the vitriol here would be better focused on sites that consider themselves as such like Hollywood Life etc.

Can't people just move past whatever theory they have about R&K. And let nature take its course.
For all I know your blog could just be fan fiction but it makes me smile.
I'm not expecting you to be an oracle or a champion for R&K.

So what are these people that are so upset...upset over exactly? What you printed was your opinion. Do you have some insane power to change the masses opinion? LOL

I say fuck em...continue to write what you want. In the end the truth will come out one way or the other and I will remain a fan of Rob's and Kristen's together or apart.
Some other people need to take a pill and relax.

Hatersknownothing said...

I guess I touched a nerve with a few of the haters lol.
Uhm Bony I did not put more words into his mouth. I listened to the podcast and wrote his words down. No embellishing needed .

Hatersknownothing said...
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Hatersknownothing said...

Anonymous you know Twilighter is aman how? because he told you so? No man is going to use the name Twilighter and no man is going to spend all his time writing his own fan fic version of what happened in July.

Hatersknownothing said...

Beg 1314, not any different than the haters gloating in July. Like I said Karma is a bitch. And it just took a big bite out of them.

irene said...

Haters always get their knicks in a twist when reality bites them in the ass......!!!

After the DVD, August now....... LMFAO....... go get a life of your own to worry about.......

Rob & Kristen are doing very well, thank you, no matter who said what or why......... and there is no mistaking what JM said..... sneaky little haters always trying to twist so's words!!!!

Anonymous said...

HKN , why We didn't get rob airport sighting yet.. Did he already done filming or not yet?